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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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johnson &johnson accused of putting harmful chemicals in baby shampoo. >> and a live look outside the beautiful bay bridge. it's tuesday, november 1st, "today in the bay." >> reporting what matters to you. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, i'm jon kelley. let's check in with christina loren. we made it through halloween. we're looking good this morning. we have fire danger in the north bay hills, the east bay hills. and we're cool as well. 51 in santa cruz. if you wanted to hit the beach later, you'll get the chance. beach weather is 80 degrees in
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santa cruz later on. >> maybe i'll post some pictures. check facebook. probably not. southbound 8 # 0 at 2rd. the accident cleared. offramp reopened as well. burst of traffic sorting itself out for the morning commute. you're close to the limit. >> so are you. one person was injured during a house explosion. fire crews say the explosion happened before 2:30 inside a home on ohio avenue in richmond. they respond responded immediately shutting off gas to the home. it could be another flammable liquid that sparked it. one went to the hospital with
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minor injuries. >> three san francisco police officers were injured in a crash in the neighborhood. bob redell is live at the scene right now. >> good morning, jon m we're near where the accident took place. you can see sfpd is wrapping up the investigation. they just reopened the roadway. it had been shut down between 18th and 21th, but the road is now back open. it's not clear what caused this investigation before 2:00 this morning. three officers were in an unmarked patrol car. that was a few blocks away at 24th. but as they were heading down patrero, something happened where the car swerved across the opposite lanes of traffic and slammed into a light pole. the car was totalled. remarkably, even though the officers were hurt, their injuries are not life
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threatening. cher expected to be okay. they are take on the nearby sf general. just a couple of blocks away. they were gree greeted by chiefs of police and fire department who made a special visit overnight to check on their brethren to make sure they are doing okay. now, as is standard in an investigation like this, the driver of the car will be tested for alcohol. but there's no indication that the officer was under the influence at the time of the acciden accident. >> all right. bob redell, thanks a lot. >> 6:03 right now. shoremen are refusing to work at terminals. they say they will not go back to work until they say they are sure it is safe. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. you can certainly understand the concern, if you work around this type of thing. what they're saying is that some of the refrigerated cargo
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container units have the potential to explode when they're powered up. word is now spreading to all of these drivers out here this morning that this terminal, the ssa, won't be opening up today. an employee out here just made the announcement. they're trying to start the process of turning the trucks around. yesterday the dockworkers union forced the shutdown of at least two marine terminals out here. they showed us a picture of a refrigerated shipping unit that blew in brazil. >> three people have. one person was burned. >> now he tells us there are at
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least 8,000 units out there ft they could be on the road. on a ship or in port. yesterday the union says two of them did not. so the unions basically didn't work there one said he's losing $1,000 a day with this. the specific mer time situation t koeps guard and the port are working to resolve this. this terminal won't be opening today. that's what we have from here. i'm christie smith. back to you in san jose. >> are they going to check out specific units? >> i know the process has begun. they have isolated 13 units. exactly how long this is going to go on, woor really not sure.
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i have calls into the union and ssa. i spoke with drivers this morning. they were under the impression it would open. at this point it seems to be an unknown. >> thank you for the very latest. occupy oakland protesters will be marching to the port of oakland some time tomorrow. that's part of the plan for tomorrow's general strike. the goal is to shut down all of oakland, everything. they're urging students, union members and workers of all types to take part in this. police are gearing up for thousands to attend the protest. san francisco sheriff office says the deputies were not responsible for injuring an occupy oakland protesters. scott olsen suffered a fractured skull. activists posted the names of three deputies suspected of injuring olsen after they were
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identified through video tape. most after their officers were not equipped with projectiles. the aclu is calling for an investigation on whether excessive force was used on that night. >> 6:07. san francisco will consider a resolution today to leave the occupy protesters alone. the full board will vote on the the resolution today. it was passed yesterday by the city operations, a neighborhood services committee. the resolution asked mayor ed lee and san francisco police to ensure there will be no use of force to remove those demonstrators. the move increases pressure on lee to decide whether to raid justin pherman plaza. also on the agenagenda, address new ground rules. the board is set to decide whether to pass legislation regulating nudity in the san francisco. the proposal would outlaw public
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nudity in restaurants. nude people will be required to put down a towel or something similar on a public bench or chair before they sit down. if they attend the board meeting today, they'll have to be dressed to have their say. nudity is fore bidden at city hall. we have a red flag warning in effect in the north and east bay hills. the national weather service issuing the warning because there will be strong, dry winds in the hills all day. in response the national park services banned campfires, charcoal grills and smoking in marin county parks and golden gate national recreation sites. the warning runs through 6:00 tomorrow morning. >> it is 6:08. check the forecast with christina loren. >> our winds are picking up as we speak. we have realtime weather that we're watching for you this morning. . take a look at what it's doing to your temperature.
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traditionally we fall in the temperatures all the way through sunrise. so northeasterly winds really doing their job to warm things up. and 50 in sunnyvale. it will be windy and dry for the east bay hills. same for the north bay hills. the red flag warning is up until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. heed the fire warning. doing your best if you have a barbecue. make sure it's extinguished before you go back inside. if you want to hit the beach, how does 80 in santa cruz sound? 80 in los gatos. round out the day at 75 in oakland. unseasonably warm the time of year. we start to get seasonal toward the end of the week. this band of rain arrives by
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12:00 noon on thursday. then we stay wet, cold and windy through friday. i'll help you plan the outdoor activities around the rainshowers coming up. let's get you out the front door with mike. >> if you are heading out the front door to the tri valley. you're joining a lot of folks. we are now seeing slowdowns. so there's the slowing after the reading at 58. a smooth drive in the westbound and northbound commute directions. 54 past 23rd. that's where the earlier accident had things tied up. we have a live look here showing the cash lanes building up. the volume really kicking in.
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no major slowing and a clear peninsula drive. back to you. >> it's 6:10. still to come on "today in the b bay". more trouble for per man cain. find out what criticism he's facing on top of sexual harassment allegations up next. >> and a popular baby shampoo will be hurting your infants. good morning. why consumers are asked to boycott a major pharmaceutical company. >> and for the latest information, check us out on facebook. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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[ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. welcome back. this is a live look outside the hp pavilion in san jose.
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yes, november 1st. amazing, isn't it? we'll have traffic and weather coming your way soon. the commission on presidential debates made an announcement on the 2012 presidential debate location. st. mary's college and dmin can university were among 12 aply capitals under kgs to host one of three presidential debates for the 2012 general election. they announced yesterday neither university was selected. they will be held at university of colorado and lynn university in florida. this morning herman cain is facing questions about illegal contributions to his campaign. he is a front-runner and says
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that has put a target on his back. he's denying knowing anything about either of the two claims. then yesterday he said he remembered one accuser who complained he stood too close to he her. >> in all of my over 40 years of running a business, i have never sexually harassed anyone. >> cain also says he has an attorney looking into whether a charity gave him $40,000 to start his campaign. that would be illegal. time to check in on the weather. you did cold and wet for you this week. >> yeah, you are one twisted sister. we have cold, wet weather. nothing we're not used to. if you're a transient to the bay area, get an umbrella. you'll need it toward the end of
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the week. today we'll get great beach weather. you can see old glory glowing in the breeze. that's why we start out nice and crystal clear at the the coast. the red flag warning went into effect at 6:00 a.m. ch let's take it to your wind speeds. pretty strong winds sustained at 15 miles an hour. that's warming you up. keeping you in the 60s. high pressure is cooling us down, bringing in the fog. for us clear at the coastline. 70s and 80s. breezy and dry. so a pretty nice day today. we'll have another nice day through your wednesday. then things gettic i can thursday, friday and through the weekend. 76 in redwood city. 80 in los gatos and santa cruz. 5 degrees warmer than seasonal
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averages for this time of year. this very, very strong area of low pressure drops into the bay area, bringing the cold and wet pattern late thursday. the showers arrive afternoon on thursday and friday. then we get a break. let's take you to the future cast. first ban comes through at noon. second ban at 5:00 p.m. you'll get a nice break for the second half of your day, especially in the north bay. throughout the weekend we keep the rain chances in effect all the away from saturday to sunday. let's check your drive with pooik. >> this is really light for a tuesday. granted, it's after halloween. a lot of folks probably taking it easy. getting a later start this morning. this is really unexpected through antioch.
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walnut creek, concord, all close to the limit. that's a great treat for folks through the portion of the east bay. northbound direction showing a blip or two here. and also the top of 87 as you're passing by 101. a little bit late for the start of the commute down here as well. we'll show you travel times for the north bay. top of the screen. highway 12 down to 37. so coming into novato we are seeing speeds dip to the 50s. san rafael holding on steady down to the golden gate bridge. and what things are like in oakland. traffic building for the coliseum. back to you. there are calls for consumers to bconsumer s to boycott johnson & johnson this morning. marla tellez is live in the
6:19 am
newsroom with an update. >> it's been a battle for more than two years. the group known as campaign for safe cosmetic has been keeping a watchful eye on johnson & johnson since 2009 when it found known carcinogens in signature baby shampoo. today they reloosed a new report that says the harmful chemicals are still there. the grandparents in question are both known as potent aler gins that can trigger rashes and other skin problems. johnson and johnson launched a new natural version that does not contain the chemicals. the new report is still toxic says the original shap poo still contains it. but only when sold in certain countri
6:20 am
countries. >> we're asking johnson & johnson to immediately stop u usius using formaldehyde releasing chemicals. there's no reason to. there are alternative preservatives that work just as well. >> in response johnson & johnson released a statement saying formaldehyde releasing preservatives are safe in the u.s. and other countries. the campaign for safe cosmetics is urging johnson & johnson to publicly commit by november 15 thd to remove the chemicals from personal care products worldwide. coming up, the latest estimate is in for california's bullet train. and it is off from the first one by just a few billion dollars.
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an [ male announcer ] get to a better state. welcome back, everybody. an early morning look at san francisco. pretty with the lights. feels like christmas is coming. it's getting that vib going. >> one holiday at a time,
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please. 6:23. the estimate for california's high speed rail project is almost $100 billion. that's more than twice any previous estimate. according to final business plans set to be unveiled byty california high speed rail authority. bullet trains will not be up and running until 2033. that's more than 13 years later than earlier estimates. they could scrap the project after the plan is unveiled today. they'll have to decide on that one. steve jobs may be gone. his halloween legacy is not. his home was always a haven for tricker treaters. last night was no exception. these photos were taken outside his home. kids who braved the thunder and mist that enveloped the front yard received fist-size cell phone bags filled with orange candy slices and sour drops.
6:25 am
steve jobs died on october 5th. >> very cool gesture there. here's the question. what can you buy at the solyndra auction? maybe a microwave? >> anything not nailed down and directly related to the production of solar cells. here's a nice desk set you can buy. i posted a link on the facebook page. there are more laptops in the rack than you can shake a stick at. i don't know what this is, but we want it. solyndra not auctions off major equipment or the building. >> we wid di online? yes. ten years after the music service was invented. he says they should be blamed
6:26 am
for bleeding the music industry like a vampire. townsend says they should employ special agents to seek out new talent. if you talk to a teenager like itunes, they'll look at you funny. other services do everything itunes does for far less money. now this is like street view but inside the businesses. they won't take pictures inside unless they've been asked to. it's just like street view. click the four-word arrow and walk between the tables there and see what the restaurant looks like if you're ready for a date or something like that. looks nice. maybe we can jump on your scooter and roll over to have some lunch. >> very cool.
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thanks a lot, laura. >> you better leave a big tip. 6:26. still to come on "today in the bay." parts of port of oakland are closed because workers are worried about an explosion. and a crash sends three san francisco police officers to the hospital this morning. we'll have an update next. and it might be your last chance to hit the beach before things champk. we're catering to the surfers today. by the end of the week, catering to the snowboarders. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did.
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this morning a remind r of how danger us it can be to respond to a 911 call. three san francisco police
6:30 am
officers are hurt in a car crash. truck drivers at the port of oakland just got word they didn't want to hear today. at least one of the terminals isn't opening up. i'm christie smith. i'll explain in a live report. a san francisco federal court will be the scene of a hearing for shooting suspect jared loughner. and if you're coming off the sugar high, it's already here. november 1st. "today in the bay." >> tuesday morning. good morning. 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. meteorologist christina loren is here to fill nus on the details. >> i heard you mention thanksgiving three times.
6:31 am
>> i'm hungry! >> we have clear conditions at the coastline. and temperatures climbing already in places like fairfield and livermore. courtesy of a down sloping wind. so we'll deal with 24 hours of dry, gusty winds through the east bay hills t north bay hills as well. then the rain arrives. we'll change you through our ever changing forecast. first let's check the drive with hooik. >> further south you get out of the hills through san ramon. we're looking at stone ridge drive where there's an accident just off to the shoulder. it just clear frtd the roadway. just mild slowing off the dublin interchange. tha not helping 580 with 27-minute drive. this is a scary situation as a huge explosion in richmond injures one person and rocks an
6:32 am
entire neighborhood. take a look at this video. fire kraus say it happened inside the home on ohio avenue. they responded immediately and shut off gas to the home. they say it doesn't look like a gas explosion. the wall was half way off the house there. they think another flammable liquid could have sparked the explosion. four people were inside the home. one went to the hospital with minor injuries. three police officers are in the hospital after a crash earlier this morning. bob redell joins us live with the details. >> you can see investigators are wrapping up their part of the investigation in the field. this does highlight the dangers
6:33 am
that they face when responding to a call. they're heading the down to a scene a few blocks away. that's where they heard of a call of a man with a knife. they never made it to the scene. the car lost control, swerved across the opposite lanes of traffic and into a light poll. this was so severe it totalled the cars. wufrss were hurt, but remarkably all have nonlife threatening injuries. it's still not clear what caused the accident. >> any call involving violence gets your blood pumping. it's a serious incident. you want to assist whoever it is. when you hear it's one of your own, it puts a unique perspective on the call. >> it was a short ride to the hospital. sf general is just a couple blocks away. that's where the officers are now. we understand that earlier the
6:34 am
chief of police and fire went to visit their bedside. the road is back open. if you have to commute you should have no problems getting through the neighborhood near sf general where woor at now. as is standard in an investigation like this. the driver, whoever the officer was in the police car will be checked for alcohol. they have no reason to believe they were under the influence. longshoremen refusing to go to work after finding out their lives may be in danger. christie smith is live where longshoremen say they will not go back to work until they're safe from shipping con tearers. >> reporter: good morning. some of the truck drivers behind me are leaving. some are waiting for new assignments. others aren't sure what tood. it's not what they wanted to
6:35 am
hear, that the terminal won't be opening. this is the second day. yesterday it was at least two terminals that didn't open. longshoreman's unit showed us a picture of a refrigerated shipping container that blew up in brazil. the issue, they're saying, is seven fold. it has to do with servicing going on in vietnam. they're exploding the containers overseas and they're saying that at least 8,000 of these conta containers may be out there. some hazardous. that could be in the port. could be on trucks. the union says most companies are handing over records. the unions can make the decision whether the terminals are safe. they're saying the two did not hand over the paperwork. the reunion is refusing to work for them. five ships waiting to be unloaded. the truckers wait for work. we just spoke to one of them. >> security was saying in brazil
6:36 am
one of them blow up. they have no safeties over here. so people decide to go home. >> how does that affect you? >> i can't feed my family when i'm not working. >> a small pickup truck just drove the line of big rigs waiting in oakland, making an announcement this morning. the port says there have been no injuries but the union is saying one mechanic was slightly burned. they believe it is because of this. the coast gartd and the part, they're all working to try and fix this situation. but for now at least one terminal still closed here at the port of oakland. reporti ining live, christie sm san jose. anchts sfral federal court will hold a hearing for the man accused of shooting arizona  congress woman gabrielle giffords. lawyers for jared loughner want
6:37 am
courts to stop the forced medication and remove his stay at a missouri state prison. loughner is being treated for his mental illness after he was found unfit to stand trial for january shootings in tucson. he's accused of killingics people and injuring # 13 others this the shooting spree. loughner has pleaded not guilty. 6:37. want to check the forecast for the first day of november. here's christina. >> first day of november bringing changes for us. the red flag warning in effect at 6:00 a.m. we have high fire danger. i'm going to say we're on fire weather watch for the entire area. we've not had a buy fire season hear. but the conditions today and tomorrow will be dry. we'll see a building breeze across the bay area. make sure you're practice best of fire safety across the bay today. winds north at # miles per hour. sustained at fairfield. sustained in livermore as well.
6:38 am
61 in livermore. 69 in fairfield versus 40s in the north bay. we have low 50s in san mateo and sunnyva sunnyvale. we'll see the breeze build throughout the day. drier and drier. relative humidity is a product of temperature moisture. as we head throughout the day and the temperatures climb, that's when we see the relative humidities drop off. so we'll see the lowest of humidity this evening. clear at the coast. red flag warning in effect until 6:00 a.m. they'll be able to expire it on time. a couple of 80s in napa and concord. as we head through, i'll tell you about this area of low pressure that will significantly change our weather pattern here in the bay area.
6:39 am
first let's get you out the front door with mike. >> good, fair warning, christina. we'll take you to a live shot of the bay bridge. metering lights turned on just after 6:15. a later build to the commute than with typically expect for a tuesday. actually a lot lighter. let's look the maps again. slowing the through berkeley towards the signal lights. also slowing through san pablo and richmond. overall it's looking light. the slowdown is not kicking in for the tunnel. >> still to come on kwtd today in the bay". johnson & johnson is accused of putting your kids at risk with chemicals found in shampoos. we'll have details coming up. plus, in god we trust has been the official motto of the u.s. for a very long time. some say now is not the time to change it. we'll have a live report from washington nec.
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6:41 am
6:42 am
6:42. congress is expected to vote later today, affirming in god we trust as the national motto. tracie potts is live in washington with more on the controversial legend.
6:43 am
tracie, good morning. >> this has been our national motto since 1956. it's on our money. it's engraved in the capitol. now republicans want to pass a resolution to essentially affirm what is already in place. that this is our national motto and encouraging the display in public buildings, including schools. there's the controversy part. democrats, even though who agree with the motto, say that this is bad timing. we're dealing with economics, a bad economy, lots of things that congress needs to get done, like getting the deficit under control, creating jobs and to bring up something as divisive as this, displaying in god we trust, a religious message in public buildings, probably would not serve them well at this time. so they're not expecting that this is going to pass. despite that 64 republicans including a couple of republicans from california are
6:44 am
cosponsoring it. they have to get two-thirds majority to approve it. at this point they probably don't have the vote. >> coming up, baby shampoos with chemicals. dangerous to babies. that's a claim from a consumer group this morning. we will have a live report coming up. plus mitt romney saying things on youtube. le announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea.
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nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. grands! and gravy. man, it's butter all the way.g? uncle ray, gravy or butter? definitely butter. boom! or gravy. ham. turkey. or nothing. as long as it's grands!, i'm good. [ female announcer ] grands! holiday ideas made easy. it is 6:46 now. the death toll is rising from the rare october snowstorm blanketing the northeast. at least 21 people have died in several states, including eight in pennsylvania since the snow started falling over the
6:47 am
weekend. most of the deaths were blamed on falling tree limbs and traffic accidents, including downed power lines. utility crews are working around the clock to restore power to more than 2 million homes. it could take until the end of the week for full power to be restored. zbr it's been a rough three or four months. hurricanes and snow. brutal. we're lucky to be on this side. >> it's our time coming soon. yaur xz wub we're talking about snow levels. possiblily. we could see them fall to 25, even 2,000 feet. 2,500 to 2,000 feet. extremely low for this early in the season. right now i'm going to keep them at 3,000 feet. but if this area of low pressure speeds up just enough, we could actually see low snow levels. i'm already forecasting a dusting atop mount hamilton. first a fire danger to the north bay and east bay hills.
6:48 am
calm winds in concord. but livermore, you're also getting a down sloping wind. you're warm this morning. temperatures are in the 60s in places like livermore. you're at 61 degrees. 59 in fairfield. and a nice cool start. so you'll need a jacket through sun sunnyvale. high pressure drives the wind offshore. and the winds warm up as they pump from land to scene. it negates the influence. for us 70s, 80s, breezy and dry. clear at the coast. we have a nice day to look forward to. 78 in fremont. 80 in santa cruz. the one little wrench in our perfect forecast is the fact that we are going to have gusty winds and the breeze will build. that is why we have the red flag warning in place until 6:00 a.m.
6:49 am
tomorrow morning. i'm timing this out on the future cast already. i want to let people know what's to come. that's a major change in the weather pattern. then we have another round to get through lasht saturday into sunday. may a few showers on monday. we'll show you what that looks like in the seven day. we stop the future cast clock for you at noon on thursday. the first band comes through the greater bay area. a break between noon and 5:00. then we get more moisture. the heavier moisture. the steady rainfall comes through friday night. it clears outs early. late saturday another round moves in. a few showers on sunday. residual showers on monday. we get to sleep in an extra hour. 62 on sunday. time to revert back to standard time. let's check your drive with mike. >> that is nice. sleeping in a little bit with the rain. the slowing is starting not
6:50 am
here. this part of the south bay is looking nice up towards mountain view. this portion from capitol to guadalupe parkway. so this direction the commute starts to build. highway 80, to volume up towards highway 87. so you'll see slowing up the capitol for the parkway as well. now the peninsula looks really nice. through san mateo and redwood city. a live look. we'll show you the steady flow southbound out of the inland. we have a nice drive to this point. just 20 minutes. the other side of the bay, 880. the volume continues to build. slowing around high and patches down as well. 16 minutes from san leandra up to the bay bridge toll plaza. the south side starts to slow as
6:51 am
well, guys. back to you. >> okay, mike. thank you very much. consumer groups are calling for a boycott of a popular baby shampoo they say contains harmful ingredients. marla tellez is live in the newsroom with an update on this. zl the campaign for safe cosmetics wants you to boycott the signature baby shampoo. they say it still contains two harmful chemicals that could be hurting your baby. today the group released a new report titled baby's tub is still toxic. the report says they are still listed as ingredients in johnson's baby shampoo. both are known as potent aler gins to trigger rashes and other skin problems including exema. they are selling shampoo free of the harmful chemicals in more than a dozen countries. but the united states isn't one of them. >> we looked at the baby shampoo
6:52 am
in 13 countries around the world to determine that they are not using a formaldehyde from servetive in several country. so obviously it's possible to do that. we're saying you need to get them out of the baby shampoos that you sell in all the markets that you serve. >> in response johnson & jn son released a statement saying it's gradually taking the chemicals out of the baby products. but says they are safe and approved by regulators in the u.s. and other countries. so a deadline has been set. the campaign for safe cosmetics is demanding johnson & johnson publicly commit by november 15th to remove the chemicals from the personal care products worldwide. jon and laura? >> thank you very much. >> it is 6:52. surgeons at the children's hospital are performing a life altering surgery for twin sisters joined at the chest.
6:53 am
the 2-year-olds from san jose are like most toddlers, they're conjoined. a team of doctors want to give them a chance at a normal life by performing the more than nine hour surgery. the hospital performed several operations in the past. if all goes well, the girls could be home by the end of the month. if you've been putting off the new year's resolution, now is a good time to quit smoking. tonight they're set to vote on a strict new anti-smoking ordnance. it would ban smoking inside pardon mes and condominiums. smoking would be prohibited at all indoor workplaces and all outdoor public places. that includes sidewalks, outdoor restaurants, parks, bus stops and malls. if passed the local rules would be tougher than existing state law. three police officers are in the hospital this morning after a crash. bob redell joins us live at the
6:54 am
scene of the accident with the very latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. a huge sigh oo of relief on behalf of sfpd that this wasn't a much more serious accident. the three officers involved in the crash about five hours ago have nonlife threatening injuries. in other words, they're going to be okay. this happened a little bit before 2:00 this morning. three officers in an unmarked patrol car. they get to 19th street. the car somehow lost control and went across the opposite lanes of traffic to slam into a light pole. the impact swuz so severe the car was totalled. those officers did get out of the car okay. right now they're at sf general, just a couple of blocks away. they were responding to a call of a man with a knife, which was a few blocks away from here at 24th and york. clearly they never made it to that scene. when they did arrive at sf general the chief of the fire department and the police
6:55 am
department both of them were there to greet these officers at their bedside to make sure they're okay. again, those three officers have nonlife threatening injuries. jon? laura? >> good news is they're all right. thank you much, bob. the doctor charged with manslaughter in michael jackson's death says he will notify the judge whether he will testify in his own defense. dr. conrad murray, if he chooses to stay silent testimony will likely end with closing arguments drielivered on thursd. several tense exchanges yesterday. dr. paul white said he would have called 911 sooner than murray did, but noted it would not have changed the outcome. he also admitted that he would have never used propofol in a similar situation. >> it's something no amount of money could convince me to accept or take on as a responsibility. >> dr. white is expected to be back on the stand today.
6:56 am
the defense will also call a scientist to discuss propofol levels found in jackson's urine. attacked by a shark on saturday and home this morning. this local surfer says he has one tale to tell. saturday morning the shark bit his arm and neck, narrowly missing his jugular vein. yesterday he remarkably left the san jose hospital, but very aware of how close hoe came to biting it himself. >> i feel lucky and grateful right now. thanks to everyone who helped me this whole time. >> he's a young man. so he should heal very well. i think he's looking forward to getting back out and doing the things he loves. >> the surgeon says he's the luckiest unlick i can guy that he's ever met and he should fully recover from the attack.
6:57 am
just when you thought airlines had squeezed every penny they could, spirit airlines breaking new ground on passenger fees. you're not going to believe this one. starting today it will cost passengers $5 to have spirit airline agents print a boarding pass. if you print a boarding pass yourself at a kiosk, it will cost you an extra dollar. that's starting next year. they fly in an out of oakland international airport. safeway is looking boo how employees at a hawaii store handled an alleged shopping incident. police arrested a pregnant woman and her husband after store employees accused them of stealing two sandwiches worth $5. police took the couple's 3-year-old daughter into protective custody for 18 hours after the arrest. the woman says they ate the sandwiches while they shopped, they kept the wrappers so they could pay. >> i immediately offered to pay.
6:58 am
we had cash. the manager said that it was against store policy the pay for mds after it had been removed from the store. >> well, the couple now faces fourth degree misdemeanor charges. a safeway spokesman says the company will review tapes of the incident before deciding whether or not to press any charges. the woman says she blames the store manager for being flexible and for insisting that they be arrested. scott has a look at wall street. >> we talked about greece. they may be backing away from the budget deal that france, germany and the rest of europe had set up before the dow industrial was better than 256 points. nasdaq down 63. have you seen bad lip reading on yew ub? it's not clear who is behind it. someone is taking political ads and revoicing them perfectly.
6:59 am
here's mitt romney. >> can i take one? don't commit suicide. >> i will force spiders and badgers on the enemy and get them all to shut up. >> i want to vote for a guy who is going to force spiders and badgers on the enemy. >> 6:59. let's check in with christina quickly. >> here we thought we knew romney by now. we're looking good so far. 52 as you make your way out the front door. 72 inland. as you round out the day, 75, breezy and clear. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> more slowing through pleasanton. look at the slowing off the dublin interchange. in the interchange, slow through livermore. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we'll be back with a local news update.


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