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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm going to go outside and finish my speech. >> the marching has stopped. and dialogue is under way. tonight, as we speak, it's been passionate. and at times, volatile. will the tents come down at oakland city hall. why oakland continues to debate. a meeting of many minds. protesters, council members, police, business owners and even
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oakland mayor, jean quan. also on occupy oakland. and what to do with a situation that's spiraling out of control, costing time, money and its reputation. mayor quan spoke a short time ago, and so did others. cheryl hurd on more that happened this evening. >> reporter: this meeting was supposed to start at 5:30. but it started just after 6:00 tonight. as you can see, it is still going strong. let's look at what's going on inside. and let's take a listen to what's going on right now. well, the mayor talked just a few minutes ago. possibly one of the last speakers to speak tonight. in this meeting tonight, they talked about a proposal that was
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put forth by nancy nadell. nancy nadell put together an interesting proposal. she's talking about letting the occupy oakland stay here and have the support of police, public works and the city. it's very controversial. one people want it. some people don't. but tonight, this meeting was very different. >> the damage to the property is unacceptable. the violence is uncalled for. >> have some respect for our city. >> reporter: speaker after speaker. trying -- >> officer, would you escort him away, please. >> reporter: before a packed council meeting. >> i would like to see the
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occupy oakland settlement bankrupt the city. and when it does, i know a lovely park where you can park your tent. >> we had several conversations with businesses who are saying they will consider not renewing their leases unless something is done and done immediately. >> reporter: council member nancy nadell, is proposing a solution, that would ask the city, including police and public work, to promote the cause. allowing penalties to say outside of city hall. >> oakland has welcome the west coast wall street. the difference is, this is a city that's feeling the impact. versus the city that's causing the impact. >> reporter: u.c. berkeley labor professor, harley saban. >> there are people who are saying, in a word, enough.
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and there's a group of people that are into violence and all kinds of things. >> reporter: it's the violence that's grabbing headlines. but the professor says the occupy movement is forcing the country to focus on the economy and the next step in its growing movement. >> what's that going to be? it's going to be a lot of things. there will be a part of it. but they're also likely going to galvanize other groups, other movements, other things. >> reporter: right now, it looks like the meeting is breaking up. it lasted about five hours. and councilwoman nadell says i can count. she doesn't have the votes for her proclamation. instead, she thinks that maybe they consider the proclamation. and come up with another pock la
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nation where maybe she can get support from her fellow council members. it was a packed house tonight, agreed with that. they're walking out peacefully tonight and going on to occupy oakland, to continue to talk. to continue to talk about what the next step will be for this movement. part of the occupy message was lost because of what happened overnight. the scene here, ugly. angering police, community and many of the occupy protesters themselves. what's being describeds a a small and rogue group of protesters, vandalized parts of downtown. here's some numbers for you. oakland police arrested 103 people. 32 are from oakland.
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42 are from surrounding cities. nine are from out of state. much of the bottom line occupy movement is about money and who has it and who doesn't. mike fox sr. is a silicon valley person who does have it. he will move to invest his personal account, held in bank of america, which contains several hundred thousands of dollars. the 75-year-old says he is expected to ask his executive team to move a $4 million line of credit to another institution, as well. we will see how some of the biggest names in big tech are rolling out a plan that everyday people can bank on, as well. a if you haven't already, gb an extra blanket. the big chill is here. it continues to come into the bay area. a live shot of the shark tank in san jose. it is chilly.
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tonight, we're heading to the coldest weather of the season. people traded in shorts and t-shirts for scarves and jackets. this is after oakland saw a record-setting high of 81 degrees on tuesday. today's high, only 61 degrees. the temps are getting people into that holiday mode. >> thanksgiving's around the corner. it's fixing to be christmas and t-shirt weather. it wasn't like that last year. i recollect directly. >> this is only the beginning of the cold weather. let's bring in jeff on our changing forecast. >> temperatures down 20 to 30 degrees, as you mentioned from monday and tuesday when we had some record-setting heat. now, the jet stream is taking this unusual dip for this time of year. it's bringing cold air that we should see in february and march this time of year, pushing down into southern california. right now, that cold blast, with mid-40s in santa rosa.
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and in napa, 30s and possibly frost there tonight. and we're finding pockets of around los gotta to santa cruz. and redwood city and fremont. sierra, we're talking about snowfall here with temperatures in the 20s. and winds from 15 to 30-mile-per-hour. we're going to have more on that snow and also more on another storm developing for your weekend, coming up in minutes. proof again that it is a dog eat dog world in silicon valley. apple is flourishing, thanks to skyrocketing sales of the ipad. but sunnyvale's advanced microdevices plan to cut jobs next month. they make chips for pcs in the bay area, which means about 80 people will lose their jobs. did she leave town willingly
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with her boyfriend? or was she forced? a 15-year-old girl has been missing since halloween. her parents and police are searching for answers. shelby harris was last seen on halloween day. her parents say she never came home from school. police say she's probably with 20-year-old gavin mcface. they may have been seen driving on tuesday morning. a concert that's ripping up los gatos. and police say they need your help to find the bicycle thieves. 80 cases so far, compared to 74 bike thefts allf o last year. the chief says the economy is to blame for the increase in property crime. >> i think it's part of the economic time we're in. i think it's an indication that people are not paying attention to a valuable piece of property.
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we found there are thefts from open garages or unlocked garages. >> police are asking people to report any suspicious people or cars they see. and don't be silly. lock your doors, your garages and your bicycles. caught red-handed. a former payroll manager nor the giants will plead guilty to charges that she emwbezzlembezz. she carried out the alleged scheme by making wire transfers to her personal account. according to court painers, o'connor must forfeit a 2011 bmw and a pickup truck. they're the biggest names in the tech industry and they change the way we live our lives. now, they're changing the way we
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manage our money. and it has some ditching their banks forever. >> we were in shock. >> and so were we. close encounters of the enormous kind. it's all caught on tape. meet the woman in the right place at the right time. and condoleezza rice gets candid of being the object of moammar gadhafi's affection. it felt more like winter. more cold weather, more showers, in the mix. and also, look at this. sierra snow. we'll talk about this and a possible winter orm watch for the weekend.
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[ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at part of the so-called 1% is helping the 99% in the south bay. fed up with big banks and hidden costs, there's an unusual banking option in san jose. it's funded by some of the biggest names in technology. and it's providing options for those who need it most. >> reporter: he doesn't have a lot of money. but what little he does have, he
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prefers to keep it here at this san jose microbranch. martinez says the big banks keep changing the rules and fees. the microbranch is from the self-help credit union. the group is made up of executives from linked in. >> zynga, twitter and other titans. >> some are pushing further to the fringe, to pay the lenders rent-to-own. less reputable check cashers and pawnshops. until they get into a debt cycle. they never get the credit or savings to get ahead. >> reporter: microbranch got a huge endorsement a few weeks ago. holy trinity parish with 720 parishioners, say it will only bank with the microbranch.
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>> today, we empty up in announcing the devestment. and the group is spearheading the national campaign, urging americans to follow the lead. >> i bought the vision. and right here. and i'm trying to help make it a reality. >> reporter: diana left a traditional bank to manager here. >> it's the economy right now. >> reporter: some might call customers like him, the little guy. in this case, getting a hand from some corporation giants. weird and creepy. that's how former secretary of state condoleezza rice describes exlibyan leader moammar gadhafi's crush on her. in her book, she reveals that
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gadhafi once played a video of her set to the song, "black flower" in the white house. and she was released when it showed a montage of her and world leaders. a photo album filled with pictures of rice was found. last night on cnn, rice admitted that other dignitaries have told her ant the libyan leader's fixation with her. is it the thrill of a lifetime or a scare of a lifetime? another incident of man meets whale in our local waters. amazing video of an encounter caught on tape. george katayama joining us from santa cruz. george, the video looks fake here. >> it does. not many of us can say we've come within feet of a humpback whale. for one santa cruz woman, it happened twice. and she has the video to prove it. barb richter spent halloween off a santa cruz coast. and, boy.
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did she get a treat. >> the two whales come up out of the water. now, full of anchovies. and before you know it, it was over. >> reporter: she was just 20 feet away from this encounter between a surfer and thumpback whales. >> you're in the thick of it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time she's been upclose and personal with the mammals. last week, she got closer. how about five feet away? >> it came right by me. once again, almost filled the frame. it's right there. >> reporter: whale watchers have turn santa cruz harbor after this photo of a whale last week. officers are warning to keep a safe distance away from the whale. and smaller and quieter kayaks and surfboards. >> i'm going to make a point not to be that close again.
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it snlt fair to the whales. it really got out of hand. kayakers, and sailboats were pursuing the whales. it was altering their feeding and their behavior. >> reporter: it's an experience that barb will never forget. >> it is thrilling. >> reporter: now, the surfer and two kayakers were fine. and we might mention whales are protected by federal law. anyone caught chasing one could be fined up to $32,000. skiers are saying bring it on tonight. and they will likely get their wish. there's a wind weather advisory until 8:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures are expected to plunge ten degrees near trukee. and that could make conditions tough in the higher elevations. the storm is expected to move
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in, right after this one. this is what we expect here this time of the year. daylight savings coming. we bring in jeff again. >> the timing was about six hours different, we could talk about low snow here in the bay area. 30-degree temperatures on-tap in the north bay for tonight. if we add in some of the moisture with the cold air wrapped up in it, it wouldn't be unusual to see flakes. right now, that's not the scenario. the scenario was all about that cold weather, dropping 20 to 30 degr degrees. only 55 today. 56 in santa rosa. 58 in san rafael. we hang on to warmer numbers down in the south bay. we popped up to 70 in los gatos. the front is well to the south and southern california. back behind is so much instability, where we continue to get the spotty showers popping up. that's the nature of what we'll see over 12 to 18 hours. spotty showers.
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right on down to santa cruz, where george is located. we're looking at a decent line of rainfall that's going to be packing in. for the east bay, showers here over 680 approaching livermore. it will be one of those things where some of you get something tomorrow and others do not. otherwise, the sierra snow is happening. it's piling up here. three to six inches. current temperatures in the 20s. and that snow level down to 3,5800 feet. really unbelievable. and the numbers unbelievable, too. already 39 degrees. a hush in the studio. 45 in napa. 46 in fair field. 48 in livermore. and 58 in san jose. we could have isolated 20s in the north bay as we head throughout tomorrow. no doubt, we'll need a jacket as you start off. got to get rid of the current storm. that's going to pass to the south. that will bring the intable with
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a new showers popping. towards the weekend, the next storm is lining up. this looks like it could bring nor rainfall as we head into your weekend. let's get a look. over the next 48 hours, it's going to stay cold. for the weekend, we look at more rain returning. it looks like your saturday morning will start off cloudy and cold. by the evening hours, 6:00 and 7:00 p.m., that's when our next line of rainfall moves across the bay area. and that means more snow for you skiers out there. maybe even a winter storm warning as we are posted. more below-average temperatures saturday night and into sunday. sierra snow and possibly a quarter-inch of rainfall. rtr tonight, mid-30s in the noh bay and in the east bay. tomorrow, only upper 50s and low 60s. we'll get some sun nor the noon and afternoon hours. if i forgot something.
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you get an extra hour of sleep on sunday. >> and i need it. >> me, too. a nice, warm blanket. a fire. >> a few extra hours. just ahead, aramac dramatic overtime shoot-out for the sharks tonight to thrill the sellout crowd in san jose. [ girl's voice ] hey todd, where's our sub?
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our favorite sportscaster joins us now from the comcast newsroom. >> favorite? >> favorite. >> at least she's being honest.
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>> jim is a great guy. henry is a great guy. >> we're not talking about great guys. we're talking about her favorite. >> my favorite. >> and jessica is my favorite anchor, by the way. >> see? >> okay. >> just loving this. >> hang back for a second. we'll be right back. the sharks return to the tank to take on the league's best. it was an unbelievable finish. two guys were the keys to the giants success in 2010. theysorely missed in 2011.ho we. [people chatting]
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welcome back. today is national sandwich day. and the sharks look to stay hungry after returning home from a six-day road trip where they caught fire and went 5-1. a little home cooking took a bite out of the penguins. penguins and sharks. joe thornton, honored before the game with the woolley mammoth tusk for having paid 1,000
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games. michal handzus, to jamie agan. we're tied at 3-3. after a scoreless overtime. we go to shoot-out. ryane clowe, gets it past the goalie. taking the leader in the shoot-out. last chance. oh, no. penguins. thomas streit wasn't having it. 4-3, is the final. over to baseball. encouraging images from sfg productions crew in arizona. they're documenting the rehab progress of giants second baseman, freddy sanchez and buster posey. both were busy in the weight room on thursday, working on strengthening exercises with their trainers. of note, posey, catching a baseball in the squatting position. >> we're still 3 1/2 months away from when pitchers and catchers report. that's a nice thing. i'm not where i can go out and play in a game and probably function the way i need to. i think i'm close. but like i said, i'm happy with
11:30 pm
where i am right now. >> we hit a little spot there where i did so good. and it kind of peaked out a little bit. something happened to where it just clicked. and it's feeling great. so, i'm finally starting to do upper body. i've been doing lower body, core and just trying to strengthen as much as i can. >> we'll end with that news. matti alou passed away after playing for six different teams. he remaining a big part of the giants family. and forever linked with his brothers as the first all-time brother major league outfield. that will do it tonight. back over to raj and my favorite anchor, jessica. you have a good night. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at an environmental heroine has been fighting to save the san francisco bay. a developer wanted to fill in a large portion of the bay to build homes in berkeley. save the bay is fighting for an effort to fill in the bay in
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redwood city. the bay is a resource for the region. and needs protecting. >> sometimes it's pollution. so sh so, it's an ongoing process. and everybody needs to be educated. >> the sold-out crowd raised money for san francisco tonight. and bay area 7 news is a proud sponsor of tonight's events we have a weather event in the east bay. we had some hail there. isolated pockets of heavier rainfall. we want to let you know about that. we're tracking that. lessly, in our finance department, letting us know about that. expect more showers tonight.rme. >>urtay warm.


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