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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 19, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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that meet your high standards. ♪ open nature. only at safeway. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. a midair bomb threat forcing an alaskan airplane to land at oakland airport. >> that plane is now in a remote area. alaskan airlines flight 342 landed about 7:55 this morning. the plane was searched because a letter containing a bomb threat was found at sfo.
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when it landed in oakland, all the 132 passengers and their luggage were taken off that plane and screened. of course, we will continue to update you on this situation as it develops. this morning, the agonizing wait continues for an east bay family as investigators work to find out if a body found over the weekend is, in fact, that of missing student michelle le. today, investigators may be able to determine the gender of the body, if it's male or female, found by volunteers in a rugged area off 680 between pleventon and senol. meantime, the woman accused of killing michelle le and dumping her body faces charges in court this morning. joining us now from the court is hayward is christie smith. >> reporter: good morning. we've been waiting for giselle esteban to come into court but i was just told the whole thing was continued and she will be
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back in court september 28th. she had a stand-in attorney up to this point. that attorney of record now taking over the case for her. now, of course, this whole thing could go in another direction if a body that was found this weekend turns out to be that of missing nursing student michelle le. she's been missing since may 27th. a legal expert told us this morning that any attorney would want time with a client before entering a plea and perhaps establish a mental status. of course, there is the fact that esteban is pregnant. this weekend, a major break, where human remains were found near senol. this is an area where hayward police searched before. cell phone records show that le and esteban's cell phones follow a similar path in that area right after the disappearance. a sheriff's deputy told me today that the alameda coroner's office is bringing in a dentist
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as well as other experts to help identify the remains found on saturday. i'm told it's very possible we could learn at least the gender of those remains today. again, at this point, not a whole lot of movement in the case. it looks like we'll be back here on september 28th. jon, back to you. >> christie smith reporting from hayward. thank you for the update. a south bay driver is dead after driving off a highway in sunnyvale, landing on a city street below. here, you can see the twisted metal and broken glass on matilda avenue below highway 237. the chp says the driver swerved into the guardrail several times before sailing off the freeway, just before 5:00 this morning. no one else was hurt in this crash. a new development to a story we first brought to you on "today in the bay." a 14-year-old boy now dead and his friend clinging to life as police try to track down the gunman who shot them overnight. police searching for at least
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two gunmen who fired at the teens downtown south san francisco late last night. the two teens and another friend were standing on the street when they were targeted. two were hit. the third was taken in for questioning. right now, police are not sure of any motive, but they say this is a known gang area. >> we do have some gangs in this area. whether it was gang related, i don't know yet. we'll have to wait to say but this is a known gang area. >> no one is under arrest. police are looking for a black 2004 or 2005 honda sedan that witnesses saw speeding away from the scene. two innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire as officers shot at a suspected drug dealer in the streets of san francisco. now the neighborhood is on edge and demanding answers. officers say they were chasing a suspected drug dealer saturday morning when a man pulled out a gun.
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officers started firing, hitting a man and a woman who happened to be standing nearby. the suspect was not hit. he was taken into custody. police are now investigating how many officers were involved in the shooting, and how many rounds were fired. tonight the department will answer questions at a community meeting at jean parker elementary school on broadway. that's to get started at 6:30 tonight. after a manhunt, a man accused of killing a south bay radio host and shooting a man at a gas station, a suspect is under arrest. right now, ray steel is in county jail after being tracked down in sacramento late last night. >> actually eyes on this individual and we're following him for a short time, surreptitiously, of course. once he exited the pizza parlor, he gave up without a fight. >> the crime spree started friday when he allegedly shot
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and injured a man pumping gas in willow glenn. one hour later and a mile away, castillo carjacked 64-year-old nguyen. the next day her body was found in a home linked to castillo. nguyen hosted a very popular vietnamese radio show. memorial service is planned for litter on this week. few clues for a bizarre shooting that happened in hayward. 65-year-old man and his wife shot in their van in the drive way of their own home. it happened at the corner of st. andrews street and carroll avenue. it appears that the couple was targeted randomly. the man was killed. his 59-year-old wife is expected to survive. so far, police say they have no leads or a motive for the shooting. certainly a fantastic day outside, all around the bay area. >> hot, hot, hot. >> summer in the city. well, the last week of summer.
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>> that's right. >> it finally feels like it. you'll need to kick on that ac likely as we head through this afternoon. a little teaser for you. if you don't like the heat. an area of low pressure is slighted to bring us our first rain shower, as we kick off the first full weekend of fall. get ready for that. today, though, looking pretty hot. we're talking about showers potentially sunday and monday. you'll be bringing back that umbrella. triple digit forecast as we head throughout this afternoon. we also have a spare the air day. keep that in mind, especially if you suffer from respiratory problems. rain approaching the bay area and heat. our temperatures are right now in the 70s. i've got the numbers in your city coming up. right now, though, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. now 11:07. still ahead, great america gets the buyer. will it help the 49ers reach the goal line or will a flag be thrown on the play? moment of impact. the new video showing the final
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moments before a plane took its tragic nosedive, right into the ground at the reno air race. [ screaming ]
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nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. good morning, everybody at 11:10. spectacular way to start off your week. beautiful shot of san francisco this morning. new video this morning showing the moment a vintage plane smashed into a ground at an air race in reno. we do need to warn you, however, this video is chilling, showing the crash upclose and devastating. every time i see this, shocked. the crash killed nine, sent 70 more to the hospital. investigators looking at a piece of the tail section, which appeared to break off before the crash. they will also look at a memory card that they found in the wreckage, which may hold video of the crash from the pilot's
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vantage point. president obama has his plan to reduce the deficit to nearly $4 trillion. $1.5 trillion mainly on the wealthy in new taxes, referring to it as the buffett rule, named after warren buffett. he says someone should not have to pay more tacks than buffett does. >> it is wrong in the united states of america that a teacher, construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay higher tax rates than somebody pulling in $50 million. >> the new taxes would end the bush era tax cuts. the plan also calls for $580 billion in adjustments to help entitlement programs. and it takes into consideration troop withdrawals from iraq and afghanistan, which will save $1 trillion. the time now, 11:11. coming up, how about this?
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a new ketchup packet. that's right. >> just what we've been wanting. netflix is just a name. what the company is calling itself these days. amusement by the 49ers oap t america, coming up next. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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welcome back, everybody. based on what christina loren tells us, i'm glad to be here in the ac. that's downtown san hez a, pushing up to 90 degrees today. enjoy. new stadium for the 49ers just cleared a major hurdle. investment firm has agreed to purchase the great america amusement park and the 49ers are part oft that venture. the park sits on 100 acres near great america oparkway where n bay area damien trujillo joins
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us. >> reporter: they are partnering with what they call an entity of the san francisco 49ers. great news for the team. the company out of ohio owns great america. they've been fighting with the city and the 49ers over the proposal for a new stadium on the parking lot of great america. the city of santa clara owns and leases the land to the amusement park right now. in a news release, gma says the acquisition will proposition the park for future long-term growth and clears the way for the new stadium project to move forward. the 49ers said they would consider buying the amusement park to make it easier for the stadium project. now gma has taken the lead. it will help to create an entertainment zone with great america, a new stadium and other projects that are also in the works. >> this provides us a real family entertainment venue.
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imagine you show up to the park, two days at the parks. half the family can go over to the theme park that doesn't want to go to the nfl game and vice versa. it will be an economic engine that will help us get out of our doldrums. >> reporter: the next step is securing financing for the stadium, but neither the niners nor the city expect that to be a problem. right now, the time line for kick-off here in santa clara is the fall of 2019. the mayor tells me this is already a super bowl approved site. great news for the city. i'm damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damien. a coloring book, if you will, for graffiti artists. it's up almost 40% from one year ago and now sits at the highest number of documented tags since
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1999. an annual survey finds more than 44,000 graffiti tags were recorded this year alone compare ed to just under 30,000 for last year. central san jose seeing the biggest rise. that comes after budget cuts that forced the city to outsource its cleanup work. the city will talk about the problem at its meeting tomorrow. as we wrap up the final week of summer, it feels like it outside. >> mother nature rolling out the red carpet when it comes to the heat today and tomorrow. two of the hottest days of the summer so far. just in time for the final week. high pressure is the reason why. compressing everything in our atmosphere, including that particulate matter. usually a good deal of fog is still hugging the coast. but marine layer has pushed out those offshore breezes. the worst air quality in the east bay. we have moderate air quality along the peninsula and south
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bay. looking okay up in the santa rosa area. north bay county has good air quality. take a look at how much warmer it is at this hour than where we were yesterday. 11 degrees warmer in oakland. yeah, you notice a difference there. 76 right now. you're at 77 in sunnyvale and 69 in santa rosa. the city of san francisco, 71 degrees, easily hitting about 80 during the day. we have about four hours of additional warming before we get our daytime highs. 91 in los galos. if you can't take the heat, area of low pressure will cool us down and maybe bring us our first fall showers as of this weekend. that's right, showers in the forecast sunday and monday. temps falling in the 60s at the coast. meanwhile, 70s return inland. 92 tomorrow in places like san jose, down to 88 wednesday. the first official day of fall, september 23rd, this friday. 85. and then the 70s return just in time for the weekend.
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back to you, john and marla. >> christina is serving up a weather buffet out there. i love it. quickster, which confused our scott mcgrew. >> i jotted down says it will be splitting the company in two for marketing purposes. dvds under that qwister name, mo movies you stream over the net will be called netflix. coming through the mail, a separate qwikster account, which will appear as a separate charge on your credit card statement. the company will still trade as netflix on the stock market. it will be considered one entity. shares were up higher slightly this morning. not going to say that's because investors love qwikster, but because they were hit so badly
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last week. on the nyse, medal of honor winner marine sergeant dakota meyer ringing the opening bell. let's talk googlele. several reports say google will launch google wallet this morning, a program we've known about for months. the idea is you replace your wallet with your phone. you store everything digitally. it would really help out george costanza. ♪ >> a little ad there from googlele about their google wallet. instead of a fat wallet, all your credit card information stored on your phone and you tap your phone against a card reader to make a purchase. so far the only phone with the technology is this one, the nexus s from sprint. we expect more and more phones, including possibly the iphone 5 to have that technology called near field communication. and, eventually, you'll just tap your phone against that card reader at the 7-eleven and be on your way.
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back to you. >> so, high tech to not so high tech. internal condiment dilemma. how in the bleep do you open those little packets of ketchup without making a mess? >> i've made a mess of myself for years. >> after three grueling years in scientific development, the new dip and squeeze packet. >> hallelujah. can i get a witness? >> no more wrestling for your ketchup. h.j. heinz company releasing the dip and squeeze as they call it, promising ketchup could simply be squeezed out for one end or the lid can be pulled back for easy dipping ecstasy. >> good to have options. >> convenience has its pri. it will cost more than three times the old ones. not all restaurants will jump on the hot new tomato craze. >> understatement to say that's cause to celebrate. in a related study, it doesn't take a rocket sicientist to mak a burger. if you want to upgrade a smash hit, call a pickle chemist.
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no joke here. wendy's consult aid pickle chemist before launching dave's new hot and juicy. quizzed customers on things like lettuce. coast to coast on a burger eating tour. a burger with extra cheese, thicker patty, buttered bun. >> i could have told them that. >> you should work for wendy's. >> switching from white to red onions. >> my grandpa would be happy. >> and they will go with crinkled pickles. i know you're thrilled about this. wendy's hasn't changed its burger since 1969. they go on sale, starting today. 11:22, now that we're all ready for lunch. oakland, the new hollywood. why the city is getting some star power tonight. >> you and brad pitt. it's all fun and. games untl a zombiettacks your photo shoot. >> what? >> the quirkem engagent photo session just ahead. >> i'm scared. ng
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at 11:24 now, live look at oakland coliseum this morning. the city is getting a little star power tonight. why? because there's buzz brad pitt and his co-stars will be in town for tonight's premiere of "money ball." it's the movie that shows -- yeah, i think so. it's a movie that shows how general manager billy bean showed how teams were built. he revolutionized the way stats are picked for the right price for the right team. >> looking forward to it. >> me, too. >> did you have a chance to see the 49ers game? >> yeah. >> they had it. it was painful for the team. took some time to check out the action. we took a look to find out what's going on. we have some footage you would like to see. doesn't know if it makes sense. see if you can figure out what we're talking about.
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>> dallas rallies from 10 back -- >> kendall. >> the crowd goes bananas when they kick the game-winning field goal. it was a 49er home game. >> what's going on with that? >> white and blue spotted in the crowd. last time the cowboys got to the stick was 1985. so half of dallas decided to come out. >> let's not show that again. let's move on. from the fans in the stands and the guy who plays a football coach on tv, it was a big night at the emmys for nbc's "friday night lights." >> i knew for a fact that i would not be standing here. i did not worry about writing anything and now i'm starting to worry. >> that is coach eric taylor, real name kyle chandler, accepting his emmy for best actor. the show wrapped its final season this year. other big wins of the night, "modern family," with its second straight win as best comedy. i love that show. and "mad men" took home top honors for the fourth year in a
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row as tv's best drama. >> tucks exedos always look goo. christina is always a sharp-dressed woman. >> i love that spandex tuxedo, brad wilson, my favorite. just a half hour away, 70 in places like san jose. as the sun goes down it's not going to cool off all that much. 72 inland at 10:00 pm. back to you, jon and marla. >> you mentioned a few moments ago something about strange happening. first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes -- >> a zombie attack. >> check this out. nice day at the park, hanging out with your loved one. what's that k chehec?isthth check this out. no! >> a zombie. >> the couple wanted something different, kind of out of the ordinary, breaking the mold for their engagement photo. so what do you do? bring a dead guy along for the shot. >> what's the good news? tell us.
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>> at least her husband doesn't look like that. >> oh, come on. it all ends with everyone enjoying a nice glass of wine. thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day long at nbc bay >> have a great day.
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