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tv   Today  NBC  October 24, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. good morning. search and rescue. survivors pulled from the rubble overnight after a powerful earthquake rocks eastern turkey. more than 215 people dead, and that toll is expected to rise. breakthrough? a cadaver dog hits on a scent of a body inside the home of that missing baby in kansas city, as the little girl's family takes us on a tour of that house and the path someone would have had to take to get lisa from her crib to the front door. and shark attack, an american diver killed by a great white in australia over the weekend, the third fatal attack in a matter of weeks. now beaches are closed and the hunt for that shark is on. "today," monday october 24th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everybody. i'm savannah guthrie in for ann this morning. a devastating and desperate scene in turkey at this hour where officials believe survivors are still trapped in the rubble of that powerful earthquake. >> they're dealing with lots of aftershocks. we'll go live to the scene in a couple of minutes. also ahead, president obama is back on the road today. he'll unveil a new plan to help jump-start the struggling housing market. we'll tell you what that is and why some critics are already claiming it simply won't work. also ahead, the daughter of john edwards and the late elizabeth edwards was married over the weekend, and the former senator had to sneak in a back door just to attend. we'll explain about that. and martha stewart's daughter is telling all about her mom in a new book and it doesn't exactly paint a picture of perfection. alexis stewart grew up in a house where there was never any food prepared and they turned out the lights to avoid trick or
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treerts on halloween, and where she was forced to wrap her own christmas gifts herself. the book is getting a lot of buzz. what does martha think of it all? we'll ask alexis when she joins us later on. let's begin with the top stories of the day. natalie is at the news desk with the headlines. >> good morning matt and savannah. good morning, everyone. dozens of people are still trapped in the rubble this morning in eastern turkey, where a devastating 7.2 magnitude quake has killed hundreds so far. nbc's michelle franzen is in mus, turkey, with more. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the earthquake struck in the lake van area closest to the iranian border, but it was felt several hours away including here in mus. the lake is surrounded by mountains and dotted with small villages and towns and the place where rescuers are now in the race against the clock and cold weather to find survivors. this morning, the frantic search for earthquake survivors
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intensified in southeast turkey. and a dramatic rescue in hard-hit ercis as a toddler is pulled from the rubble. amateur video shows the terrifying moments when sunday's major quake hit. so far throughout the region there are at least 200 deaths and more than 1,000 injured. hundreds are still unaccounted for, many believed to be still pinned beneath the rubble. >> translator: the situation is really bad. many of our friends and relatives are still trapped under the rubble. we haven't heard from any of them. >> reporter: in van, an ancient city of 1 million, the quake has already claimed the lives of 100 people and flattened dozens of buildings, including a university dormitory. reports of victims calling for help were heard overnight, but rescue efforts were hampered by darkness and freezing temperatures. using what equipment they had and digging with bare hands,
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workers moved chunks of concrete to reach victims, including this scared 10-year-old boy. along with the desperate search for victims, thousands are seeking shelter. aid workers have set up 4,000 tents in a nearby stadium in ercis and food and blankets and other aid is pouring in from around the world. the last time a major quake hit turkey was in 1999. that's when two quakes hit the northwest region, killing 20,000 people. but rescuers say they are hopeful, even after 24 hours, since this quake first struck, that they will find more people alive and be able to pull them from the rubble. natalie? >> michelle franzen in mus, turkey, thank you, michelle. a new survey shows a rising tide of pessimism among economic experts, some 85% of them predicting slow growth for the economy in the coming year. that meager growth would also lead to a sluggish job market,
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this according to the national association for business economists. for more on the economy we turn to cnbc's courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. good morning to you, courtney. >> good morning, natalie. the stock market remains on the three es -- the economy, earnings, and europe. it's headlines out of europe that investors will remain fixated on. the markets are cautiously optimistic, the european union leaders will reach a deal to solve the debt crisis, the weekend talks will continue through wednesday of this week. meantime today marks the beginning of the biggest week of the quarterly earnings season with nearly 40% of the s&p 500 reporting. natalie, back to you. >> courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange, thank you. the texas rangers shut out the st. louis cardinals last night 4-0, tying the world series at two games each, making the the world series a little more exciting. game five is tonight at rangers ballpark. >> and "saturday night live" alum will ferrell won this year's mark twain prize for american humor.
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the event featured performances by jack black, molly shannon and conan o'brien. and what does the funniest man of the year do with comedy's highest honor? turns out he dropped it, as he claimed the award he tripped and it shattered to the ground. you can catch it all on pbs on october 31st. i'm sure they'll give him another one, but -- >> you buy it, you break it. >> you break it you buy it. >> something like that. >> long weekend for you? >> what can i say? that's what happens if you drop it in reverse. >> how about the weather? >> how about that? let's see what's happening. we'll show you, unfortunately, we're talking about turkey to start off with, the forecast there for today, partly sunny, 57. nighttime temperatures, though, dropping down to around freezing, cloudy with some showers tonight and a temperature of 43 degrees. closer to home we've got big changes in our temperatures over the next 72 hours, casper, 72, 80 in denver, 72 in salt lake city. by wednesday, look at these
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temperatures. they drop more than 25 to 30 degrees, a high on wednesday, denver, snow and 33, 50 in salt lake, 47, garden city, some 6 inches of snow in denver proper, some places in the mountains may see up to a foot good monday morning to you. well, the fog has returned, and it's going to cool us off substantially. taking your temperatures down by 10 to 15 degrees in most cities from where we ended up yesterday. you'll hit about 70 today. in san francisco, 80. in redwood city, 80. much cooler. we continue to stay warm, and then we get dry and breezy tonight through wednesday. hope you have a great day. your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. let's turn to politics now. after a series of foreign policy victories, president obama is hitting the road to sell his plan to help turn around the
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struggling economy, and today the focus is on the housing market. chuck todd is nbc's political director and of course chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. >> the plan the president's going to unveil today is aimed at people who are struggling with their mortgages, in particular, people who are under water. it says it will make it easier for them to refinance those mortgages. already critics say it won't work. what are you hearing about the plan? >> it's similar to the plan the president unveiled over two years ago, and he did so on another west coast swing when he did it. on its face, this plan that the president's going to unveil might help another 1 million folks whose mortgages are so-called under water. the problem with the plan initially and with this one, matt, you cannot force the banks to do this. while they can raise the threshold and say even if you owe more than your house is worth, even if you owe 150% more than your house is worth, we
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cannot force the banks to refinance. and that's been the problem with this program. >> even though you can't force the banks to do it, if you're sitting at home underwater in your mortgage and you hear it coming out of the president's mouth and you're in a state like nevada or arizona or california or florida -- and those aren't accident states -- is this going to help politically? >> it could. they would like to do two things with this plan, one, emphasize the fact they can't do anything through congress. the president is forced to act on his own. this is pivoting from the jobs about. the second thing is last week the republican front-runner mitt romney said of the housing crisis, you know what, we're not allowing foreclosures to happen fast enough. so this is a twofer as far as the who is is concerned. they feel like they can talk about housing but also make the republicans look like they're out of touch. >> you talk about mitt romney. how much pressure is on him right now? because this week we're going to hear from rick perry. he's going to unveil his
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flat-tax proposal on the heels of herman cain's 9-9-9. whether you agree with those plans, they're simple, people can unction them, and they sound big. so how much pressure on romney to come up with something similar? >> a lot of pressure. what is popular about herman cain and now with rick perry is getting rid of the tax code. that's what both plans are doing. mitt romney's plan, the 59-point that he talked about that herman cain mocked at a debate, tinkers with the tax code, talks about extending the bush tax cuts. if you're extending them, you're keeping the tax code. what is popular inside the republican party, get rid of the million-word mess that is the u.s. tax code. romney's not doing it, he's going to feel pressure to do something more radical. >> on friday, the president announced health pull all u.s. troops out of iraq by the end of the year, fulfilling ing ing a
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he made back in 2008. already republicans are criticizing this thing. it's more about politics than sound military strategy. how exposed is the president on this? >> i don't think he's very exposed at all because public opinion is with him when it comes to the military conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. they would like to see these troops brought home. and what's the alternative? you know, you talk to the obama campaign and they say, okay, mitt romney criticized the president for doing this, so d does that mean a president romney wants to send more troops back to iraq? they think politically that that's a more untenable position to have at this point. >> chuck todd in washington. chuck, as always, thanks very much. >> you got it, sir. 11 after the hour. here's savannah. >> matt, thank you. dramatic new twists this morning tried to the disappearance of 11-month-old lisa irwin. peter alexander is in kansas city this morning where he was given a tour of the irwin family home. peter, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. it's been exactly three weeks to the day since jeremy bradley and deborah said their baby disappeared from inside her crib, inside this home. the first chance to see court documents that an fbi ska davr dog had a positive hit on a smell of a dead body inside the home. overnight the irwin family allowed us in the home, they insist they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: sunday night, baby lisa's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin, returned to the home where they say their daughter disappeared for a candlelight vigil. neither deborah nor jeremy said a word, but they were both in tears as jeremy's father, lisa's grandfather, offered an devotional prayer. >> please keep her safe and bring her home to us as soon as possible. >> reporter: after the vigil, the irwin family invited nbc news inside the home. this is baby lisa's bedroom that you've heard so much about, one
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of the first things you notice is the spot on the light switch where police were trying to find fingerprints, this way the small frames, hand and footprints from the day little lisa was born, her clothes still hanging in the closet, the scooby-doo onesie see liked to wear and they believe this is where she was taken from that night, an ominous reminder of what they say happened here, the graphite from the fingerprinting process by police. this is the window where they suspect the abductor came inside the home. the screen was pushed in like this. this was a family room or a computer room. if it was an abduction, this right here on the counter is exactly where the family says the three cell phones were missing. deborah and jeremy believe the abductor would have come into the hallway, passing by where lisa's brothers sleep, one was asleep that night, coming into her bedroom, with her crib,
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walking down this hallway, and they would have come in this direction with the baby in their arms. the front door that jeremy found unlocked that morning at 3:45 a.m., where you can see police tried to find new fingerprints. this newly filed police affidavit is revealing dramatic new findings in the baffling three-week-old mystery. last week an fbi cadaver dog smelled the scent of a human corpse somewhere here on the floor right near the bed. >> human decomposition usually starts within four minutes after biological death. it's going to be within minutes that a dog should be able to find that scent, if it actually existed. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, deborah told investigators she didn't initially look for lisa behind the house because she was afraid of what she might find. last week investigators spent nearly 17 hours executing a search warrant inside the home. the new court documents also detail exactly what detectives collected, a comforter, a disney character shirt, a glow-worm
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toy, as well as rolls of tape and a tape dispenser. and left behind inside the kitchen, this empty box of wine that deborah admits she drank enough to get drunk on the night she says her daughter vanished. deborah was seen buying that box of wine on surveillance video, hours before she said she put lisa to bed. meanwhile, police have also revied this new surveillance video taken from a gas station less than a mile away from the irwin home at 2:00 a.m. the knightley is a vanished. it shows the blurry image of a person walking out of a wooded area. at least three witnesses including this neighbor who lives only doors away from the irwins say they've spoken to investigators about a suspicious man they saw in the area that night. what exactly did you see that night? >> we seen a gentleman walking up the street, 12:15, carrying a baby. >> reporter: a baby in his arms? >> a baby in his arms. >> was the baby wearing anything? >> no, at that time from what we saw, the baby was just wearing a
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diaper it looked like, it appeared. >> reporter: what did you think? >> it was odd. >> reporter: i spoke to kansas city police late last night and they said they will not discuss specific details of this case but acknowledge they have no suspects, no strong leads and they are still open to investigating every scenario. savannah? >> all right, peter alexander in kansas city, thank you. attorney joe tacopina is representing lisa's parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin. mr. tacopina, good morning to you. let's start with the issue of the cadaver dog getting a hit right by the mother's bed. how do you explain that? >> you know, it's really a red herring, savannah. i've consulted with one of the top experts, foremost experts in detection dogs withh the federa government and law enforcement all the time, and while he's a proponent of the dogs, the dogs are investigatory by nature, not evidentiary. these are not things you bring someone to justice with. more importantly what he told me and i heard from one of your
7:17 am
experts in that clip is what a cadaver looks for, smells for is decomposition of human remains, and decomposition of human remains is when they say they discovered a dead body or scent of a dead body, that's what they're smelling, the decomposition of human remains. what that could be aside from a body and skin peeling t could be fecal matter and fecal matter is often found in the diaper of a 10-month-old baby. it could be toenails you clip on your bed and hit the rug or something. that is decomposition of human matter. it could be one of many, many things. i'll note that you saw the walk-through you guys did yesterday, they didn't clip any of that rug or carpeting in that bedroom. >> let's move on to another item came out of the affidavit filed in connection with the search warrant. lisa irwin did not look behind her home because she was afraid of what she might find. from one standpoint you could understand emotionally why she
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would feel that way but could you also understand it might arouse suspicious if she's desperately looking for her child why she wouldn't look behind the home? >> no, she didn't say. see, this is where -- what you don't have there is a sworn statement. that's a rendition of some investigator. what deborah bradley was doing when they called 911 was in a heap on the floor of the house trembling uncontrollably because of the disappearance of her daughter and what she said was she was afraid to go outside and look for anything. she was afraid what she would find. because she was trembling and afraid. she didn't say she didn't want to look behind the house. even if you wanted to attach some sinister motive to that comment, that wouldn't make sense, what, she'd kill the baby, put the baby behind the house and say i don't want to look, i'm afraid what i might find? instead of focusing on the salacious details is what i just heard and watershed stuff, this
7:19 am
is the stuff that investigations hopefully are made of, and what will break this case, you have three independent witnesses, not people who knew each other, not one person who could be mistaken, three independent witnesses who at one time or another after midnight, after 2:00 in the morning see a male, you know, with a frame that was small enough to go through that window carrying a baby in october with nothing on but a diaper. >> wow. >> if that doesn't raise all the red flags in the world, that's where this focus needs to be, and why, why three weeks later are we hearing about this for the first time? hopefully the leads are being followed up on. that's what i really am concerned about. we don't get sidetracked with the details. >> joe tacopina, thank you for your time. appreciate it. it's :19. here's matt. >> thanks. now to the hunt four a great white shark in australia that killed an american diver over the weekend, this is the third fatal attack there in the last two months. nbc's sarah james is in
7:20 am
melbourne with the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. in western australia the government announced it will have a private helicopter patrolling the coast, in the wake of an attack of a great white who killed american diver thomas wright. >> there will be a helicopter off the beaches tomorrow, a temporary arrangement until surf life savings arrives in november. >> reporter: after the third fatal shark attack off western australia in a matter of weeks the state premier ordered fisheries to hunt and kill a great white. this shark seen in the area shortly after the attack could be the very one who killed thomas wainwright. he had come to texas to work in oceaneering. >> people don't realize they're trying to fly something around the size of a car. >> reporter: seen here in this
7:21 am
corporate video from his previous job with bp oil company, wainwright explains how he worked with rovs to help cap the well at the heart of the april 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. >> growing up where i did and i spent a lot of time enjoying the gulf, and to be able to know we're going to get that under control and get things cleaned up and back to, you know, some resemblance of normal. >> reporter: wainwright originally hailed from the florida panhandle, and his sisters say he was a man with a passion for life and for the ocean, who also adored australia. >> the day before he sent us an e-mail about coming over to australia for christmas. >> reporter: on saturday, wainwright and two american friends had taken a boat to a picturesque island just offshore from the city of perth. he was scuba diving when the shark struck. >> the whole reason we're talking to people so everyone knows there's a lot more to this than just a victim of a shark attack, that he was a person with a family that cared a lot
7:22 am
about him. >> reporter: some in western australia fear there could be one devastating predator responsible for three deadly attacks, but scientists say it's more likely there were three separate sharks, all trailing the whales now migrating through the area. wainwright's family says catching or killing the shark won't bring back thomas. >> it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: authorities here say they're doing everything they can to try to prevent another attack like this one. matt? >> all right, sara james in melbourne, australia for us this morning, thank you very much. just ahead, prince harry out and about in california and reportedly spending time with a cocktail waitress there. we're going to hear from her, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the woman accused of murdering east bay nursing student michelle le is expected in court this morning. 27-year-old giselle esteban will enter a plea and find out what her bail will be. she's accused of killing 26-year-old le on may 27th after she disappeared from kaiser hospital in hayward. the body was found last month. esteban skipped her court appearance on doctor's orders. they said the bail would be limited and involve electronic monitoring. now let's take a look at forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. we have thick fog out there. most of your visibilities right now in the big cities are running pretty well. we have actually 10 miles or better from oakland to concord.
7:27 am
as we stop the clock at 9:00 a.m., about half an hour away tr the fog really settling in on the coastline, that will be the case until 11:00. with the additional cloud cover your temperatures are going to be about 10 degrees cooler in some cities than where we ended up yesterday with all the sunshine early at the the coast. 70 in san francisco. 73 in santa cruz. you'll hit about 74 in oakland as we head throughout the afternoon. and then things really start to change. tonight through wednesday offshore wind setup. we'll get dry and breezy here in the east bay hills. wind gusts in excess of 35 miles per hour. overall staying nice and warm. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> we have an alert. a major accident. it's been a half an hour since it was declared. northbound 101 all the lanes are closed. all the way back. now monterey highway is just jammed up right. city streets getting over there. we still don't have the loader
7:28 am
to remove the scrap metal off the joer turned roverturned rig. back to you, laura. >> it's a tough one out there. we'll check baa with you. another local update in half an hour.
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7:30 now on a monday morning, the 24th of october, 2011, as you can see our crowd a little bit bundled up this morning as temperatures dip just a bit. shouldn't be too bad out there. we'll go outside and say hi in a couple of minutes. inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie who is here while ann is taking a couple of days off. just ahead a weekend wedding for the oldest daughter of the late elizabeth edwards and former senator john edwards. how elizabeth was honored at that ceremony and what john had to do just to walk his daughter down the aisle. also ahead looks like prince harry is already making some friends as he receives helicopter training in california. coming up we'll hear from the cocktail waitress he's been spotted with recently. and no sitting on the bed, forgotten birthdays, hiding from trick-or-treaters, just a couple of the surprising confessions about life with martha stewart
7:31 am
made in a new book by her daughter. alexis stewart speaks out in a live interview about that. we are going to begin with the latest on the trial of michael jackson's doctor. attorneys for conrad murray are expected to begin making their case today, and nbc's jeff rossen is in los angeles again for us this morning. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. just to give you an idea how different the theories are about how michael jackson died in his mansion back in 2009, dr. conrad murray says he gave michael jackson 25 grams of propofol. in a syringe this size, it would be filled to right here. the prosecution's expert now says that's not true. he did the math and dr. murray gave michael jackson 40 times more propofol than that, this much, and you can see the difference in sizes, obviously. this morning we have exclusive, new details how murray's defense team will try to keep him out of jail. dr. conrad murray has spent weeks listening to prosecutors blast him. >> that misplaced trust in the
7:32 am
hands of conrad murray cost michael jackson his life. >> reporter: now, it's the doctor's turn. sources close to the case tell nbc news murray's lawyers have developed a new time line, and they'll lay it out for the jury this week. ♪ don't stop 'til you get enough ♪ >> reporter: 1:00 a.m., michael arrives home from rehearsal, takes a shower and a valium. 2:00 a.m., dr. murray gives michael two milligrams of the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam, 3:15 a.m. michael falls asleep but by 3:30 he's awake again. 5:00 a.m., dr. murray gives michael another two milligrams of lorazepam, but the singer can't sleep. between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., jackson becomes agitated, panicked, that if he condition sleep they'll have to cancel that day's rehearsal, putting that entire day's show and the day's paycheck in jeopardy.
7:33 am
it's in the window, 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. where murray's lawyers will claim michael enters his private bedroom where no one is allowed and swallows eight pills of lorazepam, never telling dr. murray. 10:40 a.m., dr. murray gives jackson 25 milligrams of propofol, experts say a low dosage. 11:00 a.m., michael is sleeping comfortably and dr. murray makes phone calls to his office and his girlfriends. murray claims michael wakes up when he isn't looking and injects himself with propofol. 11:15 a.m. dr. murray notices michael jackson has stopped breathing. >> it seems the defense has a tough road ahead of them, but all they have to do is pick up enough fans and hopefully something sticks with some jurors that creates reasonable doubt. >> reporter: murray's defense team plans to call at least 15 witnesses and in court this week will argue what they told me at the start of the trial, that michael jackson essentially killed himself. >> this was a gentleman who couldn't sleep at night, period. >> reporter: your contention is he would have done anything,
7:34 am
including giving himself propofol and lorazepam included. >> he would have done anything to get the sleep he needed. >> reporter: breaking news in this case overnight. janet jackson has canceled several concerts in australia this week to be at the l.a. courthouse with her family. janet released a statement overnight saying after talking with my family last night, i decided we must be together. savannah? >> nbc's jeff rossen in los angeles, thank you. star jones, former commentator and prosecutor, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the new defense theory jeff rossen laid out, the time line. they're arguing michael jackson took it upon himself to walk into that private bedroom, take eight lorazepam unbenoeknownst liz doctor, conrad murray. they don't have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. don't they have to offer some evidence of this? they can't just make allegations and put no proof forward?
7:35 am
>> can i remind you what's sitting here with me and hearing that in the casey anthony case that there was some sort of child molestation? they made allegations without any proof whatsoever. she's at home right now, okay, and that's the kind of thing that a jury will look to. if they don't want to "ruin" this man's life, conrad murray could get the benefit of beyond reasonable doubt. >> at the same time, prosecutors very effectively have used conrad murray's own words. >> absolutely. >> the statement he gave to police, and prosecutors are making the argument even if you just take conrad murray at his word we've established gross negligence. >> yes. they're saying, the prosecution is saying, we don't believe anything that he says, and because of that, he's guilty. then they're also saying if you believe everything that he says, because of that, he's guilty. >> this is a pretty steep hole that the defense now has to climb out of. they are going to put on their own expert, forensic expert, to counter the experts we've heard
7:36 am
now from the prosecution, most of whom seemed very effective in court. is it possible the jurors just kind of throw their hands up and dueling experts and they cancel each other out? >> the battle of the experts sort of ends with the jury tossing out the main central issue, which is the propofol. that's why dr. steinberg is going to become so, so important. he's the one who laid out the six elementins that could make gross negligence in and of themselves, and of those six, five of them would find conrad murray guilty. that's what the prosecution is depending on. the defense very clearly just needs to do reasonable doubt when it comes to cause of death. that's where they're going. >> and to that end the defense was actually severely limited by the judge before trial in terms of what it could put on for evidence of his former addiction, and his financial pressures. at the same time, evidence has come in that michael jackson had some kind of addiction problem. do you think jurors may find, you know, we'll never know what really happened here and that
7:37 am
that would be sufficient to have reasonable doubt? maybe michael jackson did take these drugs himself. >> the jury throws its hands up and says i just don't know, that's enough to find a defendant not guilty. the bigger problem for the defense is, their alternate theories that can get to guilt. if the juries are arguing over one aspect, the prosecution has another card to play, and they've played them all. it's very skillful. there's a hole they have to get out of. >> you stand by your position no way conrad murray takes the stand this week. >> absolutely not and you agree with me. >> just checking, keeping in touch on that one. star jones, thanks. we'll see you this week. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much, savannah. we've got some girl scouts from columbus, ohio, home of my brother-in-law, jackie bryant. good to see everybody there. you guys bring any cookies? >> sorry. >> oh! better for my diet. thanks for thinking of me. let's check your weather and show you the week ahead, above
7:38 am
normal temperatures for really much of the country, below normal out west. as we get into the midweek period, we have more warm weather from the southern plains into the mid-atlantic states, but much cooler through the rockies and the pacific northwest. and as we get toward the latter part of the country, latter part of the week we see that cooler air finally making its way into the east, wet weather into the gulf coast states and the mississippi river valley, warmer out west and we've got girl scouts from minnesota and they were bad to my diet, they brought cookies. where are you from? >> minneapolis. >> thanks so much. that's what's going on in the country. here's what's happening good monday morning to you. well, the fog is back. live picture from the top of san bruno. you can see above the city of san francisco dealing with low cloud cover. that will be the case probably until about noon. so your temperatures right at the coast are going to be considerably cooler than where
7:39 am
we ended up yesterday. 70 in san francisco. inland temperatures running on the warm side. 80 in concord. 80 in fairfield. tonight and wednesday the offshore flow is bringing about dry weather in the bay all the way through wednesday. weather channel on cable or online. savannah? >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, former senator john edwards forced to sneak into his own daughter's wedding over the weekend. we'll explain right after this. wedding over the weekend. we'll explain right after this. ahh, one.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
elizabeth and john edwards, got married over the weekend. nbc's andrea mitchell has the story. >> bittersweet indeed. she is a young lawyer marrying a young doctor, an ivy league couple sharing a bright future. the only reason why this is not just another wedding announcement is this young's bride's happiness was achieved after terrible loss and her father john edwards' political and personal scandals. on a picture-perfect fall weekend in chapel hill, john and elizabeth's daughter got married. a joyful day for the bride and groom, trevor upham, whom she met at princeton university, the maid of honor, her sister, emma claire. one of her groomsmen, 11-year-old brother, chad. the father of the bride ducked in and out of a back door trying to avoid photographers, but he walked cate down the aisle. >> he was bursting with pride as just about any father would and particularly i guess a father who's been through the kind of things he's been through. >> later this week edwards faces a hearing on criminal charges of alleged misuse of campaign
7:44 am
funds. he asked that a trial date be delayed until january, after cate returns from her honeymoon. not invited to the wedding, rielle hunter, mother of john edwards' youngest child, but present in every way except the most important, elizabeth edwards. >> we got engaged shortly before she passed away and we got a chance to talk about what the wedding would be like and the messages she had. she was so happy because she loved my fiance and that i was on this path and happy with and comfortable with. >> reporter: cate wrote "i feel so lucky to have shared that joy with her, to have had the time to leaf through bridal magazines together and talk about the wedding. mom advised me to think carefully about the ceremony. it could be an important map, she said, for our life together." through it all, cancer, betrayal, tragedy, and now legal challenges, friends say cate is the glue that holds the family
7:45 am
together, whether standing by her dad or eulogizing her mom. >> she could bring out the brave in anyone. she brought it out in all of us. even in her last days she was comforting us, her family. >> reporter: in her last interview with matt, elizabeth edwards talked about her marriage and her children. >> did i waste my time in these years? have i thrown this part of my life away? and i decided that i didn't, that maybe i didn't get the same things out of it i expected to or that i thought i was at the time, but when i look back, there's really lots of blessings that i had. i've had the opportunity to have these great children. >> reporter: and in her last book she wrote about her children's future. >> i do know when they're older and telling their own children about their grandmother, they will be able to say she stood in the storm and the wind did not blow her away, and it surely has not. she adjusted her sails. >> reporter: now a new chapter opens for her beloved daughter, cate. >> for them it's a new start as well, getting a new member of
7:46 am
the family, trevor, whom everybody loves, has a big heart, elizabeth adored him. >> reporter: wedding guests agreed elizabeth was watching over them. >> the sunlight coming through the windows was definitely like her angel and her soul coming down to us. >> in the church this were altar candles lit in the memory of all of the relatives who passed away, cate's teenage brother wade, elizabeth and trevor's grandparents. and a poem by maya angelou. elizabeth was there, a presence at her daughter's joyful day. matt? >> andrea mitchell on the story for us, thank you very much. up next, prince harry enjoying his time in california, spending some of that time stepping out, we're going to hear from the young lady in question right after this. s. s. [ male announcer ] your eye doctor can't always be there
7:47 am
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7:50 am
diego this morning to explain. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. prince harry is here in the states for apache helicopter pilot training but spending some of his free weekends here in san diego and in the company of a certain young woman who disputes they are anything more than friends. she's the 26-year-old california cocktail waitress who was spotted with one of the world's most eligible bachelors. but jessica donaldson tells a london tabloid she and prince harry never even locked lips saying the angle of the photos on rumorfix is deceiving. donaldson with her dimples and long dark hair bears a striking resemblance to harry's sister-in-law kate middleton, minus the giant midriff tattoo, of course. she met the prince at the san diego nightclub where she works just after harry first arrived for helicopter pilot training at a remote southern california base. the two have been spotted together several times since.
7:51 am
>> i think the media is slightly stunned that prince harry's been there two weeks and the first time we've seen the rumblings of a girlfriend. what i'm saying is two weeks? what took you so long, prince harry? it's normally around two minutes. >> reporter: prince harry is known as a bit of a partier but donaldson tells "the sunday mirror," "he was a real life prince charming and has never been anything but a gentleman to me." she said the two did hang out with some friends and she calls him a regular guy. she says while me flirted she has a live-in boyfriend, something royal watchers say harry may not be heartbroken over. >> don't think it's serious. it's not the romance of the year, trust me. >> reporter: now we reached out to jessica donaldson and her boyfriend, their attorney tells us they decided not to do any more interviews. as for the royals, savannah, the palace also had no comment. >> kristen dahlgren in san diego, thanks. i guess it was just the angle
7:52 am
that made it look like they were making out on the couch. >> technically they weren't in the same room. when you shoot it that way it looks differently. >> happens a lot. just ahead, no prepared food, hiding from trick-or-treaters? >> martha stewart' trick-or-tre? >> martha stewart's daughter opens up about life with the famous homemaker and find out what martha thinks about the book after these messages, and your local news. [ engine roaring ] that's it, kyle. let's go home. [ busch ] all right, guys, let's get out of here. [ pneumatic drills whirring ] ♪ ♪ [ beep ] ♪ [ male announcer ] available 268 horsepower.
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for every nose issue. a nose in need deserves puffs plus lotion indeed. to give your cold a comforting scent, try puffs plus lotion with the scent of vicks. good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the occupy oakland camp is still going strong this morning.
7:56 am
that is despite a second city order to clear the camp. no one has enforced the orders. police are enforcing parking restricts around the camp. they hand out tickets no any passing motorist who slowed down to give protesters. san jose police are trying to figure out how to get an occupy protester off of city hall. look here. somehow that guy managed to wind up on top of that ledge. found his way up close to the dome. and he's still there now. rain in the forecast? i don't think just yet. let's take a look. >> no, but it will get breezy. hold onto your hats in the higher elevations. we're looking good right now. we have a fair amount of cloud
7:57 am
cover starting to creep in. we started out nice and clear at the coastline. now we are foggy very quickly. and it's going to last until about noon in the city by the bay. that means 70 degrees. 81 degrees in san jose. offshore flow resumes as we head through tonight into wednesday. that means we'll see dry and breezy weather across the bay area ch temperatures, though, staying on the mild side. let's check your drive with mike. >> peninsula looks unusual. 101 southbound is slow. northbound is getting a breakthrough san mateo. the accident northbound 101 at whipple is still blocking a lane and causing considerable backup. past the bridge to redwood city. that's unexpected for a lot of folks. we have slowing on the east bay. wall newt crook at 680. 45-minute drive. still following alert 101 northbound. picking up scrap petal.
7:58 am
folks are squeezing by on the right hand shoulder. consider it closed. monterey highway and surface streets are jammed. back to you. >> that's going to be a tough one. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a monday morning, the 24th day of october, 2011. the sky is clearing off nicely here, a little chilly, though, 51 degrees and a big crowd out on our plaza. a lot of these people here for coldplay and they're two and a half days early. that was a good concert friday. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie while ann is taking a couple of days off. mr. roker is joining us as well. coming up, one of our favorite guests around here, changed our lives, talking about martha stewart. we're going to learn more about it. >> her daughter, alexis, has co-written a book and dishes on martha a little bit. said she "lived with a glue gun" pointed at her head, saying there was never prepared food in the house, we'll talk about this
8:01 am
in a couple of minutes. >> welcome to "the family feud!" also ahead who else is in the studio? >> who? >> ben stiller is here, starring in a new movie called "tower heist" sound like it was ripped out of the headlines of the financial crisis. we have a bone to pick with mr. stiller and he joins us in a couple of minutes. if you blink, you miss it. >> something is in the movie. >> what? >> this is completely bogus. we'll talk to ben about that. >> i think mr. lauer is upset with his cameo, mr. stiller. we'll get into that in a second. >> "where in the world" tenth anniversary. >> it's top of mind to me and should be to you as well. if you'd like to join mr. lauer on one of the five locations, well you could be in luck. capital one, 130the sponsor is sending a lucky viewer to one of
8:02 am
the places matt is going to. you have until november 8th until 2:00 p.m. eastern. you might get to see the matterhorn. >> it would be one of the rare glimpses of the matterhorn. inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. >> reporter: good morning, matt, savannah and al. a massive rescue and relief effort is under way in eastern turkey where many people are still buried under the rubble from sunday's magnitude 7.2 earthquake. at least 260 people were confirmed dead in the hours after the quake, with more than 1,000 injured. officials say it will take days to search dozens of collapsed buildings. president obama heads west this morning on a three-day swing to campaign for re-election and promote economic initiatives. his first stop is las vegas, hard hit by the housing market collapse. the president will promote new rules to help borrowers with low equity, refinance and keep their homes. he'll also travel to california
8:03 am
and colorado. libya begins a new chapter in its history today, one day after its transitional leader declared the liberation of the country. mustafa abdul jalil said islamic law will be the basis of law. the u.s. abruptly pulled its ambassador to syria bringing him back to washington, d.c. the state department says syria's embattled regime is to blame for threats against robert ford's personal safety. for a look at what is trending today a quick roundup of what has you talking online. jennifer lopez is a hot search online after she broke down in tears and reportedly left the stage while performing at the mohegan sun this weekend. the superstar singer became emotional while sing being her past loves. lopez, who split from husband marc anthony in july later returned to the the stage performing her hit song "let's get loud." was this ashton kutcher's
8:04 am
way of addressing rumors about marital troubles with demi moore? he rambled about truth and integrity in the media and while he didn't specifically mention demi, you'll notice he is not wearing his wedding ring in that video. now if there's something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? meredi meredith vieira. she bravely pokes around in a haunted cottage, part of sci-fi's "ghost hunters" and catch it this wednesday morning. let's go back outside to al for a check of your weather. i bet she's got all of the ghostbuster lines out too. >> that's a big twinkie, meredith, i like it, meredith as a ghostbuster. i like you guys with the sock monkey hats. >> thank you. >> it's your birth day. >> yes, it is. >> how old are you? >> 29. >> again. >> how old are you? >> 34. >> this lady, your birthday, today. >> yes, sir.
8:05 am
>> you need a sock monkey hat. pick city today, bay city, michigan, nbc 25, morning showers, 59 degrees, and as we check your day today, you'll see we've got a line o showers and thunderstorms making their way through the upper ohio river valley, another storm system making its way toward the pacific northwest, we got plenty of sunshine and warmth from southern texas on into the gulf coast and the southeast, going to be a cool day today in the northeast, temperatures in the mid-60s. mountain snows in the western plains, we'll be looking at snow in good monday morning to you. that coastal fog and drizzle is back. looking pretty good, though, inland. live look at san jose. we have a mostly clear start. little bit of cloud cover won't last long overall, though. because of that marine influence we'll be about ten grease cooler than where we were. we had record heat over the weekend. 73 down from the mid 80s in santa cruz today. we get drier and breezier as we
8:06 am
head through tonight. that really kicks in tuesday and wednesday. wednesday, the windiest day of the week. 80 degrees. hope you have a great monday. all right. >> go cards! >> there you go. we head back to matt. . >> thank you very much. what's it like to live with martha stewart? her daughter writes about that in a brand new book. we'll talk to alexis stewart, but first these messages. ♪ [ sniffs ] ♪
8:07 am
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8:10 am
"whateverland" from martha stewart's daughter alexis. in it she has plenty to say about her upbringing and her famous mother. we'll talk to alexis and her co-author in a moment. first more on the book. >> take a piece of cardstock, the same width as your little candy bag. >> reporter: for years uber hoster and domestic darling martha stewart cultivated her image. her only child alexis stewart shares an inside glimpse. >> we have a tv show that's coming. >> reporter: alexis stewart co-hosted "whatever" with alexis and jennifer. >> see how much fun it was to be martha's daughter. >> reporter: then "whatever martha" where the two made fun of past "martha stewart living" episodes. >> anticipating how much fun it's going to be to scream at the crew. >> reporter: weeks before the release of their joint book "whateverland" headlines painted a less than flattering side of
8:11 am
martha stewart. martha answered critics on her own show. >> it is hilarious and enlightening and full of funny stories and i encourage to you buy it, read it and make it a best seller. >> alexis stew wuart and jennif copalman-hatt, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> alexis, there's a lot of buzz about this book in particular what you said about your nom. jennifer, we'll talk about the book in a minute. the first one that caught a lot of attention, "martha does everything better. i grew up with a glue gun pointed to my head, if i didn't do something perfectly i had to do it again." you said the glue gun comment was a joke. is it is the larger point true? >> no, the book is supposed to be funny and everyone can make funny stories about their family. there were no glue guns, "a" back then, i wish there had
8:12 am
been, it would have been more fun. she worked hard and was a perfectionist and i don't have a problem with that. >> you say it's not a tell-all. there's another quote that's gotten a lot of attention, "there was never anything to eat at my house," you write. "there were ingredients but no prepared food of any kind." you paint a portrait of you kind of having to forage for yourself. is that true? >> a little bit. my mother was a caterer and worked very hard. we were not wealthy and so there were ingredients, and was it ann annoying? yeah. did i get to go to my friend's house and eat junk food? sure. and i'm a great cook and guess what? there's no prepared food in my house. >> the next quote i have say shocker during this time of year, halloween. we had martha with the cutest halloween treats and you write "on halloween" when you were growing, "we turned off all of the lights, pretended we weren't home and my mother never had anything but apples and pennies to annoy the children with." can this be possibly true? >> of course, one or two years that was the case and it was super fun to turn off all the
8:13 am
lights and pretend we weren't home. she hand sewed me a giant bunny costume and liddious little bo beep costume. >> did that get mentioned in the booing? >> no. >> the last one, "my mother used to have my wrap my own presents on christmas, hand me things and say now wrap these but don't look inside but i didn't because i knew it was never worth looking." the larger issue is all of these quotes when you add them up, sounds like you're saying your mom is more about the image, that the reality didn't quite measure up to what the world sees. is that what you meant to say? >> not at all. i think the fact is, first of all it's not a book about my mother. it's a book about growing up and learning to live with what happened or what didn't happen, being comfortable with all of that. >> your mom was quite gracious about it. as we just showed she said go out and buy the book. i have to ask you as a daughter, you talk about your mother's bathroom habits in particular. >> i say she left the door open when she pee-ed.
8:14 am
>> did you worry about embarrassing her? >> no, everybody pis. some pee with the door closed. i grew up in a household you're not allowed to talk about the fact that people have to urin e urinate? >> the book can called "whateverland" and you call it a nonself-help book. >> we were doing a radio show and hear time and time again people, women specifically saying they didn't feel good about themselves, and they seemed to feel a little bit better when they'd hear we felt horrible about ourselves. >> so we're all terrible, just get used to it. >> kind of, just be okay with it, move on from it. it's not that you don't want to better yourself. we all want to be the best that we can be, but you don't have to be miserable or just think that there's nothing good about you while you're trying to accomplish more. >> we talk about martha and i think both of you, your father, gejennifer was an executive at martha stewart's company, you're her daughter. your careers have largely been derived from her success. do you think even if you were --
8:15 am
it shall. >> in all fairness, both of us have had other work even before we started doing the radio show. i'm a lawyer, and a notary, which is really convenient, and alexis had gyms and hotel so we've done other things and we ended up doing that. >> my friends have bought this book and they're like where's the dirt? there is none. >> let me ask you about something. you, too, were very good friends. you hosted the show together and as we learn at the end of the book you've broken up, those are your words. >> yes. >> what happened? >> things don't always, six years is a long time, for anybody. we were together every day for six years, doing a radio show two hours a day and sort of ends up being a little bit like a marriage and not all marriages last forever. >> i don't know if i'm projecting but i felt tension when you sat down together. has it been a while since you've been in each other's presence. >> it's because we're on television and not accustomed to it. >> friendships don't have to
8:16 am
fall apart, although alexis i couldn't help but notice one of the quotes in your book "i love getting rid of friends, it's so much fun." what'd you mean by that? >> if you want to punish somebody, never talking to them again is a really good method. >> did something happen or is this just a drifting apart? >> i think it's a drift. >> i think we're just different. >> well you are very different. that is apparent just from looking at the book. jennifer, do you hope this is a relationship that could be repaired? >> listen, i know alexis well enough to know that if things are not, if she doesn't want to be involved in the relationship anymore, then that's how it is and that's okay. i love her. it doesn't work. >> some people are clingy and some people like to be by themselves. >> i'm very clingy. >> doesn't make either person -- >> right. >> -- bad, just different. >> which is also in the book which is something that when i was single i wish i had learned from alexis, because girls typically if a guy doesn't like
8:17 am
us, we think there's something wrong with us. it shouldn't be that way, but it is, and really it's not that. it's just that you're not right for that person. so this was not a friendship that was going to last forever. >> okay, and last thing, you said in the book, alexis, that you think people who are super close to their families are completely bizarre. >> i do. >> we should assume from that you're not particularly close to your mom or are you? >> i'm very close to my mother but not a single other person in my family. >> you're bizarre only with regard to your mom in terms of super closeness. >> correct. >> okay. >> but i live next door to my sister, so we're all -- close. >> it is an interesting book. jennifer koppelman and alexis stewart, they'll come back in the next hour and answer viewer e-mails. send them in if you have a question, head to our website coming up next, ben stiller on his new action comedy "tower heist" right after this. t card.
8:18 am
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hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researching a role. today's special... the capital one venture card. you earn double miles on every purchase. impressive. chalk is a lost medium. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. was that really necessary? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? cover for me. i have an audition. we're back now at 8:20 with ben stiller, one of the stars of the new action comedy "tower heist." he plays a building manager in new york city who is determined to steal back the millions his staff lost at the hands of his tower's richest tenant. take a look. >> -- you and i know the movements of every person, know the schedules, deliveries and codes for every window. we've been casing the place for a decade and didn't know it. >> we didn't know it because we weren't doing it.
8:21 am
>> you think we're getting his money back? i talked to the fbi, it's gone. >> so all this is about getting it back for lester? >> yes, and rose and mrs. evanko and manuel and you, you jerk. come on! let's storm the castle together. >> ben, welcome back. good to see you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm all right, good. action comedy can be tough because if you play the comedy would to far you lose the action side and vice versa. do you find it challenging? >> i liked about this movie it's a heist movie and reminded me of movies from the '70s, the original "taking of pellam 123" the hot rock with robert redford and george segal. the reality was there but the comedy was coming out of the characters so it wasn't just going for jokes. >> you talk about it's a real life heist, it's a real life headline when it comes right down to it. this movie is about, it's hard not to watch and think bernie madoff. is that fair? >> yeah.
8:22 am
no, i think that is fair. i think eddie murphy had the idea for this movie originally before all that happened, and then as the movie got developed, i think and our economic situation, became what it is and madoff happened and all became part of it. >> the rich tenant in this movie is played by alan alda. >> yes. >> you mentioned eddie murphy, that's right, he plays a bad guy in this or some guy who knows how to pull off a heist. >> yes. >> exactly. when you two get together on screen, you guys both huge comedy stars, is it a little like dancing, does one person have to lead in each scene or can you both try to lead? >> eddie is such a, he's so funny and just he is eddie murphy and in the scene i don't think we're ever thinking of it like that, just thinking about the scene itself. when you see eddie murphy doing something funny you just want to be a part of that, you know? >> was there a lot of that just going with it? why. >> yes. >> we some clips sent to us and there were a couple of bleeps in there. >> that's what's fun about the
8:23 am
movie, an edgier eddie than we've seen for a while. we never knew if it would be "r" or pg-13 and he did his thing and ended up being pg-13. >> you can edit what you want out. >> yes. >> you did with me. last year i was asked to do a little scene for this movie, it happened to be on thanksgiving day, with i is a national holiday. >> oh, right. >> you know that ena dedicated almost all of my thanksgiving last year to shooting this, forget the preparation the days before. i'm going to play you the entire scene as it plays in your movie. >> all right. >> start of macy's thanksgiving day parade is just moments away, 3 million people will line the streets of this city, 50 million more will watch from homes all across the country, and around the globe. when the parade begins, all eyes turn to the sky as the largest balloons in the world soar above the city. it's a sight that brings out the child in all of us. >> that's charming. that's beautiful. >> here's the problem i have, it's not the fact that it's only
8:24 am
20 seconds long. why did you cover me for the whole first 18 1/2 seconds of the 20 seconds? >> well, i didn't direct the movie, so he probably just took the best stuff and -- >> the last two seconds? it's like a frame and 13 seconds. >> it's all about the editing choices, matt, you know? >> do you have brett ratner's cell phone number? >> he's probably on it now. >> everybody says he's a genius and whirling dervish on the set. >> he's great, he loves movies, make everybody feel very excited and great at doing it, great at handling big movies and wrangling everybody and just he's a really good director. >> you're shooting in atlanta on another movie right now and if you look back in the last year, you've been on broadway, "house of blue leaves" went back to "saturday night live," brought back the zoolander character there. >> yes. >> you like variety, don't you? >> yeah. it's been sort of a busy time, but it's fun to mix it up, fun being back in new york and all
8:25 am
of these things have been new york-based since we moved back to new york so that's great, it was great to do the play and "saturday night live," living here in new york. >> nice to have choices, really is. >> can i talk about how my father dripped hot hanukkah candle wax on me when i was a child? [ laughter ] nobody knows about that. >> seems to be -- you might want to write a book about that. >> we had to forage for bagels . >> the movie opens november 14t. we're back after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning to you. it's 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san jose police are dealing with another situation where a police officer shot someone. officers responded to reports of a man with a gun at the extended stay hotel around 8:00 yesterday morning. suspect was shot several times but is expected to survive. no officers were injured in this shooting. this is san jose's seventh officer-involved shooting this t moh.wet the thirdh. we'll take a quick break. weather and traffic after this.
8:27 am
8:28 am
stellar starts we had at the coast over the weekend are a thing of the past. fog is here. daytime highs will drop by about ten degrees across the board. 80 in santa rosa. 73 in santa cruz. through tonight, tomorrow and wednesday, starting to pick up a strong breeze and drying out. relative humidities in the teens. watching for fire weather. let's check your drive with mike inouye. slow in the south bay, christina. 101, an accident has just cleared. 101 at 87 and then another one on the southbound side, more of a distraction for folks passing by. that's the off-ramp there. 85, 87. jamming in the northbound direction. typical pattern through san jose. we now have just a one lane
8:29 am
block, two lanes are open at cochrane road. and slowdown on the peninsula. live look out there and show you the slowing across the bay in oakland. back to you, laura. >> pretty rough out there. thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook.
8:30 am
okay, take a guess who is on "jay" this week, adam ndsa lesa and president barack obama, the president's on with jay tomorrow on nbc. we're back now at 8:30 on a monday morning, the 24th day of october, 2011. nice view down at the famed rockefeller center skating rink, that is promiscuous prometheus in the background. i get that wrong every year, every year. that is now open for the 75th year that skating rink and scott hamilton will be joining us for a spin on that on friday morning. out on the plaza this morning i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, here while ann is taking some time off, al roker and natalie morales join us as well. just ahead we'll talk about the big business of celebrity
8:31 am
fashion. you probably noticed a lot of big names are starting their own fashion lines, jennifer lopez, jay-z and others, so coming up we'll talk about where you can find your favorite celebrity's hottest looks. an exclusive look at the danish royal families, they're spending a little bit of time in new york and amy robach met one them. >> they make great danish cookies. >> danishes are good, too. >> the circular ones are the best. don't forget a week from today, we are throwing us a halloween bash. that's right, it's your annual halloween bash on the plaza, we'll get dressed up. we want to you join us. we have treats lined up for the winners of our annual costume contest, our finalists will receive vip passes to our special justin bieber concert on the day, on the wednesday right before thanksgiving. the overall winner will meet justin face-to-face, so be here next monday for the day's annual
8:32 am
halloween costume and on wednesday, november 23rd, justin bieber live on the plaza. >> the real justin bieber. let's bring in sara bareilles, brand new album. she also happens to be one of the judges on the nbc show the sit house. this judging thing are you cut out in terms of do you have what it takes to take somebody and just be brutally honest with them? >> no. >> she's honest. >> i didn't get that gene, no. i think we all of us judges on "the singoff" have the same philosophy we want to be fair but honest but we kind of want to be kind, too. i'm not here to tell anybody like, give up your day -- quit music, or something like that. >> tonight we have the final eight, the hip-hop competition. >> it's hip-hop. >> we don't think of hip-hop and
8:33 am
sara barreleis together. >> miseducation of lauryn hill is my favorite. i am nobody's scholar on rap. >> you're going to be performing in the season finale. >> yes. >> do you already know what you're going to do? we're keeping that a secret, but yes, i'm going to perform on the finale. >> you're also going to be performing later today with kat lee lee and hoda next hour. >> yes. >> from your album "kaleidoscope." >> always great to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> mr. roker how about a check of the weather? >> sara's percussionist josh, i've admired this box that he made. can you play a little of thats snts s? it's a musical box. >> it's a cajone. >> be careful, its it's spanish. >> woo, and he made one for me.
8:34 am
♪ i can do hip-hop weather and even had the band sign the bottom. look at that. >> the bmw that just went by. >> josh will build you one made out of wood. that's what's goin taking a look from san bruno. very, very tippy top mt. diablo. things are really starting to clear out. it will take time before we get clearing in the bay, probably by 11:00 am. all that cloud cover cooling you down from yesterday's high. 81 in los gatos and 81 san jose. temperatures continue to stay mild. hope you have a great monday. >> and that's your latest wlp. don't forget to get your weather any time of the day or night, go to or watch the weather channel on your local cable channel.
8:35 am
we go to uncle willie scott. >> i love birthdays, anybody's birthday. birthday number one harry irving of melbourne, florida, 100 years old, loves to cook. i love to cook. and also collects secret recipes from his neighbors and friends, and longevity, having a wonderful wife to help take care of him. what a sentiment, god love him. okay, we have lena green, hendersonville, tennessee, tennessee pride sausage, ooh, it's good sausage, 103. still sharp as a tack and loves her family very much. edward ryall, and is that right? edward ryall, make sure i said that right, ryall, and he is from garden grove, california, 100 years old today, and lives independently and loves to work in his yard and garden.
8:36 am
and he stays on top of everything, the latest news, and all. good for him. lucille hill, clemmons, north carolina, 102, loves to snuggle with her dog. i love the word snuggle and i like snuggling. i'm a big snuggling, dogs, anything, i'll snuggle with anything, if i can find somebody to snuggle with me, enjoys doing all sorts of good things in the golf cart, she drives her farm on the golf cart. keeps up with things. samuel harris, cincinnati, ohio, is 100 years old,r, proud ww ii veteran and survived three types of cancer. how about that? that's beautiful. and get this -- doris pearson & dorothy klee from turlock, california, and they are twins, they are 101 years old. now you tell me about genetics, they're swedish descent and they say that's what they owe their
8:37 am
longevity to swedish genes. that's it. that's amazing. god love you. back to new york. >> thanks, willard. have you noticed a growing number of stars bringing their looks to retailers near you? >> it's everywhere. i'm a big celebrity fashion line shopper. >> i can see you wearing your j. lo suit. coming up much more but this is the "today" show from
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ back now at 8:40, this morning on "today's style" the business of celebrity fashion lines, we listen to thir music, watch their tv shows and buy tickets to their movies. more a-listers are also making their way into our closets. from the big screen to the fashion runway, more stars than ever are lending their names to celebrity licensed products, the industry fueled nearly $5 billion in sales last year.
8:40 am
>> it's all part of my style. >> reporter: the mass appeal? that celebrity style at affordable prices. these brands rely on a star's success but there are ways to help these hollywood born labels last. >> jay-z has a very successful program under the make rocawear so that's another way to have staying power. >> reporter: the queen bee at the moment jessica simpson reigns supreme. ♪ la, la >> reporter: her collection is expected to top $1 billion but she's not taking all that home. >> celebrities getting a small percentage of the retail sales. >> reporter: looks like celebrity fashion lines are here to stay. and lori brigsmotto is contributing editor for "lucky" style magazine. >> good morning. >> celebrities have to have their own fashion line? >> celebrities need to extend their brands as well because
8:41 am
sometimes the movie paychecks and song paychecks dry up. >> it's not enough? >> exactly. they need to extend their brand and they do that with licensing fashion brands and it's the hottest thing. >> our first line, gwen stefani has come into the children's fashions, these two are adorable. >> yes. >> they call it harajuku minis. >> gwen stefani started lam and it's supersuccessful. as you can see on the mini models, jack and lola, wave, hi. give a twirl so everybody can see the whole look. this is at target. this is giving a sneak preview, this is available until november 3rd but everything in the line at target for harajuku mini and gwen is catering to the younger style, rocker.
8:42 am
>> thank you. bye-bye. >> our next model is elena, in queen latifah's new line, the queen collection and this has been flying off the shelves. >> this has. an elena, very wearable pieces. what queen latifah has been good at doing making the clothes for women that are accessible and approachable, and this has been so popular on the home shopping network she sold 1,000 bluss in five minutes. >> it's not just plus sizes we see. >> queen latifah said we need to bury the word "plus size." though the line goes up to a 3x so it caters to all shapes and sizes she feels committed to catering to all body types. >> the next line is sophia veragara's line for kmart. >> like sophia's style, very sexy and sassy body conscious, this is what she's doing for kmart, these pieces are very affo affordable, on jennifer, it's form fitting. >> the next line is from
8:43 am
jennifer lopez, i thought she already had a line. is this another line? >> she did. in 2003 she had her first f autoray with sweet face and in 2009 it shuttered. this collection you can see everything on angela, picked as a j. lo favorite on their site so it's going to fly off the shelves. >> let's have all of the models come out, i have to see the kids again, did such a good job, one more look at you. laurie, thank you so much and thanks to all of our good morningious models. appreciate it. coming up next the royals taking manhattan by storm. we'll talk to the crowned prince and princess of denmark but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
we're back now at 8:45, with rare access to the royal families from three scandinavian countries gracing new york city
8:46 am
with a visit. "today" national correspondent amy robach is here with details. >> good morning to you. we were the only u.s. camera rolling as the royals all att d attended a high security gala. i had the chance to speak exclusively with the crowned prince and princess of denmark, a stylish couple who will one day be king and queen. at first glance they are just another couple looking over fresh produce. but not many customers have cameras following their every move. >> we're extremely excited to have the royal highnesses here today. >> crowned for instance frederick of den plashing and crowned princess mary were here saturday to promote healthy life styles. >> so beautiful. >> reporter: a hallmark of danish culture. >> we believe an important part of our role is to represent danish interests abroad and that's what our trip here to new york is all about. >> reporter: long before commoner kate became the duchess of cambridge, there was mary, a middle class australian who met her real life prince charming at
8:47 am
a bar during the sydney olympics in 2000. >> despite his royal connections and her very ordinary background, they've had a shared love in common and grew from there. that's why people embraced them as a couple because it is the fairytale come true. >> reporter: a storybook marriage and growing family of six, including 10-month-old twins, a boy and a girl. how do you balance the royal lifestyle with four children? it's pretty impressive. >> yeah, and it's challenging at times. >> it's great fun and we want to be close to our children and they are as well. >> reporter: on friday a red carpet night for the danish couple as they joined with scandinavian kings, queens and heads of state for an historic gathering to celebrate the centennial of the american scandinavian foundation, a nonprofit cultural group. among the honored xwes eded gue swedish king and queen and youngest daughter, princess
8:48 am
madelyn, who actually lives in new york. madelyn reportedly moved here from sweden in 2010 after her wedding was called off amid headlines her fiance had cheated on her. her siblings back in stockholm also captivated. prince carl philip, one of the world's most eligible bachelors and crowned princess victoria, heir to the throne, married her personal trainer. >> it's no wonder they get all of the compliments when really they've got the glamorous spot people are interested in. ♪ >> reporter: but this weekend, it was the danish royals who captured everyone's attention. >> everyone we've met were really warm and the daes are the loudest in the crowds. a lot of people are "hi, welcome to new york. hope you're enjoying your time here." so it's really nice. >> and the danish couple is still in town attending various events. their children are back home in copenhagen and heir to europe's oldest monarchy, the crowned
8:49 am
prince and princess couldn't be more modern. their oldest son, christian, is currently enrolled in the public school system. it's the quality of the school system as well. >> thank you very much. coming up next, jane pauley on finding your true calling later in life. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ back now at 8:51 with "your life calling today." "today" contributor jane pauley has been working with aarp which produced and sponsored a special series of reports. good morning. >> good morning. >> easier to do than say. zwlur' a pro. our story is about a man who went from engineering buildings to building careers. here's charlie thornton with his life calling. charlie thornton loves noise. >> jackhammers and torque wrenches and beep, beep, beep, it's good to hear. when there's noise, there's work, there's jobs. >> reporter: this is a city being rebuilt. >> we probably have maybe 100 different trades down there, all working together. >> reporter: you've probably seen his work, he's been the structural engineer for some of the grandest buildings in the world. so you look at a skyline and
8:52 am
count the buildings you did. but lately, he's gone back to high school. >> i think this was a great project. you have some civil engineering and some site engineering. you had utilities. you had structural. >> reporter: mentoring is in his blood. >> goes back number one to my father, who was a fabulous guy. >> reporter: his dad was a bricklayer. >> every kid in my neighborhood who didn't have role models as fathers, my father became their role model. >> reporter: he hired local kids and top of the trades. >> he got me jobs with some of the worst contractors in new york city, and he told them, "break his back so he stays in college." >> reporter: charlie got the message, and a ph.d. and became a giant in his field. but in the '90s w engineering enrollment in this country rapidly declining, he got a call from his college dean. >> and said to me, "we need to get more minorities and more women into engineering." >> reporter: like his father, he turned his attention to the next
8:53 am
generation. >> i started to realize when it was a vacuum, and i raised my hand, i could make these things happen. >> reporter: with other industry leaders, he started a mentoring program called a.c.e., for architecture, construction and engineering. >> there's always one student who says, how much do you make? and i go, i make a lot, but let me tell you how much you're going to make if you stick with this program, and they hear you can make $60,000, $70,000, $80,000, $100,000 a year and they go wow. after they sit through 15 sessions with architects, engineers and contractors, they say to themselves, i can be that person. i can do that. >> reporter: his mentoring program has grown to more than 200 cities, with over 100,000 graduates, and has awarded $12 million in college scholarships. >> there's no academic
8:54 am
requirements, there's no tests. to get a scholarship you need to have 100% attendance or an excuse. >> these kids have a future? >> absolutely. we're predicting a huge shortage when we come out of this "downturn" in the construction industry. >> yeah. >> highways, transportation, roads, water, bridges, dams, buildings, okay. it's everything that america needs. i believe that a.c.e. is transferrable to any other industry, health care, manufacturing, automotive. >> there are over 76 million baby boomers who are looking for something productive, creative to do. >> america's schools need those seasoned baby boomers coming in to help. >> better on three, all right? >> we would love it from f those 76 million people, we'll take 1% of them. >> the reality check up front, charlie thornton is no ordinary guy. he's a phenomenal success story, but the secret of his success was having a role model, his
8:55 am
dad. the first present his father ever gave him was a wheelbarrow. mentoring is a gift that keeps giving. i hope you'll join me today at noon eastern time for my live internet radio call-in show at savann savannah. >> having a mentor for him made a difference for him and he says giving kids a vision of what they could be makes the difference. >> it does. >> jane pauley thank you so much. just ahead, martha stewart's daughter alexis is back and answering your questions about growing up with a domestic diva. we'll talk about her new book" whateverland" coming up after your local news and weather.
8:56 am
good morning to you. it's 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. want to get you caught up on the traffic mess. overturned trailer closed all northbound lanes of 101, close to morgan hills this morning. this is close to cochrane. these are live pictures. you can see a lot of scrap metal all along the roadway. they're trying to clean it up still. it happened about 6:30 this morning. most of the it has been put into that pile, cleared up. a couple of lanes are open but still the slow lane and off-ramp there is still closed. we'll have a look at the day's
8:57 am
arnd thi re and some best around t ndbackupup, coming up with mike in just a bit. up
8:58 am
welcome back. sigalert 101 at croochrane. jammed through the city streets as well. we're looking at the maze, westbound 80 and slow through san pablo, jamming up to the merge. accident in westbound 580 at highway 13 clearing from lanes. look at the backup for 580 coming through oakland and look at the golden gate bridge across the bay. visibility is a little tough. the "today" show coming up.
8:59 am
last week, we called on bay area counties to beef up their drug and training programs in hopes of rehabilitate iing thousands of prisoners the state has only been warehousing. clint wrote it depends on the individual. some prisoners change for the greater good. others don't. with nearly 77% of parolees become repeat offenders, britta says the probation system is currently ineffective. probation officers have a huge opportunity to become a positive influence. with nonprofit says reentry plans must include health care, housing and jobs. california can save $233 million by slashing recidiviism by 10%. we hope the area can help be rt of the soonlu.ti ld ctn'eegr aou more. join us at
9:00 am
are we're back now with more of "today" on a monday morning, 20 1. the sky is clearing off nicely here, a little chilly, though, we'll get to the forecast in a moment. out on the plaza, i'm mat hat lauer along with savannah guthrie. ann is taking the morning off. coming up in this half hour a serious story. possibly some new clues in the investigation into the disappearance of 10-month-old lisa irwin, the baby girl in n kansas city. an fbi cadaver dog has actually hit on the scent of human decomposition in the bedroom where the parents slept. and we also get a tour of that home now, courtesy of peter alexander. much more on that story in just a couple of minutes. >> and then on a completely different note, the old saying goes, if something's too good to
9:01 am
be true, it usually is, and that's going to be the case here from the grocery store to the dollar store. we'll help you recognize a so-called bargain that really isn't worth it, and the tricks retailers use to make you think you're getting a good deal. then have you ever imagined what it would be like to grow up with martha stewart, famously a perfectionist? her daughter, alexis stewart is out with a new book and dishes a little bit on her mom, for example says she grew up with a glue gun to her head. we'll talk to her about that, being the daughter of a domestic goddess. she's here, stuck around. >> stuck around. glue gun! ha, ha, ha! >> totally unintentional, but thanks for noticing. >> it smells good out here. >> doesn't it really? you smell that? >> no. >> apple pie or something, cinnamon or something. >> maybe martha's here. >> your perfume? >> no. ode to apple pie. >> let's go inside. natalie is at the news desk with a check of the headlines. good morning, everyone. dozens of people are still trapped in the rubble this morning in eastern turkey, where a devastating 7.2 magnitude quake has killed hundreds there so far.
9:02 am
villages were leveled and homes in multistory buildings were flattened near the tremor near the iranian border. though the death toll has hit 270, officials say it is expected to rise. but a glimmer of hope this morning, at least four people have been pulled alive from the rubble so far. president obama heads west this morning on a three-day swing to campaign for re-election and promote economic initiatives. his first stop is las vegas, hard hit by the housing market collapse. the president will promote new rules to help borrowers with low equity refinance and keep their homes. he'll also travel to california and colorado. a new step forward on the road to recovery for wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the representative from arizona is undergoing intensive therapy in north carolina as she recovers from a gunshot wound to the head. she is not expected to make any public appearances during her time there. a new study finds that girls whose mothers were exposed to high levels of bpa while pregnant have more behavioral
9:03 am
issues and are more hyperactive than other girls. a pregnant woman's use of bpa in plastics appear to have little impact on boy's behavior. the latest on missing baby lisa irwin. nbc's peter alexander is in kansas city, missouri with more. you got a look inside the irwin home. >> reporter: we did get a look inside the home overnight and now been three weeks to the day since deborah bradley and jeremy irwin say their 10-month-old baby daughter lisa disappeared from inside the home. dramatic new developments over the course of the weekend, including a police affidavit that reveals an fbi cadaver dog had a positive hit on the scent of a dead body inside lisa's parents' bedroom, somewhere on the floor. we were inside post search warrant and saw police forensics everywhere, on lisa's crib, on the front door, on light switches where they were looking for fingerprints. surprisingly the home was very well kept, still in order. there were lisa's
9:04 am
child prints from the day she was born, toys, clothes neatly hanging in the closet, very much to us appeared to be a loving home. court documents reveal some of the items taken, including blankets, toys, a roll of tape and a tape dispenser, surprisingly the attorney says that is all that was taken, and the attorney for the family knows that none of the carpet was cut out from inside lisa's parents' home. we also spoke to investigators overnight, they will not discuss specifics of this case, but they insist they still have no suspects, no solid leads, and they are still focused on trying to find where the little baby may have disappeared. natalie? >> peter alexander in kansas city, missouri, thank you. moviegoers were in the mood to be scared this weekend. "paranormal activity 3" killed the box office competition, its $54 million take was the biggest opening ever for an october release. "real steel" was knocked down to second place and "footloose" was a step behind in third. she may be turning 125 this friday but the statue of liberty
9:05 am
is more tech savvy than ever. starting on lady liberty's big birthday, five web cams will go online from her torch so users can check out the view 24 hours a day, seven days a week. and it is a beautiful view from up there. it is five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to al with a check of your weather. as you know, that view up there is priceless. >> i tell you, natalie, that's one of my favorite memories of the show, doing our show from the statue of liberty, it was amazing and still is. we've got san diego triplets. what's your name? >> hannah. >> caroline. >> and? >> zach. >> you're surrounded by two girls, oh, man! but you're doing all right, bud. let's check your weather and see what's happening and we'll show you, this is the latest on what's going on in turkey, the city of van. basically what they're looking at today, sunshine with some clouds moving in, and cloudy, rainy tonight and 43 degrees, as they try to dig out survivors for the earthquake there. closer to home we'll show you we're looking at basically a lot
9:06 am
of wet weather making its way and warmer weather out through the plains, but then look at this, temperatures today, low 70s to the low 80s to mid 80s, by wednesday, bam! temperatures drop 33 in denver on wednesday with 6 inches of snow, mountains about a foot, casper 34, salt lake 50. 54 in amarillo, garden city 47. every time i say bam, i've got to good morning to you. well, we're getting a nice, clear, fog-free start in the city of san jose. high, mid-level clouds overhead. you'll have to wait for that clarity when it comes to the coastline. fog bank up against the coast until about noon today. after, we'll see clearing and temperatures, and still in the 70s, 10 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. 80 in redwood city. 81 in los gatos. dry, breezy weather as we head
9:07 am
through tonight. really, on wednesday. hope you have a great monday. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. growing up the daughter of martha stewart wasn't all domestic bliss so says her daughter, alexis stewart. she and her former host partner jennifer koppelman hutt "whateverland" have stuck around to answer your questions. good morning. >> good morning. >> last hour we went over some of the quotes that have gotten some attention. are you surprised that people are reading this book or reading about the book and have the perception you're complain being your childhood that it's a tell-all about your mom, martha? >> that's what people want to believe because she is incredibly talented. >> haven't you given them a little ammo here? >> taken out of context, sure. i had a friend who is my age who grew up playing topsy on saturdays, and that was going, and with his dad to the morgue
9:08 am
and they did autopsies because that's what his dad did for a living and now he's a brilliant doctor, so if i put something like that, and you'd be twisting it into something horrible. >> did you warn your mom at all, hey this book is coming, some people might perceive it as dishing on you? >> all of the stories jennifer told them own the television show, the radio. they're funny. everyone has stories like this from their lives. everyone. >> nobody has the perfect childhood. >> nobody. >> let answer get to some of our viewer questions. the first one from mary. "alexis, do you hope that you will have the same relationship with your daughter that you had growing up with your mother? what would you do differently?" >> being older than my mother was, was a great help because i have much more life experience to look on. do i hope my daughter is close with me like i am with my mother, close. >> cheryl from arcadia, do you regret making public some of the less than flattering truths about your mother? >> i don't think they're less than flattering. they're -- >> just truths.
9:09 am
>> like everyone else, she's a human being, so am i, so is the lady who asked that question. >> did she see it coming. did martha know this was coming? >> as i said, these are stories that have been told over and over and over again. >> we talked last hour about how the two of you lafg hosted a show together for six years are no longer friends. >> it happens. >> deidre asked why write a book together if you're not friends? >> we wrote the book while we were still working together and maintaining a good friendship. things change. when we wrote the book everything in the book was -- >> and it doesn't invalidate the book. everything in the book -- here's the book. >> it's life lessons, listen it's life lessons. everybody's life has great moments of joy, and other moments of not such joy, and moments of awkwardness, and happiness and ease. so that's in the book and that's life. >> it's funny because just in the hours since we've talked, we've gotten tweets and people on facebook asking me about it because this is curious to them,
9:10 am
how it is you can be friends for a long time. >> i don't know, we -- >> and suddenly not. people think gosh someone must have happened. who sbins gaited the breakup. >> it's not ins gags thing. >> one day i look at your husband, not anymore. >> that's how she looked at me. >> are you sad? >> of course i'm okay. i have great friends, a full life and terrific husband. lovely kids. i mean, would i be friends with alexis still, of course. do i understand i'm not really her type in terms of a friend, sure so it's okay. >> so the larger question, this is an advice book above all things. >> sure. >> people are looking at you as dinse pencers of advice. what are they to make of this? >> that never happens to people, they fall out of lo of? >> no one else has ever been dumped? >> all of that is in the book. what do you do when you're dumped? >> you're saying this is real, this is life. >> we're saying we're okay. >> it's life and it can be funny
9:11 am
and sometimes horrible things are happening to me and i think this is going to make a good story. >> amy from ohio asks jennifer, you seem like a very sweet girl. how has your life changed now that you and alexis are not as close as you used to be? >> oh my goodness. >> it's exactly the same. >> listen, do i -- >> i'm answering for her, sorry. >> would i like to e-mail alexis what's going on with the baby, sure but i know that's not who alexis is and that's okay. it's about accepting who people are, what they want and don't want and i'm okay with that. i have lunch with my girl friends once a week. i do the radio show every day. alexis doesn't want to do it and we're okay. i still do it. >> you'd be friends with alexis if you could but alexis it doesn't go the other way. >> people are different. >> yeah. >> what are people to think of your relationship with your mother? i mean, i for example covered her court case and i know you were there almost every day. >> i was there every day actually. maybe you weren't there every day but i was. >> you were, so to your credit you were there every day. >> of course, why wouldn't i be? >> what's your relationship like? what would you want people to
9:12 am
know about your relationship? >> we're incredibly close. and we're fwoet veboth opiniona people. while we can be together having a nice time we can also have an animated discussion/argument about something, because that's normal. if we agree on everything how boring would that be? >> let me get back to something that touched a nerve with both of you when we talked about it last hour, i said a lot of your success or public image is derivative of martha stewart. >> right. that's true. >> the book has martha shot through it, the whole whatever thing. >> that's my life. should i not talk about it? >> if your parent is a plumber, you might go into the plumbing business. >> not only that but none of your faucets would work in your house. >> that is true. >> and there would be no prepared food in the refriger e refrigerat refrigerator. >> you have no misgivings of biting the hand that feeds. >> wait a minute not only did we not fwibite. we had a radio show for five and a half years.
9:13 am
today is the sixth anniversary of the show. the book came out of listening to women asking for help and women who seemed to be soothed by the fact that we have issues, tons and tons of issues and we're happy to share them. >> that leads me to good final point which what is the message that you hope people will take from this book? >> that you can either be really sad about all the horrible things that have happened to you. >> because you've had a the lo of horrible things happen to you? >> that's the whole thing the book is funny, taking everything and blowing it out of proportion as an example for how you can take your life and just laugh at it and then move on. >> okay, all right, jennifer and alexis, it's good to talk to you this morning. thanks for being here and reminder to everybody, the book is called "whateverland" and in stores now. appreciate it. coming up next, are we closer to a cure from risk factors to screening? we'll answer your questions about breast cancer. and later, when is a bargain not really a bargain? we'll help you avoid the money traps the next time you go shopping, but first these messages. [ female announcer ] when kate collects her pink yoplait lids
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but wanted to do something more for my nutrition. there's so much information out there. what's good for you today, is bad for you tomorrow. i had no idea what to choose. until i found pronutrients -- a new line of supplements from centrum, who i totally trust. omega-3 supports not only my heart, but my brain and my eyes too. probiotics helps with my digestive balance and my immune function. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum helps make nutrition possible. today's daily dose" is brought to you by yoplait. it's so good. >> this morning on "today's daily dose" breast cancer awareness. every october millions for the cause. how close are we to a cure? dr. nancy snyderman and dr. susan love. of the dr. susan love research
9:17 am
foundation >> susan and i used to be in love, we're still friends and we do check in on each other and very affectionate so i want you to know girl power exists. there's a future in girl power. >> thank goodness because we need girl power right now, talking about breast cancer, such an important issue and dr. love i think a lot of people, we know that the cure rates are getting better. we know that people are living longer with this disease, which is great news but you say still not good enough. >> it's not good enough because the treatments, surgery, radiation, chemo, hormones, targeted treatments all have side effects, they all have collateral damage and 40,000 women still die of breast cancer and so what we really need is to focus on finding the cause of breast cancer as opposed to the cure. i think when the nfl is wearing pink, we're aware. awareness is not the issue. the issue is what causes it and how can we stop it? and how can we refocus that, whether it's looking for a virus, finding a vaccine, or
9:18 am
what we're doing at the dr. susan love research foundation, focusing on the breast as opposed to the cancer. why does the breast get cancer and we really have no idea. >> we're going to talk about some of the research you're doing because it really is genius in how you look at the healthy woman and the breast in a moment. i want to get to a viewer question, dr. nancy, from karen in new york she writes "please report on what has been learned about breast cancer with all of the fund-raisers, are we any closer to a cure"? >> i've said many times we should think of getting cancer to a chronic illness stage. susan is saying we have to start looking at the cure you'll take your eye off the ball. we've made foe nominal progress on other illness, childhood leukemia. we know how to find things earlier but we have to remind ourselves that your breast cancer may not just be like my breast cancer and sometimes finding things earlier does not mean you're going to necessarily cure that. some breast cancers cure
9:19 am
themselves, some go away and some you could live with and not worry about. some unbleefblglunbelievablecy . >> dr. love tell me about the research you're doing on the actual breast on healthy women. >> we're focusing on finding every mutation and every cancer cell and that's sort of too late, like going to death row and asking them why they became criminals. we need to get to where it started, and believe it or not, for all the molecular biology, we still don't know how many holes there are in the nipple, we don't know what the breast does when it's not making milk. what does it concentrate, what does it absorb? we're the only animal besides domesticated nonspayed dogs that get breast cancer. we don't know, because we've never focused on that part of it. we focused on the cancer as if it comes from somewhere else.
9:20 am
>> fascinating. >> one of the cool things susan's done, we always talk about clinical trials. we put women into clinical trials once they've been diagnosed with a certain cancer. one of her big messages is we should be in trials when we're young and healthy, whether you have a family history or not, so we can follow 10, 20, 30, 40 years and try to figure out why was your life different than mine, how did you get cancer and why did i not? >> knowing the trajectory of the illness. nina in denver, colorado, on the phone with a great question, raises the issue we heard last week. go ahead nina. >> caller: the fertility clinic i went to told me i'd be at higher risk for breast cancer if my ivf treatments failed? >> let me flip this around and get susan's opinion. i said last week because there are so many women undergoing ivf, are you at risk for cancer. i said no because there's no data to show that is the case.
9:21 am
>> and that's true. there are a few studies, mostly very young women and they show no increased risk. but the other issue is, the older you are, when you get breast cancer, when you get pregnant, the higher your risk of getting breast cancer and what ivf allows is for much older women to get pregnant than ever before. and so we may be seeing an increase in breast cancer, not necessarily from the ivf, but from the fact that it's being given to women in their 40s and 50s. >> age is still the number one factor for getting breast cancer. >> age, obesity, radiation exposure, being younger at your first period, older at menopause, older at first pregnancy, all of these factors. sorry, we're out of time, we have to leave it there and we'll continue our discussion throughout the rest of the month. dr. susan love and dr. nancy snyderman, thank you, as always great stuff. two real housewives of beverly hills are stopping by, right after this. .. no wonder people want to share them with the ones they love.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
wilke are the newest stars of "the real housewives of beverly hills." good to see you. technically i guess you're friends of the housewives. >> you're officially fighting already, dana. you hosted a party at your house and wow is all i can say. randi is accusing the other one of drug use, i thought there might be fights. what's going on? >> i don't know. no, you know, that didn't quite go the way i had hoped. >> i would hope so. >> it was supposed to be a bunch of girls getting together and having some fun. didn't quite work out that way. >> how is it working out with you? are you misunderstood or do you really not get along with the others? >> no, i don't think i misunderstood. i'm just myself, and they can take it or leave it. >> we have to leave it there unfortunately. >> don't punch us or anything, brandi. "the real housewives" tonight on bravo, thanks. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need.
9:25 am
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good morning. seven candidates in the race for san mateo are asking them to step in and oversee the voting process. the request of the california secretary of state and come after allegations of voter fraud from lee's supporters. video footage show workers helping voters fill out absentee ballots and in some cases they fill out the ballots themselves. >> it's outrageous what happens happened. we have a videotape that shows workers helping, telling people how to vote, that's a clear violations of the elections law. >> if i had heard that someone was doing that on behalf of me, i would stand up and say that's absolutely wrong and i would come out and say that and i
9:27 am
would be leading the full investigation of that. >> lee's campaign did not return our phone calls from here at nbc bay area. a spokesman for the campaign told the chronicle what is seen on the video is not illegal and workers in the video are not part of lee's campaign. he says it's a political hit agt bauseh a commanding lead in the polls. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from.
9:28 am
keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. welcome back. good monday morning to you. temperatures are running cooler already. this time yesterday, a lot of low cloud cover hitting the coast probably until about noon today. 70 in san francisco, 7 approximate -- 73 in santa cruz. seven-day outlook shows you breezy and drier throughout the week. mike is busy. south bay, definitely. better in here than out there on the roadway, christina. just cleared in the last few minutes, so things will get a little bit better heading south.
9:29 am
jam out of milpitas. other accidents around the area are clearing. however, eastbound 237 starts the backup coming out of mountainview, causing more problems for 85 and northbound 101. there's an accident there at shoreline avenue, causing additional jam up the peninsula. both directions slow in to menlo park. back to you, laura. >> mike, thank you so much. we'll be back with our next news and
9:30 am
♪ oh you think that you know me, know me ♪ ♪ that's why i'm leaving you lonely, lonely ♪ ♪ cause baby you don't know a thing about me ♪ kelly clarkson has been a star ever since her meteoric rise to fame. she'll be here to perform live in our studio tomorrow on "today." she's always been one of my favorite "american idols." coming up in this half hour we'll help you do a little bargain hunting. >> that's right, we all love a bargain. >> absolutely. >> retailers know that and exploit it. if it seems like you're getting an unbelievable deal, chances are not so much. from buying in bulk to dollar store finds, we'll show you why some of the bargains aren't everything they seem to be. >> i know, i always fall for the two for one. >> you realize they expired. >> remind me to check the
9:31 am
food -- from puffy eyes to fine lines and frizzy hair, most of us waking up looking, well, like less than a million bucks so we'll tell you which products you can add to your beauty routine to keep you looking your best, and then a canadian chef who has reinvented southern american cooking, he's got some dishes he says taste just like mom's home cooking and not just in canada. coming up in "tooled's kitchen." >> wow. first al has another check of the weather. >> first of all we'll start with today, where we've got showers this evening through the western great lakes, plenty of sunshine and heat from texas, all the way into the southeast, we got mountain snows in the western plains, windy conditions in northern california. moving into tomorrow, cooler air starts to make its way into the rockies, with mountain snows there, sunshine and mild in the pacific northwest, mild weather through the southeast on into the mid mississippi river valley and showers around the good monday morning to you.
9:32 am
we're climbing into the 60s, the cities that are seeing the sunshine, that is. 62 in oakland. 61 in sunnyvale and fairfield right now. we continue to lose a lot of that cloud cover. take a look at what those low clouds are doing to your temperatures, running nine degrees cooler from the marine county coastline to the city of san francisco. as we head throughout tomorrow, our shift changes. breezy, dry around here. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, a good deal or great marketing? ow hto be a smart shopper, we'll peri y, afowt thour istegh.. owh. when you've lost interest in everything. when you've had one too many days feeling sad or anxious... aches and pains, fatigue. when it becomes hard to ignore that you need help. that's the day you do something. depression hurts. cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide.
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this morning on "today's consumer" bargain hunting. we all want to save a few bucks but buying in bulk at dollar store finds aren't always the good deals they seem to be. personal finance expert varnoush is here. >> good morning, al. >> the big box stores, we think okay, we buy in bulk we save money. not necessarily. >> not necessarily. buying in bulk in general can save a family a lot of money over the course of a year but only if it makes sense. dry perishables, household supplies that don't have expiration dates necessarily, not going to expire quickly, those are really the best bets because we do waste a lot of the bulk purchases that are fruit, vegetables, meat, things like that. >> odds are, unless you package them individually and freeze
9:37 am
them. >> that's a great tip. freezing, investing in a good freezer is smart if you like to buy in bulk during the year. >> the one i always see, buy one get one free. >> check this out. you and i are almost conditioned to see the word "free" and assume there's no downside. marketers know this. whether they're giving us a handout free no strings attached or buy one get one free deal, we will always end up spending more than we planned to. >> what's the problem, though, with buy one get one free? >> sometimes it's not just buy one get one free, sometimes it's buy three, get one free. a lot of the coupons were for multiple deals, and we fell for them, buying more than we really need. >> you also say that it's like in real estate, location, location, location. >> yes. >> beginning and end of the aisle is where they like to put stuff. >> the end cap displays on aisles are typically where the grocery store manager likes to put the inventory he wants to get rid of. a lot of times the items are on
9:38 am
sale, but we assume always the item will be on sale. the only way you can find out, get the item, find it in its regular location in the grocery store and see if there's a sale or discount or do a price check before you assume it's on sale. >> what about when you see if a product says $9.99, we always assume that, we see this as $9. >> it's just $9. it's our head that's playing the trick on us. when we read digits we read from left to right so that first number has more weight than the other digits in that figure. so $9.99 is $9. $8.99 is $8. >> ten for ten. >> right, you don't have to buy all ten. that's the trick. that's the trip up. >> they just want to you buy ten. >> they want to you buy as many as possible because they want to move that inventory, but chances are you can probably buy one and get that discounted price. >> so you've loaded up your car, on your way home, stop at a restaurant, look at the menu and they leave off the dollar sign. >> that's on purpose.
9:39 am
business schools, restaurant management schools around the country are teaching this to their students that when you create menus, particularly at high-end restaurants, you want to leave off the price tag because you want the customer to focus on the food as opposed to the price and a study shows at cornell university that when diners go to an upscale restaurant where there are dollar signs, they end up spending less. so just be wary of that, take your calculator. >> speaking of dollars, dollar stores you say there's some problems with some of those. >> sometimes. "consumer reports" has done a lot of research on dollar stores. you want to stay away sometimes from products that pose health or safety risks. for example, batteries at the dollar store, a lot of times are generic brand, made with carbon zinc as opposed to lithium. lithium is a better standard, a better grade product and sometimes those carbon zinc batteries can leak. so you want to read the ingredients there. also some vitamins, health supplements have been found to
9:40 am
have expiration dates that are overdue or they don't have proper labeling so these items you want to double check. >> and then a lot of us go looking on the web for deals and a lot of websites have the daily deal. >> right. that's all about adrenalin. we buy these daily deals on impulse. you really want to read the fine print especially for travel deals because they might have expiration dates or blackout dates and i almost fell for this, if you see a deal for a fitness club or a salon, sometimes you have to be a first time customer in order to get the deal. you might buy this and find out i can't use it. 20% to 30% of daily deals go wasted, unused. >> great advice. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. still ahead the secrets to waking up beautiful. i never do that. we'll show you which products meag rightes aer these ssages. ahh, one.
9:41 am
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips. for a moment of warm, gooey, togetherness. chocolate chip cookies... from pillsbury. chocolate chip cookies... ♪ this morning on "today's beauty," waking up beautiful every day.
9:44 am
wouldn't that be nice? "good housekeeping" magazine says you can get up gorgeous following simple steps the night before. rosemary el sis the editor in chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> really we can go to bed and wake up and look like you've been well rested? >> you can. there's a new column called "seven years younger" and we look at science based strategies that help. little things that can make big results. we don't want to make your life crazy. >> little products as well that make a big impact. first one i guess you can have a little caffeine at night before you go to bed. >> on your eyes. a lot of women wake up with puffy eyes. first of all look at the position you're sleeping in. if you're sleeping flat fluid will collect around your eyes. if you elevate your head the fluid will drain off. you can use a product that has caffeine like this, first aid beauty detox, a roller, you roll it around your eyes. the caffeine constricts your
9:45 am
blood vessels. >> reduces puffiness, we love that. next dry skin especially this time of year a real problem, the itchy skin as well as doesn't look good so you've got a great product. >> this is eucerin. a lot of women put cream on their hands which is great but also remember your heels, elbows, knees. it has lactic acid in it, gentle ex-foalant and a rich emollient as well. >> one recommended by dermatologists as well. >> yes. >> fine lines, a lot of us know they creep up after a certain amount of time living on this earth, and you found a product that you say will help ease some of the fine lines around the eyes? >> the only thing that will ease fine lines is plumping them and the only thing that plumps is water. you want something that will pull water from the air. you want to look for something with hyalauronic acid. this pulls moisture from the air
9:46 am
and plumps up the wrinkles so you look fresher. >> i like the sound of that. the glow we get older and get ashy, dull skin, start to lose the natural glow. this is something you can do to help bring that back. >> yes, you want to exfoliate gentry, getting the dead skin cells lying on the stotop of yo skin off. at night you're cleaning that off and whatever treatment you use really helps your skin and sinks in more. this is a terrific product from olay regenerist, night resurfacing elixir for your face. for your body this product from st. ives has alpha hydroxyroot acids, gentle exfolients, five bucks. >> well worth the price tag. hair can show your age and you could show you're not well rested and tends to be a frizzy mess and you have great pillows is a good way to xwad that. >> a lot of what causes frizz is
9:47 am
the friction all night long of your hair rubbing against a cotton pillow case. if you use a satin pillow case, less friction equals less frizz. >> switch the pillow case to satin. your teeth, do you want the bright white smile? boost the glow of your teeth as well. >> this is a new product we tested in the good housekeeping research could co listengate, claims to brighten your teeth one shade in a week. we tested it on 20 women over 35, we had them use this and another 20 women use a leading whitening toothpaste. two of the women saw it a whole stage. almost everyone liked it and several saw improvement not that great, but still considerable. what it's great for, if you use a serious tooth whitener this is good for the periods in between when you want to keep the whiteness on your teeth. >> coffee or wine drinker. >> we all stain our teeth.
9:48 am
>> if you have a dez sert before you go to bed this will help you wake up looking more radiant and well rested. >> three ingredients, so easy and pretty. grapefru grapefruit, full of vitamin c, fights wrinkles from the inside out, walnuts nourish your skin and cinnamon, and anti-inflammatory, good for everything. you should sprinkle cinnamon on whatever you like it on. i put it on my cinnamon and coffee. you do the slices, you warm up the walnuts in my microwave for about 45 seconds, pinch of salt and sprinkle on cinnamon and you're done. voila. >> perfect. low cal at that. rosemary ellis thanks very much. coming up next a new taste on old-fashioned southern cooking with a chef from canada. go figure. first this is "today" on nbc. r
9:49 am
9:50 am
this morning in "today's
9:51 am
kitchen" reinventing southern kitchen step by step. the new cookbook is called "a new turn in the south." hugh, good to meet you >> good to see you. >> why did you take on southern american cooking? >> it's where i've lived for a really long time, been there about, opened my first restaurant 12 years ago and longer. >> you've got an accent. i still say out and house but i have a y'all in there, too. weird. >> you have an interesting appetizer. you like to mix things up. >> i love things to be four ingredients long for simple snacking. this is simple, just beautiful grapefruit coming into season now, beautiful marinated white anchovies and a little bit of fresh ground pepper, by fan. the other stuff in the pantry is usually stale if you buy it preground, and olive oil.
9:52 am
this is simple. the acidity will match up with the puckeriness of the anchovies. >> a dish you cook with cane vinegar. i've never heard of. >> it's a filipino vinegar made from sugar cane. it is versatile and has great flavor. you can definitely use a less expensive sherry vinegar, just not a balsamic. no reason to waste expensive vinegar on this. we want to look for color on these, really getting beautiful. >> skin on chicken thighs. >> you can take the skin off if you want. >> why do that? come on! >> deglaze with a little bit of vinegar and let that come down. >> i like it in the book, an ode to vinegar. >> i love vinegar. it provides puckeriness, provides a bounce in your mouth and that's really good. >> a little bounce in your mouth. >> going to add beautiful pearl onions to braze down there, too, garlic and smoked paprika and paprika i love, too, adds versatility and this is one of
9:53 am
the stovetop braises. easy to do. we add the chicken stock and cover it up, braise that for 15, 20 minutes and i want to make it into a beautiful meal. we'll add really nice spinach, wintry things now. we're going to add the spinach, tear that a little bit. i've got beautiful segments of orange. they came from us segments beautifully. i want the spinach to wilt, going to add mint. mint tends to brew uise a lot s tear it so it tends not to bruise. if you cover that up it will wilt and a great dish. the cane vinegar gets sweet and luscious and fun. really straightforward. >> i'll take this in the back with us. what do we have back here? >> we're going to build a little carrot salad, big fan of carrots and beets.
9:54 am
these are the things my kids eat all the time. my kids are great vegetable eaters so i've got the roasted really simple >> brings out the sugar and the sweetness. >> really, and that's what cooking is, bringing out inherent sugars in things, in proteins or vegetables or whatever it may be. got a number of different types of beets here. >> um-hum. >> and you know i'm a big fan of parsley leaves. >> hey. >> hi. smells so good. >> all together is that feta? >> that is beautiful french sheep's milk feta and a simple cumin vinaigrette. >> for dessert? >> simple figure tartlets and as the fall season and what's around right now. >> fantastic. hugh acheson, looks terrific. >> thanks for having me. i'm not an artist. >> you're a doodler. >> good at it. >> hugh, thank you so much. coming up creative costume ideas from bobby thomas opinion. >> and sara bareilles live in concert. time to eat.
9:55 am
♪ ♪ a couple years of up all night ♪ ♪ and a few thousand diapers later ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ he loves that little girl [ male announcer ] all her life, she's been coming toward you. now that she's driving, she's going the other way.
9:56 am
♪ there goes my life [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program, teens learn safer driving and parents gain peace of mind. good morning. it's 9:56 now. i'm marla tellez. an oakland man is accused of killing someone police say may be a member of the hell's angels. eddie hall was driving a van in san leandro saturday afternoon when police say he hit a motorcyclist. hall reportedly did not stop and dragged the motorcycle for more than a mile. hall briefly escaped police, but was later caught.
9:57 am
officers say the man killed was riding with members of the hell's angels. it is not confirmed if he was, in fact, a member. the accident forced the closure of 580 for more than 12 hours. steve jobs' biography is on store shelves this morning. amazon released the book to kindle users last night. so did apple's book store. it's based on more than 40 interviews with the apple co-founder over two years. among the revelations, job's regret for resisting pancreatic cancer surgery and the first time he met his biological father. the book's author says the book is not harsh, but fair, because it is about a real human being. meteorologist christina loren joins us now to look at that forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. we'll see a pretty nice day. not as nice as it was over the weekend. 70 in san francisco, 76 in san rafael. offshore winds will develop. not as much fog when we wake up
9:58 am
tomorrow morning, but gusty winds, dry conditions. we'll talk more about that and have your seven-day outlook in minutes. first let's check your drive with mike. the accident has cleared, we still have all the slowing and backup because of the folks trying to get out westbound 237. it's tough making that transition. now the rest of the south bay, moving pretty nicely in the northbound direction. let's look at 880 southbound, the site of the accident had cleared at first, but still recovering the last 15 minutes or so, south of milpitas. sigalert continues for cochrane. scrap metal steel. lanes are starting to move better. back to you. >> another good-looking monday morning commute.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television ♪ and i say ♪ >> we had somebody in the house. first of all it's fun day monday. >> sara barieles. it's called "going to get over you." if you have a heart broken, this is a song we like. >> this is a real deal. we make a lot of fun about the songs and music today that is manufactured. she is the real deal. she is a fantastic musician and sweetheart. >> she is the best. she co-hosted. >> a couple of years ago when
10:01 am
she first came on the scene. >> and she co-hosted with me. >> i know it. we all had big, big busy weekends. thank you, everybody, for coming and being with us while we taped two shows. >> we had a nice crowd out there. they especially enjoyed our lack of skills when it came to tossing the fish. >> i made an interception. frank was impressed. >> they throw the fish because they don't want to have to walk it around the counter. >> efficient. >> yeah. look at that baby. that poor baby behind me was right in the line of fire. i'm trying to get to the end zone there. >> those guys were the sweetest guys in the world, weren't they? fish mongers get a bad rap and they are the sweetest guys in the world. >> there is something i was unaware of until this morning.
10:02 am
we had a special clam on the set called a dewy duck. what i didn't know while it was sitting on that plate, that disgusting thing was that -- >> it was alive. >> it was alive. >> i would have never hurt it. put it down. it is nasty. >> apparently they cut that guy up and serve it, fry it. >> they fry and eat it in clam strips or goes in stew because it isn't tender of. it was like holding on to the end of -- i don't know. i don't know. it wasn't loveable. then the amazing carolee sang for us. ♪ make it mine ♪ by my own design ♪ life was made for thinking >> she rehearsed at 6:00 in the
10:03 am
morning the day we opened. nobody can believe this woman's voice. her stamina. >> look at her. >> and let's talk about the main reason we went to seattle. it had to do with carolee and kathie lee. the show opened, "saving aimee." we've been waiting for this big night, opening night. just so you know, the place was packed. the performances were crazy, out of this world. carolee sang like an angel. >> the whole cast got great reviews. i was so thrilled for them all. they worked so hard. >> that's the end. the lights went down, the lights came up after -- sorry, ed. was someone talking? >> can we go back and still frame it, please? >> it was just a great standing o for the entire performance and kath. it was so fun to watch it that night. it was one of those things, you've been waiting for that big night and it was really fun. >> sondheim once said to me
10:04 am
years and years ago, you did the work and the joy and satisfaction is truly doing the work. and working with people that are so talented that you're basically in awe of them. what i gave to everybody, 150 people worked on this musical. we are still running through this saturday night. i'm going to seattle this weekend. this little happen that says "hope equals purpose." if we wake up every morning and we have a pulse, that means god's not finished with us yet and there is a purpose in our life. this is for you. on the back says "saving aimee." >> i love it. >> that's yours, toots. >> i love it. >> rob is here. he was at the show last week. he'll be here in a little bit. >> you had a surprise. >> i didn't expect cody or cass to come. cass has a lead in her play. it's senior year in school. ilt a long way to go. i didn't want to put pressure on
10:05 am
her. cody is in college, as well. he hurt himself. he ripped a tendon in his left leg. i didn't want him. he showed up with his crutches. he called me when i was coming out of the matinee and goes, mom, how did the show go? just great. he said, i'm so sorry, mom, i can't be there. it's tough to travel, mid terms. i said code, it's fine, honey. i get to the hotel room. the door opens and cody is standing there. sorry, but that was -- that meant the world. we were supposed to go out to dinner with our dear friends to one of the most fabulous restaurants in seattle. we ended up because cody was there sitting in the hotel room watching usc beat notre dame -- regis must have had a fit, ordering room service. i didn't watch the game, i just did this. mom, please. he hates it. >> did he stay that night?
10:06 am
>> i saw the show that night. thought it was awesome. life is good. >> it was a really fun trip. >> you had to leave very, very early the next day because you had a speech to give in augusta, georgia. >> great people in augusta. the augusta "chronicles" sponsored this speech. it was a breast cancer event. that crowd was raucous and crazy. they were all wearing their pink. >> you are one of the greatest speakers ever. >> you are insane. >> yes, you are. >> let's talk about national forgiveness day. if there is someone in your life you have not forgiven for whatever reason, a long-time feud or a friend who did something bad a long time ago, this might be the day to forgive. >> it is national forgiveness day. >> for people, the people who don't forgive end up with -- >> international. so you have no excuse if you're
10:07 am
watching from canada. you or mexico or wherever. >> people watch us in the philippines. >> hey. >> i think it's a good idea. >> they say the people who are more neurotic and angry are less likely to forgive. >> they had to do research to understand that. >> it gets exhausting. >> some people love the drama. they love being a victim so much they feel that gives them attention. they live off it. to what -- for what purpose? you're miserable. >> sometimes people don't even remember what it was that caused the riff. they just know they are angry. >> what they don't realize, it hurts you the most. let it go. let it go. somebody who let it go, i was impressed, over the weekend john and elizabeth edwards daughter cate married her long-time sweetheart. her did ultimately did walk her down the aisle. she stood up with him at that press conference, that infamous
10:08 am
press conference he gave, stood by his side, and while we wish her a lifetime of happiness because this young woman deserves it, she showed great forgiveness. she loves her father. it's also one of the things in "saving aimee." you cannot let your entire life be defined by one incident. the world tries to make you feel like everything is over, there is no hope because this is what you did. >> most things don't define you, they just shape you. some people choose to let that be their whole world, whether they lose somebody, they're angry at somebody. then there are people, ever met those people who start conflict so they can resolve it? they're like fire starters? what are you doing? they're like, there is a huge commotion. i'm taking care of it. okay. it wasn't a problem until you created it. i have some of those. those are hard to deal with. >> they are. >> if there is somebody in your life you have not forgiven, do
10:09 am
yourself a favor and forgive. >> today's the day. >> you want to talk about where you're going later today? prison. >> yes. >> hoda may not be here tomorrow. we'll get sara barrelies to stick around. >> it could have happened to anybody, it happened to happen to me. >> people that answer their mail it doesn't happen. >> i don't check my mail as often as everyone does. >> once a year. >> every now and then. here is a bag. i forget about it. i'm racing. within the bag was a jury duty summons. it was for october 19th when we were in seattle. it was the third time you had not -- >> no. i called the other times. you can call in. >> hoda is going to go down today, get through all the occupy wall street people to get to where you're going to beg forgiveness. >> i feel terrible. i do.
10:10 am
i might have to serve tomorrow. there you have it. i feel bad about it. it's my duty and i do want to do it. >> she's in love. you can't expect her to do things like answer her mail. >> am i in trouble? >> it's international forgiveness day. >> good one. i'm going to bring that card, the national forgiveness day card. >> it's international baloney day. >> why is that? and cookies. >> it's national cookie day. >> let's do our favorite thing. here's mine. if you want to give someone, this is a $25 gift. it's by, i'm sorry, what is it? bank my melissa. you slide it out. look at these mini chocolates. >> they're beautiful. >> there is peanut butter and
10:11 am
jelly. they are delicious. if you like yodels or hohos, they're like that, but so much better. $25. >> you should do a hoho commercial. i'm hoda for hoho. >> what is your favorite thing? >> a little book that comes out tomorrow, everybody. it's called "the three gifts." it's one i wrote. it's got gorgeous illustrations by michael storings. i tease him about his balls because he is one of the world renowned christmas balls, christmas ornaments designers, but i have to have fun with him of course. we did the ornament last year. i did these little poems. all my proceeds go to child help, an organization that battles child abuse. they do extraordinary work. it was such a big success they said would you expand on it and make it into a little book. let me show you a couple of
10:12 am
these beautiful -- >> those are cute. >> it's a story for all ages. it will make a beautiful holiday gift. >> what's it called? >> it's called "the three gifts." three angels come and say i want you to take a separate gift to the baby jesus. i wrote it in about five minutes, honestly, i did. it can have a lifetime and it can change little kids' lives. every ten seconds a child is abused and every day four children die because of child abuse or neglect. when you see this little book, think about them. sara is gone today. >> this is the nbc station in d.c. has been sponsoring the d.c. aids walk. this is lacy because of the laces. is the mascot. the proceeds for this aids walk will help go for a cure for hiv. 500 teams are going to be
10:13 am
involved. hey, lacy. >> have a good weekend. i hope it's a nice weather weekend for them. >> quickly, we are going to orlando coming up soon. we want, we are going to take four lucky people with us. >> we'll take a family on november 11th. 11/11/11. it will be a great day. >> you'll meet the stars of the harry potter world. they are going to be there. >> it will be a week-long celebration. you're going to travel five days and four nights at universal orlando in florida. it will be a family. the winner and three guests. >> go to klg& and sign up. we'll tell you more as the weeks go by. we have a lot going up. if you don't have a halloween costume, we have crazy. >> bobbie thomas. >> birthday girl bobbie thomas. >> yes. and all the scoop on your favorite celebrities.
10:14 am
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10:17 am
time for today's buzz, keeping you in the know and all things celebrity from lopez's onstage breakdown. >> covering it all is the naughty but nice columnist rob shula. what happened? >> gene forlopez was at the mohegun sun. she had backup dancers, one dressed like her, one looked like p. diddy, one that looked like marc anthony. at the end of the segment she broke down on stage and started to cry. they put up a picture of her twin and they said that's love.
10:18 am
you get carried away from the emotion. >> it's fresh, too. i wonder. we weren't there. we can only wonder what goes on in a person's heart and soul at a time like that. >> what about prince harry and the tattoo? >> harry, harry, harry. >> nothing's going on. >> harry was here two weeks. the brits are surprised it's taken him this long to get into trouble. he found a young lady jessica. there appears to be photographs of them kissing. she looks almost like kate middleton with a big tattoo on their tummy. they say they were not kissing. they are not dating, but he has been nothing but a prince and gentleman. that's a nice story. >> maybe he's sick. jet lag. >> i was reading in "the post"
10:19 am
about madonna's brother living under a bridge in michigan? >> one of the brothers of madonna had been living under a bridge, homeless over a year. the press just found out about it. there have been several interviews. he says he wants nothing from his sister. he doesn't want a tell-all. madonna is in london opening a new movie and hasn't responded. he is in bad shape. he lost his job. he used to work for the father who had a wine business and that folded. for a year he's been living under a bridge in michigan. >> he says he does than want help. >> she is a multimillionaire. does not want a penny and doesn't want to sell his story. one of her brothers did a tell-all book. he worked for her for many years and made a fortune from madonna. he did do a tell-all book. this brother says he doesn't want to do it. the reporter offered to buy him a meal and he said, i'm fine. >> he said the churches take care of the people on the streets there. >> it was quite a birthday weekend.
10:20 am
>> your friend kim kardashian had an extravaganza. >> in two cities. >> was kris with her? >> absolutely. these rumors are so silly. she had a low-key dinner in new york for kim. they all went to vegas. met up with the sister of a friend of hers having a fabulous 31st birthday for kim. i hear they were together, kissing, hugging. this couple is the real deal. ignore that. >> and reynolds turned 35. >> 35. he was seen going for a morning stroll with blake lively on his birthday weekend. he was certainly hanging out. >> wonder what he got for his birthday? >> when i called bobbie thomas yesterday for her birthday, she was in bed with that little doggy of hers. >> rob, thank you, hon. >> what's up?
10:21 am
>> imagine your husband is a chippendale dancer. oh, yeah. >> frank? >> nayway. >> we've got creative costume ideas for halloween. [ male announcer ] on a dull, dull day in a ho hum world... [ sniffing ] ...something wonderful is as near as your nose. ♪ ♪ just pop up pop tarts. sprinkled with joy and frosted with fun... [ laughs ] ...they make ordinary extraordinary. [ cheering ] so you can make any day joylicious! so you can make any day now there's no need to hold back. new revolutionary scope dualblast obliterates strong food odors leaving your breath minty fresh. hey. [ male announcer ] so there's no trace of evidence... new scope dualblast.
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we are scaring up creative halloween costumes with do-it-yourself haven bobbie thomas. >> and newest comedy action with two of the funniest guys. >> and sara bareilles performs her latest single live. tonight we're setting the table with something new. come in for olive garden's new stuffed rigatonis, hearty pasta stuffed with a blend of five italian cheeses. for just $11.95 try the rigatoni with grilled chicken in a roasted garlic alfredo. or for just $9.95 try the rigatoni with sausage
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10:26 am
♪ healthier hair... healthier planet. one small step at a time. [ female announcer ] nature fusion from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. good morning, everybody. at 10:26, i'm marla tellez. another officer-involved shooting in san jose. extended stay hotel on brokaw road about 8:00 yesterday morning. when they arrive, they say the man was acting in a threatening manner and one of the officers opened fire in self defense. the suspect was hit several times, but is expected to
10:27 am
survive. no officers were hurt in that shooting. this is san jose's seventh officer-involved shooting this year. fire officials are warning people living near big basin state park, you could see some smoke rising in that area today. cal fire, along with local fire units, are continuing their controlled burn in northern santa cruz county. fire crews say don't be alarmed if you see smoke. we have received several calls into the station about thefire. we thought we would just keep you posted. we'll keep you posted on weather and traffic after this.
10:28 am
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good monday morning to you. the winds of change blowing through the bay area. this is a live picture from san jose. we have an offshore wind setup out there. we will see windy conditions as we head throughout this weekend, all the way throughout the week. dry, windy weather sets up across the bay area. let's get a check of your drive with mike now. an on-road slowdown setup here in the south bay still. 101 north through san jose mountainview. 237 recovers after a couple of accidents cleared. still very slow coming out of milpitas, sunnyvale and exchange. approaching 237, slow. and sigalert continues, although traffic much better, northbound 101 at cochrane. one lane closed because of that overturned rig and scrap metal. marla, back to you. please join me and christina in about 30inutes.we l 'l back about 11:00.
10:30 am
we are back on this fun day monday with happy halloween for you today. we've got great ideas. >> today's "style" editor bobbie thomas says there is plenty of time to get your creative juices going. i love this segment every year. you knock it out of the park. >> i love this. we think of fun ideas. >> if you want to go in a group, you say brides maids would be a way to go. >> these are banged-up brides maids. all you need to do, we found these dresses hanging on the rack at loehman's. burn one dress, scrape up another and we're really good. >> i love it. all right, ladies, thank you. >> look at you going that way. >> these are my girls, by the way. my team. >> you say people who come in
10:31 am
pairs. you've got two sets here. >> being nerds. this was easy. get cardboard and have fun. tape logo on it. you can be a nerd couple. >> i love that. >> it's easy. >> thank you so much. >> i like it. celebrity combo platter. >> at the last minute, just a play on words, we have nicole dancing it up and her husband being a fan. >> that's cute. he's the fan. >> how did you make that? >> use a water bottle, cut it up and duct tape and just wear black. >> thank you. >> you've got concepts for adults. what do we have here? explain. >> this is last minute.
10:32 am
this is pathetic bride and a peeping tom. just a play on words. easy. find a white dress in closet and get some fedex labels. >> mail order bride. adorable. thank you. >> flog's expensive. >> nothing. >> for the kids, what do you have? >> this is the whole family. >> what is this? >> we have papa smurf. >> blue man family. >> this is such an easy costume. we got a white dress, tights, layered it on and he loves the sticky blue paint. >> where do you get that paint? >> you can get it at the drug store today. these are just a couple of bucks. that paint probably one tube for the whole family it comes off easily. >> cute.
10:33 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> next for the kiddies. who do we have for the kiddies? >> one of my favorite categories. we have bea and lilly. >> he's a devilled egg. >> come by me. >> these are little devilled egg nate. >> come on, girls. >> the black swan and the white swan. >> spin around. >> yeah! >> then nate was was having fun with his devilled egg. you look so awesome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> new you've got a mini-me option. >> yes. this is if you have a little baby and you were looking for something to do to incorporate the fact -- oh. first we have dr. raj. i love this. she wanted to bring her son in. he is 4 years old.
10:34 am
we wanted to make him a doctor. all the pieces we just velcroed on pajamas. you can take them on and off. he can use his little tongs and take them off. >> watch out for the charlie horse there. >> this is so cute. >> you have holy cow. >> our model is hot, sean. >> they are all great. >> thank you so much, everybody. >> they are wonderful. >> happy birthday to bobbie thomas. >> thank you so much. >> haby birthday, bobbie. we love you, love you. >> thank you so much.
10:35 am
>> such a wonderful part of our family. academy award winning producer teams up with one of hollywood's top directors. >> we'll talk to brian grazer right after this. [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can. ♪ it's a small change that can make a big difference. ♪ you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat
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♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal, think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! in the new film "tower heist" they team up for the first time. >> ben stiller wants to steal
10:39 am
back the pension money he lost to a corporate investor while murphy plays the professional robber. >> in this mall right now, each one of you individually steal $50 worth of merchandise, put it on the table, then we'll talk. >> you guys can do it. just shoplift. 15 minutes. >> let's go. >> those two pair of drawers don't cost $50. >> $12 scented candle. >> okay. we'll get to work tomorrow. >> great. you guys are here. first time you teamed up together or no? >> we've known each other 22 years. i knew bret when he was going to nyu. >> i was 12. but we've known each other that long. i tried to hire him as my assistant. he said, i want to be a
10:40 am
director. come on, $25,000. no. i'll give you $28,000. you're not understanding. i'm going to be your director like your partner ron howard. 22 years later, here we are. >> whose idea was it to put eddie murphy together with ben stiller? s. >> it was eddie's idea for the movie. bret and i heard it at the same time and decided we wanted to nurture it into a film. >> that takes a long time. next thing you do, you've got to find the writer. >> cast it. it took several years. it was definitely worth the wait. this is something that took a few years but literally was 20 years in the making. i wanted as a kid wanted to be directing a brian grazer production. >> what about for you? not so much. >> there is a sense of being able to work with bret is a dream come true. >> what do you think he brings as a director -- excuse me for
10:41 am
pointing. what does he bring that makes you say i want brett for this? >> relevancy. cultural relevancy for movies. >> this is about corporate greed which we are all experiencing a lot on the streets today. >> we are. it's a very hot topic. oddly enough, our movie, the theme is intersecting with what's going on. >> is this a coincidence it came out at this time? >> it is coincidence, actually. >> eddie murphy is going to be hosting the academy awards, you're producing. we are excited about that. >> in 2 my wildest dreams, i never thought i would be producing the academy awards. when i saw "the tower heist," i gets excited. i didn't have any clue i was going to be doing it. i called my friend brian and said, what would you do if you were producing the oscars? he said the three greatest hosts were stand-up comedians, bob hope, johnny carson and billy crystal. he said go get a comedian. then i'm staring in the face of
10:42 am
eddie murphy. i said, would you do it with me? >> and people like eddie murphy. he can say something a little edgy, but he doesn't come off mean. >> he's a comedic genius. >> we wish you great luck with this film. when does it come out? >> november 4th. >> good luck with the academy awards. >> men like it, women like it, kid's like it, go see it. >> you're so gorgeous in person. >> what do you mean in person? >> so much fun. to to refrigerate or not? sic ca. well, guess what? we're just getting warmed up. introducing campbell's slow kettle style soups. extraordinary taste sensations, crafted from delicious combinations of premium ingredients. you'll savor every last spoonful.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light at around 100 calories. it will add up to amazing.
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10:46 am
have you ever opened a jar of jelly or ketchup and thought should i put this in the fridge? >> this is not one of the greater questions in life, but
10:47 am
it's an important one. >> in some families, wars have started over what we are going to talk about today. >> what about condiments, things like that? >> read the label. anything that says refrigerate after opening. one thing is ketchup. when you open that, keep it in the fridge. >> is there a shelf life on this? >> i wouldn't keep that longer than a few months. >> jellies? >> there is so much sugar, make sure the bad guys don't start eating them. keep them in the fridge. >> eggs? >> this is a tough one. a lot of people keep eggs on the counter because they like that it's room temperature, cooks better. a lot of scientists are debating the micro structure of the shell. anything else delicious when fresh, get six, leave them on the counter. not for weeks.
10:48 am
you can do days. >> people leave butter out. >> this is politics, right? look at that butter. that was in the fridge. try to put that through bread and you're a lumberjack. keep it on the counter a couple of days. >> why do you throw food around? >> i like that in a man. >> leave it out only a couple of days? >> cover it. >> what about potatoes? >> i keep them in the fridge. i figure it's soft, it's starch. if you keep it in the fridge, the starches turn into sugars, then you get a sweet potato. it's going to taste funky. >> tomatoes. >> this one i've been doing wrong my entire life. keep them in the fridge, they are a warm vegetable. keep them out. you're going to stifle them. >> and it's a fruit. >> peppers, tomatoes, don't
10:49 am
refrigerate them. >> peanut butter and honey? >> you should put organic peanut butter in the fridge. honey, has all natural preservatives. keep that out. >> oils? >> if it's almond or nut oil, you want to refrigerate it. canned food are fine. keep them in the bunker. >> we've got to run. thank you. >> up next -- a live performance from grammy-award nominated sara bareilles.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
>> our good friend sara bareilles is a gram any nominated singer/songwriter whose first album sold 1 million copies. >> she is one of the judges of the hit show "king-off." >> she is part of our family because she co-hosted our show. >> i know. >> i was nervous. >> when you're out of your comfort zone. >> you rocked it and your friends, your backup singers rocked it. tell us about the cd. it's terrific. a lot of fun. >> the whole cd i'm super proud of. this is my version of a doo-wop song. the name of the song is "gonna get over you".
10:54 am
♪ ♪ good-bye should be saying that to you by now shouldn't i ♪ laying down a law that i live by ♪ well maybe next time ♪ i've got a thick tongue ♪ brimming with the words that go unsung ♪ i simmer then i burn for someone ♪ the wrong one ♪ and i tell myself to let the story end ♪ ♪ but my heart will rest in someone else's hand ♪ but why why not me philosophy began ♪ ♪ and i said ♪ ooh who i am i gonna get over you ♪ ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ but some day ♪ i wish you'd want me to stay
10:55 am
♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ but some day ♪ maybe it's a vicious little word that can slay me ♪ ♪ keep me where i'm hurting ♪ you make me hang from your hands ♪ ♪ but no more ♪ i won't beg to buy a shot at your back door ♪ ♪ if i'm aching at the thought of you what for ♪ ♪ that's not me any more ♪ i'm not the girl that i intend to be ♪ ♪ but i dare you darling ♪ just you wait and see ♪ but this time not for you but just for me ♪ ♪ i said ♪ ooh how am i gonna get over
10:56 am
you ♪ ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight but some day ♪ ♪ oh i wish you'd want me to stay ♪ ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ but some day ♪ whoa ♪ whoa ♪ whoa ♪ oh
10:57 am
♪ hey i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ some day >> yeah! >> sara bareilles. >> you guys were terrific. >> love it. >> diddy tomorrow. have a great sda. -- captions by vitac -- from 20 leading brands,
10:58 am
including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr.
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i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here. [ male announcer ] aaron rodgers got his. how about you? rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.


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