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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 18, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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i'm bob francisco. there's been another meeting between police and protesters as the occupied sf. sunnyvale. could the case be a misunderstanding?
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police lights and ke s and neighbors. >> touted as one of the biggest safe cities in the country, now under fire for a violent spike in crime. the chief of police is about to start answering tough questions about the recent violence and what the city plans to do about it. >> in the last year alone, san jose police has shot six suspects, three of those died from their injuries. there's been a total of 38 homicides in san jose this year, the most since 1997. of course, until a couple of months ago this year. an 18-year-old was gunned down near camden and brown a couple of weeks ago. a strange situation in sunnyvale this morning. someone was shot, but police say it may have been accidental. a hospital employee called to say they had a gun shot victim in their care. the man was shot about midnight at the plaza homestead park
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apartments. officials say he will survive. right now, investigators are interviewing people to figure out what happened. our camera captured officers arresting someone, but police say he has not been charged with the shooting. they hope to release more information later today. occupied san francisco protesters want the mayor and the board of supervisors to get the police off their backs. later on this afternoon, they plan to plead their case about a right to a peaceful assembly. bob redell spent the morning with demonstrators. he joins us now from san francisco. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jon. some of the occupy sf protesters do plan to march down to city hall within the next couple of hours to speak at the weekly board of supervisors meeting, to try to resolve the stealemate about whether or not they can stay here. an hour ago there was an encounter with police, very peaceful, which was in sharp
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contrast to what happened sunday night. we believe it's the first time both sides have spoken with each other over the past 24 hours. he stopped by to remind the protesters that the lines of communication are open. one protesters tried to argue, and he was shot down by another protester, who was trying to keep the conversation civil. the protesters do plan to bring up what happened here the other night when they do have a chance to address the board of supervisors during the public comment section of this afternoon. they believe that police used excessive force when they tried to shut down their camp, which officers say is illegal. sfpd has been cleared. they're not trying to infringe on their first amendment rights, they say. but you're not allowed to set up tents and sleep overnight in city parks. protesters surrounded the truck, slashing one of the tires when
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they tried to remove them from the camp. later police arrested protesters who laid down in front of police vehicles. an alleged police brutality has overshadowed the greater problems that occupy sfers would like to see solved. >> public health care, college even to be free for everyone. we want minimum wage raised. >> public education, raise standards, more languages. it seems like foreign countries have higher education standards than we do here. >> i would like to see more regulations on the financial markets. i would actually like more government. i would like to see teachers not to get fired. >> i don't think there's any one law or any one conversation or any one moment that's going to be this concrete definitive demand or purpose. the best part about this is it's
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raising discussion. there are probably about 100 protesters who have been staying here at herman plaza. there's probably another 30 that are a couple of blocks down the street in front of the federal reserve building. that's the area where they were permitted to stay. in the past 48 to 72 hours, they decided to move here because they said down there it was just getting too crowded. again, the occupy sf crowd are saying that they plan to march on to city hall within the next couple of hours to address the board of supervisors for their meeting. i'm bob redell. jon and marla, back to you. >> thank you. two of california's most powerful lawmakers will speak out on strengthening of oversight of gas pipelines. dianne feinstein and barbara boxer will speak at a senate hearing on capitol hill, asking them to tighten safety regulations. too many communities across the
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country are vulnerable to the same type of blast that happened in san bruno last year. the senate did, in fact, pass a pipeline safety bill, boosting the oversight and regulation of pipelines. it calls for automatic shut-off valves for newly installed pipes and crackdown on older pipeline safety inspections. the house passed a bill that would free federal pipeline regulations. both the senate and house will come together to make a bill that both can agree on. >> tonight in san francisco, a final vote on a law that could give uninsured workers more money to cover health care costs but that vote could be vetoed by mayor ed lee. current city law requires employers to contribute to health care funding for uninsured workers, but employers can take back any unused money in the health care fund after a year. tonight, the board of supervisors could make it illegal for workers to pocket
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that money after workers leave the job. mayor ed lee says he will veto the law if the board does so. it will be his first veto since take iing office in january. the city of concord could vote to snuff out smokers downtown. city hall council -- actually, city council will hold a meeting to make smoke iing illegal witha 17-block radius around the todor santos plaza. police say they will issue warnings before they actually start citing people. the port of oakland supports about 70,000 bay area jobs. it's important to keep the freighters moving in the highly competitive shipping business. and a huge grant will do just that. christie smith joins us live from the port to explain. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. 50 feet doesn't sound like much. to the port of oakland, it is huge. that's how deep the water is out
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here. congresswoman barbara lee was here this morning to talk about neufeld funds to keep it that deep and keep the port competitive, especially in an economy that keeps sputtering along. spokesperson for the port reminded, as you said, that it creates 70,000 jobs for the region. mayor jean kwon out here as well. congresswoman lee is talking about $18 million in federal funding for the port, which helps it reach a milestone at $350 million. what happens is that port customers pay a tax for harbor improvements, but apparently getting that money flowing isn't all that easy. but it is critical to the flow of commerce, especially in tough times. >> ports all over the country right now are feeling a challenge in terms of their business because of the volatility in the global economy and then also just the challenges we have here at home. definitely, we're feeling the pinch, but we're trying to promote exports as much as possible and trying to take
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advantage of every opportunity to grow our business. so, these funds that we get to keep the harbor deeper are so important for keeping jobs here and growing jobs when there is a new opportunity. >> reporter: so, again, this money supports harbor deepening and dredging, keeping the port at 50-feet deep, which is critical for the large container ships to move out. it was at 42-feet deep a couple of years ago. it is the fifth busiest containment ship port. a lot of excited folks here at the port today. jon and marla, back to you. >> christie, thank you. time for check on the weather. christina loren is here to tell us about it. if i recall, there may be a little bit of a chance of precipitation. >> in the form of showers. very good. rain showers in the forecast. nothing heavy. that will be tomorrow afternoon, mostly north of the golden gate
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bridge. we could is he a little of the activity push to the south bay. overall we'll see a pretty nice y, even nmorrow. more cloud cover on the way, though, as we head ill tomorrow morning. we'll be dealing with that fog all day long. temps are in the 60s and 70s. runndg overall 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. 62 in hayward. a pretty solid bank up against the santa cruz mountains. and places like livermore and fremont the second half of your day. full-on sunshine you have in san jose will change as we head through this afternoon. much cooler day on tap for tomorrow. we'll talk about the showers and, more importantly, we're almost to wednesday, right? we can talk about the weekend. >> you can always talk about the weekend. >> that's true. yeah. still ahead, the rolling stones visiting san hez a, san francisco and walnut creek all in one night.
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we'll explain. and ripping off the president's teleprompters. will he be wing iing it tonight? ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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san jose police addre the recent spike in deadly crime. homicides are up in san jose this year, as well as officer-involved shootings. this officer here, addressing those issues. let's listen in. >> on monday, october 10th, we received a call of a man acting strangely in the area of old tisdale and narva ez. people described him of either having no clothes on or having just shorts on or having tan
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clothing on. patrol officers made contact with that individual on tisdale and the individual was armd with a handgun. he refused to comply with officers. >> he is literally going case by case, homicide by homicide, officer-involved shootings, giving the details and facts on each case. of course, we do have our crew on scene and we'll bring you the very latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. president obama hitting the road again today, pushing that jobs bill of his. the president is going to schools, selling his plan to meet with teachers and soon-to-be teachers in jamestown in north carolina, trying to pressure republicans into his jobs bill. the president will meet with students at a local community college. later on tonight, the president will make speeches at a nearby high school. but those speeches -- well, hey, they almost didn't happen after
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thieves took a truck that travels with the president for a little joy ride. inside that truck? $200,000 worth of sound equipment, including teleprompters and several podiums that are designed only for the president. our sister station out in richmond, richmond, virginia, says thieves stole the truck, carrying the equipment when it was parked outside a courtyard marriott. police, fortunately, found the truck a short time later. of course, if anything like that happens in las vegas tonight, it could be a catastrophe. the full slate of republican candidates will be playing their hands at a debate there tonight. the stakes are high. all eyes are on businessman herman cain, who has surged to the top of the polls. the vase far from decided. he is still in a dead heat with presumed front-runner mitt romney. next time you fly and go through security, you may notice more chatdowns instead of patdowns, a pilot program to test out security agents
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checking your i.d. and boarding pass, who are now trained to ask a series of questions like, "why are you here? where are you going? what type of work do you do?" agents will be looking at body language and unusual answers that could raise a red flag. the program already in effect out in detroit and will roll out the next several months across the country. apple is announcining something new this morning. >> scott mcgrew has the report. >> the whisper numbers, we call it. 29 billion in total revenue in three months. that's $21,000 they're making every minute. what i want to see, though, is can ipad sales top 10 million? we got distract bid the new iphone. the ipad, though, is truly revolutionizing the computer or killing the laptop, which is pretty much the same thing. in all my years of tech
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reporting, i never figured out why yahoo! announces at the same time. maybe it's so everyone is distracted by apple. yahoo! will open its books to investors this afternoon. yahoo!'s arch enemy, who caused so much trouble over yahoo! in the past says he has enough cash on hand to buy yahoo!. that doesn't mean the leader of alibaba is going to. frankly, if he were serious, he wouldn't say he's going to do it. all he's doing is pushing yahoo!'s stock price higher, which makes it more expensive for him to buy. if he really did it, there would be lots of legal ramifications, as washington would take a look at the idea of a chinese company owning yahoo! back to you. >> scott mcgrew, thanks a lot. christina loren is check in that forecast. say it isn't so. >> it is, but it's not going to last long. no fret. throughout tomorrow, you'll get a chance to sport that leather jacket for one day only.
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temperatures will get in the low 70s inland and maybe the upper 60s in san francisco. meanwhile, places like pacifica will struggle to make it into the 60s. onshore flow is fully in effect. at this hour, we have a lot of fog hanging out over santa cruz, expecting those clouds to increase over the south bay. you see that from your futurecast at 2:00 pm. otherwise, you'll see a pretty nice day when you subtract all that cloud cover. 79 in los gatos and 69 in santa cruz. same goes for san francisco. temperatures tumble even more so as we head through tomorrow. cut-off low. here it is. it's sitting and spinning over the past couple of days. here is the jet stream. we call it a cut-off low because it's cut off from the jet stream. that jet stream will start to move inland through the next 48 hours. that will push this guy right over us and we could squeeze out enough moisture from that little area to measure 1700ths of an
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inch of precipitation. otherwise, break out that jacket but for one day only. high pressure starts to warm us right back up through thursday, friday and through your weekend. we tack on a couple of degrees each and every day. sunny afternoons. just a couple of days with pretty thick fog to contend with, thursday and friday. lot of moisture as we head into that weekend. temperatures climb up into the 80s. we're talking about a lot of sunshine each afternoon. make those outdoor plans this weekend, guys. just two cool ones to get through first. back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you -- go ahead. i cut you off. are you a rolling stones fan? >> i am. >> cool. >> mick jagger is making a stop in san jose, san francisco and walnut creek along with mill valley. >> not in person, though. >> no. >> they are hitting the big screen. the band some girls live in
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texas, go to fathom events to see which theaters are streaming the film. if you can't make it tonight, the dvd comes out in november. >> if you can't see them live in concert, that's not a bad second choice. >> fun. the time now is 11:20. coming up, a free ticket to ride for san francisco school kids. w school bus service in the city by the bay. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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criminal trial. he is also asking to be unshackled during his court appearances. he is accused of killing four northern california women in the '70s and '90s. investigators are also looking at him as a suspect in more cold cases. he is accused of killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1944. this morning, south bay lawmakers could ice an immigration law policy. they could approve a proposal that would ensure no county resources are used to help i.c.e. agents carry out federal immigration laws beyond what is legally required. people who support the proposal say local officers shouldn't deal with immigration holds because it creates fear and mistrust between immigrants, families and the police. san francisco lawmakers today could vote to give kids in the city free tickets to ride. the city is considering a proposal that would let kids under 18 ride muni buss and light rail for free.
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muni says the plan would cost as much as $13 million a year, likely be footed by the school district and community groups. more than 40% of the city's middle school and high school students use muni to get to school in the morning. 60% of them take it home in the afternoon. lawmakers introduced the plan after the monthly pass jumped $20, double what it was two years ago. high-tech breakthrough meets its real-world limits. the new iphone voice recognition system, very cool. it may notbodyus jtor everybodyt yet. we'll explain just ahead. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. welcome back. 11:26 now. live look over the bay. in oakland, looking gorgeous out there. we have pretty thick fog hugging the coast. we'll show you where that is, take you to e satellite imagery. we'll see the fog probably throughout the day in san
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francisco. one more day of cool temperatures and a lot of cloud cover. then, we'll start to warm up. you see that here in your seven-day outlook. back to the 80s. sunshine in the forecast for the weekend. you're probably breaking out the sweaters and jackets as we head through tomorrow. back to you. >> christina, thank you. it's all the rage. all the cool kids are doing it. brand new iphone feature. >> it lets you have a conversation with your phone and it answers back. there seems to be a flaw with this new technology. siri doesn't seem to do so well with recognizing fake accents. >> how many miles are 10 kilometers. >> sorry i didn't find any messages for yesterday. >> a man with a scottish accent trying to get siri to understand him. he said miles. siri heard e-mails. we've seen similar reports throughout the world. another scottish user had no trouble with the service, but
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had to speak very slowly and very clearly. >> maybe i'm slow here. isn't siri a woman's voice on the american version? that was a guy. >> it was? thanks, have a great night. hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat
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