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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, concern about refraj rated cargo containers. why dock workers are so worried coming up in a live report. mayor quan urges residents not to force her out of office. plus, cheating death. we'll hear from a bay area man who survived an attack by a shark. a live look outside this morning. it's news, november 1st. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. 4:30. first day of november. let's check your forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. the month of november will bring us changes, starting with a red flag warning that goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. this morning. that means we have high fire danger for the east bay hills and north bay hills above 1,000 feet. 55 in oakland. 53 in hayward. temperatures about as warm if not warmer in bay area cities. we'll take you to the forecast. first, let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> good morning, christina. we don't want to see that color. we're looking to the city where we have an issue going on. this is an accident off the upper deck westbound 80 at fifth or harrison. no major injuries here. but it is getting off the bay bridge.
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there's construction and more to talk about in my next report. developing news this morning out of oakland. men are refusing to work at two shipping terminals at the port of oakland. christie smith is live at the port where they will no go back to work until it's safe. what's the concern? >> reporter: the concern has to do with the refrigerated cargo container units. specifically ones serviced in march and april overseas. the concern is very real. that they could explode when powered up. they shut down two terminals yesterday and at least one closure is expected to continue today. the union president showed us a picture that blew up in brazil. he says these were serviced overseas and exploding when they are plugged in at times. as many as 8,000 units could be
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hazardous. they could be on the road, in the ship n the port. he explained the problem overseas. >> there were four that exploded. three people have died. one person was burned. >> now he says in oakland a mechanic was burned and most are handing over records to union leaders can make sure they are actually safe. apparently some of them are not. what's happening is five ships are in the port waiting to be unloaded with the union workers saying until they get the paperwork they're not going to move. one trucker told us he's losing at least $1,000 a day waiting for work. the port, the coast guard and the specific association are working to get this issue cleared up. reporting live at the port of oakland, christie smith. scott, send it back to you. sticking to oakland. while police gear up for
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thousands of protesters, the occupy oakland group is gathering more support for the general strike. some say they are willing to support the union on wednesday. not all workers can afford to lose a day's worth of pay. >> it is affecting me. i'm worried about my children. will they be able to own a home? will they be able to go to college? i was able to go to san francisco state, college of the law. >> as far as pay goes, my staff is like thinking about finding second jobs and stuff. it's hard. >> now say they they will close doors near occupy protests on wednesday, not in support, but because the company is concerned for employee safety. occupy oakland has warned businesses if they stay open on wednesday they will be protested. what that means is unclear, but they're not taking any changes. occupy oakland protesters say three sheriff deputies are responsible for injuring an iraq war veteran during a clash on
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the streets last week. scott sol son suffered a skull fracture when he was hit from a canister fired by a gun. protesters say they've analyzed the video and it shows three clear enough to read their name tags. the sheriff department says the officers were not carrying and did not lose the type of type of projectile the night of the raid. unlikely the officers there were responsible for his injuries. oakland mayor quan fighting off recall. in a statement she says the last thing we need is a divisive and expensive recall campaign. in 20 years of serving oakland my only agenda has been to work hard for our diverse city. our critics filed a recall petition one day before the police sweep of the downtown occupy encampment. the original recall has nothing to do with the occupy movement.
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the vinyl standoff only intensifies criticism of quan. in her statement she argues a series of public safety achievements, including hiring more police officers. the city attorney will now decide whether to give the go ahead to the recall campaign. san francisco will consider a resolution to leave the occupy protesters in the city alone. the resolution asks to ensure no use of force to remove the demonstrators. the full board will vote on the resolution later today. pg&e will begin replacing miles of old and worn out pipe as it tries to improve pipeline safety. this comes as they continue to face criticism over the poor inspection practices that a plastic gas line exploded in in cupertino, setting fire to an apartment there.
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the report from the ntsb on the san bruno explosion lists several problems with construction and inspection of the pipeline. vicky nguyen spoke with the new head of pg&e's gas operation. he says he's focusing on the future. >>. >> i see a tremendous commitment to fix the problems that exist. it's not just lip service. it's with actions. >> the new safety program includes the creation of a data base. that's a standard best practice. most companies have been doing that for years. they've been criticized for not just poor construction and shotty pipelines, but for not knowing where its own paperwork is. california's high speed rail project could be much more expensive than the state originally thought. a new business plan from the
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high speed rail authority will be unveiled today. the cost of the project has gone up to nearly $100 billion. that's three times the estimate given to voters. even if the state can come up with the money, the trains won't be up and running. as for the $100 billion, the brookings institution estimates it costs about one-fourth of that in 2011 dollars. fire danger is high in parts of the bay area. the east bay hills, the north bay under a red flag warning today until 6:00 a.m. some effective areas include the national seashores, golden gate national recreation area in ma rin county. let's talk to christina. fire danger. winds or heat or dryness? >> not so much heat. temperatures climb to the 80s in some cities, but our bigst concern is the really dry air
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mass that settle in overnight. that will keep your relative humidities in the teens. so we're talking about a really dry air mass over the bay area. it will clear the coastline. offshore flow pushing marine air back to sea. we're going to see the uniform temperatures. everybody ending up in 270s and 80s. forecasting 80 degrees in santa cruz. the red flag warning is in place starting at 6:00 a.m. this morning. that will last overnight and hopefully expire tomorrow. the breeze isn't that strong just yet, but it will build through this afternoon. so we are talking about gusty winds possiblily for your way home. you could get busted if you drive a high profile vehicle. 71 degrees in san francisco. 80 in santa cruz. 75 in oakland. 7 in fremont. so a really comfortable afternoon with a lot of
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sunshine. and then things really start to change. we have a welt, cold system headed our way. i'll tell you when it arrives, what we're expecting in terms of rainfall accumulations. mike is busy this morning. what's going on out there? >> we have a couple of accidents in the south bay as well. we'll take you to the first one. part of the offramp is blocked by an accident. but then over here off allen rock. so a cig alert has been called because a big rig went off the roadway of that area and it's a problem because it's a gravel hauler. the other issue is the 680 offramp. the rest is looking smooth. some slowing for eastbound 237 at the top of your screen. those will sort themselves out. scott, you see the flashing
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lights in the middle of your screen. construction crews are clearing in both directions. i'll show you traffic breaks over the next 20 minutes likely through the area. 4:40. not many people can say they've been attacked by a shark and lived to tell about it. he was released from the hospital. attacked saturday night at marina state beach near monterey. the shark bit his arm and neck. he says he's well aware of how close he came to biting it himself. >> i feel lucky and grateful. thanks to everyone who helped me this whole time. >> he should heal very well. after talking to him this morning, i think he's looking forward to getting back out and doing the things he loves. >> what's that on your neck? >> shark attack. he's the luckiest unlucky guy
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he's ever met t surgeon says. the parks and recreation workers will keep an eye on the the water for the next couple of days. coming up, the morning cup of joe could do more good than you realize. plus, computers, tools, solar panels up for auction. we'll get the latest details on the solyndra sale coming up. and herman cain is facing more accusations this morning. why he's accused of taking an illegal campaign contribution. you're looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. 4:42. we'll be back in a minute. wanna hear a joke ?
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find out more at good morning to you. republican front-runner herman cane frying to defend himself from accusations of sexual harassment and illegal campaign contribution. the woman used to work with cain and recently came forward claiming cain stood too close to her and she felt harassed 20 years ago. cain says he did nothing wrong. >> 40 years of business experience, running business and corporations, i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> cain also says he's asked an attorney to investigate whether his own chief of staff launched a charity in order to give cain
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$40,000 to start his campaign. that round about funding is illegal. cain says he's a tarlgt because he's leading in the polls. wall street could open on a downward slope after a big drop yesterday. for more on that, it's bertha coombs. good morning. >> markets spooked on halloween. some contribute odd the psychological impact of the bankruptcy filing of brokerage firm called ms global. also saying the situation in europe. now greece says it will hold a referendum on whether it wants to take the bailout money because of all the strings attached. that has a lot more concerns about whether the deal will hold up after the wrangling last week. asian markets were down as a result. europe markets are lowered. we'll get manufacturing data. construction spending and we're also watching the fed. they start a two-day meeting.
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despite falling 276 points yesterday, it was actually the best b month in october. the record point gain, more than a thousand points and the best month on a percentage basis since 2002. the nasdaq starts at 2684 after losing 52. automakers will report october sales later on today. sales are expected to hit an eight-month high, partly due to pent up damage. the average age of a vehicle on u.s. roads right now is about 11 years. those automakers are rebounding from the earthquake in japan. and it's not quite enron. but you have a chance to own a piece of notorious company that fell from grace. solyndra is auctions off surplus items starting tomorrow. that includes equipment, tools, art work and the office microwave. the solar technology company received a half billion government loan.
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that online auction ends on thursday. >> no, problem night. >> you might as well get a new one. >> christina, i once covered the bankruptcy auction of napster. i had the opportunity to buy their business license. just a little city sft. i didn't. to this day i regret that. that would luk awesome hanging up somewhere. >> you know sean parker is laughing this morning. >> good morning to you. if you are watching, you have great taste, sean parker. 48 in novato. we're at 55 in oakland. 53 in hayward. you live and you learn. we're looking good today. we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast. the biggest concern we have is if you are waking up with nus the east bay hills or the north bay hills it will get gusty in your neighborhood. your winds are not that strong. we are expecting that over the course of the next few hours.
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realtime weather happening this morning. we'll show you that. no tag to report. nice and clear at the the coastline. that will be the case for today. a lot of sunshine coming in early to santa cruz. that will warm you up to 80 degrees. we'll hit 75 in oakland. some some cities have bumped up the numbers for question read. but basically a repeat performance. things really start to change. cold, wet weather on the the way saturday, sunday. we have a system of low pressure that will impact us. but first we have to get through this really wet set up thursday to friday. mostly cloudy conditions. gusty winds, showers moving in. thn we have another round of showers saturday and sunday. so this wet pattern is relentless. sunday, a cold start with showers arriving late. don't forget sunday we fall back. we get to sleep in an hour. on this shift we can really
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preernt that. >> for sure. even an hour. starbucks is hoping you'll pay a little extra for the morning cup of coffee. starting today starbucks will accept donations of $5 or more to stimulate job growth. part of the jobs for usa program. opportunity finance network, that's a nonprofit that works with nearly 200 community development centers is is working with starbucks on the program. that's where your money will go. all donations will work to loans that firms can use to add jobs or stem losses. coming up, a major surgery for conjoined twins is under way. how doctors prepared for the vurjry coming up next. and a u.s. airline tax on yet another fee. we'll tell you what it's for. mike? >> flashing lights in the middle of your screen. we'll look aowt owing as look l welcoming up. hey, your high speed internet here, at home...
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welcome back to you. doctors will begin a lengthy and delicate surgery to separate conjoined twins at the children's hospital. anjelica and angelina were born conjoined at the chest. they will undergo an operation to separate them to live more normal lives. the mother has been trying to prepare the girls for change.
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>> i explain to them, you will be separated. they don't understand yet. >> we're confident, but not overconfident. we think we've done as much preparation as we can. >> the surgery is expected to last nine hours. the team has done a number of the operations before. only one has been more complicated than this one. the girls could be home in separate beds by the end of november. and a huge stash of halloween candy last night have now have a chance to turn it to money. an east bay dental group offering to buy the candy to send it to seas. they offer kids and participants anywhere from $2 to $6 per candy
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collection that will be shipped to troops overseas. the troops will hopefully get a toothbrush with the packets of candy. let's look at what's coming up later with laura in the news room. >> three times the candy is what i got at my house. good morning. we're following a police chase that ended in a crash. bob redell is on his way to the scene and we'll have the latest from him coming up. plus, one of the most recognized brands in baby care. and this morning new information that could link baby shampoo to cancer. we'll tell you what you need to know. all that and more coming up. we'll see you in just a few minutes at 5:00. >> let's check in with mike. >> rocks on the road. >> we had rocks in san jose. in oakland we had trucks. then fixing the roads.
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so here is the southbound side. you see the headlights towards high street. we had a lot of activity. that causes a slow yn down. we'll show you this circled there at the bottom of your screen. this will last close to 6:00. better news is the earlier accident at the harrison or the 5th offramp getting off the upper deck. that's cleared from the roadway. just one you thought they couldn't come with any more fees, another for having the boarding pass pripting. spirit airlines will charge passengers $5 for every boarding pass printed by an agent. the airline planning to charge $1 more to print your boarding pass at a kiosk. that charge doesn't begin until june.
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"today in the bay" with jon and laura up next. check us out on facebook. nbc bay area morning news.
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three police officers hurt while responding to a call here in san francisco. i'm bob redell. we'll update you on the latest coming up. >> and a major pharmaceutical company is under fire by a watchdog group. what you should know about a popular product you could be using on your kids coming up. plus protecting occupy protesters. the vote that might allow occupiers to stay this justin herman plaza. >> and we give you a live look outside as you rub your eyes. y, it's already november. november 1st. this is "today in the bay."


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