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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. we begin tonight with breaking news. a crowd of commuter trains slams into a semi in contra costa county. more than 200 people on board. tonight, we're learning a number of them have been injured. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. an amtrak train that never reached its destination. instead, it collided with a big rig. this happened in east contra costa county.
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this crash site is in the small town of nightson. the train collided with the trailer after 7:00 this evening, amtrak 718 from oakland to stockton to bakersfield. remarkably, both the truck driver and his passenger were not injured. of the 204 passengers reported on the train, at least 35 of them are being treated for minor to moderate injuries. once again, no serious injuries as far as we know. it's still an active scene as you can see from our video on the site and transportation is being arranged for passengers to return to oakland. >> it was panic. everyone is wondering what's going on, what's going on. no one heard anything for about 10, 15 minutes when they announced it on the speakers. so we started seeing all the ambulances. >> we kind of panicked first,
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but we managed to get through. >> reporter: have you heard about other passengers? >> i'm not sure. it was all frantic and everything shut off, so we grabbed our stuff and just came out. >> everything at this point has been considered either minor to moderate. everybody has been conscious. we did bring in two medical helicopters when this was first dispatched and landed them on scene, but none of the injuries warranted being transported by helicopter. >> joining us on the telephone is dave carbon, he was right in the area when the train crashed, just camping nearby. dave, give us a little about your vantage point and what you saw. >> well, i was out here fishing and i heard a train go by like normal. and we heard a sound like we would never forget and we ran over there and saw the wreck. >> what did it look like? >> the trailer looked like a bomb went off. it was in a million pieces.
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the rear wheels were at least 150 yards away down the tracks. there was corn feed all over the place. >> right now you're at the scene. in terms of injuries and all the ambulances, we're seeing the video now. can you describe what you're seeing of the injured people on board? >> the police made us back up, but i've seen ambulances coming and going since the accident. a couple i believe were helicoptered out. >> and one last question, how close are you camping? where is your camp site in relation to this accident? >> i'm close enough that after i heard the crash hit, i ran over there and the corn that was in the back was still landing. >> dave carbon from hayward, camping, thanks for your time, dave. >> thank you. >> we'll update you on that story later. moving on now, inspiring
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religious clerical terrorist mastermind, two pictures emerging about al qaeda's number two man. he was killed today during a targeted usair strike in yemen. u.s. officials say anwr al awlaki was the architect behind several u.s. attacks. they also say he has ties to the 9/11 hijackers. the white house calling his death the biggest victory in the war on terror since the killing of osama bin laden. but tonight, a woman who knew him during his cleric days in california says that's not the man she knew. jean elle is live with more for us. >> reporter: jessica, experts here at stanford say if the al qaeda leader lived, he would have helped plan more attacks against the united states. his death and hatred of america is a shock for many bay area muslims. muslims say anwr al awlaki was
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not always spreading messages of heat. one woman remembers him speaking about tolerance at her mosque in san diego years before september 11. >> he always spoke about, you know, tolerance, about being involved in the community. the greater community, you know, he was involved in inner faith relations. >> reporter: this young mother doesn't want to show her face, but she once respected al awlaki, has cds he made about religion. when his message shifted from peace to hatred against the united states, she couldn't believe it. >> at first he didn't even believe that it was him. we thought maybe the translations were wrong or edited. but when we realized it was him speaking those hateful messages, we were just in utter shock and disbelief. >> reporter: al awlaki was a top al qaeda operations planner, linked the two 9/11 hijackers,
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to the gunman at ft.hood and the underwear bomber. fellow tom hendrickson says killing al awlaki will save lives. >> it's good news for the united states, because this man was going to cause us a lot of ill, has caused us ill already. >> reporter: the u.s. says he was killed in yemen by a drone attack. >> it's cost effective, it doesn't pose a huge cost like in iraq and afghanistan. billions of dollars spent on infrastructure. >> reporter: al awlaki was a u.s. citizen. some wonder if putting him on trial would have been provided life saving information. >> i wanted to hear from himself. >> reporter: hear why a man who used to speck about peace turned so hateful. there are fears of retaliation. bay area muslims fear they will be targets of hatred and the united states is watching out
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for an attack from al qaeda. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. specialized officers from around the state in full camouflage are intensifying their manhunt, even at this late hour. these are photos of the officers involved in the search for the s cused killer aaron bassler in the coastal mountains. yesterday they came face-to-face with him, who shot at them several times. they say they're close, but he's still on the loose. officers are concentrating on an area of dense forest. here's the map near ft. bragg. george kiriyama joins us live. george, the search continues even at night. what's the strategy here? >> reporter: while the authorities do not give out movement patterns, we do know they have infrared capabilities. they have not seen aaron bassler tonight, but they do know that
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he still is in that area, the area they've been searching for, for weeks. day 35 ended with no sign of fugitive aaron bassler. officers continue to search a six-mile area, full of dense trees and brush. >> he loved to play his guitar, really quiet guy. >> reporter: she says he lived in a mobile home behind her house for 7 1/2 years. she said he changed in the last few years. >> definitely, yeah. bald head, oh, yeah. and actually talking nonsense. >> reporter: he's accused of shooting and killing matthew coleman and ft. bragg city councilman jerry mellow last month. he's been hiding ever since. >> he's got the skills. >> reporter: dan cotton managing a camp ground and thinks this may go on for a while.
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>> he's lived in this area for almost 30 years. he used to play army out there with his friends and everything else, and so he knows every little hiding place there is. >> reporter: miller says bassler's family has been trying to get him help. >> this could have been prevented a long time ago if he got the help that his family members said he needed. >> reporter: tomorrow morning they'll have everyone out searching again. we've seen quite a few wanted posters at gas stations and restaurants. live in ft. bragg tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> george, you talked with that gentleman there and his family. they said he could live in those woods weeks at a time. are authorities willing to wait this out? >> reporter: they're going to search for him every day until they get him. in fact, the sheriff of mendocino county expressed he sees the glass as half full, and they're going to try to close in
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on him every day, if it takes all year. if they have to do that, they will. >> george kiriyama reporting live for us tonight as the search continues. thank you, george. she would have turned 7 this wm weekend. but instead, her family will be attending her wake. she was killed wednesday morning while in the cross walk with her mother. tonight, her family is demanding more safety measures at the intersection where she died. they are hoping to bring attention to the danger of that cross walk. one of her classmates were run down in the same cross walk five months earlier, luckily, he survived. still ahead tonight, debit fee fury. bank of america is feeling the backlash of its plan to charge customers $5 a month. now thousands are fighting back. how you can avoid those new debit card fees all together.
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and here i am. the miracle in speech. a 29-year-old woman hears her own voice for the first time. from search to suds. there's something new brewing at mountain base google. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the pacific is brewing with two different storm systems. the first part is these numbers dropping today. only 76 in san jose. the clouds r oll in tonight, thughout the south bay and we're tracking both of those storms. details on the rain coming up. and an update on that breaking news in the east bay. a train crashin tto a video f ve to share with you in just moments. ro
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want to update you on our breaking news. the live look now of an amtrak train crash in eastern contra costa county. a big rig and a train collide. the train was heading south from oakland to bakersfield. here's video from moments ago. 204 passengers on board, dozens of people are injured.
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but it appears right now that none of the injuries are life threatening. want to repeat that. none of the injuries that we know of right now are life threatening. in fact, they are minor to moderate. miraculously, the truck driver that was hit by the train is alive and unharmed. the truck driver along with his passenger. an amtrak track near brentwood. more explosive testimony at the trial of conrad murray. witness after witness testified that attempts to save jackson's life were too little too late and possibly worst. stephanie stanton spent the day inside the courthouse in l.a. >> richard? >> reporter: dramatic testimony from the paramedic who tended to michael jackson the day he died. he said paramedics arrived june 25, 2009 at 12:26 p.m. and
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discovered jackson in full cardiac arrest. >> his skin was very cool to the touch. when we -- i took a first glance at him, his eyes were open. they were dry, and his pupils were dilated. >> reporter: according to testimony, he asked dr. murray repeatedly if jackson had an underlying condition. >> he said, nothing, he has nothing. and simply that did not add up to me. >> reporter: he also testified murray was being evasive when asked if jackson had taken any drugs. >> i asked, is there anything else? no, that's it. >> reporter: but under cross-examination, the defense tried to show that murray wasn't being evasive at all. >> it's fair to say that he was busy at that time? >> yes. >> reporter: they also offered insight into why murray didn't tell him about the propofol and other drugs right away. >> you asked whether mr. jackson
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was on any recreational drugs, correct? >> i don't remember if i asked that or not. that's a common question i ask. >> reporter: several attempts to resuscitate jackson failed and he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. there's bank backlash, feeling the wrath of customers after news they're planning a brand new fee, $5 a month. but there are ways around this. vickie vargas has more. >> reporter: a nickel here, a dime there. and now it's $5 a month. if you don't want to pay the fee, where do you go? how about a smaller bank. keep $500 in your account and checking is practically free. >> we have debit cards now for the youth. 12 to 18 and to the college students up to 26. those checking accounts are entirely free.
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>> reporter: bank officials say they make their money off loans and gain customers by word of mouth. the tradeoff, you won't find their atms on every worner. >> most people go to the grocery store and get cash back. that's always free. >> reporter: credit unions also offer no fee debit cards. of course, you have to work for nbc and accepted as a member of the credit union. wells fargo announced it is testing a $3 a month charge for purchases on debit cards. according to, 64% of americans say they would move their money to another bank if fees continue to increase. >> i wouldn't pay it. >> reporter: bankers say switching banks is a mindset. the customers way cost and convenience and then make a choice. >> we get all these added fees, and with this economy, it does make it real difficult.
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>> reporter: would you consider leaving the bank over something like that? >> no, i wouldn't. >> banks have warmed that recent laws could backfire on customers. dangerous weather to show you out of the midwest today. chicago joggers and cyclists, devoured by winds and waves of over 50 miles per hour. water from lake michigan rushing on to their path. police called the path for a few hours and reopened it late afternoon once the weather calmed down. that's a really beautiful park right there in chicago. look at that, you can even see the truck and the waves coming in. >> lot's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who will update us on our wild forecast. things are changing. >> we have two storms we're tracking, and we also have much colder temperatures. we started to experience already today from those ninths to near 100 on wednesday to 76 in san
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jose, 78 in livermore, and 69 in san francisco. if you thought today was cool, wait till you see what we have coming in my seven-day forecast. you're going to need the jackets. tonight, some mid 60s here in the north bay. plenty of 50s to start off with tomorrow. fog at the coast and as we head throughout this weekend, that's right, no 80s or 90s. 60s and 70s and two storms still right now in our forecast for a cold blast as we head into next week. we have a weaker system sitting just offshore right now. that's mainly heading off to the north. maybe a slight chance of a shower there in the north bay. but nothing huge to be concerned with. the next largest system is out here tapping into a ton of moisture and cold air. that looks to get here as we head into monday's forecast at this point. this is going to be our first chance here of measurable rainfall for fall here across the bay area. in fact, it could be some of the wettest weather we've seen in
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about four months time. as for tomorrow, 70s inland. sunday, that storm system approaches that we just talked about off the side of your screen. so by sunday night, the rain develops offshore and then by monday morning, a wet commute as the first wave of rain moves on in. and here are some of the highlights. while we have the first storm on monday, a second and stronger storm looks to be on track for wednesday. that could also bring wind and rainfall up to an inch across the bay area. temperatures dropping into the 50s and 60s. for our morning forecast, these two storms move in across the bay area next week. big-time weather coming. 74 in san jose, upper 60s and low seths from san francisco to redwood city. 7 4 in concord and 72 in napa. for the north bay, upper 60s and low 70s.
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so we're going to start to see that chill tomorrow. morning time on the weather channel and cable if you're doing any traveling and on your seven-day forecast, that first storm on monday, the second one on wednesday. not looking at any flooding, but it's a good round of rain to start offal for us. that's why it's got me hyped up. >> kicking off the season. thanks, jeff. she's ownereard h own voice until tonight. we'll show you the moment a woman born deaf hears for the first time. . . .
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miracles can happen, but in some cases, it requires a little high tech help. tonight, a 29-year-old woman born deaf heard the sound of her own voice, for the very first time. >> technically, your device is on. can you tell? it's exciting. >> sarah had special hearing aids surgically implanted. sensing it would be a big moment, she had her husband record the moment. you see her break into tears. she said she always had a passion for reading, words, grammar and she's worked hard to speak well and blend in. but being able to hear herself now will make it a little easier. >> can you hear me? can you hear your voice? >> that's nice to see. >> great story. let's bring in brodie
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brazil. in a few weeks, the sharks season starts and the beard begins. >> it's a disguise. i don't want people to recognize me. it's a good thing when the face looks like this. rain throwing a major wrench into the baseball postseason. and good news for the san jose e tsandepng r oerormber one varying rep otsn e thth status of frank gore for sunday's game. sports is next.
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. good evening. the 49ers landed safely in philadelphia tonight. this after playing on sunday in cincinnati, then spending the week practicing in youngstown, ohio, instead of making back-to-back cross country flights. and the best news with the team right now, frank gore is officially listed as questionable. but before you go adjusting your fantasy team, jim harbaugh saying gore will play sunday, but kendall hunter will also share in the workload. the sharks preparing for their final preseason game. the goaltender will not play in
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that game. today, he endured his first full practice, which encourages the head coach. >> every day he's taking a little more on. we've still got eight or nine days before season opens and a week after that. so good strides. looked sharp today. feels good every day. so positive for us. to baseball, and changes in the dugout. the oakland a's have asked ty waller and mike diego to return, but three others will not be renewed. rays and rangers, game one of the season. cooper stone throwing out the first pitch. his father, shannon, fell to his death earlier this season trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands by the player you see there, josh hamilton. a very touching moment. in the top of the third, 3-0 rays. two on for kelly choppic. a rangers fan catches this ball
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and throws it back. still, 6-0, tampa. top of the fifth, he did it again. this one a two-run homer. the rays win 9-0, your final in arlington. tigers and the yankees, top one. delmond young with the solo shot, giving the tigers an early 1-0 lead. the yankees tie it up from alex rodriguez, but then the rain came. the game is postponed until tomorrow. they'll pick it up where they stopped. considering it costs about $500 to attend a yankee playoff game, it makes you wonder how much these were going for. i'm guessing at least a c-note, right? >> you're going to need that next week, because
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. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser.
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if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. >> >> one last update on our breaking news story. the amtrak train that collided with a big rig truck was bound
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from oakland to bakersfield. it crashed around 7:30 this evening near brentwood. the train did not derail. here's video from the scene. approximately 40 injuries, but as of right now, there are no reports of serious injuries. we'll continue to cover the story throughout the weekend. >> let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri who says next week is going to be rough. >> this weekend we'll have some sun, some fog, some clouds. temperatures in the mid 70s inland. 60s on the coast. but by monday for your commute as you get going for the workweek, we have the first system arriving. by wednesday, that's the strongest system next week. >> have a great weekend. . .


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