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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 16, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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browns and raiders and lighting the flame to remember al davis. jason campbell hurt in the second on this scramble. he's out indefinitely, fractured clavicle. 17-7, they line up for the field goal. but it's a fake. 35-yard strike. raiders win 24-17.
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john henry w more on n emotional raiders day. >> emotions were high and the stands were full on the day raider nation turned out in force to commemorate the passing of al davis. >> we honor one of the greatest raiders ever in coach davis. like i said, i know he's looking down saying, just win, baby. that's what we did. that's what we do here, we win. >> raiders officials say they're not sure when or for how long the flame commemorating al davis will be lit again. of course for those who witnessed its lighting by john madden, the memory will burn in their minds maybe forever. for xfinity sports sunday, i'm john henry smith. i think anybody, an nba fan, is certainly bummed. i understand that this is business. and everyone in this business wants to make money. so just trying to make it fair for everybody so everybody can win. >> tiger woods, just another fan missing the nba.
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while the negotiations stumble along, some star players are taking their games elsewhere, including deron williams, tony parker, and the warriors, reggie williams. we continue our sunday sit-down here on "xfinity sports sunday." bill duffy joins us. among his clients, steve nash, yao ming. let's begin with leverage in negotiations. how do the nba players get leverage? >> that's a great question. and, you know, leverage in any negotiation is usually determinant on the victor. you obviously want to have a balance in any negotiation. but in this case, the owners have a very powerful stronghold because they have the paycheck. which they will withhold starting november 1st. so the challenge we've had is this a two-year ordeal, we've seen this coming. now that we're at a pressure point, i think the owners are relying on the fact that the
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players are going to relent and compromise at this point. >> billy hunter is the executive director of the nba players association. then there's an executive board made up of a lot of players. where are agents in these discussions? >> it's a very interesting question, because although we are the representatives for the players we are not part of the union, we are advisers to the players. the union is made up of the body of the 400 or so players in the league. so our voice, it resonates but we're not at the table, we don't have a seat at the table, which is i think a dichotomy. because we're the ones who are negotiating the contracts on a day-to-day basis. so we're passive participants and it is pretty frustrating. >> how much advice are you right now giving your current clients or maybe other agents? this is a union we're talking about and there is a term, decertification. has that come up between agents and their players? >> yes, it has. absolutely, we've had discussions throughout the course of the summer. my preference would have been to pursue that possibly earlier. went the last two weeks, we have 40, 45 players in the nba, we've
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had a conference call with every player and group to explain everything and make sure they're informed. >> bill duffy, nba player agent, thanks very much for clarifying much of this and letting the fans get behind the curtain of these negotiations. we appreciate your insight. >> appreciate being here, thank you. still to come, with interest at an all-time high, why the nba every day they delay a return to the hardwood. [ female announcer ] did u know that sprite
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time for us to take a look at "xfinity sportsed is" next week. the eternal question of whether or not college athletes should be paid by the ncaa next sunday following "football night in america" right here on nbc bay area. bank of the west play of the day, cards and brewers, game six, st. louis. one win away from the world
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series. 12-6 cards in the ninth. jas jason mott. kotsay swinging. that's the 18th pennant for st. louis in their franchise history, our bank of the west play of the day. welcome back in, "xfinity sports sunday." nba, all-time high in popularity, are the fans coming back? >> i think they'll come back as long as the season's not canceled. think that the hard-core fans know what the differences are, and if they can get a season, 50-game season, hard-core fans will understand. and the casual fan, it will be fine with them too because they think it's too long a season anyway. they miss a whole year, think they're in trouble. >> we get to christmas, most casual fans really start thinking about the nba. it's not the nfl. nfl fans are so hyped up about it, if they had not had the first week they would have felt like a betrayal. the nba, they don't get into it,
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they don't think about it until december 25th or later. i think that time is when the fans are going to be weighing whether they jump back in. >> who's more wrong, players or owners? >> i think the owners are. >> really? >> they have everything in the collective bargaining agreement as is to make the system work. >> i think this is the problem of bad owners. bad owners screwed up their cap, screwed up the long-term, screwed up the bad contracts. they want to fix up having the players get it back to them, bad owners are the problem. >> thank you very much for your time. up next, a special edition of "nbc bay area news" with diane dwyer. thanks and good night. ♪
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good sunday evening. i'm diane dwyer. we are on at a special time tonight because of football. san jose police shot and killed a man today. it is the sixth time so far this year that an officer in san jose has shot a suspect, and it happened near downtown. nbc bay area's kimberly terry's at san jose police headquarters with more on that for us. >> reporter: san jose police say they are still investigating this case, and right now they aren't releasing many details. they got a call just before noon about a suspicious man in an apartment complex. four officers responded and confronted the suspect in the back of the parking lot. >> a report came in, at least one report came in from the residential area here. a resident presumably indicating that a person was acting in a suspicious manner or something to that effect, and that that person was armed.
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>> reporter: police say during their interaction with this suspect, one officer fired his weapon, killing the man. police won't say what led up to the shooting or if the man was, in fact, armed at the time. witnesses say the man was in a car when he was shot and neighbors say they didn't recognize him and don't believe he lived in the complex. police have not identified the suspect. they will only say he's an adult male. again, this incident is under investigation. as we get more information, we will, of course, pass that along to you. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. and in washington today, tens of thousands of people gathered for the official dedication of the martin luther king jr. national memorial. the event was supposed to happen last month on the 48th anniversary of the legendary "i have a dream" speech. but it had to be delayed because of hurricane irene. brian moore has a look for us. ♪ ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: on a brilliant
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autumn day on washington's national mall, dr. martin luther king jr. took his place alongside lincoln, jefferson, and washington. >> you will stand for all-time among monuments to those who fathered this negotiation nation and those who defended it. >> reporter: tens of thousands attended the official dedication of king national memorial. an event that weaves together musical tributes with political calls for political justice. >> do what we must do to create a better world. >> reporter: it was a celebration of a simple minister turned martyr. a towering figure in american history who stood barely 5'7". >> now he's 30 feet tall looking down on everybody. >> reporter: for dr. king's children, it was a day to celebrate a legacy that lives on. >> so while we commemorate his memory today with this great memorial, let us not confuse nor forget what he stood for and died for. >> reporter: a day to honor a man and a dream of peace and
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racial harmony that echoes across time. >> i have a dream today. >> the true measure of any man is how his message continues on. >> reporter: a message now etched in stone in the nation's capital. brian moore, nbc news, washington. donations are pouring into the occupy wall street movement in new york just a few blocks from wall street, you'll find piles of food, clothing and medical supplies and more. along with lots of folks. the supplies are housed ironically in a former bank. the goods were donated from throughout the world and sent to a post office box. even the speculate itself there is free. the supplies feed about 2,000 people a day. >> anywhere from 100 to 400 boxes a day. people have been sending us so much support, it's overwhelming. >> i think people just feel like a part of a community. they feel appreciated. they feel like they belong.
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>> so far, even $230,000 have been donated in a bank account. it's a good bet that account is probably not with bank of america. in the bay area, a high-profile peace activist was arrested at sacramento's occupy protest this morning. 53-year-old cindy sheehan was one of 19 arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. this is file video. if you remember, sheehan attracted national attention in 2005 after her son was killed in action in iraq, and she set up a camp outside president bush's texas ranch. the state's largest group of doctors is taking a controversial position on marijuana. the california medical association is now calling for the legalization of marijuana. the group adopted that position at its annual conference this weekend, becoming the first major medical group in the
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country to take that stance. nbc bay area's monty francis is in oakland with that story for us. >> reporter: good evening. the cma represents about 35,000 physicians statewide, and it took the stance even though it says the medicinal value of marijuana remains unclear. the cma says it's an open question whether cannabis is useful for medical purposes but the only way to find out is to legalize it and do more research. more important, the position comes in response to a growing frustration that doctors are being put in the difficult position, deciding whether to prescribe a drug that's legal under state law but illegal under federal law. we heard reaction from the executive director of harbor side health center, one of oakland's four pot dispensaries. it serves about 600 patients a day. >> i'm 100% confident that as the cma and other researchers are given opportunities to look more deeply into cannabis, that they will find what i know. that it's a very effective
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medicine for a wide range of ailments. >> reporter: not everyone is cheering the cma's decision. the california police chiefs association called it "an unbelievably irresponsible position given the physiological impacts of marijuana, its effects on young brains, and the number of vehicle accidents associated with driving under the influence." the cma acknowledges there are some health risks associated with marijuana but it suggests that pot should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. live in oakland, monty francis, nbc bay area news. it was a deadly accident today at a las vegas motor speedway. dan wheldon, two-time indy 500 winner, died today in a horrific multi-car crash in the indy series season finale. during a fiery 15-car wreck on lap 12, wheldon's car went airborne and flew into the catch fence. the 34-year-old racer was
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airlifted to the hospital. after news of the death amongst the drivers there was an emotional five-lap tribute in his honor. >> we're all very sad. he'll be missed. it's hard for the family. >> my wish for now, it's for his family, for his kids. for everyone around him. certainly the ones who suffer most of it are the ones here. >> wheldon leaves behind his wife and two young children. also injured in the crash was bay area native j.r. hildebrand and sausalito. he remains in the hospital tonight for further evaluation, we're told. and coming up next on nbc bay area news, remembering and honoring two bay area icons. we'll take you to the memorials of apple co-founder steve jobs and raiders hall of famer al
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in libya forces began to tear down moammar gadhafi's main compound today. they used bulldozers. a commander called the compound a symbol of tyranny and said the area will be turned into a public park. the sprawling fortress-like compound was one of the main targets of nato forces. nato and the u.s. are still searching for moammar gadhafi himself.
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apple held a memorial for steve jobs at stanford university today. the intention was to celebrate the co-founders life with close family and friends. apple is planning a memorial wednesday for employees at cupertino headquarters. jobs died at age 56 of cancer. governor jerry brown issued a proclamation declaring today steve jobs day in california. in oakland it was medical rarl for the raiders organization and fans as they honored al davis at the team's first home game since his death last week. the flag was at half staff in honor of davis. a video presentation of his life started the day as coaches, players and employees wore t-shirts with al written inside the raiders' shield. fans came with signs thanking the legendary owner with davis' most coveted phrase, "just win,
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baby." former raiders gathered around the symbol painted at midfield as hall of fame coach john madden lit a call drop. a public address announcer said the flame would burn forever. >> did so many wonderful things for so many people. you know. brought excitement to the game of football. he's been in every part of it that you can imagine. >> al davis built this character, this culture, and he nurtured it for over 50 years. so everything that you see out here, feel out here, is a reflection of the character and spirit of al davis. >> rappers mc hammer and ice cube stood along the sideline in raiders gear showing their respect. the raiders went on to win. they beat the browns 24-17. along with this touchdown right
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here, keep going, we're going to watch it to the end, keep going. very nicely done. time to play a little play by play there. check in with rob mayeda on weather, what's going on there? >> great day in oakland. watching raiders victory with temperatures originally in the 70s this afternoon, now cooling down into the mid 60s. pretty nice finish to the weekend. we have a bit of a sea breeze. northwest wind at 6 through oakland. southwest winds reaching fairfield. at least temporarily, though, the next 24 hours, sea breeze is going to back off, which is going to lead briefly to some short-term warming. before tuesday, we cool down once again. then one more chance of showers. not as widespread as last night, rather mainly well north of sonoma county on wednesday. the long range forecast for this time of year is actually looking pretty dry. let's rewind back to the morning. you can see that we did have showers go racing by the bay area mainly for the first half of the morning. as we made our way into the afternoon things did start to dry out. things clearing out hereof shore. but this little area of low
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pressure which has been holding position will approach the coast late tuesday and wednesday, which may bring changes to the middle part of the week. monday dry, a bit of a north wind. temperatures are going to come up at least a few degrees. more 80s showing up for your monday. then tuesday, the sea breeze picks back up. wednesday a chance of showers, mainly north of lake county. after that, neck week or two actually looks very dry around the bay area. temperatures warming up again for the second half of the week. tonight we'll see lows in the 50s. patchy low clouds and probably drizzle on the coast. but other than that, partly cloudy skies. 50s around the bay area. high temperatures come tomorrow. warming back up again. the numbers looking good. mid 80s for areas south of san jose. alameda looking good, 77. 75 for san francisco. the warmest day to start the work week for monday before things cool off midweek, mid 80s again out to the trivalley. north bay, 87 santa rosa.
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83 san rafael. the seven-day forecast cools off midweek. next weekend looks gorgeous again. highs back in the mid 80s as we approach next sunday. things warming up again. perfect timing for next weekend. more than 22,000 runners took part in the eighth annual nike women's marathon in san francisco. they braved the cold and hills of san francisco this morning. it turned out nicer after that. in what is billed as the largest women's race in the world and one of the largest cancer fund-raisers of its kind. a cap toll la woman won with a time of about 3 hours. as runners crossed the finish line they were greeted by a man in a tuxedo handing out tiffany boxes. inside was a necklace charged with nwm, nike women's marathon. they all had a pretty good time as well. thank you for watching a
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