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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, thanks for joining us wednesday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. >> the strategy that one south bay area restaurant is using to keep troublemakers away is drawing the ire of the naacp and t latino leadership alliance. the dress code is making some minorities feel unwelcomed. live in downtown san low day, this is where the controversy is, and at mid of this, shiny shirts? >> reporter: that's what it is, jessica. talking about the old wagon saloon behind me. it has a western theme, but critics say it might have a wild west approach, as to who can eat and drink here. they roll out a statue of jack daniels every morning to greet customers, but it's what's hanging on jack's neck that's enraged two powerful south bay community groups. >> shocked, dismayed,
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disappointed and saddened all in one. >> they essentially ought to put a sign that says no mexicans allowed. >> reporter: the silicon naacp referring to the dress code at the old wagon saloon and grill. the sign says, no sideways hats new york large necklaces, grills, chains, no baggy pants and. shiny shirts. >> if it's a joke, it's not funny. if they're trying to accomplish a goal, they've went too far. >> reporter: the president of the naacp expressed his outrage this morning to the general manager. >> as i explained to the gentleman, that message says you do not want african-americans of a certain age. >> reporter: the manager tells us the owner would not let him speak to us on camera, but offcamera, he told me the idea was to filter out bad elements. >> that starts leading you into dangerous territory. >> reporter: marina shea teaches constitutional law at santa clara university, we showed her a picture of the sign. she worries a dress code might
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be illegal. >> trying to use proxies for the kinds of people who might be behaving in certain ways gets into slippery territory. >> reporter: the manager agreed to meet with the naacp and the latino leadership alliance to work on the verbiage. the group says they just want jack daniels to be a little more welcoming. >> reporter: admittedly, san jose night life has gotten more violent in the last couple of years here in the downtown area and that sometimes filters into the local restaurants, but critics worry this dress code might make matters worse. live in san jose downtown. update now, a father and son fishing trip ended in tragedy. two boats collided, killing the son, sending the father to the hospital. the coast guard tells us a large motor bode slammed into a smaller boat near candlestick point, knocking the two passengers overboard.
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you know this is a popular area for fishing, relatively safe so what happened out there? the. >> reporter: coast guard is trying to figure out what happened and trying to figure out who is at fault in the deadly collision, and this rescue effort was full of tense moments. five operate agencies put boats in the water to search for victims while crews staged here at oyster point harbor, an emotional crowd gathered, people who knew the men were in danger were upset, wanting to help search, but rescue workers kept them on shore. the emergency radio call came in to the coast guard around 1:00, reporting a 46-foot motor craft and a 19-foot boston whaler collided. whaler overturned sending a father and son into the water. now the father managed to hold on to the hull of the overturned boat but his 20-year-old son was trapped underneath. the coast guard says because of a language barrier, it took some time for crews to figure out the man's son was trapped. they did manage to rescue him, but he has died. there was also confusion about a
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third person in the water. rescuers kept searching until they were sure everyone was out of the water. >> san francisco fire department had divers that went in the water, underneath the overturned vessel, and have cleared the vessel. so the fact that the third victim supposed victim found at home and the fact that we had a visual on the overturned vessel. >> reporter: rescuers say both men were wearing life jackets. they were taken to san francisco general hospital where an emotional family is gathering. the father is in good condition but his son died. the motor boat registered in oregon. the coast guard is investigating the collision. i'm told brisbane police will be assisting. with one boater dead tonight, there could -- it's possible criminal charges could be filed in this case. reporting live in south city, jean elle. a state legislator wants to change california's parole laws
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to prevent another kidnapping case like that of jaycee dugard. senator ted gains announced he'll introduce a bill that would undue a california supreme court ruling that requires parole board to consider more than just the original crime. senator gains says who much attention paid to mental health evaluations while people are in prison, something that paved the way for dugard's kidnapper to be released early. the district attorney says law enforcement failed jaycee by failing to see through phillip garrido's ability. >> the biggest problem throughout the mistake is the failure of law enforcement, both state and federal, and local, to identify philip garrido as who he is, a dangerous sexual predator and master manipulator. >> they hope the legislature and the department of corrections will learn from the case and reconsider how lenient they've become with parolees in recent years? we've been throwing around big number when it comes to
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washington and the budget. a billion here, a trillion over there, but how about this number for you? $1 billion of your money lost over the last week. let's bring in nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman, here to give us some advice. if this is good investing advice, you have a lane out the door, scott. >> certainly has been a tough week, having lost $1 billion of investor money, raj. it's the price of a growing sense of worry our economy's shrinking after a period of decent growth. now the good news, after all of these bad days, investors took their collective foot off the sell pedal for the day. actually buying stocks this afternoon, and sending the markets to their first winning day in nearly two weeks. so if people are willing to spend again, where to invest? gold is hot but it's going for a record $1,664 an ounce. most stock watchers will tell you in slow times, there are companies doing well, most companies these days can be found here in the bay area.
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>> when the market goes down 1,000 points in 9 days, there's eventually good opportunities out there. does it continue to go down? who knows? but personally, i'm looking to get back in relatively soon. >> you like tech. >> always love tech. >> we did get good news from the bay area company. zip car, the san francisco car sharing company that recently went public, reported better than expected earning is this afternoon. the company rewarding investors with a 15% pop in after-hours trading. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. that same impasse we've been talking about in congress over funding for the faa is hitting home tonight. stalling construction projects at all of the bay area's major airports. if the stalemate continues as long as expected the government could lose about $1 billion in tax revenues from airline ticket sales. nbc bay area's monty francis joins us from oakland international where one of the faa's big project has come to a screeching halt.
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passengers in the bay area, some democrats, are furious about this. >> reporter: well, that's right. the criticism is that this is government bureaucracy at its worst. here in oakland international airport, there should be about 60 construction workers here on the job. but as you can see, the lock is right here on the gate, and work on a new control tower just isn't happening. a new control tower's taking form at oakland international. but just one-third of the way finished and the work site has gone silent. the contractor says it's losing $6,000 in rental expenses for each day work is not being done. and it's just one of about 200 project across the country now on hold. >> if something's gotten started, they should be able to finish them. it's silly to have something half-done and people sitting around doing nothing. >> reporter: at mineta san jose international airport a 55 million project to extend the taxiway on the tarmac has also
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come to a screeching halt. >> so frustrating. we're already to start, everything lined up, all of the crew, all of the contracts, all of the money, all of the permissions, all ready to go except the last piece of paper that we need faa to sign off on and they're not here. >> reporter: with congress on recess and not back until next month, at least 80 construction workers won't be on the job in san jose come september 1st. they're expected to join 23 faa employees in the bay area, already furloughed as a result of the impasse. at sfo two small construction projects are on hold, including the resurfacing of a taxiway. the reason behind all of the stalled project is a disagreement in congress over subsidies for rural airports. some lawmakers are refusing to sign off on faa funding unless subsidies are taken out of the bill. >> i'm pretty disgusted and appalled that they would do that. >> reporter: in the meantime, some faa inspectors are being
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asked to work without pay, and to charge their travel expenses to their personal credit cards, to keep the nation's airports operating safely. >> the airports, i think, are for the people to have the best experience and travel to be efficient, and if that's not happening, it's a shame that the congress can't get together and get this done. >> reporter: today, some democrats, including nancy pelosi of san francisco, fired off furious statements about the impasse. pelosi said, quote, speaker boehner should call them the committee leadership to produce legislation that can be approved by unanimous consent by the end of the week. tens of thousands of americans jobs are on the line. now, projects at airports in palo alto and livermore are also on hold. and the faa says the impasse does not affect air traffic controllers or airplane inspects because they're paid out of a separate account. >> thank you, monty. well the taco truck that sat
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in the front yard of a home in east san jose has to roll out or else. it's a follow-up to a story we brought you tuesday. an inspector from the city of san jose said the owner is in violation of the rules for preparing and selling food to the public. the inspector says the entrepreneurial chef doesn't have the proper permit. owners of the truck are being asked to stop selling $1 taco, which are popular with neighbors. if they don't, the city says it will be forced to take legal action. >> did you say $1 tacos? >> $1 tacos. >> san francisco has almost everything, restaurants, museums, culture. one thing missing, abundance of live music. why that's about to change. >> from victim to suspect. the search for an abducted teenager turns into a criminal case. at the center, one man who says his generosity toward a teen turned against him. >> tracking the salmonella to the source. we know the brand of ground turkey linked to one death in california. and a different type of game
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for the 49ers. they were playing show and tell today. why they say the new stadium design will give fans an edge over fans at any other nfl stadium. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. sunshine today. fog is starting to roll in across the bay. a look now in oakland towards san francisco. you can see clouds pushing in. we did have warmer weather with 80 in san jose. we'll talk about our cooling, coming, seven-dayasor ft
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antioch police say it was a hoax, case of biting the hand that feeds you. the teen who triggered a statewide amber alert is behind bars tonight arc excused of faking his own kidnapping to help pull off a barber shop robbery. the bigger story, man he victimized, not only his boss but his mentor.
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let's bring in jodi hernandez who joins us live with the story. >> reporter: the barber has been mentoring that young man for the last couple of years. him a job here and says he tried his best to be the father figure that that boy so desperately needed. tonight, just like a father, he says, he's not giving up on the teenager. >> the robbery was one thing, but to know that someone i cared about is, as i did a son that was a whole other thing. >> reporter: barber l. homes has been on a roller coaster of emotions. monday he stares at barrel of this sawed off shotgun during a holdup, watching as a teenager he hired to do odd jobs was kidnapped. now the 16-year-old holmes took under his wings is behind bars, accused of helping pull off the heist. >> i found out he was behind the whole thing, i just -- i was lost for words.
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i just couldn't think why he could have done something like this or even thought about doing it. >> reporter: police say the teenager, who set off a statewide amber alert, confessed to teaming up with 23-year-old eric walker to steal holm' car and valuables. >> when we recovered the vehicle, it was quite evident that they had looked in areas that would be unusual to look for things in that car where the owner was known to store valuables. >> he saw where i would put my money. he saw where i would hide things. >> reporter: while hurt, the boy betrayed his trust, holmes says he won't abandon him. the teenager has had a rough life and needs his help more than ever. >> i do love him still. i still care for him. everybody makes his takes. nobody's perfect. you know, there's no one perfect but jesus. >> reporter: now holmes says the teen average has written him a
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letter of apology. the barber says he accepts that apology and now will help the teenager as he faces the criminal charges and hopefully start making some better choices. reporting live, antioch, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> amazing tale of for giveness. just in to the nbc bay area newsroom, we know the hotel where more than 100 san jose state students have to make move to -- will have to move to make room for larger than expected freshman class. as of august 22, 103 students will take up residents at clarion airport hotel, equipped with wireless internet and it has a gym but no cafeteria. 4,000 freshmen expected to fill the dorms. nearly 1300 more than last year's incoming class. three cities on the peninsula trying to upgrade their 911 call centers with help of a bay area congresswoman. palo alto, mountain view, los
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altos, looking to generate systems, allowing dispatch centers to accept photos, videos, text messages which they currently don't do. the congresswoman co-authored a bill providing $250 million in grants over the next five years. she introduced a similar bill last year but it didn't make it out of committee. new at 6:00, only in the bay area do we have this. zinfandel and bordeaux, not talking about wine. the new color scheme for the seats of the 49ers' proposed new stadium. team headquarters today, the team and its group of engineers, unveiled the latest drawings of the stadium that heope to build next door to great america. the 987 million project will includehe the closest field lev seating in the nfl, plenty of luxury boxes, of course, and fittingly, feature the lates in but it will have a retro aspect as well. designed in the mold of an ancient roman amp pi theater. >> the design is all about a fan
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experience, a community experience, that has nothing to do with whether i sit in a suite that costs x-a of dollars or g.a. seats, it's ul about the experience. >> sitting in those zinfandel and bore zoe seats. 49ers say they are targeting to open the 2015 season at new stadium, 20125. for now, the next few seasons candlestick it is. soon you'll be hearing live music in san francisco. the san francisco board of supervises are gave initial approve toll create a new less expensive permit that would allow cafes and restaurants to host live music. officials say about 700 cafes and restaurants will be eligible for the permit. performances would own end by 10:00 p.m. but after a year the curfew could be bumped up to 11:00. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. jessica could do the vocals, sultry sound. >> i could do guitar, jeff could do the drums. >> we've got a gig.
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>> or i could serve drinks, too. make them up. i can do a few good ones. as we continue throughout the next 24 hours, we're actually going to be seeing cooler air here for august coming our way. today, numbers were near average here, at least in the east bay. 86 in livermore. 84 in gilroy. 89 in the valley. that was our warm to hot spot today. 85 los gatos. several hours of sunshine in san francisco. but just over the past half hour, the fog starting to roll in right now, very picturesque, at least for all of the tourists out there watching right now. we'll see the fog stay put, winds westerly at 23. numbers dropping with westerly wind. 73 sunny val. close to 60s in san jose but feels warmer out there with all of our sunshine. winds primarily out of the west now. sustained winds at 21 miles per hour through downtown at this point. gusting in the mid-20s.
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even though the pollen levels are low now with the winds kicking up, it is aggravating allergies. as we have been previewing a cooler thursday coming our way with the jet stream taking a dip, talking about 70s. cooler than average pattern we've been stuck in is also conversely related to the hot weather in the central u.s. without this bulging the heat in the central u.s. is not going to budge either. the heat wave in the central u.s. continues. if you're doing traveling to the east, we want to bring you your attention here to tropical storm emily. this looks to stay parallel to florida as we head into the weekend. not a direct landfall expected but a storm to watch. we'll have more in tomorrow's weather forecast later on in the show. back to you. >> thank you, jeff. still to come at 6:00, succeeding where medication has failed. doctors using power of magnets to relieve symptoms of depression. see the results the patients are calling astonishing. >> so exciting to see my kids out there doing something that i would never imagine my kids doing. >> it's a program giving bay
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area children with special needs a chance to experience nature. coming up, we'll take you along. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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personal and often not talked about, depression. it affect more than 18 million americans. but for many, medications provide little relief and a lot of side effects. nbc bay area's mary ann favro shows us how some patients in the area are turning to a new magnetic therapy to repel their depression. >> reporter: walt stever battled severe depression for 30 years. >> when it's not treated, it's, you know, terrible. you go into a deep, black hole. it's -- you don't want to do anything. >> reporter: that black hole affected his work, family, even his driving. antidepressants offered moderate relief with many side effects including headaches, nausea, dry mouth. after consulting the doctor in
6:25 pm
los gatos, walt opted to try a different treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation, tms. a small curved device rests on walt's head and delivers magnetic stimulation to a golf ball sized section of the brain scientists believe regulates mood. the treatment targets underactive neurotransmitters in the brain. >> we stimulate them to stimulate the activity and improvement of functioning. >> when you have the treatment it feels like something is tapping on your head. now the first treatments i'll have to admit are uncomfortable. >> reporter: though walt's jaw chatters violently, he insists it doesn't hurt. he then rests for 26 seconds. the pattern continues for 37 1/2 minutes. after undergoing the fda-approved treatment five times a week for five weeks wait a minute's new man. >> astonishing what the treatments achieved. >> reporter: because the treatment is localized to the
6:26 pm
brain, patient as void the side effects of medications. >> no weight gain, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, lethargy, sleep too much, remarkable. >> reporter: of the patients the doctor has treatmented with tms, more than half have been able to significantly reduce a number of antidepressants they're taking, or get off their meds entirely. most patients were able to keep depression at bay for months. >> the tms trials, 90% the first six months. >> reporter: the doctor recommends patients try anti-desprants first and it's not a cure for depression. most patients will have to return for maintenance sessions. but he considers it a small price to pay to shine light on the darkness that once consumed him. >> i feel great. i wished i had this 30 years ago. >> well, still ahead tonight, the search for bogus bills. counterfeit money making the
6:27 pm
rounds in california. what you don't know about the money you get from the atm and how it could hurt your wallet. i'm kris sanchez in san jose. more than one vet tell me families consider the costs when it comes to treat fido. what one vet and one relief group is doing to help.
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>> for many people it's a painful decision, your pet or checkbook. bay area animal shelters seeing a steady increase in the number of pets permanently dropped off at local facilities, especially in the silicon valley. for families financially strapped, how do you pay for a sick pet? kris sanchez shows us how one local vet and one foundation is help i helping. >> honey a 15-year-old yorkshire terrier suffering from kidney failure. >> reporter: he considers his patients' health he knows owners can't help but consider the costs as well. >> what might have been
6:30 pm
disposable income to people in times in the past, simply just not there now and they're trying and struggling to take care of their families and their pets unfortunately, the children come first. >> reporter: while many families are able to handle routine care like shots and checkups, when there's a big problem things can get difficult. take 6-year-old wilbur, who had a huge tumor at the same time a vietnam veteran is fighting thyroid cancer. >> the growth was getting quite large and we weren't sure what was going to happen with it, you know, and so it was just like we're going to have to do this. >> reporter: that's when the gad guardian angel foundation of the nonprofit come pannian animal effort stepped into help with the surgery. dr. reid cut the cost to $900 and care pitched in $450 to lessen the burden for the family. >> things happen when they should. and i think we found him at just the right time. >> reporter: for dr. reid, he doesn't need high-tech tests to
6:31 pm
corn firm his treatment was appropriate. >> every time i look at the rear end of wilbur walking out and i don't see that tumor on his hip, it makes me feel good. i go home, i sleep very well at night. >> reporter: wilbur is one of the pets that dr. reid and c.a.r.e. have been able to help since the foundation started six months ago. other clients included senior citizens and a homeless pet. if you find yourself in a position to help c.a.r.e. could use it. >> seems like a great program. pet owners should consider pet insurance, which you can buy for as little as $28 a month. that way if your pipet gets sic owner doesn't have to consider the family. 76 cases of illness, the outbreak began in march it took until today to pin down the
6:32 pm
cause. public health officials played a role, linking the seven cases here to ground turkey. the usda says all of the meat came from a cargill plant in arkansas. complicating the issue the hidelburg strain of salmonella in the turkey appear to be resistance to commonly used antibiotics. of the 5 patients, 22 were hospitalized. >> new at 6:00 -- gilroy police say an electrical fire alerted them to an indoor pot-growing operation and the arrest of three residents taking care of plants. friday night firefighters were call out to a home south of hecker pass highway where they found the electrical source tampered with and voila, discovered the marijuana plants inside. police arrested 60-year-old alicia chavez, 39-year-old veronica chavez and 29-year-old manuel fonseca.
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they seized a cache of guns and processed marijuana. a man was airlifted to the hospital after being attacked by a wild pig. the unidentified man was hunting wild pigs with his dogs in a remote area of lake sonoma. one pig attacked the man, biting his knees and hands. the man was able to use his cell phone to call for help. helicopter then airlifted him from the campgrounds to that hospital. his injuries are not life threatening. a pint-sized san jose hero spoke out for the first time today. after he jumped into a pool to rescue a drowning grandfather and the 3-year-old granddaughter. 8-year-old sync was honored at fire station this morning. look how adorable he is. he talked about monday's near-tragedy. the 8-year-old noticed the pair floating face-down in the pool. he immediately jumped into the water and helped the girl, just as two other neighbors jumped in to help the grandfather.
6:34 pm
the two were under water for at least two minutes. luckily, both survived and are recovering. sync talked about the special thank-you he received from the little girl and her family. >> she hugged me. and then after that her mom thanked me and everything and after that my friend thanked me and then it was wikind of like feel proud of myself. >> he also got a plaque from the firefighters to his heroic ability. when asked if he wanted to be abfireman when he grew up. he said, no, i want to be a ceo. >> smart kid. how do you know the money you get from the bank is real? one san diego woman found out the hard way. kathy dairy had no idea the money she had was fake. she got it from the bank. she paid her taxicab drive with $100 bill. the driver dropped her off, went to get gas. when he paid the attendant at the gas station with same bill
6:35 pm
the cops were called. >> and the bank basically said once the money leaves the bank, it's your response. they're not responsible for it. >> amazing. go to your bank, you think you have the legit money but it's counterfeit. spotting a phony $100 bill should be easy if you know what to look for. most people don't know what to look for. security fibers, water marks, microprinting and security threads inside the money. still ahead here at 6:00 -- america's cup may be years away but they're getting a head start. testing out the water with the help of a classic bay area boat race. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. sky camera shot. look like something out of the movie as the fog rolls across the golden gate bridge. we'll talk about the fog, also the drizzle, and a cooler forecast coming our way in my tseven-day
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here it comes, the america's cup yacht race revitalizing the bay area sailing scene. if you didn't think we already have a rich tradition in sailing, think again. joe risato jr. shows how we have ties to the super bowl of sailing. >> i've been sailing most of my life. my whole family sails. >> reporter: we've seen the massive america's cup catamarans blistering across the bay. but this racer prefers them less dramatic. >> comes down to your ability physically and mentally to try and outsmart the other person on the race course. >> reporter: she can certainly take her pick of vessels. she won a gold medal for sailing in the 2008 olympics. today, she's on the san francisco bay racing 14-foot
6:39 pm
laser boats. >> laser is very, very physical boat. it's a one design class means everything's the same on the boat, nothing can be changed between you and your competitor. >> reporter: the saint francis yacht club organized the regatta since the '70s. only now the america's cup yacht race is boosting interest in any boat that hoists a sail. >> everyone's kind of going, what's this sailing thing all about it. >> reporter: laser boat sailing it's about single competitors racing one another through an obstacle course. there's plenty of sailing, speed and spills. many sailors who will compete with the oracle racing team in the 2013 america's cup got their sea legs in these very boats. >> mote of them grew up sailing lasers, almost every one of them still sails lasers. this is where sailing starts, is on the laser sailboat. >> reporter: among racers today, scott ferguson, helping oracle racing design its boat for the
6:40 pm
america's cup. the lessons learned on the bay could inform his design. >> one thing to have a boat go fast in a straight line. it's a whole other deal to go around corners and accelerate quickly. it gives you appreciation for that side of it. >> reporter: as the bay area races towards its historic date with america's cup, regattas like this are only adding a tailwind to sailing interests. a small, but mighty forbearer of the sailing spectacle to come. >> those lasers are really cool. >> now, i understand that raj will take up sailing before the america's cup. >> i did not know this. >> how do you know i already don't sail? >> got to bring us on the boat, come on. >> you guys are on. >> sweet. >> what do we got? >> i'm not going. >> we have to bring you. fog rolling into the bay. picturesque. look at this, something out of a hitchcock movie. drizzle along the coastline. we'll have details on a cooling thursday forecast coming up. we had an authentic barbecue
6:41 pm
at our headquarters. put people in a very good mood. but it's the giants'got the par. s got the party started. is next. afte ski tired. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate restoring lotion with coq10 to help skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works. montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data
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and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. for almost 40 years of remarkable bay area nonprofit organization has been changing the way young kids see and
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experience the world. >> yeah. many people, and kids, have physical disabilities. doug mcconnell takes us out for an adventure on the kayak. >> its center is not ordinary. nothing ordinary about us. >> i think that trips reinforce that not just independence, but inner dependence. >> how are you doing mary? >> good. >> it really just moves me to see a group come together like this and just to watch them shine and watch them grow. >> reporter: these extraordinary, blind, and sight impaired young people from the bay area's vista center truly are shining and growing, gaining self-confidence on a three-day adventures outdoor. >> it's been a lot of fun. i don't think i'll every forget this experience. it's been really special. >> reporter: this december helps students embrace life to the fullest. and they love their outdoor as
6:44 pm
haven't doors including kayaking on the bay led by the highly trained staff and experienced volunteers of the nonprofit environmental traveling companions. etc. >> it's so exciting to see my kids out there doing something that i would never imagine my kids doing. >> we really believe that everybody has the right to enjoy the great outdoors. the natural world, which is such a great equalizer and healer for all people. >> good job. >> reporter: well, i'm soggy after a great kayak trip from angel island to a beach in sausolito with environmental traveling companions, an organization that's been around since 1972. every year they take 2,000 people with disabilities and disadvantaged young people on great adventures just like this. >> are you scared? >> no. >> no? >> i think there's going to be waves and lots of fun. >> reporter: everybody worked as a team. >> all right. you're in there.
6:45 pm
>> ready to rock? >> yep. >> ready to paddle hard? >> reporter: and our little community of kayakers chose a word to motivate us for the day. these kids do persevere. with that, we were off on a beautiful, but blustery day. heading across raccoon strait towards the hills of sausolito. we encounter rolling wave as long the way. then things calm down a little about just before we hit strong gusts of wind. as we near our destination, but we stick together and everybody perseveres. feeling the touch of the water and the joy of being in nature and with eacher. great paddle. great paddle. >> awesome. >> reporter: pretty soon the trip is over. good job. good job. but not the fond memories or the sense of genuine pride and
6:46 pm
accomplishment that will last a very long time. >> congratulate the person next to you, big pat on the back. such a great job. congratulations. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc, bay area news. >> that is lovely, fulfilling for the kids, for the parents as well. looked like doug had a nice time. >> sense of accomplishment for the kid, so remarkable. >> jeff ranieri with us. fantastic shots. jeff was saying look at those shots on the. >> classic san francisco bay weather out there on that amazi amazing journey. live at the oakland sky camera, the fog pushing in across downtown san francisco and also expecting drizzle to come out of the clouds tonight. so if you're doing traveling highway 101 or pacific coast highway tonight, do be aware of that drizzle that we could see. temperatures are dropping with an on shore flow. 59 san francisco, 69 in san mateo. 71 in san jose.
6:47 pm
cooling on shore breeze returning. moisture in the mid levels of the atmosphere we'll see coastal drizzle tonight. for thursday, we'll go cooler here. we'll call it mild for august. windy in the hills with winds out of the west, 10, 20 miles per hour and great air quality over the next three to five-day period with the milder than average weather. that's kind of one of the great benefits, you know, if you're into this 70 and 80-degree weather. fog here offshore. that's going to come bean with this cooler air aloft in the pacific northwest to keep numbers down as we head into thursday. and also for friday's forecast. we'll call it mild for thursday with 70 degree weather inland. 70s coming back. for friday, we'll keep that drizzle at the coastal areas. for tonight, 10:00 p.m., pa reason layer up against the coastline. once again, for tomorrow, as we head into the afternoon hours, we'll clear out from this fog, we'll see more sunshine. it's just going to be once again
6:48 pm
another day with these temperatures sliding below average for those of us in the south bay. all right. 56 in san jose, 55 in los gatos. 58 in oakland. for tomorrow, instead of 80s we're going with 70s here for santa teresa. 80 evergreen. 79 in san jose. 78 in los gatos. 77 in fremont. don't forget the fremont festival of the arts coming up here soon. 67 in san francisco. 80 concord. 76 napa. sonoma valley, temperatures in the 70s. we're going to be riding about five to ten degrees below average here for our thursday. not too bad for august. another break on the ac bill the way a lot of you are looking at this. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures sliding upwards into the low and mid-80s. we may talk about hot weather as we head into next week, maybe wednesday, thursday friday low 90s but that's doable. that's not too hot. >> doable. >> doable, yes. >> thank you. >> let's get to sports.
6:49 pm
>> now the xfinity sports deck on nbc bay area news. >> let's turn things over to henry in the comcast newsroom. did you have a party without us today? >> reporter: my feelings are hurt. i thought we were all family. i invited you guys here. y jessica, a big plate of barbecue set aside for you. raj, don't worry about yours, i ate your food. >> story of my life, henry. >> reporter: you guys always get an invite. what a day here at comcast sports net studios. free barbecue, all you can eat. my stomach is hurting right now. it's our way of showing our appreciation for our viewers. we had several form somewhere current athletes with the giants, a's, 49ers, raiders and sharks meet and greet fans. about 2,000 people showed up and it was great. >> feeling like it's -- >> reporter: also, giants offense has been struggling until today against the d'backs.
6:50 pm
bottom of the third, sandoval singles to right. torres scores. a and 1-0, champs. carlos beltran, rips a single to left center. keppinger will tap home play. 2-0, chafmps. cabrera welcome to the orange and black. sandoval will score. giants win 8-1 is your final. >> manager bruce bochy expressed confidence in his hitters and responded with eight runs, the same total during the entire five-game losing streak. >> i think as a team we did a good job. you know we got hits with guys in scoring position with two outs, so every time you are capable of doing those it's important. >> it's been a while since we've had innings like that. you know, we're capable of doing it. and i think we'll -- we mr. do it more consistent basis, you
6:51 pm
know. we had great at bats there and throughout the lineup. it's going to take that for us to win. >> reporter: with the success of wednesday, you would think bruce bochy would go with the same lineup on thursday. but with left-hander cliff lee going for the phillies, there will be changes, including aaron rowand in the starting line-up. reporting from at&t park, jamie sire for nbc bay area. >> thank you, jamie. also a's trying to avoid a sweep against the mariners. mariners have been given the green and go problems all year. scott size more with a double to the left feel corner. jackson scores. 2-1 ball game. the mariners, too much offense, top of the seventh. casper wells singles to right. brendan ryan scores. mariners win 7-4, they complete the sweep of the oakland a's. his team was on the brink of extinction. earlier this year. now cals head baseball coach future is secure.
6:52 pm
david esker, agreed to a new 5-year contract to remain with the school today. also, these days it wouldn't be a start to a new 49er season without a new offensive coordinator. this season it's greg romans turn to try to bring the niners offense back to glory days. roman challenging his players right off the bat and says, he believes they'll be ready to go. >> nothing's really changed much in the sense that, you know, you're going to lay a broad foundation down and that's the only way to find out who you really are and that's what we're doing. you know, we're throwing a lot at these guys and they're taking it all in. and they're doing a great job. totally committed and fully invested. >> reporter: all right. we wish the 49ers the best. back to the barbecue.
6:53 pm
this place was off the hook. i mean, look at that tritip. look at the fans cheering. call out asking for raj mathai and jessica aguirre. i said, no, they let us down, folks. they didn't show up. but kate showed up and she's got more. >> we proved there was magic outside the comcast sports net studios in downtown san francisco as we hosted an authentic barbecue, attracting nearly 1500 fans. joining the orange and black was our very own, brandon, pablo, as well as stars from the san jose earthquakes. everyone enjoying food, fun and games. certainly a winning recipe for a fun day. kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> reporter: great job, kate. and the sharks bulking up along the blue lines, signing colin white to one-year contract. national terms not disclosed. 33-year-old has spent his career
6:54 pm
with new jersey and won a stanley cup in 2003. by the way, raj, i could have used your help. some guy socked me in my stomach. he said he was being too friendly with jessica on the air. i don't know what he meant about that. i said are you kidding me? he said stop it, henry, you're way too friendly with her. >> raj didn't tell me. >> he didn't tell me he didn't want to see you or the panda, because he knows i like you both. >> look at raj. you're hating raj. don't do that, come on. >> a big group love here at nbc and comcast. thank you, henry. >> reporter: we miss you'd guys. maybe next year. >> next year for sure. >> the big bash cure. we're never going to live it down. for a full half hour, bay area sports coverage and barbecue coverage, bay area cost comcast sports central. ♪arefreghway, let lip aw♪
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