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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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is. friday eve! thursday, october 20th, today in the bay. from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you. this is "today in the bay." >> rise and shine, everybody. good morning at 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. we'll get you to the woman who knows how to put things in context. >> we have fog this morning. we're blowing the fog horn. unfortunately it's so thick in spots that it will slow you down up in santa rosa. less than a quarter of a mile. and this is pretty much the first time that we've had this all week long. the fog creeping in early. we had later rounds of fog today. as per usualerer we are socked in santa rosa. still good visibility in san jose. we have a warm up on the way. we're talking fire weather. a lot to talk about in your weather forecast. 6:00 a.m. mike has been following a series of crash this is morning. >> all around the bay area right
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now. the fog has not yet crept into san francisco, as you said. an accident has been reported somewhere around treasure island. we do see a good volume of traffic here. back at the toll plaza we see the net effect is negative libl right now. with we have more information on that coming up. we're still waiting for confirmation about reports that ousted libyan leader moammar gadhafi has been captured, possiblily killed. rebel leaders claimed gadhafi was gunned down. he was wounded when nato planes attacked his convey. but libyan fighters say they've removed the last remaining
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forces loyal to gadhafi from sirte, ending weeks of fighting there. if it is true, it will allow libya's interim rulers to declare the country liberated. we'll have much more in a live report from washington in about five minutes. police believe he was shot by a kor workers. live in rich monday with more on what happened and it turned into a wild scene. good morning, christi. >> good morning, jon. i've been speaking with richmond police this morning. they say they've never seen anything like this workplace shooting. they had guns. it turned into a gun battle here on hartnet avenue. the suspect had a rifle, a shotgun and his security guard handgun and fired from the outside at his supervisor who
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was inside the office. they said he was able to fire back. they are still trying to sort out of the sequence of the event. at 10:30 he came to the apartments. the public housing complex in richmond and opened fire at the the security office. two other guards heard the gunfire. they got involved in the wild gun battle. >> officers arrived on scene. they located one person suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, a 28-year-old security supervisors. they located two other security officers who said they have been
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in in a gun battle with suspected who is also a security officer. we are currently looking for the gunman. >> police are telling me long may have been hit in the gun battle. they're not sure. they're thinking he may be on his way to ed dorado or lake tahoe areas. they have detectives from here headed that way. the 28-year-old supervisor that was hit is expected to survive the injuries. we do have new details on the investigation into the death of journalist bailey.
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a new report criticized the detective as being inadequate. some of the findings, he consistently failed to include documentation in the homicide file, which implicated use of force. he did not follow up on obvious leads. them reported by the then mayor who wanted the state investigation. >> as we've been following closely this morning, unconfirmed reports that rebels captured moammar gadhafi. they are live in washington with all the details they are unable to tell us if gadhafi was killed or wounded and captured. according to sources inside the pentagon, a u.s. official says
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it is looking good as they look into those reports. the original reports coming from libya's interim government. they've been unreliable before, which is why we are qualifying that this is unconfirmed. the rebel military counsel saying gadhafi is dead. there's a cell phone photo going around. he was a convoy hit by nato missiles. now we have news that he's killed. there wsh celebrations in the streets of sirte. now there's sell bra toir gunfire and other celebrations.
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there are horns this morning. people there have been told and believe that gadhafi, who ruled there for 42 years has either been captured or killed. >> frai see, thank you. i know we'll be in touch with you later in the newscast. 20 years ago what started as a small brush fire blew up and turned to the nation's worst ever wildfire. to morning that day, oakland will rededicate the fire storm memorial garden at 10:30 in the morning. today's rededication is the first of several events planned between now and saturday to mark the two decades since the devastating fire storm. a bay area assemblyman wants to see serious changes when it comes to gas pine line safety. he's all set to address the public utilities kmis today, looking for federal action. he points out back in the '90s
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they told pg&e to phase out the two-inch pine lines. he says despite the government recommendation, they never acted and they never forced the issue. pg&e already said it will replace 1,200 miles of the pipeline. san francisco is benefitg from the prison realignment. it's part of a state measure to deal with nonviolent b ochblders and reduce prison overcrowding. and a new drug testing center, along with education and job referrals will be created. but critics say it should not
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increase law enforcement positions and jail beds. we've been hearing about sun and beach throughout the broadcast. but ha little bit cold in the north bay. >> we're in the 40s in the north bay. awe little fog early. but at the coast, the mid 60s. inland, upper 70s for today. then by the weekend, jyeah, i pt the beach ball on the graphic just for you. then for early start of next week, we'll see changes. high pressure is in control of the weather pattern. you can see the little trough trying to dig in. not going to be able to. it's amplifying and expected to move over us throughout the next couple of days. it's compressing the moisture at the surface. visibilities are dropping off in san jose. still holding onto ten miles in san francisco and oakland. but the thickest fog in the
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north bay. less than a quarter mile visibility. and napa starting to drop off as well. we set your future cast in motion. stop it at 1:00 p.m. we'll see mostly sunny conditions over the greater bay area. still holding onto the cloud cover hugging the coast. the sun comes out between 2:00 and 3:00. you'll get three or four hours of sunshine and warming up from 57 now to about i would say 66 degrees at 5:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. today will be even nicer. a touch warmer later on. 6:10. let's see how the drive is shaping up with mikey. >> we'll take you to bay bridge. as i show you the map, i'm going to mark the motorcycle map, still in our system. now the bridge crew has been assigned to this. they're heading out there 69 but they'll be delayed. look at the live shot of the incline. very slow off the toll plaza past the metering lights chrks are not yet on.
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but a slow drive up the incline towards treasure island. where the report of the accident is. let's consider one lane blocked. let's consider this delay. an unauthorized person jumping onto the track ls. the police had to pursue the person and turn off the electrical rail for safety. they turned it back on. a good alternate for the backup is now the bart system. 6:11 now. coming up, bart is dialing up a policy for when to create cell phone blackouts. pilots not only fly the airplanes, but build them as well. we'll look at the new experimental airplane event. inaugurated here in the bay area.
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welcome back. take flight, aviation buffs. the bay area's first aviation event gets off the ground this weekend. bob, you there? >> yeah, i am. good morning, marla. this is gayle turner bower behind me. we're here in san carlos. this weekend they're having the first ever bay area x planes. like the name implies, they're going to have people bring in x permital aircraft. and when you hear the name, experimental aircraft, it doesn't necessarily mean we're experimenting with unknown technology or does it?
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>> well, you can see a lot of it is from the right brothers. >> this is the second airplane you built. you built it in the late '70s. then you dplu it across the country. the first woman to fly her own airplane across the country. where do you get the spark from? >> ov loving to fly? it's such a kick. >> we saw pictures of you ironing in the living room, building parts of it in your garage. it wasn't a kit. how did you learn how to do this? >> well, i know how to cut and paste. i'm a kindergarten teacher. >> is there a level of nervousness when you take the airplane you just built and you're the test pilot?
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>> there always is a nervousness. i talk to her. i say, baby, we're off and going. >> you're not saying, what about the fuel lines? did i have it secure properly? >> you worry when you have extra nuts left over. >> yes. that's a key. >> are you still flying? >> yes. i fly with my son. he's the pilot in command now. >> there you have it, marla. this will be on displace as well as the other aircrafts and the pilots are bringing out their own airplanes. you can go online for more information. the first ever bay area event. jon? marla? >> what a lady.
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>> right now away breaking news from richmond. a security guard has been arrested. there was a shootout. christie smith was telling us about this. the suspect has been captured and arrest ed it was quite a scene as he shot a coworker. they have now tracked him down. we'll check back in with christie smith. there's been an arrest in the shootout in richmond. christina loren joins us with a look at the forecast. >> a lot happening this morning. a lot of breaking news. good thing is the weather is on your side. temperatures this morning in the 40s m f 46 in novato. 48 in santa rosa. those are the two call eest cities. elsewhere find a couple of 60s and upper 50s on the map. so making for nice cool start.
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and temperatures rounding hout in the 70s inland. we do have if i can follow out there, though. as we head through the next few days, high pressure moves in to keep things mice and mild. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. tomorrow the low 70s return to the coastline. if you want to hit the beach, a lot of sunshine and fair weather. here it is. seven-day outlook shows you slight warming, beach weather. saturday to sunday. 85 in san jose will travel make it to 90. mickey and minnie, you may know who they are. all the princesses. thank you to everybody who came out toho disney on ice.
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i know mike is a huge disney fan. >> i am. we'll look at the roadways. we have the metering lights turned on. let met get out of the way. i want to show u you the shot. a look at the slower drive heading up to treasure island. still waiting for details. consider at least one lane blocked. a smoothder drive on san francisco side. the backup is forming and building. another look at the roadways slowing. for antioch, highway 4 really kicks in. speeds below 10 miles per hour past "l" street. and many r slowing for 242 and 680. also for livermore.
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still holding up close o the dublin interchange. back to you. >> 6:20 now have. barth is pushing a policy directly aimed to cut off cell phone passenger service. they say it's the right move if there's unlawful activity or a passenger's safety is fwletenned. it was drafted with input from the public, the aclu you and a bart review board. they'll vote next week. they were harshly criticized when they cut cell service to stop a plan to protest. 6:20. a san francisco supervisor committee will hear arguments about whether or not naked people should cover their seats before they sit down. in and out people shuld put down a towel or similar before they try to use it nudists are welcome to comment on the proposal today.
6:21 am
they have to cover themselves and they must wear shoes. >> only in san francisco. coming up, all wild animals on the loose are now accounted for this morning. >> is somneeo watg yinou through your webcam when you don't realize it?
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on lockdown due to the escaped animals can rest easier. police believe no more animals are on the loose after deputies killed 49 of 56 exotic animals released by the owner. a griz di bears, two monkeys and three leopards managed to be taken alive. one other monkey may have been eaten by a larger animal. the owner fatally shot himself after releasing all the animals. he's had brushes in the past with the law for animal cruelty and possession of illegal weapons. scott mcgrew says accusations. >> now the watergate scandal is not. the coverups look worse than the original crime. cnbc took a look at old press releases about solar energy loans and the department of energy's website. they found the references were
6:25 am
removed. he got a controversial doe loan. the conservative national review says the obama administration is caught red handed. this comes as the doe has been embarrassed by the solyndra scandal. solyndra and sun power got clean energy loans. these loans were risky. he said that before he resigned. other news adobe is fixing a law that could allow someone to watch you through your webcam ra without you knowing. a stanford student figured it out. you can click on something and then unbethoens to you turns on your webcam. once adobe gets it fixed, you don't have to do anything at home. it will just be done.
6:26 am
he didn't mean harm by it. >> it is 6:26. still to come on "today in the bay." the hunt is over for a rich mand security guard after he opened fire on his coworker. police have apprehended the suspect. we'll have a live report next. and it's not too late to start working on that tan. we have some summer like weather, one last blast could be our very last taste of the 90s here in the bay area. that means the upper 70s at the beach. we have the weekend forecast. plus we'll get kwlou through thick fog this morning. we'll she you where the most dense fog is developing. and we have thick traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge. two lanes are now blocked. i'll try to teghi' a through a smther dri cross e bay. a
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breaking news out of richmond where police say a security guard is caught this morning. i'll have details in a live report. plus reports that moammar gadhafi has been captured, possiblily killed. and we're oh so close to the weekend. it's thursday, october 20th. this is "they in the bay." this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. it's close enough to 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> just seconds away. good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. we have the extra pep in our step. why? >> what about me? >> hey, girl you're perky. >> i need all the help i can get at my age.
6:30 am
leave early in santa rosa. really thick fog could slow you down. otherwise you don't nid extra time in san francisco. we have a big time warmup on the way. crisp and cool weather through the weekend. then, oh boy, things start to change around here. we're talking fog-free conditions in the city. we'll tell you when. people always enjoy that. mike, people don't enjoy bad traffic. you have a new one, huh? >> yeah, a slower drive from the east bay as well. not the weather. the live look shows you the inkrin and the slow drive. so a quick build at the toll plea sa.
6:31 am
very slow. some folks may take 880 south. we'll watch the ripple effect as it happens. >> thank you. at 6:31, we have breaking news. still waiting for confirmation that the highest ranking military says jousted leader moammar gadhafi is dead. rebel leaders claim he was tracked down trying to leave his hometown of sirte. nato war planes attack t his convoy. we are waiting on official ward. neither has confirmed the report just yet. but libyan fighters say they've removed the last remaining forces loyal to gadhafi from sirte. that would allow them to declare the country liberated and start the transition to an elected government. >> we'll update you as more
6:32 am
information comes to that story. also a new development in an overnight richmondi shooting case. police say they v moved in and possiblily apprehended the suspec suspect. >> this happened fast. it ended peacefully. i just got off the phone with police. they're telling me that deputies spotted the pickup truck they say was tied to a security guard who worked here in richmond. an arrest was made. maybe 30 or 40 minutes ago. they say the suspect tried to get away. eventually he gave up. huge sense of relief this morning that investigators have doran long in custody.
6:33 am
they've been looking for the 50 yeerd since last night. he worked in richmond and fired at his supervisor. a 28-year-old from outside. they say there was some sort of beef here earlier. he showed up heavily armed with a handgun, rifle and shotgun. two other security guards here heard it all. they then got into a gun battle with police who took off in the red pickup truck. police are saying he shot 30 rounds into a neighbor's house in kon dord. no one is hurt there. but police are telling me he should be brought back to the bay area today. it is a question of who might bring him back.
6:34 am
they do believe he's coming back today. as for if the 28-year-old, he was critically wounded. he is expected to survive. nothing short of a bizarre and scary situation. glad to see the police have it under control. thank you very much. 6:34. medical help is on the way for is the occupy protesters in san francisco. they will lend their support. they will perform basic first aid. san francisco will be the third city to get medical aid support from national nurses united. first aid stations are already on site at occupy wall street and los angeles camps. cell phone companies will ask them to block a new city law today. they are upset about a law that requires them to post warnings
6:35 am
about cell phone radiation. it will require retailers to display this poster and give out fact sheets on the admission of the radio frequency energy. it's been classified as a possible carcinogen. from ordinary mother to life saving heroin. a san francisco woman saw the fiery crash on highway 101 in her rearview mirror and jumped out of her car to help. she grabbed the driver away from the flames and deseal fuel. >> i dragged him all the way to my car.
6:36 am
the fire chief says rescue crews may not have seen the driver until it was too late. williams 5-year-old daughter can't get enough of the good news, telling everyone at school. >> my mom saved a man's life today. she just making me cry. the driver is out of the hospital this morning. fremont officer todd young told an alameda county jury on wednesday he thought he would die after chasing an alleged gang member. young says he pointed a gun directly at him from 15 feet away and started firing. ten shots went off. two hitting young's pelvis and causing massive internal bleeding. the injuries were so severe the jury onthought he would die as well.
6:37 am
he was originally wanted threatening his girlfriend and fleeing from police. a walnut creek's school chief is apologizing for not informing them sooner of a racist death threat directed as a student. parents yesterday saying the school's principal talked to students after last week's threat. the principal informed the girl's father before she was sent home. yesterday's lertd gave no reference as to when walnut creek police were notified. but the superintendent says the district wanted to wait until the police ended their investigation. >> anybody who watcheds the show knows many reasons christina loren can join us. one being the weather. now ice skating as well? >> with the likes of minnie,
6:38 am
mickey, all the princesses. me and simba, we are like this. just dropping a few name this is morning. at the coast you'll end up in the 60s. inland, upper 70 z. downright perfect weather in the heat of the day. get the outdoor activities done. at 3:00 or 4:00, not too hot for that. visibilities still dropping across the board. holding onto ten miles up there oakland. these are reporting sites. take it easy out there. mike inouye and myself always watching that this morning. 53 in santa cruz. you're 56 in livermore. by noon you jump up to 63 degrees. staying nice and mild. then we round out the day with the 70s, upper 70s in the warmest city across the bay. no 80s just yet.
6:39 am
72 in santa cruz. i'll have the seven day outlook. first we have to get to work. how, mike, how does it look? >> not enjoyable. this is the latest from chp. now down to only one lane blocked. we had two lanes blocked until just a few minutes ago by this motorcycle accident at treasure island. look at this. we have slowing already. then through san pablo and richmond. building down the east shore freeway and across into the city. out of the city, a new accident reported for the lower deck approach at 7th. bart, no delays there.
6:40 am
mike, thank you very much. >> the time is 6:40. still to come on "today in the bay." the latest from washington" about unconfirmed reports moammar gadhafi is dea [ mom ] hey guys.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news about unconfirmed reports that moammar gadhafi is dead. tracie potts is live in washington with the latest fr
6:43 am
us. >> let's emphasize unconfirmed. they have yet to confirm that in fact what we're hearing from the libyan government is true. there are reports that a government fighter saw him this morning in a hole, saying don't shoot, don't shoot. but that he may now be dead. captured with his son. a career soldier saying a journalist, i should say, saying that he saw gadhafi's body being loaded into an ambulance. there's a photo of that being floated around. it is disturbing. it's not been verified as a photo of the the former libyan leader. despite that we don't have confirmation here in washington we are getting reaction on capitol hill. a statement saying the death of gadhafi, the presumed death of gadhafi ends the first phase of
6:44 am
the libyan revolution. there was word early this morning that the con vi was hit by nato missiles. but we await more confirmation that the libyan leader was captured, wounded or perhaps killed. >> tracie potts, thank you for the very latest. big story. >> the time is 6:44. coming up, a new report says california's birthrate is dropping to levels they haven't seen since the great depression. >> we'll look at wall street and the fastest solution to rubix cube you ever saw.
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people having a hard time getting out of bed because of the chilly temperatures. >> you get so snug in your bed. the covers are so nice. >> you make me want to go back to bed. >> let me tell you something to help you get out of bed. it's thursday. two more days to get through. friday eve. that ought to help. if it were monday, i wouldn't have such good news for you. things are looking good this morning. we have great visibility over the bay bridge. temperatures running warm this the city of oakland. and as marla pointed out, we have thick fog in santa rosa. temperatures cool as well. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. high pressure is the reason for the change. it will move in and set up over the bay area through the second half of the weekend.
6:48 am
at the coast we see the temperatures climb to the upper 70s. saturday and sunday are great beach days. 67 in san francisco. 78 in los gatos. 72 in santa cruz. not bad in santa cruz. they're socked in with fog until at least noon. there's the warm-up. up to 85. that's your day to hit the beach. get a tan. one last hurah before the winter and fall like weather settle in. mike, that means you. >> i have the great tan. the one from here down to my wrist. we're looking over here. this is very slow. accident still blocking one lane. one lane just cleared. another 15 to 20 minutes until
6:49 am
this clears as far as the accident goes. the slowing will last into the morning commute. this accident right here. lower deck at 7th. may be clear. before that, you will find a little bit of slowing approaching the scene. the activity that may force folks to the san mateo bridge. that will develop at the leastly 7:30. we'll track it and give you any updates. if it shows up earlier. to the southbound, that's kicked in. 880 slow to southbound 280. and here 85 is really jamming up past 87. into downtown as well as for 87. back to you. >> if you're into unique and innovative flying machines, we have something sweet for you. aviation buffs will ride the next jet stream over to san carlos for the bay area's very first x planes event.
6:50 am
bob, what is happening? >> good morning to you. the first ever bay area x-planes event featuring experimental aircraft, airplanes and helicopters. this one built in the '70s. if you've flown on a commercial aircraft, you would consider this to be spacious. willy turner is with me. does that mean dangerous? >> no, absolutely not. it means people who build and fly their own aircraft. other times it means it's built by the person who is going to fly it. this is the first one? a prototype? >> one was sitting as a
6:51 am
prototype? yes. then the builder of it out of monterey, very small person. he sold plans to people who built this helicopter. thank you, willie. his mom is here for a good reason. very nice meeting you. you were the first woman to build her own airplane and fly it cross country. we're standing in front of it now. you were a kinder zbarten teacher. >> that's right. i knew how to cut and paste very well. i also wanted adventure. >> what was the first flight like in the plane right behind you? >> well, i had the people that worked with me and helped me learn to rivet and cut and weld
6:52 am
were emotionally inside the cockpit with me. >> is there a level of nervousness. i was so nervous i forgot the gas. >> nothing wrong except, turn on the gas, stupid. her plane is on display. since they are having the first x-plane event. bringing more in with the pilots. go online for more information. this event is this saturday here in san carlos. jon, marla? >> looks like they're going to fly the thing to the station and land in the back, right?
6:53 am
a report out today from shows rental rates are rising as homeowners are now looking to rent. rent in santa clara county are rising fast as tech companies, tech employees rather, search for apartments instead of homes. we could see the first vote on part of president obama's jobs plan today. there's a snag to the plan. republicans are against a proposed tax hike on the wealthy to pay for it. during a weak economy, now is not the time to raise taxes.
6:54 am
they don't have a viable alternative. >> this is completely preposterous at a time when 14 million americans are looking for a job in this country for a president to ride on the bus saying we should raise taxes on the very folks who create jobs. >> the republicans have yet to propose a single idea on their own. 14 million people working again. >> the senate is considering a payroll tax cut. businesses would save half of what it's paying now security guard accused of shooting him overnight is now in custody. >> richmond police told me early on the suspect might be heading to el dorado county. deputies there maybe an hour ago spotted the truck and the whole thing ended peacefully.
6:55 am
they arrested doran long after a short pursuit on highway 50. richmond police say the security guard set up a wild gun battle at the office where he worked here in richmond. this is new video shot maybe ten minutes ago of the front of the office. police say he had at least three guns with him, a rifle and a shotgun and a hand gun, and he opened fire on a supervisor from outside. two other guards at the public housing complex heard it. police say he took off in his truck. before this it gets more strange. he fired into his neighbor's home in concord at least 30 times. richmond police telling us no one was hurt there. what set him off, they don't know. apparently he had some sort of beef earlier in the day with the supervisor who was fired on here. the good news, that supervisor is expected to be okay.
6:56 am
that's what we have from here. reporting live in richmond, christie smith. john and marla, back to you. >> definitely good news there. along with jobs numbers. home sales and consumer spending, you can add birds to the list of things on decline. birthrate in california dipped again this year. there were 68,000 fewer births last year compared with 2007. about 512,000 children were born in the state during 2010. that's down 10% from 2007. the state's birthrate has not been that low since 1935, during the great depression. analysts don't know for sure the if economy ask to blame. >> scott mcgrew with one final tech check. >> dow industrial is up 12 point this is morning. first time jobless claims that we get every thursday showing slight improvement. then i want to show you this video from the guys out of
6:57 am
england that make processers. legos. then a cell phone. watch as he puts that right in his lego creation with an armed process sor in it. >> no way. no way. >> i know, right? made entirely out of legos. >> that's awesome. it's on youtube. >> let's hop over to a quick check on weather with christina. >> looking good. 7:00 a.m., 54 degrees. 58 in san francisco. we'll be at 74 degrees making your way home. at 5:00 p.m. looking to a comfortable day. a lot of sunshine. watch out for thick fog in the north bay. back to you, jon and marla. >> christina, thank you very much. coming up, the "today show" is next. more on reports that former libyan dictator moammar gadhafi has been killed. >> we'll be back with the next updaylight at 7:26.
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