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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. there are reports this morning that moammar gadhafi is dead. rebels claim this is a cell phone picture of the fallen libyan leader. we'll have the very latest in a live report. carnage in ohio. disturbing new images from the roundup of dangerous animals, all of them now accounted for, most of them unfortunately killed. why was a man convicted of cruelty to animals allowed to run a private zoo out of his own home? and thanks for nothing. the seattle waitress whose only tip from a customer was a note to lose a few pounds. she speaks out about it for the first time today, thursday, october 20th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on
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this thursday morning 6:00 on the west coast. >> i'm matt lauer. moammar gadhafi's more than 40-year rule came to an end back in august. it appears his life came to an end near his hometown of sirte. >> the region was seen as his last vestige of control. >> let us get right to the story. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has been following it. andrea, good morning to you. we know the rebels had been coordinating with yay t coordinating with nato officials trying to rid their country of gadhafi for a while. do we have any indication that nato or u.s. forces were involved? >> it appears nato forces may indeed have been involved. u.s. forces have not been involved in those actions at this stage. they were, of course, originally. u.s. officials, intelligence, state department, white house officials say while they have no official confirmation that they are prepared to announce, that
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it does look promising that, in fact, moammar gadhafi is ted. they're not officially willing to say it. they want the libyans to say it first. they don't want to take the lead on this. they're not going to wait for dna evidence from the field, but they are waiting for a reliable source in the field in a position to know. and that is, of course, they have intelligence officials imbedded over there as well, matt. >> andrea mitchell on this story for us this morning. andrea, thank you very much. >> we've got nbc's adrian long on the ground in libya just outside of sirte. do we have clarity on what people are saying about how gadhafi would have died? in other words, did he die possibly in captivity if this report is confirmed? >> reporter: not much is clear here, actually, ann. what we do know is that the militiamen who stopped to talk to us have said gadhafi was killed while he was being captured. he was shot either in the neck or in the head. a number of these forces have had cell phone video that they've showed us, footage
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clearly showing a man sometimes shirtless with a white sheet wrapped around his head, quite bloody, being put into a vehicle of some sort. we haven't been able to confirm, of course, as andrea mitchell said, whether or not this is actually moammar gadhafi. >> that was adrian long. we're losing our signal. to jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. you've got new information. >> there are serious questions about exactly how moammar gadhafi was killed if, indeed, he was. all appearances now are that, in fact, the former libyan leader is dead. now, nato did acknowledge that they did launch an airstrike today against a convoy that was fleeing sirte. but in the latest video of what is purported to be gadhafi's body that appeared on al jazeera tv, you see rebels roll a body over, that of moammar gadhafi, they claim, and there are clearly gunshot wounds to the back of the head.
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there are also reports from some of the rebels that he was hiding in a large drainage ditch and that he had to be dragged out of it. it appears that he was summarily executed by the rebels themselves. all of this, of course, is still not confirmed by the u.s. although u.s. officials say it's looking pretty good that gadhafi is, in fact, dead. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you so much. here's matt. >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel spent a lot of time in libya during the initial uprising. he's in new york this morning. you've been getting reports, confirmation from inside the rebel camp. do you go with what mick is telling us now? >> i'm hearing a similar version of events from multiple rebel sources inside libya. they are saying that gadhafi was captured. he was captured initially alive. he was hiding in a drainage ditch. that, yes, there was a nato airstrike on vehicles that were in the sirte area this morning,
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but that wasn't the airstrike that killed him. there are now photographs and video that show what appears to be gadhafi's body. >> all right. but we've been hearing from rebel leaders that all along they intended to give moammar gadhafi a fair trial in their country. if this course of events holds up, what's the reaction going to be around the world is this. >> well, it doesn't appear that that is what happened. that they didn't -- they didn't capture him and keep him alive. i've seen the video as well. in this video, a body is rolled over. there are what seem to be gunshot wounds to the back of the head. also indicating execution. the reaction internationally will probably be one of, well, the rebels got emotional and they killed him on the ground. this wasn't a premeditated execution. that the people who found him couldn't really contain themselves. i don't know if there's going to be a big international outcry. >> you look at the circumstances not of the if, in fact, he was executed but in where he was found. you think back to when saddam
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hussein was found cowering in a hole not far from his hometown. these are people accused of brutalizing their own. they came to very difficult ends. >> amazingly, both returned to their hometowns. gadhafi went back to sirte. saddam hussein went back to his home village, was living in a very humble farmhouse. was inside that farmhouse in iraq. it was very basic. this is a person who lived in palaces. gadhafi, the same way. his palaces now been destroyed by rebels in tripoli and hiding in some sort of drainage ditch and executed by the people who were in the opposition. >> quickly if you will, secretary of state clinton was in libya not long ago pledging support for the liberation of that country. what's the path forward now between our countries? >> the relations between the rebel movement and the united states are very close. the rebels are probably the most pro-american group in the entire middle east. they want to have business deals with the united states.
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they want to engage in oil contracts. so that i don't see being a snag. >> richard engel, thanks very much. we now apparently have some cell phone video that has just come out to us. this is from the scene in sirte where apparentlyoammar gadhafi waar killed. we're going to watch this now. i'm seeing this for the first time with you. richard and ann, don't be afraid to chime in here. it appears to be after he was killed. we're looking at the body being carried by rebels and, perhaps, put into that truck. >> it gets more graphic after that. that is exactly the same video that is circulating that adrian was talking about. that's the video that apparently shows gadhafi's body in rebel hands. >> the spokesman for the interim government has said, quote, a new libya is born today. this is a day of new liberation. we were serious about giving him a fair trial. it seems god has some other
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wish. thank you, richard, for your reporting on this. much more. let's turn to the news at home. police in ohio have now completed their roundup of the dozens o f dangerous animals freed from a preserve on tuesday. nearly all of them were killed. nbc's stephanie gosk has this story in zanesville, this morning. >> the sheriff here just completed a press conference. he confirmed terry thompson, the results of his autopsy, that he was killed by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head. he also said that moments afterwards, he was bitten by one of the large cats. they say all 56 animals have been accounted for. 50 of those animals are dead. you know, there was shock in this town that there were so many animals being kept on that compound. but exotic pets are on the rise across the country. just a bit of a warning, there are some graphic images in this piece. the warnings went out early. big, wild animals that have no business roaming rural ohio were
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on the loose. >> that is a bear. >> reporter: the 911 dispatch in zanesville started getting some unusual calls. >> yeah, there's a lion on mount perry road. >> i'm pretty sure i just saw a wolf. >> we live next to terry thompson, and there is a bear and a lion out. >> reporter: police say just before he took his own life, terry thompson set more than 50 animals from his private zoo free. to protect the small town, the sheriff and his deputies, armed with assault rifles, killed almost all of them, leaving behind disturbing images of carnage. >> mountain lions and african lions and, i think, three bears. one of the bears charged a deputy and the deputy shot it. >> we don't go to the academy and get trained on how to deal with 300-pound bengal tigers. >> reporter: the dead animals are all being buried at the farm. only six were tranquilized and brought to the local zoo. >> because it's a tragedy for the animal world. it's what it is. it could have been a bigger tragedy for the human world. that's what we tried to avoid here. >> reporter: bengal tigers,
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lions, bears, exotic animals like these are easier to get than ever before. most can be bought online for very little money. this website lists 600 different animals for sale. >> in the united states today there are thousands of people who keep exotic animals as pets. globally the market trade of creatures is a $20 billion a year industry. >> reporter: most states either ban or heavily regulate exotic pets, but the humane society says 12 states have almost no regulations at all, including ohio. a new documentary shot in ohio takes a look at the lure of exotic pets, and the danger. >> you can buy a tiger but you can't buy common sense. >> reporter: the film profiles a police officer whose friend was mauled by a pet bear and a lion owner struggling to handle his beloved cats. >> when you look at both of those, when it comes to raising exotic animals as pets,
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especially with people who have very limited experience with it, you get the overall feeling that this isn't going to work out well. >> reporter: in zanesville it didn't. the police prevented a human tragedy, but at a very high price. later on today, ohio governor john kasich is going to give a press conference. he is under intense pressure to change the law here in ohio. his office has been re-evaluating a proposed ban on exotic pets that would have prevented this incident. ann? >> stephanie gosk this morning, stephanie, thank you. >> as we preserve your voice, let's head over to the news desk. natalie's standing by with all the headlines. secretary of state hillary clinton is taking a tough stance in kabul this morning as part of what she's calling a, quote, reality check. clinton met with afghan president hamid ka zi this morning and urged him to strengthen anti-terrorism ties with pakistan and press forward
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with talks. clinton told karzai about a gaffe from gop presidential hopeful herman cain. >> one of the republican candidates. i think it was herman cain. former pizza company executive. >> is he that? >> he started something called godfather's pizza. the president was saying he saw a news clip of mr. cain, i don't know the names of all these presidents of all these countries. whatever places. >> secretary clinton heads to pakistan tonight. meantime, many americans who plan on voting republican in 2012 haven't found a candidate they prefer over our current president. that's according to to a new poll from the associated press. even without a clear preference for an opponent, about half of all voters surveyed say president obama does not deserve to be re-elected next year. now let's head to wall street.
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melissa francis at cnbc's world headquarters for us. >> we've got a slew of economic data in the last few minutes giving the market a little bit of a bounce here. watching events in europe really closely as well. the misery index, though, rising to a 28-year high. you get that by calculating unemployment and adding it to inflation. also, we saw medium incomes fall back to the same level they were at in 1999 on an inflation-adjusted basis, this according to the social security administration. half of americans made less than $27,000 last year. natalie, it's tough out there. back to you. >> pretty miserable. thank you so much, melissa francis. it was a chilly night at the old ball game as the st. louis cardinals won on their home turf, beating the texas rangers, 3-2, in the world series opener. american idol winner scotty mccreary sang "the national anthem" and first lady michelle obama was there and said she was making her husband jealous by getting to attend the game. lucky her. it's a girl for french president nicolas sarkozy and
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karla bruni. sarkozy was seen entering the private clinic where the first lady of france gave birth on wednesday. sarkozy says his wife and child are doing well and that they feel a very profound happiness. but he did not reveal the baby's name. it is the first time in modern french history that the child has been born to a sitting president. congratulations to them. it is 7:14 pacific time. back over to matt, ann and al. i guess he wants to wait for carla bruni to announce the name officially. >> she went through the labor. let her say the name. right? >> right. >> yes. i was thinking lauren bacall. >> let's show you what's happening out west. we've got just gorgeous weather. a few showers in seattle. 60 degrees where kathie lee and hoda will be later on this morning. we're looking at medford, oregon, plenty of sunshine. 71 in l.a. morning fog will burn off to a
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lovely day. 66 in denver. should say in salt lake. let's take a look at the rest of the country. wet, windy day around chicago on into new england. plenty of sunshine along the mid-atlantic and southeastern atlantic states. breezy there as well. plenty of sunshine from texas all the good thursday morning toyou. we have thick fog in the north bay. less than a quarter mile visibility in portions of santa rosa. we'll see a nice second half of the day. full sunshine in san jose. 75. 67 in san francisco. if that's too cool for you, the good news is the gradual warmup continues well into your weekend. a couple of nice beach days. 83 on monday. that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you very much. lindsay lohan is out on bail this morning after being led
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away from court in handcuffs on wednesday. >> reporter: lindsay lohan wasn't in custody long. in a matter of minutes she was able to make bail set at $100,000. as a matter of fact, she's expected to show up here at the l.a. county coroner's office at any moment to perform community service. her court appearance here will follow a testy one yesterday. lindsay lohan led away in handcuffs yet again president another mugshot to accompany a growing portfolio. >> probation is a gift. it's a gift. it's not a right. >> reporter: before the starlet was carted away, a tongue lashing that lasted nearly an hour. >> she failed to show for nine appointments. >> reporter: lindsay lohan blasted by the judge for being terminated from community service at a los angeles women's center because of excessive absences.
7:17 am
>> she needed to get off the stick, start doing that community service. >> reporter: prosecutors wanted lohan behind bars. >> we are requesting that jail time be imposed for her actions. >> reporter: after the judge revoked lohan's probation, she was led away by bailiffs. but the actress posted bail before she could be taken to county jail. her bail bondsman waiting at the courthouse. the judge's reaction? what a surprise. in april, lohan was given one year to complete 480 hours of community service. probation for a 2007 drunk driving case, and misdemeanor theft case from earlier this year. but the judge said the actress has been a no show at the women's center. in court the judge read from lohan's probation report. >> ms. lohan indicates that at the women's center she wasn't interacting with anyone so the service was not fulfilling. her words. the service -- is that what a sentence is about? >> reporter: the judge pointed out lohan somehow found time to go to europe where she was seen partying in paris and modeled
7:18 am
for a photo shoot in italy. >> her opportunities are not in this country. >> reporter: lohan's lawyer fired back saying lindsay cleared her time away from the women's center first. >> and her traveling to europe was not to have fun. it was to make money, to support herself and support her family. >> reporter: known for making a fashion statement in court, on wednesday lohan was also hammered online for her makeup choice. >> she sort of had clown red circles on her cheeks that made her face look puffy and misshapen. >> reporter: while the starlet has been cuffed and avoided jail her next stop is the county morgue. out on bail, lohan is expected to show up here at the coroner's office by 8:00 a.m. she'll be back in court for that probation hearing in two weeks. even the judge admits it's highly unlikely for lohan to do any jail time because california jails and prisons are so overcrowded. matt? >> all right. miguel almaguer, thanks so much. it's now 18 after the hour out
7:19 am
on the pacific coast. here's ann. >> thank you. kate middleton may be heeding a hectic schedule. it didn't keep her from delivering a very personal message to one young fan. nbc's michelle kosinski is in london to explain. good morning. >> hi there, ann. we recently saw the duke and duchess of cambridge visit a cancer hospital for children, literally following in the footsteps of princess diana. they seemed to try to make this more than an appearance, spending a lot of tile. kate told one child if you ever need anything, contact us directly which made the little boy laugh. now in what may be her first personal act of public kindness at princess, she's written a heartfelt letter to a 9-year-old boy there. if you ever thought william and kate simply show up and do their duty at these packed events this visit to a children's cancer hospital last month showed something else. >> make sure you get it, all right? >> reporter: talking to each child at length.
7:20 am
the look on kate's face seemed to say what words could not. here with 9-year-old fabian bates, diagnosed with lieu keeu at age 5, and just relapsed. >> it's very encouraging for us that we had that focus. it just took our minds off of everything else. interesting that week we had just heard about his need for a bone marrow transplant. >> i gave her one of these. it's like a bookmark which has my website on the back. she said she promised that she'd go on my blog. >> reporter: and then another surprise. >> the royal postmark so we knew it was a genuine thing. and this is the letter. >> reporter: addressed to fabian on the duchess's stationary. >> i very much enjoyed meeting you.
7:21 am
i was so touched by your strength. i will keep my fingers crossed. i will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: signed simply catherine. >> she really is beautiful but it was really her character and it showed through her eyes. i think, you know, she genuinely was moved. >> reporter: kate is making charity her hallmark. this past weekend at st. james palace in glowing red she and william helped raise a million dollars for a child bereavement fund and fabian got some more good news recently. both of his sisters are bone marrow matches for him. they say they have kate's thoughtful words of hope to hold on to. >> reporter: lately william and catherine have been described as
7:22 am
genuine, compassionate, approachable, which is basically a dream come true for the royal family moving forward. ann? >> our best wishes to fab yan, meantime. just ahead, why did police take x-rays during an extensive day-long search of the home of that missing kansas city baby? a private investigator working with the family speaks out. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] once you taste
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good morning, everyone. the time is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. the man accused of going on a workplace shooting spree is now in custody. police say he's a security guard on the apartment cop plex. he went to work armed with guns and shot at his supervisor. the supervisor was hit in the arm and which chest. but he did manage to fire back. two other security guards heard the shot. they came running. they al returned fire. that's when long took off. police say long also fired more than 30 rounds into a neighbor's yard in concord last night. nobody fortunately was hurt. long will be transported back to the bay area some time today. christina loren is here to show us what to expect outside. #. >> 76 later on.
7:27 am
62 in san francisco. 72 in santa cruz. you'll get sunshine in the city, though. i'm forecasting at about 2:00 p.m. today. a few hours to warm you up to 67 degrees there. as we head through the weekend. we keep climbing. up to 85 on sunday. hit the beach this weekend comfortably. 83 on monday. then warm, dry and breezy weathe weather. >> well, it's easier to see this jam. an earlier accident had thinged jammed up. that cleared over an hour ago. speeds very slow at times. originating just off the san rafael bridge. through oakland, you're all right. and here's the south bay with a good amount of slowing for 280 and 85 northbound in those
7:28 am
directions. a new accident on 17. five or six cars involved there. we'll send it back to you. >> pretty look out. but not fun to drive in. we'll have the latest coming up. nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll be back in one hour hour from right now. big!
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7:30 on a thursday morning, the 20th of october, 2011. the month flying by. a bit of an overcast start to the day here in the northeast. al says, here's the good news though. it should clear up nicely just in time for a big concert on the plaza tomorrow morning. one of the hottest acts in music, cold play, taking over our 8:30 half hour tomorrow. we look forward to that. if you're in the area come on down and get a seat early or standing place early. inside the studio i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry. just ahead, if you've ever waited tables, you know it can be a very difficult job. you also know how aggravating it can be to get a bad tip. well, someone in a seattle restaurant gave a waitress nothing more than a note. on the note it said, "lose a few pounds." she didn't find that funny at all. we're going to hear from her, coming up. >> she's got a lot to say. also coming up this morning a pregnant woman diagnosed with terminal cancer was faced with an agonizing choice -- chemo to
7:31 am
save her own life or forego treatment so that her unborn child could survive. coming up, that woman's family speaking out. very emotional decision, matt. on a much, much different note could you imagine visiting a real life jurrasaic park? wait until you hear just how close scientists think they are to cloning the long extinct woolly mammoth. that would be cool. >> no kidding. we begin now with the search warrant executed at the home of missing kansas city baby lisa irwin. in a moment we'll talk to the private investigator now working with the irwin family, but first nbc's peter alexander is in kansas city with the details. peter, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning to you. investigators returned to the same play where they started, the home of baby lisa irwin. this was an exhaustive serge. it didn't end until just before 1:00 in the morning. 6 ho 16 hours they were on site.
7:32 am
their marathon search lasted late into the night. crime scene investigators dressed in sterile white suits testing, analyzing, combing every inch of the irwin family home for any sign of baby lisa. technicians carried away what appeared to be x-ray film to be examined inside bomb and arson trucks on site. all day long with shovels and rakes, crews scoured the property. at times seen digging and prodding behind a shed in the backyard. nearby, detectives searched the roof and gutters, even the bird feeder for hidden clues. investigators collected bags of potential evidence. they've been here before at least seven separate times, to the house where lisa's parents say their baby daughter disappeared october 4th. so why now and why this time armed with a search warrant? >> law enforcement is responding i think in part to the fact that the family now is represented by counsel. so i think that they're matching
7:33 am
strategies with the family. >> reporter: neither the fbi nor kansas city police would reveal exactly what they were looking for. still, it seems clear authorities suspect the irwin family home holds secrets to this baffling mystery. now more than two and a half weeks old. >> these investigators have developed new information, new leads that tell them there is evidence inside that home that they had not looked for or found on prior searches. >> reporter: baby lisa's parents deborah bradley and jeremy irwin insist their child was abducted and told nbc news on sunday they fear someone was scouting out their home. what do you guys think happened to lisa? >> somebody watched us. somebody waited. i don't know for how long. >> reporter: for now deborah and jeremy are staying with relatives and say they're praying for their daughter's safe return. will you ever move back into the home?
7:34 am
>> i don't want to move back unless i have her. it's not the same. >> reporter: rereached out to the attorney for layby lisa's parents in new york who gave us this statement, staying i don't know why a warrant is needed. they can go in and out as any time. they have had unfettered access because we want answers. we asked investigators exactly what they found, ann, and they wouldn't tell us. we're still waiting for those answers as well. >> peter alexander, thank you. bill stanton is a private investigatorend of lisa's family. good morning. >> good morning. >> why the x-rays? are they possibly not just looking for evidence but possibly for baby lisa herself? >> absolutely. they are probably looking for multiple things -- dna, potentially if she was buried under the house, etcetera. >> and this idea that a bomb and arson truck were brought in even though there is no evidence of explosives in the house, what is your response to that? what is your assessment of that? >> i'll just take a guess. maybe there is a component of that bomb truck where they could search for vapors maybe of a deceased body.
7:35 am
>> are they show boating, the police? >> i would never say that against a police department. >> are they doing a good job? >> from my optic, yes, they are. >> so if they're doing such a good job why are your services required? >> because i'm putting a different set of eyes on it. i'm not going over their homework. i'm doing a parallel but different course. >> you're saying you're an independent investigator and as i just mentioned you're hired by a friend of lisa's family. can you tell us something about who hired you so we understand whether you are in fact truly independent? >> absolutely. it is important to note, and an important distinction to make. while i'm working with the family i'm not working for the family. this benefactor, the directive we spoke of was find the baby and take the truth wherever it goes. if that truth leads me to their guilt, so be it. >> okay. so then this person who is paying your bills, does that person have power over when and whether you release information? >> oh, no. absolutely not. any and all information that i get is a one way street. i give it directly to the kansas
7:36 am
city police department. i don't ask for anything in return. i give it over good, bad, or ugly. remember, i do have access to the family. when i went to them and i told them if you're guilty i will look to have you arrested, they said, no problem. they said, whatever you need. that did impress me. >> if you do have information, that they are either guilty or if you have information that a kidnapper took this baby, then you have a -- do you feel you have a moral obligation not to talk to -- not to wait but rather go directly to the police? >> we're not waiting at all. who are you going to go to? the police or the person who pays your salary? >> yes. we have a pipeline. there is a contact number. i have news for you. we are giving all the information -- we're not even necessarily giving the family the information that we get. >> so meantime what is your current theory? >> my current theory is at this time i am looking outside the home because everybody is saying the family did it and i am absolutely looking at them but then you tell me how they did
7:37 am
it. did she drive? did he do it? did she do it? did she walk and take the baby and dispose of the baby? that's the tough question. so when you eliminate those, then you have to entertain the idea that someone came from outside the home. look at the phone records. get blood hounds to follow her scent in case she took that baby and hid it somewhere by foot. go over all of those variables. look at that real hard. then if it's not coming up, that is they did it, then you have to look outside the home. >> right. exactly. you seem to be indicating that they would have to be very good criminals if the parents actual di it. >> you make a good point. they would have to be master criminals. >> why? >> because it's virtually a perfect crime. there is nothing leading you. look at the timeline. you look at what happened. she was sleeping in the bed with her boy. so now you can't wake up the kids. you have to i would assume this was done by accident if she did, let's say she shook the baby or over medicated the baby. she had the timeline between let's say 10:30 and 3:45.
7:38 am
how did she do all this not knowing if her husband was going to come home at any minute? it's just very hard to wrap my hands around. so when i talk over with my team and we go over this and, understand, for hours and hours, it keeps coming back to the potentialality that someone from outside the home. >> but you have no evidence of that either. >> no, nobody does. and it's important. anything, all our findings, even theories we hand over because what we may think is innocent or innocuous the p.d. may think is their key. so they're getting it all. >> all right. bill stanton, thank you so much for bringing a little bit of clarity to this. >> if i could just make a note there is a $100,000 reward, so hopefully someone will look to collect on that. >> all right. thank you so much, bill. it is now time to get a check of the weather from al. today's weather is brought to you by advil. make the switch to advil now. and good morning everybody.
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cloudy skies, showers just about on the end here in the northeast. there is more activity moving up to the north b as we look at those temperatures we've got some cold air coming in. today right now it's only 46 in atlanta, 66 here in new york. move into friday, cooler air making its way to the east starts to moderate out west and as we move on into saturday the cooler temperatures move into the northeast with some 40s hanging out but 90s down through the desert sout good thursday morning to you. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. we have a loot of fog out. there give yourself extra time. the thickest fog in the north bay. you're getting better visibility now. we had a quarter mile in santa rosa half hour ago. the fog is starting to lift. 67 in santa rosa later today. temperatures still running below seasonal averages. we'll go above the seasonal avrms into the warm weekend.
7:40 am
we got the original sister act here. where are you from? >> arkansas. >> nice to see you. >> massachusetts. >> okay. very nice. all right. ann? >> all right, al. thank you. coming up next the waitress received a tip to lose weight and lashed out at her customer online and speaks out. [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy gceries. are choosing advil. i'm keith baraka and i'm a firefighter. and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore i'm not at my best.
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7:43 am
waitress understandably upset over a customer's tip. someone left her not money but unwanted advice to, quote, lose a few pounds. now that woman is speaking out. nbc's amy robach is in seattle with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning you to. when i caught up with victoria liss she was on a day off from her waitressing and bartending job at a popular seattle restaurant and with all the furor the story has created over the past few days that day off couldn't have come soon enough. the late night crowd at biomedical bowbimbo's can sometimes be demanding but according to victoria liss the couple sitting at her table on a bus fredi night was downright rude. >> him and his girlfriend were eating their food and they picked up this taco they ordered and it had an extra layer of beans on it and they were just pointing and waving in my face like this taco is carb hell. >> you were considering kicking them out of the bar. >> yeah, i was. >> reporter: after the couple closed their tab with a credit card, victoria looked at the
7:44 am
receipt. the man had left a terrible tip, no money, just some handwritten advice about losing weight. >> reporter: what did it say? >> it said, "you could stand to lose a few pounds" and "lose" was spelled incorrectly just to prove how intelligent they were. >> reporter: and to prove how angry she was over being insulted and stiffed victoria went on facebook and tried to give the male customer a piece of her mind. >> as a feminist i think it's completely uncalled for for a man to, when he's mad at a woman just pick her apart physically. >> reporter: bloggers picked up on the incident and the story went viral. they're even talking about it in taiwan. >> it is never appropriate to write something unkind on the bottom of the credit card slip. >> reporter: days after all the attention about victoria's terrible tip an online review from an unidentified person certainly seemed to describe the night in question. he wrote in part, "my girlfriend
7:45 am
and i had without question the worst restaurant/bar experience of our lives. the woman who was supposed to be serving us seemingly ignored us for 25 minutes." according to the reviewer they were served double decker tacos which they didn't order. when they asked for regular tacos, the reviewer says the waitress countered with some snarky comment about, you could use a little weight. for her part, victoria claims that's not what happened. >> i didn't do anything to offend this person and i don't know why they had to pick apart my physical appearance for it. >> reporter: now, victoria goes back to work tonight. in fact, she's been back to work since this all unfolded and she says it's created some tension among her co-workers, some who believe she should have not have taken this to facebook. that, unfortunately, rude behavior from customers is all in a day's work. matt, back to you. >> amy robach out in seattle for us this morning, thank you very much. coming up next, how would you like to walk alongside a woolly mammoth?
7:46 am
you'll be surprised at just how close scientists say they are to bringing the creatures back to life. that's right afters. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! it says just take one! i can't read. ♪ [ male announcer ] walmart has low prices, every day for halloween.
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7:49 am
sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain. back now at 7:49 with a story where reality meets hollywood could long extinct creatures soon be walking the earth? nbc's j >> i'm doing this story on woolly mammoths and it brought us back to the source really, the land where woolly mammoths once lived, once died, and whose bones are literally everywhere. deep within siberia, so remote you need a hovercraft to get there, we traveled back in time to a frozen place called windy cliffs where woolly mammoths roamed tens of thousands of years ago. so many bones that russian scientists and mammoth expert sergei zimov had a good collection within minutes. >> leg. >> that's heavy.
7:50 am
>> yes. >> reporter: but the real treasure lies in the permafrost below where scientists have found the most preserved mammoth remains in recent years, whose dna offers the best hope for cloning the species. hendrick poinar in ontario is excited and says he has almost cracked the entire genetic code. >> within the next year we should have the complete genome. >> reporter: he's come a long way since appearing on the "today" show in 1993 with his reality check about steven spielberg's new film "jurrasaic park." >> cloning a dinosaur is not a feasible project. >> reporter: okay. maybe not dinosaurs but cloning extinct species like the mammoth he now says is do-able. >> obviously spielberg was thinking further ahead than we were. >> reporter: meanwhile this professor and his japanese team
7:51 am
are trying to clone a mammoth by injecting mammoth dna into an elephant egg creating a mammoth embryo. despite initial setbacks he's optimistic. real life woolly mammoths actually walking the earth for the first time in 10,000 years, so what do you do with them? where do you raise a mammoth in today's warmer world which many scientists believe actually killed off its ice-age ancestors? the answer could lie here in the far reaches of northeastern siberia. welcome to 60 square miles of grass land, reindeer, wild horses, and bison, a whole ice age ecosystem, part hobby and part science experiment where zimov has recreated a slice of the past. what's missing of course are the packs of huge woolly mammoths.
7:52 am
now the stuff of fantasy but if cloned mammoths do become fact -- >> i know mammoths will survive here in this place. >> reporter: there is a good chance this man made park could feel like home. but don't hold your breath. we could well see a baby mammoth in five to ten years according to some scientists we spoke to but a herd of mammoths roaming around their ancient grasslands is something that our grandchildren might see but thanks to those amazing computer generated images from discovery channel at least we can dream. that's pretty cool. >> great story, jim. thank you so much. >> you just blew day three of where in the world -- ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis, can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready, not my joints. [ man ] i wanted to button my shirt, myself. [ female announcer ] could your "i want" become "i can"? talk to your doctor. orencia reduces many ra symptoms,
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and it has fiber that helps fill me up. ♪ [ male announcer ] great days start with quaker oatmeal. energy. fiber. heart health. quaker oatmeal. a super grain breakfast. good morning, everyone. the time is 7:56. i'm jon kelley. new details on the investigation into the death of oakland
7:56 am
journalist chauncee bailey are being revealed. they call the detective's investigation inadequate. some of the findings include he consistently failed to improve documentation in the homicide file that issued use of force. he also overlooked bay as a suspect and did not follow up on obvious leads. the report was requested by then mayor ron delham. the oakland zoo adding new cool cats to the family. all pushing the scales at 300 pounds. four new tiger sisters will be presented to the public this morning at the oakland zoo. they were raised from birth by a texas couple who had them as pets. the tigers were in quarantine at the zoo since they arrived last week. according to christina loren, this weekend may be good to check out the zoo. >> it will be nice. that's real tiger blood there
7:57 am
we're looking good. fog early at the coast. we are going to climb in temperature. great beach weather. as we start out the early portion of next week, we have concerns about fire weather. yeah, crisp clear days. no fog at the coast. but that's going to translate to a dangerous scenario. keep that in mind through next week. 74 in fremont. 75 in san jose. mid-80s. 77 in san francisco. a little warm, though, in places like livermore. >> two big accidents in the north bay. the first one is in cotati. 101 at 116 is completely closed in the northbound direction. just having a traffic break now for the southbound side as the crew arrives on scene twochlt big rigs are involved in an accident there. now this the back we have the
7:58 am
jackknifed chicken truck. that's all been cleared. a smoother drive and then slamming back down. >> big mike, thank you very much. for the latest news updates, check out bay area morning news on facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a thursday morning, the 20th day of october, 2011. as we say hello to our friends here in rockefeller plaza. guess what? if you all come back tomorrow, you'll be able to see the grammy winning band cold play live and in concert. we'll see if they bring along all of these great elephants you can see in their newest video. pretty darned cute. i love these guys. they're so much fun and their music makes you happy. >> we were waiting for the woolly mammoths. >> there you go. there's a theme in our broadcast this morning. i'm ann curry with matt lauer and al roker. coming up, a story that will touch the heart of any parent. >> stacy krim was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple weeks into her pregnancy and given a heart breaking choice. treat the cancer or maintain the pregnancy. she chose her unborn daughter and lived just long enough to hold that baby girl.
8:01 am
stacy's family members are going to join us this morning and share a touching story of sacrifice. >> what a sacrifice. my gosh. then earlier this week in a related subject, giuliana ransek underwent a double lumpectomy after revealing she had breast cancer here on "today." how did it go and how is she feeling? her husband bill will be here. >> fingers crossed for giuliana. meantime let's get the news stories of the morning from natalie at the news desk. >> we're following developments out of libya. libya's prime minister says moammar gadhafi who ruled libya for 42 years has been killed. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent has more. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell nbc news they still cannot confirm moammar gadhafi is killed or even wounded but one u.s. official tells nbc news it
8:02 am
looks pretty good. there are cell phone pictures that it may be moammar gadhafi. nato acknowledges they launched an air strike on a convoy but they can't say they mitt gadhafi. rebels on the ground are saying gadhafi was dragged from a large drainage pipe and during that capture that he was actually killed. but those who viewed a video of the body say it appears that gadhafi, if that was him, he was shot with a single gunshot wound in the the side of the back of the head in what appears to be an execution. obama administration officials are remaining silent about today's events waiting for the libyan government to officially announce gadhafi's condition, alive or dead. but whatever the outcome it appears that gadhafi's regime of 42 years have finally come to an
8:03 am
end. >> good news. >> let's head to adrian mong. let's get the very latest. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, it's been very chaotic and disorganized as jim said here on the ground. one thing for certain is the mood. everybody here that we've spoken, to all the militia forces that have been pulling back from serte have all been celebrating. a lot of gunfire in the air. a lot of shouts god is great. a sense that the war has been won for these people. there is definitely the emotion that they have come a long way and they can start building a new government. >> adrienne mong reporting for us.
8:04 am
in other news this morning, officials in zanesville, ohio say all of the exotic pets set free from a private farm tuesday night have now been accounted for. deputies were forced to shoot 50 animals including lions, bears, and rare bengal tigers released by their owner before he apparently committed suicide. drivers began calling police after spotting the animals along interstate 70 east of columbus. the sheriff's deputies said the owner of the pets seems to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and had a bite to the head. now for a look at what is trending, our quick-roundup of what has you talking online. tmz reports the kardashian girls were taken by surprise when they heard that president obama doesn't like his daughters heard that president obama doesn't like his daughters watching "keeping up with the kardashians." first lady michelle obama spilled the beans in an interview. khloe kardashian says the president told her it was a great show when she met him at a white house event last year. call it a stroke of sheen-ius. charlie sheen took to twitter to reveal he'll be dressing up of
8:05 am
course as charlie sheen for halloween. actually costume shops say the sheen masks are hot this year because they bring out the tiger blood in anyone. and musician jonathan mann has a hit on youtube. he posted this duet with the voice activated virtual assistant on his new iphone 4-s ♪ okay will you marry me let's just be friends will you marry me we hardly know one another will you please marry me i'm not capable of love and your licensing agreement does not cover marriage ♪ >> that's pretty genius. mann says he took creative liberty and prerecorded siri's responses because siri can be unpredictable. 8:05 right now. back to al with a check of the weather. >> pretty good. thanks. and a tip of the hat to these folks who have my name on their hat. where are you guys from? >> chicago. >> who do you want to wish happy
8:06 am
birthday to? all right. happy birthday, sir. thanks so much. li like the hats. let's check your weather. austin, texas, kxan 36, sunny, mild, 76 degrees. as we check things out you got erreov gheat lakes.w pressure that's going to be making its way up the coast and ast g i do the rain will be ending. the winds will also start dying down from chicago. we'll pick up a little here in the northeast. showers in the pacific northwest, rainy around the great lakes. beautiful weather from texas into the southwest. 97 in phoenix today. look for 78. high surf advisories along the good morning to you. mostly cloudy start. we'll make way to a lot of sunshine later this afternoon. we have 0 wait for it, especially by the coast. visibility reduced up in santa rosa. hundreds of feet. so taking it easy up there. that fog won't last long. by about 11:00 is, maybe noon today is, clouds break apart and
8:07 am
you get a really nice day. 76 in santa rosa. we keep on climbing into the weekend. a couple of beach days saturday into sunday. and that's your latest weather. ann? >> al, thank you so much. coming up we'll tell you really a very touching story about a woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and refused chemotherapy to save the life of her unborn child. her family shares their st iy or right afte.isr [ laughs ]
8:08 am
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'cause every time you get a happy meal or a mighty kids meal some of the money goes to ronald mcdonald house charities. happy meals. the simple joy of helping. we're back with one mother's ultimate sacrifice for her child. we'll meet that woman's baby girl in a moment. but first, the emotional story. >> reporter: it was the happiest news she'd ever had. after being told it wasn't possible, stacy krim at 41 had become pregnant. she could barely contain herself when she broke the news to her brother ray and his wife, jennifer. >> it took her by total surprise. she was petrified and happy and just -- she was just beside herself with it. >> reporter: but even as she was getting ready for the baby she would name dottie mae, stacy, suffering crippling headaches,
8:12 am
tunnel vision, and tremors, knew something was very wrong. >> she'd call me crying. she would say that i'm not going to live long enough to have this baby. >> reporter: a devestating diagnosis for the single mom-to-be. terminal head and neck cancer. and a heart breaking decision. treat the cancer with chemotherapy or maintain the pregnancy. it was one or the other. stacy chose the life of her unborn daughter dottie mae. >> she said, you know, if i have to make a decision you know what that's going to be. don't even ask. she said, i've lived my life. >> reporter: in august as stacy's body was shutting down doctors performed an emergency c-section. dottie mae was born ten weeks premature, weighing just two pounds. she was rushed to a neo natal intensive care unit in a different building before stacy could even see her. >> just one of those things that you know you have to do. >> reporter: nurses caring for dottie mae knew stacy didn't have much longer to live. even though both mother and baby
8:13 am
were separate intensive care units and both critical these women, moms themselves, were insistent stacy hold her baby. they raced to get the necessary precautions in place then put dottie mae in an incubator and wheeled her over to meet her mother. >> sister just watched and they laid dottie on her chest and sister had all these gowns and towels and rubber gloves and masks on and she lifted up her hands under the covers and jufs held her and just looked at her and smiled. it was beautiful. >> she had never seen her. she'd seen pictures of her, you know, we'd talk about her but she hadn't actually, you know, got to hold her. and, you know, that's what every parent dreams of is holding their baby. >> reporter: stacy asked ray and jennifer to take care of dottie before falling into a coma. she died three days later. >> your mother would be proud. >> reporter: dottie mae is now
8:14 am
home with her new family after the ultimate sacrifice from a mother for her child. nbc news, houston. >> stacy's brother ray phillips and his wife jennifer are now along with us along with stacy's baby dottie mae. good morning to you and my condolences on your loss first of all. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> it's an overwhelming story. . it is so emotional. if there is one silver lining it is lying in your mae doing? >> she's doing very well. she still has to wake up every three hours to eat but she is doing very well. >> we mentioned she was born ten weeks' premature at just two pounds. what long-term challenges do the doctors say she faces? >> none as of yet. >> that's great news. >> she is on a --
8:15 am
>> this is a personal story obviously, ray. this is the loss of your sister and i'm sure it was overwhelming for you. why did you decide to share the story? >> i did it for dottie mae, you know, it's not really about us. my sister was a beautiful woman and i think dottie mae should know it. >> this decision that your sister stacy made, ray, did she discuss it with you or was there no discussing it? was it simply that her mind was made up? >> her mind was made up. it was pretty cut and dry. >> did you agree with the decision? >> i told her i'd support her either way is exactly what i told her. >> that moment when stacy actually got to hold her baby, i believe you were there. just tell me more about it. what was it like for you to
8:16 am
watch? >> i felt like it was probably the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen in my life and immediately afterward i told my wife, i said, i don't think i'll ever see anything that beautiful again. >> you are now caring, both of you, for dottie mae. i understand the father is not a part of her life. did stacy discuss with you at all how she wanted her daughter raised, things like that? >> yeah. stacy, she didn't have a dream childhood. she didn't have a bad childhood. but one of the things she discussed with me was beauty pageants. i hope this little girl grows up beautiful. so we can put her in pageants. >> and, jennifer, you have from what i understand six children between you and ray, four of them living at home with you. are you worried about the challenges of adding another? >> you know, i love children. i love being a mom.
8:17 am
i am excited. i think dottie will fit right in. >> and, ray, as dottie mae gets a little bit older what are you going to tell her about her mom? >> i don't think i'll have to tell her anything. i think she'll kind of figure it out on her own. >> well, take care of that beautiful little girl and we thank you very much for sharing her story and your sister's story as well, ray and jennifer. >> thank you. >> we'll be back right after these messages. i kept feeling this radiating ache everywhere. the pain was so frustrating. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide
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♪ crispy flakes calling my name ♪ ♪ i'm hungry now. ♪ ♪ who can resist those honey kissed bunches. ♪ ♪ gotta get a bowl, get me some of that yaaaaay! ♪ ♪ everybody's... ♪ imagine nutrition in perfect harmony with great taste. that's honey bunches of oats. four healthy grains come together in crispy flakes and crunchy granola bunches. honey bunches of oats. back now at 8:21 with the latest on juliana rensek's battle with breast cancer. the e news host made the announcement monday on the "today" show and tuesday underwent a double lumpectomy. her husband bill joins us. hey, bill. good morning. >> how are you? >> how are you and juliana doing? >> we are doing well and very grateful to the "today" show family and all the viewers who have been sending e-mails and tweets and letters of support. it's definitely helped juliana
8:22 am
get through this and certainly she expresses her gratitude to everyone out there for showing their support. >> we're looking at some photographs of the two of you and another family member just before the double lumpectomy. what do you want to tell us about what she had to go through? >> well, it was kind of a long day believe it or not. there are many steps in the process when you go through this because it was on both breasts. the morning started out with a long, two-hour mri where they had to put a guide wire in so the surgeon knew exactly what area to remove. then from the mri went to a mammogram where they did the other breast and put a guide wire in there and from there we went into the surgery and the surgery lasted about two hours. she's a trooper and pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out and she's doing well at home recovering and i'm adding a nurse to my resume now. she's having a lot of fun with
8:23 am
that. >> i bet she is. i'm sure you're very busy tending to her. she described you as her rock. but it's really hard to watch someone you love go through cancer. and there is a toll on you even though you're the one trying to take care of the person who's suffering. the emotions must be pretty tough here for you. >> well, you know, juliana has had a tough year and a half. i just, between the ibf attempts and now with this. for me i wish i could carry some of the load, take some of the pain away and watching the ivs go in her arm and getting, watching her being wheeled into that operating room was heart breaking for me. so i'm just doing everything i can to support her and make sure she's comfortable and try to make her laugh as often as possible. >> the doctors, what are they saying was the prognosis? you did catch it early. >> yeah. we're viewing this as a gift. it was caught accidently, very, very early. and we're going back tomorrow to the doctor to make sure that the
8:24 am
lymph nodes, they had to remove a couple lymph nodes and we hope we get a good report tomorrow, god willing, and then it's radiation and then we kick off 2012 with a new outlook on life and we're ready to take on the world. she's excited. she's going to go back to work next week, god willing, and she's really viewing life a little bit differently. it's funny when you go through a situation like this it kind of turns the volume down on the things that aren't really that important. >> that's absolutely right. i know that you mentioned earlier the response online on twitter, so many people wishing her well and i know that you're going to have a lot to say to this baby that you're going to have eventually. >> well, indeed. that baby not only will have saved juliana's life but the amount of tweets we've been getting from women and men saying they've scheduled their first mammogram or their wife has scheduled her first mammogram is really remarkable. that was the goal of this. >> all right. bill, thyou sohe good mornin
8:25 am
8:26 am
everyone. the time is 8:26. i'm jon kelley. yes, the great california shakeout rolls out this morning when 8 million californians take part in the world's largest earthquake drill ever. >> we have experienced a large earthquaking. >> everybody get under their desk and hold on. >> reporter: businesses, schools, organizations and neighborhoods will practice earthquake drills at around 10:00 this morning. b.a.r.t. plans to stop trains at 10:21 to participate in the event for one minute. local city halls, hospitals and schools will participate in the shakeout. for guidelines what to do before, during or after a quake, go to the time now i.8:268:26. i'll have weather and traffic for you right after this.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back. the time now 8:2. temperatures are really starting to warm up. we will have thick fog. it's so thick, that we're measuring it in hundreds of feet up in santa rosa. that's going to clear over the next hour or so. your future cast says nice, clear sunny skies back over santa rosa. san francisco 67 degrees later on today. a lot of sunshine headed your way between 2:00 and 5:00. 84 degrees by saturday. we keep climbing into the weekend. your drive with mike. >> you talked about low clouds and fog, five mills of visibility through san jose. a good deal of slowing. the biggest issue is 101 approaching 880, an accident blocking one of your middle
8:29 am
lanes could have an effect between 680 and the 101. a new accident for 90. avoid that if you can. >> for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area news on facebook. we'll be back in a half an hou
8:30 am
>> coppell, welcome aboard. >> kate snow. >> brian, harry. >> seth myers, fake news anchor. >> not one of ours. 8:30 now on a thursday morning, the 20th day of october, 2011. we've talked about the rains early this morning. al promised us it was going to clear off and he's a man of his word is mr. roker because now it's breezy and beautiful here in new york city. temperature of about 65 or 66 degrees. >> so why are we wearing coats? >> i know. >> we're crazy. >> i asked you earlier, and you said you like your coat. >> why do we wear heels? >> you have to take care of yourself. you're getting sick. >> thank you. >> i'm matt lauer with ann
8:31 am
curry, natalie morales, and al roker. coming up, hoda and kathie lee do the pacific northwest. the question is what did the pacific northwest ever do to deserve this? there they are out there getting ready for the fourth hour of "today" from seattle, washington. >> all right. >> fish mongers. nice. >> okay. >> i don't know why but i get lucille ball all over this. >> this is going to be -- >> they must be down at pike's place, one of the great places to go. normally people don't behave like that. >> looking for scale. >> speaking of that, we are going to be talking about food coming up and that's the fall's hottest food trends. apparently there is such a thing. i'll show you how to work them into your next meal. after you make that meal have you noticed it's harder these days to get your dishes clean, harder to get the grime and grease off them? coming up we'll tell you why that's happening and reveal a new list of the best dish washing detergents on the market. but first, let's say hello to orlando bloom.
8:32 am
great to have you. i'd give you a big hug and kiss but i'd get you sick. it's great to have you. we love you. you play england's duke of buckingham in the new movie called "the three musketeers" and, orlando, the bottom line is this appears to be a modern, high-tech take on a 400-year-old story. >> yeah. >> and with you choosing not to be a musketeer but a duke, the question is, which did you love most, the big hair or the high heels? >> yeah, exactly. i didn't want to wear a wig so we went with this kind of crazy hair-do. i didn't have to sit in make-up. every morning the last thing you want to do is sit in the chair for an hour and a half. >> they do wear the pompadour, though. >> it was hilarious. >> he is not a particularly good guy right? >> he is a little bit of a baddy. not exactly all bad. he is a little bit of a baddy.
8:33 am
he is a cad. that was appeal because i think perhaps people might have expected me to play one of the musketeers, but i got to sort of swing around and as the duke of bibbinging ham. >> this is 3d right? so really cool. >> so the pompadour goes right into your -- >> that is actually my lethal weapon in this movie. i don't even have to draw a sword. just use my hair. >> did you like the sword part? >> yes. in this movie quite literally i don't have to pull a sword so i'm literally using my hair. my tongue is my sword. >> the director of this, his name is paul anderson. >> that's right. >> he is known for his action packed -- he doesn't allow any stunt doubles. this is a bruising kind of effort. >> we really trained hard to make those sequences look good, and they've taken this classic novel and revamped it and rebooted it and made it a great film for, you know, a 2012, 2011 pop culture audience. >> and good for the family. >> yes. >> you have a new son right? >> i do. >> congratulations on flynn. that's fantastic. >> congratulations.
8:34 am
and also the prequel to "the lord of the rings" movies. i cannot wait for that. >> nice to have you. come back any time. congratulations. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? that's what's go good thursday morning to you. we have mostly cloudy conditions for now. this will all change as we head through the next two hours, expecting a lot of the cloud cover to break apart. the sun will warm you up to 75 in san jose. 72 degrees in santa cruz. later on today, you can hit the beach. better beach days this weekend. up to 85 in san jose on sunday. that means 77 in san francisco. hope you have a great thursday. >> that's your latest weather. you can always check your weather conditions. weather channel on cable or now let's say hello to uncle willard scott. hey, uncle willie.
8:35 am
>> the leaves are brown and falling down. it is a wonderful time of the year. isn't it beautiful? and now from smucker's hall of fame, a birthday treat if you'll take a look, please. lorena volz, like the car. thousand oaks, california, 106. loves to do crossword puzzles every day and plays cribbage and gin rummy. how about that? likes the cards. and we have george wagner from louisville, kentucky 100 years old today. loves to bowl and dance at the same time. quite an act he's got there. and he also, get this, in his career he sold muhammed ali his first set of boxing gloves. how about that? and we have gre mura of west palm beach, florida, 105. former designer. loves fashion and still keeps up with it all the time at 105.
8:36 am
how about that? and dale chatfield, aurora, illinois, 100 years old today. a horseshoe enthusiast. the kind you throw out and pitch. i was pretty good at that at one time. got a lot of leisure. good for you. mary walls, st. louis, missouri. she is 100. lives independently and just loves to garden and still is in good shape. how about that? thanks to, she says, her faith in the good record. lord. i guess she's blessed with good health. who blesses? the good lord. we have luther, love that name, luther gray, richmond, virginia, 100 years old. proud ww ii veteran and attends church every single sunday and loves all kind of sports especially baseball. that's it. that's all. back to you. >> thank you, willard.
8:37 am
up next, from the tablets to the gels in the dish washer, what should you use? we'll put them to the test. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> first this is "today" on nbc. howdy folks! jack box here, with my new outlaw burger. other places have bbq burgers, but not with the kick this one has- outlaw means it's loaded with hickory-smoked bacon, onion rings and topped with my bourbon barbecue sauce. and i'll tell you somethin' else they don't have- -my outlaw spicy chicken sandwich. yehaw! whoa! whoa whoa whoa whoa.. ride that spicy chicken!
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> i love that music. we're back at 8:39. this morning on today's consumer how good is your dish washing detergent? consumer correspondent janice lieberman is here with details. >> good morning. if you've noticed your dishes are dull and your glasses cloudy it may not be the fault of your dish washer because about a year ago detergent makers removed phosphates from their products to help save the environment. so the ingredients changed and so may have their performance. good housekeeping magazine is out with their top picks of soaps that sparkle. we decided to see how they tackle that dirty job. who doesn't want their dishes to sparkle?
8:40 am
finding the best soap to do the job isn't all that easy since phosphates have been removed from dish detergents. some experts say cleaning dishes has not been the same. caroline forte, director of the home and cleaning lab at the good housekeeping research institute took us behind the scenes as they tested 35 dishwasher detergents. >> yes. >> you have some really nasty looking stuff here. >> we do. >> reporter: they came up with their top five picks. but before we reveal them, you need to see how tough it is to become a clean winner. >> we want to make sure our tests are really tough so we can discriminate between the different brands we're testing. >> reporter: most of us wouldn't dream of loading our dishwashers covered with food. baked on egg yolk. burnt milk. mac and cheese. caked on oatmeal. fried burger residue and greasy margarine.
8:41 am
>> what's on this? >> this is our, what we call our spinach smear. it is a combination of spinach, green beans, crisco and mayonnaise. when we finish soiling everything we let it sit or bake on for two hours. after that two-hour period we load up the dishwasher and run the cycle. >> she asked me to plant a wet one. >> most of the detergents really struggled with the lip stick. >> okay. >> fill the cups with coffee to put the stain on and then blot each rim with a paper towel. that's how we get it on and make it very precise. >> here is how i would do it. there you go. >> give us a hand. >> the kiss test. >> reporter: they used hard water which contains minerals to up the ante for the test. and surprisingly did not rinse any dishes at all. before long, we were ready to start. caroline chose the pots and pans cycle. >> it's generally a longer cycle. the water temperature gets up to a higher temperature and also you get a much stronger wash action. so you want to make sure you choose the right cycle. it really does make a difference. >> reporter: after a few hours of washing and a heated dry, we were ready for the result.
8:42 am
>> look. >> reporter: very clean. lip stick gone. >> it did a great job. >> reporter: just two items had minimal soil on them. >> none of the 35 detergents we tested got everything absolutely clean. >> reporter: really impressive. and finally the winners. among the best in tablets? finish quantum. cascade's complete pack. and mrs. meyer's clean day pack. lovely. >> they have basil, lavender and even lemon. >> reporter: cascade complete gel was a glass and flatware favorite and the best bargain for your buck at ten cents a wash, walmart's great value powder. and here are some other tips that may help get your load cleaner. make sure your tap water is hot before you turn on your dishwasher. use more soap if you have hard water and the key is to loading the dishwasher correctly. >> okay. how do you load it correctly? >> let me show you. first of all, don't overload. >> and also no -- open the dishwasher. >> and have everything face the jets, the water jets coming in
8:43 am
which i didn't know which makes a lot of sense. if you're not sure where that is read the manual. >> also a simple trick if you've got film on your dishes, i always think it's some of the chemicals that you're washing with, the dishwasher material. >> i don't know where it's from but to clean it all out use a little vinegar in the cycle with water. it'll clean them and make your glasses sparkly clean. if you have hard water use a little borax to help clean it out. these are great tips. >> janice, thanks so much. now here's al. >> ann, thanks so much. this morning on today's kitchen step by step we're cooking with squash. here with warm and flavorful dishes is the chef and owner of kelly leichen's restaurant in vail, colorado. >> squash not only looks good and tastes good, it's good for you. >> it's good for you. winter squash is the perfect way to get health in there.
8:44 am
use it all winter long. >> start with an acorn squash? >> start with an acorn squash. we'll make a rum spiked -- this may be tough to cut. rum spiked acorn squash soup. cut our acorn squash in half. take out all the seeds. drizzle it with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper. we're simply going to roast it as you see we've done here. 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. >> watwater? >> absolutely not. face up. when it comes out, onion, garlic, carrots. nice aeromatics with fresh thyme. so easy. a perfect hearty soup. a great entree for a warm, winter night. if you want to help me out we can scoop a little of that right into the pan. i have some already scooped here. you can see just how easy this is. >> just like that.
8:45 am
>> just like that. get this all nice and hot. once we have that sort of cooking down just for three or four minutes, here comes the fun part. a little spiced rum. let that reduce until it's just about gone. you can smell that, right? we just put vegetable stock. we're going to let it simmer 30 to 40 minutes although you could go longer. then we're just about finished. that's how easy it is. we'll season it -- put it into our blender here. another blender will do. season with a little cayenne. a little kick. a little salt and pepper. the soup is hot. make sure your lid is on nice and tight. we're just going to blend it up a little. just blend it until it's nice and smooth. if you feel like it's a little thick we can always add a little more vegetable stock. just keep it a nice consistency.
8:46 am
>> nice toppings here. >> absolutely. i'll let you garnish your own. a little blue cheese. a little pecans. i like a little pecans there. always a little green is good. >> this is pretty healthy. >> very healthy. really the only fat in this is the cheese. >> a little pumpkin seed oil? >> a little pumpkin seed oil on there for you. >> oh, nice. that's terrific. what do we have back here? >> back here we have more of an an tray. winter squash lasagna. we have roasted acorn just like we did previously. then raw butternut there. we'll layer it with pasta, ricotta cheese. a white sauce. a little sage in. scented with some sage. >> a layer of the noodles, the pasta. >> absolutely. we have a little ricotta. a little truffle oil in there. we'll dot that on there. >> how long does that bake for? >> that bakes about an hour at 350 degrees.
8:47 am
>> and dessert. >> one of our favorite desserts is a pumpkin and white chocolate cheesecake. it's a ricotta cheesecake. light and fluffy. >> that's fantastic. up next, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
back at 8:49 with our friend len burrman here to take us on a wild ride once again with the wonderfully whacky world of sports. len, good morning. >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> the last couple months featured the baseball playoffs and the nba lockout but what were truly the top sports stories? let's go spanning the world.
8:50 am
♪ >> unbelievable! >> on your mark, get set! play ball, our play of the month in germany. this is a bicycle kick over his end goal. how about that? >> nice. >> remember basketball? >> yeah. >> not a bad alley-oop pass wouldn't you say? rajon rondo. nice defense, guys. our oops of the month on the penalty kick in egypt. >> the quarterback from clemson. there he goes. oh, my goodness. a gift touchdown for florida state. in kansas city, the tarp guy goes over. >> ouch! >> run for your lives! oh, my goodness. behind the plate. sparks fly. >> literally. >> heads up.
8:51 am
our heads up plays of the month. the goalie kicks it and he kicks it off the head of the guy in front of him. back into his own goal. >> oh, no. >> embarrassing. corey banks for the bc lions runs a post pattern. my goodness. >> oh, no. >> did he make that sound? >> nobody got hurt. not even corey. our team of the month, the crew from great britain practicing on the moving walkway at the munich airport. and a guy going the wrong way. >> that's great. >> our animals of the month. the rally squirrel scampers across the batter's box in st. louis. but you know what? upon further review, the squirrel misses home plate. our coach of the month at coastal carolina, no cats are wanted on his team. >> i told our players, we need to be like a dog. we don't need a bunch of cats in here, meow, looking good, i got my extra bands on. i got my shoes on. be a dog. >> be a dog.
8:52 am
in washington did teddy roosevelt finally win his first ever president's race? the leprechaun got him. finally, here he comes. at last he is going to do it. once and for all. it's a win except for the guy in the monkey suit. hate that. our fans of the month. in arena football the kickoff return. >> oh! >> hey, is that legal? >> and in taiwan to catch a foul ball he drops his daughter in front of him. >> oh, no. >> what? >> his wife is real pleased. >> oh, yeah. >> you're a moron. >> very strong. >> thanks. >> probably the best yet. thank you. still ahead would your child benefit from a single sex school? today's professionals star, donny, and nancy weigh in on that. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
here they are.
8:54 am
♪ >> happy as -- i think it's a perfect time, and everybody else just kind of ourselves. realistic. >> yeah. >> very realistic.
8:55 am
but we're going to have them on the show tomorrow, and i think they're going to do at least a half an hour of music. maybe more. >> so are today's professionals. >> i don't know what that was about. >> something so hopeful about them, those three over there. >> yeah. >> we could have cold play here in those outfits xshgs it wouldn't even have to be cold play. it could be anybody. >> i know. yeah. >> you know what's really interesting, i was reading about he actually is extremely shy. i hope i didn't overstate that. he has learned to throw himself into these -- last time he was running from stage all the way to the end of the crowds and the things and it's going to be gr ♪ ♪ the time is now
8:56 am
♪ it's a good day ♪ ♪ ♪ today good morning. the time is 8:56. i'm jon kelley. a san francisco supervisors committee will hear arguments whether naked people should be forced to cover their seats before they sit down. out in public. the proposal says nude people should put down a towel or something similar on a bench or chair before they use it. nudists are welcome to comment on the proposal at city hall today, but if they go, they have to cover themselves and must wear shoes. i guess they're afraid of hammer toes. right now,8:57 is 57 on the dot. traffic and weather right after this.
8:57 am
8:58 am
i want to take you through this map of the maze showing you the slowing red where it's below 20 miles per hour. the earlier jam for 580 coming off the 24 has cleared. now i've circled the new jam off the warren freeway toward 24. the south bay also slow but getting there through walnut creek and the double interchange is a tough drive. jon, had an accident and now it's returned. back to you. >> for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll have another update you for you in a half hour from now. [people chatting]
8:59 am
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we are back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, it's the 20th day of october, 2011. started out with drizzle in the new york area. turned into a beauty. speaking of beauties, we're here with savannah guthrie and and ann curry on at plaza. >> oh. >> the thorn and the roses, mr. roquer. >> don't call them thorns. >> it's not nice. >> we've got "today"'s professionals inside the studio, talking about the hot headlines. >> a lot to get to, too. lindsay lohan handcuffed in court yesterday. she already posted bail. she got a talking to in the judge. we'll ask the team of professionals to weigh in whether she's getting a difficult celebrity justice. have single-sex schools a good idea? how do you spot a liar? good questions. star jones, donny dich, nancy snyderman. >> good negotiators? >> i'm horrible.
9:01 am
>> terrible. >> one of the worst. >> i bet you're pretty good. >> new york i don't want to pay full retail. whether hoping for a better salary, hoping for a new deal on a new car, bargainings a skill. we'll help you identify your negotiating style to get the results you're looking for. >> okay. and we all need our beauty rest. we all know that on this program, we never get enough of it. but if what you do before you hit the sack -- i'm not implying anything -- matters when it comes to looking good and fresh-faced. >> what do you mean? >> from your hair to skin. we'll have your evening beauty routine coming up. >> let's go inside. natalie's standing by at the newsdesk. >> good morning to you guys, once again. good morning, everyone. libya's prime minister is among those confirming this morning that moammar gadhafi has been killed. the u.s. official also says libyan leaders have told the u.s. that gadhafi is dead.
9:02 am
a cell phone photo and video have surfaced. we should warn you, they are graphic. we have not independently verified this is gadhafi but the rebels are claiming it is the ousted leader. his apparent death is confirmed came ad libbian rebels drove them the of sirte. gadhafi had been hiding for months. andrea mitchell joins us washington. andrea, a stunning development, long term, how significant is this? >> hugely significant. u.s. officials, of course, say they are waiting reliable confirmation from the field. but the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon has just said in new york this is the end of the beginning for libya. he added clearly this day marks an historic transition for libya and combatants on all sides must lay down their arms in peace. of course, concerns about revenge. circumstances are unclear about the death, reported death. we've seen graphic images you showed of a man who appears to be gadhafi. we haven't verified that. bloodied on the ground, rebel cell phone camera video.
9:03 am
gadhafi has had a long and contentious history with the u.s. reagan called him the mad dog of the east. an attack in 1986. that was retaliation for a bombing in berlin. and of course the escalation with the pan am 103 bombing in 1988. and then reconciliation by the bush white house and then of course the nato bombing with u.s. participation, natalie. >> andrea, the long-term implication for the u.s.? >> long term, this is a real opportunity, but it's going to be difficult. there is no real sign of the leadership can gain control of the whole country yet, but there is oil money, and they have a good future. >> andrea mitch until washington. thanks. in other news, all of those escaped wild animals in zanesville, ohio, have been accounted for with most of the animals killed. many animal rights advocates say officials had little choice but to kill dozen of the exotic animals. released by the owner of a preserve who then took his own life with a gunshot and also
9:04 am
reportedly had been bitten in the head by one of the animals. secretary of state hillary clinton is taking a tougher line on pakistan, saying she want pakistanis to fight harder against terrorists within their own borders. borders. this morning she met with afghan president karzai and outlined a strategy of fight, talk, and build and said it's imperative for the u.s., afghanistan, and pakistan to cooperate against insurgents. clinton heads to pakistan later today. a colorful royal welcome today for queen elizabeth who is visiting australia's capital city. she and prince philip took a motor boat to a flower show. it was their first public appearance of a ten-day tour of australia. and canine exercises. a dog at a shelter in south florida has an unusual way of getting around. with an old injury to her back legs trixie the chihuahua walks around using only her front legs poor thing. she was brought to the shelter after drivers saw her walking down the street, got distracted,
9:05 am
and crashed. the shelter is now trying to find her a new home. poor thing. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside once again to matt and ann. >> wow. that's not easy. >> no. she's got some strong front legs. >> mr. roker is down the other side of the plaza. >> we've got some nice guys here. what's your names? where are you from? >> colorado springs. >> cool! very nice. having a good time? >> yeah. >> you're bouncing up and down. you okay? doing all right? yeah? okay. let's check our weather here. getting dizzy. all right. why is it so windy from chicago to the northeast? we got a tight pressure gradient. that's the difference between pressure systems, the tighter diera gt therahe stronger the s so we're lookingwi atki windyd itions. we've also got you can see on the radcootginat raround tha we've got 29, 30-mile-per-hour winds in milwaukee. 20 miles in peoria. 11 in cleveland. it is a windy day but the good news is it is going to die down. we are looking though for about another inch or so up to the north through alpena on into
9:06 am
canada. otherwise, the rain will be coming to an end. got a beautiful day here in the northeast though we are g good thursday morning to you. still dealing with a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy conditions all the way to the east bay from the coast. throughout the afternoon, you're going to lose a lot of that cloud cover. 60s and 70s for today. great beach weather as we head into this weekend and early week, our focus shifts to the potential for fire weather. we'll be on watch. 67 degrees in san francisco today. 72 in santa cruz. we'll continue the warmup as we head into your weekend. that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ i'll be taking care of business every day ♪ >> thank you, al. now to today's professionals. our panel of power players giving us their take on the hottest stories making news. i'm sorry but donny deutsch is going to sleep through this segment apparently.
9:07 am
here they are the professionals. star jones is an attorney and author. donny deutsch is tired. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> you all right, donny? going to make it through? >> just got a little -- she -- i'm all right. >> just wanted to put his head in nancy's lap. >> let's move on to our hot topics shall we? lindsay lohan back in court. she was handcuffed in court. hauled off to jail momentarily after getting a dressing down from the judge. now there will be a subsequent hearing on whether or not she should be take tone jail. >> she really did wear that well, you know. >> is that your legal opinion? >> that is my absolute legal opinion. my true legal opinion is this is someone who is a train wreck that we enjoy watching and that's sad for us as a society and even sadder for her. she is self-destructive. >> this judge really gave her a talking to. i had to wonder whether or not she was getting a different kind of celebrity justice. >> i don't know. if you start, roll it back, this is a classic example i believe of watching a public figure who's had really bad parenting
9:08 am
so if you start with that and no support system, then she's a train wreck and there is no one in her immediate life to take care of her and then she has an alcoholism and drug problem. it's the last place you want to put people is in prison because there is sort of no fix it. now this defiance of the law i think takes it one step further. >> why are we still talking about her? i can't even remember the last thing she actually did on a professional level. >> i'm going to contrast her with another young actress from long island natalie portman. is it more interesting for the new york post or any media outthroat cover today that natalie portman took her baby daughter to the park or a young woman is crashing and burning? we don't report the planes that land on time. unfortunately we report the planes that crash. it's twofold. number one my life is not that bad. look at this gorgeous celebrity. she is crashing and burning. on the flip side the charlie sheen factor there is something primal. she's acting out, snubbing the law. it's that combination. we are a society blafg badly. >> star, do you think the judge is too tough? she said you have to do these
9:09 am
360 hours or 480 hours of community service but she has until april to do them. yes, she is being slow about it but she is not in violation in terms of the hours yet. >> i don't think she can actually be violated ultimately at the end of the hearing. i think she is being punished more for her attitude than her actions which she should be but the way you punish her for attitude is not jail. that's not where -- >> pile on more community service? the fact that she didn't show up to help a woman's shelter, i mean that is just disgusting. by the way, you have a drug problem, all this stuff. but you're given a shot and you -- >> donny, this is one paycheck away from being in a shelter. >> this happens all the time. if we were in brooklyn you wouldn't know about it. because it does happen. >> she said to her probation officer she didn't find the work fulfilling which really set the judge off. >> yes. >> single sex schools, there is a report in science magazine that looks into whether the single sex schools are beneficial, educationally,
9:10 am
whether they're even legal. >> i thought we put this one to bed. single sex education does make a differences specially for girls. if you look at the women's college. >> you going to do the whole thing they raise their hand versus with boys they don't raise their hand? >> excuse me. a couple days ago we talked about the difference between mentoring and having an advocate. you and i in the middle of the class i'm raising my hand, teacher, pick me. boys absolutely get attention. >> i don't want to date any of us. i think that might have been true 20 or 30 years ago but today's young girls when in the media they see as many powerful women as men i wonder if that's true. >> they don't see as many. >> they were earning 67 cents to the dollar. >> a different discussion. >> let me ask you a question. why would you take, by the way, parents should do whatever they want to do. my daughters are in coed school. i'm sending them to same sex camp. why set up a synthetic environment? like this coed. why set it up? >> it's not synthetic. >> i don't believe in single sex education because i don't believe that that's the way the world operates. >> exactly. >> i believe that when you get -- i don't even like all
9:11 am
black environments, all white environments, all girl or all boy environments. >> even if it was beneficial, shown to be beneficial for young women, do you think because it's artificial you still would prefer to have an integrated school? >> you know, it may be better for young women at that age but when you get to college age i think you got to get ready. you got to get ready for the world. >> as a guy with three girls it's a forbidden fruit. i don't want my girls all contained with girls so they're all of a sudden boy crazy and deprived of it. >> that is not part of the education. >> my whole point is that is part of everything. >> i'm separating you two. next week you're going to sit over there. >> i just want to apologize. i touched her leg. >> that's okay. it happened in the republican debate the other day right? okay. now we digress. next question, when should you remove the ring? watching demi moore and ashton kutcher, demi is still wearing her ring and nobody knows what is going on in that relationship but it raises the question when you're having troubles in your relationship or separated when is the right time to remove the
9:12 am
ring? >> when you're over it. when the ring no longer means anything to you. then you remove it and take it to your favorite jeweler and they put it on a little chain and you wear it around your neck. >> you told us you did that. you said you never wore rings. >> never. neither of my parents ever wore rings and so i can't tell who's mayor antidepressant who is not. >> i didn't wear it because it was uncomfortable. there are people who are separated but still want to work it out. that's when the ring is on. when you're over it, take it off. >> is the ring like the old fashioned way of the facebook status? you know, single, divorced or complicated? >> if any women are concerned that men are not wearing rings, a ring for a man is attractive to women. so that's not a sign of fidelity or infidelity. >> that is a whole other story for another time. >> doesn't it make you disgusted? >> don't shoot the messenger. >> i suspect she is wearing the ring as a way to say to the media leave me alone. >> right. not ready to talk about it. >> how about i'm not ready to be dwone my husband? >> there is that possibility as well. let's get to our next topic.
9:13 am
i like it. can you spot a liar? there is actual science behind it. some of the indicators are repeating questions before answering. too much eye contact. fake smiles. forgetting details. dr. nancy, you're our doctor. is there really science behind it? >> there was a show on television called "lie to me" which has since been canceled because it was too good to be on television and it looked at micro expressions of a face. whether you and i keep contact. whether we bite our lip. whether we look down. there are all these little micro expressions. you can absolutely tell. in one's family i bet there are hints when you look at people. >> do you have tell tale signs you look for? >> my major sign is lies don't have details. it's always easy when you can question them about something just very innocuous. we tell the story of us sitting here. you ask, where was donny seated? just out of the blue, has nothing to do with the substance. if you can ask those kinds of questions you can tell. >> okay. not saying whether this is true or false. i am a great dancer. i am a great dancer.
9:14 am
>> you're lying. >> i can tell he is telling the truth because a corner of his mouth went up because he is daring me to say you're wrong. he is a great dancer. >> in your opinion. >> okay. i knew it wasn't true. instinctively. next topic sexy halloween costumes for kids. they're just getting sexier and sexier. >> while you're under my roof and i am paying for school or food or whatever, the answer is no. you want to go to college and do stuff at a frat party i can't stop you but this, i think, the manufacturers are pushing this more and more and more. >> slutty is the new black. it is amazing. every costume. not a nurse a sexy nurse. you have to draw a distinction. at home i have a 4-year-old and 8-year-old. that speaks for itself. when a girl is 16 or 13 not 13, 16 and wearing short skirts to school they are at an age where they are going to dress a little sexier.
9:15 am
it is hard at that point to pull it back. >> but your 8-year-old -- >> you know when it's wrong. >> your 8-year-old should not be dressing like a hooker. >> duh. >> no matter what. >> thank you for telling me. that's what she was planning for halloween. >> excuse me. i'm at the costume store just the other day. that is for the 18-year-old. i mean for the 8-year-old. for the 4-year-old she can dress as jasmine with the tummy out. >> my 8-year-old two years ago was in a cheerleader thing and it has a little -- i just didn't like it. it was wrong. >> our last topic is cute. granny does nascar. 92-year-old woman went driving in a nascar race because it was on her bucket list so we thought we'd ask you guys what's on your bucket list. star? >> i want to take a ride down the nile like the great queens of africa used to do. i don't know why. i've always wanted to be cleopatra. that's mine. >> that's the weirdest thing. i've always wanted to be cleopatra also. it wasn't nile. it was a whole other setup. so bizarre. >> i always wanted to go into space. i would go into space tomorrow if i were, if i could be part of
9:16 am
any nasa program. >> wait a minute, donny dodged. what is on your bucket list? >> okay. i would love to play in a tennis match in arthur ashe stadium against a great tennis player. >> but who? >> that's cool. >> you had all night tongue about this? you are lame. >> i didn't think about that. >> that's lame. >> pretty lame. >> mine too. >> okay. your life must be so full there is nothing left to put in the bucket. >> okay. >> okay. the architect of world peace. >> all right. star jones, donny deutsch, dr. nancy, thank you. still ahead, the secret to looking your best in the morning. one hint it all starts at night. up next mastering the art of negotiation. we have tips to help you seal the deal right after this. [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪
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9:19 am
this morning the art of negotiation. it is a skill that's important in our daily lives. cnbc's courtney reagan is here with the tools you need to become a master negotiator. good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> when you think about negotiation, we think about the ceos. >> yes. >> and all the labor negotiators but the fact is it is something we all need every day. >> we do. it goes way beyond the boardroom. if you think about it most people negotiate or bargain in some aspect of every day life. i mean, whether it's buying a house you negotiate the terms and the price or even calling your cable operator seeing if you can squeak out a couple extra channels for paying that same fee. think about kids at night, negotiating bed time and play time. we do it all the time. really being a better negotiator will help you get that better deal every time without compromising too much. >> there are five styles you talk about. there is competitive, accommodating, collaborating, avoiding, and compromising. why is it good to know what kind of negotiator you are? >> yes. like anything you're sort of predisposed to fall into a certain category and once you know where you lay in that five
9:20 am
bargaining styles you can sort of leverage your strengths and minimize or maybe even improve on your weaknesses. >> some people negotiate and let emotions get involved. how do you take emotion out of the negotiation? >> it is really hard especially when the stakes are high or you're negotiating with friends or family. that's why people hire divorce attorneys because they can keep their eye on the prize without getting emotionally involved. so what you really want to do is prepare ahead of time. literally write down your goals on a piece of paper so you don't lose sight of it. maybe even more important, al, you want to consider the other side's possible reaction so you're prepared emotionally. you know how you'll feel when the question comes back at you. >> who are better negotiators, men or women? >> it actually depends. women are much more in tune with the other party so for a relationship at stake women can be better but men can be a bit more aggressive so sometimes that helps them. it's so situation dependent. >> we see right now the nba lockout. i mean, what's going on?
9:21 am
they are supposedly in a room. i say they get them out of these hotels. put them someplace uncomfortable and make them negotiate until they come out with something. >> exactly. sometimes that atmosphere can have a lot to do with it. think about how high the stakes are. it is a very public battle. i would say most of these folks lie in that competitive bargaining style so it is hard to find that middle ground. i would say the egos are probably pretty high, too. there's a ton of people involved. there are two sides. each side has lawyers and agents and consultants and player representatives and team representatives. there's just a lot going on there. it's going to take a while. >> in any negotiation how important is it to be able to compromise? >> it is actually very important. that's why you kind of want to set up ahead of time. your lowest possible point of acceptance and then the highest point, your aspiration point. you need to know that's your bargaining zone and you can really compromise anywhere within there because you're going to have to make concessions more than likely. but as long as you don't go below that reservation point really the deal should be better
9:22 am
than how you were before going into that. >> and hopefully everybody comes out feeling good. >> it is possible. >> courtney reagan, thanks so much. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> still ahead extreme animal phobia. we'll meet some women trying to overcome a terrifying fear of t meese esssag.bufirst thmee esg keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years.
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when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. coming up looking your best in the morning. >> and kathy and hoda toss the
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning. it's 9:26. i'm marla tellez. man accused of going on a workplace shooting in richmond is now in custody. eldorado county deputies pulled over door ren long junior and took him into custody. police say he's a security guard at the crescent park apartments on hartnet avenue. last night they say he went to work and shot his supervisor. the supervisor was hit in the arm and chest but he managed to fire back. two other security guards heard the shots. they came running and returned fire. that's when long took off. police say long also fired more than 30 rounds into a neighbor's yard in concord earlier last night. no one was hurt. he will be transported back to the bay area today. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann will be in the bay area today. she's going to make two stops during her visit. bachmann will be at the commonwealth club in san francisco this morning to talk
9:27 am
about the revival of american competitiveness. she will present her views how to revive america's competitive business edge in the global economy and be in napa tonight to attend a fund-raiser dinner for her campaign. bachmann trails behind y and-runners mitt r herman cain. a look at the forecast and mike checks the roads right after this.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28. still have really thick fog up in the north bay. santa rosa, you have jumped up from 200 feet visibility to a quarter of a mile. take it easy through there. elsewhere the clouds starting to break apart. it's going to take awhile before the sunshines over the south and east bay. 79 in concord later today. 67 in san francisco. about 72 degrees in santa cruz. if you're looking to hit the beach, a couple great days, saturday and sunday up to 77 degrees even in san francisco. let's check your drive with mike. >> this accident i told folks about this all morning, this is all afternoon and potentially
9:29 am
evening, as well. northbound 101, a couple of big rigs got into the an accident. there was diesel fuel all over the place. still having a rough time with the clean-up northbound 101 closed at 116. you will be diverted towards the park. there's the slowing for the east bay. >> not good news for the north bay. >> we'll be back with our next update at 9:56. we'll see you then.
9:30 am
how many ipods? >> top of my list right there. >> all right. red hot, on top of the charts for a decade, they've got a mantle full of grammys to prove it and now a new album out. in less than 24 hours they're going to be right here on our plaza on our concert stage. cold plaza live -- cold pizza live -- on the plaza, coldplay today. >> cold play on the plaza tomorrow and a blockbuster concert. they'll play for more than a half hour. >> can't wait. >> seven songs i'm hearing. >> that's huge. >> absolutely. >> meanwhile, switching gears this morning, we know savannah you are afraid of frogs but not
9:31 am
so much a phobia right? >> yeah. i'm not -- not a phobia. >> but there are people coming up in this half hour, a lot of people who have these strange animal phobias, people of course scared of snakes and spiders but have you ever heard of having a fear so bad of puppies or butterflies? for some people it can actually be paralyzing. we'll meet two women have now overcome their fears. speaking of animals natalie and i are both wearing our wild animal prints today. girls gone wild. and actually also ahead when you look in the mirror in the morning sometimes that first reflection can be a little tough. we'll have some great tips on what you can do to improve your appearance and help with the dark circles and stuff like that at night the night before in order to make the wakeup a little less shall we say harsh. >> should have done that last night. >> i see you two come in without makeup. it's not so bad. trust me. >> thanks. >> scary animals. in the meantime, let's go to weather shall we? >> yes. >> going to do a little leaf
9:32 am
looking this weekend? we're past peak in the rockies. also in the upper mississippi river valley. but still plenty of color out along the west coast. also in the northeast, new england, and on into the plains. good thursday morning to you. taking a live look at san jose. still mostly cloudy up through the south bay and east bay as well. . the good news is we are going to lose a lot of that cloud cover. already starting to see breaks of sunshine in mountain view, for instance. seven miles of visibility goes to show mostly cloudy. when the sun comes up in the second half of the day, temperatures warm up to 75 in redwood city, 7 in los gatos. toward the weekend, we keep climbing. great beach days. then our focus shifts to fire weather. and that's your latest weather. in case you didn't know it, this saturday is make a difference day. debby getz and denise are here from weekend magazine to tell us what it's all about.
9:33 am
tell us about make a difference day. >> this saturday is the make a difference day which is the largest day of volunteering in the nation. it's a program started back in 1992 by "usa today" weekend and it has turned into a movement of doing good so across the country millions of people will be in their communities making a difference, doing whatever project makes sense for them. we hope everyone will join us. >> and debby, how do people get involved? >> well, you -- >> i should say denise. >> well, visit make a difference they can actually volunteer at one of the projects already registered or just gather with their friends and family and create their own project. no project is too small and they can register their project and win $10,000 for their charity. >> terrific. thanks so much. thanks to everybody at usa. >> thank you to nbc news for the terrific inspirational stories you've provided for making a difference. >> our pleasure. now back to two more inspirational ladies. >> thanks, ladies. coming up this morning we'll be talking about the fear,
9:34 am
extreme fear or phobias that people live with, everything from butterflies to spiders and how they learn to conquor their fear. >> and frogs too. >> "today" on nbc. and nutritionon to the you and your family love, eggland's best will proudly be displaying its support for susan g. komen for the cure®, the world's largest breast cancer organization, in its promise to end breast cancer forever. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. and a greater commitment to what matters. because part of being the best is doing good. take toast.
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9:38 am
we've all heard of a fear of snakes but what about butterflies or even puppies? on the new animal planet series "my extreme animal phobias" this psychologist works with people to overcome their fear of animals and pets using exposure therapy. robin is here with katy who overcame a spider phobia and jackie who overcame her fear of butterflies. good morning. >> katy, i think a lot of us are afraid of spiders but you actually had to go to a spider exhibit and feed it a cricket. a lot of us can relate to that fear but for you it is a phobia. how did that start? >> there is no specific time where i was initially scared of spiders. i've always been terrified. but i'm at the point where i
9:39 am
cannot be in the same room with them and so i -- >> what did you think they would do to you? >> i had no idea. i just thought i'd be in a room filled with spiders and i'd die. >> you thought the spiders would kill you. >> i did. >> jackie, for you, butterflies, beautiful creeutte fly creature. where did the fear come from? >> a butterfly flew on my shirt when i was a little girl and i thought it was a big huge wasp and since then i've been terrified but dr. z saved my life. >> this is really about the idea of exposure therapy. what was it that you -- how does this work in terms of getting them to relate and be able to do things they weren't able to do before? this is really about being able to allow them to go out in their environment once again, right? >> right. everybody who has participated in this project was so terrified that their lives were really becoming limited. i mean, in katy's case if she walked into a room and saw a spider she would have to run
9:40 am
out, call someone before she could go back in the room. and certainly with jackie her life was limited because butterflies are unpredictable. you never know when they're going to come up. what we do is have them face and confront their fear by doing exposure to it. what happens is through what we call a systematic desensitization the brain begins to see the feared animal differently to where it overcomes the anxiety and they are no longer afraid. >> you had five days to work with them. five days. in fact, i want to show you the progress that katy has made. >> are you sure you can do this? you've done a couple other things. you've been able to sleep next to a room with spiders. >> i actually have a pet tarantula. her name is rosie. >> oh, gosh. >> this looks just like rosie. >> i may run out of the studio. oh, yeah. you're safe. >> far away from that. >> and they hang upside down. >> how are you able to do that? what was it that finally got you to realize that it's not going
9:41 am
to kill you as i'm sitting here thinking it may do that to me? >> exposure therapy and learning more about spiders and that they are very harmless especially this kind and knowing i'm bigger than the spider and more powerful. mind over matter. it is scary. they're daunting but, you know. >> jackie, for you with the butterflies you were able to go to a biosphere and slept there with the butterflies and now you say you actually just recently had another experience with butterflies. what is it, as i see you wearing your bling. >> i had to become more comfortable with these ugly, ugly butterfly necklaces and bracelets. i've bought a lot of butterfly stuff actually. but it's much better. i don't love them. i do not embrace them at all but i do feel like i can live with them. i can be around them and it's okay. they're just a part of nature. it's life. >> and, doctor, i guess the bigger question is, again, this
9:42 am
is about allowing them to then not have that fear of going outside and knowing that they can encounter anything in life, right? >> that's correct. and you see that she's holding a tarantula and it's very extreme. but the reason why we go to that level is because anything underneath it is going to be so much easier. >> right. >> so if she walks into a room and sees a daddy long legs she can handle that no problem. we take them as far as we go and in this case you can see katy has overcome her feared animal. >> it's working for you. >> sorry, sorry. >> i think i need the exposure. >> thank you. my real animal phobia premieres tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern and pacific on animal planet. up next everything you need to look like a million bucks the first these messages.orutng [ inner voice ] establish connection. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position.
9:43 am
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being sent to the back of a freezer. and it's all because someone said "tacos." old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. ♪ wake me up before you go girl
9:47 am
♪ >> this morning on today's beauty looking good first thing in the morning is hard from puffy eyes to limp hair and lack luster skin, most of us don't wake up fresh as a daisy. how do you get that vibrant look right when you get out of bed? amy is the beauty director for "in style" magazine. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> there is no makeup on this table. the idea is these are things you can do the night before. >> exactly. everything we're doing here is stuff you do the night before so you wake up fresh faced and gorgeous. >> let's start with hair. your first tip has to do with this dry shampoo. >> this is for people who have fine hair that's prone to getting oily. you put this on before bed and it will absorb any toil that your scalp emits while you sleep. the great thing is by the time you wake up there will be no chalky residue. >> okay. if you have curly hair and you want to keep the curls in good shape what do you recommend? >> people who have curly hair have the opposite problem. they are worried about big hair that's frizzy. so just coat the curls with gel to the point where it almost feels crunchy and then by the time you wake up it has the
9:48 am
perfect texture. >> it won't feel like that crunchy gel feel? >> no. it softens overnight. if your hair is dry what you want to do is pile it on top of your head and use a piece of panty hose is actually the best way to do it because it won't break the hair. >> this is for hair that's, that gets frizzy. >> exactly. you want to preserve volume at the roots so this will give you a little lift. >> is it really a pony tail like you pull back? >> a tony tail on top of your head and this prevents you from breaking your hair because it is very soft fabric. >> okay. let's move on to skin care. you say we should wash our faces twice at night? >> this is especially true for people who wear a lot of makeup because we've all had the experience of washing our face. >> who are those people? >> and you wake up with raccoon eyes. >> yeah. >> what you want to do is start with a creamy or oil-based cleanser and then finish with a gel cleanser. this will remove any kind of residue and you'll wake up totally clean. >> you have these products here. but just looking for creamy and then the gel cleanser to finish off. >> exactly. >> then the undereye cream. we all got bags under the eyes when we wake up.
9:49 am
what do you recommend? >> this is the bane of everyone's existence. what you want to do is look for an eye cream with caffeine because it will constrict the blood vessels and also push the fluid out of your eyes. >> it won't keep you up at night? >> no. i don't think you're absorbing quite enough to keep you up but it will help your eyes. >> do most of the packages say caffeine right on the label? >> if you look on the ingredients it will say caffeine. >> let's move on to our next thing which is eliminating last-minute pimple. you find one at night. you can counteract it with the right steps? >> this is one of my favorite steps like a gorilla version of the cortizone shot. you take hydro cortizone. slather it on. don't be stingy. put a band-aid on top of it and it creates a barrier which drives the product deeper into your skin and prevents it from coming off. >> don't you end up with band-aid marks on your face? >> nope. especially not if you use one of the more gentle band-aids and also the hydro cortizone is reducing inflammation so any
9:50 am
kind of of that will be gone. you want a big glob. >> we all know the skin gets real dry overnight and you have an idea about a steamer. >> right. well actually what is cool about this is it's something you want to do as you go into winter months. your skin is going to get really dry. create a steam room out of your bathroom by closing the door. wait until your skin gets nice and dewey and then apply a ser umbrella or gel that contains hyleronic acid. >> this is something you do in your bathroom. >> you sleep with it because you apply that and it holds up to a thousand times its weight in water so it will grab onto the moisture. you go to sleep and if you have a humidifier it's even better because the hyleronic acid you've put on your skin will continue to draw moisture all night as you sleep into your skin. >> you can get this anywhere? >> right. what you want to look for is again the hyleronic acid. get it at the drug store. >> you have my favorite tip last
9:51 am
which is wake up more gently. that alarm that blares in your ear is not pleasant. >> we've all had the experience of being rudely awakened. like your fight or flight response. so you really want to greet the morning in a more gradual, gentle way. this great alarm clock basically tricks your body into thinking that it's day time. and, you know, during the day your body produces seratonin which is a neuro transmitter that makes you feel happier and more relaxed. this is a better way to enter the day. feeling in a good mood and nice and alert. >> you're basically thinking sunrise. still ahead we'll head totem he recalled city and check in with hoda and kathie lee broadcasting live from seattle today. there are the drinks too. this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
it's been so quiet around the studio this morning.
9:54 am
>> you think? why is that? >> well maybe because kathie lee and hoda have packed up their program and headed west. >> they're in seattle, washington where the coffee flows like wine. they have not traded in their wine glasses for coffee mugs. they're still drinking wine. hi guys. what do you have coming up? >> my gosh. we have no idea. we're just so happy to be here in seattle with this amazing group of people. >> look at this wide shot. it rivals the plaza. we packed it early morning by the way. folks were out here early. >> you know what i smell? >> what? >> ode of salmon. everybody here is wearing it and it's a lovely smell. >> don't say hoda. >> hoda salmon. >> very nice. >> fish have been flying all morning. i tell you. >> i know kathie lee your play is opening there this weekend right? good luck with that honey. >> actually tonight, nat. >> how cool. all the best. >> i'm excited. thanks so much, you guys. love you and miss you. see you next week.
9:55 am
>> all right. kathie lee and hoda coming up. >> doing the show just for the halibut. >> oh, gosh. >> arf, ar >>sorry. >> that's your second joke today. okay.
9:56 am
good morning. i'm marla tellez. we have new details into the investigation of the death of chauncey bailey. a report written by the department of justice in 2009 calls detectiveder win long myer's investigation inadequate. some of the findings include he consistently failed to include documentation in the homicide file which implicated use of force. he overlooked bay as a suspect
9:57 am
and did not follow-up on obvious leads. the report was requested by then mayor. the oakland zoo adding new cool cats to its family all pushing the scales at more than 300 pounds. molly, maloo, grace and ginger four new tiger sisters will be presented to the public this morning at the oik land zoo. they were raised from birth by a texas couple who found them too expensive to support as they grew older. they have been in routine quarantine tee at the zoo since they arrived last week. christina loren has the forecast. >> we still have really thick fog up in the north bay. i'm watching your satellite imagery showing pretty good clearing right now between the next two hours is when we see the clearing really kick in. 67 degrees in san francisco. 74 in fremont. you'll hit about 78 degrees in los gatos. we keep warming up as we head into the weekend. if you want to hit the beach
9:58 am
this weekend, 83 degrees. as we kick off saturday, temperatures staying nice and comfortable. our concern develops monday, tuesday, wednesday, maybe some fire weather. that means a fog free start in the san francisco monday through wednesday. let's check your drive with mike. >> still slow down the east shore freeway by this time of day. we do have slowing still for 24 as well approaching 580. it's been a tough morning for that portion of the east bay. we'll end with this map and the northbound is scheduled to be closed well into the afternoon and evening by this sigalert. >> for the latest news updates, find us on facebook, nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll be back at 10:26. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
9:59 am
it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
10:00 am
>> captions paid for by nbc-universal television live in seattle, washington. ♪ >> yeah, okay! >> that's a wake-up call. >> wow! >> the fish are flying in seattle. >> okay! >> the fish market is obviously behind us. there is a reason behind their
10:01 am
madness and we'll reveal that later. >> hi, everybody. [ applause ] >> look at our crowd. we have a killer crowd. i've got to tell you, they were out here, what time were they out? >> we came in around 4:00. >> and people were here. >> you guys are all coming out to visit us and say hi. >> you've been getting a little bit of a tour of seattle. >> wait a minute. on what it in, we had a huge tragedy. we don't want to talk about it. >> we ran out of wine on the airline. we're not going to mention any names delta. >> but we have definitely been making up for it here. >> and we are drinking washington state wine, people! >> we just want to give you a little overview of what's going on in seattle. just so you know where we are, seattle is about 2,400 miles
10:02 am
from new york city as the crow flies south of the u.s./canadian border. you can drive to vancouver in about 2 1/2 hours. >> i love to do that. >> the city surrounded by water. the puget sound to the west and lake washington to the east. it's the largest city in the state. this amazes me 608,000 residents. you would think it would be more. that's why it's so cozy. or they like to call themselves seattlites. >> it was known as the queen city and as a result of a contest it was renamed the emerald city. because of its lush evergreen forest. >> it's gorgeous here. it's a big city with a smalltown feel. i love the cobblestone streets, i love the yodel salmon. >> do not break the rules. >> if you jaywalk -- first of
10:03 am
all, there could be no traffic coming. >> nothing. >> you're not allowed to cross the street until you get the "walk" sign and people will call you on it around here. >> they are polite about it, but they are not polite when you do it. i've been on this mad schedule. so forgive me, but i was stunned by it. i couldn't believe there were still people in the world that follow the rules. that obey the law. there is a concept. >> it is crazy. you think about seattle being a place where it always rains. thankfully, since we've been here, it hasn't rained in the last couple of months. >> it says here the average yearly rainfall here is 36.2 inches. in new york it's 40.3 inches. we get more rain per year in new york than in seattle. >> you just get it more regularly. yes. >> i guess bobbie thomas, our girl, has been tooling around the market. you guys love bobbie thomas? [ applause ]
10:04 am
>> what did you find? >> hello, sweetheart. >> you look so cute this early in the day, but what the heck. >> i love to go shopping when i visit new cities. seattle is awesome. behind us is the pike's place market. i found things for everyone. i'm going to move your donut. can you see these sliders? these remind me of you and hoda getting your dance on. can you see these? >> she goes through my wine, i'm going to knock her off the table. >> there is a company called the great wind-up. they have vintage classic toys with fun stuff like this. there are beautiful local crafts. local artisans are what you should look for when you're traveling. amazing artisans. silk scarves. there are sculptures made out of volcanic ash from mount helen.
10:05 am
>> they are five stories down below. >> huge. with the web, everybody can shop there you can check out what we saw online at their website. >> very cool. >> awesome. >> this is a fun place to walk around this market. it has fresh fruit, fresh flowers. these are some of the flowers. >> is this your state, the dalia? >> i think it is. >> thank you, sweetie. all i know is i got into my hotel room the other night and there were beautiful flowers waiting for me. it says, "dear kathie lee, so looking forward to "saving aimee " love jay. . >> my jay. >> and frank is on the way. >> the real reason we are here is because kath has been working on this play -- >> too long. >> but opening night is tonight.
10:06 am
should we just sing for people understand what it is. ♪ hooray for hollywood ♪ da, da, da, da hollywood ♪ from shirley temple to aimee semple." our amazing leading lady carolee carmello will be here at the end of the show to sing a great number, because i wrote it with david. a song called she sings as a 17-year-old at the beginning of the play. wait till you hear this woman's pipes. you cannot believe her. i'm so excited she agreed to get this up early in the morning and sing for us. that's worth getting up for. >> we got to see it last night. our entire "today" show crew went to watch the play. it is terrific. there is something about this play that is unique. when you want -- this is a huge theater we saw it in. >> fifth avenue. >> it's bigger than any broadway
10:07 am
theater we've been to. this place is tremendous. >> and poor sonny, our matinee sunny was in the balcony in the back. sunny, i don't know why that happened. i get rob's and yours got mixed up because that's where i asked rob to be. >> we got it. >> we've got hoda for president out here. i agree, 2012 is your year, hoda woman. i like the one, "my husband is the fish monger." which one? >> we have some occupy wall streets here. we brought everybody. we brought everyone together. >> this is america, people. >> you know what else brings people together? >> wine! >> that and a good song. and it is thursday. >> oh, crud. >> every thursday i get to pick a favorite song that kathie lee hates. so this time i have picked a surprise song. i want you guys to listen.
10:08 am
if you feel it, it's an old school, a little funk, but i think it might get the juices flowing. >> let's see if it does. let's hit it. ♪ ♪ woo gave you my money ♪ i gave you my time ♪ why you wanna hurt me girl ♪ are you serious ♪ i'm just curious ♪ why you wanna hurt me girl ♪ just because you're not for real ♪ why you wanna hurt me girl ♪ not for real ♪ why you wanna hurt me girl ♪ never ever had a lover
10:09 am
♪ who put me over and burn rubber ♪ oh no >> hoda, hoda, hoda -- >> okay, if this music is not your speed and it may not be. it stung. >> hoda, hoda, hoda, hoda -- >> i hear something. >> maybe this will help. ♪ dalia dalia >> guess who's here? delilah is here. >> i know you think you got it going on on thursdays with ihoda and the song but honey, music is my department. i've been doing this a lot longer than you. today is a special day. i understand that about a year ago some young lady showed up with a list, the top ten reasons
10:10 am
that hoda should date their father. >> true story. >> true story. >> and you listened. you read the list. you said, okay, i'll take a chance on love. you turned into "the delila show." you heard me doing savvy love songs, some dedications. can you see i brought my kids? not all of them, but some of them, guys. this is seven or eight of my dozen. so i decided to come this morning. first off, because i can't wait to see "saving aimee" again tonight. kathie, it's amazing. >> thank you. you're so sweet. she surprised me a couple of weeks ago and game which meant a lot to me. >> just beautiful. not what we relate to dynamic, tenacious kind of wild, fun women or anything like that. >> nothing like that, no. >> not that you put your heart or soul into that for any reason in particular. back to hoda and dedication. >> excellent!
10:11 am
i can't wait! >> somebody here got an anniversary bouquet from your husband. >> it was the sweetest thing. >> 25. >> 25 years? >> 25 years. one year dating for her. >> this is big for hoda. >> i'm ready. i can't take it. what is it? >> every day i tell people on the air, love someone tonight. we are going to modify that to love someone this morning. >> some people love a few, you know? >> come on, what is it? >> she's got a six-hour show on the air tonight. >> we went through our archives. here is our song for you. it's called "destiny." >> bring it. >> for you. ♪ what if i never found a love ♪ i never had this feeling in my heart ♪
10:12 am
>> everybody hold hands. >> kumbaya all the way home. >> guys, we have a big show coming up. we are going to take you on a little tour of seattle. >> we are. i don't know what else is coming. >> i tell you what -- >> bobbie thomas, and we've got carolee carmello from "saving aimee." we'll be right back after this. tonight we're setting the table with something new. come in for olive garden's new stuffed rigatonis, hearty pasta stuffed with a blend of five italian cheeses. for just $11.95 try the rigatoni with grilled chicken in a roasted garlic alfredo. or for just $9.95 try the rigatoni with sausage in tomato alfredo. both served with our unlimited fresh salad or homemade soup and warm breadsticks. so grab a table tonight at olive garden. when you're here you're family.
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10:15 am
♪ the bluest skies you've ever seen are in seattle ♪ >> there is so much to do here in seattle. everything is darn close to each other. we went to the space needle, the sea plane. >> here is the thing. we figured out how to do the whole deal in one day. take a look. >> there is no better way to see mount rannier or the seattle skyline than from the air. >> no, no, no, it's high. >> it's very high. >> isn't that beautiful? >> i have a height issue. >> how can you be so tool and be afraid of heights? >> hello, ron. >> we are about 520 feet right
10:16 am
now. space needle will move one inch for every 10 miles per hour. >> what's it doing right now? >> probably about a 20 mile-an-hour wind. we are moving a couple of inches. >> tell us about it. >> when we were filming "the world's fair" we'll bring out a world famous dessert we had back in 1952. >> i'm feeling it. ♪ he ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ crying all the time >> thank you, thank you very much. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> this is our lunar orbiter. >> where's the spoon? >> isn't that delicious? >> there is bourbon in there. >> i feel it. i feel beatles stuff. >> was it 1964 all this happened? >> yep.
10:17 am
it became so famous with them fishing out the window. we'll have you guys do it. don't do it, kathie. >> don't think about moving. >> how did four of them get in here? it's a tight fit for two gals. >> did you catch something? >> no, but it feels like it. ♪ we all live in a yellow submarine ♪ >> how long did they wait? >> you know the first starbucks did start here. >> i heard a rumor they are not serving brews here but they're serving wine. >> wine? >> wine. >> we heard you're not serving coffee, but you're serving something we would like. >> does that rumor have something to do with chardonnay? >> yeah. we'll take two. >> how come you don't ask us for our i.d.? >> isn't that a nice wine? >> we're drinking wine at starbucks. >> i think you know all the best
10:18 am
places. >> i do. >> we are at the fifth avenue theater. there's aimee semple mcforsun. >> that is freaking me out. >> ta-da! >> so nice to meet you. how are you? >> we'll give you guys an hour or two to get acquainted. >> most talented woman i ever met in my life. >> looks at the music there, it's by kathie lee gifford. >> imagine i wrote this dirty irish drinking song. ♪ she told me she came from the county of cork ♪ >> hey! >> what are you guys doing drinking? stop it! >> to "saving aimee" god bless
10:19 am
you guys! >> break a leg, cast! >> love our guys. thank you, vivian for the great piece. when we come back, the fish will fly but just for the hal but. >> i don't like standing here. >> look at him! ibut. >> i don't like standing here. >> look at him! um. that's good. you've always loved the taste of classic campbell's soups. well, guess what? we're just getting warmed up. introducing campbell's slow kettle style soups. extraordinary taste sensations, crafted from delicious combinations of premium ingredients. you'll savor every last spoonful. even if you don't use a spoon. new slow kettle soups from campbell's it's amazing what soup can do. new slow kettle soups from campbell's we're all out of toilet paper.
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10:22 am
♪ ♪ i was singing only sad songs for so long ♪ >> this trip to seattle is not complete without a trip to the fish market. as we showed you at the top of the show, a lot of things can go flying during that time. >> we are in good hands because we've got andres miller. he's one of the top fish monger people flying fish everywhere. how come you're so good at it? >> lots of practice. >> why are they even doing it? why are they throwing fish across counters and things? what what's the point? >> logistics is number one. easier to get it from point a to point b by chucking it. >> it's faster. and it's efficient. >> and now we are known as the guys who throw the fish. >> it makes the day fly by.
10:23 am
it does. >> is it -- okay. it's an art. there is something to it. >> i don't know if i trust you. >> watch out for her hair. >> what is happening? you know when you don't know what's going on around you? give us the technique. don't give us that big one. >> give us a big one. if you're going to do it, do it. >> check it out. you want the big one? >> give us something bigger. >> the big one is 500 bucks. we'll start here. bend the knees. back straight. bounce with me. bounce with me. get loose. give me a target like this. put your hands like that. >> like frank gifford. >> fish coming in like that. bam. hold on. use your thumbs. plant your feet again. >> why? >> trust me. throw. >> ready? come on. >> right back here.
10:24 am
>> it's time for the real one now. >> come on, throw it. sorry. >> right here. all right, we are going to be right back, you guys. >> look out! >> did it get on my dress? >> is that baby okay? >> we'll be back. we have music. a lot going on. and "saving aimee." >> thanks, seattle! ♪ ♪ ♪
10:25 am
hey! it says just take one! i can't read. ♪ [ male announcer ] walmart has low prices, every day for halloween. from bags of candy to bigger bags of candy. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. we've combined conditioner with a weightless nutri-oil treatment. to give 3x the internal nourishing power of our regular conditioner. new dove daily treatment conditioner. make friends with your hair. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
10:26 am
good morning. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. a san francisco supervisors committee will hear arguments whether naked people should cover their seats before they sit down. the proposal says nude people should put down a towel or something similar on a public bench or chair before they use it. nudists are welcome to comment on the proposal at city hall today, but they have to cover themselves, and that includes wearing shoes. well, as we reported
10:27 am
yesterday, bay area bridges are not making the grade. that has one san francisco business owner upset. the report lists the lefty oh dool bridge is one of the worst bridges in the state and says more work on increased inspections needed on that bridge near at&t park over mccovey park. the owner heard about the report and isn't happy. he's starting the save the bridge fund to pressure the state into repairing the bridge since he owns the trademark on the bridge, he feels it makes him look bad. if the state does not repair it, he sayse'sngoi t
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. the time is 10:29. we still have a good amount of cloud cover hugging the coast and up to the north bay. it is starting to push back but it's going to take a little bit longer before you get the breaks of sunshine. once you do, 76 degrees. 75 in san jose. we warm up just in time for the weekend. we're so close now. 85 degrees sunday. great beach weather. the drive with mike. >> we'll start with the shot of the south bay. traffic moves nicely. the chiclets are moving nicely throughout this area. further south towards the gilroy out lets, there is a sigalert northbound 101. it's also the cut through heading over towards i-5. the rest of the south bay upcku. come back for our 11:00 news.
10:30 am
♪ if i can't take my coffee break ♪ >> thin the fourth hour of "tod" we are glad to be here. seattle is home of some of the great names in the coffee world. >> we invited three of the top coffee shops around. that is starbucks, cafe vida and tully's. each one is going to make a delicious drink for us. rob and bobbie are going to be our tester. >> rob only drinks tea. anyway -- what are you going to make for us first, mikey? >> i love you, mikey. >> i love you. this is caramel mocha, one of our featured fall drinks. >> how do you make it? >> we've got 87,000 different drink options we can do for you. we can do nonfat soy milk,
10:31 am
whipped cream, no whipped cream, topping, extra topping. >> i want it with the stuff in it. >> with stuff in it? done. >> what's happening here? >> we take the best beans in the world, put that in your coffee. >> show us what you've got. >> get involved. >> we're involved. >> see what i do? >> now you're making it interesting. >> hoda, come on. >> i'm sorry. >> good luck. >> that's beautiful. >> we've got to move it on. you guys try that. >> don't tell us yet. >> now we are going on to andy from cafe vida. what are you making for us? >> it's beautiful.
10:32 am
>> it's all about simplicity. i'm making a beautiful latte highlighted with espresso. >> that is so pretty. this wins the fashion award. >> bobbie looks your fashion. >> is that hard to do? >> each cup is a work of art, isn't it? >> it is. >> you take great pride if in what you do. >> yes, i do. >> i have some sweet dance moves. >> all right. while we move on. we move on to rebecca at tully's. how are you? what are you making, hon? >> today i'm making an intense dark chocolate hawaiian salted mocha. >> show-off! >> go big or go home. >> right. >> what do you put in there? >> this is going to consist of an all natural single origin hawaiian salted syrup.
10:33 am
it's also going to have great almond milk is what i'm using. >> take a sip. we have to come up with a winner. that is so good. >> ready? you have to make one of the toughest choices of your lifetime. >> who do you love? >> and the winner is? >> number two. >> andy. >> congratulations. >> tough win, i'm telling you. >> we have a lot coming up. we have outer wear. >> and we have carolee carmello from "saving aimee." we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep.
10:34 am
and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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♪ >> here's the good news, you know they know how to dress for the rain here. >> we have an expert with us. she is a national stylist at nordstrom. it was founded 110 years ago in this city. >> yes. right here downtown as a shoe store. >> i didn't know that. >> interesting. that's why you have a policy
10:38 am
return the shoes if you wear them out. >> yes. >> this is one of those cities where it rains a little a lot. >> rain? what rain? hello? >> not raining right now. >> in case it did, what should we do? >> i think you want to invest in a lot of great styles in coats. we'll show you wonderful coats. we could have picked 100 styles, but narrowed it down to four each retailing under $200. >> leah is our first model. she is a model, too, with an updated trench. >> you can never go wrong with a great trench coat. this is calvin klein, water resistant trench. when you invest in a trench coat, you'll have it in your closet forever. this is an updated trench with the leopard print. i love her boots. >> those boots are serious. >> they retail for $225. sexy boot, high heel, lace-up.
10:39 am
>> diane is showing off an all-season jacket. it's cozy. >> the parka is not about just wearing for casual. you can really make the parka sexy and fun. that whole city chic look. this is by betsy johnson. retails $138. it's a great coat. she has a wonderful sam edelson boot and retails for $89.95. >> liz is our next model. three daughters, six grandchildren. >> bring it, liz. >> you look fantastic. >> christian blake jacket. retails $178. this is from nordstrom available in stores and online. this one is a sweater weight down. it's light like a sweater, but it's really warm like a down. you can pack it. >> is it waterproof?
10:40 am
>> it's water resistant. >> does this come in other colors? >> black. >> gorgeous. >> serious boots. >> the quilted style top of the boot adds details. don't feel like you have to wear a black, boring rain boot. add your personality to your rain boot. this is by top cider. >> darling. i love the affordability of all of them. thank you so much. >> lastly, we've got haley. she is planning a wedding. >> congratulations. >> haley is in the hottest trend of the season, the cape. >> really? >> all over the runways this year. this cape is by eci. retails for $88. >> stop it. >> yes. here is a style tip when wearing a cape. any time you wear volume up top, keep it slim at the bottom. she has this slim skirt, dark tights and great bp oxford heel. >> bring everybody else. thank you all very, very much.
10:41 am
thank you. all available at nordstrom. >> sara is going to scout out various locations. art shopper turned her small shindig... into a humongous halloween party! with 40% off all costumes! and with 2 for $3 brach's candy.... found savings beyond belief! there's smart, and there's kmart smart.
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and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. ♪. >> we are back with our sara in the city, with what you might call a themed feeling view and overview of seattle, right? >> yes. we are talking about the big screen, the small screen. sara headed around seattle to take a peek. >> those gray skies, that light drizzle and the world's most recognizable needle in the sky. you might remember the iconic seattle skyline as the back drop of countless famous films and television scenes. i decided to take a close-up
10:46 am
look myself. i am standing at the very tiptop of the space needle, seattle's most iconic landmark. one great example is "austin powers ii" where it served as the headquarters for dr. evil. and the most recognizable, a love story with a title that says it all. >> i want you to know your son called. he asked me for some advice how you might find a new wife. >> but don't be fooled by the magic of hollywood. when we see the space needle -- >> you'll see the space needle at the beginning of the movie, establishing the shot. 99% of the rest of the movie was shot in vancouver, bc. don't buy it. don't believe it. >> another example of a faux seattle back drop, the show that has female viewers begging for resuscitation, someone call a doctor. some scenes were only staged in seattle, others were actually filmed here. we are in the monorail.
10:47 am
this is a best destination for movies and television. >> golly! >> when elvis presley came for the film "it happened at the world's fair" they shot around the space needle and the monorail. and sylvester stallone stops the monorail and jumps out into a nearby building. cameron crowe made two wonderful films. >> you kids are all going to be deaf. >> "singles" and "say anything." >> the theme with the trench coat and the boom box, that is a deal sealer. put a ring on it. >> i'm standing here in front of the falls which you may remember from "twin peaks." so while here, i decided to try my hand at acting or reenacting.
10:48 am
>> wait a minute. wait a minute. this is -- excuse me, one damn fine cup of coffee. now i'm at stadium high school in takoma, washington, where they shot from one of my personal favs, "10 things i hate about you." we'll take a swing at "sara made it." ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ you'd be like heaven to touch ♪ i want to hold you so much ♪ at long last love has arrived ♪ can't take my eyes of you >> thank you, sara. >> coming up, we have a beautiful performance from carolee carmello. you're not going to want to miss
10:49 am
this. >> and we thank morrison boomer. they are known as buckers, three performers, yet really, really popular here on the streets of seattle. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from.
10:50 am
keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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10:52 am
♪ the main reason we are here today is a specific reason. there is a terrific show playing here called "saving aimee" that kathie lee wrote. >> what? you wrote a show? >> look who is with us. carolee carmello has been with the show how many years, sweetie? >> probably about six or seven now. yeah. we try not to admit how old we are. >> we got to see it last night.
10:53 am
car carolee, when you see her, you're like a drop-jaw singer. >> it's loud. >> you get to play her from age -- >> la, la, la. >> a teenager up until the day she dies. you play all those roles because you've got it are, girl. >> thank you. >> it really is a tour de force. >> it's so exciting you guys came all the way out here to be here for opening night. >> we are going to bless our baby tonight. carolee is going to sing, what song? >> "why can't i?" which is aimee's version of -- >> what i want. >> yeah. >> carolee from "saving aimee." ♪ why must i live under such inane authority ♪ why they don't even understand the simplest history ♪
10:54 am
♪ she spouts the holy scripture ♪ ♪ as if it were sacred truth ♪ why must this be the way i have to waste my youth ♪ ♪ life was made for dancing ♪ under a moonlit starry sky ♪ if other girls go dancing ♪ then dammit why can't i ♪ why must i be living ♪ened her narrow minded roof ♪ if there really is a god ♪ why can't they show me proof ♪ why am i the fated daughter of such pompous piety ♪ ♪ why must i be forced to swallow such religiosity ♪ why is life made for dreaming and you can touch the sky ♪ so dammit why can't i
10:55 am
♪ why can't i become a brilliant actress on the stage ♪ ♪ the only acting i'm allowed is when i'm told to act my age ♪ ♪ life is for exploring ♪ soaring through a cloud-lit sky ♪ so tell me why can't i ♪ this is such a changing world ♪ ♪ and an ever rearranging world ♪ i must make it mine ♪ by my own design ♪ life was made for thinking ♪ and i think therefore i am ♪ i don't think i want to be her sacrificial lamb ♪ so let her build an altar like abraham of old ♪ don't put me on the funeral
10:56 am
pyre ♪ there is so much more than i desire ♪ i've got a different kind of fire ♪ i won't be bought and sold ♪ i will not be controlled ♪ life was made for dancing ♪ under a moonlit starry sky ♪ if other girls go dancing ♪ then someone tell me why can't i ♪ [ applause ] >> who's better than you? >> you guys, come back tomorrow. we've got opening night tonight for kathie lee and carolee. tomorrow morning we'll be back here on the plaza. tune in. >> thanks, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
10:57 am
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