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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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in charge of the company making sure the san bruno explosion never happens again and getting the public to believe him. >> first a developing story. a potentially explosive maintenance mishap. longshoremen walk off the job claiming lives are in danger and on bay area freeways and at the port. i'm jessica aguire. >> i'm raj mathai. prot testers want to shut down the port of oakland on wednesday and parts are already shut down because of a potentially explosive problem that can not only impact the port, but local freeways as well. good evening. >> reporter: the president of the longshoreman's union is looking for potentially hazardous containers and he is finding them.
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18 so far. he also said work here has stop and won't resume until union letters are sure it's safe. >> that is the gentlemen's shoes. this gentlemen survived. >> longshoreman union shawn farley shows us pictures of a shipping contain they're blew up in brazil. units that were serviced are exploding when they are plugged in. >> there was four reapers that explode and three have died. one person was burned. >> shippers have admitted there as many as 8,000 units that may be hazardous. one burned a mechanic at the port of oakland. >> the accident we did not know was related about a month ago here in the terminal and we discovered it was part of a series of containers. >> most are handing over transit and maintenance records to make sure shipping terminals are safe. they say two companies, ssa and
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tray tack are not sharing the information so union members are refusing to work, leaving five ships in the port of oakland, sitting and waiting to be unload and truck drivers waiting to work. >> all the people waiting to get in. >> he is losing more than $1,000 a day waiting for the issue to be sorted out. they are giving up pay by refusing to work, but safety must come first. >> the real danger is not knowing which is the problem and not being able to quarantine it. >> tonight a spokesperson said the coast guard launched an investigation and we left messages, but have not heard back. longshoremen said they will not be back to work until they are satisfied it's safe. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. are you looking for an electromicroscope, walk in oven or miles and miles of copper
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wire? some of the thousands of items up for grab as solyndra is sold off. it is generating the wrong kind of heat for the company. since taxpayers dollster it they won't get a dime of money back. it is in fremont where it will be going, going, gone. >> that's right. on wednesday is when it starts. business owners are looking for computers and furniture and are happy about it, but not taxpayers. they won't be seeing a penny of anything raised. much of what's inside is now for sale. they won't learn anything. >> i am very disappointed in that. a half million of tax money in a black hole that we will never see. i don't think we will see it back. >> it's a situation right now.
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>> the first $75 million in assets are guaranteed to private investor who is brought in by the u.s. differently energy, hoping to keep them afloat. they were guaranteed in the event the company went under. the mayor is not happy. >> the fact that people invested in solyndra have an opportunity to get money back. it's perfectly okay. but the public invested a great deal and we ought to have a chance to get money back too. >> the only pay back taxpayers will get come in the form of discounts and furniture going for discounted prices. >> some are going to sell for $500 and some for several hundred thousand. >> sales will be in the millions. >> it will be competitive. a lot of people will be following the event and expect a big crowd. >> those who can't make it to the auction on wednesday and
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thursday can bid live online. in the meantime, hearings continue and the next one will be on november 17th. we are live in fremont, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> new at 11:00, she hopeing it won't go from bad to worse. jean quan is quiting off recall efforts. she said in part "the last thing we need is say divicive and expensive recall campaign. in 20 years, my only agenda is to work hard for our diverse city." critics recalled a petition last monday, a day before the controversial police sweep of oakland's downtown occupy encampment. the violent standoff intensified the criticism and she argues she had a series of public safety achievements including balancing the budget and hiring more officers. what's the next step? the city attorney must decide
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whether to give the go ahead for a recall campaign. bay area unions are joining and the call for a general strike on wednesday. that's what protesters want to shut down the port of oakland. now among the leading voices in the national movement. the longshoreman said he is willing to skip work and lose money to fight for his children's future. not all workers can afford to take this stand. >> it is affecting me because i'm worried about my children. will they ever be able to own a home or go to college? i was able to go to san francisco state and hastings, college of the law. >> my staff is thinking about finding second jobs and stuff. it's hard. >> employees at actually's coffee will be forced to take the day off because of safety concerns. occupy oakland said businesses that stay open on wednesday will be protested. the movement said they will have peaceful actions around city hall all day on wednesday including the big event which is
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scheduled for 5:00 p.m. >> you heard the occupy protesters refer as the 99%. so then who makes up the 1%? the irs said 1.4 million u.s. households qualify as that 1%. stocks and bonds aside, some reports show people will earn $350,000 or more are part of the 1%. another report indicates the income number is closer to $700,000 and up. on the flip side, the bottom 20% earned an average income of some $9,000. >> an amber alert led 32 to three tense hours. two missing children were found safely in a trailer park in redding. 5-year-old maya and her brother miningle were being cared for by a baby-sitter, 31-year-old april schwartz. she wanted to take the kids fishing near her sacramento river home. they were found along with the
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baby-sitter's own three kids. sheriffs investigators say schwartz may have been urn the influence of alcohol. she was taken into custody and it is unknown if she will face charges. >> they were creepy and scarey and halloween may be almost over, but the massive sweep to make sure sex offenders are not playing tricks is under way. cameras were allowed to follow along and we found a krim reminder to parent that is the bookie man does exist. cheryl herd is live in vallejo with more. >> convicted sex offender who is don't have a home spend at least five hours here at the parole office in vallejo. it was one way that officers kept them away from children. the program is called operation boo. >> state parole. open the door. >> police were out in force looking for convicted sex offenders violating parole on halloween night.
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at the relax inn they found one who is going to jail. >> they know the rules. pornography is in plain sight and marijuana smell is obvious. some folks don't top the change their behavior. >> trick or treat! >> law enforcement used muscle to prevent sex offender from getting too close to kids on halloween. they require they follow a 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew and not allowed to give out candy or hang decorations on their door. >> operation boo is knocking on doors and having a visible presence in the community and letting them know we are watching them. he was given instructions and you have crimes against children and he is on -- >> right there. that's him. >> there 92,000 convicted sex offenders living in california. earl turner is one of them. >> i have been convicted of a pretty heinous crime.
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they need to do what they need to do to ensure the public and the children are safe. >> word is out and it makes parents feel safer on halloween. >> police officers have made sure that the sex offenders are in the house. that's awesome. it gives more security, i think and more comfort. >> now halloween night is not the only time that law enforcement crack down on sex offenders and programs like this take place throughout the year. live in vallejo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. tomorrow their lives will change forever. tonight we hear from the mother of conjoined twins set to be separated in the morning. >> it's not just lip service. it's with actions. >> then one on one with the newman in charge of fixing pg&e's safety record. what he said is being done to restore the people's faith. >> see what happens to trick or treater who is knocked on the
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door of steve jobs's home in palo alto tonight. >> i'm jeff rainiery and warm above average and plenty of sunshine today with 78 in san jose and low 70s across the bay from san francisco to oakland. plenty off cold air into thencr ng forecadastnd increased f ir ngdaerer. .
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the delicate and lengthy surgery to separate sisters joined at the chest begins at the hospital. an gellica and angelina are lik most 2-year-olds except these are conjoined twins amount of team will begin the process of separating them. the mom tried to explain to the girls the change that lies ahead by using their barbies. >> i get their babies. i demonstrate that they are like this. soon you will be separated like this.
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they didn't understand yet. >> we are confident and we have done as much preparation as we can. >> they have done walk throughs, mapping out every possibility and what every piece of equipment is located. they performed a number of operations before. only one has been more complicated than this. if all goes well, they could be in the san jose home in separate beds by the end of november. >> pg&e is in hot water again. they are accused of using scrapped pipeline in the south bay and peninsula. they used some salvage pipes, but they were recondition and saved. this has pg&e desperately trying to regain the public's trust. what are they doing about it? vicksits down withed head of the gas division in the indepth
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report. >> at pg&e headquarters, a small amount of connection in additions monitor the equipment. this is where they control the system for the state. >> sorry there a large fire? >> it was here that they scrambled after noticing pressure in line 132 on september 9th, 2010. >> possibly several blocks on fire. >> a day that linked pg&evi nd bruno. >> we're need them to come into us. pa. >> we sat down here with the executive vice president. he worked for three decades in the industry. he has been here four months. where do they rank?
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>> over 100 in size. we are not in the top three. we are going to try to get there, but not in the top three right now. >> the company has a long way to go. they want to build the safety culture. they are no longner denial about the changes that must be made. all of them recommended by the ntsb after the investigation of the san bruno blast. >> we are testing lines and inspecting with the latest blavlaaie smart technology and doing in line camera inspection and validating records and stalling valves. from the board of directors and the chairman to do what's necessary to fix the gas >> part of that comes with
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revamping the plan. first responders have access to pg&e maps. the company hired 90 new gas engineers and by year's end, it will finish inspecting 152 miles of gas transmission line similar in size and age to the one that burst in san bruno. >> the pipe failed at 998 pounds per square inch. >> this one failed in bakersfield in a hydro static test, tearing open along a longitudeenal seem. they wanted to do it in a test and not efrd operation. >> this failed near where we would have expected it. >> at the network, advocates say pg&e's culture eroded public trust. >> couper tino, rose will have, bakersfield. three explosions in the last 60
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days does not fill me with confidence about pg&e. >> while the bakersfield rupture occurred in testing, the expectative director said the plastic pipe explosions in cupertino and rose will have are reminders of the poor inspection history. they doing anything right? >> it's hard to say that we have seen pg&e make a turn around. we hope it will. we are willing to work with them to do that. we have not seen it yet. >> these are issues that are not new. we have heard the similar promises before. what can you say to the believe it? >> i have only been here four months and what i see is a tremendous internal commitment. to fix the problems that exist. it's not lip service. it's actions. >> what are troubles them most is how pg&e plans to finance
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goals. they want to spend $2.2 billion and they want the money to come from rate payers at $2 a month for four years. the company said it is a standard practice to pass along any cost associated with new regulation and said pg&e shareholders have paid a half billion for improvement nbc bay area news. >> a lot of work to be done. >> insightful interview. let's go to jeff ranieri and a glorious night for the trick or treaters. there is change ahead. >> hope you enjoyed your halloween with spectacular weather and reality it coming back in the seven-day forecast that includes much colder changes. above average and warm here. 80 in san rafael and 81. another day tomorrow.
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it's cold and we will see the numbers rebound. the pedestrian forecast and dry and warming winds for tuesday. that will increase the fire danger and provide winds here. 20 to 40. we are looking at the colder changes down the pipeline and the showers. also the east bay hills. most of you will feel the wins up above 1,000 feet. extreme fire danger on tuesday and we have a huge weather maker. not a major system, but we are talking about major cold air associated with it that will bring the numbers down. we have to get rid of high pressure here the next 48 hours. what that will do tomorrow is keep us windy in the hills. dry for wednesday and the
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numbers start to go down and much larger changes. we talked about the possibility of rainfall and it looks like the timing has been pushed up. we have the most consistent rainfall at 5:00 p.m. it looks like we will start to get wet across the bay area. cold in the north bay. 54 n livermore and 55 in san jose. let's bring you into your tuesday forecast. nice and dry and above average with the drying and warming winds. 78 in san jose and 77 in los gatos and 77 in palo alto and from san francisco to redwood city, low to mid-70s for tuesday. 80 in concord and 81 in napa and throughout most of the north bay, that's where it will be crucial if you are up into the hills. we are looking at temperatures in the low 80s and humidity as low as 10%.
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there is the major cooling and down to the mid 60s and low 60s friday and saturday. a chance of showers thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. big changes coming our way and nice weather tomorrow to sort the candy out and send what you don't like to me. >> yes. first day of november as well. >> the line was around the block. when trick or treaters went to the home of steve jobs in palo alto.
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a halloween trick some say crossed the line and republicans are condemning one of their own. these images were sent from a committee in virginia. one picture in the middle depicts president obama as a zombie with what appears to be a gunshot wound to the head. virginia governor bob mcdonald, a republican called it shameful and offensive. the chairman said to the associated press it was "a lighthearted attempt to inject sat ire humor into the halloween holiday." >> let's go to scott in the comcast newsroom. what's coming up in sports? >> a lot of stuff including monday night football. the dodgers in off field controversy, but a groundbreaking step forward. he is looking to make it a clea.
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in the newsroom, the sharks took their lumps at home and really sharpened their teeth on a brutal six-game at the garden with the rangers. they add it on the power play and derek step an and it's 2-0, blue shirts. the sharks fight back. ping, ping off two posts. he scores for the sixth time in five games and it is 2-1. sharks continue to come back. the fourth of the year and we have a new game tide at two. but the rangers go back on top. eric christianson to ryan callahan and they win it 5-2 and end the sharks's five-game win streak. monday night football, chargers and chiefs and just over seven to go. 20-12, kc. they score from two yards out and they have to tie it.
11:30 pm
brinkley just crosses the plain. it is 20-20. the chargers get the ball back and they have to set up the field goal. he fumbles the exchange from center. we had to take a knee and the chargers win the game and goes to overtime and it's ryan from 30 yards out. the chiefs steal one at home, 23-20. reports of frank's demise has been exaggerated. he passed for second on the 49ers's all time rushing. >> the dodgers making history hiring the head athletic trainer making her the first female to hold the job and he's also the physical therapist brought her aboard in 2007. guys, we don't care for the dodgers, b >> teha >> thank you, scott.
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>> we'll be right back. nk
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the home of steve jobs is a welcome place for trick or
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treaters and tonight the tradition continued. the gate opens at 6:30 to lots of goblin and it is sound rumbled and a thin gray mist of fog enveloped the yard. kids and even an ipod showed up and ipad came to the front door. they got fist size bags with orange canty slices and sour drops. jobs died october 5th, but the halloween tradition continued. >> hopefully you enjoyed your halloween. welcome in a new one. >> bye-bye.
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>> rickey: hey, jay, that's a a great costume, man. just a little something i put featuring rickey minor and "t


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