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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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over the country. so i think the people have had it. i think the people have had it and they're not going to take it anymore. >> reporter: moore says mayor jean qwan's heart may be in the right place but called on her to step down, just the latest voice of criticism lodged at the city of oakland. as demonstrators rebuild occupy oakland's tent city, the pressure is building on the mayor and police chief over the police department's response to tuesday night's protest. today, mayor qwan apologized again for the outcome. >> i apologize, because people were hurt, and you know, i think when we planned the original action, which went relatively more smoothly, that we were concerned about people's safety, and i don't know, it appears to me that there may have been mistakes made by people who were involved in this, probably on both sides. >> reporter: civil rights
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attorneys met with the mayor today to express their concern. they say the city agreed to a crowd control policy following riots at port of oakland in 2003. that policy prohibits them from using rubber bullets, and includes strict guidelines for the use of tear gas. >> you cannot go to a demonstration, be non-violent and then get yourself beaten or shot. that's what we're criticizing in egypt, tunisia and libya, and it's not appropriate there and it's not appropriate here. >> that's one of the things we're looking at. we're looking at did somebody else bring that in? did they not hear the rules, what we could have done to make sure in these mutual assistance packs that rules are followed. >> reporter: a tv spot criticizing the mayor and the city of oakland is airing in the bay area as folks across the country express their outrage. >> i hope they bring the telephone system down in city
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hall, with so many telephone calls and e-mails. it's appropriate that we stand behind in solidarity with all these people that are out here. >> reporter: and we are back here live, you can see once again hundreds of demonstrators have gathered here at fran frank ogawa plaza, continuing talks for a general strike which will take place next wednesday, that is a city-wide strike. they're hoping to shut the city down. meanwhile, there are more talks tonight about perhaps recall measures, somebody just handed me this flyer calling on mayor jean qwan to go, asking folks to sign a petition to recall her. we do understand that a petition is circulating. we haven't seen it here tonight, but again, growing calls, growing criticism lodged at the mayor. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> the story continues to grow
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in oakland, san francisco and in san jose. we'll continue our coverage of the occupy movement at 6:00. she says it was a misunderstanding. the police say she's a shopli shoplifter. a california assemblywoman was arrested after allegedly stealing from a neiman marcus door. assemblywoman mary hayashi was arrested for allegedly walking away with $2,500 worth of clothing from neiman marcus at union square. her spokesman says it is a misunderstanding. hayashi walked out of the store with the items unintentionally. she pled not guilty to felony grand theft yesterday and is due back in court next month. she served in the assembly since 2006. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll go in-depth with the story from san francisco. tonight, police are gearing up for potential violence at san jose's oak hill cemetery, that's where the funeral for hell's angels mem steve toussant will be held, the same place where he
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was shot and killed two weeks ago. nbc bay area's alyse kirshnor has more. >> reporter: police are increasing security and in constant contact with the members of the hell's angels. people who live in this area are worried. >> tomorrow, we're going to have, we're not even sure if we're going to keep the kids in the neighborhood. >> reporter: crystal lake lives a few blocks from oak hill cemetery. >> we pretty much locked ourselves in the house, we're home, safe, the kids are fine. >> reporter: her neighborhood went on olockdown two weeks ago and steven toussant was shot during a funeral for biker jerry pettigrew. he'll be buried at the same cemetery he was killed at. >> last week it was between steven reese and toussant was an
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internal strike between the and shells. nobody could have anticipated that. the big question is are you expecting that to happen again? >> reporter: authorities are looking for steven ruiz, another club member wanted in connection with the shooting and they are hoping another shooting doesn't happen when family and friends come to remember toussant saturday. >> the last had anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 bikers. this is a private ceremony. it is going to be closed to the public. >> reporter: more police officers will be on duty, they will remain outside of the invitation only funeral and admit they can only do so much. lake hopes any security will keep the peace. >> i don't want it to happen because i don't want it to ruin someone else's funeral because that really does bother me someone would disrespect someone that way. >> reporter: and i spoke to several members of the hell's angels and friends of toussant this afternoon. no one wanted to go on camera
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out of fear it would cause more violence tomorrow. live in san diego, alyse kkirchnor. al davis lived in the piedmont district and often stayed at the hilton close to raiders team headquarters, davis had surgery three days before his death, died of abnormal heart rhythm, heart failure and heart disease. it also indicated that davis suffered from a rare form of skin cancer. police have arrested an antioch man for a string of threats against schools in the east bay over the last couple of weeks. the motive? trying to ruin the reputation of a former friend. 36-year-old larry bantola was arrested this morning, he sent e-mails, letters and faxes to several contracosta public schools. it led parents to pull their
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kids from schools. officers say he used his former friend's name in the threats trying to tarnish his reputation. bantola is being held on $350,000 bail. but 1,000 tons, that's what they had to hoist into place today and they did it, a major milestone for the bay bridge. take a look, the last section of the eastern span bridge deck, the bridge was lowered into place. eventually it will connect the bay bridge with yerba buena. it was hoisted up at sunrise using that crane. >> the next thing we will do is begin installing the main cable for the brinl, and that cable weighs over 5,000 tons, so it will take us a better part of a year to get it in. >> 1,000 tons. the new bay bridge is taking shape with a signature design, unlike traditional suspense bridges anchored to the ground, the main cable here anchors to the roadway. the new eastern span will open in 2013.
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a person in a wheelchair is being treated for life-threatening injuries after i sucnan victim in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. police say the unidentified person was hit at about 7:00 this morning, while crossing harrison at seventh street. the driver of a toyota pickup truck allegedly hit the victim in a crosswalk as a light for oncoming traffic turned green. you can see the wheelchair slammed up against the front of the truck there. the driver is cooperating with authorities. stealing from the pto, a former treasurer for the trace elementary school parent/teacher organization in san jose has pleaded no contest to embezzlement charges. 49-year-old ann zingali was with the group for one year during 2008. she used the debit card to withdraw cash and make over $20,000 in unauthorized purchases. she was caught when a new member reviewed the organization's financial documents. earlier this year the pto's president pled guilty also to the same crime.
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still to come at 5:00, keeping the streets safe for children this halloween, a look at the new plan to keep an eye on sex offenders. and backing down, an about-face by big banks when it comes to those extra fees. and it's beginning to look a lot like ski season. we'll take you to the one place in northern california already making its snow. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. above average across the bay area and fog free right now in san francisco. we'll talk about colder temperatures tonight and also juin in my seven-day f
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in just a few days conjoined twins from san jose will no longer be connected. on tuesday they'll undergo separation surgery at lucille packard's children's hospital. marianne favro spoke about the risks and challenge of the surgery. >> the statistics are mind boggling to take on a rare surgery, doctors had to plan every last detail from how anesthesiologists will put two patients who are connected to sleep to whether there will be enough electricity to run all of the equipment in the o.r. and then there's the surgery itself to separate 2-year-olds who share organs. >> peekaboo! >> reporter: angelina and angelica share the same chest, abdomen and liver. on tuesday the 2-year-olds will be surgically separated from doctors at lucille packard children's hospital. dr. gary hartmann i the lead
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surgeon. he says planning for the operation started back in spring when tissue expanders were implanted in the girls to help stretch their skin >> those are essentially small balloons that we inflate with saline to stretch the skin, and so the girls have a total of four expanders that have been placed in and gradually expanded so that we have adequate skin to cover the hole that's going to be left after we separate them. >> reporter: dr. hartmann expects it will take four to five hours to separate the sisters and then two or three hours more for reconstruction. at least 20 people will be in the o.r. the day of surgery, each person with their own role, which is why the team has gone through several walk-throughs just to make sure everything goes perfectly on tuesday. dr. hartmann says the biggest challenge will be splitting the gi girls' liver. the risk for hemorrhaging is high but they are in good hands. dr. hartmann has performed more
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separation surgeries than any doctor in the nation. his latest was in 2007 at packard. hartmann and his team successfully separated conjoined twins. four years later the girls are doing well and enjoying their independence. the sabucco twins hope to have the same happy ending. their mother hopes once they're separated they can lead more normal lives and for once get a break from each other when they argue but she knows surgery will never break their bond. after surgery, the girls will remain in the hospital for a few weeks, and if all goes well, they'll return home in san jose to embrace their independence. marianne favro, "nbc bay area news." it was a close call but cal basketball coach mike montgomery announced is he cancer free. a month ago he was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer. last week he underwent surgery
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and today at a media event he told reporters he has a clean bill of health. doctors told him if it wasn't caught, he might have been dead in six months. his recovery is quick and should be back on the court full time month. he also coached the warriors and stanford before coming to cal. halloween, how to keep children safe from sex offenders. for the first time the department of corrections is enacting a curfew on sex offenders who don't have a permanent home, setting up so-called roundup centers. sex offenders have been ordered to report on halloween night from 5:00 to 10:00, the same sex offenders are also required to wear gps monitors. a 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked the coast of peru today, near ika, 200 miles southeast of lima. the quick hit in the same area of a magnitude 8.0 trembler back in 2007 which killed more than
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500 people. this time just a lot of rattled nerves, no reported deaths and the damage was minor. after outrage from many customers, bank of america is rethinking its upcoming $5 monthly debit card fee. a few weeks ago you might recall the bank announced it would charge customers $5 a month for debit card transactions, beginning in 2012. but after customer backlash, the bank is now saying customers can avoid the fee if they maintain minimum balances, deposit paychecks directly or use b of a credit cards. the policy change comes after chase, citigroup and other banks announced that they would also no longer be charging that similar fee. let it snow. just 96 days after the last skiing season ended, boreal resort kicked off the new winter season today, it marks the shortest time frame between seasons in the history of the resort. of course, they got a little help from the snowmakers, turning 2.5 million gallons of water into snow.
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boreal is the first ski resort in california to open this year. let's go, it's friday, let's get our bags packed, our skis up on the rack and we're headed to tahoe. >> i'm thinking you're a little too optimistic. it's great press but did you see the grass out there, too? >> still some rocks. we have to cover those babies first. >> you'll have to have the beater skis to go up through that. the storm system next week is potentially going to be a colder one. we'll have more on that coming up. the coldest weather in about six months in the overnight hours the last time we saw the wide creed low to mid-30s in the north bay was april the 9th. it's starting to feel a lot like fall as we've had the temperatures quite a bit chillier than we've been used to. otherwise right now, it is clear out here in san francisco, visibility is excellent, looking back towards the golden gate bridge, no sign of fog, dry wind out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. humidity ef levels 39% in san
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francisco, numbers above average in five to eight degrees, 74 in san mateo and upper 70s novato to santa rosa. to the upcoming weekend, more warm to mild conditions, plenty of sunshine and we'll throw the chance of showers coming up in my seven-day forecast. let's look at how expansive this clearing is, not only from eureka to the bay area but from the bay area to los angeles, it continues. you only have a few high clouds right there offshore but that's obviously not going to do anything for us. we have high pressure sitting offshore, it's not showing any signs of budging. for us, warm conditions for the weekend with 70s inland and throughout sunday it looks like we may see this fog pattern start to come back. for tomorrow if you're heading out to the beaches our computer models keep this fog offshore and sunny here as we head throughout 5:00 p.m. on your saturday. as for tonight it will get cold but not as cold as the past hawe've d two consecutive days
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of warming. mid-40s in the nb and mid to upper 40s in the east bay with 49 in livermore. for tomorrow, it is saturday and if you have plans outside it is going to be the best day of your weekend with the sunny skies, 77 in san jose, 78 los gatos. 74 in stinson beach, concord, pleasanton, dublin, 70s to near 80, napa valley 79, sonoma 77. let's take you to your seven-day forecast, you can get more any time at, we'll stay dry through halloween on monday, with temperatures in the 70s inland, 60s at the coastline and our changes coming as we head throughout thursday and friday with low 70s and a chance of showers, doesn't look like a large storm but right now we are keeping that chance of showers in the forecast into thursday, maybe into friday at this point. >> that's november, so it's right on cue. >> definitely. all clear for this weekend so
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that's the most important thing. a new era is set to begin at nbc news, the newsmagazine show "rock center with brian williams" will premiere monday night. the week's biggest stories in a whole new way, one report will focus on birth tourism, women coming to the u.s. just to give birth. >> it says clearly come to the united states, have a baby, go home with a baby that has a u.s. passport and a social security card. the idea being that then that baby can grow up and come back here one day and travel freely in the u.s. and be a student in the united states. so these are wealthy people kind of taking advantage of our system. >> "rock center with brian williams" premieres monday night at 10:00 on nbc bay area. the equal rights movement coming to the royal family. and a big birthday for one special lady, the anniversary of an iconic landmark, next. 'v
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a special lady is celebrating her 125th birthday in new york, we're talking about the statue of liberty. the crowning achievement dedicated by france was president by then president grover cleveland october 28th, 1886. today's celebration included a naturalization ceremony for 125 immigrants. the 300-foot-high national monument is a symbol of freedom shared byillions of immigrants whose first view of the u.s. was lady inlert and her torch. everyone can enjoy the view from the torch via web cams. five new web cams on the torch and crown are live but nothing beats seeing lady liberty up close. >> one of the things you really want to see as an american citizen. >> following today's anniversary, lady liberty's interior will be shut down. work will begin on a year-long
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renovation project. a changing of the law in england makes it possible for daughters in the house of windsor to have equal rights to the crown. it's an historic change to a law that allowed sons to cut in line ahead of daughters while ascending to the british throne. the change follows the highly publicized wedding between prince william and kate middleton. if the royal couple have a first daughter or a daughter first i should say, she'll have equal right to the throne if she has brothers. s>> the way it should tbe. the worst halloween candy for your teeth, that's next.
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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. we're never too old or too young to learn a lesson about halloween. dentists actually encourage kids or adults to eat all the candy
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they want on halloween night, but that's it. after hall bean, the candy has got to go. dentists say it's better for the kids' teeth if they eat all the candy they want on halloween and then get rid of it. the absolute worst kind of candy, any guesses, people? >> i don't know. >> taffy. we like it all. taffy or hard candy. >> no more jolly ranchers. >> got to go and the lafy taffy, sour candy is also so acidic that some kinds can actually burn your gums. it also weakens and wears away tooth enamel. chocolate is a good option because it generally doesn't stick to your teeth. >> oh, no. >> full forward on the chocolate but the laffy taffy has to go. >> hard to do. >> good news it will be dry on halloween. >> definitely. as we head into our forecast on monday it's dry, mid-70s and looking at 60s at thes coastline. candy corn, that is my favorite. i eat it all year long. >> brian williams is next. see you at 6:00.
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