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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tonight. one national, the other global. the manhunt continues now for a gunman who shot ten people and killed three, beginning at a rock quarry. but first, remembering steve jobs. >> i pulled off the freeway and cried. my whole life has been wrapped up in this company, and a little bit with steve. >> reporter: the man who became a visionary for the entire world, dead tonight at 56. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. from the death of steve jobs to a deadly shooting spree in the south bay, we have team coverage tonight. new information on both of our big stories. >> we begin with the life of steve jobs. the history books will now take over, trying to gauge the impact he's had on modern life. as the tributes pour in from across the world, keep in mind it's here in the bay area where he was born, where he thrived, and ultimately where he died.
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>> certainly an emotional night for millions around the world. scott budman begins our coverage from apple headquarters in cupertino. scott, you're just a few miles away from where jobs and his boyhood friend started apple computers in his garage. >> reporter: it's the classic silicon valley story. after so many products, so much lore, so much influence over silicon valley, everyone has a favorite steve jobs commercial. but how about this, jobs famously inviting a ceo candidate to come with him and change the world. we did, and he did. >> this is the new mac book, and you can get a feel for how thin it is. >> reporter: steve jobs was a showman as much as a technologist. >> we are introducing macintosh
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at a main stream price point. >> reporter: he started apple as a young man, took it public, created jobs and wealth, and in the process, helped launch a blueprint for how silicon valley would work. >> a phone. are you getting it? >> reporter: his products changed the way we use computers, bought and listened to music, talked on our phones. he famously left apple in 1985, even more famously came back and brought it back to prominence. on the night of his death, apple is the world's most valuable and famous company. >> sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. don't lose faith. i'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going is i loved what i did. you've got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers. your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the
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only way to be satisfied is to do what you believe is great worth. and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. >> reporter: you got the feeling steve jobs, like the innovators before him, and those who will come after, loved what he did. we are hearing from people all over the world tonight about jobs. from the white house, president obama sending a message that "the world has lost a visionary, and there may be no greater tribute to steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented." as the tributes roll in, apple's ceo tim cook sent a message to employees saying that steve jobs leaves behind a company only he could have built and his spirit will forever be the foundation of apple. apple management is planning a celebration to remember the life of steve jobs. reporting live, scout budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott.
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really a global homage to steve jobs out tonight, played out in real time across all avs. at apple stores, twitter, facebook, millions reflecting on how he touched their lives. >> steve jobs seemingly had everything. intelligence, charisma, plenty of money and a loving family. what he didn't have is his health. george kiriyama continues our coverage now from cupertino. >> he had that presence in public, you know, that people looked at him and followed him. >> reporter: they followed steve jobs because he had a vision. an innovative and inspiring figure that helped put silicon valley on the map. those that worked with him will tell you he had a way of making you feel special. >> he made everyone at apple feel like they were part of it. >> reporter: employees and well wishers stopped by this bench to
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drop off flowers and balloons. a white ipad with his picture on the screen was draped over the bench. richard brought out his bagpipes to play music to be jobs' new journey. >> it's a tough day for everybody. just figured i would put a little bit of soothing music. >> it started with a few guys who changed the record. >> reporter: tech insiders say jobs changed the world. he knew jobs well and news of his death crushed him. >> i pulled off the freeway and had a cry. hi whole life has been wrapped up in this company and a little bit with steve. >> reporter: at the home where jobs grew up, in the garage where apple was born, fans like aaron miller stopped by to pause and reflect. >> we all want to be remembered in some way, and he gave a lot to be remembered by.
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so just a token of appreciation. >> reporter: robert still believes apple has a bright future saying "they still have the best retail and supply chain in the business, the best rnd lab and best design team in the business, all this because of steve jobs" and he says this will be an interesting company for a long time. live here in cupertino, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> the house that jobs built lives on. people around the world are doing what they can to remember the man who impacted their lives. in san francisco, hundreds gathered at an apple store to pay their respects to jobs. some of them carrying ipads bearing steve jobs' image. his death felt strongly around the country. people gathering to take pictures and video. so many of them using the very devices that he created. here's the statement now via apple's website --
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>> we also have reaction from apple's co-founder -- if you would like to share your comments, go to our website, coming up, we'll take you to steve jobs' home in palo alto. here's video where a memorial is growing tonight and also a police presence. our other top story, he's dangerous and he's still out there. the search on for an armed gunman who police say shot nine people killing three and wounding six during a workplace shooting at a cement plant in cupertino. officers say sharif alman shot a woman during a carjacking and escaped on foot.
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we begin with jean elle. some of the shooting victims are recovering, jean? >> reporter: that's right, two of the victims are here. they're being treated for gunshot wounds. they are expected to survive but they will have a long road ahead of them. one of the victims is now mourning the loss of his brother. tearful family members arrive at valley medical center in san jose after learning loved ones are shot. >> when you get a phone call, it crushes you in the heart. >> reporter: fred is crush. his brother, 51-year-old john was killed in a workplace shooting at the lehigh southwest cement plant in cupertino. >> he leaves behind a son and a daughter and five grand children. >> reporter: his growth brother, was also shot but also survived. two others were also killed.
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the sheriff says during a routine safety meeting around 4:00 a.m., sharif allman left for a moment and returned with guns and started shooting co-workers, killing three men, injuring seven. the sheriff says he took off in a car and tried to carjack an hb employee several blocks away, shooting her in the leg. she survived. the manhunt consumed much of the south bay. >> please lock your doors and be aware. we still believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: no one is sure what set him off, but the sheriff called him a disgruntled employee. a neighbor and friend of one of the victims says he liked his job but had recently talked about work stress because of layoffs and union seniority. >> today is a sad day, to lose a friend, you know, not just a church -- we went to church together, we were good friends. if i needed something, he would
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be there. he was a good guy. >> reporter: he wonder it is cutbacks at the plant may be to blame. >> we're all traumatized. we heard violence has happened in the street but it happens in the workplace, too, due to the situation in the market, especially the construction industry. >> reporter: many of the shooting victims have worked at the plant for decades and some were near retirement. reporting live in san jose, jean elle, nbc bay area news. how can one man evade hundreds of officers? whatever the answer, the search was suspended tonight, this after authorities spent the entire day going house to house in that quiet neighborhood. this whole ordeal started at the quarry of teaches creek boulevard in the foothills above cupertino. it's 7:00 a.m., the scene shifted to that parking lot where he attempted to carjack a woman. his last known location was near
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homestead road and wolfe road. it's been a day and night filled with tension for the residents of the neighborhood. we bring in monty francis who joins us. you're on site. one of the questions you're getting, why has the search been suspended tonight? >> reporter: well, because investigators say they believe that this neighborhood is now clear. the sheriff's department set up a command center in the parking lot of hp. they say they will be out here all night. but the concentrated search for the suspect was called off after a 13-hour manhunt. as night fell, the roadblocks and perimeter came down. but with authorities still warning people who live in this sunnyvale neighborhood to keep their doors locked, many here are not resting easy. >> it's scary, it is. our neighbors are all afraid and
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just scared. i'm glad i have my dog. >> reporter: earlier today, police were joined by the fbi and u.s. marshal service going street to street and house to house, using blood hounds that frequently picked up on a scent. as a helicopter circled overhead, they searched for any sign of allman, who was last seen near a gas station after he shot and injured a woman he was trying to carjack a half mile away. >> i heard the gunshots around 6:30 to 7:00, like three to five gunshots. we knew it was a gunshot because we don't hear that kind of noises here before. >> reporter: during the day, the s.w.a.t. team surrounded no fewer than ten homes. officers stopped drivers and searched cars. at one point they thought he holed up in a bathroom and brought in a remote control
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robot that entered the bathroom. he was not inside. police recovered at least four weapons, including a rifle found under a dumpster near the gas station but say video from that gas station showed that allman was still armed. >> something happened that would make someone do this kind of thing. i just pray to god that they'll find him and he doesn't hurt anybody else. >> reporter: in addition to warning residents here to lock their doors and keep their windows closed, the sheriff's department is asking people to call in tips to help locate this suspect. in just 90 seconds, a desperate plea. >> please turn yourself in. >> before he was wanted for murder, sharif launched his tv career. tonight, one of the women closest to him speaks out. >> the one thing that made this man late for work at the cement
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plant, might have saved his life. i'm jeff ranieri. there's a big change about to happen for your weekend. details in minutes. >> as we gobraromk, s e of the utibuttr tjoststeve .bs [ man ] did we get anything good?
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>> steve jobs is a big part of electronics in general. innovation, he'll be missed by many. >> his blood was syrian but his soul bay area. born in san francisco, adopted by a family and living in palo alto. a makeshift memorial, you see it here outside the home of steve jobs, complete with an ipad. here it is, displaying his last image. palo alto police have blocked off the street to through traffic. coming up, a look at the life and leg acy of a man. the workplace shooting spree stunning the south bay, especially the people who knew the alleged gunman. cheryl hurd sat down with one of his closest friends, who says the man accused of pulling the trigger is not the man she knew and respected.
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>> i never seen him angry. and i'm telling you in all the years i've known him. >> reporter: she says she met sharif 30 years ago. she was from chicago, he was from new york. they became good friends in the south bay and worked on different projects together, including his cable access show "real 20 real." >> he interviewed me first. we had such a good time just doing the interview. he was like, you should do your own talk show. >> reporter: and he said this interview from last year shows what type of man she knows him to be. >> i have to get ready for life before i can get ready for loving. >> reporter: she says she can't believe the single parent of two children apparently snapped and turned violent. >> how disappointed can a man be? he's not that guy. he's not that one. he's that guy that is going to help you if you need help.
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>> reporter: ray worked with allman on his team at the cement plant. >> they were all good. always a bad apple. >> reporter: he says he would have been at the meeting had his car not broken down. >> i've got an angel watching me. >> reporter: but all she sees in these pictures is a generous man. >> i know you don't trust nobody. i know that about you, but please turn yourself in. >> reporter: she's not the only one making a plea for allman to turn himself in. she says there are a number of people making that same plea. she says she doesn't want anyone else to get hurt. in cupertino, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. hear more about what neighbors and friends are saying on and then tune in starting at 4:30 starting tomorrow morning for the latest developments on
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the story. there are other headlines like the snowy weather. that's right, snow. the early fall storm bringing gusty winds and snow to the mountains. drivers had to put on tire chains at the higher elevations. the summit got six inches of snow and another six inches to a foot is expected by tomorrow. with the snow comes traffic jams. and ski resorts around lake tahoe are planning on opening earlier than usual if the snow continues. >> and that if can only be answered by one man, jeff ranieri. >> a little bit of snow and the rain will be tapering off. that makes me want to go christmas shopping. what about you guys? >> if you're buying. >> let's take a look at santa rosa. we did have 1. 41 inches of rainfall.
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you can see the entire monthly average for all of october. in two days, we picked up what we should see for the entire month. 64 in livermore. 64 in san francisco. however, we are going to be looking at much warmer changes coming up in the forecast. but right now, it's all about the cold. you can almost feel it on the map in the north bay. 49 in santa rosa. temperatures will be dropping into the mid 40s for the north bay communities. so a cold start for us. showers are going to be lingering in the forecast. let's look at the radar right now. nothing here for the bay area at the moment, but as we zoom out, another batch of showers right here. it's not too strong, but it has enough punch as it continues to head toward the south. we will have isolated showers in your morning forecast. let's get you up to speed here.
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6:00 a.m., you can see the batch of showers moving across the north bay and the peninsula, impacting the east bay. by 11:00 a.m., a lot pushes to the south. by 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., clear skies and sun for your afternoon. so if you're doing any commuting in the morning hours be prepared for slick roads. the cool weather gets out of here. we'll call it mild here the next 48 hours. 60s for tomorrow inland. but by friday, most noticeable difference here with sunshine coming back. as for tonight, 45 in santa rosa. 45 in livermore and 48 in gilroy. 60s tomorrow. that's it. that's all we can do for you. on my seven-day forecast, as fleet week gets here in san francisco, look at the numbers jumping to the mid and upper 70s asd 60s and clear skies at the ews and bitmo wre n sports right after this. can lulu have some beef pasta, too?
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palin for president? well, apparently it's not going to happen. sarah palin says she will not be seeking the gop nomination for president. >> this comes after months of speculation. she says her family comes first and she'll look forward to supporting the 2012 republican nominee. palin's decision comes just one day after new jersey governor chris christie also declined a presidential run. so it appears the list is now final.
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mitt romney, rick perry and the surging herman cain are considered the republican front-runners. city bank says it too will charge higher fees. starting in december, a new package will charge $15 a month if your balance dips below $6,000. the account will cost you $20 unless you keep $15,000 in a combined balance. that new limit is up from $6,000. a big golf tournament beginning tomorrow and went from kind of a little buzz to a whole lot of buzz. tiger woods is in town. let's bring in david andrews now. >> on a national level, raj, again, ahead in sports, tiger is loose south of san jose. we'll tell you why the sports world is all abuzz. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore
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the last time we saw tiger woods is when he missed the cut in august at the pga championship. today, we got a look at the supposedly new and improved tiger woods south of san jose, where he's preparing to play this week. but golf is not the only thing on his mind. >> as far as going to a big game a couple year ago, we lost to cal, which wasn't very good. i'm excited to see how this season is going to turn out. we were dialed in, and hopefully this is our season to take it
11:29 pm
all the way. nlds. diamondbacks trying to stave alive against the brewers. bottom of the first, bases loaded and that's a grand slam. back-to-back nights arizona has hit a grand slam. this makes it 5-1, arizona. in 27th, 8-4. it's that man again, young. a two-run shot. they win 10-6. a deciding game five in milwaukee on friday. more action. phillies looking to close it out. top of the first, already 1-0, phils. hunter pence singles, chase utley is going to score, making it u 0. back come the cardinals. bottom of the fourth. david freese doubles down the line. and two score. st. louis takes a 3-2 lead.
11:30 pm
skip schumacher at the plate and another skill comes across the field. same thing happened last night. they're calling that the rally squirrel. 3-2, cards. david freese again. he freezes that pitch , a two-run shot. cardinals win 5-3. game five back in philly also on friday. and we leave you tonight with a heartwarming story on a night where we could use one. a north carolina man fulfills a lifetime dream of driving on the fast track at charlotte motor speedway. what made it improbable, he's blind. he lost his eyesight in a car accident in 1998, which also left him in a coma for six weeks. that's a remarkable story. back to you. >> nice that he was able to lane. >> back in a moment, more with steve jobs. stay with us.
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♪ taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning it has been a long and difficult day for so many people here. we thank you for joining us and we invite you to stay tuned on the latest for the gunman in cupertino. >> we leave you with final images of steve jobs. perhaps the most simple way to remember his legacy, he changed the world by humanizing technology. he was 56-year-old old. good night. >> bye-bye.
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