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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 22, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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giants fan suffered a seizure and had to undergo emergency surgery. so it's mom shared her excitement about his improvement with a los angeles radio reporter this afternoon. >> dr. easton, making sure he had eye contact. he asked him, brian, what is your last name? and the doctor said he mouthed oh, my gosh, everybody in this hospital is floating on clouds. >> reporter: now so it's mother says her kids are with him. he recognizes his children, and his family and his doctors are amazed. as for the news of the new arrest, the family isn't saying much. i talked to one family member on the phone earlier today who said he is blown away by the latest developments. his mother simply said everything's coming together. reporting live in san francisco,
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. again, the los angeles police department will be holding a news conference on the flee arrests in the bryan stow case. when it begins, we will bring it to you live. other news now. tense words today in san francisco's bayview district as a nasheighborhood activist confronted ed lee after a fatal shooting by police. >> making sure we've got social services down here, as well. you know that. >> that's good, too. >> you know what i did -- miss westbrook and programs that were important -- >> yeah, but right now, stop killing these young -- >> right -- >> social blight -- >> last weekend's exchange of gunfire between police and a seattle man continues to anger many in the bayview district. even after last night's revolution that the deadly shot came -- revelation that the deadly shot came from the man's own gun, not a police weapon. >> it surprises me what the forensics say. i'm probably, like everybody else -- wow. what really happened and how we can try to understand that.
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the commitment is high that we're going to keep the community safe, every community in san francisco safe. >> three, two, one -- >> mayor lee was in the district for a groundbreaking ceremony. we want to bring you to los angeles for the live press conference regarding the bryan stow case. >> let's take you to the podium, los angeles mayor antoniovi villaraigosa addressing the public. >> our thoughts and prayers remain with bryan stow and his family during this very, very difficult time. i understand that he made some eye movement today, and every day is a miracle for bryan stow and his family, and our hearts and prayers and everything we've done since the brutal attack on
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mr. stow has been develop that in mine. from the very beginning of this tragic incident, the los angeles police department has exhausted each and every avenue of interest and search of the perpetrators this crime. the bryan stow case has been given paramount attention, and i am proud of the job our detectives have done, the men and women of this department have done to pursue every lead and utilize every single resource at their disposal. like every case, it's been an ongoing investigation. and with new, credible information, the case changed course and took a new path. today thanks to thousands -- literally thousands of hours of investigative work, the hard
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work of an elite, competent group of investigators, we can announce the arrest of suspects in this case. the process has worked. chief beck will provide you an update. i want to assure you that the best of the best at the lapd have been tasked at working on this case. i have every confidence in them and in this department that justice will prevail and the individuals responsible for this senseless act of violence against an innocent man will be brought to justice. so i'd like to ask the chief to share with you a few words, as well. >> good afternoon. in policing, it is just as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty. this is not just a phrase.
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these are words that define the character of the los angeles police department. today we are here to announce the arrest of three suspect in the brutal beating of bryan stow. but just ads importantly, i want to -- just as importantly, i want to tell the world that giovanni ramirez is no longer a suspect in this case. the initial evidence and identifications which led to his arrest have been refuted by an investigation that has involved dozens of detectives working seven days a week over thousands of hours. they investigated more than 850 clues and interviewed over 600 people. we have tirelessly pursued the truth wherever it led us and without prejudice to the outcome. just as i demands that we do. yesterday, based on evidence developed by detective assigned to robbery/homicide division and
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northeast area, three people were taken into custody. luis sanchez, age 29, marvin norwood, age 30, and doreen sanchez, age 31. and just several minutes ago, the district attorney filed multiple charges against luis sanchez and marvin norwood, including mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon. they are being held on $500,000 bail. charges against doreen sanchez are still pending. the investigation into these three individuals is still ongoing. and no further details can be released at this time. i ask that you respect the process and request that no photos of the three individuals be released as this could compromise the hard work of my detectives. i hope to have further details to give you as early as monday. until then, keep in mind that i cannot try this case in the media, and that our goal is to find justice for bryan stow.
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thank you. >> with that, we'd be more than happy to answer a few questions. >> chief, i know it's been difficult for you to have -- how do you explain the layer? >> dave, there are multiple layers of proof required in our criminal justice system. i think everybody understands that or should understand that. and the burden of proof required for an arrest is much different than one required for prosecution, much less a conviction. we met that burden of proof when we arrested giovanni the first time. and that proof was not only born out by the detectives but by the judge that signed the arrest warrant and the search warrant. but that's what this process is all about. the process allows police officers to use a lower burden of proof in order to make an arrest, and then follow up with investigation to prove that arrest. and that's what happened here. i put an incredible amount of resources, which i described to you, in this because as i said, to me, it's just as important
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that we find out the innocent as we find the guilty. >> chief, does this remain primarily a visual identification case? and if so -- >> you've been listening to a live press conference from the l.a. police department. the chief just speaking right now, answering questions, and the mayor also speaking about the three arrest in the bryan stow case. >> plenty of answers they've given, but still a lot of questions. antonio villaraigosa, the los angeles mayor, said there were thousands upon thousands of leads, and they changed the course of this investigation and took a new path which led to the arrest yesterday of three people, two men in their late 20s, actually 29, 30, and 31, and a woman. the two men, the charges have been filed for mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon. that's the los angeles police chief we were just listening to in addition to the mayor of l.a. >> they're not giving a lot of answers right now. they don't even want to release any suspect pictures but say they are going to be gathering more information over the weekend and will release more information on monday. >> and chief beck was clear to say they want to exonerate giovanni ramirez who is no
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longer a suspect. we will check back into los angeles as it warrants throughout this newscast and ahead at 6:00, as well. we have more news now on this friday afternoon. it's a monumental decision in washington, d.c., which serves as a victory for so many people here in the bay area. a ban on gays serving openly in the military has been overturned. president obama formally repealed the 17-year-old don't ask, don't tell policy. it means the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military can be removed without affecting military ready not or status. it makes good on president obama's promise to dismantle the clinton-era policy. the repeal will go into effect on september 20. following today's announcement, democratic leader nancy pelosi released this statement, and it reads, "when the repeal of don't ask, don't tell is complete, we will send a clear message to every american, anyone with the courage to wear our nation's uniform will be judged not by whom they love, but by their skill, ability, and love of
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country." whether it be bride and bride or groom and groom, new york city will be filled with newly married couples this weekend. new york is the latest and largest state to legalize same-sex marriages. the law goes into effect on sunday, and nbc's michelle franzen meets one some of the happy couples. upopen it -- >> reporter: tiffany and meredith got the word they've been waiting for. >> that's it! we're done! >> reporter: an e-mail telling the couple they had been chosen from the new york city lottery to marry on sunday. >> i'm saying this, i agree to this, and we're doing this in a public way with somebody watching. like this is -- it's been validated. and to us, that means a lot. >> reporter: the big apple will usher in the first day of legalized same-sex marriage with back-to-back ceremonies. the city clerk's office originally planned to wed 764 couples on sunday. it announced it would expand hour to make sure all 823 who registered could marry. new york city's mayor, michael bloomberg, is also marking the first day with a special evening
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ceremony at gracie mansion. he will officiates the marriage of his chief policy adviser and consumer affairs commissioner. >> this is about celebrating our relationship, but in many ways it's really about our children who have often asked us why we aren't married. and so we've involved them in every step of the way. >> reporter: businesses are also hoping to be there every step of the way. florist owner grayson handy expects his business to double in the coming year. >> i think we're going to see a tremendous amount of money coming our way. >> reporter: and for new york state, a recent report estimates the new law could generate more than $300 million in revenue, tourism, and taxes over the next three years. >> think of the florists and the tux shops and photographers, all of those different people, and for them to have a whole new set of celebrations is hugely important. >> reporter: big day celebration for those ready and now able to say i do. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york.
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many people in the bay area are thrilled about the weddings in new york this weekend. >> we are so hopeful that this is actually taking place and this will continue to happen throughout the united states. >> i think baby steps are always progress. one state is progress. >> new york joins five other states and washington, d.c., in legalizing gay marriage. proposition 8 which puts same-sex weddings on hold in california, is still working its way through the court system. it is a big weekend as we head into the weekend coast to coast. and in the south bay, here in the bay area, we say good-bye to a south bay institution. it's one of the last venues for family fun. we take a final lap around that roller rink that's been around for generations. first divorce, now this. a serious accident for one of the schwarzenegger kids. and good afternoon, i'm i.isthmeni inolfo ranieri. the fog coming backniight into oakland right now. and that cooling wind dropping numbers, 77 in hayward and 61 in
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san hacifrano.scfrancisco. we'll talk about the fog and how low the numbers will if for the weekend coming up.
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it's gone from bad to worse. in the last two hours, the gears of government have come to grinding halt. the speaker of the house walked away from a negotiating session with president obama. both men held impromptu friday evening press conferences. >> we will get an extension of the debt limit, and we will not default. i am confident of that. >> john boehner and the republicans say they will not agree to any plan that includes tax hikes. the senate turned down a house bill called cup catch and
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balance that would have tied the debt ceiling to budget cuts. the president is calling congressional leaders to the white house for a rare saturday morning meeting. that's 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. they have until august 2 to hike the debt ceiling and avoid defaults. another political debate and battle which affects every day people. more than 200 faa employees in california will be some of the 4,000 out of work because congress didn't pass a funding extension before midnight tonight. short-term extensions have been necessary to keep the faa operating. today republicans objected to theection tension, and it wasn't passed. the government is also foregoing $200 million in taxes from airlines until this funding bill is signed, which is actually good news for consumers because it will actually save you money on airline tickets. it's the bay area version o
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the hoopla. the freeway will close just before midnight and reopen each morning at 5:30. drivers will be detoured on to city streets and then back on to 101 with overnight construction lasting until monday. the 13-year-old son of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver was seriously injured at a malibu beach. christopher schwarzenegger suffered several broken bones and a collapsed lung after being hits by a large wave while body surfing on sunday. schwarzenegger was initially hospitalized in intensive care but has since been upgraded. the former california governor and firslady released a joint statement thanking paramedicfi d hospital staff members -- paramedics and hospital staff members for their care. they are asking for privacy from the media. christopher's siblings thanked well-wishers on twitter including this tweet from his sister, catherine -- thank you guys for your concern and prayers for my baby brother. he's a tough little guy and getting better. please keep praying for him. the end of an era for a legendary spots in the south bay. no more disco music, line dances
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or roller skate for a rink that was around for decades. >> how fun are those roller rinks? so much fun. for more on that and no more in the south bay, scott budman has a final spin around the floor. >> reporter: one last birthday party -- >> what size? >> reporter: one last chance to lace 'em up and roll away. after three decades in milpitas, 25 with this hardwoods floor, cal skate is getting ready to close its doors, saying good-bye to generations of roller skaters. >> it's wonderful. i -- i've been here, going skating since i was a little kid. and to be now with my children here in cal skate skating with them is wonderful. i hate to see go. >> certainly our just memories that are going to keep going -- >> reporter: chris st. germane's family has run the rink since the beginning. >> there's justice so much history -- >> reporter: now shutting down and making room for townhouses.
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they say they'll miss it and the people who have loyally come to skate through the years. >> we've even had third generation skating. we've had third generation working here. so it really does make you feel like a part of somebody's life and, you know, that is probably the part that's making us closing the hardest because i know that i'm taking that out of their lives. >> reporter: the music's a little different, but there is something cool about having skated here as a kid and now embarrassing myself at my own kids' birthday parties. from here on out it's going to have to be on something else besides this wood floor. memories on the floor and memories lining the walls. all about to be packed up and rolled away. in milpitas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> good memories. good times. >> all those memories. okay. we are officially on our weekend. >> yeah. >> we're still working, but -- our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, always working, let us know how's it going to be?
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>> it's going to be getting better into the weekend. if you like the cool breeze, we have more coming our way throughout saturday and sunday. now a look at the familiar fog pattern building right offshore. 71 in san francisco. winds northwest at 18 miles per hour. and a decent drop today with the cooling winds. walnut creek from 95 to 86, livermore from 93 to 85. morgan hill from 90 dropping to 83. still warm here in the east bay with 86 in livermore, 82 in san jose. starting to cool off here in san mateo at 68. novato, 82. 75 in santa rosa. and our weather headlines do show these winds ramping up at the coastline tonight. it will be breezy there with also patchy fog. for the weekend, we'll see these average temperatures staying put. here's something, if you want more heat back, we have 90-degree weather coming our way. let's look at the fog pattern offshore. it's out here, it did retreat back into the pacific. but we definitely have enough that it's going to be buildings back in as we head throughout tonight. with the fog pattern in place, this will mean more 80s for tomorrow inland instead of the
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90s. for sunday, we're looking at some afternoon sun coming on back. so fog in the morning, ten clearing throughout the afternoon. that's what we'll see by tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. everyone should be looking at sunny skies here across the bay area from the north bay down to the south. how will we start off on your saturday morning for the first part of your weekend? looking at 5 in los gatos, 58 in san jose, 56 in gilroy, 55 in napa. for saturday, mid 80s in the south bay. 84 in morgan hill, 85 in los gatts on. 85 in benecia, 67 in richmond, and for many inland spots it's going to stay in the low to mid 80s. 78 in kent field and for napa and sonoma, also looking at plenty of upper 70s to near 80. you can always get more any time on the weather channel on cable. and you can see in the seven-day forecast, we stay with these temperature in the mid to upper 80s as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we may get big heat in here by
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california's milk processor board has a pms problem. its controversial ad campaign launched last week has been yanked already. we showed you the initial ads in which men apologize for things they did or didn't do with a tagline saying that milk can help reduce the symptoms of pms. advertising insiders are saying even though the campaign is dead, it was an enormous hit, generating news coverage and widespread attention that advertising dollars just couldn't buy. >> i'm not saying a word or i will be yanked from this anchor desk. >> smart. not the usual mail route here. we'll introduce you to aman ilml
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area mailman who you'll want to request for your neighborhood. ma
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a santa clara letter carrier really delivered this week. we're not just talking about the mail. >> danny paeste managed to call 911, put out a kitchen fierks and keep it from spreading to other people living in a townhouse complex. what did you do at work today? he called 911 th 1 11 -- this g hero. he grabbed a garden hose but said it was too short and found a second hose, linked them together, and crouched on the floor to spray the fire and avoid getting burned. once the heroics were over he finished his route just like any other day. >> my goodness.
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quick thinking. what a great guy. thank you very much for joining us. >> we'll see you next at 6:00 for more local news. right now lester holt in for brian williams. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you
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