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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning two suspects in jail, one on the run. new developments in the shooting bay death of an east bay toddler. good morning, i'm christie smith, live in pleasanton where the suspect in a decades old killing heads to court this morning while his father speaks out on his behalf, sort of. i'll explain in an upcoming report. a volatile week for asian markets. we'll take a look at what they did, what's ahead for the u.s. a live look outside at the bay
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bridge wednesday august 10th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, i'm scott mcgrew. let's get right to a forecast meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. one of the best things about get up, seeing scott mcgrew. looking good, another gorgeous day on top. things start to change as we head to the weekend. your forecast in moments. first another joyous morning guy, hi, mike. >> also what changes spirits rises when we get to the weekend. we do have to report an accident, coming up union said, accident maybe two big-rigs. we'll follow that as well as construction spots, scott. i do have to shout out one has an issue. i'll get them on the maps. i'll show them on the maps as well when i hit the machine.
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>> thank you very much. the markets open on wall street in just under two hours. we're racing for another wild ride. overnight asian stocks posted gains after open markets committee pledged to keep interest rates near zero for the next two years. the main indexes across asia saw gains. hong kong's hang seng up 3%. as the sun moved across asia into europe the market petered out, stocks down. what does the promise of low interest rates mean for the bay area housing market? we talked to experts to find out. >> reporter: when the s&p announced friday they were downgrading the credit rating immediately there was concern the interest rates would go up. with the feds stepping in, a local real estate agent we talked to said homes like this could be bought up.
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>> about double the number of calls. >> last time interest rates dropped, his phone rang off the hook. >> overall this will help the bay area. >> reporter: now with the federal reserve announcing tuesday it will keep interest rates at a record low to 0 until 2013. >> there are options out there. >> reporter: the san jose real estate market will get a boost. >> i can see first time buyers will benefit from it. that gives them more affordability for their monthly payments. >> reporter: he said lower rates will provide an incentive for home buyers deciding whether to buy and fuel an increase in financing. >> they want 20% down. people do not have 20% down for a home in this valley. and red tape is incredible. >> reporter: mike argued low interest rates won't make a difference. he recently refinanced his home in san jose. >> it used to take us a month to
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do, first time took three months. takes so long. the interest rays might help but paperwork is killing them. >> this is a good move by fed. >> reporter: the bigger killer would have been if the feds did nothing and sat back and watched the financial markets swing widely after standard & poor's downgraded the credit rating. >> this is a good move for the fed to lower it. looked at the overall picture of the market and housing, that was their decision. >> reporter: also believes low interest rates will help first time home buyers better compete with cash buyers. this summer in particular he has seen more people coming from overseas with cash in hand buying up property in the bay area. in san jose, "today in the bay." >> one of the bizarre side effects of the downgrade was interest rates plunged as people began to buy t-bills so mortgage rates are at their lowest rate in a year. meanwhile police in oakland
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arrested two men, closing in on a third person they believe are responsible for shooting and killing of a 3-year-old boy. that news comes on the heels of a vigil held in memory of the little boy. they called on help so this will never be repeated. his mother was there and show with us about premium anythings. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: a week ago, he said, mommy, i'm going to die. i said, don't say that. i don't want to let him out because i fear he could be run over or something. >> 3-year-old carlos hit by a stray bullet in oakland. police yesterday arrested two suspects. they are still searching for a third. the man accused of killing a pleasanton teenager 27 years ago will face a judge today. his court appearance comes after his father defends him. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in pleasanton with what the father is revealing about stephen carlson's trouble
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past. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. that suspect is expected in court. he'll be in juvenile court because when this crime was committed, everyone involved was a minor his father is speaking out on his behalf saying while his son may be creepy, he was not a killer. he said his son, 43, did not stab the high schooler. still he was arrested sunday on suspicion of killing fails on her way home from foothill high school. he was just 14-year-old at the time. his dad said his son got into trouble, did not have a fight was not a mean person. he did have a troubled life. they made no arrest. years later in 2007 they submitted other evidence samples for dna testing and they say they reinterviewed some
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witnesses and this week a surprise announcement of an arrest. police believe the girl may have been targeted but they are not saying exactly why. according to his dad, hi son started using drugs and stopped talking with his parents later in life. in 1989 he was accused of committing lewd acts with his child. his father said poem line he doesn't want to see his son railroaded. christie smith, "today in the bay." sanchez and norwood arraigned on several accounts of assault. the two men were arrested in july after police found fresh leads in the case. a third suspect arrested for being an accessory to the crime. meantime stow showing progress in his recovery. he's been able to move his limbs when asked. 4:37, a somber anniversary two years ago 6-year-old hasanni
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campbell disappeared in rock ridge. his father said he dropped the boy outside of a shoe store in 2009 where his mother worked but hasanni never made it in there. police suspect the foster parents killed him. they have not filed charges against him. hasanni has cerebral palsy and has braces on his legs. there's a $75,000 award for information about his whereabouts. let's check in with christina and a wednesday forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. the weather is going to be pretty nice today, something we get to enjoy once a year, august perseid. we'll continue to see shooting stars all morning long and that will be the case for tomorrow as well. sixty plus meteors per half hour. so make a wish, baby. we're looking good in terms of visibility, 8 miles in napa, 10 miles san mateo, expect fog to develop in the next couple of
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hours. right now pretty good viewing if you want to see stars shooting through the area. 54 in san francisco, 53 in san mateo. headed towards another comfortable day inland. a little cooler at the coast. this morning we're running 3 to 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. might want to grab a jacket. 75 fremont, 80 los gatos. seven-day forecast shows some changes on the way. let's check your drive. a lot of construction. >> a jacket in august. my goodness, christina. two things, the accident at the bottom of the screen and slowing on 101. first the accident update, southbound not northbound. southbound 85 at union. it does involve two big-rigs and there is a lot of glass reported in the roadway. watch, a sweeper truck may have to be there. they may have to do a traffic break. all that slowing in the yellow zone, one of the construction zones we were talking about earlier 101, interchange, there's construction.
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28, 880 and 237 have construction going on. this site about to clear but traveling through, bright lights especially northbound toward that 280 interchange shining towards your windshield. that could cause an issue for folks through the area. slow through the zone while they move equipment and clear lights. coming off 680, we see a smooth drive here. fewer headlights. northbound out of fremont, southbound into fremont, south bay a smooth drive through this portion between sunol and pleasanton, back to the maps show you the interchange through pleasanton. smooth alt mass pass 580.6 0. . >> mike, thank you very much. waking up should be more pleasant in emeryville. the water is back on in neighborhoods there. last night pg&e crews were repairing a water main near 62nd and hollis street near doyle
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hollis park. water running for everyone. our helicopter capturing this video showing the extent of the flooding caused by an independent contractor who reply toured a 10-inch service line yesterday afternoon. that's why pg&e was working on the waterline. coming up, what one bay area city is doing to stop teens before they start. they are up, down, can't tell what markets are going to do. early trading coming up. a live picture of the bay bridge for news, weather and traffic updates. you u cs check us out on facebook, search nbc bay area morning news.
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welcome back to you. looking at the hp pavilion 4.44. a cocaine high that cost as few bucks and is totally legal. livermore says for about $20 people can pick up a pact of bath salts as "today in the bay" reports apparently people smoke it and end up high. >> reporter: packets of bath salts may seem harmless but there's nothing relaxes when they are snorted or smoked. >> synthetic compound in bath salts used in a way it has similar effects to methamphetamine and mdma, ecstasy. >> reporter: the livermore police department is issuinging a community alert for bath salts that go by names as eight balls,
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cloud nine. after this, livermore smoke shop, eight balls is in. we stopped by that shop and others in town and couldn't find any in time but the officer is worried they are in the community. this teenager hasn't seen it yet. >> i haven't heard anything yet. i'm sure eventually i'll hear something, someone will have it. >> reporter: active ingredients mdp v poison control centers reports receiving 301 calls about bath salts in 2010. that number jumped to 1381 in the first three months of this year. police say people on the drugs often hurt others and themselves. >> some of the effects that a parent might see from a child, very aggressive behavior, dilated pupils, rapid pulse, could even have psychotic episodes from an overdose of this type of synthetic. >> police educating shop keepers
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about the dangers of the bath salts will convince them not to sell the drug, even though it's legal. crow doesn't think it will become a problem. >> i don't think it will be that big a deal here in tri-valley. i don't consider us abusers that much. >> reporter: "today in the bay." wall street's huge plummet monday followed by pretty big gains tuesday. nicole lapin live at cnbc headquarters. nicole, predict ahead for today. good morning. >> reporter: i wish i could. very good morning to you. don't worry too much into the color i'm wearing. a lot is on sale. you know this. investors are taking profits from yesterday's big market rally. futures are lower but we're pretty flat for the types of market sessions we've had lately. the surge was sparked by the feds who said they would keep interest rates low for the next two years because of the slow economic recovery. the dow fell 200 points after
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the fed announcement, then swung 600 points in that direction. you haven't seen that volatility, hope you had your dramamine since the thick of the crisis in 2008. asian, europe rising. finally when the dust settles, the dow finished 429 points, 11,239. nasdaq gained a hefty chuck 124, 2482. where the market goes today is anyone's guess when you saw that big 600 point swing yesterday. for a brief moment yesterday apple was king of the hill, it overtook exxonmobil with a market cap of $343 billion. when the market certainlied. exxon recaptured the crown. still it's been an incredible run for apple over the past decade since the ipod was launched in 2001 and stock has shot up nearly 4,000%.
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also this morning walmart is launching video demand vudu on ipad. it's like an icon on your home screen. when you click on it you're taken to the news website you can rent or buy content to watch instantaneously. walmart decided against an app because of rules that allowed developer to give them money, 30% of any revenue they may-for-anything they sell. >> for the voodoo they do. thank you. christina, i think you can conclude a lot by what i'm wearing, black and blue, a description of wall street over the last couple of days. >> you know what, i think it's very appropriate you're doing that voodoo you do, scott mcgrew. pressure pushing inland, mostly cloudy start which will make way to a mostly sunny really comfortable afternoon. good air quality, breathe it in, things start to change as we get
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closer to the weekend starting to see that pacific ridge that typically keeps temperatures close to the 90s this time of year. starting to build now but only keeping temperatures up a few days. if you're enjoying mild august weather, more on the way as we head into next week as well. 53 in san mateo, we're at 54 in san francisco. even at noon in the city you're only going to climb by 3 or 4 degrees from now with that really thick fog overhead. but the sun will shine through i think by about 12:00, maybe 12:30, warm you up a tad, 63 in san francisco, 77 in redwood city, 79 today, really comfortable in san jose. a little warm in places like los gatos. as we head through the next couple of days, temperatures will climb. we will see isolated 90s in the warmest cities across the bay area. 87 on friday, 86 on saturday and hen we cool back down sunday, monday to tuesday. more comfortable weather.
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we'll take it. back to you. >> match between giants and pirates. yesterday 6-0 madison bumgarner pitching seven innings striking out ten. aubrey huff had three hits including a home run. pow. the giants and pirates play at at&t park this afternoon, 12:45. a's also won yesterday. rich hardin gave up one run to the blue jays in the second inning. that was it. otherwise struck out seven batters in the eighth inning alone. oakland beat toronto 4-1. they play at 4:07 in toronto. 4:50, coming up how you can help families of bay area fishermen lost in the sea of cortez. plus -- ♪ they are barely teenagers but already running with the monsters of rock. how a bunch of bay area kids became an opening act for motley crue. >> wow. rocky road for these folks, 580
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has been tough over the last week. right now things moving smoothly through livermore but i've got my eye out for livermore. check out facebook, nbc bay area morning news. click like and it will be in your news feed.
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welcome back to you. you are looking at the toll plaza there. not many cars. check in with mike in just a
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minute. a memorial honoring u.s. soldiers lost during the vietnam war will be unveiled in the east bay this morning. a scaled down version of the vietnam memorial wall in washington will be displayed at the fremont campus of devry university. you can see the traveling display starting at 9:00 through friday before it heads off to another city. the family of seven missing bay area fishermen still working to find the remains of their loved ones. family members and supporters gathered last night hoping to raise enough money to fund a private search and dive mission to find their fathers. they disappeared after their boat capsized in the sea of cortez over the fourth of july weekend. the men were on an annual fishing trip with friends when the disaster at sea happened. >> even if you don't have a connection to the families, just
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think about if it was a member of your family and what would happen, what you'd like to see done. it's just a great cause and a small way to help out. >> reporter: 35 men survived the accident. the fund-raiser at pizza chicago will continue to tomorrow. the restaurant donating 25% to the dive team. you're welcome to make 100% donation as well. good morning. >> good morning. we're hearing word of a brazen robbery in concord. it appears someone drove a truck through a bringo hall and made off with an atm. we have a crew on the way to the scene. also this morning record gold prices creating a rush at the pawn shop. an uptick in business there and heartbreaking stories. chasing comets and meteors, one potentially on the way towards earth. we'll check in with bob. back to you. >> 4:55. not your typical garage band.
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well, there we go. this is haunted by heroes, a band made up of 10 and 11-year-old boys from pacific, a. they came up with the name for now departed musicians like jimi hendrix. they are going to rock their way to the stage with motley crue. can you see them in the bay area, august 31st, broadway studios in san francisco as a fund-raiser for bryan stow. i'm assuming motley crue is not appearing at the same thing but, mike, we'll find out more. >> look for the update. >> unless motley crue -- >> they are really cool, we know that. cool crue, cool to be in school. cool to do construction, lower deck clearing up out of san francisco, that zone until six, northbound 808 that will continue as well. i want to call this one out emergency closure going on 880
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at high street, unloading construction equipment there. a live look there just south of high street, show you headlights over the bend. a smooth drive right now, if they have the off-ramp closed when you get there over the next half hour continue south to 66, get off 66 and use surface streets. it's just about a quarter mile south of that ramp. >> 4:57, coming up tim lincecum challenging giants fan. the contest that will have you standing at the plate with the two-time cy young winner throwing his best stuff at you. plus doechtevelopments thatd mean a tuition hike for california state students. op
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good morning. i'm christie smith, live in pleasanton where the suspect in a decades old killing is in court. find out what


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