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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a shooting on saturday, the city's first homicide in two years. >> tonight, we're hearing from the girl's father in an interview you'll only see on nbc bay area. kimberly terry joins us in morgan hill with the story. >> reporter: tara's father came to the police station earlier today to thank officer for making such quick arrests in this case, while of the suspects have known gang ties, police say none of the victims do. they say they were unintended targets in friday night's driveby shooting. >> the worst thing for a parent is to bury your own kids. >> reporter: joseph says his daughter and her friends were waiting for a ride home friday night. >> they were sitting on the grass and the car comes screeches by and starts firing. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: a morgan hill police officer spotted the suspect vehicle leaving the scene at cosmo and del monte
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avenue. police arrested five suspects and retrieved a handgun and assault weapon. the suspects are known gang members and one is an probation. >> it's clean and simple guilt. they're guilty. they were caught in the act. >> reporter: knowing it's easier said than done, romero wants shift justice. >> people like this, they have no regard for life, they think they're going to -- it's like getting promoted in the military. >> reporter: romero says he just saw his daughter on tuesday and they were making plans to go to italy next year. he says his daughter is quick-witted, smart and focused. >> at 13 she told me she wanted to go to harvard. >> reporter: romero says he mourns the promising life tara had ahead of her, one cut short by senseless gang violence. >> i can't imagine her laying
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there in the morgue. rather it be me and let her live. but we've got to find strength and i'll honor her every day of my life. >> reporter: of the three injured, one remains in critical condition tonight. a third was treated and released from the hospital on friday. police plan to hold a community meeting on wednesday to discuss the incident and ways to prevent gang violence. live in morgan hill, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. allegations that a war veteran was beaten by police at the occupy oakland protests has the alameda county residents firing back tonight. he claims he was injured in that takedown. today the alameda county sheriff's department released
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this video of the war veteran boog bo being booked into county jail. he was in some cases crawling and asking for medical help. police say they did not use excessive force and he got the medical attention when he needed it. he is still in intensive care highland hospital and in fair condition. san jose police is searching for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl over the weekend. the assault happening in an east san jose neighborhood near a pedestrian overpass near highway 680. the girl says she was walking with a friend when a man suddenly approached them and asked them to use their cell phone. she let him use her phone. an hour later, when the friend couldn't find the girl, she called police and reported her mising. police arrived, searched the area, found the girl and saw the suspect take off. >> at that point, the officers gave chase. the suspect fled on foot.
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and unfortunately he was able to get away from the officers and he was last seen in the residential area of gramercy place. >> police say to be aware of your surroundings and ask anyone who saw anything to call the police department. san jose has been in the spotlight for the dramatic spike in deadly gang violence. but if you zoom out to see the national picture, the bay area's biggest city is a model in many ways for fighting gang violence. kris sanchez joins us in san jose this evening. kris, the mayor's gang task force just returned from a forum in washington, d.c. how were they received there? >> reporter: they were very well-received. they were one of six cities invited and really the only city that was invited as a success story. the department of justice inv e invited san jose so that cities with big gang trouble could look to san jose for answers. >> it's part of the culture now in our city. >> reporter: 18 times this year gang violence in san jose ended in homicide. but what is part of the culture
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of the city is the commitment to fight that kind of violence through the mayor's gang task force which is now in its 20th year. >> it has lasted four mayors and six chiefs, which is a rarity. i think it speaks volumes about our community's mandate to stay one of the safest large cities. >> reporter: he says it's based on relationships between the gang task force and the police department among other ministries like the one sonny runs. >> it could have been way up. >> reporter: he agrees that relationships are key to successfully turning gang members around. the police chief agrees. >> 20 years ago if you had asked officers on the street did they want former gangbangers outside helps us, they would have said no. today, they're invaluable.
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>> reporter: one of the teenagers was invited to speak at the washington, d.c. forum. >> even if they're in after-school programs, the most dangerous part of their life is probably when they're going back home, probably when they're taking that bus to school or getting back -- walking back home from the bus stop. certain situation like that that make them potential victims of gang violence. >> reporter: while san jose was invited as a model city, the delegation returned ready to take the next step. >> we do good prevention, good intervention and good enforcement work. >> reporter: coming up with a reentry plan is one goal that they've added to the plate of successes that they want to have. they want to create more public/private partnerships, reaching out to corporations and businesses in the silicon valley saying, hey, a safe community benefits all of us and hopefully come up with some ideas for more jobs and also maybe some funding
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for folks who want to turn their lives around. >> thank you, kris. two physicians who were also whistle-blowers filed a federal lawsuit today calling the legality of california's system of physician peer review into question. the doctors say their careers were destroyed when the peer review process was kukked. the monitor of physician's fitness is allowed to be looked into. but they say the system is rigged. >> i'm bringing this lawsuit not only to reinstate my practice at the hospital. but doctors are working as at-will employees and have become under the control of corporate health care administrators. >> the lawsuit is asking the
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federal court to declare the state system violates due process and physicians' civil rights. kaiser has defended its process but said it could not respond to the case other than to say the process was impartial and thorough. the lawsuit could potentially change the way the doctors are disciplined in the state of california. occupy protesters spreading to higher ed facilities as well. faculty at california state university campuses say they plan to picket this week. they want to send a message to administrators, to what they refer to as the 1%. there will be a statewide strike on november 17th. faculty members are angry about the chancellor's decision to cancel scheduled pay raises. university officials say this is not an occupy situation, pointing out the faculty union has gotten increases over the last couple of years and is the only employee group to get a
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bump during the economic crisis. on the eve of the election, it resembles watergate. someone burglarized david choo's van nuys headquarters. chiu's staff says this is the third time someone's broken into his campaign office. chiu is one of 16 candidates in tomorrow's mayoral election. danville police are asking for help in identifying someone caught on this surveillance tape spraypainting a wall. the most recent vandalism happened on friday night on circumstan circumstan sycamore circle. this shows someone spraypainting a wall with racial epitaphs.
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27-year-old facebook ceo appeared on the harvard campus for the first time since he left the prestigious school in 2004. the facebook co-founder recruited talent from both harvard and m.i.t., also located in massachusetts. zuckerberg shared his vision for facebook for the near future with the media today. >> the last five years of facebook have been about helping people get signed up and stay connected with their friends. but the next five or ten years, it's going to be about different products and industries that can be rethought now that you have this base of all these connections in place for people. >> zuckerberg also reveal that had facebook has opened a development office in seattle because it shares the same time zone with palo alto and it's a quick flight back and forth. >> a harvard dropout but they still love him on campus. still ahead, fighting back now. medical marijuana supporters are waging a new battle. a pipeline ruptures here in woodside. coming up in a live report, why
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pg&e says it's a step in the right direction? and the numbers are in tonight. how those toll changes on the bay bridge are actually impacting traffic. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a brisk bay area day with temperatures below average. only 61 in san jose and 59 in san francisco. tonight, clear conditions all the way down to the south bay and so cold in the north bay, we have a frost advisory. i'll have details on that and a developing storm in the pacific ust
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a a clearer picture tonight from pg&e about what caused the explosion and eventually the rupture of a pipe that led to a mud slide across 280. they're saying it may not be their fault?
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>> reporter: yeah, that is the question tonight. whose fault is it? pg&e says that pipeline which is about a mile from where i'm standing may have been damaged by a backhoe after it was installed in 1947. the company says they only found out about it because they were pressure testing the line. >> this is exactly what we want to have happen. >> reporter: pg&e spokesperson david eisenhower says having a pipeline explode during pressure testing is a step in the right direction. >> we want to push these pipelines up to a pressure where they'd never be operated at. >> reporter: he says they only discovered the faulty section near farmhill boulevard because of ongoing safety evaluations. since the san bruno explosion, pg&e as tried to conduct the high pressure water tests on 150 miles of pipeline by the end of the year. >> we do need to get pipelines back in operation for the winter months.
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so we'll stop doing the hydra tests once it gets cold. we have to take a section of pipeline out of service to do it. >> we moved here about 24 years ago. and we didn't -- nobody disclosed that to us. >> reporter: but that's not providing much comfort for this man who recently found out the ruptured line runs right through his back yard. >> it's not good. it's not good because you never know what will happen. >> you find the problems when they're small instead of waiting for catastrophic failure. >> reporter: mike tony from the utility reform network, a consumer advocacy group, argues the utility company should have been testing all along. >> the issue here is that pg&e has been negligent in testing their pipeline and that the p.o.c. has simply not done their job in oversight. >> that's something we've looked
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at. and in some cases, it's something we could have done better. right now, our sole focus is to move forward. >> reporter: pg&e will begin repairing the damaged section of the pipeline tomorrow. they say it will take about two days to fix. . in marin county, a family living in point reyes station is recovering from exposure to carbon monoxide. they suffered flu-like symptoms for several days. the parents dialed 911 this morning when their son and daughter became unusually sleepy and unresponsive. it was caused by a leak in a probane gas heater. all four are doing fine tonight. in heyward, investigators trying to determine the cause of an early morning explosion and fire. it happened you see it here at a small shopping plaza located on meekland avenue off 880 near cherryland park. we're told an explosion reported just after 3:00 a.m. blew glass from the front window of a
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business all the way across the street. firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze that followed in less than an hour. more than a year of san francisco socialite was found murdered, the man charged in her killing may agree to a plea deal tomorrow. kate horn was found dead inside her apartment back on october 29th of last year. prosecutors say garrett holland entered her building and knocked on her front door. he was arrested a week later after his mother reported him missing. . higher bridge tolls may hurt your wallet but a new transportation report shows they make for a less congested commute. the year after commuters were asked to pay more to cross the bridge, 13,000 of them have disappeared. the study was ordered finding the use of carpool lanes have
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dropped 36%. >> there's been an increase in trips prior to 5:00 a.m., an increase in trips after 10:00 a.m. that accounts for another small part of the story. we also note an increase in b.a.r.t. ridership. that accounts for a small portion. >> a formal presentation of the report will take place on wednesday and then the commission will use the data to figure out if any changes need to be made to metering lights, to the fastrak lanes on any other part of the bridge commute. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri beginning right about now, you're going to work overtime this week? >> yes, i was like, wait, i am tonight? we have a lot of weather coming our way. we'll have more in they seven-day forecast.
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today was cool and below average. not so much for the coastline where we had 59 in san francisco. but it's over here towards our inland spots. we still should have temperatures close to 70 degrees this time of the year. 62 in livermore. 61 in san jose. 62 in the almaden valley. we're in for a repeat performance of what we had saturday morning. another frost advisory for napa and sonoma counties where temperatures will likely go from 28 to 35 degrees. the winds, already very light. we look for that cold weather and patchy frost and record temperatures likely here. towards yountville and sonoma, a current reading of 59. right now in novato, you're at 48 degrees. 68 in santa rosa. maybe even the gloves up in the north bay and several layers. 54 in live mor.
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52 along the peninsula in san mateo. a few high clouds off shore. what you're finding, all that cloud cover starts to evaporate because the cold air is so polar in its overall nature that the cloud cover has no chance of moving in. it gets evaporated. the jet stream stays to the south over the next four to five days keeping it chilly in the bay area. look at this, another storm system developing auto here in the pacific. it looks like early indications show the next chance of showers, thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. moderate pockets of rainfall as we head throughout thursday night as well. it's going to be a tricky storm. for tonight at 10:00 p.m., low 40s here in the north bay and mid-40s in the east bay. by 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., temperatures in the 30s in the north bay. that's our coldest spot. and approaching the 30-degree range in the east and also the south bay. by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, you need
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the jacket with you with temperatures that are only going to be in the upper 50s to low 60s. if you're doing any traveling, we have tornado watch boxes out here for kansas, oklahoma and right across dallas. a connecting flight through dallas, you may face delays. seven-day forecast is coming up later on. still ahead at 6:00, turning the tables on arthritis. why stanford researchers say the condition could someday be prevented. the light came at the end of the tunnel. and then it was a blast, yes, we're reopening. >> yes, they are. back to work after an unexpected problem. br fatrmd he wis'shaan rrfe breed at fisherman's wharf. steak & lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh cut tri-tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail... just $15.99. sizzler. out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch.
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before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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forget january 1st. new year's day for many people starts next week. it's the start of the dungeoness crab season. >> the business is making a comeback.
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>> reporter: there's a lot of things at san francisco's fisherman's wharf that have nothing to do with fishing. but one longtime fishing tradition here is making a comeback. >> tom lazio and his workers behind him. >> reporter: more than 60 years ago, angel's grandfather, tom, opened a fish company on the wharf. >> he's got the tie and they both have the hats. and they're working on the docks. >> reporter: when he died, he left the fish company to his three granddaughters. >> it started as a promise to tom lazio that we would keep this going for him when he died. >> reporter: but last january, a pollution clean-up behind the business convinced the sisters to close their door, ending a 60-plus-year run. >> exxonmobil was doing a large contamination clean-up. >> reporter: when the work was
6:25 pm
done and the trucks cleared out, angel, annette and marianne felt the pull of the wharf again. >> the light came at the end of the tunnel and then it was a blast, yes, we're reopening. so let's get going. >> reporter: with the opening of the commercial crab season just a week away, the sisters are once again back at work. there are tanks to fill, orders to take and sisters to rib. >> you're not sitting in your rocking chair anymore doing your whatever. >> i never sat in a rocking chair. oh, my god. >> reporter: beyond the sisterly love, the girls, as they're known, are a rare breed among the ranks of salty fishermen. >> we're sisters, you know. through thick and thin. >> reporter: since announcing their return, longtime customers have been stopping by or calling, after all, it's not every day a lost friend emerges from the great abyss. but angel says the hay iatus
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changed one thing about this business -- >> when we were forced to close, it became not so much his dream anymore as much as our dream. >> reporter: joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> the girls are back. so is the crab season. veterans day is friday. today, nancy pelosi paid a visit to a v.a. community living center in san francisco. she talked with some of the veterans and toured the facility and shared her thoughts about taking care of the vets once they return from home from battle. >> it's not just about creating jobs for them. it's about having them be able to create jobs for others by being business owners and entrepreneurs themselves. so it's not only about jobs, it's about ownership, it's about equity. it's about the best way for us to build upon the patriotism and love of our country that you all have and that our returning vets share with you.
6:27 pm
>> pelosi's visit comes as president obama announced his new action today to bolster his jobs bill, specifically giving tax credits to businesses that hire veterans. still ahead here at 6:00, medical marijuana activists waging a new battle against the government's crackdown on pot clubs. i'm monty francis live in oakland. i'll tell you how magic johnson is changing the lives of people with hiv 20 years after his own diagnosis. also, the verdict is in. you've heard by now surely, guilty. the conrad murray trial. we're live in l.a. with the reaction from michael jackson's aymily.itja st w.itush ay
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the man michael jackson trusted with his life has been coveted convicted of his death. >> a jury finding conrad murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
6:30 pm
you hear it there. jackson's fans erupting into cheers outside the courtroom when they heard the verdict. meanwhile, jackson's family says it is overjoyed. >> nbc bay area's stephanie stanton has been covering the trial in los angeles and joins us with the reaction from the family members. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, raj and jessica. you just saw just a few moments ago the reaction from fans here outside the courthouse. it is quiet now, but it was quite an amazing reaction to see all of that, the hundreds of fans cheering when that verdict came down. let's take you back to that moment just after 1:00 pacific time when conrad murray learned of his fate. >> we, the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: and there you saw conrad murray showed very little emotion, almost none, in fact, when that verdict was read.
6:31 pm
that is how conrad murray has been throughout much of this trial. we really haven't seen a lot of reaction from him. shortly after that, the courtroom officers came in, they handcuffed dr. conrad murray and escorted him to jail. that is where he is this evening. we saw what the fans had to say, what their reaction was to this verdict. now let's see how the jackson family feels about it. >> wonderful, absolutely, justice was served. >> reporter: as you might imagine, this has been a moment that this family has waited for for quite a long time. the jackson family expressing their pleasure with the verdict. of course, they say they're happy that conrad murray will be serving this time in jail and be held responsible for the death of michael jackson. so what happens now? will conrad murray, as you saw -- he was escorted to jail. he is now in the custody of the l.a. county sheriff's department. we're told he is at the men's central jail here in downtown los angeles.
6:32 pm
his bail has been revoked. that is where he will remain at least until sentencing on november 29th. the judge has some latitude here. the judge can give anywhere from probation up to four years in prison. but one more thing to keep in mind, there's a jail overcrowding problem here in l.a. county. so the big question is, many people are wondering if conrad murray will serve much more time beyond this couple of weeks, depending on the sentence. that's the latest live here in downtown los angeles. back to you guys. >> have to wait for that key date. thank you, stephanie. medical marijuana activists are fighting a deadline and they're fighting back because of it. suing the federal government, demanding the fed stay out of california's pot clubs and clinics. activists say tomorrow they'll ask for a temporary restraining order to keep mukd medical marijuana outlets open. back in september, californthe attorney notified there would be a statewide crackdown. activists say they're getting a
6:33 pm
mixed message. >> the federal government has said it does not want to prosecute patients and yet they want to shut off the supply of medical cannibus. >> the lawsuit will be brought simultaneously in san francisco, sacramento, los angeles and san diego districts. lawyers for a suspected gang member had their last chance today to convince a jury that their client is not the man who shot and nearly killed and undercover fremont police officer. he is charged with attempted murder and other felonies. in august of 2010, he allegedly shot officer todd young in oakland. he took the stand telling the jury he thought he was going to die after chancing the defendant. officer young was hit twice and was hospitalized for weeks. afterwards, he just recently returned to work.
6:34 pm
new tonight at 6:00, san francisco's afterdark club scene is a bit safer than it was last year. that conclusion is from the city's entertainment commission which became more empowered to punish troublesome clubs in the wake of the violence. a february shooting, february of 2010 was a shooting death outside the now-closed club called suede. 42 reports of violence followed over the summer of 2010, prompting the board of supervisors to give the commission more leverage to control the permits they issue. this summer, there were six fewer reports of violence as the commission wielded its fines and inspections with more authority. 20 years ago to the day, magic johnson made the stunning announcement that he was hiv positive and that he was leaving professional basketball, retiring from the los angeles lakers. two decades later, he's still working to change perceptions about the disease and those who have it. monte francis is standing by in
6:35 pm
oakland with the story. >> reporter: good evening. magic johnson is expected to make an appearance here in oakland on thursday to dedicate on aids clinic that bears his name. this marks two decades that he has worked to change attitudes and help others with hiv. >> because of the hiv virus that i have attained, i will have to retire from the lakers today. >> reporter: magic johnson stunned the world in 1991 with that announcement. and at the time public opinion was not where it is today. >> the general reaction that i saw was, shame on him and he better stop playing. >> reporter: the scene today in los angeles showed just how much times have changed. >> when god said that this is how you're going to lead today, i didn't look back, i took it
6:36 pm
and i'm happy that i've been the face of this disease. the only problem is, i will be happier if the numbers in the black and brown community would go down. >> reporter: two decades ago, johnson's long-term prognosis was unclear. but he went on to prove living and even thriving with hiv is even possible. he even returned to the nba in 1996. >> it busted down a lot of stereotypes and a lot of mindsets. >> reporter: dale is the regional director of clinics in san francisco and oakland that bear magic johnson's name. >> i think it forced the world to really think about hiv as a disease beyond something that ga white men get sexually. >> reporter: the clinics provide affordable and in some cases free treatment to hiv patients and free hiv testing, a pharmacy and a thrift store called out of the closet both help support the
6:37 pm
clinics. dale says johnson's contribution is not limited to aids education or even changing people's minds about the disease. >> one of the things that he was able to do with both his money and his status was pursue cutting-edge treatments and really prove that treating an infection like this could save someone's life. >> reporter: it's estimated that 1 million people in the u.s. are hiv positive and 33 million worldwide. johnson's foundation has been working and fighting to keep that number from growing. live in oakland, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. two top penn state university officials surrendered to authorities today after disturbing details of a possible sex abuse cover-up came to light. >> janelle wang is here with some of our national headlines tonight. >> the two administrators are accused of failing to report suspected child sex abuse by a former assistant coach of the
6:38 pm
school's legendary football team. athletic director tim curley and gary schultz both appeared in court today. they're also accused of lying to a grand jury about disturbing allegations surrounding jerry sandusky, the former defensive coordinator is accused of abusing eight boys over a 15-year period, both when he was a coach and after his retirement while running a youth program. a graduate student says he caught sandusky abusing a boy in the locker room in 2002, reported it to long-time football coach joe paterno who told the two administrators who did nothing. a fourth woman comes forward accusing herman cain of sexual misduct except this woman goes public. sharon bialek appeared with celebrity attorney gloria allred this morning. she claims the incident occurred back in 1997. she met cain after being fired
6:39 pm
from the national restaurant association which he was president at the time. she wanted to get some advice, career advice but instead claims he groped her under her skirt. >> i said, what are you doing, you know i have a boyfriend, this isn't what i came here for. mr. cain said, you want a job, right? >> cain's campaign immediately released a statement saying the presidential candidate has never sexually harassed anyone. today's nbc poll found cain has been holding steady with republicans, 54% not concerned about voting for him, 15% a little concerned and 13% quite concerned. again, cain's spokesman says this is just all a smear campaign. >> very good. thanks, janelle. still ahead at 6:00, who's really eating the most fast food? new information that shows fast-food restaurants shouldn't take all the blame for the obesity epidemic. and google plus goes hollywood.
6:40 pm
we'll show you the new features rolled out today, and the connection to celebrities. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures cooling off quickly here after daytime highs below average. 6 1 in san jose and 63 in oakland. tonight, right now, looking at upper 40s in the north bay and novato. we'll talk about this cold weather, our frost advisory and when rain returns in just a few.
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6:42 pm
google is expanding its social network with the debut of google plus pages. it's similar to facebook fan pages and provides a way for businesses to connect with individuals. celebrities and sports teams can also set up their pages. google is now reversing course after booting businesses from google plus just a couple of months ago. but apparently the new feature isn't available to the masses quite yet, even though it debuted today. the most anticipated video
6:43 pm
game of the year. "call of duty, modern warfare 3" will be released at midnight. the game is published by santa monica-based activision. preorders exceeded 25 million units. $1.2 billion in sales. the latest installment is expected to cost 60 bucks. >> i saw the ads for it all weekend long. >> $1.5 billion. >> a big rollout. >> jeff ranieri is here with -- it's going to be wet later this week. >> we have showers coming back. also talk about the cold weather. petalu petaluma, 48 degrees. hard to believe the 49ers could have a playoff spot locked up before thanksgiving.
6:44 pm
why jim harbaugh is still not satisfied. and tfind out who the g-men addeo bolster their offense. er
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6:46 pm
stanford researchers have found new findings about the cause of arts reitz. it's caused by inflammation and not just wear and tear on the body. in other words, arthritis is caused by the reaction to an injury. researchers say by targeting the inflammation process early, the condition might one day be prevented. do you ever eat fast food? conventional wisdom says it's the poorest americans who become overweight by dining on inexpensive hamburgers and deep-fried side dishes. but what researchers found out was that lower and middle income americans are the biggest customer base. the bottom line of the study is as your income grows, so does your appetite for fast food. the professor behind the study notes there is a link between obesity and low incomes.
6:47 pm
but restaurants shouldn't get all the blame. >> i've seen jeff running to mcdonald's once a week. >> i'm only admitting once a month on tv. i enjoy their -- what is it -- the blt crispy chicken sandwich. it is so good. 62 in livermore. 61 in san jose. thanks a lot, you guys. 59 in san francisco. 63 in santa rosa and 61 in san rafael. with more clear and also, yes, we're going to sate again, this cold dome of air sitting across the bay area, we have this frost advisory in effect for tonight. 20s and 30s expected across marin, napa and sonoma counties into tomorrow morning where the frost is likely to develop. temperatures dropping into the 40s in novato. 48 right now for you. 51 in napa. 53 in fairfield. 54 in san jose.
6:48 pm
widespread 40s and then a few isolated areas of 20s and low 30s. we'll pinpoint that for you coming up in just a minute. but otherwise for tomorrow, dry and sunny weather staying with us and also rain coming back in my seven-day forecast. right now on the satellite/radar picture, no rainfall. we have a little bit of cloud cover out here. but that's evaporating as it gets close. the computer models picking up on this system. a lot of moisture with this. but it's going to be a very tricky storm system right now. the models are disagreeing on all fronts with this system because the storm track looks like a more north-to-south track taking it along the california coastline. our best guess right now is going to be isolated showers throughout my seven-day forecast. as for tonight and the next 48 hours, it will stay clear with 60s inland for tomorrow after that patchy frost and throughout wednesday, the clouds will increase out ahead of our next chance of showers. for tonight, the coldest spot, santa rosa, 33.
6:49 pm
36 in san rafael. 37 in napa. 40 in livermore. 39 in gilroy. may need to click on the heater up in the north bay. and may need to do a little scraping on the windshield in sections of the north bay and the isolated interior valleys. tomorrow, sunny skies. 62 in san mateo. 69 in san francisco. for the inland locations, we're expecting low to mid-60s from concord to napa and also up into the north bay. we've just uploaded a fresh video clip on showers getting introduced thursday. also a chance friday, saturday and sunday as well. veterans day on friday, unfortunately, is going to have clouds and showers. but overall, it's fall and what we're used to. >> yeah, that time of year. >> yes. >> i'm hungry. >> you also like the mcflurries.
6:50 pm
i've seen you with those as well. all this talk during dinnertime. let's bring in dave benz. >> i don't know how the giants made this deal. seems like a pretty good deal on paper. seemingly ever since he made the big league roster, jonathan sanchez has been the subject of trade rumors. the rumors are no more because they are fact. this morning, he was dealt to kansas city, along with a minor leaguer in exchange for outfielder melky cabrera. sanchez's 2009 no-hitter will forever remain in giants' lore. but his inconsistency was maddening. cab are hit .305 with 87 rbis. to the gridiron, the 49ers have a five-game lead in the morbid nfc west. is it too soon to be looking at
6:51 pm
the playoff picture? jamie has more from santa clara. >> reporter: at the midway point in the season, the 49ers are 7-1, a five-game improvement from this time last year. the team isn't surprised by the success, nor are they satisfied. >> expectations are to have a great week of practice this week to get ready for the ball game. >> it's awesome, just the entire experience, the environment here. everyone's having a great time. we're playing well. it's fun to be a part of. >> a lot of people doubted us and put us out because we didn't have an off-season -- we got a whole new staff. ed with we had to put everything together and feel like it's a team. it's actually a team. >> reporter: that team has a chance to clinch the division in
6:52 pm
november. a win against the giants this sunday would go a long way towards wrapping up a first-round bye. >> like i said, we think about this one day at a time, one game at a time. the giants this week. they're a great team. we'll do whatever it takes to get the win. >> reporter: frank gore had x-rays on his left ankle after the game on sunday. the team said they are only precautiona precautionary. >> thank you, jamie. it's tough to discern what was yesterday for the raiders, a defense that allowed 299 yards rushing or the team's attraction to yellow hankies. >> reporter: it's a category you don't want to be in first place for as the raiders lead the league in both penalties and penalty yardage.
6:53 pm
it's a staggering stat that hugh jackson is still trying to solve. >> we do understand and recognize that penalties are going to happen. but 15 is an alarming rate. >> you just have to be more sound in terms of what you're doing. some of them are just bonehead mistakes that we need to clean up. i think we need to eliminate bad football and that's a part of the bad football side of it. you won't win a lot of games in terms of being where you want to be at the end of the year. if we continue this. >> there was just some miscues we had throughout the game whether they were penalties, just things we kind of kept shooting ourselves in the foot, doesn't matter who you're playing, you can't win by committing little penalty that is push you back to first and long, second and long. >> reporter: after missing the broncos game, it's uncertain if darren mcfadden will return for the game against the chargers. he wasn't at the walkthrough
6:54 pm
monday afternoon. and the coach said mcfadden has yet to begin a run program. >> thank you, kate. the sharks are back in action tonight at the tank against the kings. pregame live starts at 7:00 with the puck dropping at 7:30 on comcast sports net california. that does it for now. i have to make a run for the border. i live in the north bay and that frost warning doesn't look so good. >> dave benz is listening. always sharp. thank you, dave. for a full half hour of bay a aa sports coverage, watch tonight at 10:30. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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