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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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much his doctor, neurological surgeon, jeffrey bid him good-bye this morning and sent to another facility for rehabilitation and they will wait until he's had time to settle into the facility before they disclose the location. >> he continues to do well. i think forever you saw him today versus when he came in here, you might be surprised he's done as well as he's done now. does this mean he goes back to work and running down the halls? no not yet. >> reporter: a diehard giants home, he traveled from his home in santa cruz to los angeles to see the opening game on march 31st. he was attacked and ended up in a comatose state suffering from a traumatic brain injury. two men were charged with the incident. he was transferred to san francisco general on may 16th, where doctors did everything from operating on his skull to
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teaching him to sit up on his own. he says it's time t m aer se o. sbiswmod w a enatede fy usthen th. epr: ln'n ac weyaow s. hiil s tnt emead th ci athllnce hi ti er eerhi ek tnfek. verongs on. thra t ty,la ceefd heesng t tar 's co thudshupom oad glewi a crngrdt jois cny s ep? rt lleea s hsvebei ny w tns epentha h fit s n. il mida kth w aow sgl of towards going on here.
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nobody expected him to throw in this towel. >> my heart is heavy about the decision but i think sometimes it just becomes time and you have to know when those times are when you're not making the steps you need to make. >> reporter: after just two years on the job, oakland police chief, anthony batts said he's had enough. batts has announced he's resigning and said he didn't neil had the control to run the department the way he wanted to. >> i feel i don't have full control of the oakland police department. i don't have the ability to make the decisions i want to make to run the organization in this style i would like to run this police organization. this is the second police department that i've had -- i've been in this position. i felt when i've been through my tenure, i'd like to have 20% of this control of this police department but i have full accountability. if i have full accountability i want full control of the organization. >> i'm shocked like everybody else, we didn't see this coming. >> reporter: the president of
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the police officer's association says batts resignation is a shocker, while he didn't want to speculate what led to his decision. he had a message for mayor jean quan as she looks for a replacement. >> the chief should be the chief and allowed to run this police department as he sees fit. he's a professional person. he doesn't become chief overnight. it's a person that's a professional in this type position and he should be allowed to utilize his experience and training and leading this police department. >> when i came, i gave the chief the opportunity if he wanted to lead because he wasn't -- the other mayor had hired him. at that point, he said, no. i do think things were not what he thought it was going do be. i appreciate the fact that as oppunesnd t 'ma diow - >po: mr w ntiderc lanthtaytan hehoat ll nrrirown.
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or lnak'm hnd >>any o sano,30 msoc continue to occupy hotels empty buildings and they're not being forced out. advocates took over the buildings last night as part of world homeless action day. they wanted the city to think creatively about homelessness. foreclosures have left many empty buildings and they say it's more than enough to house the city's homeless population. police say they cannot remove the demonstrators unless the building owners ask them to do so. >> trying to stick it out as long as we can hold on to it. this is an open occupation, as they say. we were very public about the fact we were going to be here and usually in open occupations they're not the longest duration stays, but -- >> reporter: because the police
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eventually come around. >> because -- right. >> you're looking at a video of what the charles hotelok e t no acstays b do rs stl nveen ouf oba utenau o otsp acuin rylemt shf' ut cyonree ret thfmaie om asent ho woto he eotfe gho wo noal en oot ag sedaylih plndurs and h odehi us iualere t s o lit ial rte wne b ut >>t 91 ca retereusyic or onhearehe
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more cops -- cuts could be coming to california after projected state revenues fall short again. state comptroller said it missed the revenue mark in september, collecting $400 million less than expected. this is the third straight month state revenues have fallen short. governor brown and state lawmakers had projected the money to meet the budget last june. ever since then, it has fallen short. state lawmakers down play the shortfall saying they could still see a bump in revenue in the next six months or so. debating whether or not to out-source the police department, the decision is looming in millbrae tonight. the city council will decide whether to use services from the san mateo sheriff's office and could save the strained budget
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$400,000 a year. maintaining its own department would mean a new tax or cutting other services. right now millbrae doesn't even have a police chief and shares one with san bruno. that arrangement expires in a couple weeks. peanuts, expect to start paying a lot more. there was major shortage and the price of raw peanuts almost tripled in the last year. to make up for that peanut butter companies will hike wholesale prices 25 to 40% which means higher prices at your grocery store. >> we wished this would have happened in february or march next year. so much of the crop is dependent on the spring and summer months. it was such a drought it really affected them tremendously. >> peanuts aren't the only crops hurting. you can expect to pay more fo ffanpuns was daan du tng hhwa tohtdiewe a
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oh, my. take a look. you heard of the deer in he headlights correct? how about a deer in the cell phone store. this is actual video. this one sprinted into a sprint stone in philadelphia. employees left the door open to enjoy the warm temperatures. when they came in comes this six point buck. the two employees went outside and called police. meanwhile, the deer hopped over the customer service desk and
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knocked over a computer. suddenly he came right out the way he went. no word whether he placed a pre-order for the iphone. >> very excited about that. >> have a good night, folks.
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