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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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catering to low income immigrants in east san jose. damien, what do you have? >> reporter: this is one of the big differences between the big banks and these microbranches. this bank is actually still open. it closes at 7:00 tonight. they service a low income community here. it looks like a check cashing place and that's the extent. it is funded by some bay area titans and the branch manager says they're here to help the little guy. he doesn't have a lot of money, but what little he does have, he prefers to keep it here at east san jose's micro branch. martinez says the big banks keep changing the rules and fees. the micro branch is a division of the self-help federal credit union and funneleded by the fby bay area titans that aim to help
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mostly low income immigrants. >> some of them are served by check cashers but some are pushed even further to the fringe to payday lenders, rent to own, less reputable check cashers and pawn shops. so they get in a destructive debt cycle and are never able to get the credit history or savings that they need to get ahead. >> reporter: micro branch got a huge endorsement a few weeks ago. most holy trinity parish in san jose with 7200 parishioners announced it will now only bank with the micro branch. >> today we ante up in announcing the divestment of our church's funds from bank of america. >> reporter: $3 million, and packed the faith-based advocacy group is spearheading a campaign urging americans to follow the father's lead. >> i'm here and trying to basically help make it a reality. >> reporter: diane left a
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traditional bank to be branch manager at micro. >> i save a little money. you know how the economies right now. >> reporter: some might call customers like him the little guy. in this case getting a hand from some corporate giants. and this microbranch is even open on sundays, believe it or not. this is the only branch in the entire city of san jose. the plan is if everything goes well to have one, maybe two more branches within the next couple of years. we're live in east san jose, i'm dami damien tan trujillo. now to the flash point in oakland. after a mostly peaceful day and night of demonstration yesterday, it turned ugly really in the midnight hour. a small group of violent protesters wreak eed havoc on t city, vandalizing and setting fires in the early morning hours. oakland remains in a precarious spot debating its next step and
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just what to do about the occupy movement. nbc bay area's tracy grant has a look at the impact on local businesses but we begin with jodi hernandez with reaction today from city leaders. this is a question i don't think anyone can answer. what do they plan on doing from here? >> reporter: that is a very good question. things got very ugly out here last night. everybody, nearly everybody is outraged about it, including the folks here at occupy oakland who say a small splinter group is responsible for the destruction. now, a special meeting is taking place inside city hall at this moment. the city council is talking about the occupy demonstrations. tonight mayor jean quan says she continues to support the movement, despite last night's mayhem. oakland city workers spent the morning replacing bricks used to smash windows, and scraping off paint sprayed all over downtown,
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the mess caused by protesters who let loose overnight. >> i don't know if -- i don't want to label them as any particular group. i can say generally we consider them anarchists and provocate s provocateurs, people intent on causing damage regardless of the situation. >> reporter: this was the scene last night when it all went down. police say the protesters occupied an abandoned building, then set fire to dumpsters as police moved in to clear them out. >> my officers were immediately pelted with rocks, bottles, some of which you will see here later, and also incendiary devices. mun m-1,000s, lit flares. >> reporter: they showed off some of the items protesters used, including shields, and massive spray kapaint canisters. >> get them out. they don't need to be there, this is my city. >> reporter: this pastor says enough is enough. he wants all the protesters cleared out once and for all.
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>> what they really should do is get some of these big pumpers, these water pumpers, bring them out here and point the hoses over there and i will be holding one. i'm serious. i mean it stinks, it smells over there. >> reporter: but mayor jean quan says using a heavy hand isn't part of her plan. instead, she wants a peaceful resolution. >> it shouldn't mar the overall impact of the demonstration and the fact that people in the 99% demonstrated peacefully and for the most part. >> occupy oaklanders agree. many moved in to clean up the mess made by what they call a fringe element. >> when you have people being destructive, that's not a good example. so we can show everyone that we can come here and fix this. >> reporter: and we are back here live at occupy oakland.
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many of the occupiers are inside city hall for that special meeting. the city council was slated to vote on a proclamation supporting the movement. it's unclear whether that vote is actually going to take place tonight in light of last night's event. again, that meeting is taking place right now in city hall. last check it was flooded with people. there are lots of people who want to sound off and speak out about what happened last night. also the city has yet to put a price tag on everything that's happened this week, but they said last week's events cost the city about $700,000. reporting live in downtown oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it's adding up to a lot. thank you. along with those occupiers you saw cleaning up the graffiti, there were city workers erasing graffiti and trying to clean up the damage caused overnight. many of the owners of those businesses targeted say they're still stumped about why things turned violent and why they became the victims. nbc bay area's tracy grant is
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live in oakland right by one of those stores hit. the owners consider themselves the 99%, so they have to be betrayed. >> reporter: they do, jessica. i mean tully's coffee is one of the businesses that openly supported this occupy movement. some of these businesses even closed their doors yesterday for the general strike. but today a lot of those doors had to remain closed while workers cleaned up after the damage caused by vandals. >> thanks, great job. >> you really represent the 99% well. >> reporter: sherri rivers' words are drenched in sarcasm as she talks about the people who trashed her coffee shop. she said for weeks she used money from her own pockets to donate food and drinks to the occupy oakland encampment just a few feet away. but she said she arrived early to find windows broken, items stolen and the cash register knocked over. >> i cried. it was very disheartening.
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i am a part of the 99%, so to watch my people do things like this to my store and we supported the movement, it's very disheartening. >> reporter: the march turned ugly last night when some protesters began vandalizing some of the businesses in downtown oakland. today graffiti, shattered glass and plywood covered many windows. large chains were covered in spray paint. small businesses were also hit and forced to hire crews to try to clean up the mens. one woman received a message telling her people were trying to break into her store. she said other protesters managed to stop the vamgdss. >> we were kind of stressed out but really grateful that they were holding down and protecting anything from vandalized in here. we got a few things stolen but nothing like it could have been if people got in. >> reporter: some business owners didn't want to speak on camera but said it's easy to
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scrub away the remnants of the attacks but nothing can remove the feeling they have been betrayed by people they supported. a whole foods spokesperson said the store not only donated food but also allowed workers to take time off for the strike. some from occupy oakland wrote apology notes and helped to clean up today. >> they're not doing anything wrong. we should be supporting them. >> now, take a look at this. these are some of the occupy oakland members who are still out here trying to clean up the mess left over from last night. some of them have told us that they're angry an they're embarrassed by what took place last night. they are afraid that it obscures the entire message that they have been trying to promote. live in oakland, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> and still the question remains what happens next. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the occupy movement. we have extensive coverage on our website at turning to our weather now, it seems like one thing led to the other. cold temperatures, wet weather,
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bad traffic, umbrellas became the accessory of the day in san francisco. we bring in jeff ranieri. real simple, what's the forecast? >> we do have ever-changing conditions over the next 24 hours. it was a cold shower when you hit you outside. the cold air getting right to your bones. as we look outside, you can see the thick cloud cover here across the east bay and also the showers that continue. as you take a look right now, those numbers, 50s for everyone across the board from the north to the east to the south bay. also including the peninsula. so let's get a look. here's a system winding up. we don't have too much consistent rainfall. we'll be tracking that throughout the show. what we do have, of course, is the coldest air and the coldest stretch of weather here in six months with this jetstream pushing all the way down to southern california. now, the center of low pressure is not too strong w ln e uyoook at fall and winter ustorms, however, it has enough upper level dynamics we'll see the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the next 18 hours.
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yes, we're going to say it again, cold tomorrow morning, 30s in the north bay, mid-40s in the south bay. as we take you into 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, we're still talking 50s. coming up we'll have more on this winter weather advisory posted for the sierra and also details on when some widespread frost could be coming back as well. that's in just minutes. still ahead at 6:00, the exotic animal believed to be on the loose in a bay area park. also she moved to costa rica to start her own school. just a few weeks later, a woman from the bay area ends up dead. so what happened? the details coming up. and a local tech giant announces more than 1,000 layoffs. what's the impact to the bay area economy? and a mad dash for wineries in the east bay as they try to . back in a moment.
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pg&e's new ceo says the
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company wants to earn back the public's trust. and to do so, the utility will spend an additional $400 million over the next two years to upgrade the system. newly named pg&e chief tony early outlined the utility spending plan today. he said it was clear the company needed major system changes in the wake of the san bruno explosion in september of last year. early says the utility will revamp its natural gas network, electric operations and customer service and that the tab will be picked up by shareholders, not by customers. spending is in addition to the $2 billion the company previously pledged to put toward upgrading gas transmission pipes and replacing a thousand miles of subpar plastic pipe. new tonight at 6:00, humane workers on the peninsula are heart broken about a felony case of animal cruelty and they're searching for the person responsible. yesterday a redwood city sewer district worker found a five-pound weight attached to the neck of a 12-year-old cat. the animal had been drowned in
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the redwood city lagoon. the peninsula humane society said the back and white cat the declawed front paws and no collar or microchip. >> it could be someone who just wanted to be intentionally cruel and do something to a cat. it could be someone who was tired of an indoor/outdoor cat on their property. it's really just a guess. >> there is a reward being offered and people living in the area have added their own money to the row ward bringing the total reward money to $2200. a disturbing pattern of police theft, that allegation today from the public defender who first raised the issue of police misconduct back in march. at a news conference today, he presented a videotape and several people claiming police wrongdoing. several claims have been filed to return money and other property they say police confiscated but never logged in as evidence. one woman says that while executing a search warrant, police stole $500 from her daughter's piggy bank.
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today he says these speaks only as the city's public defender. >> dishonesty of this kind cannot be tolerated. we're calling for a zero tolerance policy within the police department and the police commission to ensure that this does not happen again. >> he showed a police report which described a man as acting in a threatening manner toward police and followed it with security video in which the man appears to be cooperating. well, police are also searching for a man who attempted a carjacking that left another man wounded, all of this in concord. police say about 12:45 a man pulled over on the arthur road on-ramp at the 680 freeway. while he was stopped, the suspect approached the car and attempted a carjacking. officers say the suspect pulled out a gun and the victim began wrestling it away from him. the suspect shot the victim in the arm before taking off on
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foot. the victim was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries. the best cyclists in the world are heading or pedaling back to the bay area next year but there are some changes. livermore and san jose will still be key legs of the bike race, but next may when they return, riders will finish the second stage of the race in santa cruz, and that's a change. the race sponsor, aeg, wanted an ocean backdrop. santa cruz dropped out of this year's race because of financial concerns. another change for next year, instead of starting in lake tahoe, the 750-mile race will begin in santa rosa. it ends in southern california. when you buy a bottle of wine you probably don't think of the behind-the-scenes drama that goes into filling it. here comes the drama. wine makers dealing with the weather, as in today's rain. it's a huge challenge. here's joe rosato jr. reporting from livermore. >> reporter: with blue skies hovering over the livermore valley, a group of grape pickers
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worked at a frenzied pace. stems and grape juice flew in every direction, because every wine grape grower knows blue skies don't last forever. >> we start to get basil leaves in essence, you start to get the fall leaf color which is pretty but not a good thing if you still have food on your vineyard. >> reporter: steven may be one of the biggest gamblers in wine making. his east livermore crop is usually one of the last to ripen, which normally push his harvest to the edge of the rainy season. >> if you get rain, you get cold temperatures, you get uptake of water in the vines, you can get split berries that will lead to rot. >> reporter: with word of cold, wet weather heading for livermore, today he was racing nature to get his grapes picked in time. >> so we want to try to get as much food as we can off now that's ready to be picked or close to ready to being picked so there's a lot of hustle going on. >> reporter: and it seemed this late harvest wine hustle was
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contagious with the glut of last-minute picking across the valley. tons of grapes were suddenly landing at wineries. >> tonight is going to be a long one. we've got a total of about 20 tons from six different vineyards. >> reporter: at notingham sellers and kgo wineries in livermore, this morning's grapes were already on their way toward becoming next year's wine. >> this is what it's all about. this is the most exciting time of year. it's like tax time for an accountant. >> reporter: only most accountants aren't agonizing over the forecast like john kinney. >> i am always watching the weather. that's why i'm always looking at the sky. >> reporter: growers didn't expect to get all their grapes picked in time for the rain, which meant they'd have to roll the dice, leaving them on the vine. but to a sixth generation wine maker like mirasu, a dramatic finish is all part of the job. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> jeff ranieri, you should parcel yourself out to these
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wine makers, offer your meel meelgs -- meteorological services in exchange for a few bottles. >> or get my pockets a little bigger. >> let's take a look out here. today it has been all about that cold blast of air. temperatures dropping 10 to about 25 degrees just from this time yesterday. when you compare it to monday, nearly a 30-degree drop for some of our bayside communities. oakland down 18 degrees, 22 degrees cooler in concord, 22 degrees cooler in napa and 16 degrees cooler in santa rosa. pretty much everyone in the 50s here in the north bay. 55 in napa, 56 in santa rosa and 58 in san rafael. it's very cold up there on the grapevines in napa and sonoma and warmer down in the south bay where that cold front took 8 bit of time to pass through. we did hold on to 70 in los gatos but temperatures have dropped and quickly. let's take a look at the rainfall. most of the cold front has passed to the east and off to
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the south so we still have some consistent rainfall but we're starting to see most of that consistent rainfall pass. we're holding on to some of those moderate showers down here in the south bay including san jose, los gatos, also fremont. up in the east bay showers are very spotty, up through dublin and alamo and dry in livermore. we still can't rule out continued showers for tonight. we'll tell you why in a second. let's take you outside right now. it is cold and it flipped on a dime from that summer weather an all that sunshine to 50s and cloudy skies right now and it's breezy to windy out here with temperatures in the 50s for everyone, from santa rosa down to san jose. so nonetheless we're setting ourselves up for a cold night. it's not very gusty right now. winds anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour. the center of low pressure is offshore. as this passes right across the bay area tonight, that's going to ignite the possibility of thunderstorms in the overnight hours. otherwise the cold air is going to stay right into our upcoming
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weekend. it's not going to be budging at all. in fact for tomorrow morning we may have isolated areas of frost up in the north bay with 30s here, widespread 30s for the north bay and everyone else in the mid-40s. and by 10:00 and 11:00 tomorrow, upper 40s and low 50s. by 2:00 p.m., looking at mid-50s. so you guys, i'm kind of getting stumbled up here because it's just been so cold out there today. but it's a good excuse to maybe go out and buy a jacket, i'm thinking. >> i'm wearing a coat in the newsroom so i know it's cold. >> she really is. and a blanket as well. >> thanks, jeff. experts with the u.s. geological survey have a grim prediction of what global warming will do to the san francisco bay and the sacramento delta area. they say expect the waters to get warmer, saltier and more likely top flood levels. such changes would also have a huge impact on the ecosystem. >> we're going to have a big job of adaptation if greenhouse gas emissions continue to accelerate
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at a fast pace. on the other hand, if we can get those emissions under control, that means the changes will be relatively smaller and the effort that we'll have to place into adaptation will be smaller as well. >> the water you drink will also be impacted with a shrunken sierra snowpack. water supplies will be stretched thinner than they are now. the seven-year study is described as the first of its kind. still ahead here at 6:00, we'll introduce you to the san francisco zoo's newest guest. take a look. also the remarkable rescue story. i'm scott budman with a new way to see the light. coming up, why so many bay ogre arrndes aag syns ue churches and synagogues are going solar. e
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maybe only in the bay area here they are seeing the light. religious groups are going green. >> and they're getting some help and not just from a higher
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power. scott budman shows you. ♪ >> it was just sort of an idea whose time had come for us. >> reporter: this is a story about a pastor -- >> our tradition teaches that we have a responsibility to be care takers. >> reporter: and a rabbi. >> it's on. when the sun is on, it's on. >> reporter: but it's not a joke, and they don't walk into a bar. instead, they have something in common. they both lead silicon valley congregations that have gone solar. father mitch lindeman of portola valley's christ church and the rabbi are leading parishioners to go green. >> when they saw that we could do this together, it was a unifying event. >> about four years ago we had a seventh grade class that felt we needed to put solar panels up on
6:27 pm
the roof. so some representatives of the class made a great presentation to our board of directors. >> reporter: sinai just installed its panels. for christ church it's been about a year and they have already seen results. >> goodness, it looks like at least a 50% savings. >> reporter: good business, but also a good example. in the eco-friendly bay area, you can call it practicing what you preach. >> i think when we think of ourselves as co-creators with god, we are stewards of all the good that's come to us, and it's our job to hand this place on to the next generations and to improve it whenever possible. >> as a religious institution, we are serving as an example to members of our community, but to the wider community as well. and this is -- this is something that we need to do. >> reporter: two faiths sharing a common higher power, and they have the panels to prove it. >> okay, that was scott budman
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reporting. well, it's a big step backward in what's been the red-hot tech industry. amd announcing plans to cut about 10% of its workforce. that equals about 1400 people worldwide, but here in the bay area, about 80 people will lose their jobs. amd says it needs to cut costs as the chip business has slowed. well, still ahead here at 6:00, an important ruling in the bay area involving medical marijuana. also ahead, a sad turn of events for a woman who recently moved from the bay area to start a school in costa rica. i'm marianne favro. coming up i'll tell you about a new treatment offered at stanford hospital t patients with brain aneury patients with brain aneurysms new hope. what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee
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and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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no exclusions. with jcpcash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. full speed ahead. the investigation is heating up surrounding fremont-based solyndra, the bankrupt solar company. lawmakers want to see the paper
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and e-mail trail detailing how and why the company got a half a billion dollar loan from the federal government. >> a house committee voted to issue a subpoena to the white house to get those e-mails and that paperwork. cnbc has the new details and reaction from the obama administration. >> reporter: good evening. well, house republicans said that this stack of documents which was turned over to them last night by the white house is simply not enough. they voted in the energy and commerce committee today on party lines, 14-9, to authorize issuing a subpoena to the white house for internal white house documents about solyndra. now this stack of about 2,000 pages of documents which the white house turned over last night is only e-mail between the department of energy and the white house on solyndra. what the house republicans want are e-mails within the white house itself. the white house has been very reluctant to release those e-mails. they have refused so far to do that. now presumably the hill will send a subpoena to the white house for those solyndra
6:32 pm
documents and it remains to be seen whether the white house will invoke executive privilege and refuse to abide by that subpoena. for its part today, the white house reaction was that they hoped that hill republicans would show a little bit more energy in creating jobs than they are showing in this investigation into solyndra. new tonight at 6:00, a bay area teacher's life was cut short during a tragic accident in costa rica. 33-year-old rhiannon hull had lived with her husband and two sons in healdsburg some 50 miles away from santa rosa. five weeks ago hull opened up a school in costa rica. she brought her 6-year-old son to the country with her. their plan to change lives came to a halt when she and her son were caught in a strong rip current. hull managed to keep her son afloat until a young surfer was able to grab him, but she couldn't save herself. well, is a solano county
6:33 pm
woman a devoted mother who made a terrible mistake or a neglectful parent, responsible for her children's death? a jury must now decide. today the hearing began in the case against the woman. she's on trial for second degree murder in the deaths of her children and her sister's child. they all died in an apartment fire back in april, 2010. prosecutors say she left the four children in a dangerous situation which led to their deaths. that's why she's charged with second degree murder and not manslaughter. >> you know it's something that's dangerous, it could result in death and you do it anyway. similar to a drunk driver. they can be charged with murder as well, same theory. >> investigators say the fire started from burning candles and that james was not home at the time. defense attorneys say james is a loving and devoted mother, despite having her own terrible childhood. a school official in vacaville is behind bars after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing child pornography. 43-year-old steven shields was
6:34 pm
arrested yesterday morning at his home in clayton. shields is an administrator for the vacaville unified school district. a spokesperson for the district said the illicit material was found on his personal laptop, not at his work computer. there's also no evidence suggesting he victimized any students. shields has been placed on paid administrative leave. cupertino is considering ways to make it even harder for kids to get their hands on tobacco products. the city council decided this week to study programs around the state that require businesses to get a license to sell tobacco and require stores to keep tobacco products out of sight. city leaders say they want to know if these types of programs in other cities are effective and if they really reduce smoking rates among children. if the city does decide to adopt new tobacco rules, it could be eligible for some grant money. a school which teaches kindergarten through eighth grade was evacuated more than an hour after what school officials thought was a possible gas leak. pg&e crews arrived on the scene
6:35 pm
just before 11:00 searching the school and the surrounding area, but they didn't find evidence of a leak. students were back in their classrooms before noon. well, a doctor's note does not provide protection from federal drug laws. that's the ruling of the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. the court turned down an appeal by a skiktd southern california bank robber who violated his parole by using pot. he argued he was exempt from federal drug laws because he had a doctor' recommendation for medical use of marijuana under california's compassionate use act. the appeals court said it doesn't matter. there is a state law, because there is no currently accepted medical use for marijuana. the fate of michael jackson's personal doctor is now in the hands of the jury. >> that's true. after nearly 50 witnesses, the jury has a lot of evidence to ponder over. janelle wang is here with today's national and international headlines for us. >> that's exactly right, guys. the jury of seven men and five women will begin deliberating
6:36 pm
first thing tomorrow morning. this after both sides spent the day presenting their closing arguments. the prosecution cast dr. conrad murray as a reckless physician who gave the singer a powerful and ultimately fatal dose of propofol. the defense argues that jackson self-injected the anesthetic himself to help him sleep. jackson's family was in the courtroom again today. the six-week trial featured 49 witnesses. if dr. murray is convicted, he faces four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. greece's prime minister bowed to pressure and cancelled his call for a referendum. but he's also ignoring calls to resign which places a lot of uncertainty in the country. the leaders at the g-20 summit, including president obama, are trying to rescue greece and stabilize europe's financial markets by keeping the country in the euro zone. if greece leaves the euro, it would cripple thearkets and send the world into a recession. now, here in the u.s., our own financial troubles, president obama's jobs plan is effectively dead in congress.
6:37 pm
today senate republicans blocked a $60 billion package which would have created construction jobs to repair highways and bridges. that group faces some of the highest unemployment rates. democrats have been forcing republicans to vote on pieces of the stimulus plan, but republicans are just digging in their heels. both sides, as you know, are vying for the public's approval. next year we've got the presidential election, and of course congressional elections as well. >> it's going to be a big next year for everyone. thank you, janelle. better lock up your wheels in the south bay. los gatos police are stuck in first gear trying to curb bicycle thefts in the upscale community. 80 bicycles have been stolen in los gatos since the beginning of the year. compare that to 74 bike thefts all of last year and just 59 the year before. the bikes ripped off range in price between $60 and more than $6,000. cops say be cautious and be smart. use a u-bolt lock. close and lock garages, especially at night, and lock up
6:38 pm
your bike in a well-lit, visible area. still ahead on the loose in the east bay, an exotic animal spotted at a local park. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds and very cold showers out here tonight. looking at san francisco it shows the camera moving around a little bit in some of this wind and only 59 in san francisco with 60s in san jose. we'll talk about our cold nights ahead, possible frost and we'll track this rain for you in just a few minutes.
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6:40 pm
a mutt jack watch is under way in berkeley. before you watch out for one, you have to know what it is. mutt jacks are the smallest species of tear native to asia. they're popular pets, but illegal here in california. this little guy is so friendly there's a whole youtube video about him. experts say it now lives in berkeley cesar chavez park is probably a pet dumped by an owner. experts are very concerned because they are vulnerable to
6:41 pm
just about everything from dogs to the overnight cold weather. one wildlife specialist described the runaway berkeley beast as, quote, impossibly cute. >> he is adorable. okay, six new web-footed friends are calling the bay area home and today we got our first look at the penguins at the san francisco zoo today. the 3-year-old penguins were brought over to the monterey bay aquarium where they have been undergoing rehab the last two years. they are near a threatened species due to climate change and overfishing. the birds were found in brazil nearly starved to death. >> they swam to the coast of argentina. they're supposed towards the northern end of the country and were turned back to the normal breeding colony. but this group along with thousands of others continued swimming up the coast and were stranded in brazilian waters where there wasn't the fish density they need to survive. >> and they were forced to wear thongs. no, i'm joking. the san francisco zoo has the largest colony of these penguins
6:42 pm
of any zoo in the world. they are so funny looking. >> they are. >> look how cute they are. >> every time i see a penguin thing, they're always inside the little area. >> they're really fiesty too and they move around a lot. they're super cute. >> what have we got as we head into the night? it's going to be cold. >> we're all going to feel like little penguins tomorrow morning with 30s and also 40s coming our way. some frost for the bay area. cold showers. some of the coldest air in six months. we'll detail it all for you in my seven-day forecast in just minutes. coming up in sports, the 49ers with a star in the making, and sad news regarding a giants legend. plus the red-hot sharks are back at the tank for a showdown with one of the best teams in the team. we'll take you to hp for a report on the matchup with the mighty penguins.
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6:44 pm
new hope for patients with brain aneurysms. >> surgery through your groin and not cutting through your skull. that's just part of the new procedure at stanford hospital. it's a new treatment for patients who had few viable options in the past. here's nbc bay area's marianne favro. >> reporter: when 46-year-old jennifer ozag of redwood city started having double vision, she turned to her doctors to find out why. >> they took an mri and sure enough they found an aneurysm.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: jennifer decided to wait for the fda to approve this tiny device called the pipeline stent so it could be used to help treat her large aneurysm. >> this is serious. this is the brain we're talking about. i didn't want to compromise by trying another treatment. i wanted to do the best thing possible. >> and this is the aneurysm, which has ballooned out from the wall of that blood vessel. >> reporter: dr. michael marks at stanford hospital performed her procedure using the new pipeline stent. through a small incision in her groin, the doctor threaded a catheter in that would later help carry the pipeline to her brain. the stent itself is made up of 48 tiny wires braided together to diminish blood flow to the aneurysm. >> by doing that, it basically stops the blood from entering the aneurysm, keeps the aneurysm from growing, and the thing that we're most worried about, keeps it from the risk of it breaking or bleeding. >> reporter: the new approach is also less invasive.
6:46 pm
doctors don't need to cut open the skull, so patients recover more quickly. doctors say this procedure offers a new treatment option for about 15% of brain aneurysm patients. those whose aneurysm is too large to successfully treat with conventional methods. just a few months after treatment, jennifer says she feels back to normal. >> i'm very glad that this treatment was approved when it was and that i was eligible to have the treatment, and i'm very, very happy with the results. >> reporter: at stanford hospital, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> good work there. great progress. let's bring in jeff ranieri again. of course when it rains, i think everyone fokrgets how to drive because traffic was a beast today. >> yeah, it was. i was on 101 near poplar drive just past the airport, about two hours of traffic i sat in. >> oh, that's terrible. >> dangerous out there with those roads getting slick in our first rain in about four weeks
6:47 pm
across the bay area. the thing to note on our radar right now is the cold front. this consistent rainfall has passed to the east and also the south, so we're done with some of this consistent rainfall we've had over the past four to six hours. what you'll note is down into the south bay, morgan hill, gilroy, also south san jose, including campbell, you're still getting isolated showers. take a look back here towards pacific, we do have more showers lining up and that's the nature of what we'll find are those isolated pockets of showers an even possibly some thunderstorms. in the east bay it's pretty much dry with a lone shower down near fremont but we'll see more chances of showers continuing through tonight. how about the sierra, about 2 to 4 inches of snow. while we're not expecting a lot of snow, snow levels down to about january and february levels. 3500 feet as we head throughout the next 24 hours. temperatures have dropped 10 to 25 degrees from this time yesterday, so nonetheless all of you felt that cold blast today with low 50s in the north bay right now and already 49 in
6:48 pm
gilroy. so we will be going down with 30-degree temperatures tonight. so let's get you into tonight. it will be cold here, of course, with isolated showers. for friday still the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. again for this weekend not only frost but another system we'll be following for more rainfall. now, the current area of low pressure is just offshore. as this continues to pass right across the bay area tonight, that's what could ignite a few areas of thunderstorms, but otherwise on the satellite loop the thing that's remarkable to note is all these little clouds here. those are cold air cumulus clouds. it's an incredible indicator of all this polar air that's making it as far south as southern california. so as we head throughout the next 48 hours, we'll find there's more 60s inland and throughout this weekend more rainfall coming on back. so let's get you the timeline on this as we continue through tonight. what we'll find are those isolated showers in throughout 11:00 p.m. nothing major in terms of consistent rainfall. that's what we'll see at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow for the south bay and the east bay. then we'll get in on sunshine for friday.
6:49 pm
our next round of rainfall at this point coming as we head into saturday evening with another round of some cooler air as well. rainfall totals notoo high as we have knocked about, anywhere from 0.05 to maybe a quarter inch for some of our hills and tonight patchy frost possible in the north bay, right near napa and sonoma with mid-30s. 40 in gilroy an 45 in los gatos. tomorrow 50s and 60s after low 80s to start the week. we have sunk to below average conditions. more any time at we are updating the weather section constantly. just click the weather tab and get the latest results. you can see isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. a chance of thunderstorms late saturday into sunday and 60s holding out through thursday. coldest weather we've seen in six months, you guys. >> and you couldn't be more excited. >> i love tracking weather. >> two hours of traffic, no problem. he's excited. let's get to sports.
6:50 pm
so with everything going on with the 49ers -- >> is that a ham sandwich by any chance, henry? >> it's not a ham sandwich, jessica. by the way, today is national sandwich day. i'm a little bit upset. there's a place called ike's place. they named a sandwich out of jamie syer. i said what about my sandwich. they said your sandwich is full of bologna so i said don't name it after me, man. >> jamie is much better looking than you, henry. that's why she gets the sandwich. >> i hear that constantly, okay. let's talk a little bit about sports for a second. you can't go anywhere in the bay without hearing someone mention the red-hot san francisco 49ers. e guysysf 6-1 and having a world of fun right now. boy, you've got to give a lot of attention to that defense. lights out through the first seven games of the season. jim harbaugh's group is top in the nfl in both points and
6:51 pm
rushing yards allowed. however, it's their secret weapon that has quietly been still in the headlines. our damon andrews has more on this young and up and coming star. >> reporter: what the 49ers scouting star and what they saw in aldon smith. he has paid off by being named nfc defensive player of the month. his 6 1/2 sacks is ranked seventh in the nfl and he'll look to add more. >> we've got so many superstars on our defense and so many guys that make plays, anybody could come in and make plays in my position. >> very much is expected of him. he's our first round pick but at the end of the day it doesn't matter where you're drafted, when you get the opportunity to go out there and play, you have to make it count. he's most certainly doing that. >> reporter: it's been a big month for aldon smith. sunday will be a huge day for vernon davis who returns home to his native d.c. and plays in front of the home crowd for the
6:52 pm
first time in his nfl career. he would love to catch a bunch of catches and he would love to score a bunch of touchdowns. but the biggest thing vernon says will be for the 49ers to come away with their sixth straight win. >> i look forward to the game. i look forward to seeing my family and also look forward to coming out with a victory. i know the redskins, they have a pretty good squad over there. we definitely can't go to sleep on those guys because this is the nfl. each week is different. >> in santa clara, damon andrews, nbc bay area. >> thank you, damon. to the ice we go. the sharks finish their east coast swing going 5-1, including five straight victories before losing monday to the rangers. tonight the penguins are in town minus their ys superstar. brody brazil has the latest from hp. >> reporter: crosby is most certainly one of the biggest names in hockey and in all of sports. the pittsburgh penguins superstar is here in san jose
6:53 pm
traveling with the team but will not suit up tonight due to the concussion symptoms that he has been dealing with now for the past ten months. san jose players told me this morning that they will certainly miss out on the opportunity to face him. >> i love watching him on tv, so i'd love to play against him too. you know, for me i just feel disappointed for especially the fans here in san jose. pittsburgh comes here once every couple years and the biggest draw in the league and the best player probably is not playing. it's disappointing the fans won't get to see him. >> he's arguably the best player in the game. he's certainly got -- playing against ovechkin you get excited. yeah, i like playing against the top players in the game. that's unfortunate. >> reporter: now, the sharks have won five of their last six thanks to the contributions in large part of joe pa vel ski. he has six goals and 11 points during that time span. he told me this morning he'd like to think it's all about smarts but the real key has been being in the right place at the
6:54 pm
right time. we end with sad news to report. giants legend matty alou passed away at the age of 72. he remained a big part of the giants family and will be forever linked with his brothers, felipe and jesus ands first time brother major league outfield. our condolences go out to the family. much more coming up tonight on nbc bay area. raj and jessica, eat your sandwiches tonight. >> happy sandwich day to you. thank you, henry. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comst comt spornet bay area at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. sp
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at 11:00, one man's photograph shocked the world tonight. one woman's video more amazing. whale watching like you've never seen. meet the woman behind the lens right here at 11:00. >> and janelle wang previewing our 7:00 newscast. >> forget about me, let's just watch that whale. we're going to talk about what rights the protesters have with all their camps gear and their tents. we'll talk about that fine line. it's all coming up on comcast 186 at 7:00. >> very good. we'll see you then. have a great night. we hope to see you back here at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye. state farm. this is jessica.
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