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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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and a plane into a ferris wheel? >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. boy is missing in park west ofld 280. several agencies are involved in the search, including bay area mountain rescue, san ma tyuner
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detail and san rgteo county search and rescue. it's believed thent child may he special needs but it's not clear at this point how long he's beee missing. the call for the search came within the last hour. we have a crew on the way to the area and we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. again, a 5-year-old boy is mising tonight in hunter park near woodside. the intense manhunt for a murder suspect in fort bragg is over tonight. three members of s.w.a.t. team say they shot and killed 35-year-old aaron bassler. they say he raised his rifle towards them. the sheriff's department says bassler was shot seven times. stherp able to locate him with the help of after blo hound dog who found tracks after a burglary at a nearby truck stop. >> they engaged him and he fell. during the falling he levelled -- he raised his rifle
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towards their location. i still don't know -- i would doubt that he could see them clearly where they were and they approached him and the death was very obvious and they advised the command post of the situation. >> there was a round in the chamber of bassler's rifle and it was ready to fire. they also believe it was the same weapon used in one of the earlier killings. bassler was wanted for killing a city councilman at fort bragg on august 22 and also killing another man two weeks earlier. he's expected of having an illegal marijuana operation in the area as well. the sheriff's department is investigating a shooting at bay point. the sheriff's department says a man entered the home and threatened a pregnant b woman a her daughter. investigators say the woman then shot and killed the man. and in oakland this morning, three people were killed and a woman was seriously injured after their car hit a cement
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wall on a freeway exit ramp. take a look at the car that ended up teetering on the center divider. a 27-year-old man from oakland was speeding in that car when he lost control at the 98th avenue exit off 880. it happened at about 3:00 this morning. the driver died at the scene along with a 20-year-old woman from hayward, and a 29-year-old han from san leandro. another woman was taken to the alameda county medical center with serious injuries investigators say some of the passengers had not been wearing seat belts and alcohol was also found in the car. we are learning new information tonight about an amtrak train that collided with a truck near brentwood last night. there were no warning lights or gates at the site of the crash. the site of the collision is a private crossing and a railway spokesman says only a stop sign is required at those crossings. the train was headed from oakland to bakersfield and the reason the truck driver didn't stop at the crossing is under
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investigation tonight. about 40 people were taken to hospitals anticipate all were treated and released by this morning. in fremont tonight, tesla opened up the doors of the a plant and unveiled the car that it hopes will revolutionize the auto industry. the fact that they took a $500 million loan from the u.s. government, all eyes are on tesla and its ceo. hello, monty. >> good evening. the car is sleek and beautiful, but it's questionable if tesla can take an electric car and bring it into the mainstream and become a profitable company. the ceo drove on to tesla's factory in fremont where an eager crowd was waiting. he had a family of seven onboard to demonstrate the car's interior space. there's no engine, just batteries below the car. and inside, a center console
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that looks like a giant ipad. >> amazing. >> tesla says 5,000 people have already put deposits down for the model s, set to hit the road next year, and this was the night hundreds of them got to ride in the beta versions of the new car. carl nielsen came all the way from denmark and has reserved 50 model ss. >> we're focussing on car sharing and limo services. and this is the perfect for taxi and limo services. >> actually the reservation number is 007. it's like a james bond car. >> reporter: and it's a car that james bond might like. the model s starts at $57,000 and can go 160 miles on a single charge. a more expensive version can go 300 miles on a single charge. but the company's ceo admits the company faces some big challenges ahead, including going up against the big oil
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companies. >> it's tough. we need your help. you know what i'm saying? >> with the failure of the san jose based solar power company solendra, the pressure is on tesla to perform and pay back the government loan it received in 2009. >> we definitely face a challenge. what we're trying to do is no less than revolutionize the automobile industry and convince people that evs are a viable option and better than combustible engine cars. there will always be doubters. i think they're becoming less and less as we show we're doing what we said -- we set out to do. >> and tesla hopes to produce 5,000 model s's next year.
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monty francis, nbc bay area news. . >> thank you, monte. coming up next, what led tot arrest of 700 people in new york? plus, how a small plane ended up stuck in a ferris wheel. take a look at these pictures, in the middle of giving kids a ride on that ferris wheel. plus -- >> we could potentially have a disastrous situation. >> electricity where it shouldn't be. we go in depth tonight to uncover the hidden danger of voltage surging through bay area streets. >> and we're watching low clouds move back into the bay area tonight. but we're looking at more clouds brings ure rmoain.ll eventualis will it arrive by the time we wrap up the weekend? . . okay, op, let's get t started.
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the nation's biggest bank is facing continued criticism tonight after the announcement it will charge $5 as a debit card fee starting early next year. bank of america plans to charge that $5 fee every month a customer uses his or her card to make purchases. lobbyists and banks say the fee is necessary to make up for lost revenue after the federal government restricted the way banks can make money. many customers sent in complaints yesterday, dauzi ica the bank's website to go down for several hours. and several hundred people were arrested after they stopped traffic. they were against what they call corporate greed and other social problems. we have a look. >> reporter: this cell phone
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video given to an nbc affiliate shows some of the protesters along the brooklyn bridge. police taking others into custody. as many as 700 such arrests took place saturday. as demonstrators aired their grievances in a march along the bridge. they've been gathering in new york city for two weeks now, hundreds camping out in a park near wall street, demonstrating against a wide variety of social ill, from corporate green to global warming. their numbers have continued to grow, aided by social media. last weekend saw as many as 80 arrests and skirmishes with the nypd posted on youtube. the sit-in as turned into a small community, but by design, there's no one leader of this group and no organized set of demands. >> we each do our own thing but we're doing it together. we're coming together and saying things need to be changed, how are we going to do this? >> the movement already spawned similar protests across the country. and labor experts say it's also
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gaining the attention of high profile activists. >> this is the liberal version of the tea party, especially with young people. we're getting mobilized and expressing their grievances. i think this could potentially carry over into 20912 election. >> athaengs could spread from this bridge to the political stage. coming up next at 11:00, we're going to show you how you can go to the san francisco opera for $15 a ticket. and take a look at this. these are not ocean waves. oh, no, but rather from a lake. hello, yieks. he was fine. we'll show you what's going on near chicago. plus, what does this guy have to h wit do with a two-hour closure of a highway on the peninsula? . .
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good evening. i'm john henry smith in the comcast sports net news room. tonight, stanford stadium that's seen plenty of pac-10 games hosted its first ever pac-12 game. stanford goes deep into the playbook off the reverse. the throw to andrew luck. luckily needs one mitt to reel it in. later the drive, luck sticking to his day job. another one-handed special. that's an 18-yard touchdown. put the cardinal up 7-0. stanford in control, luck again, this time he uses two hands. along with two feet to motor 51 yards for the score. stanford wins 45-19. we have more from palo alto. >> stanford's bye week lasted
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one week and one possession. but after the goal line stand on the bruins first drive, the cardinal turned it over to andrew luck who led his team to a 4-0 start on the season. >> it's a quality defense over there, but i think our guys were real anxious having a week off, but it was good to put good ball on the film. >> we talk about playing in the moment. we don't worry about the score. we see where the ball is. we try to play our game at all times. fast, physical, exciting football game. >> stanford will look to run their nation's best win streak to 13 games. in stanford, sean woodland. >> the drew crew up 2-0. prince fielder golf swings one to right. brewers win 4-1 to take a 1-0 series lead. cardinals versus phillies. bottom of the sixth, phillies
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trailed 3-1 until ryan howard sw swings it and stands in wonder of his towering home run. rays versus rangers. game two of the alds. rangers lead 5-6 in. ian kinsler, that's a base hit to right. rangers lead 7-3. rangers go on to win 8-6 and tie the series at a game a piece. tigers versus yankees. they resumed friday's reign in the alds today. that's a grand slam. yankees win big by a final of 9-3. and kareem mayfield is bringing home the nabo junior welterweight belt tonight in mississippi. that's sports. back to you. >> and san jose won the second in a row also. thanks, john henry. >> you got it. >> in chicago today, extreme weather had people struggling to keep their footing. check this out.
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high surf and winds over 50 miles an hour pushed water from lake michigan right on to the path where people were running and biking. it's amazing. again, he's okay we're told. police closed the path yesterday but some ignored the warning. as you can see, the waves knocked down a whole lot of folks trying to get out of the way. forecasters say the waves are not expected to reseed until tomorrow. i know lake michigan is huge, but still, that's pretty amazing. >> it's interesting, the folks running with the bike instead of getting on the bike and pedalling away. michigan, chicago, they've had gusty winds. here, the winds not that strong. northwest winds at 5 miles an hour. san francisco, 59. it was a bit breezier earlier this evening. we had winds closer to 20 miles an hour. and 65 degrees in oakland, kind of a mild night, northwest wind
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at 8 miles an hour. 50s and 60s right now. this view from highway 1 near  davenport. gorgeous. you can see some high clouds going by. that was the weak cold front that fizzled out. tomorrow morning, drizzle, skble clearing and mile. monday is going to be a different story. you can see low pressure here, aiming up towards the pacific northwest and eventually beginning late tomorrow. we'll see increasing clouds and eventually a chance of rain by the time we get into monday. you notice things are dry. but you know monday morning, rain will start to show up in the north bay monday afternoon to tuesday. that's the first system. one that will pack a little bit of rain on wednesday. the futurecast will wrap up the
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weekend. you can see starting off in the north bay into the afternoon. really it's the evening. the system slowing down a bit, impacting us mainly for the second half of monday. for the rest of yo week, not too bad. low clouds and misty skies especially around the eastbound hilltops. around lunchtime, you should see '60s and 70s. increasing high clouds, but overall, pretty nice sunf y as we see 78 degrees, san jose, some low 80s. south of san jose, gilroy, northern hills, 78. you can see here, the seven-day forecast, two storms new mexicoing in now. monday afternoon into monday night. break there for tuesday, then wednesday, looks like some gusty winds, some one to two inches of rain and sierra snow. s abowffalovomin cg e above 6,000 feet for the middle part of the week.
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lamp posts, manhole covers, things you pass every day could hold electricity. we wanted to know how bad the problem is in the bay area. we go "in depth" tonight with this second look. >> it's stray voltage and it happens when electrical wires come in contact with things like manhole covers and light poles. in this case, a handrail at 12th and fulton in san francisco. >> every day, people are coming within inches of this structure. >> reporter: this man makes a living scouring the country for stray voltage. his company's 45 trucks are equipped with a sensor that sounds an alarm when the truck passes a charged area. think of this pole here on michigan street as a live wire.
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i'm going to touch it with this ground lead to show you how much energy is coursing through the pole. i touched this through my barehand, i would say feel a shock. under the right conditions to kill me. it only took about 50 volts to electrocute jody lane in new york when she stepped on to a charged metal plate while walking her dogs. this teenager died when she touched an energized fence at practice in baltimore. dogs have also been killed. they're especially vulnerable, because their paws make direct contact with the ground. stray voltage has reportedly killed at least 19 people in the u.s. since the early 90s. in just three hours of searching san francisco, tom and his team found stray voltage in 60 locations, including several in front of this children's toy store in busy union square, and here on lombard street. electricity leaking on to a gas cap. >> you could potentially have a
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disastrous situation. you have gas, you have electricity. >> we asked hg&e, sfpuc and sfmta to look at the report. they all said they immediately sent crews to fixed the stray voltage that we found. and all three agencies say they will now check for stray voltage when they lodo maintenance on their equipment. >> we didn't used to look at stray voltage. we are now. >> pg&e said it will actively search for stray voltage by the end of the year. because there's little you can do to protect yourself from these hot spots, the promised inspections are likely your last line of defense from a serious public hazard. all right, we have a remarkable story out of eastern australia tonight where a small plane crashed into a ferris wheel with children on the ride but no one was seriously
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injuried. this ultra light plane was taking off at a coastal village north of sidney. the pilot says he didn't see the ferris wheel and crashed right into it. there's two little kids there. there's the plane. the 52-year-old pilot and his passenger were trapped inside the plane for almost three hours. that 9-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister were also stuck in a carriage at the top of the wheel for about an hour and a half. >> when i turned around, there was just this big plane right behind me. i was so scared and jes ws was screaming. >> i was freaking out. >> fair organizers say luckily there weren't more children on the ride. they said it was about to rain and many families moved to the inside areas of the fair. some lucky fks there. i'm always looking for interesting po motions or deal. last week we had a deal where yosemite might pay you to stay there. this week, we have the san francisco opera, offering an exclusive deal tonight to our viewers. half off a bunch of upcoming
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performances of the opera. so for as little as $15, cheaper an some 3d movies, you can check out some of the best opera in the world. there are tickets available for "carmen" among others. enter the vocode ballpark, all caps to find the performances. if you don't get that, just follow me on twitter@diane dwyer. the offer expires next month but you can go to the opera for the next couple of months. imagine you come across a sea thon crossing the road r pgu y, the chp received reports that a sea lion was on
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101 in burlingga in ingame. the marine mammal center was called in. tonight, the marine mammal center in marin county is caring if for the sea lion. it's expecting to be released after being treated for a .
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