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tv   Today  NBC  July 22, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. summer sizzler. more than half the nation locked in the middle of this heat wave with temperatures in the triple digits. the death toll rising and power grids stretched to the breaking point. al's live with the latest. back in, donald trump says he may just run for president after all, as an independent. is he for real or just trying to grab some more headlines? and wedded bliss. hundreds of thousands expected to turn out to see princess catherine's wedding dress up close and personal. and, yes, we have a sneak peek today, friday, july 22nd, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. i just want to announced i'm wearing a container of johnson's baby powder under this suit. >> thank you so much for sharing that. that's right. i'm ann curry. we're in the channel gardens and outside because we're crazy this morning. the heat index is already 95 degrees this morning. it's supposed to be about 102 degrees in new york city, matt. >> we've been talking about this heat wave for a long time now. today the east coast is getting the worse of it. you're going to have a heat index of about 111 here in new york city, 118 down in washington, d.c., 107 up in boston. power grids struggling to keep up with all the demand. al is going to have the very latest on this situation coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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>> also coming up this morning we'll be talking about lindsay lohan. she's in court, was in court on thursday. she's saying she can't afford court-ordered psychiatric help. but shortly after that hearing the blogosphere noticed she showed up wearing thousand-dollar shoes. more on that and plus, potential new legal troubles for her. are men really as lazy as women tend to portray them when it comes to doing chores around the house? we're going to have the results of a new survey. this is going to put smiles on the faces of a lot of men this morning so we're going to take a lot of time with this study. and speaking of the temperature, although it's hot here on the plaza, we've got really cool customer. grammy winner cee lo green is out on the plaza this morning in our 8:30 half hour. one of the stars and judges of "the voice." the deadly heat wave has the nation on high alert. we have nbc anne thompson at a power station in brooklyn.
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hey, anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. there are twin concerns about this heat wave this morning. the first is can power companies across the eastern seaboard hand what is expected to be record demand as millions of americans seek relief in air conditioning today? and secondly, the very real health threats that are associated with this heat wave. it has already claimed more than two dozen lives. you can see it on people's faces. almost half the country's population sweltering in this heat wave. >> you can't move without sweating. >> it's really hot. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: as soon as some stores get in air conditioning units, they go out the door. tommy anthony bought one for his elderly aunt. >> my aunt is 92 years old, and she had a little bit of a heart problem, and her air conditioner broke yesterday. so she needs one no matter what the cost, no matter what. >> reporter: his aunt is one of 8 million new yorkers seeking
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relief from temperatures that today could hit 100 degrees and feel like 115. the power company says it is ready. >> we could handle five days in a row of 100 degrees. >> reporter: pjm, the nation's largest independent grid operator, managing electricity across 13 states in the mid atlantic and midwest, said it's seeing record demand. as temperatures go up, air quality goes down, adding to the health risks for young and old. >> we are concerned about dehydration. it's key for people to stay hydrated. water is really enough for most. >> reporter: yet some are feeling a different kind of heat. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: these love birds blissfully oblivious to the heat index of 112 in the nation's capital. >> i didn't think about the humidity. i married my best friend and the man of my dreams. i'm elated. >> reporter: now, a couple of things to keep in mind. first of all, be a good neighbor and check on your elderly
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neighbors. make sure they have someplace cool to go. here in new york city they've opened some 500 cooling centers. secondly, we can't stress this enough. stay hydrated. drink plenty of water today. and remember your pets because they need water, too. matt and ann, back to you. >> good tips. more of those coming up. anne thompson, thanks. mr. roker is across the street here. any relief in sight this weekend? >> you know it's hot when matt lauer breaks out seersucker. that's all i have to say. when you look at the watches, warnings and advisories from texas and nebraska into new england and air quality alerts here in the northeast, red-flag alerts for bad air quality. look at these temperatures right now. the this is for afternoon highs. 103 in philly. could set a record. 102 in new york city. a record as well possible, 98 in virginia beach. charlotte, 100. as you widen out the heat
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continues to spread to the west. 104 in topeka. 103 in dallas. what we're expecting, take a look at the heat indexes, you can see it's going to feel like 107 in indianapolis. it will feel like 111 in new york city. the good news is, the pattern is changing. it's going to take a little while. right now here's that big upper-level ridge, but we're getting a little cooler air coming in. this, though, back in canada, this is where the real relief comes. as we move into the early part of next week, by tuesday, the heat breaks in the north east. seasonal in the mid atlantic states. unfortunately for our friends in the south and the southwest and gulf coast the heat goes on. ann? >> thank you very much. we'll get the rest of the forecast coming up. let's turn to what anne thompson was talking about, the idea of how dangerous the temperatures are. we're have dr. nancy snyderman with more tips. just remind us. who is most us is is sepsuscept? >> the heat wave like this,
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elderly and the very young people with breathing conditions. but right now, frankly, everyone is at risk. it's a reminder that as many people die of heat-related illnesses than all the natural disasters. that includes tornadoes, hurricanes, snow issues. number one thing, ann, is called heat stroke. that's where you're literally, your core body temperature goes high, up to 103 degrees. you stop sweating. your skin turns hot, red and dry. you can have a rapid, strong pulse. this is a medical emergency. you take the cooler and dump the ice on someone and immediately get them to the emergency room. >> we've had some people die this week of heat stroke. >> that's exactly right. >> is that heat exhaustion? >> not quite as emergent but just as important. you have to break the temperature. and that is you start sweat progre profusely. your skin turns pale and sweating and muscle cramps and exhaustion. another reason to get out of the heat. >> before we get to that point you should probably take preventive action. what are the best preventative actions? >> anne thompson mentioned getting hydrated, but don't wait
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until you're thirsty. hydrate before you go outside. drink lots of water. replacing the salt. this is one of the times the sports drinks make sense because they have electrolytes in them. if you don't have air conditioning, especially true for the elderly, sometimes afraid to venture out, get to a cooling center. call someone. if you love to exercise, pace yourself. exercise in the morning. and please remember, if you are at risk or someone near you, avoid it. this is not something to be casual about. >> nancy snyderman, thank you. >> you bet. >> always great to have you for a segment. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from natalie morales at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. breaking news this morning. a major explosion rocked central oslo this morning. nbc's martin fletcher is in norway this morning. what's going on there? >> reporter: hi, natalie. there was a big explosion in the center of oslo in an area of many government buildings. one eyewitness said there was
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smoke, chaos, many injured, apparently. we don't know about any deaths yet. no one knows what's going on. the eyewitness said he was afraid of more bombs, but there was a huge explosion. it is a national holiday in oslo today, so there were as many people in the city center as there could have been, natalie. >> thank you, martin fletcher reporting from london. with just 11 days to go until the default deadline, president obama says he's still hoping to do, quote, something big and meaningful to reduce the federal deficit. officials say the president is making progress in his latest talks with house speaker john boehner. james murdoch could be called to clarify his testimony before british lawmakers. a former legal adviser and editor is contradicting the news corp.'s executive's son saying he was well aware of hacking at "news of the world." this as the u.s. justice department prepare s subpoenas o investigate whether or not news corp. hacked the voice mails of 9/11 victims. the pentagon plans to
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announce the military is ready to repeal don't ask, don't tell. the president still has to get the final green light on the repeal until the ban can be lifted. nfl owners voted overwhelmingly in favor of a tentative agreement to end the four-month lockout, but there's no vote yet from players because they have yet to see the full proposal from the owners. could donald trump be thinking about running for president again? he told greta van susteren that a new campaign could be in the works. >> if the economy continues to do badly and if the republicans pick somebody that i think is the wrong person and isn't going to win, i would very seriously consider running as an independent. >> trump previously launched a brief run for the white house but dropped out before officially declaring his candidacy. a fiery crash in upstate new york when a tractor trailer slammed into a tour bus on the new york throughway causing both vehicles to burst into flames. several medical helicopters and
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about 20 ambulances responded to the crash and more than 20 people were injured. 32 people have been killed and more than 320 had been injured in tour bus accidents so far this year. and with the scorcher here at home, it might be hard to imagine that parts of chile right now are under eight feet of snow. several cities have lost electricity and can only be reached by helicopter, leaving thousands stranded. how quickly that will be here for us. 7:11. back over to matt, ann, and al. just around the corner. >> looks fabulous. >> great. mr. roker, tell us more. >> when you think about this, >> when you think about this, syracuse got 179 inches of snow this past winter and yesterday 101 degrees. it's all relative. let's see what's happening for today. we are going to show you we've got showers and thunderstorms firing up in iowa and on into illinois and parts of wisconsin. the risk of storms there
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stretching from the dakotas all the way into ohio. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest today. the heat continues in texas as those cities down there, a lot of cities in texas have had over 20 to 25 days of 100 plus degree readings. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> oh, we continue to get a break while most of the nation has oppressive heat. we're going to get a couple of cool days. this weekend great for outdoor activities. we have a pretty solid cloud deck that's going to cool us off. the daytime highs in the 80s and the 70s, just 69 degrees today in san francisco. 70 in santa cruz. thick fog in santa cruz. take it easy on 17. the weekend looks great. that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. humanitarian disaster, the african nations are plagued but an unrelenting drought and famine.
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and an international aid agency says millions are at risk of dying. we are in kenya. this story you're about to see contains some disturbing images. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. i just spent close to a week at a desperate place, a giant refugee camp on the kenya/somalia border built for 90,000 refugees. the population today is 400,000. it's a population that grows almost every single minute. they have walked for days, even weeks in search of food and water. at more than 1,000 new refugees arrive here every day. many are children who are still in grave danger. >> the mothers and the children, i'm not sure many of them will
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be alive in the next week or two. >> reporter: just outside the camp a makeshift village has been formed, in terrible conditions by desperate people. many are stuck, unable to make the final few miles. the people who live here haven't been placed here, they've chosen to come. they've created their own community because the pressure in the main camp is so great. she is waiting for space there to free up. she tells me that to get here she walked for an entire month from somalia with her five children. but along the way she took in another child. she found him alone. his mother had died from hunger as they travelled. this is where she escaped from, somalia, where the situation is even worse. >> i've met here today people from all over southern somalia, and there is no food where they are.
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i just heard from one woman who has lost three of her children. >> reporter: tens of thousands have died there already. and the exodus continues. one problem is that the militant group controls much of southern somalia. so only now as much of foreign aid is getting through. one problem for aid workers is that the most desperate place in the world is also the most dangerous. matt? >> thank you very much for bringing us the story. we appreciate it. 15 minutes after the hour. here's ann. >> thanks. the space shuttle "atlantis" is now set to be a museum piece. it was towed into a building at the kennedy space center thursday, shortly after the last shuttle mission came to a close. nbc's tom costello is in cocoa beach, florida, a town hit hard at the end of the shuttle program. good morning. >> good morning to you. all the shuttles are going to be
7:16 am
tourist attractions, but for the communities up and down the space coast, cocoa beach, titusville, cape canaveral, they're all just trying to hold on. the area code along florida space coast says it all, three, two, one, a nod to nasa and the life blood of this place. at its peak, 17,000 people worked on the shuttle program at cape canaveral. thousands more lived off the spin-off jobs. but with the loss of 9,000 of those nasa jobs, the space cost is looking more like a ghost coast, abandoned shopping malls, boarded up store fronts, homes cut in half. making it hard to move on for another job. for 11 years james has worked as an engineer at the shuttle's communications and tracking systems. his last day at work will be tomorrow. >> everybody is looking for the same job. there is not as many jobs as there are people. so you just have to hone your
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skills and stay on the education and, you know, compete. >> reporter: he wants to stay in the area he loves, but times are tough. while the state unemployment rate in florida is now 10.6%, it's higher along the space coast. 10.9% in the core county in brevard. 11.3% in county. 12 pbt.6% in titusville. in titusville, more than 10% of the people who live here are losing their jobs. at the diner, paul has seen his regular customers leave one at a time. >> you know them by name. the next thing you know they're gone because of getting laid off. you know, i know of five more people that are getting laid off on the 22nd. >> reporter: but the mayor has faith in the people here. >> they're the kind of people who helped put a man on the moon, helped fly a shuttle program for 30 years, helped build an international space station. these are not people that shy away from a challenge.
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>> reporter: they never have. now, up and down the space coast they're hoping, hoping that the commercial rockets that will replace the shuttle, that they will bring jobs and eventually nasa's deep space program will bring jobs. but those programs are years away. ann? >> thanks. it is now 7:18. once again, here's matt. >> if you were enthrawled by britain's royal wedding, you will love what's happening at buckingham palace. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. so you remember that royal wedding thing that happened here? well, it's back. kind of. princess catherine's wedding gown is about to go on display expected to draw half million visitors between tomorrow and october. oh, yes, you remember it well. but you haven't seen it like this. catherine's dress still looks
7:19 am
like a dream come true even if she's not there to bring it to life. what you can do is stick your face right up and see the delicate lace, every stitch made by hand. >> that's so much work. wonderful craftsmanship. people can appreciate when they come and see it here. i think it will be quite a revelation. >> reporter: you see the cascading nine-foot train, how fine the silk veil is, topped with the tiara loaned by the queen, all 888 diamonds. and another revelation, what did kate wear under her gown? hand-made shoes, of course. high heels. you can see the couple's cake, yes, the actual cake, with only the top three small tiers replaced, and a replica of the bouquet. >> some people thought it was iii%rq) and the dress. t it was >> the dress is tiny up close. it's not that huge of a creation.
7:20 am
maybe it's just the size of this room, the ballroom whereok thei wedding reception was held. >> what a tiny waist. is this the real dress? elated. i thought it was going to be a bit of a cake dress. >> reporter: and its understated elegance has sold over 100,000 advance tickets, more than ever before here. it's all the little things, including the royal family's incredible faberge collection that you can't see on the big screen. >> you see it but you can't touch it, feel it, smell it, or taste it, unless you are really here. >> reporter: just don't try to taste it. as delicious as it all appears. >> what kate has done is she's the biggest sensation to hit the royal family in the last 22 years. >> reporter: okay. so check this out. it costs $28.53 for admission to get in there.
7:21 am
so if they sell out this show, that's $18.3 million that will go toward renovating the palaces, including this one which reportedly pretty much needs it. the royal family can say, thank you, young catherine, for that huge wedding we threw you. matt? >> thank you very much, doing the math. michelle, thank you very much. coming up, lindsay lohan scolded once again by a judge. is she in legal jeopardy? we'll get the latest on that. but first, on a friday morning,
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get in on our greatest model year yet. right now, combine the all-star edition discount with other offers for a total value of $6,000. our greatest model year yet is wrapping up. >> good friday morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to check the forecast this morning certainly cooler out there. here is meteorologist christina loren. >> the great news it's going to last all weekend long, while much of the nation suffering from sweltering heat. we're going to get a break today, tomorrow all the way through sunday with on shore flow fully in effect. things change as we head through next week. high pressure moves in. and this is going to warm us into the triple digits so you want to enjoy this weekend, next weekend overall looking much warmer. 88 in fairfield. 86 in livermore. 85 in san jose. really comfortable a. 10-degree
7:27 am
increase from yesterday. and we continue to fall as we head through saturday and sunday. 80 degrees, a lot of sunshine on sunday. warming by monday. we jump back up. triple digits back on the map next week. enjoy this cooldown while it lasts. let's find out how we're doing on the roads. >> it's unusually slow for a friday. we've seen heavier volume all week. a couple of accidents caused this. 680 the debris clearing out of sunol and the accident on the screen at stevenson southbound 880, look at that jamming out of union city into fremont, down into newark and milpitas. then south a nice drive through the south bay. 101 from capital expressway up through the construction zone, then passing by 680, slow there and that is heavier for a friday but the roadway is open. remember the closures for 101 through san jose from midnight 5:30 throughout the weekend. the smooth drive along the peninsula nicely past the shoreline and stanford on the right. peninsula drive, not a problem.
7:28 am
through san mateo we have a lighter flow. that's what we expect for a friday including the span across the san mateo bridge, and the bay bridge the metering lights are on. slow over the incline. the earlier incidents cleared. because of the lighter volume things have maintained a steady flow to west grand avenue. >> thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have a local update in about a half hour. have a great friday morning. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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school takes a lot. target has it all. ♪ 7:30 now on this friday morning, july 22nd, 2011. our crowd is grooving to cee lo green. matt is here. al is outside giving out water bottles to keep everyone hydrated on this scorcher of a day. the heat index is 95 degrees. it's supposed to be over 100 today. remind people to stay hydrated. cee lo will be joining our concert series in just about an hour. >> it was warm out there. no question. >> we're all trying to stay dressed for it.
7:31 am
inside studio 1a, i'm an curry alongside matt lauer. coming up, what happened inside a southern california mansion 6-year-old boy and his father's girlfriend both found dead within days in separate incidents. this morning an update on the investigation into just what happened. then back to the weather for a second. you heard the expression, so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. can you? how about cooking a pizza? we're going to try that out and see other ways reporters across the country have been trying to drive home the images of the heat wave. >> do we have to eat the pizza? >> not in this city. coming up -- >> interesting debate. >> making a change here talking about who does more work around the house, men or women? a new study that reports that guys aren't the slackers they've been made out to be. maybe not anymore, matt. >> that's right. you're going to be interested in these statistics. let's begin with troubled actress lindsay lohan in hot
7:32 am
water again. this time she's saying she has money problems as well. nbc's aditi roy has more on this. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. it was lohan's sixth time in front of a judge this year alone on what seems to be a typical day of the star of "mean girls"n and and "the parent trap" she was once again reprimanded by a judge for not fulfilling her probation, and she was hit by another lawsuit. a familiar sight, lindsay lohan back in court on thursday. this time for a progress report in front of the judge who was less than satisfied with lohan's efforts to meet her probation requirements. >> i will not take into consideration, sorry, couldn't do it, i was on the set, on the john gotti movie. >> at issue, community service. since april lohan has served just four out of 60 court mandated days at a women's shelter and more, a commitment she must meet within a year. >> trust me, she will be held to that deadline.
7:33 am
>> reporter: another requirement, psychiatric help. lohan's attorney said her client couldn't afford it. >> she was working with a psychiatrist at ucla, and the reason that that treatment ended was for financial reasons. >> reporter: that argument didn't sway the judge. >> she doesn't have the means? maybe she knows somebody who can help out. >> reporter: online reports immediately questioned the star's claims of being broke, pointing out the price tag of her designer christian louis vuitton shoes, roughly $1,000. >> like most people in los angeles county, lindsay lohan has made the classic defense move -- i can't afford therapy. the problem is that lindsay lohan is not the classic defendant. it's kind of hard to make an argument that you can't afford therapy when you're struting your louis vuittons to court. >> reporter: it's just the latest since her dui arrest four years ago, begging the question, could lohan end up spending more time behind bars? >> when someone is on probation
7:34 am
it means if they do anything to break the law or cause any problems, that that could bring their old case back up. >> reporter: on thursday, lohan was also slapped with a civil lawsuit from dawn bradley, an employee at the betty ford center who claims lohan assaulted her. criminal charges in the case were dropped by prosecutors. there was no comment from lohan's attorney or publicist regarding the civil suit. the judge required that lohan who's been in rehab five times since 2007, find psychological counseling within 21 days. her lawyer says that will happen, and if it does, the actress won't have to report to court again in the october. matt? >> adee tee roy covering the story for us. thank you very much. savannah guthrie is "today's" legal correspondent. good to see you. >> good morning. >> before we get to the nuts and bolts of her situation, if she were jane doe, would she be having all these public in-court checkups? >> i don't think we could be covering it.
7:35 am
>> would it be happening? would it be a phone call with a probation officer? >> it's not typical to be in court in california. but you're right, the more typical interface for most criminal defendants is to talk to a prodags offerser, not the judge. >> she's completed 33 hours of 480 mandated hours of community service. is she in trouble on this? >> she's headed in that direction. clearly, the judge is trying to basically get a shot across the bow and say, i don't want to hear in a year that you didn't have time to do the community service. or now you're on a movie or you have this excuse or that excuse. there's really no reason right now why lindsay lohan cannot be chipping away at this big block of community service she's owed and the judge is making it clear she's expecting it to be done. >> this idea where she's required to also get psychological counseling, all people agree it should not be group counseling, it should be one-on-one. this is probably not going to fly with her saying i can't afford it right now. also, it let's people know how seriously she's taking all this because, clearly, she can use this.
7:36 am
>> look. we could all agree, everyone can use a little bit of therapy. lindsay lohan is certainly no exception. more to the point, the judge has ordered she has to comply with it as part of the terms of her probati probation. if she fails to do this, she will be in violation. i'm surprised the defense attorney tried to pull off the poverty excuse because there is a way, she can get some kind of psychological counseling, i think, that's not going to be an excuse that's going to be very persuasive for the judge. >> as aditty just mentioned, she got word on thursday that dawn bradlee, the former rehab worker from the betty ford center, is suing her for what she claims her injuries suffered from an altercation in december. prosecutors did not press any charges on this. and now here's this woman bringing this civil suit, so is this -- is this a money grab? >> strictly speaking, yes, it's a matchup suit for damages. but i think you raise the point i would have raised which is remember this is a case that criminal prosecutors declined to prosecute, may say something about the strength of the case even though the burden in civil
7:37 am
court is lower. this is a woman asking for a million dollars in damages, including a claim of post traumatic stress disorder. this plaintiff may be looking for a settlement from lindsay lohan. >> lindsay lohan could be what we call a target defendant. thanks so much. appreciate it. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> all right, thank you, matt. high above rockefeller center, we're here on the county hogan memorial camera lift to show you the scope of this crowd. take a look. over there on the 48th street, they're all hanging out. and you know you think alaska, you think nice cool weather. they've got plumbing to deal with in juno, alaska. did you know there's a place where the ice melted and it sent lots and lots of water rushing into the river and now they've got flooding to deal with. let's see what you're going to be dealing with as far as your weekend is concerned. for saturday, a risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley. sunshine and mild in the pacific northwest. the heat continues here.
7:38 am
and then sunday, sunday we are looking at more sunshine. although a little bit milder in the northeast. the heat continues throughout the gulf and on into the southeast as well. that's what's going on around country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good friday morning to you. we have sunshine breaking through. these layered stratus clouds t city of san francisco. you can see the golden gate bridge in the distance. looks like we're dealing with cloud cover until about noon at the least, and then we'll see the sunshine through but as a result of all of the low clouds hugging the coast, it's going to be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 69 the high in san francisco. 85 in gilroy. we continue to drop off for the weekend. hope you have a great friday. >> and that's your latest weaer >> and that's your latest weather. detectives in southern california are working around the clock trying to unravel a bizarre mystery at a fancy mansion. just two days after a 6-year-old
7:39 am
boy fell down the stairs and was fatality injured, a woman living in the estate was found dead. nbc's miguel almaguer is in coronado with this story. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning to you. it's been nine days since the body of rebecca zahau was discovered here at the mansion. from the beginning investigators called the case, quote, suspicious and strange. but even today they still haven't determined how the young beauty died. the county sheriff says 15 detectives are now working this case and investigators will soon re-create rebecca zahau's death. her nude body was found in the courtyard of her boyfriend's mansion. police say a caller to 911 said she was hanging from a balcony. investigators say her feet were tied together, her hands bound behind her back. and despite describing the death scene as, quote, violent and suspicious, police here say they don't know if this was a homicide or a suicide. >> we have had cases where people have secured their hands
7:40 am
behind their back or secured their legs. it's not unusual to see cases like that. >> reporter: retired homicide detective says that doesn't make sense to him. >> i just can't see how this girl did this by herself. >> reporter: he isn't involved in this case, but he spent 16 years in law enforcement. would you put 15 detectives on something that you thought was a suicide? >> no. no. i wouldn't. >> reporter: investigators say forensic evidence from the home and dna samples from the victim will help solve the mystery. zahau had been staying in the mansion with her millionaire boyfriend, pharmaceutical mogul jonah shacknai. police say he was not at home at the time and is cooperating with investigators. her sister says she would never never committed suicide. she tells nbc news rebecca was full of life, vibrant and fun loving. hopefully, justice will be done for her. but two days before her body was discovered, his son, 6-year-old
7:41 am
max, fell down a flight of stairs. he died almost a week later in what police say was a tragic accident. zahau was at the mansion when max fell and later dropped off her dog at a boarding company. >> very nice but very quiet and mellow. wanted to go to the hospital and not have to worry about her dog. >> reporter: a death investigation now nine days old and still a complete mystery. jonah shacknai has had no comment about his girlfriend's death. while investigators say forensic evidence will be key to solving this mystery, they say it will take weeks to come back. they have asked the public to be cautious during their investigation. ann, back to you. >> miguel, thank you. coming up, we're going to switch gears and ask this question -- what's sarah palin doing working as a lifeguard in texas?we're going to explain. coming up next, can you really cook an egg on the sidewalk in this heat or bake cookie on a dashboard? crazy ways to have a little fun in the heat. that's coming up right after this.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
unitedhealthcare. when it gets this hot, you you know what comes next, tv reporters showing for better or worse how bad it is. jeff rossen is one of them. jeff, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. it's going to be over 100 degrees here in new york city today. heat index, around 111. we're in television so it is our job to go out there and show you just how hot it is. reporters across the country are spanning out to show you. the problem is aside from some unusual amount of sweating, right, i think we can agree on that, the heat isn't that visual. so reporters have to get creative.
7:45 am
when it snows, that's easy. we just show the snow. you physically can't get a car through here or even an ambulance through here. in hurricanes, just point the camera, instant tv. >> right about now -- oh! >> are you okay? >> we're okay. we're okay. >> reporter: sorry, al. but during a heat wave, how do you show it? people drinking water, sweating? ah, not exciting. so queue the stunts. in minneapolis, nbc affiliate kare cooked cookie on a dashboard. yummy. in detroit, this reporter hopped in a hot car. >> we going to sit in here and see how long i can last. and we're going to check back in you in ten minutes to see how hot this car really gets. so wish me luck. >> reporter: ten minutes later -- >> i felt lightheaded. i felt closter phobic and had to get out. >> reporter: in tulsa, oklahoma, they broke out the thermometer. >> between 130 and 135 degrees out here on the sidewalk.
7:46 am
>> reporter: it is a little on the scorching side out here. >> reporter: it's not just local reporters, here at "today" we love the visuals, too. >> can you really cook eggs on a street? let's see. coming right up. >> reporter: we also brought a frozen mac and cheese dinner and a frozen pizza. would they cook on a new york city sidewalk? >> it's great. i hope the eggs win. >> reporter: fast forward two hours, we check back. >> should i try it? it's cooked. the mac and cheese is cooked. the noodles are soft. >> reporter: and our pizza? nbc internal alex joined me. >> the pizza is actually cooked. >> reporter: and finally, ah, the eggs. here is the finished product. i don't know. what do you think? is that cooked? >> yes. >> yes? >> yes. >> would you eat this? >> no. >> would you eat this?
7:47 am
>> no. it's cooked. >> it's cooked? >> yes. >> but you wouldn't eat it? >> i wouldn't eat it. >> too runny. >> reporter: apparently i'm the only person in new york who will eat things off new york. boston, 100. philly, 103. d.c., 10 3. the heat indices are well above that. as all those reporters are out there today show some love. give them some water. to answer your question, i think it was for the worse from what you said earlier. >> i've got some purell for you, jeff. good luck with your dietary problems over the weekend. jeff rossen, thank you. up next, does t. sarah palin you don't know. what's right after this. [ male announcer ] the network --
7:48 am
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your hunger to help you lose weight. ♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas. do you want to know what sarah palin has planned for her future? we went to texas, yes, texas, to find out. you might think you know what sarah palin is up to this summer, a little bus tour or maybe some campaigning, but
7:51 am
actually, sarah palin is lifeguarding. >> hi, my name is sarah palin. >> reporter: this is the other sarah palin, a 20-year-old college student from dallas, texas. >> it is really weird because when i introduce myself to people, i'm like, hi, i'm sarah palin. they do a double take. >> reporter: to say nothing of her facebook friend request. >> my facebook just loads up. i have right now 193 requests. >> reporter: now imagine trying to order a hamburger with one of america's most famous names. >> good morning. toasted or not toasted. >> toasted, please. >> oh, my gosh, are you sarah palin? >> yes. >> reporter: this sarah palin was a senior in high school when john mccain announced his new running mate. >> governor, sarah palin, of the great state of alaska. >> all of a sudden i thought, you know, like, 15 text messages within an hour and everyone was like, you're going to be the next vice president. my life was going to be changed forever. >> reporter: but so far she and her family are taking it in
7:52 am
stride. >> i get asked all the time if i'm any relation to sarah palin and my standard answer is, yeah, i'm her dad. >> reporter: and sarah can even do a pretty good sarah. >> i'm ago-getter and 100% american. >> reporter: however she has no personal feelings about her namesa namesake. >> i don't like her, i don't hate her, we just share a name with her. >> reporter: as far as a future in politics this sarah palin says she's undecided, although she already has built-in constituents. and a platform, okay, cool platform. >> guys, don't run. >> maybe one day i'll be the sarah palin and she can be the other sarah palin. >> reporter: so alaska's sarah palin better watch out. texas's sarah palin could be on the verge of going maverick herself. >> my name is sarah palin and i approve of this message. >> that's cute. >> the pool looked good. i have to say that. >> i know. still ahead, cee lo green out on the plaza, after your
7:53 am
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>> good friday morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning firefighters are checking for hot spots after two fires ripped through hundreds of acres of fields near the altamont pass. christie smith is live in livermore. she joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. happy friday. now that it's daylight here you can really see the path that this fire tore through the hills. calfire updated us. there is 100% contained. burned about 500 acres. you can see how close it came to a property. this started around 9:30 last night whipped by winds, over 20 miles an hour. the second fire here in a day, the first burned about 50 acres near interstate 580 last night, started about 7:30 near grant
7:57 am
line road. they are not connected. mop-up out here expected to go into the afternoon. i wanted to update you what i heard patterson pass closed at cross road. we were told perhaps until mid afternoon, now saying just until 8:30 this morning to move some of the heavy equipment out of here. the cause of both fires still under investigation. reporting live, christie smith. back to you. >> braving the winds as well. you could hear them. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> yeah, the east bay hills notorious for gusty winds, especially this morning. we have noticed that, hence the wind farms through the area. a lack of wind at the other side of the coast. at the coast, san francisco, 69 degrees, you're socked in with fog. high pressure building in. the good news is the fog is going to keep us cooler by about 10 degrees. pretty good marine push all the way to livermore.
7:58 am
80 by sunday. we continue to drop off for the weekend. let's check your drive. >> unexpectedly slow southbound 880. you would expect it if you checked with me. i told you about this. they were clearing an accident from stevenson. there is a slowdown out of hayward, slowing to the san mateo bridge, down into the slowdown into union city which was caused by the accident in fremont itself. that's it for the southbound side of the nimitz. a live look, northbound the commute past the coliseum. on the right side a smooth drive up to the toll plaza. >> for the latest news updates check out they are going to stream the president's town hall meeting.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a friday morning. it's the 22nd day of july, 2011. it's a scorcher in large portion of the country. that is true here in new york city where we're expected to get up to 102 degrees here heat index is about 111. just terrible up and down the east coast today. but you know what? it's not stopped one very cool cat named cee lo green from showing up to perform in this weather. he's just crazy enough to do it. he's coming up in half an hour. >> if you think he's not coming, forget you.
8:01 am
>> keep it honest. be nice. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and al roker. coming up in this half hour, who does most of the chores, the housework, in your home? is it you or your spouse? >> i would say that when my children were babies, it was me. but now that they're older, i think it's even steven. >> people always assume that the women do more of the work in the home than the men and the men are lazy. we have take that because the women say that a lot. >> we're justified half the time. >> new survey out gives men a reason to smile. apparently we are pulling our weight at home. we'll talk about that. >> find out who did the survey. anyway, coming up this morning we're going to talk about blue jeans. a lot of us are wearing them today. hot day for blue jeans. but a lot of people are wearing them for all kinds of reasons, even black tie events. how to pull that off. >> great ideas from the white house chef. she's going to give us some great tips using the fruits and
8:02 am
vegetables of the season. >> a lot to get to. natalie is standing by at the news desk where it's a lot cooler. >> good morning, everyone. the northeast is now in the grip the prime minister is okay and nbc's martin fletcher is in london with the very latest. martin, good morning. >> hi, natalie, good morning. the main government building had all the windows blown out and the office of the prime minister was injured. there are reports of at least eight people injured and one death is being reported so far. the city center an area of office buildings, cafes, shops, damage spread over half a mile. it hassant yet been confirmed it is a bomb and no one yet has claimed responsibility. >> martin fletcher reporting there in london for us. thank you, martin. the northeast is now in the grip of a heat wave that has been tormenting the midwest all week long. utility companies are warning
8:03 am
that record demand for air  conditioning could lead to power problems. more than 2 dozen deaths are blamed on the heat wave. 29 states and the district of columbia are under heat advisories again today. with just 11 days until the default deadline president obama says he is still hoping to ", do something big and meaningtle to reduce the federal deficit. officials say the president is making progress in his latest talks with house speaker john . here's brian williams with an update on what is coming up tonight on "nightly news." >> we have been talking about this heat wave, deadly, in fact. in parts of the southwest they're dealing with a severe drought. live in texas tonight and look for you then, for now, natalie, back to you. >> thank you, brian. for a look at what is trending today. our quick round up of what has you talking online. the blogosphere is discovering a lost world in argentina. the town was discovered by water
8:04 am
a quarter century ago when a dam burst. changing weather has now caused the water to recede revealing a haunting landscape. residents have returned there to see the once thriving city and one has even moved back into his old home. and youtube is getting into the concert business. the video sharing website will live stream the first day of next month's lalapalooza feltville as well as austin city limits in september. now, you can get the concert experience right at home on your computer. and you might not give the hear a run for his money just yet, but the tortoise is a hit on twitter. gamara's injured leg had to be amputated so veterinarians at washington state university replaced it with a wheel and he's just rolling along. looks like he's probably going a little bit faster than he was even originally. it's amazing what medical science can do. 8:04 right now pacific time. let's go out to matt, ann and
8:05 am
al. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather. >> i have one of cee lo's biggest fans. domne dominik. when did you get that done? >> monday. >> monday very nice. i was going to try to get that done, but it didn't work for me. it looks good on you, dominik. where are you from? >> new york. >> how old are you? >> 9. >> 9. very good. number one fan. dominik, ladies and gentlemen. let's check your weather and see what's going on. for today, pick city philadelphia nbc 10. record heat today. temperatures triple digits and as we show you what's happening, we haveom se showers that have already moved in the pacific nortdes sant pianee kng things the heat continues in the southwest into the gulf coast, mid-atlantic states, and the northeast. risk of strong storms from the plains all the way into the central great lakes.
8:06 am
good morning to you. we've got a really, really nice day on tap if you're looking for cooler weather t was quite hot yesterday in the south bay valleys. today, looking nice and comfortable. temperatures end up about ten degrees cooler than where we ended it up yesterday. 88 degrees in los gatos and 84 in fremont. just 86 degrees for you in livermore. now, the city, you're going to see that cloud cover for the first part of the day, but, hey, it's going to keep you cooler and a great weekend on tap. coming up, we're going to address the question, are men as lazy at home as women say they are? and also coming up -- in concert. from cee lo green!ee never saw the traffic stop. it all happened so fast. it was clearly too late for me to do anything as my mercedes collision system automatically kicked in. the next thing i know, the mercedes stopped itself.
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what? my taste buds -- they're thanking me. uh-huh. but it's our job to make them say something interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes
8:09 am
and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. glidden premium paint has been rated a best buy, and you can only get it at the home depot. glidden premium paint has been rated a best buy, and those people are what i like to call wrong. take metamucil. sure it helps you keep regular, but it doesn't stop there. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. it can multi-multitask. it's so 2012. look at it! it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. ask more of your fiber. we're back now at 8:09. with more and more women entering the workforce does it mean their men are doing extra
8:10 am
chores at home? our national correspondent amy roback is here with us. >> good morning. ask any married woman she will probably tell you she does the lion's share around the house, from cleaning to child care. but are guys really the lazy bums they're made out to be? >> so are you just going to sit there while i do all the work? >> i had the kids the whole morning. >> because i was cleaning. >> well, then stop it, already. >> reporter: for years, women have taken on the responsibility of running the household. >> i've been married for 35 years. i do the housecleaning, the shopping, the cooking, most of the work. ♪ >> i wish that i didn't have so much on my shoulders. >> reporter: and men have taken on the brunt of the blame for not doing more. >> i do the cooking. she does most of the cleaning because my cleaning does not apparently up to her standards.
8:11 am
>> she always wishes that i would wash my clothes. i've never done that. >> yeah. >> reporter: now a new article in "time" magazine reveals surprising statistics that shows working husbands and wives actually have similar workloads. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics looks at the amount of time men and women spent on paid work and unpaid chores. in 2010 men and women who were married, childless, and working full time did almost the same amount. eight hours 11 minutes for men. 8 hours 3 minutes for women. for those who had children under the age of 18 women who worked full-time outside of the home just did 20 minutes more than men did. >> what the numbers tell me, compensated work at the office is just as important now as non-compensated work at home, whether it's done by men, whether it's done by women. they're making equal
8:12 am
contributions in the best way that they can. >> reporter: so will husbands and fathers really be able to get rid of their slacker reputations? >> i think the bad rap men have are not good in most cases. i think it's starting to turn. >> reporter: just in case any women watching right now are screaming from the rooftops, the government reports that women are still doing the most housework but men are making up for it by spending more time than women at the office. matt? >> amy, thank you very much. best day of my life. "time" magazine senior editor wrote the magazine's cover story on "chore wars." judith is a clinical psychologist and chuck is a comedian. they're all working parents. good morning to all of you. chuck, i think we should take a lot of time on this segment. >> as much as we can. i'm -- this war propaganda is finally over. i've been saying this forever. >> we are pulling our weight, okay? there is equality in the amount
8:13 am
of work we're both doing, then why are we still getting such a bad rap? >> there's been this really strong belief, and i have been guilty of it as much as anyone else, that working women, you know, just have it worse than their husbands. and it's been around for a long time. and you know, it's time we sort of reckon with what the data is showing, which is that men and women really have the same kind of workloads. >> how was your life at home when you wrote this article? were you a hero or in trouble with your friends? >> what's so interesting is i came into the article looking for confirmation that i worked way more than my husband. and after a couple of weeks of doing the reports, the sociologists and the stayticians said there really is no second shift, which is this idea that working women, you know, worked an extra 15 hours a week. >> right. what struck me is that if you ask women about the workload, they will often say, well, i took my kids for two hours to go
8:14 am
to the zoo or to get pizza, and they consider that both work and leisure time. >> right. right. >> men do this, it seems differentiate, they think that's more of a duty and a responsibility and don't credit it to leisure time. >> men are very good about claiming their leisure time. they are claiming their leisure time with the guys golfing or having a beer. women spend their leisure time with the kids and their girlfriends so they're always a little bit on duty which is why it's hard to notice that things have equalized because a woman is on duty with her home even when she's at work. she's mentally working about home. >> let's make sure we understand something. according to new data men do three times as much child care today, ruth, as they did in 1965. so there's been major improvement. >> major. major improvement. i mean, huge, hugely significant transformation. and surveys are show that men
8:15 am
are doing more family conflict than working mothers which is also kind of amazing. >> if there is this error of perception, as you called it propaganda war, how do you go about changing it? >> well, you know, i think what women have to do is realize that we are a lot better than they say we are, and if i said it once, i'll say it a thousand times, women are lazy and, you know, they have to own up to it. >> own up to it. >> do you buy this idea, ruth, that a man's time at work is equal to a woman's time doing chores around the house? >> you know, i -- i -- i do. i had to. i have to. you know, i think we all have to. part of the problem is that, especially child care, is a little bit more labor intensive. and you just -- you're not by yourself. at least at the office you're by yourself. but the thing is that children and families need, you know, two things, they need time and they need money. and you know, in order to really
8:16 am
have a discussion about this, we have to look both at paid and unpaid labor. >> i think the real problem is that men know how to get away and get by ourselves and have a good time. and that's because we really don't want to be there with you. >> okay. >> when you are moving toward the truth, not necessarily. >> just blew the piece in one thing. all right. >> thank you very much. good to have you all here. appreciate it. >> thank you. 16 minutes after the hour. let's go outside and check in with natalie who is somewhere in that huge crowd. >> that's right, matt. it is hot out here but it's about to get a little bit hotter when cee lo green hits the concert stage. i've got a trivia question for some of the boss' kids. see how they do. okay? the question is, what is cee lo green's real name? okay? it's multiple choice so i'm going to make it a little bit easier. a, is it sheldon green? b, cedric walker.
8:17 am
c, timothy oswald. d, thomas callaway. or e, anthony simmons? >> what i think do? >> b, cedric walker. >> okay. anybody else, any guesses? >> d, thomas callaway. okay. we're going to find out when we come back. but first, right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk,
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8:20 am
all right, everybody. patiently waiting four our big concert cee lo green coming up in our next half hour. just before the break i asked the question about a little cee lo trivia. a is his real name? the choices are, a, sheldon green, b, cedric walker, c, timothy oswald, d, thomas callaway, or e, anthony simmons. and they said it was cedric walker. you said it was thomas callaway, right? the correct answer is -- d, thomas callaway! sorry, emmitt and ryan. she's going to be getting our concert -- actually he's right here right next to me and he's going to be coming up in just a little bit, but first, let's head inside to ann. ♪ all right, natalie, thank you. this morning on "today's" style, denim or summer and fall.
8:21 am
the colors are constantly changing. we've got stacey london here, resident style expert and cohost of tlc's "what not to wear." good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> they're never going to go out of style but what's different about them this summer? >> never going out of style. today is not the best day to talk about denim. i did not plan the heat wave. but, yes, jeans will be important by monday, i think al said. going into fall, denim this season, it comes in every cut, every cut is trendy, every cut is popular. the skinny isn't going away but we'll see wider legs and different treatments, different colors. there is more available for different body types. >> including denim for work is ch is always a precarious idea. ellen is our model today. >> our gorgeous model. i'm actually going to get up and talk to you a little bit about ellen. aren't they wonderful? >> yeah. this thing here is this is a lighter weight denim. this really, really nice for
8:22 am
right now, obviously when it's a lot warmer outside. but also take a look at the wash. it's a lighter blue than we're used to with denim. what's really important is the cut. the cut is a straight leg. when you are going to wear jeans to work, if you are allowed to wear jeans to work you really want it to be a jean that looks like a trouser. and you want to treat it as if -- give it the respect of a trouser or a skirt. in other words, make sure you're dressing it up. what we've done here is a silk blouse. now, ellen, excuse me,s that sleeveless. so that it could be worn in this kind of weather but we paired it with a very, very lightweight kind of cotton tweed jacket so that going into fall this would really be something that you would wear to work. do you feel appropriate for work? >> comfortable, yes. >> she's comfortable. >> i think you've also balanced jeans with something a little dressier on top. >> that's right. what happens with the jean is that the most important thing is what you put with it is going to help determine the whole look, the whole tone of the outfit. >> all right. if you wear them to work, be careful how you choose.
8:23 am
ellen, thank you so much. i would love to have that look. all right. now, let's talk about the next look, which is basically called the skinny on a curvy shape. serena is our model. >> this is a big deal. one of the things that's important is a lot of women ask me how do i wear skinny jeans if i'm not a straight body. if you are maybe two or three sizes bigger than your top half on the bottom, you shouldn't go for a skinny jeans. if you're two sizes or one size bigger you can go for a skinny jean. you just have to find a skinny jean that compliments kucurves. i.e., the fabric is strong enough to have structure but not so tight -- >> strong enough to hold us up and in? >> but not so tight you get a ripple effect. serena, have you worn a skinny jean before? >> it's impossible for me to find a skinny jean. >> are you comfortable in those? >> i love them. and, look, no panty lines. >> no panty lines and awesome booty. that's what we want in a skinny
8:24 am
jean. this is sold and i wear them. i think they're amazing. all right. >> thank you, serena. our next look is called denim for evening. now, that's an unusual choice. >> now, denim for evening mean that you can dress up a jean. a black jean is always in style and very easy to kind of dress up for nighttime. what's great about this style is that it's a bootcut, which is back, with a much higher waistband. this is sgrait great for plus and missy sizes because you get that locked and loaded skt. you can find jeans with a tummy panel. so that is going to help keep you in and curvy. what's nice is if all you do is add a sparkly top and layering piece, we'you're good to go for cocktail party. >> the shoes are working with that because that's actually making it feel like an evening event. >> that's a boot. that is a boot with a pointy toe. that elongates the line of the leg. when you've got curves or you're a plus size, that's going to
8:25 am
make you look longer and leaner. stick with the pointy toe shoe. >> thank you so much. our final look is colored jeans. our model is kate. and this is also something that you really need to know how to wear. >> yes. now, colored jeans are in. they've been in all season but year going into fall. you're going to still see bright colors. a lot of people are afraid of this. part of the reason is because they're so bright. they come in pink, blue, red, bright blue. the idea is if you're going to wear them for real life, wear them with something simple. light tank and striped jacket. we make the colored jean the focus. that's the important thing. you could do another really bright color on top but that's super trendy and for the young folk. >> i like how you rolled them. it gives them a certain -- >> i love the rolling spespeciay with the sandal. it feels like a clam digger and
8:26 am
funky and it is '50s and i love it with the short hair. >> thank you so much all of you for being here this morning and showing us these great looks. and thank you this morning. >> my pleasure. thank you. much more, including a concert with cee lo green coming good friday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're following developments out of oslo, norway a big explosion shattered almost every window as the 24-highrise government he headquarters. here in the bay area, a new twist in the controversial police shooting. san francisco police now say they did not fire the bullet that killed 19-year-old kenneth harding. in fact, harding may have shot himself. a new report from the coroner's office shows the caliber of the
8:27 am
bullet lodged in harding's head does not match the ammunition sed by the police department but matches what they found in his pocket a quick break right after this. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
8:28 am
good morning to you. 8:28 now. our temperatures are now in the 60s across the board. we're headed towards the 80s. no 90s on the temperature map. 88 degrees in fairfield. 86 in livermore. as we head throughout the weekend, we continue to drop off in temperature. mike is busy this morning.
8:29 am
yet another problem. 880 southbound is jammed through hayward and into union city. a new accident. let me show you the live shot past the coliseum. all the way up and through the cool see yes, ma'am through 23rd where there is a big rig and a truck that went into the sin ter divide and ended up on the other side of the freeway. we'll watch over the next few minutes. we're watching this huge impact for 880. might want to use the 580 as an alternate. the "today" show returns. ♪ high-energy music
8:30 am
8:30 on this friday morning. july 22, 2011. at steamy day here in the northeast and in much of the country. but the cee lo fans, it's a great day. they don't care because they're getting ready for a live performance in just a few minutes.
8:31 am
>> you know, speaking of great music, next week we've got the band journey out on the plaza doing a concert. a lot of people excited about that. more excited because you will actually at home get to help pick the set. you've got three songs to choose from. they'll play one of them on the show. so, to weigh in send a text message with the song number of your choice to 622639. now, text 1 for "separate ways." text 2 for "faithfully." or text 3 for "lights." message and data rates may apply. for go to and tune in next friday and see which journey song wins. >> if you think we have big cee lo fans here we also have big fans blowing on our crowds, which is pretty full. and if you've got trouble having your kids eat their fruits and vegetables, wait until you see the recipes we have courtesy of the white house chef. she's going to show you how to
8:32 am
get your kids eating the best fruits and vegetables of the summer season. plus, it is time for me to put you, al roker, through the paces as i get you ready for the triathl triathlon. >> you might want to avert your eyes at me in spandex. >> spandex again. >> before we get to anything else, let's get a check of the weather. what do you say? >> okay. it's going to be hot. it's going to be hot through the weekend. saturday, slight risk of strong storms upper mississippi river valley. sizzling up and down the seaboard. pacific north wis, nice and mild, however. and then sunday, sunday, moves into the ohio river valley. we've got showers along the up -- up and down the ohio river valley. a little bit cooler. just a bit in the northeastern new england. the rest of the country continues to sizzle. that's what's go well, we've got a nice cool
8:33 am
break for you. temperatures falling by 10 degrees on average from yesterday's high. no more 90s in the east bay. 88 in fairfield and 88 degrees in livermore. oh, yes, the weekend has finally arrived and temperatures will stay cool all weekend long. a great day for outdoor activities. next week, temperatures start to climb each and every day. 96 by thursday. hope you have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget, check your weather any time of the day or night, go to weather channel on cable or online. now, let's head on down to washington, d.c. and say hello to willard scott. >> hey, man, what a year for air conditioning salesmen, right? put your money in your an conditioning. well, i have the birthday salutes here on the "today" show for some of our friends. take a look, if you will, as the old jam jar spins around. here's marie geiser, from la
8:34 am
grange park, illinois. 109. bless her heart, years old. loves to play bridge twice a week. and enjoys traveling. she does quite a bit of traveling. that's incredible. and wonderful. and we have sweet mary ruggieri of johnston, rhode island. that's a nice town. pretty state, rhode island. 106. look at that. good lord, have mercy. and impressive bowler. sends that thing rht down the middle. active in her church and does all sorts of charity work. can't beat that. willie, willie boy, williams james of bristol, vermont, 100 years old. loves to socialize and enjoys watching nascar racing. big egest spectator sport in th country. and alice chace, 100 and can speak seven different languages.
8:35 am
how about that? enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities. that's great. lois barr of blairsville, georgia, 105. what about that? 105. lives independently and enjoys baking cornbread and rolls. i'll eat at her house any time she asks me. and we have albert and merilda bilodeau from winthrop, maine. incredible weather this type time of year. faith, love, and 45hard work. that's it and that's all from your nation's capitol. back to new york. >> thank you so much. coming up, the white house chef, vegetables and like them. and also, we've got this little concert here on the plaza with cee lo green.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ this morning in "today"'s kich chen, veggie and fruit meals, featured in "better homes and garden" magazine. the first time in decades a figure has appeared on the cover. chris, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> you've got a pressure packed job at the white house between state dinners and huge luncheons but you had a really pressure packed assignment recently. you had to throw a picnic for fifth graders and everything had to be healthy. how did you do that?actually in experience for us because for chefs, kids are the hardest ones to please. they're very blunt and honest. they will tell you if the food doesn't taste good. for us, that was our hardest
8:39 am
audience ever. >> this was part of the first lady's idea that families need to think differently about how they're feeding their children breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> yes. we want people having healthy choices but we want to give tell the tools and the know how. how do you really work from this vegetable around make it just palapable for kids. >> this is a chopped green salad, herb dressing. what vegetables do you like for this? ? >> everything in here. chopped green salad. it's really very simple. just, you know, you've got your spinach, you've got your romaine. >> broccoli and string beans? >> put them right here. >> do you blanche those first? >> you blanche them. >> shock them in cold water. >> shock them in cold water. green color. kids are very visual. so when they see a fruit looks good, it's easier to let them try it. >> okay. so cucumbers. you've got beans and grapes there to add a little sweetness to it. >> a little sweetness.
8:40 am
and then edamame is great for protein. >> tell me about the dressing. >> sure. orange herb vinaigrette. the easier part of this is it all gets mixed in the mason jar. a cup of orange juice, half a cup of -- >> if you don't use all this at once you can store it in the mason jar and store it in the fridge? >> yes. keep it there for two weeks. >> pepper in here pr, vinegar. herbs, of course, depends on what you want. thyme, parsley. basically you shake it in the jar. some of this right there. and it's very, very simple. >> that just goes over the salad. self-explanatory. >> let's move on. fascinatin fascinating. parents are going to love this one. pocket fruit pies. how do you pick them? >> simple. you get a piece of a whole grain white bread. and prefer xwli yably you want whole grain because it has better nutritional value. this is a homemade smashed apple
8:41 am
sauce. if you do not have the smashed apple sauce you can certainly use an apple butter, store bought. we want to make it easy for home cooks and moms who are so busy at home. >> couple of rapspberriesraspbe >> put one on top. cut around it. and then the good thing with the soft bread is you don't need any egg wash to brush it. using the tiniest little fork you can kind of like really make it seal around the edges. and what's happening -- >> brush that with oil afterwards? >> just a little bit with canola oil or vegetable oil and it goes into the oven for 18 minutes, 350 degrees, in a dusting of cinnamon sugar. >> were these over here made recently? can i try one? >> you can try one. >> sometimes you have to be careful around here. >> yes. >> those are great. those are really good. >> it's a take on whatever kids are used to already. like the simple pop tart in the oven kind of thing but this is homemade. you have this in your pantry.
8:42 am
anyone can do it. >> a couple of other things. we don't have time to make but you can show. sweet potato fries. >> sweet potato fries but they're not fried at all. feel how crunchy that is. this is basically breaded in whole wheat flour, parmesan and bread crumb. >> fresh made tomato ketchup. >> dell me about the lemonade. >> this is the hit of that picnic. kids are, again, very visual. it's made with carrot puree. we added some pineapple juice as a sweetener, just a hint of lemon, a little carbonated water or plain water, if you like. >> very good. very creative. you have the folks in washington for us. we appreciate it. coming up, cee lo green live in concert, but first, this is "today" on nbc. ng
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
the toyota concert series on "today" is brought to you by toyota. >> now, here to sing this year's grammy winning song "forget you," ladies and gentlemen, cee lo green! ♪ i see you drive around town with the girl i love ♪ ♪ like forget you ♪ i guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough ♪ ♪ i'm like forget you and forget him too ♪ ♪ said if i was richer i'd still with you now ain't that some ♪
8:46 am
♪ and although there's pain in my chest i still wish you the best with a forget you ♪ ♪ yes i'm sorry i can't afford a ferrari ♪ ♪ but that don't mean i can't get you there ♪ ♪ i guess she's an xbox and i'm more of an atari ♪ ♪ but the way you play your game ain't fair ♪ ♪ i pity the fool that falls in love with you ♪ ♪ well i've got some news for you ♪ ♪ yeah go run and tell your little boyfriend ♪ ♪ i see you drive around town with the girl i love and i'm like forget you ♪ ♪ i guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough ♪ ♪ i'm like forget you and forget her too ♪ ♪ if i was richer ♪ i'd still be with you ♪ now ain't that some shhh ♪ and although there's pain in my chest i still wish you the best with a forget you ♪ ♪ now i know that i had to
8:47 am
borrow beg and steal and lie and cheat ♪ ♪ trying to keep you trying to please you ♪ ♪ because being in love with your face ain't cheap ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ now i pity the fool that falls in love with you ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ oooh well i've got news for you ♪ ♪ i really hate you right now ♪ i see you drive around town with the girl i love ♪ ♪ i'm like forget you ♪ i guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough ♪ ♪ so i tell ya ♪ if i was richer i'd still be with you ♪ ♪ now ain't that some ♪ although there's pain in my chest i wish you the best with a forget you ♪
8:48 am
♪ yeah ♪ now baby baby baby why you want to hurt me so bad ♪ ♪ i tried to tell my mother but she told me there's is one for your dad ♪ ♪ i'm like oh ♪ she did ♪ louder ♪ come on ♪ i love you ♪ i still love you ♪ i see you drive around town with the girl i love ♪ ♪ oh ♪ i guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough ♪ ♪ so hey ♪ if i was richer i'd still be with you ♪ ♪ ain't that some shhh ♪ there's pain in my chest i still wish you the best with a forget you ♪ ♪ oooh
8:49 am
>> and cee lo green is back with more music in just a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
he won a grammy award and
8:51 am
topped the charts with a song titled that would normally get your mouthwashed out with shope, but one thing is for sure, whether he's a solo artist or group, charles barkley. cee lo, welcome, man. great to have you here. i like the shoes. >> so cool today, baby. >> you like clothes, don't you? >> i really do. >> you're going get to put your wardrobe to the test because you're going to do a run in vegas. is that right? >> that's right. >> what do you expect from that? >> with, i wanted to do something for this generation. i don't think anybody from our generation has got the opportunity to do something monumental like that. so i would like to do something, you know, exceptional, you know, the way that i feel about myself and the way my career is going, it makes sense. >> you're going to give to people out there a kind of sampling of a wide range of work. if i looked at your new album there is a real different variety of music on there. where are the inspirations coming from?
8:52 am
>> i'm inspired from, of course, all that has been accomplished by so many individuals and idols of mine but i also want to contribute to the fact and inspire. >> you seem to be inspired a little by ladies, too. >> i love women. i love women. all the people from new york city, how are y'all doing? >> i was reading something. you can help me correct this or not. you kind of think that i have a little thing for kate middleton. >> the one photograph i was introduced -- >> the one photograph. >> she's gorgeous looking. >> you coming back for season two on "the voice." what do you love about it? >> the freedom, the foresight, the future of it. it's really an endorsement of the underdog and the attitude, we are the majority. i like to have the chance of being an advocate. it's pleasurable or me. >> when you can tell something is catching on, i want you to look at the monitor because auditions for season two are going on today and tomorrow in
8:53 am
east rutherford, new jersey. take a look at the line. 100 degree temperatures. >> what i heard, it's four times the amount of people from the first season. great success this show has become. good luck, new york city. >> you've been a big part. what are you going to sing for us now? >> i'm going to sing my new single "bright lights bigger city." >> ladies and gentlemen, cee lo green. >> new york city, let me see you make some noise! put your hands in the air if you love this town! this is what we want to do!
8:54 am
♪ i've been living for the weekend but not anymore ♪ ♪ because here comes that familiar feeling that friday's famous for ♪ ♪ yeah i'm looking for some action and it's out there somewhere ♪ you can feel the electricity on in the morning air ♪ ♪ and it may just be more of the same ♪ ♪ but sometimes i want to go where everyone knows your name ♪ ♪ so i guess i'll have to wait and see ♪ ♪ but i'm just going to let something brand new happen to me ♪ ♪ and it's all right ♪ it's all right it's all right it's all right it's all right ♪ ♪ bright lights n. and new york city belongs to us tonight ♪ ♪ new friday's cool but there's something about saturday night ♪
8:55 am
♪ you can't say what you won't do because you know that you just might ♪ ♪ i'm alive this morning ♪ it was love at first sight ♪ this saturday and every saturday for the rest of our lives ♪ ♪ and everyone standing in line ♪ yeah looking good and looking for a real good time ♪ ♪ so i'll never have to wonder if i'll have someone to share all of this with ♪ ♪ it's all right it's all right it's all right it's all right ♪ ♪ bright lights and the big city ♪ ♪ it belongs to us tonight ♪ just throw your hands in the air ♪ ♪ tell us that you just don't care ♪ ♪ somebody say oh yeah ♪ oh yeah
8:56 am
hello parents, it's going to be a big school year. your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. good morning to you. 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning a. new twist in the controversial police shooting. san francisco police now saying that they did not fire the bullet that killed kenneth harding during a shootout last weekend.
8:57 am
harding may have shot himself. the caliber of the bullet lodged in harding's head does not match ammunition matched by the police harding'sfo pocinar ng'sket. p we'll take a quick break a look at the forecast right after this.
8:58 am
good morning to you. well, we've got a really nice looking start right now in the east bay and south bay valley but we're starting to clear out from that cloud cover that we started out with this morning. we still have that fog deck, though, situated right over san francisco. that's going to keep your temperature down to 69 degrees. elsewhere, 86 degrees in places like livermore and we continue to drop off as we head
8:59 am
throughout the weekend. warmup next week. back to you, laura. >> looks good. it's 8:58. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out the latest on facebook. another update in half an hour. see you then. have a great morning.
9:00 am
9:01 am
thank you, new york city. thank you so much. give it up for the girls. >> we are back with more of "today" on a friday morning, 22nd day of july, 2011. cee lo green, electrifying the crowd here in rockefeller plaza. it didn't feel hot it didn't feel hot there for a while. but it is. we're back. al local we are savannah guthrie. he is on fire. >> he is pouring out as much love as he got. it is at least 100 degrees here in new york city.
9:02 am
when are we going to get some relief? >> we'll see some relief after sunday but our friends to the southeast, the gulf coast, southwest, are going to keep feeling this right into next week. we have exceptional drought. 14 states across the country. this is not good. >> what else do we have coming up? >> you asked. we answered. every week we are looking at the houses at different price points around the country. a lot of people asking did those homes sell? >> and later it is my turn to be the victim, i should say student. earlier this week i showed how to cook and how to grill. and then she sought natalie how to play the guitar. she is being run through her paces. >> on a day like today, that feels just like home. >> let's go inside. i know natalie has a check on the headlines.
9:03 am
>> good morning to you once again and good morning. explosion has rocked government buildings in oslo, norway. windows were blown out and the public broadcasting system reports one fatality. however, news agencies report the prime minister is okay. with heat advisories in effect for 29 states this morning and a searing heat wave that has been hanging around for days, tv reporters are going to new lengths to show reporters how bad it really is. and you are braving the heat to show us the best of the best. >> reporter: i think i'm one of those reporters showing how bad it is. more than 100 degrees today in new york city. the heat index 111 degrees. we're in television. our job is to show you just how hot it is. we like to demonstrate it. the problem is with heat, what do you have other than some sweat? you're not that sweaty. what is your secret? besides some sweat, how do you show the heat? that's why reporters are getting creative. when it snows, that's easy. we just show the snow.
9:04 am
you physically can't get a car through here or even an ambulance. in hurricanes, just point the camera. instant tv. >> are you okay? >> we're okay, we're okay. >> reporter: sorry, al. during a heat wave, how do you show it? people drinking water? sweating? it's not exciting. so cue the stunts. in minneapolis, nbc affiliate kare baked cook ois a dashboard. yummy. in detroit, the reporter hopped in a hot car. >> i'm going to sit in here and see how long i can last. we'll check back with you in ten minutes to see how hot this car really gets. wish me luck. >> reporter: ten minutes later -- >> i felt light-headed, i felt claus troe phonetic and had to get out. >> reporter: in tulsa, they broke out the thermometer. >> wean 130 and 135 degrees on the sidewalk. it is a little on the scorching side out here. >> reporter: it is not just local reporters.
9:05 am
here at today, we love the visuals too. >> can you really cook eggs eas? coming right up. we also brought a frozen mac and cheese dinner and a frozen pizza. would they cook on a new york city sidewalk? >> i think your experiment is great. i think the eggs win. >> reporter: fast forward two hours. we check back. should i try it? it's cooked. the mac and cheese is cooked. the noodles are soft. and our pizza? n br nbc intern alex joined me. i'll taste the pizza. the pizza is fully cooked. finally, ah, the eggs. here is the finished product. i don't know. what do you think? is that cooked? >> yeah. >> yes? >> would you eat this? >> no. >> you wouldn't. would you eat this? >> no. it's cooked. >> it's cooked. all right. but you wouldn't eat it. >> i wouldn't eat it. >> too runny. >> it's too runny, that's our problem.
9:06 am
by the way, today will be the worst day of the year with the heat. boston, 100 today. the man who never sweats, by the way, al roker. >> i'm sweating. >> i think the key is to shave all the hair off, keep you cool. >> i'm going to clip yours. >> anyway, back to you, natalie. >> thanks so much, jeff rossen and al. president obama, house speaker john boehner is push for a package for a bigger deficit reduction as the senate is poised today to shoot down a tea party backed budget cutting plan passed by the house. meantime, this morning president obama holds a town hall meeting to open the debate to the public. and a major boost expected today for openly gay men and women serving our country as the pentagon plans to announce that defense secretary leon panetta and the joint chiefs certified they are ready to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. it is now zesix minutes pas the hour.
9:07 am
>> thanks a lot. by the way, cee lo green was wearing yellow sun and it turns out hoe he put it right on given by the sunshine kids, which is basically a great organization for kids battling cancer. >> all right. so -- >> mr. roker is right here. right here. i'm a little lightheaded. >> you need to drink some more water. >> we all do. >> realize, did you know, cee lo green is still out here. look at that. actually, that's my brother chris. let's check your weather, see what's happening. oh, man, it is just going to continue hot. we are talking about temperatures in the 90s, well up -- look at the heat. heat indices. first of all, afternoon high. 102 in new york city. that's going to be a record. 103, washington, d.c. head out to the west, you can see those hundreds continue to spread out that way. 104 in topeka.
9:08 am
let's add the humidity. make you feel worse. heat indices, new york city, 111. 108, topeka. the good news is we're going to see a change in the pattern. big upper level ridge. great lakes. the real relief though is right along the canadian plains, border, by tuesday, the heat breaks in the northeast. seasonal in the mid atlantic states. unfortunately our friends in the gulf coast and southeast around the southwest are still going to cover. that's what's going on around well, we've got a nice, cool break for you today. temperatures falling by ten degrees on average from yesterday's highs. 86 degrees. no more 90s in the east bay. 88 in fairfield and 86 degrees in livermore. oh, yes, the weekend has finally arrived and temperatures will stay cool all weekend long. down to 80 degrees on sunday. a great day for outdoor activities. see a lot of sunshine. next week, temperatures start to climb each and every day. 96 by thursday.
9:09 am
hope you have a great day. >> talk about roughing it in the heat, our stage manager kara broke an ankle hit by a bike in new york city. you must feel real cool in all that. >> wearing sandals. >> savannah? ♪ >> this morning on "today's" real estate, homes that have sold. every friday, "today's" real estate contributor shows us her favorite houses on the market. now many of them have sold after appearing on the show. she's here with some of the success stories. >> there are a lot of them. >> we should mention that the "today" show and you do not gain any benefit from the houses selling. many of them sold very quickly. >> they had the magic ingredient of a great town and house. that sure helps. >> first success story is many kansas. tell us about this house. >> this is a cream puff of a house. tiny little town that people always respond well to. with the living room that has hardwood floors and moldings. looking outside that house it just looks like a place that anybody would be happy.
9:10 am
new homeowner seems to be reporting a lot of happiness from that room. lovely, lovely dining room with double windows. french doors in the back. great deal of value. the floors were perfectly done. i think even the pale gray paint works for this. also wallpapered dining room. i would never suggest to somebody that they dress up the windows lukike that but, what t heck, it sold. lovely room now. the new cork floors in the open kitchen. simple kitchen with white cabinets. the family room also has corked floors, vaulted ceiling and french doors to the deck that you see out the back. tinge deck out back is just the right size and feeling add and has all the mature shaded trees. >> that house listed for $185,000, sold for $182,500. next up, spanish style hope in new mexico. >> such a different style of home but people in this part of the krcountry love a home like
9:11 am
this. this is a historic town. it's tucked by hind t eded behi. it has a courtyard. look how beautifully it's des n designed and laid. it's light and crisp. i think in a real way surprising how modern it reads. it's rather sophisticated. i like the dark wood beams against the walls and ceiling. i really like that tile floor. it feels like it's going to be cool once you get inside the house. there's a family room with a bee hive fireplace, high beam ceilings. glass door to the back door. new cabinets and back splash. big private backyard with mature trees and back porch. >> palm springs can be pricey. >> this house is not one of them. it was listed for 3$399,000 and sold for $365,000. it's a ranch house. it's a modern design at the end of a cul-de-sac street. it's an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. beautiful windows which makes the room feel higher.
9:12 am
i like the treatment of the roof there. i haven't seen that done before. the cool white floors which match the fireplace. thor roughly modern kitchen. out back, pristine sunken patio. a lot of house for a little bit of money. >> down south, austin, texas, one of my favorite towns. >> obviously these owners love austin. they are so happy in their house they bought for only $435,000 when they're asking $439,000. it's a modern home. the front door is eight feet tall. it makes that house actually look smaller. but none the less, it's nestled among nine large cedar elms that make the whole house cool. living room has ten-foot barrel ceilings. very popular, concrete floors in this part of the country. the glass doors that lead to a small deck out back. there's a sleek kich chn with great cabinets and granite counters. and upstairs, dls a loft that
9:13 am
has a solid white oak floors and beautiful lake and mountain views from every window. and there's a second big redwood deck out back. too red for my liking but what the heck, there it is. >> i like it. last deal, bozeman, montana. >> business count from $499,000 to $460,000 in this house. sold one week after people seeing it on the "today" show but who wouldn't want that house? it looks like a mansion and has almost two acres of your own property. ponderosa floors. exposed ceiling. that's a shot of the family room. it's a gas burning fireplace. everything about this house has been totally redone. there's a dining room that gets lots of light. there's another shot of the other family room. there's the dining room attached to the kitchen. nice and open. has the extra long windows. there's a shot of the very dark kitchen but somehow it feels country and works. out back, rolling green lawns. that is the sound of music.
9:14 am
why wouldn't you buy it for $460,000. >> beautiful montana home. thank you for sharing your success stories. >> five lucky owners. >> indeed. thank you. we'll be back with much more on "today" right after this. covergirls -- it's time to set your lashes free.
9:15 am
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carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. this morning we're wrapping up our special series "show and tell today" where we take turns teaching each other our favorite hobby. >> with got a cooking lesson from mr. rocker. i got a guitar lesson from savannah. and now it's my time to be a teacher and coach. i'm relishing in it. >> we all know natalie to be sweet and compassionate so i
9:17 am
thought she would take it easy on me when training for a triathlon. let's just say it was a bit of a surprise. i zip lined over vancouver. ran a marathon through manhattan, but have yet to tackle a triathlon. ♪ it's a task that would require training and the perfect coach. >> roker, is that what you call a jog? i've seen babies crawl faster than that. >> make that almost perfect. >> are you ready for morales boot camp? >> yes, i entered morales boot camp. >> i want to see you pick up that pace. >> my worst nightmare. >> it's morales time, not roker time. do you have trouble with that? >> in about ten minutes. >> when are you going to do a try ott tlon? >> i'm going to rethink it now. are you marketing this? >> in fact. you get your own. >> great. >> reporter: with that part,
9:18 am
training was under way. >> step it up now. >> let's go, roker! ♪ i like to move it move it >> reporter: we hit the ground running through pier 63. >> move it, move it. roker. >> i wish you would go down, one, two. >> reporter: but little did i know, our day had just begun. >> we are just getting started. are you ready to go spin next? >> all right. let's go spin. >> let's go spin. faster. >> reporter: inside the sports center at chelsea piers -- >> good friends to teach you today, too. >> reporter: we met our instructor andrew and climbed on to our bikes. >> such at comfortable speed. >> reporter: yes, i was ready to start spinning. >> i want you to work your heart on that run out there. >> she's a fun person. >> reporter: next, we increased me resistance. >> feeling the burn? >> i'm feeling the burn. >> where is it burning the most?
9:19 am
bad question. >> i'll tell you where it's burning. >> reporter: soon we found our way to the beat. >> i think i have an al roker play list, don't i? >> oh, i get it "walking on sunshine," very cute. >> yes. ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ whoa ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ well ♪ and don't you feel good >> reporter: our spinning sing-along had come to a close. time to hit the pool. >> what are you doing in there, roker? making yourself pretty? come on, let's go. come on, roker. nice. what is with the wet suit in the swimming pool? >> you are getting very annoying. i'm ready. >> reporter: hoping to make a splash, my teacher laid out her rules for the water. >> your arm is sort of creating a bubble where you can catch a breath. >> make sure you use deodorant. >> after spin class, yes. >> reporter: showing off our
9:20 am
strokes we swam lap after lap after lap. and finally, the ultimate challenge, mastering the flip turn, a task too difficult even for morales. we called in the reserves. >> and he can do the flip like michael phelps. >> as easy as that. >> reporter: if only it were that's. >> i do you take a breath before you go into a flip? >> ideally you take your last breath. >> reporter: putting our best breath forward, it was time to give it ago. ♪ >> good. >> not bad. >> suddenly time stood still. my kids are in college. i felt the seasons changing. >> i saw my life flash before my eyes. >> reporter: but after a little practice -- >> it take a little practice.
9:21 am
your flip is well. >> i'm flipping. you're flipping the best. >> what about me? >> and you. you. >> one last thing to do. >> okay. >> one last thing? >> she won't let up. >> no, she wouldn't. >> in a triathlon there are going to be hundreds of people around you and they're all going to be in your face. they're going to be kicking you, stepping on you, climbing over you. >> sounds like our makeup room in the morning. >> i'm going to simulate a little bit of what it feels like to get water and kicked on in your days. >> ready. ♪ >> oh, excuse me. pardon me. >> you graduate. >> all right. thanks, coach. >> i'm done with you. >> ready to throw in the towel, my day at morales boot camp was finally over. >> al, i'm really proud of you. you survived the morales boot camp. >> wow. look at that.
9:22 am
morales boot camp. >> i'm really proud of you because you're showing yet again that you can take on a challenge and hopefully get other people excited to try something like this. >> i appreciate your support. >> you're doing great. i'll be cheering you on at the finish line. >> yeah. just don't bring the makeup home. please, i'm begging you. >> the question, al roker, are you i don't guegoing to try the >> just to get away from you. after seeing that clip, i look like shamu. >> you don't have to flip in a thi triathlon, you just keep going. >> natalie was a tough teacher. >> savvy jeans on next. >> oh, no. i can't. saggy jeans will not make it even into a bathing suit. coming up, appropriate, how to break up with a friend. without feeling guilty. >> all right, morales. >> you've got to learn how to do it. but first, these messages.
9:23 am
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coming up, turning your backyard into the perfect set for family movie night. >> and one more song from superstar cee lo green. >> but first, your local news and weather. ♪ [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper. but they'd rather they disappear. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes just like the fruit juice kids already love. mott's medleys. invisible vegetables. magical taste.
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[ slurp! ] [ female announcer ] hey, ladies, here's a little something [ chomp! ] you'll find irresistible, cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares. [ slurp! ] snoo. good morning to you. it's 9:26. doctors will operate on buster pozie today. doctors will remove screws. he's out after breaking his left ankle during a bone-crunching collision at home plate. it's hard to look at. he hants months of rehab work ahead of him. this morning police are trying to track down those who made off with several laptops at the old mill school.
9:27 am
officers say the school was likely targeted overnight on tuesday or early wednesday morning. we all know the schools are strapped for cash these days. who to bail them out than the richest man in the world? million dollar grants are being given to the community colleges and the cal state university system. the money will b tlpe unithecollege students to help state universities and get bachelor degrees. it's 9:27. a quick break. we'll be right back un
9:28 am
good morning to you. the cloud deck is breaking apart in the city of san francisco. still dense fog through daily city. watch out for 69 degrees. if you're headed through, not all that warm today. a dropoff of temperatures by about ten degrees. 84 in fremont. if you're looking for cooler weather, we'll have really nice days over the weekend before warm weather sets in. mike, you've got pretty serious
9:29 am
things happening, huh? >> 880 is just a problem, especially the lower part around mission boulevard. three lanes were blocked for 20 minutes and the sigalert was blocked and then spectator slowing as well. the northbound side, though, clear as a bell as you head up into hayward and then slowing through oakland. the live shot shows the the effect of a disabled accident. disabled rig in the center divide, still slow through downtown. back to you. >> what a backup there. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out facebook. another local news update in half an hour. have a great friday morning.
9:30 am
♪ don't stop believing, the mega hit who haas was played by journey. they are bringing their classic sounds to the plaza. al cannot wait as the stars of our summer concert series next friday on "today." we're waiting for '80s day around here. >> and if you're a real fan, your can help pick the set list of journey's concert. we have actually chosen three songs for you. they will play one of these on the show. text message with the song number of your choice to 622639.
9:31 am
text 1 for "separate ways." text 2 for "faithfully". text 3 for "lights." >> okay. message or data rates will apply. >> you are not allowed to vote. >> tune in next friday to see what song won. and savannah's telephone bill for all those texts. >> exactly. i got to get to texting. speaking of music, we're going to have one more performance from cee lo green who has really been entertaining the crowd today. meanwhile, also ahead in this half hour, party planner extraordinaire colin is laying on the floor of our studio. >> a sleepover. >> he has a great idea of how to enjoy the warm summer nights by throwing a movie night with cocktails. h we like the sound of that. and popcorn. >> i see a snow cone machine. we're talking about how to break up with a friend.
9:32 am
sometimes some friendships can turn bitter, even competitive over time and sometimes it's better to maybe just let go. it can be hard, especially if you have known the person for many years. we have expert advice on how to do it. >> drink and wear bikinis, that's what i would do. >> it's me, not you. >> okay. >> drama. >> anyway, all right, first, you see our couches have gotten bigger because we have lester here, amy, and jenna, they have something special coming up this weekend on the show. >> we do. coming up, our great outdoors adventure, we three city slickers enrolled in a survival school in the desert. >> we didn't have our cell phones, we didn't have our blackberries, we didn't have sleeping bags. we had to build our own fire to eat. >> you had each other. >> which didn't help anything, natalie, at all. the big question was, could we pull it off? here's a preview.
9:33 am
♪ >> thrill seeking, daredevilish. i've never done anything like this before. >> bugs, i don't like bugs. >> i'm more worried about snakes and coyotes and wolves. >> welcome to your home for the night. >> point to the east. >> does she ever stop talking? >> i can hear you out there. >> i can't think. i can't move. i need food. >> horror movie. >> and you all lived. >> that was 50 seconds. we were there for 24 hours. you will see all 24 hours. >> there's a reason why i'm sitting here. team building? >> talk about breaking up with a friend. >> you had it rough. you had an injury. >> she couldn't make the fire. >> how did injury get -- >> i had a little bit of a torn ligament. we all managed to survive and made a lot of fires. >> we all made a lot of fires?
9:34 am
that's what they say every weekend. >> looks like we had real bonding experience. >> yeah. >> we're breaking up. good morning to you. boy, oh boy, we're seeing that cloud deck break apart. the sun is even shining over the city of san francisco. we're looking really good elsewhere as well. we'll be cooler in places like livermore, 86 degrees. 90s are off the map. as we continue through the weekend, we'll continue to drop off. it will be chilly in san francisco, especially on sunday when the temperatures fall by ten degrees from today's highs. 92 degrees by tuesday. we keep climbing all the way through next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> coming up next, surviving a break-up with a good friend. advice on hisr th. tug right after this.
9:35 am
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9:38 am
this morning on "today's" relationships how to break up with a friend. many of us have had friendships that may have started out okay but in the end they tend do a little more harm than good. how do you get up the courage to call it quits? editor and chief of "woman's day" and a contributor. good morning, ladies. we're talking about really bad friendships here. toxic friendships. and elizabeth, you wrote about this in "woman's day". when you get to that point where you realize it's time to move on, this person is not doing you
9:39 am
any good. >> i think you have to think of friendships as being time specific. and with maturity realize that who a friend might be at one point in your life might not be a friend going forward. kind of three things you can look for. one is if someone has done something really harmful or very hurtful to you and your family or your friendship. the second is really when the cons outweigh the pros. when you sit down like anything, you make a list of the good things and the bad things. the bad things outweigh the good. and the friend is a constant nuisance. dragging you down. this is about zapping your energy and adding stress to your life. >> gayle, you suggest actually talking before the relationship even gets to that point where you are having to break up. but there will come a time where you say, okay, enough is enough. this person is not going to work out in my life. >> hopefully that point doesn't come until you have had the talk. a lot of people end friendships haven't having had the talk. the other person didn't know what they were doing or what was going on.
9:40 am
so if you have had the discussion several times, this is what it feels like is going on for me, can we try to fix it because i value the friendship. but if you've had that conversation two or three times and nothing is changing, then i think that is your sign you're done. >> yeah. also, friend slips have ups and downs. i think you have to decide is this person important enough for me to work it out? right, elizabeth? >> right. it's not like something horrible happens and you say you're going to break it off. two kinds of tactics. one is maybe taking time away from the person, not being as quick to respond to e-mails and as quick to respond to phone calls. letting that person know. one thing that be -- i'm sure gail would say that you don't want to just break it off and not have a discussion. the important thing is to open it up and have a discussion. that can be very scary talking about relationships. but if you want to move forward you almost need to take that step. >> gail, you're going to feel guilt as that's going on as well? how do you feel with that? >> women corner the market on
9:41 am
guilt, unfortunately. we are most apt to feel guilty and should i break it up, should i'm not break it up, then i want to brick it up, how do i break it up? the good part of that is hopefully you use that at the end tactic so that you've made a logical analytical decision. at this point it really isn't working. but you do stand in the other person's shoes. you don't drag it out with i'm just not calling you back but you let them keep calling you. you do it in a humane way where you say this is not working for us. >> and if you do share a circle of friends, quickly, how do you manage that? >> a, you could potentially have this conversation with another friend. there might be another friend in your group that is feeling the same way so you would have kind of a common ground there. if not, you have a frank discussion saying this is not going to hurt our friendship as a whole but this is my issue with this person and you just have to let go and not be jealous. >> this is a lot like divorce. you might lose other friends. you can't be sure of what will happen so you have to put a lot
9:42 am
of thought in the decision. >> choose wisely. we've got to go. we ran out of time. there's a lot more on this on "woman's day" and our website coming up next, creating your own backyard movie night with party planner right after this. as long as there's sun, you and your family can go have fun. because banana boat blocks up to 96% of harmful uva and uvb rays. so you can go, go, go, confident you're protected from sunburn and long-term skin damage.
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9:45 am
i was worried about 'em, you know? i mean for instance my mom went to bed tonight before making my dinner. which is fine, i mean i, i know how to make dinner. it just starts to make you wonder. is this what happens when you age? my friends used to say i was the lucky one. i had the fun parents. where's the fun now? night, guys. [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota venza. keep on rolling. this morning on "today's" home, backyard movie night. pull out your big screen tv, throw down comfy pillows and you have the makings orvesf a great summertime party for your family and friends. colin cowie is here. there's something about the drive-in movie that has us all
9:46 am
feeling nostalgic. >> retroidea. we have barbecues this summer, this is something you need to do. >> this first thing is to get a nice cool, refreshing drink. >> wonderful snow cones. and i have different flavors. >> okay. >> these are found on which is cool because they don't have any corn syrup. >> flavored sodas. >> and then for the kids, start with adults. this is colored. and grapefruit. >> that looks good. >> my favorite, tequila. >> my goodness. >> go easy there. oh. just half tequila, colin. >> stir it up. >> good thing. okay. >> keep on moving. >> great. you have the snow cone machines. cheers. what are these little syrups? >> put them on top of the ice for the kids. these are also -- they have no -- >> oh, my goodness. >> no sugar. >> that's like all tequila, fyi. >> great for a friday morning. these are great.
9:47 am
move around. they're fun to work with. >> snacks are key. popcorn, great idea. >> i cannot think of a movie without popcorn. >> but you spiced it up a little bit. >> yes. white cheddar, we've got dill pickle, and we've got kettle. >> would you do it all together or lay it out? >> lay it out. i love this. i got it at bed, bath, and beyond. it's cool to have your own popcorn machine in the house. >> i zeroed in on the m&ms. >> exactly. everyone wants to eat. easy. it w twizzlers and nuts. >> we've got our snacks. now, these are great. these are air mattresses. >> you can use an air mattress, or i found these, these are amazing. they're great out of the water but the best floaters in the world. >> it's like a bean bag. >> look how comfortable that is. >> scoot over.
9:48 am
>> i don't care. hi. >> watch a movie. >> hi, colin. i feel like i'm getting to know you a little better there. comfy. >> i found thepillows less than0 apiece at ikea. >> less than $10, you can put them in the grass. >> this is key to remember. insect repellant. >> exactly. >> and then the most important thing, of course, is you're saying bring your flat screen tv, long extension cord. >> absolutely. you don't need to get a signal because of the dvd so we've got a couple of dvds here, kicking your heels with door thirothy i oz." >> popcorn, good to go. >> colin cowie, thank you. coming up next, cee lo green has the crowd going crazy. we'll have one more song. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
9:49 am
out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter.
9:51 am
school takes a lot. target has it all. the toyota concert series on "today" is brought to you by toyota. >> still to come this morning, healthy snacks that will satisfy your craving. >> plus, the results of the ambush makeover for some lucky ladies in the crowd. >> they will probably need them after all this heat. but first, here's cee lo greene performing his mega hit, the one that describes savannah, "crazy qutd ." >> that hurts my feeling. >> oh, al. >> put your hands in the air and clap them all. how about a testimony?
9:52 am
♪ i remember when i remember when i lost my mind ♪ ♪ there was something so pleasant about that place ♪ ♪ even your emotions had an echo in so much space ♪ ♪ oh ♪ and when you're out there without care i was out of touch ♪ but it wasn't because i didn't know enough ♪ ♪ i just knew too much ♪ does that make me crazy? ♪ ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ possibly ♪ oh oh ah oh all right
9:53 am
♪ i hope that you are having the time of your life ♪ ♪ but think twice ♪ that's my only advice ♪ that's right come on now who do you ♪ ♪ who do you who do you think you are ♪ ♪ sing new york city ♪ that's already you really think you're in control ♪ ♪ no ♪ but i think you're crazy ♪ i think you're crazy ♪ with your heart sing it ♪ i think you're crazy ♪ yes ♪ just like me ♪ just like me ♪ oh ♪
9:54 am
♪ oh ♪ nobody knows the trouble i got ♪ ♪ don't nobody know my troubles ♪ oh lordy troubles are hard ♪ ♪ oh lordy troubles are hard ♪ yeah ♪ don't nobody know the troubles we've got ♪ ♪ don't nobody know my troubles ♪ >> thank you, new york city. thank yourself. you guys have been so good to me. i really appreciate you.
9:55 am
>> that was amazing, and next friday, we're literally going to rock!
9:56 am
good morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. two richmond police officers are going to go to trial for
9:57 am
purchasing handguns from two minors. they are also accused of setting up a sting operation where the teens would be caught with those guns. they are charged with conspireing to deceive authorities and obstruction of js cities. both former officers are set to be in court next month. this morning at least one person is in the hospital after flames ripped through a home. the fire started just a few minutes before 2:30 this morning on the streets of fourth and main street. no word on the cause of that fire. let's take a look at the forecast with christina loren. good morning to you, laura. we still have a little bit of cloud cover over the city of san francisco and it's breaking apart. 69 degrees is the forecasted high. 88 in los gatos, 70 in santa cruz. the temperatures keep dropping as we head throughout the weekend. you might want to get on out
9:58 am
there and enjoy. a giants game tonight at 7:15. catch that game at 7:15. 62 degrees. a little chilly. 59 degrees at 9:00 p.m. yep, that means you ought to bring a jacket and maybe a blanket as well. here's where we're headed towards next week. 90s and triple digits. let's check your drive with mike. christina, 880 is still a problem. earlier accident at mission has cleared from the roadway but the distraction is still slow out of union city. northbound side, past the coliseum, a nicer flow of traffic. all the way into downtown oakland. much lighter over the last half hour. backup still has metering lights. golden gate bridge, an hour slow down. a beautiful day in the city. back to you, laura. thank you very much. for the latest updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another update in half an hour.
9:59 am
see you then. [ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car.
10:00 am
captions paid for byn. nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it's sizzling friday-friday, july 22nd already. what's happening to summer? >> way too fast. >> the break. going off to rehoboth. we'll have fun. >> whoop it up on the boardwalk. >> it will be fun. all right. now, i don't have time for this this weekend because i'll be sgon and not going to talk about it with hoda, apatiently different people have different?
10:01 am
s what's the best time, the right time, the best time or right time for sex. >> best time for sex. so most men according to the survey like to have sex in the morning. >> uh-huh. >> and most women, they say, like to have sex in the afternoon. >> uh-huh. >> apparently nobody likes to have sex in the evening. >> when most people are having sex. >> yes. they're together, for once. >> i'll tell you the right time to have sex. >> when? >> when you're young. and then it's anytime. >> first of all, having sex at night, first, going to eat dinner, and then having sex after dinner is gross. you're bloated. you don't feel good. you just ate all of that -- they should have sex first and then go to dinner. you see? because you feel good. there's nothing worse than feeling like -- gaseous or whatever it. you know. you've been there. don't think you haven't, but you feel terrible. and the last thing you want to do is -- roll in the hay. like, go to bed. you know what i mean?
10:02 am
that's why you get the morning. the morning makes much better sense for me. >> all right. okay, hoda. i'm happy for you. we'd love to hear from you all. this morning, you're up at 4:00 in the morning anyway. now we know why. now, i don't have this problem either. >> look at you. you're problem-free. >> when you're e-mails go unanswered. here's the thing. i guess the "new york times" recently had a big, big article about this. people say it's rude. you didn't return my e-mail. well, it seems to me, not knowing a lot about that, i could do it but i don't want to. this is one of those reasons. because she gets several hundred of them a day, and many of them are from people she does not even know. why should she take time out of her entire day to answer e-mails to -- to people that have nothing to do with, you know -- you know what i'm saying? >> yes. no. i do. and i'm a horrible e-mail answerer. sometimes i'll wake up in the middle of the night, oh my god. a few to remember.
10:03 am
that's going to take too long to respond to. i'll hold it. >> right. >> and then -- i don't -- >> i just get delirious because i get that panicky freaked-out feeling. >> hoda -- >> this is what people do, i'm one of them and i feel terrible about it. sometimes you use e-mail to extend a nicety, but you don't really intend on following through. hey -- great talking to you. let's have lunch. then -- but you're not saying -- >> tomorrow. or write back. >> you're like, ooh. no. you find of do want to in theory. you just don't want to sit at the table. you'd rather have sex and then -- i don't know, hoda. >> i can't imagine has anybody
10:04 am
has time. >> if you literally answered every single e-mail -- one time, the best technique, if you sent an e-mail, he e-mailed you back immediately. always decisive. there's something bad about -- you work for him. >> but, right. but -- >> in those cases some bosses don't respond. they don't respond and leave you hanging. you're like, hey, i'm wondering if i could have the day off a week from thursday. it's my grandmother's birthday. and you wait, and you wait, and her birthday's coming and you don't want to hound them. hey, anything about my grandma's birthday? nothing. like, that's one, a lot of anxiety. >> what you do next, you pick up phone and you call somebody. >> can i help you? >> he's busy. >> can i help you? >> listen, i tried to get in touch. i'm going to take this day off because i need to. i didn't get an answer, and i gotta go. thank you. i gave you a lovely opportunity to --
10:05 am
>> ooh. there's a pink thing waiting for you when you come back. >> you know what -- >> a little pink thing. >> what we talk about the other day. you're working for the wrong people. >> right. move on. here are the things that turn off your plan. the things that he doesn't like that you do all the time, and it bothers him. smothering. don't confuse smothering with mothering. >> i don't like to be smothered. do you? >> no, no. >> nothing worse than someone hanging on you all the time. >> you know who loves smothering? bambino. he loves it. but people don't. >> people are superior to them. >> like, did you get the such and such? you know, that -- tone we get sometimes. or what is it? >> that's snotty. >> don't do that. kniss is a very new relationship. >> oversharing. >> men don't like -- >> why didúz that's private. >> yeah. >> and sometimes doesn't get the best -- >> i know. >> seems so silly. >> then i'll hear frank on the
10:06 am
phone telling it to somebody else. it's okay for to you tell it, but i can't? >> yeah. >> they don't like you r.s.v.p.-ing for them. >> we're both of up. no. we're coming. he's listening, thinking, i don't want to ge out on sunday. >> frank love meese to r.s.v.p. for him. as long as the answer is no. he says, don't say yes to anything. >> do not dis his friends. >> don't like that either. >> they hate when -- what if there's a friend you really don't like? >> i just tell him so, but i don't dis him. >> yeah. all right. and the unspoken ways we can show them that we care about them -- >> i think that things we stop doing, in any relationship, we stop doing the little things for each other, and we start to take them for granted and don't say, you know what, honey, when you did that yesterday, that meant a lot. so sweet. that really helped my day. golden rule, people, whether you're married or not. >> yes, yes.
10:07 am
just being polite and having good manners. one of my pet peeve. when people lose their manners in a relationship so long because they're used to it. you're a good thank you person with your kids, with your husband, with me, with people you've known a long time. it's not like you expect to get away with -- >> no. i don't think the please or thank yous should be implied. >> the please was implied. >> today is friday. so -- i don't really understand this brazilian thing but apparently it's a huge, huge rage. >> everybody wants a chunky derriere. >> and the big kind that hides the -- >> come on. >> sebastian. come on. >> how are you? >> you're going to show us how to get it? >> yes. i want everyone up. >> by everyone, you me you and me get up? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> come on. come on. >> everybody gather round. what do you do?
10:08 am
>> right here. >> come on. >> first the psalm samba, and w going here. one, two, three, four. five, six, seven, eight. go back, let's go back, let's go back. >> we have a whopping two minutes to do it. this is not the new york club, you know? >> six, seven and we're going down. >> no, we're not. >> go down. come on. >> i can't. >> the camara. >> camera. >> we're happy for them. >> let's go, down and up, and down and up. and we shake our booty, shake the booty, shake, shake, shake it. now we, one, two -- one, two, three. and down, and up. >> show her. >> squat, up. squat up. >> there's a camera here. >> do it, do it. >> what's happening here?
10:09 am
>> in a circle. making a nice circle. one, two, one and two. let's go, one -- >> let's not. thank you. >> one and two. let's go. >> it's getting a little weird. >> hip action. >> we've got to run. a lot of fun. e> thank you. all right. >> i don't know. that was it. okay. let's go. >> thank you. >> all right. the way to a monthly meeting, an elderly woman, always is, stopped by a highway patrolman and he asked her for her driver's license, registration and insurance and she handed it all over to him. >> like she should. >> and with the cards, was the price to see she had a concealed gun permit. he looked at her and asked, do you have a weapon in your possession now? >> the woman said she indeed had a .45 automatic in the glove compartment and admitted also have be a .90 millimeter glock in the center console. >> what's going on with her? >> the officer asked is that
10:10 am
all? he said, no. a .38 special in her purse. what are you afraid of? she looked him straight in the eye and said, not a damn thing. >> i like that. and bobbie's with us. >> giving never goes out season. really great brands that do good. >> okay. >> one, try these glasses on. >> i love them already. >> they have this great program that's buy a pair, give a pair. >> they look great on you. >> and prescription glasses to developing countries. i was shocked. over 1 billion people don't have access to glasses. >> that's great. >> rainbow of scarves. i love this line. they really are passionate about giving back to a charity called free the children. and ap high school sophomore developed this nonprofit nail polish called color me cure. her dad stricken with cancer.
10:11 am
the sole purpose, raising money for cancer research. >> right. >> really cool. this is peacekeeper cosmetics. all the profits goes to women's health issues and human rights. all this stuff is on our website. >> awesome, bobbie? >> get your holiday gifts early. >> and coming up -- love you, bobbie. >> it's margarita day. simple syrup, pop rocks. remember those as a kid? >> never a fan. >> this is going to be fizzy. >> and wine garni. >> hmm. the skinny, it's light. >> tastes refreshing. coming up next, marriage saul about compromise, but a little celebrity intervention comes to us. >> the latest season of nbc's "the marriage rep." >> plus, makeovers. you'll see amazing results. >> plus, makeovers. you'll see amazing results. but first, these messages.n.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
we've been together 32 years he should know that, i don't want to go. i had no desire to ever, ever go. >> it shouldn't be a -- >> if he wants to a goat. >> in some areas, a high honor gift. >> where is that? very funny. "the marriage rep," getting up close and personal in private affairs. >> every week, a celebrity panel looks at marriages and take sides deciding who's really right. hello. >> good to see you. >> you're back. >> second season. exciting. >> this is different than last season? >> different, a couple change. we bring the couples into the studio this year. last year on satellite. >> yeah. >> now they sit right across from the celebrities. >> i bet that helps? >> so much better. yeah. just to see regular people tell
10:16 am
jerry seinfeld why they're wrong. >> yeah. >> and we have this thing where we still vote on who's right and wrong, husband and wife, but the end of each episode, the studio awed audience votes on who's the rightest of the right. >> oh. the rightest of the right. >> that person gets $25,000 and a billboard at their hometown declaring that they're right. >> all right. i like it. >> no one cares about the money. it's a recession. that's $25,000. >> i like that. that's good. so what are couples fighting about the most? what do you think? has that changed? >> no. you know, every fight is about power and property. >> yeah. >> it's about, in the house. and they use different things to fight about. it could be a dog, an in-law, kids. >> kids. >> it's always money. >> money's big. >> yeah. >> this weekend we have an issue with throw pillows. i like the little ones, that become huge things. she has so many throw pillows on
10:17 am
the bed, every time the husband gets up to go to the bathroom at night, he falls and hurts himself. help has bruises on his arm. >> a safety issue. we'd be divorced if frank didn't like my pillows. you know me with my pillows. >> why? >> i just love them. >> i guess. sort of an arrested development. >> the good thing about the show it does have that kind of mean tone, because -- >> no. >> it's good. this type of show, when you're talking about someone's personal marriage, someone invading it -- >> they choose to be on the show. so -- >> we really want it to be a celebration of marriage and it's a comedy show. it's just fun. if you laugh at your problems, you're better off in your real life. >> do you help them with your panel -- >> no, no. >> not at all. >> if you need help you have to go to a different show. >> now, you're married and have children. >> i do. >> what's the one thing -- how long have you been married now? >> 11 years. >> what would you say is the common thing you argue about in your mirg? >> i don't know. for me, the hardest part about
10:18 am
it is, you get married because you're in love with this person, and i thought this is going to be romance to the end of time. the romantic story to the end of my life. i didn't realize, you throw kids and mortgages and cats -- really, there's no time for romance. you're like business partners. >> i know. hoda's in the morning. before dinner. >> in this nonprofit organization, that's what it is. running a nonprofit. zero time for e romance. >> she probably feels the same way? >> she does. she takes pride, we're the only ones that can keep them alive, so it's a noble thing. >> you mean the children? >> yeah. open the door. let's see what happens. i'm like -- >> oh. you got other stuff going on as well. you're on tour? right? >> yeah. i'm actually this friday and saturday night, i'm at the dc improv. >> you better get on a plane. that's tonight. >> chop, chop. >> i've got to hustle. i'm going to take the train. i like the train.
10:19 am
very dignified. >> last time i saw him, at the airport in los angeles. you are getting around, buddy. >> you're one step behind me. >> am i? do you feel superior? >> no. right there, kept looking through the seats. >> was i with my daughter? >> you were with your daughter. >> she's cute, isn't she? >> she's okay. >> i didn't like the way you were looking at her. >> i was looking at you. >> get in line. thanks so much. "the marriage ref," second year. 10:00 sundays right here on nbc. up next, hoda, beware, lining up, fans for you and a couple for me. i like dance parties. ♪ [ upbeat ]
10:20 am
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10:22 am
... but yours will be different 'cuz you'll design it around you. call 1-800-309-9335 or visit to get your free kit today. we're back with "3, 2, 1 live." what's up, sarah? >> a lively group. betsy from tennessee.
10:23 am
>> hello. i'd like to know what was your most embarrassing moment while interviewing a celeb tinchts oh, i remember mine. james taylor, and i adore james taylor and love every member of his family, all great musicians and i said, how is -- i meant his brother, and he said, oh, my brother die. i just felt awful. i just -- you know how you just can't take it back. i mean, i wasn't mean or -- it was just like i didn't know that his brother alex had óomdied. >> remember when we had judi dench on talking about -- you talked ar being naked? >> yeah. >> a moment, when you're interviewing this acting legend and kathie came out with a naked comment, a moment, everybody stopped for a second. going to laugh or not? she threw her head back and cracked up. that's when i realized she can get away with just about anything. >> but she asked your embarrassing moment? >> i don't remember. it could happen later in the show. >> hoda, she doesn't get
10:24 am
embarrassed. next up, emily from kentucky. >> hi, emily. >> my husband and i are moving to new york city next week. where should we go to buy new things for our apartment? >> so many great places. what style do you like? >> just a recommendations of stores. >> abc carpet and antiques way down on 19th street broadway. fun. >> that's great. lots of fun there. >> a place called design with reach, inexpensive and some expensive items that are unique. if you want little pieces -- >> stuff from ikea. >> i love ikea, by the way. >> crate and barrel. perfect. >> go to those places. >> pottery barn, of course. still to come you guys -- >> all right. >> amazing makeovers. uh-huh. signs of aging... minimizes the look of wrinkles... hydrates... renews... seems like an amazing moisturizer? actually... it's an amazing makeup. introducing revlon age defying with dna advantage. its powerful skincare ingredients and spf 20
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10:26 am
good friday morning to you. 10:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a twist in the brian stow beating case. los angeles police have arrested two new suspects. police no longer consider giavani a suspect. he was arrested in may but never charged. right now ramirez is spending ten months in prison because police found a gun in his closet which violated his parole. so far the family is not ready to make a statement but a friend of brian's was. former roommate says he was caught off guard by the news.
10:27 am
>> complete surprise, utter surprise and shock. something that i would not have expected to have heard any time soon, that's for sure. >> simon says if he did not do it, the lapd should clear his keme.n is alert awand a brian is. art and awake. we wish them well. weather and traffic after this. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
10:28 am
fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. well, we've got a really comfortable weekend shaping up. things are really starting to change as we head through next
10:29 am
week. a cool down both saturday and sunday before high pressure regains control and brings our temperatures into triple digit territory. starting on monday. the 90s are back on the map. a nice break all the way through sunday. 88 degrees in fairfield. 69 degrees in san francisco. a mix of sun and clouds. a pretty stubborn fog bank. that's clearing out nicely. we're still going to see cloud cover as we head throughout the afternoon in the city. 7:00 p.m., 62 degrees. giants take on brewier we ares. make sure you take the jacket. let's check the traffic with mike. where we've been hanging out for the last hour, mission boulevard at 880, still a little slow coming out of fremont. a series of accidents and disabled vehicles in the southbound direction causing additional delays and distracts. a live look at the san mateo
10:30 am
bridge. peninsula moving clearly. golden gate bridge is slow getting into the beautiful city by the way for the weekend. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll see you monday morning. have a great weekend. today's am 33bush makeover s brought to you by -- we're back on this friday-friday. it's time for today's ambush makeover where we pluck two unsuspected ladies, sometimes not unsuspected. sometimes ready and waiting. >> our crack makeover team -- ♪ la, la, la, la, la >> hey! >> ooh -- there you go. >> okay. >> hi, guys. >> hey. >> so sweltering out in today.
10:31 am
>> talk about a bad hair today, today was it. i mean, if you have any hair issues, today is the day it's going to -- >> end of story. oh. >> that looks familiar. >> okay. >> let's start with kim wilson. 37 years old from columbus, nebraska. she jumped off the fashion tree years ago and thrilled with the opportunity to update her look. let's look at her story. >> i just love the wilson family, and matching t-shirts, and you really want this for your wife. tell me why? ñ she's a teacher and doesn't take time to care for herself, to pamper herself and he stake taf her family so well. >> that's nice to hear. >> very nice. >> are you ready for a glamorous new look? >> i hope so. >> you're going it like the picture of this after this one. >> oh, my gosh. we're excited. >> kim's here with her husband
10:32 am
larry, her kids. keep your blindfolds on until i give you the green light. here's the before picture. all right, kim. let's see the new you! >> ah! get ready. are you guys ready? all right. come on, larry, take off your m blindfolds. >> wow. oh, my gosh. amazing. >> all right. are you ready it see yourself, kim? >> yeah. >> spin around right here. there's a mirror behind you. >> oh, my goodness. i love it. i do. >> oh, you look great. >> i love it. talk about the hair. we had hair issues before. i saw. >> i'd never recognize myself. >> colored, simple, easy, won't grow out. it will blend in. a great mayor cut. layered. a little bit, to just give it a
10:33 am
tinge of movement. flirty, sexy and young. >> gang what do you think over there? >> i always thought you looked great before, but, she's awesome. >> this dress is hot. >> isn't it great? >> i mean -- >> i was like, hello figure, when i took off that nebraska t-shirt, but this is from ann taylor a wrap dress. you can add a belt, such a great waist and h & m jewelry, under $10. >> enjoy your family. congratulations. all righty. our second lady is arlene goldberg, 61, from new york. a judge the past 20 years, every friday, takes a break to watch "ambush makeovers." let's listen to her story. >> all right. i know it's hot out, but you are having a big frizzy hair day. huh? >> it's out of control. i need help. bring it in. >> now, you told me you really want this, because you've had a
10:34 am
really tough two years. >> i have. >> tell me why you wanted a new start? >> i've had a lot of personal tragedies and i'm just trying to overcome them and i've neglected my look and have devoted everything to family and work, and i just want to change that. so -- >> well, we are going to take care of you and pamper you for three hour. that sound good? >> that sounds great. thank you. >> this is going to be a good one. all right. she's here with her friends sharon and beth. keep the blinds on until we tell you. one last look at our little before. let's bring out the new arlene goldberg! whoa. oh, my gosh. >> right here. come here. come a little towards us. >> wow. >> all right. sharon and beth, you ready? take a look. >> beautiful. >> you ready? >> yes. >> whoa. that is fantastic. >> that bob is what everybody's
10:35 am
wanted. wow. >> look at the difference. >> no way! >> the trick here was, again, all the haircuts by debbie. long layers, barely there on the fringe. has shape but the great thing is when she washes it and wears it natural, which she can do, if you put product in it, you know what? she has enough gel or styling cream it will hold down a beautiful shape. so either way. the other tip is, of course, lightly put in highlit phighligd the face. >> and, of course, your friends -- amazing, right? >> unbelievable. >> adorable. >> tell us about the outfit? >> i said are you single or married? she said, i'm single and looking. i thought we'd give had a great red dress from adriana capel. i love the shoes. we love. >> yes. >> and with the bow and matching
10:36 am
red nail polish, you are ready to go. >> all right. come on now. come on. we want to thank our ladies. as always, thank you so much. okay, up next, what's on your man's mind? we have the answers. we'll be right back after this.
10:37 am
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10:40 am
so here with the view of what men really think, hi. >> i agree, with the last time -- >> let's get to the stuff to fight about. >> first up, mary ann, divorced since 1994. spent all her time raising her kids. the last five guys she has gone out with she met online and after a couple days, went back with someone else. is this a trend or -- >> if it's happening five times, she's probably going after the wrong kind of guys. them saying they're going back to their old girlfriend is an excuse. maybe say, wait second. i'm looking for this type. maybe going with guys who are a little too groovy or something. >> a little too groovy? >> the definition, maybe they're too young, maybe too old. just try something different. >> i have friends who go for the same type. one into a brick wall over and over. >> don't stop, but do different. make sure the next one is very different from what you've
10:41 am
didn't. >> should you stop looking and let someone find you? >> no. you've got to be in it to win it. the two are not usually exclusive. >> uh-huh. okay. >> next gre anne i would like to know why men are so affectionate at the beginning, after a few years it chills out. like holding the ladies -- oh, my. kissing her on the neck and stuff. do they get bored? >> she got very -- >> it's very easy to fall to a -- fall into a pattern, take someone for granted and a woman has got to speak up. just like a woman can stop being so tender and affectionate to a plan. you know when you used to do that? that really feels good to me. very easy to not be the way you were in the first year, the first two years. >> nobody's relationship can burn that -- >> you're right. but certain things that you like. certain things that you like. if you like the way he -- >> right. the fire is going to change. if you're looking for the same
10:42 am
level of romance that you had year one, that's just not reality. >> when you ask a guy, i like when you do that and he has no desire to do it but saying, all right. >> by the way -- i like that. >> i like telling a woman sometime, i like my shoulders rub. she can't read my mind. doesn't mean she wants to do it but if she loves me, she's going to do it. >> next question from alison a guy saying he's interested but doesn't want to be exclusive. is he seeing how far he can get or just -- >> no such thing as exclusive. in any liberal relationship, you can sleep with me and sleep with other people. sure. a guy can respect you. that's ridiculous. he's obviously not that interested, but there's no woman that should ever put up way guy saying, i want to be with you but i also want to be with another woman. that's ridiculous. >> that show, what -- >> "badgtc"bachelorette."
10:43 am
>> no. the one with the different wives? >> yeah. >> weird stuff going on there. you can tell. >> thank you so much. up next -- >> nature calls. amazing animals from the san diego zoo. >> that is -- how he goes to potty. >> that is gross. right after this. le announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper.
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it's time for today's "call to the wild." from the zoo, rick schwartz is here. a koala and something called a rock pyrex. >> what is this? >> what's this? >> bearcat. only a year old ambassador. a couple months of age. this is really his first big trip, so thank you very much for helping us train him. >> how did he do on the plane? >> he did great.
10:48 am
>> it's more of a bear than -- >> a great question. the name bearcat comes from fact it looks like a mix between a bear or cat but they're not either species. a unique group of carnivores only in asia and africa. these is -- >> like -- >> not unless you're hiding fruits in your pockets. >> that's none of your business. is he grown or just a baby? >> just a year old. he'll be gaining a few more pounds. they can get up to 40 pounds and are very muscular. they have a tail. >> wow. >> if you want, you can pet him right here. let me get his mouth busy. what's that feel like? >> hoda's hair. >> ooh -- >> i knew would you say that. i'm over this. >> i'm sorry. i was going for -- >> just kidding. >> okay. >> no. i would like that. if that were possible. >> i'm going to have -- going to move on to another animal, then. >> oops. >> okay, bearcat. >> that a boy.
10:49 am
ah. there we go. okay. >> hey -- now that you got the parrot all upset. >> excited to be here. right over here, amy is bringing in a very, very beautiful and very courageous koala. normally they don't like a lot of change and are normally just a solitary animal. zucky is one of our great ambassadors. i've traveled several times with her. >> can we touch her? >> prefer that you don't, but -- >> he's got a brazilian butt. like sebastian. >> is he cuddly? >> usually coarse, and also because they spent a lot of time in trees they're very muscular. we think of squishy teddy bears and think of the koala, but it's not a bear. it's a marsupial. >> right. >> and fight with their tail? >> no tail to fight from, but a solid, muscular body, very sharp claws. not one could be cuddled with. >> wow.
10:50 am
with the babies in the -- what am i confusing -- kangaroo? >> right on. the babies are -- marsupial doesn't mean you have a pouch. it means you were raise fld a pouch. >> he's all done. get down. >> they're not endangered in any way, right? >> kind of a debate. a lot of the territories are threatened, although they're listed okay, it could swing the other way. a lot of researchers doing work in the field there in australia to prevent that from happening. >> we just have a minute. let's bring the rock in. high is a hireex. people ask if we have large animals for them to have on tv, and this is about as big as we can get. he is a relative of the elephant. >> looks a little like a rat. >> believe it or not, the tooth structure, if you see, if he take as bite here. not so much, but in the structure, like that of an elephant. just smaller. isn't that amazing? a prominent plant throughout
10:51 am
africa, and they like it. he decided maybe he's curious to know that your hair feels a little like -- >> okay. >> get the parrot. i want to know about this schwartz character. >> i know. good job, reno. now, reno is a double yellow from the amazon. a lot of fun with it. one time real quick. we'll wait for him to finish eating. >> hello. >> whistle. cell phone, cell phone. >> cell phone. >> e-mail. >> did you hear that? >> bob it's on vibrate. >> that was funny. >> all right. we got to run. good job. thank you. next, satisfying your cravings without sacrificing your figure, but first, this is -- >> all: today on nbc.
10:52 am
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whether it's chips, chocolates or ice cream, we all get cravings for snacks. you can stay slim by choosing the right snack. >> which i've already done. >> forgive me. the annual list of winners, back with us -- sorry. >> you get to talk once. >> yes. >> we went through hundreds of snacks picked the top 20. today we'll show you some of our favorites. >> potato chips are on thelet? >> all of these are under 200 calories, no more than 400 milligrams of sodium. and no hypercooked corn syrup. all healthy. our kettle chips are baked and not fried. which means they have 65% less fat and they're not going to get that greasy residue on your hands. >> and of all kinds -- >> i love seasalt and vinegar. >> do they taste like real dill? >> don't they? >> all right.
10:56 am
>> next to that, press's crisps. >> my daughter adores. >> the combination of crackers and pretzels. the best of both worlds, plus 50% less sodium than norm the pretzels. i love dipping these in humus. >> these are our crunchy favorites. first, blue diamond butter toffee almond. so addictive. they're so good. they have fiber as well, and vitamin e. you're not going to want to put those down. after that, kashi cereal. >> at the snack welt things. >>cvh caramel corn. >> how can that be good for you? >> because they only have 3 grams of fat in one pact. i love to take these to movie theaters. much better than you're buying. the actual popcorn. >> one minute to get to these last ones. what's this? >> fiber one chocolate brownies.
10:57 am
a great sorgs urce of fiber, pl you'll never taste the fiber. you taste the chewy goodness. don't you? 90 calories, 3 grams of fat. next, the prune. not your ordinary prunes, though. they're so plump. they're so moist, and you can eat as many of them as you need. >> next? >> finally, smooth and dreamy ice cream. everyone wants to have ice cream in the summertime. only 4.5 grams of fat. like having a sundae with chocolate sauce. and yogurt. thick, satisfying plus comes way gra mo granola. so easy to use. guess who's coming up next week? legendary singer aretha franklin. she'll sing for us. plus jordin sparks, natalie cole, a lot of people. we're going to be back -- are you okay? she's dying. we'll be back. tnt. have a great weekend. tnt. have a great weekend. don't even worry about it.
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