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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> night fall and the protests art over yet. some are peaceful. but there have been some instances of breaking the law. and just in tonight, cell phone video captures dramatic sendoff, between protesters and a driver who ended up hitting two pedestrians. and now, happening right now, on the streets of oakland, this is 16th and telegraph. there is a large crowd outside of a building. and it appears they're trying to enter the building. we're not sure what the name of the building is. but the crowd is surfacing in front of the building and trying to make some sort of entry into that building. >> so, what now? basically, it's the cleanup in many ways. work crews you see here, and occupy members, together cleaning up a lot of the broken glass and boarding up the smashed windows. tonight, drastically different than what we saw last week.
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demonstrations were mostly peaceful. oakland police estimate 7,000 people took part in today's general strike. so far, zero arrests. they marched from frank o gaa g plaza. and watch a cell phone video of a driver in that mercedes, hitting two protesters at 11th and broadway. both suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. witnesses say the driver intenti intentionally drove them over. we begin with cheryl hurd. with a clear strategy by police, they've been hands off until now. >> reporter: that's right. occupy oakland is still occupying 14th and broadway, the epicenter for this protest. let's mention the chopper
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overhead. it's 16th and telegraph. law enforcement spent the entire day on the sidelines, letting protesters demonstrate peacefully. but the role changed when a car clashed at 11th and broadway in oakland. >> there was a mass going through. and we said, no. you'll have to wait for us. and he started taking off. >> reporter: witnesses say protesters took it upon themselves to keep the peace, following the accident. and to get rid of anyone instigating the mob. overall, the general strike designed to shut down the entire city and the port of oakland, was peaceful. but not everyone wanted peace. the whole foods store was vandaliz vandalized, along with banks and atm machines and nearby cars. through it all, police kept a minimal presence. >> you have to be peaceful.
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you can't fight fire with fire. to break down the system, we have to be better than the system. and vandalizing is not a representation of that. >> reporter: many members of the crowd, expected police to react like they did last week, with force and tear gas. >> it's been peaceful. that's the first fact that is evident. the police brought the violence the last time. >> reporter: police say they still have the option the use tear gas. but are determined not to use it. >> it is part of our policy. we still have that option. if that's not available to us, we will have to resort to the next option, in using our police batons, which is not a good image, regardless of whether you're right or wrong. >> reporter: now, occupy oakland is still going strong. the tent city is still here. and everybody is peaceful. let's take a look at the chopper overhead at 16th and broadway.
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16th and telegraph, rather. we're told there are maybe protesters trying to get into a vacant building. we're going to try to get information on that and bring it to you later. police say there are cameras posted everywhere. and they have pictures of some of the vandalism that took place earlier today. they will post some of the pictures on their website to get some help to make some arrests. meanwhile, we'll have an update on the situation here later in the show. >> thank you, cheryl. i want to continue on the live picture at 16th and telegraph. you see two signs on the outside of the building. one has been scrolled on what appears to be large plywood. it says class warfare. and there are other posters inside the building, facing out towards the protesters that say, occupy everything. and right now, we understand that the protesters are trying to go into those buildings and
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apparently occupy those buildings. we'll keep you posted with progress on that. the protesters did accomplish what they set out to do today, which was effectively shut down the port of oakland. thousands marched to west oakland while others bussed there, to claim victory over what they're calling capital commerce. one of the busiest docks in the country is near west 14th and maritime, near oakland's outer harbor. what's the situation now, at the port? >> reporter: it's very quiet out here right now. jessica, for hours tonight, protesters sat in front of this terminal entrance and several others, shutting down the port of oakland. tonight, truck drivers, some were frustrated by the action. but others say they support the movement. big rig trucks ease out of the crowd of protesters at the port of oakland. even after nightfall, drivers
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were blocked by protesters at the gates of the port. activists planned to shut down the port. and thousands joined the effort. cyclists blocked the port. frustrating some truck drivers. >> i'm heading back for nothing. i have to spend $100 in gas coming back in the morning. >> just trying to do my job. and this is keeping me from doing our job. >> reporter: the trucker wasn't sure about people climbing on his rig. but he supports the movement. >> this is good. this is for us. you know, anything good paying. we work 16 hours a day, make $200. >> reporter: protesters say they are marching to raise awareness about a broken economic system they want fixed. >> we're educating people about the real inequality that's not being talked about in this country. >> reporter: tonight, occupy
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oakland mobilized. shutting down the port of oakland, to shine a light on workers' struggles. the port says it shut down operations to try to make sure things remain safe out here. they're hoping operations will resume without interruptions tomorrow morning. >> an interruption which could prove costly tomorrow. the occupiers are railing against financial inequality. the cost of the movement is mounting and fast. the shutdown of the port could prove expensive, especially considering it generates $8 million a day. 5% of city workers didn't come to the office today. 18% or some 300 of the district's schoolteachers didn't come to class today, forcing them to hire out subs. and the police union estimates last week's sweep of the occupy oakland camp cost taxpayers
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around $1 million. and then, there's the cleanup of the plaza. it cost about $4,000, replacing the lawn alone, $30,000. and the occupiers are back on that lawn. of course, we're going to continue to watch the situation there at 16th and telegraph where the occupiers have gone into a building. and we invite you to post your comments of the day's rally. we'll monitor all of the developments. there are other headlines tonight. the solyndra scandal in fremont, frustrating taxpayers and employees and more after the revelation. hefty bonuses, less than two months before declaring bankruptcy. a number of the company's executives pocketed bonuses. solyndra was bankrolled by taxpayer money. the loans were structured in an
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unorthodox way. solyndra's private shareholders will receive money on losses, before taxpayers see a money. >> you can expect a lot of the similar anger to come from taxpayers who say, we don't get a company. we don't get stock. we don't get solar possibles on our roof, instead to find out that that money went to employees. and how badly did they need to be retained? >> insight from our business and tech reporter. the approximately 1,100 employees laid off by solyndra, did not receive severance pay. solyndra held an auction today to try to liquidate some of its assets. the two conjoined twins are doing well tonight, the second night in separate beds. the little girls underwent surgeryt yesterday. tonight, the lead surgeon was in our studios and updated us on their condition. >> they're still in intensive
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care. they're sedated. they're on ventilators but breathing spontaneously. and they're making good progress. we had excellent imaging from our radiologic colleagues. we knew a lot about the girls. we had a spectacular anesthesia team. they had to put to sleep two 2-year-old girls who are physically joined and everything is close together. >> this is the sixth time that dr. gary hartman has separated conjoined twins. and he says that each time it's different. and each time, the team to success is good planning. if you were one of the first to have one of the iphone 4s phone, you want to know about a big change that will affect every one of these brand-new phones. >> they demonstrate distortions and leave out big chunks. you've seen the political ads with big claims from all of the candidates. but before you head to the polls next tuesday, we're going to
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help you sort fact from fiction. good evening. a beautiful day here across the bay area, with plenty of warm weather. 78 in san jose. 74 in san francisco. but look at this. change is just yuf shore. we're tracking some showers. and we'll tell you about this major cold blast coming up. striking images from today's general strike in oakland. we're back in a moment.
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we're continuing to follow developing news out of oakland right now. you're looking at a live picture of 16th and telegraph, where there are hundreds of people on the street, blocking streets, creating traffic mess. this is not too far from the plaza. they are outside of a building that has big sign that says, occupy everything. you can see right now, there is a crowd, what is surrounding what appears to be some sort of a car or a tractor in the street. bay area's cheryl hurd.
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you have new video? >> reporter: we do have new video. let me show you where i am right now. we're right near city hall. you can see the tent city is still vibrant. you may hear sirens. they are coming this way. we did see someone fall a few moments ago. i anticipate maybe they're trying to check up on that gentleman to see what's going on. but meanwhile, it's peaceful here at this particular scene. but we're taking that video from overhead. the video is from our chopper at 16th and telegraph. we're told that some people are trying to break into a vacant building that is there. that happened to be one of the things that some folks who are organizing this strike would do. they would take over vacant buildings. and that seems to be what they're doing right now. meanwhile, police say there were about 900 people here right now. but at the height of the protest earlier today, they're saying there were about 7,000 people there. and some people say there were
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probably many, many more. there are still peaceful out here right now. this occupy movement seems to be gaping steam after today's general strike. >> we'll continue to monitor the situation out there, as well. it seems that apple has found the root of the battery problem that iphone users have been complaining about over the internet. it plans to include a software fix to its operationing system. the software, not the hardware, is causing the phones to run through their battery faster than expected. those who bought the iphone 4s, should have six hours of talk time. election day is next tuesday. you've likely seen the political ads from san francisco mayoral
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hopeful. they make big claims. but how honest and accurate are those ads? we did some fact-checking. we begin tonight in san francisco and the wild race for city hall. here's vicky nguyen. >> san franciscans do their job -- >> i'm ed lee. >> reporter: in these campaign ads, san francisco mayoral candidates flaunt their resume. make future plans. >> here's my road map. >> reporter: and in some cases, attack the competition. >> ed lee is getting it done for his friends and contributors. >> reporter: but do their claims add up? >> many of the adds are inviting people. it's not so much that the ads have lied. they demonstrate distortions and leave out big chunks, that in
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their entirety or full context, could give you a different picture than what you're seeing. >> reporter: take this ad from mayor ed lee, his road map for revitalization. >> with companies like twitter. attracting technology, and biotech, with an information corridor. >> reporter: twitter decided to stay in san francisco, after the city approved payroll tax breaks for companies that relocate to downtown neighbors. but lee makes an assumption, that twitter and other companies will revival the market area. it doesn't say how much money the city will forfeit because of the tax breaks. >> what's the city giving up? how many of millions of dollars in how many years are the city going to be sacrificing money. it may seem nice on the surface. but what's underneath? >> reporter: and what about this spot from state senator, lehman yee? >>' saved domestic violent
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shelters across california. >> reporter: he did support legislation to do these things. but some of the claims give the impression that he single-handedly made these changes when that's just not the case. >> he balanced budgets. well, no. he, along with two-thirds of the legislature, balanced the budget because it was a state requirement to have a balanced budget. so, if you don't do that, you can't pass the budget. suddenly, a lot of air goes out of that balloon. >> reporter: and this attack ad, from city attorney dennis herrera. watch him blast ed lee. >> mayor ed lee says eat gets it done. but what is he doing? and who is he bringing forth? >> reporter: what's not clear in this ad, is that herrera
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supported the construction project. he says while the ads aren't completely true or false, the public needs to know they are incomplete. it's something san francisco voters should consider before marking their ballots. >> thank you. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area and for complete coverage of these issues as we approach next tuesday's election. let's bring in jeff. tomorrow's the day you're say we're going to see a dramatic change in the weather. >> mainly the, the colder temperatures after a very warm day. record-setting across parts of oakland. 64 in san francisco. 65 in livermore. some of the warmest weather in the south bay, from upper 70s to even 80 degrees in gilroy. everything will be changing over the next 24 hours. we are currently dry for the north bay to the south bay. but in advance of the colder
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storm system, winter weather advisories are posted. we could see two to four inches of snow. the big thing, how high the snow level is going to go. 3,500 feet. that goes to show you how big the dome of air is going to be across california. 47 in santa rosa. 44, napa. a little warmer in fair field with 51. but nevertheless, the north bay will be the coolest. tomorrow morning, we'll find the showers beginning. throughout thursday, what most of you will experience is that big cooling, coming for the entire bay area. for in weekend, even more cold weather in a could produce our first frost. as we look now at our satellite picture. first signs of rainfall moving in. and the bark is worse than the bite here. we're not getting much in the way of moisture. that's what we expected from the storm. not too much in widespread rain covers tomorrow. it falls apart as we get closer to the bay area. what we are noting is all of the
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cold air wrapped up in the system. that's what we call cold air cumulus clouds. it's a sign of the colder air making it as far south off the coastline of california. washington and oregon. for tomorrow, it's all about, as we've been mentioning, the cold air. temperatures from the 70s down to the 60s. a chance of showers. throughout friday, with the unstable air, we'll have a chance of isolated thunderstorms. here's your time line. tomorrow morning, showers it's dry. 9:00 in the morning, showers for the north bay. it will be a slow-mover. a few showers in san francisco. may not get any showers in the south bay until 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow. we'll keep the chance of showers with us tomorrow, as well. scattered and widespread. totals not high, either. we did have a stronger storm back in october. this one just going to tip the rain bucket for us. on your forecast tomorrow morning, low 40s in the north bay. and for our highs, only the low
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and mid-60s from the east to the south bay. 63 in san jose. and 65 in santa rosa. on your seven-day forecast, the chance of scattered showers tomorrow. an isolated thunderstorm on friday. and the possibilityg o ay.bau itfnck saturday. back with more news and sports after this. what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant
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no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. san jose's traditional christmas in the park was almost a casualty of the economy. but the community rallied and has saved it.
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the free holiday event has thrilled families for more than 30 years. people donated more than $40,000 and 17 new sponsors stepped up to rescue the event. but not all is rosie. the san jose holiday parade will not be back. this year beda wrk.lil be dark. we're back in a moment with the latest from the raiders.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. did you know the newest raider's 34 years old. but he still has game. t.j. houshmandzadeh strapped on a helmet. he has struggled with catching the ball late in his career. has t.j. corrected the problem? >> i've been doubted my whole life. that's what drives me because people say, you can't do this. you can't do that. i feel like if you want to play basketball, i can play with you. if you want to hit home run derby, i can hit home runs. if you want to play golf, i can hit the golf ball. that's how i feel. and i believe in myself. but i've been doubted my whole
11:29 pm
life. so, being in the nfl is no different. >> best of luck to t.j. riders running back, darren mcfadden did not practice wednesday. he was at the raiders facility. but he was wearing a protective boot on his right foot. and he needed crutches to walk. before we get out of here, how about some hockey? when you call a guy soft, those are fighting words. but after losing in new york, joe thornton didn't hesitate to call the rangers soft. tough words from thornton. but it might encourage other players to test his toughness. is jumbo joe up for the challenge? brody brazil went to san jose to see if the captain is doing an about-face. >> i don't need to extend this back and forth. but anything you'd like to close this with? >> i just probably used the wrong word to kind of talk about the game. i have to comment on it. >> i do believe he's trying to
11:30 pm
send a message to our team, not to their team. letting him and his teammates know, we weren't competitive enough. we didn't battle at all. and his choice of words were not right. they worked us. and i think it's behind us now. >> every couple years you say it ahead of things. usually i'm pretty good. like i said, you just use a wrong word once in a while. no harm done. big game tomorrow night for the san jose sharks as they host the pittsburgh penguins. i told jessica a little earlier, raj, so she knows i'm not lying. late today, joe thornton wanted me to tell you, raj, that you're soft. and i want to know if you're going to do anything about it. >> you need to do something about that. >> i'm going to take out his two front teeth. that's what i'm going to do. >> i'll give him that message,
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okay? >> you t hhat,.enry that, henry. >> good seeing you guys. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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before we leave you, we want to go back to oakland for one last check of our news tonight. as we discovered last week, with all of the protests across the country, as we approach the midnight hour, they get unruly. throughout the day, relatively peaceful. zero arrests even to this hour. in the last 35 minutes, they have taken over a vacant building in downtown oakland. the protesters say they want to make this into a library and an open workshop for the people of oakland. that's going to do it for us. bundle up tomorrow because the temperatures are going to be low. right, jeff? >> yes. very cold for us. >> announcer: it's "the tonight featuring rickey minor


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