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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 2, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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peacefully. but things are starting to change. starting this morning, thousands of protesters took to the streets, marching first to the state building, then so banks. >> we are the 99%, and today we shut down the 1%! >> reporter: demonstrators forced several banks to shut their doors and seese operations. >> wells fargo's closed down, coamerica's closed down, we're going to check the other banks. >> reporter: they made good on that promise. several banks ended up with broken windows as angry protesters let loose. the anger came in the form of stray paint at oakland's whole foods market. scared shoppers stood by as the store closed shop. >> the song of people came up,
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maybe 100. one guy in black took a stick and started banging the windows as hard as he could. 20 feet in front of us. >> reporter: at frank owe ga wasatch plaza, the scene remained peaceful. many folks brought their children to what almost felt like a festival. campers who have had tents staked there from the start had mixed feelings on how things have evolved. >> it's evolving in unexpected directions. it's like -- it started as a bit of a drag, now it's a hydra. it's got thousands of different heads. they're all sprouting hopefully from the same body, though. >> reporter: and we are back here live. we are taking a live look at this march. these folks are heading to the port of oakland. this is just the second wave. there was already a wave of thousands of protesters who were here about an hour ago. all kinds of folks out here, young children like this little guy here. there are older folks. there are disabled.
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there are union members. you name it, they are out here. they are fired up. and they are on the march. reporting live from frank owe ga wasat wa plaza. this is one of the groups jodi was talking about, now on the move towards the port of oakland. we hear some protesters are already at the port. one of the busiest commerce centers in the u.s. and they're blocking traffic. some of the trucks trying to move in and out of the port. thousands on the way with the goal of shutting down the ports completely. elise kirschner joins is now. >> reporter: a few minutes ago i saw several busloads of protesters go by. i saw several bikers going by. and they are now scattered throughout the port of oakland. one of the protesters tells me that the goal is to block every single gate here and it is a massive port. one of the largest as we've said in the face. puerto fishes have been preparing for them to arrive all
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day long. we'ved that employees at the main office here, jack london square, have been sent home to make sure everyone is safe. puerto fishes are working with local law enforcement on the ground. production here has already been impacted. >> we're kind of like in between a wall and a sword, so to speak. >> reporter: this truck driver feels the same frustration, that the occupy protesters feel. he hopes their plan to take over the port remains peaceful. >> you get to a point where you're so stressed out the only way you can vent is through violence. which i hope it doesn't happen. but that's my main concern. >> reporter: while that remains to be seen, port workers say production is already being impacted at the third largest port on the west coast. >> and the rank and file of the longshore union did this on their own. the leaders of the union wanted them to work today but they by and large are not working the port. >> reporter: around 40 of the
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estimated 300 port workers stayed home. still others could afford not to work. >> because if i don't work today, i can't feed my kids, my family. >> the port handles $39 billion annually in goods, imports and exports. >> reporter: spokesperson eye san cost reid said the port generates around 73,000 jobs in the region. and if activists succeed in shutting it down everyone, including the people, the protesters, are fighting for, will be affected. >> we try to grow exports to create more jobs at home. shutting down the port is not going to help that. >> i depend on the deliveries of these containers, that's my income. these guys shut down the ports out here, it's going to be tough. >> reporter: and back here live, you should be looking at live chopper video of protesters here at the port of oakland. several thousand of them are expected and many have already arrived here. a port spokesperson told me he has no problem with them being
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out on public streets here but the minute they try to go inside of the gates, into the port of oakland and shut it down, then it will be a different story. we'll be here monitoring the situation all evening long. for now we're live in oakland, alease kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> we'll continue to follow this story. right next to the protesters our reporters and photographers are there. you can follow these developments on and search for the word occupy. in the south bay, san jose mayor chuck reed wants to raise taxes on medical marijuana shops. reid is looking to raise the medical marijuana business tax from 7% to 10%. medical marijuana advocates have collected enough signatures hoping to appeal the new regulations. mayor reed wants the collectives to pay for the special election that could take place. he estimates that election could cost more than $1 million. the economy is getting
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better, growth is happening very slowly. that's the word from the chairman of the federal reserve. consumer spending actually increased by more than 2% last quarter. that's a lot better than the previous quarter. >> in short, while we still expect economic activity and labor conditions will improve gradually over time, the pace of progress is likely to be frustrating my slow. >> with that growth in mind the fed left key interest rates at historic lows, making no adjustments. but with home values continuing to fall there's fear consumer spending will drop just as the crucial holiday buying season arrives. okay, here it comes. the blast of cold wetter is heading toward the bay area. we bring in our chief meteorologist jeff who tells us a preview. >> big-time changes. some of the coldest air of the season getting ready to smack us from the north bay to the south bay. it's going to be a rude awakening from what we've been experiencing lately.
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we have mild air, low to mid 70s. what you'll notice is this region of high pressure pushing off to the south. it's weakning so tomorrow, nothing close to those temperatures we had today. that was summer's last blast here. looking at this major cold blast taking its place with a jet stream taking a very, very hard hit to the south down to southern california. that will bring in widespread 60s the next couple of days. we'll start off cold tomorrow with lenity of 40s in the north bay. 50s elsewhere. by 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, some of the forecast models only hinting at temperatures in the low 60s inland. we'll have more coming up on a winter weather advisory. also our chances for rain, and yes, we're even talking frost in my seven-day forecast. so abrupt changes right around the corner. morgan hill police are getting raise from law enforcement officials for calmly handling a potentially deadly situation. police responded to a domestic
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violence kill sunday night. when they arrived at the home they found the suspect, lawrence briscoe, assaulting a woman. officers say briscoe ran into the kitchen to grab a large knife. the officers were able to use a taser on briscoe and placed him in handcuffs without any further resistance. briscoe was arraigned this afternoon in a santa clara county courtroom. still to come at 5:00, what president obama and facebook's mark zuckerberg have in common. a rare miss for google. why the search giant is apologizing today about its e-mails. i'm damian trujillo live along the santa cruz coastline where huge mammals have been putting on a whale of a show coming up next. we continue to follow developing news above oakland. our nbc helicopter, you can see down below thousands of protesters, an early estimate of 4,000 to 5,000 protesters as part of the occupy oakland movement. and they are moving from downtown towards the port. >> the goal is to shut it down.
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with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ they've been putting on quite a show for people in santa cruz. migrating whales have been getting so close to shore the coast guard had to move in to keep kayakers away. damian trujillo is live with more on whale sightings. have you seen any? >> reporter: well, we've tried as hard as we could here janelle. but no luck just yet. kayakers do tell me they spotted
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humpbacks about between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. this morning about a mile out here off of the capitola pier. we've been out here since anyone and haven't seen anything yet. we went tout to sea earlier today and it seems the whales have moved on with their show. they took us a mile into the pacific. mark ward has seen the humpbacks for the last few days. >> i would say anywhere from 100 feet off the wharf to a couple thousand yards. sometimes they travel back and forth from seal rock all the way in front of the harbor. >> reporter: kayakers have been flooding youtube with home video of the whales off the santa cruz coast. >> has there been any sightings today at all? >> reporter: at the santa cruz pier, onlookers hopeful for a glimpse of the huge mammals. >> whales, goodness sakes. it's a lifetime treat, you know? you live here your whole life and wait to see something like this.
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>> reporter: and business is booming at the santa cruz boat and bait. >> i've been watching the wails from on shore. and this looks like a great show. so wanted to see if we could get a little closer. >> reporter: but it seemed the whales moved on from santa cruz. >> nothing yet. nothing yet. >> reporter: disappointing those hoping to get a glimpse of some of these giants of the sea. and you mentioned this at the top, janelle. it seems kayakers and party boats were getting too close to some of these humpback whales. they are a protected species, so they do have to have a buffer between humans and the whales here. so seems they were getting too close. the coast guard threatened to go out and issue tickets to kayakers. as of 3:30 today the coast guard tells me they have not issued one ticket yet. we're keep an eye out but it seems to me the whales have moved on. live in capitola, damian
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trujil trujillo, nbc bay area news. turning attention back up to oakland where the news conference has just gotten under way. mayor jean kwon will address reporters in just a moment. this is the executive director of the port of oakland. once again, thousands of people are marching toward the port. he just left the podium. now howard jordan, the acting police chief for oakland. >> -- estimate the crowd to be 4,500. there's roughly about 3,000 of them right now marching peacefully to the port. we will continue to allow that to happen. earlier today there was approximately five businesses that have been damaged. most of them banks and whole foods. so we deeply regret that took place. this was the action of a small group of people. i think i mentioned in my first press briefing we had indications that a group of what we believe now to be anarchists that were in the crowd, about 60 to 70 of them were responsible for this action.
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which leaves the approximately 4,200 or 4,300 or so people that went there peacefully to be able to carry on with their normal business. so this is important, an important message to be made, that we are aware of people that are bent on causing problems, we are going to be taking steps to address those problems later on tonight if they continue. there were no reports of officers being injured, no reports of anyone else being injured as a result of today's action. the chp and the alameda county sheriff's department have been requested to assist us with mitigating traffic in the port area by allowing some of the truckers to leave and also being able to prevent anyone from entering into the freeway or possibly trying to get onto the bridge. with that i'll turn it over to miss santana for her information. >> good afternoon. deanna santana, city administrator. as what's been described it's been largely a peaceful demonstration with isolated
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incidents of vandalism, graffiti, and violence. we continue to monitor this situation. i do want to acknowledge the demonstrators that have been out there monitoring the large crowds and ensuring that those that are involved in vandalism and graffiti and acts of violence are redirected. i do appreciate those efforts. there has been a lot of issues around crowd control and a highly congested plaza. based on the level of people in the plaza, today around 3:30 i decided to release employees so they can safely leave the area and proceed to go home. we also did alert the business community and our local merchants of this decision so they can take whatever action they'd like businessed on the city's decision to close businesses. as i said last week and as we go into this evening i want to reinforce what we need to ensure public safety in the streets. last week i shared that in order to ensure public safety through
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the evening, we need no fires. we need no vandalism. no throwing bottles or rocks or human waste at police officers. police officers need to be allowed to enforce traffic and crowd control. and i just think it's important to acknowledge that the world is watching oakland tonight. and we need to make this a safe place for everyone. thank you. >> we'll take some questions and i'd like you to please state your name and media affiliation. [ inaudible question ] >> you've been watching a live news conference from oakland city officials estimating 4,500 demonstrators occupying oakland, all mostly peaceful except one discipline tear group of so-called anarchists damaging five businesses today. >> what's been remarkable, howard jordan, acting police chief for oakland, what's been remarkable is there's been hardly any police presence in
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the streets of oakland. this was coming from the reportest and protesters. compared to what we saw last week. what howard jordan said, around noon today, and reiterated just a minute ago, it's a self-policing environment down below in the streets of oakland with about 5,000 protesters. >> traffic control being the main concern right now. >> we'll continue to follow this story throughout and we're still waiting to see if oakland mayor jean kwon will step up to the podium. >> a follow-up on a story we brought to you yesterday. a strong bay area presence in washington, d.c. today as japanese-american military units were honored with the congressional gold medal. nearly 70 years after pearl harbor, lawmakers presented the awards to members of three special units. hawaii senior senator dan inouye, a veteran of the 442nd regiment, accepted on behalf of 19,000 japanese-americans who served during world war ii.
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senator barbara boxer addressed the personal conflict each man had faced. >> you fought world war ii on two fronts. as president harry truman said, and i quote, you fought not only the enemy, you fought prejudice, and you won. >> while soldiers were risking their lives overseas, u.s. soldiers, their own families, were confined to internment camps here in the united states. well, there one minute, gone the next. just minutes after launching its first gmall app for ipad google pulled the program. company reps say they messed up and released a flawed version of the program that contained a bug. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here. things doctoring to change, getting colder. >> big temperature drops. you're going to need to get
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jackets out the next two days. 71 right now in san francisco. a real nice day by all accounts from the north bay to the south bay. here's an indication how cold this area is going to get. winter weather advisory up with 2 to 4 inches and a snow level as low as 3,500 feet the next 72 hours. that's how cold the dome of air is going to be here across most of california. right now 71 in hayward. 74 in san francisco. temperatures near average here for most of the bay area. what you'll find tonight, a few clouds here with us. this system offshore and throughout thursday, a big cooling is going to arrive and set off several different changes. not only the cold weather but also showers and even possible frost in my seven-day forecast. the storm system weakening as it gets closer. the front's not holding a lot of rainfall at this point. as it continues to get closer we're talking about showers here for the bay area. we're not talking about a huge rainmaker. it's all about this cold air that's going to develop as we
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head throughout the next 48 hours. that will bring 60s inland instead of these mid and comfortable 70s. friday, chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms lingering in the forecast. tomorrow, looks like the rainfall, scattered showers will start to arrive by 10:00 a.m. as we advance, you'll see still showers lingering by 2:00 p.m. down in the south bay. then for early morning hours friday, we'll see more moderate to pockets of heavier rainfall here for san francisco. that may contain a few isolated thunderstorms. but overall totals not very impressive. we're looking at .10 inches to .25 inches for hills. not the largest rainmaker we've seen but a very, very cold system coming our way with mid 40s for tonight. tomorrow those highs, low to mid 60s here inland for the east and the south bay. just 64 in livermore. 63 in san jose. and 65 in oakland. on your seven-day forecast, we have a chance of those isolated showers thursday. but the biggest thing we'll be talking about is the cold weather. possibility of an isolated thunderstorm friday.
5:22 pm
and frost possible saturday morning inland with temperatures going down to the low 30s. so welcome to fall, everyone. it will be here tomorrow. >> thank you, jeff. another live look update of the protests going on, about 4,500 demonstrators now headed toward the port of oakland. ke it here on nbc bay area ws for developments. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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what's happening now, you're looking on the right side of your screen, a live shot of a news conference just wrapping up in oakland. you see mayor jean kwon, also acting police chief howard jordan briefing the media on what's been happening in oakland. there on the left, there you go right now, port of oakland, roughly 5,000 protesters are now at the port. you see a lot of those protesters on top of the big rigs preventing many of those big rig trucks from going on their load asks about their business. >> it's been a mostly peaceful day. a disciplinety group of so-called anarchists did cause some damage to five businesses but most of the demonstrators are now at the port of oakland.
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