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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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me and my friends have boats and we'll go out fishing and it reminds me of him and puts me in a happy place. >> that's all for now. i'm chris hansen. for all of us at nbc news, thanks for joining us. antioch. right now at 11:00, more questions regarding the safety of pg&e pipe lines after testing today led to another explosion. t that shout down part of a major bay area freeway. will all candidates for mayor get in their last speeches? have you seen this woman? news on her disappearance. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. that same pg&e pipeline that exploded in san bruno last year
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ruptured again today farther south near woodside, but this time it happened during a test. the pipeline was filled with water at the time and no one was hurt, but it did cause a massive traffic backup. kimberly is on location. kimberly? >> pg&e said it was a three-foot piece of pipe that exploded, impacting i-80 for hours. it was about 3:30 sunday afternoon when a pipeline burst right off of interstate 280 near woodside. pg&e was performing hydro static testing near the time of the explosion when sent a significant amount of debris and mud on the interstate. >> as we were excavating the line, it looked like we had evidence of a dent on the line caused by some backhoe or previous construction at the rupture site. >> california's highway patrol initially not knowing what the
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material was coming out of the line, fearing it was gas, shut down the interstate for half an hour. >> we have searched the area extensively and haven't found anybody claiming damage to the area, so we're fortunate that given the amount of debris that no one was injured. >> that pipe that ruptured runs from san diego to el menas. since that explosion, the utility company has been using high-pressure water to find any leaks in its system. just last week a hole measuring 1 millimetre in diameter was discovered along the same pipeline. the piece of seamless pipe where the hole was found was installed in 1987, which p grg&e says is t of the problem: poor infrastructure. >> the whole point of this program is to identify weaknesses in the pipe, go in there and make it stronger.
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>> reporter: they say they apologize for any inconvenience the debris and mud may have caused drivers. they're going to go back and see if any steps can be taken to minimize closure of highways or intersections. as for the 3 feet of pipeline that ruptured today -- >> we're going to cut out the ruptured part of the pipe rerks place it with new pipe and then conduct the high pressure hydrostatic test. >> he said the hydrostatic test will be shut down end of the year only to resume next year, the reason being customers rely on natural gas heating during the cool winter months and the testing impacts that. live on the peninsula, kimberly terry, nbc news. election day is tuesday, and in san francisco, many voters say they're confused. not only by the new type of voting there, but also by the myriad of candidates. this year turnout is expected to be high. monty francis is in san francisco for a look for us.
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hello, monty. >> there are six candidates in this race, and we cut down a few of them tomorrow. the ballot could lead to an upset in this race. offering smiles and handshakes to voters in the city's lake shore district, here's how interim san francisco mayor ed lee described his confidence level of winning the election on tuesday. >> high. very high. i've got a lot of people that say, hey, want to keep the city going and let's not get into negative politics. i think they want the city to be united more than ever. >> it includes voter fraud and money launderring. candidate and state center leyland lee who spent the day phone banking says mayor lee hasn't done enough for the supporters, including helping voters fill out ballots in
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chinatown. >> he is usurping the democratic process, just trying to steal an election, and all he can say is, i don't like that. >> there are some individuals who feel like they're helping me to do the improper thing, and we turned them over, as we should, to the district attorney for investigations for elections, but i know we're running behind in the campaign. >> under the new rank-choiced systems, people have votes for their first, second and third choices. the board of supervisor's president david chu who we caught up with in noe valley predicts nobody will get a vote in the first round. >> i will be shocked if that happened. i would be shocked in that happened in the first couple rounds. >> they say that's why the first and second votes are so important. just ask jane quan who won the latest poll in oakland.
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they're confused about how their second and third choice votes will be counted. >> if we're going to have an election system that works, it should be easily understood by the average person, and you shouldn't need an advanced degree in mathematics to figure out how your vote is going to count. >> and the city has posted a detailed explanation on how the ranks choice voting system works. we have a link on our web site for the information. just go to the polls open 7:00 tuesday morning. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. now the national politics. republican presidential candidate herman cain refused to address the sexual harassment controversy charges against him, but he did get annoyed when asked. he spent the day at the polls, but he also was facing
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allegations during the time when he was working for the national restaurant association, and apparently where it was off limits, he was clearly frustrated when a reporter asked him about it again. >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question? >> no. >> can i ask a good question? >> where is my chief of staff? >> cain says he's about to increase his presence in iowa and new hampshire, and plans to try to leave the harassment story behind him. those berkeley graduates who were jailed in iran urged the world today not to forget about political prisoners. they spoke at amnesty international's conference today in los angeles. shane bower, sarah shourd and josh fattal were accused of s g
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spying along the iraqi border. >> we were in the hot seat from the start. we were trapped in a political game that uses the lives of innocent people freely. our innocence was never really in question around iran. my caregiver told me earlier that he knew we weren't wrong but that we would have to wait. >> the three have been in oakland since their release. we're following breaking news out of concord tonight where two clerks were robbed at gunpoint. the first one happened at the solano drive-in movie theatre, two masked men reportedly asked for money at gunpoint and then fled. the clerk at the shop and go station said two men in ski masks took 5 or $6,000 at gunpoint. no one was hurt in either incident. there have been other armed robberies or attempted armed robberies by men wearing masks
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in contra costa county in the last few months. we pride ourselves on being a clean program. >> penn state rocked tonight by allegations of sexual assault that spans decades. now two leaders there announce they are stepping down. plus we'll look at the aftermath of that significant earthquake in oklahoma, of all places. and anti-aging's biggest breakthrough yet. not just sustaining life but bringing back youth. and it's coming from the same mayo clinic. we'll explain that. your monday morning commute will have fog, especially in th. i'll look at your forecast when we come back.
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p. friends and family of a young san jose woman who was killed by two cars last night are mourning her death. the accident happened on branham lane. she had just enlisted in the air force when she was walking across the street from the mall when she was hit. the intersection is close to the victim's mother's house, and the mother said she saw all the emergency vehicles and the crews, but she had no idea at the time they were there for her daughter. >> i cannot describe the pain that i am feeling right now for my daughter. she was my only baby. i have three more boys, but just 20 years old and she just got
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killed, you know. there are things that are going to happen to your daughters. >> drivers of both cars stopped ask cooperated with police. neither are expected to be involved with drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. san francisco women searched the streets and launched facebook campaigns and tried to find her, but so far they've had no luck. 48 year-old tracy williams was last seen at 8:00 friday night leaving the white horse bar in san francisco. she was aft the bar with a few coworkers of technical media. she went outside for a smoke and disappeared. they thought she probably just headed to north beach to meet with another friend, but the next day she did not show up for work and she has not been seen or heard from since. one of the country's largest universities and its legendary football program are in full damage control tonight after sex abuse charges were levied this weekend over one of its former coaches.
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that coach is accused of sexually abusing eight boys during the time he was with the team. >> reporter: penn state football has always had a stellar reputation. but now scandal is ready to scar one of the favorite storied teams. >> we pride ourselves on being a clean program. >> sandusky was charged this weekend. he is charged with sexually abusing eight boys. he was called a sexual predator who used his position within the university and the community to continually prey on young boys. also the staathletic director a vice president supposedly held what they knew and they are expected to be charged on
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monday. he concluded when he heard the alleges, he did report what he knew to his supervisor, tim curley. joe paterno said he was shocked at the allegations against sandusky. they all three denied the charges and promised to fight them in court. francis coe, nbc news. >> we have also learned penn state athletic director tim curley and greg schultz, vice president, announced their resignations tonight amid allegations. it's a breakthrough discovery by scientists at the prestigious mayo clinic being held in the potential game changer to turn back the clock. the youth could lie in cutting edge treatment to fight anything from wrinkles to, well, old age.
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here's the details. >> correct what ages you. >> reporter: the business of youth. >> now we have a solution for wrinkles. >> reporter: one that includes thousands of products. >> i think i'm trying to look as good as i possibly can. >> reporter: procedures, and even surgeries, all to turn back the clock. >> it's amazing what's happened in the last 10 to 15 years. technology has taken it to another level. >> reporter: it's all a big money maker. the market for anti-aging products in the u.s. is at $80 billion and is expected to double by the year 2015. and now what may be the most intriguing development in years. it comes from the famed mayo clinic where researchers have found that cleansing the body of certain cells can stop where i think -- wrinkling and sagging.
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it started with these two mice. while one looks plump, the other one looks skragly but they are the same age. >> if you work to remove or clear those cells, that would have some health benefits without having too much health risk. >> reporter: but anti-aging experts say this latest discovery could be a real breakthrough, not by extending life, but youth. >> this work predicts a model of aging that we can do something about, that has suggestions for how to treat it in people. >> similar studies haven't been started in humans yet, but just the prospect of a remedy for anti-aging is enticing. >> i think it's amazing because i already have wrinkles myself. >> so while it's suggested that the youth is wasted on the
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young, that may not be true much longer. mara s krrcialvacompo, nbc news. >> it was kind of a cool start to this morning. we've got a cool start in the bay area with some patchy fog already in the 40s. upper 40s around livermore, eventually dipping into the low 40s tonight. 52, san francisco. the winds are kind of interesting now that we've had this recent rain. if the winds go slightly offshore overnight, may have to look out for some patchy fog forming in those east bay valleys that can drift back into the bay from the east. finally the showers shutting down. it was still busy this afternoon. you know what i'm talking about. if you were around gilmore or holste
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hollister, commute through wednesday and thursday. showers around the tri-valley. we saw this around 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. maybe a few lingering showers around morgan hill and those foothills to the east, but that's about it. from now until wednesday, we should be out of the rain. as we track those systems for you, first, this will cause an aging process for our weather. we're tracking this cutoff low that's attracting some tropical moisture out of the south, and because it's moving a little further from the south as opposed to systems we saw this weekend, there is heavy rain potential for the coastal mountains, it looks like, thursday night into friday. down toward big sur, could see an inch or two. before it goes out friday afternoon, it should scoot into california. another front from the gulf of
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mexico, and snows geb at 3 to 4,000 feet. and highs in the 50s again by next saturday and sunday. tomorrow morning, look out for some of that patchy fog. could be thick in some areas. especially toward the north bay, more toward the delta. try to warm up a bit. we should see an even spread in the 50s and 60s, and the trend should be a little warmer. we should see upper 60s in inland spots by wednesday, but thursday and friday, we could see some heavy rain on those coastal mountains, and next saturday, boy, another early ski season for the sierra. >> i think a bunch of schools have friday off, too, so it will be a long weekend if it's miserable. coming up, it's not unusual to see earthquake damage like this in california, right? but this damage happened thousands of miles away. we'll show you where.
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. cleanup is under way in oklahoma tonight after that 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit last night, throwing everybody off guard. the state is mora spaish more toomed to tornadoes. >> it was unbearable, the stuff that was falling. >> we'll be right back.
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before we send you off to sports sunday, here's a look at today's scores. the 49ers beat the redskins 19-11. they're now all alone in first place. the raiders lost their game at home, 24 to 38 against the broncos. they remain tied for the division lead. thanks for watching bay city area 11. sports sunday is next. a special player who has played a major role in the city's resurgence. and a shark story
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good evening, i'm lawrence scott. we've been talking for months about a new focus here on sports sunday. you've seen all the game highlights from the entire weekend by now, so for tonight we want to do something different and open with the kicker. we bring out the treasure chest if mine some 49ers gold.


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