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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 30, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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more. [ female announcer ] more room. complimentary drinks. free breakfast. embassy suites hotels. i was unfaithful. i had affairs. i cheated. what i did was not acceptable. and i am the only person to blame. >> the unquestioned biggest name
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that has lost the most is golfer tiger woods. after his highly-publicized marital infidelity, he has lost in two points. he has not won a major since 2008. and, two, woods has lost a number of sponsors. it should be noted that woods still made over $90 million in 2010. we continue our discussion on athletes regaining their public image after scandal. now joined by cnbc sports business reporter, darren ravel. a company staying with or parting ways with an athlete, following a scandal involving a player? >> one, can they legally pull it off? that's the first thing. there are these morals clauses in these contracts. and generally, they're ambiguous to the point where it has to wind up in court anyway. the question is, if they want to part right away, can they do it?
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often, they'll let a deal expire which has happened with kobe years ago, and recently tiger woods, where they wait until the deal is done. they don't do anything after the scandal. and then, they just let it expire. >> when it comes to rehabbing the image of an athlete, how much does the type of crime matter when companies consider investing in an athlete post-scandal? >> well, honestly, i think it does come down to business. does the athlete make your company better from a business perspective? for example, there is no doubt that electronic arts was not going to cut tiger woods. why? because the game still made sense and people wanted an up date on the game. even though sales were down 30% in the year after, in 2010. with kobe bryant, he signed a deal two weeks before the alleged sexual assault occurred.
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and with nike. and they decided just not to come out with anything. but eventually, they decided to keep him and come out with products because they knew that he'd still make sense financially for them. >> how might an advertiser's tactics change when formulating an ad campaign for an athlete coming off a scandal? >> well, usually the way to do it, especially in today's society, is to address the scandal head-on. nike briefly did that with -- when he came back from the masters in 2010, kind of having his deceased father talk to him in words that were already recorded. that's one. a clever way to at least acknowledge it. but the other way to do it is just not talk about it and just let people move on over time. and let it happen naturally. you know, unfortunately for the athletes that make big mistakes,
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i think their time in the corporate world, the odds are against them because there are, you know -- while there are a lot of people out there that get in trouble, there are a lot of clean choices, even though we've now gone through kobe and tiger, two people who we thought were untouchable. you know, kind of just hurting themselves in this area. it's kind of like if kobe and tiger can get in trouble, who can't? >> how important is winning when considering the public reputation of a tarnished athlete? >> winning is everything. if you don't win, you're not going to get endorsement deals. and it's more important for tarnished athletes to win even more. we have to take him. he's so dominating the conversation at the watercooler that we have to take him. so, winning is absolutely essential. and it's more essential to tainted athletes. >> darren ravell of cnbc, thank
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you for your time. >> okay. you got it. and still to come, why a recovering athlete is only as strong as the team around him. next. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment.
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because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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next week, we tackle the 800-pound gorilla, gambling in sports. will aay ever come that we can legally bet on sporting events throughout america? time for our play of the day. let's hit nascar, everybody. martinsville, virginia. the seventh race in the chase. tony stewart holds off jimmie johnson. and stewart's third win in the ten-race playoff chase. that's our play of the day. we welcome you back in. define redemption. >> well, that's hard to do
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because are you forgiven because you're -- is it forgiving? or is it getting a job? are you redeemed if you win? or are you redeemed if you're just back, employed doing your trade? it's a tricky thing. it's different for everybody, what redemption means. for people who love animals, michael vick can win as many games forever, like he did tonight, and he won't be redeemed in their eyes. for a lot of women, ben roethlisberger might get back to the super bowl, but they're not rooting for him, because he won't be redeemed because he has a pretty creepy past. it depends on the person. >> how important is the group surrounding these guys who are trying to reclaim their image? >> i think it's huge. that's the real thing we're talking about of structure of a person who has gotten so big by his own self, maybe, without anybody being around him to dell him no. we tell him michael vick, does he go to the right spot?
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andy reid is the guy. you go by what andy reid tells you. or are you tiger woods and you have your own thing and you do your own way? and anybody who ever said no to him is gone. that's how these guys come back. you do it right with the structure or wrong with no structure. >> we have seen vick. i want to stay on tiger woods. can he ever come back? he still makes money. a lot of it. >> sure. >> but he hasn't won. >> he hasn't won. and winning is obviously going to be a big thing. but i think the public is not as stupid as i think we're making them seem. there's a sincerity issue. and when tiger stood up there with that awful press conference. and again, with that awful nike ad that darren just mentioned with his father talking to him, people could smell that he wasn't really sincere. he wasn't doing it for the right reasons. and that, i think, is the problem. it takes time. it takes credibility. >> thanks for joinings here.
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join us next week. we look at gambling in sports. up next, a special edition of nbc bay area news. good night, everybody. ve
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right now on nbc bay area news, we'll show you what occupy protesters in oakland are planning for this week. and what major jean quan had to say about it. also, the pre-halloween blizzard back east. and a halloween preview for you. we'll take you to the most famous haunted house in the bay area. can you guess? the news starts right now. good evening. welcome to the special edition of nbc bay area news. supporters of the occupy movement in oakland are planning another major action this week. and you might just be surprised by what mayor jean quan had to say about the newest plans. nbc's bay area's alias.
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>> reporter: protesters have been working out a general strike planned for wednesday. it could bring the entire city to the halt. the plan is to march from city hall here to the port of oakland, with the goal of shutting down the nation's fifth-busiest port before the 7:00 p.m. night shift. activists say the strike is about the growing gap between the rich and the poor. they will also be going door-to-door, asking small businesses throughout the city to shut down for the day and join the movement. >> what we're looking at is one day of action to just voice a protest of a system that has been going on for decades and will continue to go on unless we put a stop to it. >> reporter: meanwhile, mayor jean quan's office released a statement in part saying that the strike will not affect essential city services. and went on to say the city
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employees wish to support the strike will have to get an authorized request from their supervisor. and back here live, we spoke to several businesses. many are in support of this. others say that they don't necessarily support the movement but they still will close their doors out of fear they will be vandalized if they stay open. we'll have more on the story coming up at 11:00. >> thank you. and tonight at 11:00, also just who are the 1%? well, we did the math for you. you might be surprised by who qualifies there. we have an update on the condition of the 27-year-old surfer who was attacked by a shark off the coast of monterey yesterday. he says he will fully recover from the attack and may be released as early as tomorrow. doctors at the regional medical center in san jose says he's, quote, the luckiest unlucky guy
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they ever met. the shark attacked him yesterday morning, minutes after he and a friend entered the water app marina state beach. the shark bit him on the neck, barely missing his jugular vein. >> he rated him six out of ten of seeing or coming close to a shark. and it's nine out of ten. if you're surfing in northern california, you know that there are sharks out there. and just a matter of time whether you see one i think. >> parks and recreation workers say they plan to keep an eye on the water for the next seven days or so. on the east coast, a record-setting storm dumped heavy, wet snow this weekend, causing all kinds of problems. more than 3 million homes and businesses are still without power tonight. that means perhaps as many as 10 million people went to bed tonight without any heat. >> reporter: it's not what you'd expect to see on the eve of
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halloween. goblins and gohouls covered in white. >> we'll have to bundle up one. but the eskimo is good to go. >> reporter: more used to raking leaves than shoveling snow in october. >> mother nature played a trick on us. >> reporter: a trick that left 3 million in the dark. as tree limbs fell, crippling power lines and blocking roadways. >> the trees hit the leaves. >> reporter: damage that could take a while to repair. >> we're going to have extensive and long-term power outages. >> reporter: snow started falling saturday and smashed records as it moved north. tying up air travel as thousands faced delays and cancellations at newark and jfk. passengers on a jetblue flight waited seven hours on the plane before finally being cleared for the airport terminal.
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and as residents continued to dig out and the frost starts to melt off the pumpkins -- >> i think we're in for a big, bad winter. here we are, in october, and we got snow. >> reporter: winter is still more than six weeks away. >> the pictures are pretty from here. we're learning that not just one jetblue flight was stuck on the tarmac for hours. according to passengers and the airlines, three flights and one american airlines flight was stranded on a plane near hartford, connecticut. a war of words. fellow gop candidates attack herman cain about his tax policy and abortion stance. and halloween is just a couple of hours away. we'll take you to a famous haunting spot in our live report. we're going to see some mild
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temperatures like we're seeing outside right now. 50s and 60s. but the forecast says a winter-like blast iseadi h towards the bay area. ng
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mmm... if i were cheese...
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i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. the gop race is a crowded one. polls in iowa today show herman cain in a virtual tie with mitt romney. while cain is gaining speed, romney is losing it. brian moore has the latest. >> reporter: in detroit, herman cain fired back at his fellow republican presidential contenders who have been bashing his 9-9-9 tax plan, as a tax increase for four out of five americans. >> they didn't think of it first. and they don't have a credible mron. >> reporter: cain says he tweaked his plan to create opportunity zones. tax breaks to revitalize
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struggling communities. and zero income taxes for the poor. >> if you're below the poverty level. your plan is 9-0-9. bottom line, folks, 9-9-9 means jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: in oklahoma, mitt romney took a shot at president obama. it sounded like it might be aimed for cain. >> and there were some people like right here in oklahoma, that said wait a second. what would happen if you chose as a president, someone who had no experience. now, we know. >> reporter: while ron paul is pitching minimalism. >> get the government, you know, out of the way. >> reporter: rick perry is getting ready to unveil his new tax plan in south carolina. for now, the focus is on cain's 9-9-9 plan. whether it will help america as much as it's helping the candidate. brian moore, nbc news, washington. the other topic today was
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republican candidates, abortion. and accusations of flip-flopping on the issue. we'll have that tonight at 11:00. more than 160 million americans will celebrate halloween, or so we're told. decorating their homes, donning costumes and visiting haunted houses. the most famous bay area haunted house, the winchester house, of course. we are there with a look behind the scenes for us. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello. all of the lights inside winchester mystery house are turned off tonight. and guests are only being guided by their flashlights. the grounds of the winchester estate are transformed into a terrifying halloween experience, complete with roaming performers and nightmare-inducing tales with, legend has it all of those
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killed by the winchester rifle. this week, tens of thousands will come through by day or by night, depending on how much fright you can stand. there's a haunted maze that turns guests loose to find their own way through the gardens. >> my husband and i wanted to do something fun for halloween. we didn't want to do the haunted house thing, you know, with the really scary -- where they jump out at you. >> i wanted to spooky the kids. and see how it affects me now. >> reporter: the tours go on until 11:00 p.m. tonight. but the maze is open for anyone who dares go through. the winchester mystery house has been putting on flashlight tours for years. and it has always been one of the big draws during the bay area on halloween. we met one family who drove quite a while to get here. and we're told the tickets were all sold out. they're staying overnight in a hotel to come back tomorrow for one of the tours.
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>> kimberly. were you brave enough to go through? >> reporter: i wasn't. but my photographer, joe, was. i have to be honest. and so, that's where we got that footage. >> okay. good confession. thank you, kimberly. i wouldn't go, either. rob, what's going on weather-wise. >> an interesting place to see. winchester mystery house. and the weather forecast can be scary. but not the case this year. we're going to see a beautiful evening. spooky weather. 60s around 5:00 tomorrow evening. no rain. just some patchy, low clouds. should be gorgeous if you're taking your family or your pets. brittany, and vader this year. you see the bumblebee. it's cute. let's show you what we have in
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terms of our forecast tomorrow. no problems. it will be gorgeous for your halloween plans. tuesday, fire weather watch. that's a wind of the offshore winds coming back. a big shock in our temperatures coming back, thursday and friday with a chance of showers. halloween is just fine. let me show you what's going to happen on tuesday. a taste of the offshore winds. we're going to see fire danger going up for our bay area hill tops for offshore winds tuesday, into wednesday. but the real headline in the seven-day forecast is what's coming up thursday and friday. the coldest system we've seen for quite some time. dipping into the bay area. we'll see a chance of showers on thursday. and snow levels -- this isn't a halloween joke. we're talking 3,000 feet possibly by thursday night and friday. we'll see the temperatures dropping off in the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, we should be fine. patchy, low clouds for the morning. 70s inland for the afternoon. cooler for san francisco and the coast. we'll see a little bit of a stronger sea breeze. but the two items to watch in
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the seven-day forecast. the offshore winds for fire danger concerns for tuesday. and then, cold temperatures, highs 50s and 60s, friday into saturday. >> thanks a lot, rob. i like the pictures of your pooch, too. there are all kinds of halloween events for pets and human counterparts, as well. one party at the humane society in sunnyvale. the event drew all kinds of pooches. >> they're running the gamut. pure breeds, mutts, they don't matter. they're happy and playing games and enjoying themselves. >> there's a big one. superman. we didn't get to see the games instead of bobbing for apples, the dogs bobbed for hot dogs. the event is about to raise $1,000 for the humane society. the organizers are planning next year's bash. i was out at a pet costume contest in san francisco to help
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the san francisco aspcs. hilarious costume there's. thanks for watching this special edition. we have "30 rock" coming up next. ring ring
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