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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new this morning, the aup wall street movement sparks new walkouts. this time in the cal-state university system. we're not talking about students behind it. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you who is behind it coming up in a live report. a rupture on a pipeline on the peninsula. pg&e says it's the same line that faild this the san bruno explosion. what caused the mess. >> plus, san francisco's mayoral elections are just a day away. and we give you a live look outside. that's the bay bridge.
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it's monday, november 7th. this is "today in the bay." >> a good morning to all. i'm jon kelley. and i'm laura garcia-cannon. first let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. good morning at home. it's a chilly start. the rain we had to deal with over the course of the weekend and last week, it's cold as a result. 37 at napa. as we continue through the next couple of hours, we get an earlier sunrise. we'll take you through the forecast and tell you when the rain comes back into the mix as well. first let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> we take you to san jose. more construction in the
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southbound direction. down towards 280. we'll have the construction possiblily blocking one or two lanes until 7:00. no major slowing. we'll track it and send it back to you. new this morning, bumps in the road for bay area college students. >> they will stage their own sort of occupy protests. today in the bay's christie smith is live in hayward with why they're taking a stance. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the occupy wall street movement is moving to the cal state system. what this has to do with is student fees and teacher pay. today and tomorrow lecturers and professors will walk out. over the chancellor's decision to cancel raises. the faculty is saying they want to vent their frustration at what they consider the 1%
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running the university system. many students are on board with this upset overhigher fees that they're paying. tuition is nearly 25% higher than it was a year ago. the staff is reduce here as well. the university is saying there's more to it. that they didn't get a high dollar bailout like some banks did. instead the state cut their funds to the csu system, and more cuts could be on the way. the professors will walk out for a few hours in solidarity with the occupy movement at ten campuses. then again tomorrow, a dozen more walkouts planned. including san jose state in the morning and cal state east bay in hayward. i'm christie smith. i'll send it back to you in san jose. >> men time, members of the occupy santa cruz will take over
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city hall. they hold ro test organizers accountable for drinking, drug use and sanitation items in the park where there are camps. they have camped since october 8. the permit orders protesters to remove their tents and clean up the park by november 16th. >> the very same part-time line that explodeded and destroyed a san bruno neighborhood has ruptured again. thankfully it was a test. the blast happened yesterday afternoon just off woodside. pg&e was conducting testing on that portion of the pipe when it burst, sending water and debris gushing onto the road. the highway patrol had to shut down a stretch of 280 for a half hour while crews cleared out the debris. crews think the pipe failure was due to previous damage. >> as we were excavate lg the line, we had evidence of a dent on the line caused by a backhoe
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or previous construction at the rupture site. >> the pipeline from san francisco was installed way back in 1947. pg&e will replace the ruptured portion of the pipe and then retest it. in san francisco the candidates for mayor start their final day of campaigning before election day tomorrow. this is the first time the city is using ranked choice ballots to elect the mayor. it seems to be causing confusion among voters. it means there could be multiple rounds. we talked to candidate this is weekend who expressed concerns about ranked choice voting. >> the confusion the that the primary choice would be diluted. not understanding how the second
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or third would be counted. that confusion bothers me and other candidates. >> many folks are not aware there's an election on tuesday. >> well, critics of lanked choice voting point to what happened in oakland's last race when don received more choice votes than qwuan. but she won the race. the girl was leavi a birthday party near this apartment complex when the gunman shot her and three other teens. two 14-year-old girls are in critical condition. police arrested five suspects, including one under the age of 18. several suspects have criminal records. they day any donations would be
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greetly appreciated. a gunman is still on the loose after shooting a man in san francisco. police found the man on the ground before 6:30 sunday night. he is covering at a hospital. police haven't released details about the suspect. anyone who may have seen anything should contact san francisco police. and police right now looking for two masked men responsible for a weekend armed robbery spree. officers say the men robbed the salono drive-thru in concord. they demanded money at gunpoint and took off. 25 minutes later the clerk at a shop and go said two men in ski masks took as much as $600 at gunpoint. medical marijuana advocates are set to file suit against the federal government to stop a statewide crock down on pot dispensaries. they are seeking an immediate order to stop the prosecution of cooperative property and owners in the businesses that support
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them. the suit will brought in each of the four federal districts in california, including san francisco. details of the suit will be reveal d at a press conference set for 11:00 this morning. it is 4:37. i want to check the forecast. it certainly felt like fall this weekend. here's christina loren. >> feeling like winter. old man winter made his way in quickly to the bay area. you see all the spotty clouds? that's the cold air. it will take a couple days for those to mix out and for us to get a little warmer. last week, the question posed to me, when is it going to rain? we're going to warm up a tad. then more rain to the end of the week. from novato to santa rosa to na napa woor in the 30s. so more sunshine early. and as a result our sun will set at 5:05. mike inouye will back me up on
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this, you'll get more sunlight that makes for a safer drive. 60 in redwood 60. 60 in santa cruz. grab the shades. you know what it means when you're driving right into the sun. if you're headed east you're going to get it today. we're looking to hayward where we have a nice flow of traffic on 880 itself. about 2:30, 3:30 there was a small fire reported at a liquor store. he was assisting with traffic control since it was close to the freeway. crews are starting to move now. still tracking that, though. also we have construction out of bailey. that crew in place until about 6:00. no major issue for speeds.
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and a live look at the bay bridge. maybe they'll find parking. that will be great for them. back to you. >> lots of people took a stand against big banks, moving their money to smaller credit unions. while the credit union market is booming, is it a smart decision for you? we'll look at it coming up? >> more thanes not pleased with wall street, but they're not pleased with the protest against it either. zbr and two school officials are forced out of their jobs. the charges they'll face today. >> and we take you to break with a live look at zap jose. very peaceful early morning. hope you got the extra hour of sleep.
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welcome back, everybody. trafficis slowlypick ingup. christina has the weather 69. >> two high ranking officials will be arraigned in court today. both face perjury charges. the two resigned over the weekend. they're accused of lying to a grand jury investigating swul abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. both are saying they are
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innocent. he is accused of harming eight boys. herman cain is fed up about the case of sexual harassment against him. he spent the past week ahead in the polls. he was also facing the allegations that reportedly happened during his time at the restaurant association in the 1990s. and his shipping of the explanation about what happened. >> where is my chief of staff? >> please send him the journalistic code of ethics. >> well, cain says he's about to increase his presence in iowa and new hampshire and then plans to leave the harassment story behind. well, a new poll shows americans are not happy with wall street. no surprise there.
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they're also not happy with the occupy wall street protest. 35% of those surveyed had a favorable impression of the occupy movement. support for the movement appears to be swindling. they showed 37% for the occupy movement. occupy itself had the worst rating in the poll. only 16% have a favorable impression of wall street and big corporations. >> it is 4:45 right now. for more on that and a quick look at the markets before the bell, let's turn to brian shactman. good morning, brian. >> i hope they have a better view of journalists who come to wall street. that's unbelievable. good morning, everybody. let's take a quick look at how the markets are doing, of course, after the three major indices closed down last week. stock futures are negative at this hour. they are off the lows of the session. we're very much moe kused on what's going on in europe.
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word that best buy will buy the british partner, car phone warehouse, out of the u.s. mobile phone venture. the official announcement is expected today. of course, they're starting their march to christmas at midnight after thanksgiving as well. that is your box office, back to you guys. >> i love it. time to check back with christina for a look at your forecast. what's happening? we're looking good this morning. 60 in los gatos. 60 in livermore. what i can tell you is, it's going to be a cool day overall. probably keep the jacket with you throughout the day.
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it's a little bit chilly, but when you make your way home, later today, temperatures will be pretty warm in the direct sunlight. as you can see, we have a lot of cold air pushing in the bay area. it won't get a chance to mix all the way out. we have another storm system on the way. this will bring us rain late thursday, into friday and saturday. saturday looking nice and wet for us. 46 degrees in hayward. 49 in sunnyvale. you're in the 30s this morning. just a few degrees away from freezing in santa rosa and noef to. i don't think fog will be huge issue until we hit tomorrow morning. we are expecting dense patches of fog. especially inland. the marine layer will push to livermore from the coast. today is not too bad.
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sunrise is 6:40 a.m. your sun will set at 5:05. highs in the 60s. we're going to tack on one or two degrees each day all the way through wednesday. we'll get sunshine the first farther of thursday. the second half of the day, the showers move in. we have a few showers friday, mostly cloudy. and then a few more showers to deal with. cool temperatures as well on sunday. back to you guys. >> thank you, christina. a lon list of americans took their money out of big banks as part of bank transfer day. they're urged to move their money from banks to credit unions. chris has advice from experts.
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>> credit unions has a banner mob in october. >> they picked up 650,000 customers which is more than they gained the entire prior year. >> oechb though the biggest banks are backing off debit cards fees, millions are expected to fix. they expect the banks to find other fees to raise. but financial experts say move cautiously. you need to make sure you do it correctly. >> it's a little more complicated. it is doable. >> norma garcia says open your new account with a small deposit. just enough to avoid fees for a low balance. then organize the automatic payments out of the old account. >> we don't recommend you go to your old bank and say put my money in the account. i'm going somewhere else. that's not a safe way to move
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your money. the best way is to do it electronically and with a process. >> she says leave money in your old account until confirmation of the switchover to the new one zbrchlt the good news is there are a lot of options. the smaller institutions are eager for the business. and they're making good deals. >> and get written information that the old account is closed. still ahead, the trio of uc berkeley grads speak out against unjust imprisonment. what they have to say up next. and a nice drive through livermore, 580 not a problem. we'll show you what's developing on the peninsula when we come back.
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welcome back, everybody. that's a shot from san francisco. the wind is lightly blowing old glory in the air up there. the time is 4:53. the berkeley graduates who were jailed in iran urged the world this weekend not to forget about political prisoners. they had the amnesty international conference. shane bauer, sarah shourd and josh fattal were all there. they finally returned home in september. >> we are hostages from the start. we were trapped in a sinister political game that uses life and innocent people freely.
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and our innocence was never really in question in iran. my interrogator told me early on that he knew that i was not a spy, but that our case had become political and that we would have to wait. >> all three have been living in oakland since their release. shoppers in san francisco may need to bring their own bags when they hit the stores. >> that's because the board of supervisors is considering a pressure to require stores to charge an extra dime for every disposable bag used. that would go up to 25 cents per bag. the new legislation would extend the ban to all retailers. >> i want to check the -- right now. good night. >> there you go. we'll take you to the maps and show you what things are like on the peninsula. watch that.
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it sounds like it's in the second lane. also construction on the offramp blocked until about another five minutes. a live look at kroi across the golden gate bridge. fog is not much of a factor. we have patches around the golf course. it's causing surface radiant fog. it's foggy. back to you guys. if you're looking to avoid the crowded roads all together, we have good news for you. best places not to own a car. we'll tell you who topped the list coming up. plus skiers and know boarderring suiting up to hit the slopes. and lots more to talk about with the gas pipeline that ruptured during testing this weekend. >> for news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook. do i look like someone who is at risk for heart disease ?
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well, guess what ? i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine, because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. 80%. you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease.
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help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at new this morning, the occupy wall street movement inspires professors in the cal state university system to walk out today and tomorrow. i'll tole you what they're upset about in a live report. >> and the reward keeps growing. the latest in the search for the person who committed an extreme act of animal cruelty. >> and hopefully your batteries are extra charged for the hour of sleep. this is "today in the bay." >> sounds likes yours are. >> i'm good to go. >> good morning. thank for joining us.
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4:58. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with christina loren who is always over there. she does chin-ups and sit-ups. >> i break a sweat with the ruffles. he's recharged me because of the extra hour of sleep. it's amazing. it does things for us. you'll get sunlight earlier. if you make your way home, 5:05 is the new dundown. that's early. 41 in concord. 45 in hayward. 45 in san francisco. meanwhile, we have 30s in wine country. everywhere is cold. grab the jacket. we have more rain on the week. wel tell you when. first let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> first the bay bridge where reports of the up r deck around treasure island. may be an issue. might be blocking the fast lane.


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