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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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girl and why police have not yet arrested her killer. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we'll have more on that meeting in a moment. but first, breaking news in the east bay where two amtrak trains collided 30 minutes ago, this happening inside the train station. right now word is that 18 people have been injured. >> we do know it was a low impact collision. jean elle joins us live on the scene with the details. jean, do we know why this happened and the extend of the injuries here? >> reporter: this investigation is just beginning. the scene is very active. there are investigators here, as well emergency personnel, tending to people who are injured. two trains collided on this same track. witnesses tell me a train coming from bakersfield came into the station here and didn't stop until it hit a train that was stopped on the track.
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that train was coming from santa barbara heading to seattle. people on board said they felt a big jolt. >> the guy across the hall was talking about his arm hurt because he fell. and the other guy, i don't think he was -- he had fallen or anything. we were very close to the engine. >> reporter: that woman on board that train said there was not a lot of panic on board, but people were frightened because the jolt was so sudden. i'm being told by the fire department that there are 18 injuries. they are minor injuries. emergency personnel are here evaluating people. investigators are here, as well. i'm sure you saw the pictures of where the two trains met. there was debris. some smashed items but not a big impact zone. it didn't look like they hit too hard, although people on board the train would argue with me on that point. they felt a big jolt, 18 injuries here.
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this investigation is underway and more to you as soon as we have it. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> it could have been much worse. thank you, jean. her death could have been prevent and not enough is being done to make sure it doesn't happen to another child. outrage tonight in east palo alto as police met with the parents of the 6-year-old and her neighbors. the little girl was run down in the cross walk as she walked to hool with her mom and sisters. the dangerous intersection now the focus of the dispute over justice and civic responsibility. george kiriyama is live where that meeting took place in east palo alto. george, a lot of questions tonight for people there. >> reporter: well, jessica, the community has made it clear they want action now. the city is asking for more time, but neighbors say they're losing their patience. frustration was heard throughout the packed church hall room.
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some neighbors are still upset police did not upset the teacher for the cross walk death of the 6-year-old. >> there will never be peace in this community until we know whether this lady was talking on the phone moments before hitting that child. we demand an answer. you cannot avoid an answer from us. no, no, no, no. every time you open your mouth, you never answer that question. >> reporter: the police chief ron davis said he'll hand over the case to the district attorney's soon. he emphasized evidence over emotion will drive the case. >> we are seeking justice and we can't start compromising that because of emotions oranger. we must stay the course. >> reporter: but the family says that's not good enough. they're blaming the city for not taking action after two other accidents that happened in the
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same enter section earlier this year. >> it happened the first time, second time. so the third time they decide to do something? and everything to prevent accidents like this? the thing that hurts is that she was my cousin, and she's my blood. and they don't do nothing about it. >> reporter: chief davis says he feels the family's pain and the community's anger. >> as i sit here, i'm not just a police chief, but i'm a father and grandfather. so i can't imagine such a loss, to even think about the pain for everyone in this room. >> reporter: the city's traffic consultant will be finished with his report by friday. next tuesday, recommendation also be made to the council on how to make the intersection safer. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. also new at 11:00, a strong earthquake shook off the coast of oregon just a few hours ago. a 5.9, about 145 miles west of
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coos bay. there are no reports of any damage as the shaking took place more than 100 miles out into the pacific ocean. a tsunami warning has not been issued. it's a national movement sweeping the company, but it has a silicone valley flavor. first, occupy san francisco taken to another level today. 11 people arrested, hundreds of employees kept out of their offices after protests blocked the entrances to wells fargo. in oakland, it looked like a camp ground. the protested started monday and demonstrators say they will stay there indefinitely. despite citations, protesters are staying put. let's bring in elyse kirchner.
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>> reporter: not only did they come to walnut creek here, but they came to san rafael and san ramone. so it's clear that this movement is spreading from big cities to the suburbs. holding signs, standing in front of luxury stores like tiffany and company on main street in walnut streak. >> i'm barely making a living wage right now. i can't afford any medical coverage. >> reporter: protesters are part of the occupy wall street movement. >> if it's going on in walnut creek, it's serious. they're trying to brand this movement as dirty hippies, left wing politics. we've got all wings here. >> reporter: the movement that began almost four weeks ago has grown across the country. from big cities to the suburbs. and from young to older americans. >> we know what the country was like when we grew up, we had everything possible.
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now there's nothing possible for people. people come out of college and they don't have a chance for a job. >> reporter: organizers blame big banks that received federal bailouts while foreclosing on homeowners for the nation's economic crisis. >> the only thing that we can do as consumers is to get the word out there to move your money from the big banks to a community bank or a credit union. >> reporter: but some argue the criticism is largely misplaced. >> i mean, let's face it, corporate america, it's what keeps people employed and the big machine of america working. >> reporter: but whether you agree or disagree with the movement's message, it seems to be getting louder. >> over $90,000 raised through our platform. >> reporter: rich is the founder of a silicon valley startup that collects money online. he says donations for occupy wall street are coming in daily from people mostly in their early 20s. >> it's normal people taking it
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upon themselves to help out any way that they can. >> reporter: and there were no arrests here today. organizers say they are planning another protest for next wednesday. live in walnut creek tonight, nbc bay area news. this is real life. san francisco police have formed the city's first-ever svu. various investigative units have come together to create the special victims unit, focusing on domestic violence and sex crimes. they will also investigate human trafficking, stalking and missing persons cases. a week after a deadly shooting, eight people are dead tonight. one still clinging to life after a gunman opened fire at a southern california beautly salon. the shooting happened near seal baemp. the gunman was carrying multiple weapons when he talked into the
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salon and started shooting. 911 was called. police arrested the suspect during a traffic spot about a half mile from the salon. there he is. police don't know what the motive for the shooting is, but the man is a salon worker's ex-husband. the fright night fight under way in fremont tonight. >> i'm going to miss it. they've been doing it for a couple of years now. it's like a tradition. >> up next, why the city is telling one family to demolish their house of horrors or the city will do it for them. i believe it's the highest quality counterfeit in the world, period. >> counterfeit cash that can fool even the experts. what making these bills so difficult to spot and where they're turning up in the bay area. and the logo lawsuit facing the san francisco giants. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. as the sun set tonight, orange in the sky from oakland looking
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towards san francisco with a full moon overhead and temperatures were warm today, upper 70s and low 80s. we'll talk about a hotter thursday coming our way in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. we'll continue to follow that breaking news in oakland where two trains collided. we'll have the late nest a nt [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney...big as it gets sale, save big... ...with night and day doorbusters this friday and saturday. save 60% off coats for her and him. 50% off the hottest boots. 50% off the latest dresses.
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more now on the breaking news we're following in the east bay. at least 18 passengers have been injured, but we're told they are minor injuries after two amtrak trains collided about 40 minutes ago in oakland. once again, minor injuries and it's believed to be a low impact crash. this is at the amtrak station at jack london square. the trains involved in the collision are trains 717 and train 14. once again, it's a low-impact collision. we know at this hour all trains are not operating now. the station has been shut down at jack lemmon scare. a fremont teenager who loves to scare people is getting the fright from city hall. the city issued a cease and
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desist order for his haunted house. jean elle has a look at city government at work. >> these will be jam packed full of clothes and stairs on the backside. >> reporter: chris loves to scare people. his backyard haunted house is famous on delaware drive. >> every year we go there. >> i like the suspense. but it really scares you. >> this is the house of horrors. >> reporter: this year was going to be his biggest house of horrors yesterday. building for months, the 18-year-old and his friends were ready to decorate until the city of fremont sent him a cease and discyst order. >> my mom told me we had a citation. >> reporter: the city checked into the haunted house after someone complained about traffic concerns and determined the structure violates zoning laws. he says it's solid.
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he's prepared to take it down but isn't giving up. >> i'm so determined because it's for the community. i love seeing people smiling and happy. >> reporter: he's hoping to move his tradition to a parking lot. kids say it won't be the same. >> i'm going to miss it if we have to take it down, because we've been doing it for a couple years now. it's like a tradition. >> reporter: one city department shut him down and now another is working to get him a permit, fast. if the permit comes through, they will do their best to take this structure down, move it and decorate it all in time for halloween. reporting in free month, jean el elle, nbc bay area news. for 20 years, the united states government has been searching the globe for fakes, people who print counterfit money. so far they've come up empty. but for the second time in these two decades, someone has been charged with passing fake bills and it happened here in the bay
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area. garvin thomas takes us in depth in search of the super note. >> reporter: you could try, but you would fail. we're sure of it. given all the time you want, you could not tell which of these $100 bills is real, and which is fake. not even san francisco's top law enforcement official, its former police chief can do it. >> i would not be able to tell the difference at all. >> reporter: these fakes are just that good. >> i believe it's the highest quality counterfeit in the world, period. >> reporter: assistant district attorney michael sullivan and his boss are talking about these. 361 counterfeit $100 bills. $36,000 linked to a man named peter chang. the 81-year-old chang owns a china town jewelry store.
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he was recently convicted of using those counterfeit bills to buy gold coins from two other chinatown merchants in 2007. his victims, though, weren't the ones that spotted the fakes. even bank tellers didn't pick it up. it took a machine to detect the counterfeits and the secret service to trace them back to chang. >> there's an imperfect of the printing of the n in the united states states and in the lower right hand corner, it generally turns from green to black, in this case it goes from green to ma genta. >> reporter: other than, that they're exact replicas. the right paper, the right ink. even down to security threads and water marks. the bills are perfect. in fact, it's how they got their name, super notes. >> a super note is so perfect it's better than the original.
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>> reporter: kevin hall is a correspondent for the mcclatchy newspaper chain. he's been reporting on super notes nor years. the first one appeared in 1989, and since that time, the federal reserve has pulled $500,000 in circulation. still, no one knows for sure who is making them, where in the world they are, and how they got their hands on the right equipment and raw materials. >> you can argue that it's easier to get your hands on nuclear materials than it is to get your hands on this bank note printing equipment. >> reporter: the united states government has accused north korea of making the notes. but many experts question if that country is even capable. there is good evidence north korea plays a role in circulating the money. still -- >> there's a very big distinction between distributing them and making them. >> reporter: so that leaves unanswered the most important
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question, who brought the bills to san francisco? just how many more of them are out there undetected? and if the experts have trouble spotting the fax, what hope do the rest of us have? >> everybody uses cash to some degree. anyone can be a victim. and the victim in the case is the last person with the currency in their hand. >> reporter: in san francisco, garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> peter chang was convicted by a jury in august for passing the fake bills. he'll be sentenced this november. while it's not likely you could spot a super note, there are things people can do to protect themselves, such as asking for identification before accepting $100 bills. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri and talk about the warmup we're experiencing. thursday the warm day now? >> yes. it's going to be the hottest this week. this forecast is by all means true and exact here as we head into the end of the workweek. let's take a look at the highs.
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81 in concord, 82 in san jose. numbers 5 to 10 degrees as what we had at the start of the week. we are starting to cool off here. 67 in oakland. 64 in concord and 66 in san jose. so let's get you into tonight. some clearing out here at the coastline. fog stays well offshore and as we continue throughout thursday, numbers 5 to 10 degrees above average. with all of this sunshine, that warm weather may have you heading out to the beach, but there is going to be dangerous rip currents out here. we have mid and high level cloud cover, but that's not going to be producing rainfall from us. it's part of this expanse of a system stretching 1,946 miles here offshore, but it's continuing to get pushed up here off towards the north, all this cold air is getting held at bay from a stationary front. so high pressure that produced record setting heat in los angeles, triple digit
11:20 pm
temperatures, is just going to edge up closer to us, increasing the heat throughout the next 48 hours. so for tomorrow, looking at those fog-free conditions at the coastline. and throughout friday, it's going to stay warm throughout our interior sections. as for tomorrow, we're going to start off with 55 in santa rosa and 55 in san rafael with low to mid 60s in san francisco and our highs tomorrow, close to 90 degrees in morgan hill and for gilroy. 88 in dublin. 85 in san jose with upper 70s to low to mid 80s from san francisco down the peninsula. and throughout concord, pittsburgh and fairfield, mid 80s tomorrow and 86 in napa. with 85 in santa rosa and 84 in lake port. morning time on the weather channel and on cable. and you'll notice on our seven-day forecast, warm, mid to upper 80s and saturday and
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sunday, cloud numbers start to go down and by next wednesday, we have a chance of showers coming back into the forecast with also temperatures in the 70s. so we are looking at some gradual changes to bring us back to, well, reality for this time of the year as we head throughout next week. tomorrow, warm to hot. not looking at major records set here across the bay area. but it's something that is unusual for us. >> forget next week, we'll just focus on the next few days. still ahead, the country flying you in for free. find out how to get a ticket.
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it does seem odd that anyone other than the san francisco giants own the san francisco logo. but one company is planning on suing the team saying it does. turns out both the giants and the mlb never trademarked the logo. so back in march, go-go sports of hayward, a company that sells giants gear on the streets, did just that. major league baseball tried to trademark the logo a month later but couldn't. the good news for the giants, law protects unregistered trademarks and because the logo is clearly associated with the team already, the team basically owns it any way. >> so there. some wild endings in the baseball playoffs tonight. and when coach harbaugh talks, people listen.
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welcome back to nbc bay
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area. teenages would love to hang out at 49ers headquarters this week. the coach plans to turn up the bass immediately on the new sound system. 49ers are preparing for a showdown against the lions. this will be a tough road trip to motown. lit be loud inside ford field. so harbaugh is pumping in extra sound during practice. >> we've been trying to get that done for about eight weeks. so we finally got it done. i knew where to get them. huh? my guy over at sanford. he's a whiz with electronics. kevin brought them out, yeah. >> the players are focused on more than just crowd noise. the lions' d will be a good chance for the san francisco offense and quarterback alex smith who is thriving under the
11:29 pm
direction of jim harbaugh. >> they know what they're doing, they're well coached. and they fly around extremely fast. a lot of teams are beat over there. you can tell they know what they're doing. it all fits together. and i think that allows them to play fast, especially the front. over to baseball. brewers and cardinals, nlcs. game three, sereried tied at 1-1. pujols doubles here. jon jay comes in to make it 2-0. still in the first, cards up 3-0. david freese, chilling out there. 4-0 cards. man, this was going good for st. louis. top of the 9th, casey mcgee. cardinals win 4-3 taking a 2-1 lead in the series.
11:30 pm
rangers and tigers, game four. tied at 3-3. delmon young with a fly ball to right. nelson cruz is under it but he's not done. cabrera trying to get home. not this time. collision at the plate. he's out. top of the 11th, mike napoli singles to center. josh hamilton will score to make it 4-3. and the next batter was nelson cruz. put it in cruise control. my goodness. three-run shot. rangers win 7-3. taking a 3-1 series lead. they are jamming out there along with the niners with those huge speakers. can that fit in your house at aur all, jessica? >> in raj's house. >> i'm sick and tired of the bullying between you two. >> is that what we call it these 'll be right back.k. beth!
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injuries are minor. trains involved are the train 717 and 14. low-impact collision, but at this time, no trains are running through the station. finally tonight, japan's tourism agency is giving away 10,000 trips next year. all you have to do is write a report about your experience, which will be published online. the tourism industry has been struggling since the march 11 earthquake and tsunami, which devastated the country. japan says the country is safe apart from the area around the fukushima nuclear plant. >> good ni who's on "the tonight show" >> jay: is she excited to be


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