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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 10, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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i'm bob redell live in redwood city where a fugitive has turned themself in after avoiding the law for 42 years. what changed his mind, that coming up. uc berkeley students meeting at this hour after clashing with police last night while they tried to establish an occupy cal encampment. i'm christie smith. i'll show you what's going on and why they say they're not done. >> in a matter of hours, the state could be back in a budget black hole. why california could lose nearly $2 billion. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez into i'm jon kelley. this morning, a man wanted in a deadly attack against police is finally turning himself in. >> he's planning to plead guilty to at least one of the crimes he's suspected of committing. this morning, nbc bay area's bob redeal was there when the man surrendered to police pep joins us now outside the san pate io county courthouse in redwood city. this man was not on the run. police knew where he was. why did this unfold the way it did? >> reporter: good morning to you. ronald bridge forth has avoided the law for 42 years. most of that time living a normal life in the midwest until recently when he simply just had a change of heart. last week he quit his job as educator in michigan, this morning came to the county courthouse to turn himself in for a serious crime he committed
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back in the late 1960s. >> well, this seems to be the right thing to do. and in the end, it's always about family. >> bridge forth now 67 years old says he wants to set a good example for his sons by surrendering to authorities and taking responsibility for his actions. he appeared with his attorney before a superior court judge to try to plead guilty to the judge that he shot at one of three south san francisco police officers during a shoot-out in 196. a charge he already pled guilty to back then before jumping bail, never to be seen again. over that time, he changed his name to cole jordan, married, worked his way up from a custodian to it can cult member at a community college in michigan, earned mace ter's degree and by all accounts, stayed out of trouble. >> his decision was only based because he's a dignified spiritual man and wants to get this behind him. >> you asked for $100,000 bail.
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>> i did. >> why? >> this is a very serious charge, and three police officers were very nearly hit with gunfire. it was in close proximity. it was a barrage of gunfire. fortunately, they weren't hit. but that's luck or bad aim. >> the d.a. did ask for $100,000 bail. bridge forth wanted to be released on his own recognizance. the judge set bail at $25,000. his lawyer doesn't think he'll be able to come up with the funds to get out knit today. when he's due back in court november 22 ncd, he says he does plan to plead guilty and then be sentenced sometime after that. he could face anywhere from probation to one to 15 years in jail. bridge forth was also charged in connection with the shooting death of a san francisco police officer in 1971, but his attorney tells us that the attorney general's office notified them last night that those charges were no longer. reporting live here in redwood
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city, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> what an interesting story. thank you. >> thank you very much, bob. well, it's been nothing short of an extremely painful day for a peninsula family still looking for any kind of answers in the death of their teenage daughter. 24 years ago today, 13-year-old michele matuchi was snatched from the streets of daley city walking home from school. several hours later her father and police discovered her body in a neighbor's backyard. police released this sketch of a possible suspect. investigators think the killer did know the girl. anybody with information on this case is asked to call the daly city police department. >> tonight loved ones remember the life of a young man killed in his backyard two years ago. michael russell was killed november 10th, 2009. police say he was stabbed several times by classmates jay williams and randy thompson. officers believe the teens may have killed russell as part of a
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satanic ritual. tonight's memorial will be held at 6:30 at frost elementary school in san jose. this morning, parents and teachers in the south bay are on edge about two gas pipelines running right underneath a middle school soccer field especially because one of those pipelines is responsible for the deadly explosion last year in san bruno. they run under thecrit ten deny middle school. pg&e says it plans on moving a portion of line 109 from the school's field and then rerouting it through the campus parking lot and under middlefield road. pg&e says it will not remove line 132 because of the costs involved. line 132 is the same gas line that burst last year in san bruno and burst again during testing in woodside over the week. pg&e now says line 132 is now safe after going through pressure testing. >> this morning dozens of cal
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students are camping out in cold temperatures to prove a point. a small campsite is sprouting up at uc berkeley. christie smith is live on campus where things are calmer after a night filled with clashes with the police. christie. >> good morning, yeah, uc berkeley police just moved in and took down the last tent that had been out here since last night. demonstrators say it was sort of symbolic of their movement. what's happening today at sproul plaza is that some classes in the human man thes department are being held outside to support the movement and over here demonstrators are meeting to debrief on what happened last night and they say this is not over. >> this morning, demonstrators at sproul plaza wrapped up a handful of tents that were out from overnight as police stood watch. >> they gave us a warning that they would start taking down the tents. so this one -- we want to leave that one up as a symbol, but
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this one we feel we should take down because it will be more useful tonight when we can defend it. >> this after a night of clashes between demonstrators trying to establish an occupy cal encampment with tests. after a day of protests, they linked arms trying to hold off police. there was pushing and shoving, seven arrests in the first wave, hours later at least 32 moore. as early on the university stressed that tents and camping were not legal. >> i think people were inspired by oakland and stood their ground and paid sure not to move an inch for -- not to lose an inch for public education. >> police ripped down tents, then came the announcement that they could stay 24 hours a day but no tents or cooking gear. though overnight three tents remained. one officer said it's really a matter of how far they wanted to push it after clearing the crowd. but demonstrators say it's not over until there's an end to tuition hikes and funding is resto
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restored. they say they will be back. it's worth fighting for. >> these are acts of breaking the law, yes. but with the aim of roughly speaking, raising social consciousness about the sorts of issues that can't be addressed legally. >> they tell me they will beak be meeting throughout the day here and they'll hold a general assembly meeting tonight at 6:00 to decide what they're going to do next. but they say, some of them, that they had to go and take classes today but they will be back and try and camp again tonight. i spoke with one officer about what he thought about that. and he said they're ready, and in his words, he says that they don't want this to become another frank frank ogawa plaza. reporting live, jon and marla, back to you. >> we'll bring everybody the latest at 5:00 and 6:00. >> major numbers here. the state of california could end up with a $1.7 billion hole in its budget by the end of today. the state's highest court could
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strike down a law that lets the state raid local redevelopment accounts to pad its budget. earlier this year, the law wiped out more than 400 local redevelopment agencies. the agencies could only stay afloat if they agreed to give $460 million to the state in years to come. the california redevelopment association says the cash grab goes against a voter initiative that bars the state from raiding local funds. >> turning out to be a very nice fall day, very crisp outside. >> it is. it's the warmest day of the week. we're in the 60s in some cities right now. we are going to cool down and get wet tomorrow. a major system of low pressure sitting offshore. the core isn't slated to move over us. we will see a deep band of moisture impacting us tomorrow morning. you can see right here from this live look at san francisco, still mostly clear over the city by the bay. 57 degrees in the city right now. 62 in eke land and 61 in san jose. what's sitting just off show,
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take a look at that the very deep area of subtropical moisture. we could pick up to a half an inch of rainfall in the city as we head through the city tomorrow. we are watching this for you. coming up, i'll track this and tell you when it arrives at your doorstep. you see all those reds, oranges, that's heavy rain on the way to the bay area. we've got your seven-day forecast, not too early to start thinking about the weekend. >> we can enjoy today and get your umbrellas for the wicked, right in the. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot. still ahead, hey, get your motors running. that's right. it's sleek, it's fast and it's all electric. >> we're getting a sneak peek at tesla's model s car. hold on to your seat belts. >> plus, it was a violent night in the happy valley. college students smashing windows overturning cars out on the streets near penn state as joe paterno's legacy comes to an end. plus, word of a new victim is unfolding right now in the sex scandal on campus.
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>>en an they've spent weeks rallying against big banks and corporate america. why is occupy oakland opening up a wells fargo account. ig >>ayt's i big day in the solyndra investigation. i'll have the latest from washington coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. we give you an i live look at a historic landmark on a historic day. today, the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the bay bridge. and it's nice to have that beautiful weather out there so we can soak it up and enjoy it. happy birthday. >> good trivia. thank you. a violent night gives way to i an somber morning at penn state university as crews clean up the damage left by students protesting the firing of coach joe paterno. >> joe paterno. >> last night, thousands of students poured into the streets as news spread that the university's board of trustees had fired the 84-year-old coach. tom turned violent, smashing windows and even overturning a
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tv news van. the board fired paterno in the wake of a growing sex scandal on campus. his former offensive coordinator jerry sun dusky is accused of molesting at least eight young boyce. a ninth victim could come forward today. coach paterno found out about the allegations and told his superiors but allegedly never went to police. this morning, the son of medial mogul rupert murdoch says he was not told the whole truth about the phone hacking scandal. james murdoch answered more tough questions about the scandal this morning during his second appearance before parliament in just four months. lawmakers say an e-mail sent to murdoch may prove the phone hacking at the "news of the world" went further than murdoch's company admits. murdoch insists he was blind sided by the scandal saying people working below him at the company kept him in the dark. >> we're all humbled by it and trying to improve the business to make sure that these things
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don't happen again because they are something that i'm very sorry about. >> reporters at ne"news of the world" are accused of hacking into phones belonging to celebrities. the royal family and even hacking into the cell phone of a young murder victim. >> up on capitol hill, congress set a deadline of 9:00 a.m. for the white house to turn everything it knows about the solyndra loan. scott, we're about two hours past that deadline. what can you tell us new? >> there hadn't been a peep from the white house all morning nor the house energy committee. a few minutes ago, the committee said it had heard from the white house and the white house was going to "provide responsive materials to the committee's subpoena." this after twofl subpoenas were submitted last thursday after a party line vote. they really angered the white house with them. we know that. white house counsel writing a letter back to the committee almost immediately accusing the
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republican-led group of partisan politics. we thought for quite some time, and i said on the morning show this morning i thought the white house would claim executive privilege on this, this is not what seems to have happened. the white house again saying it will begin to provide responsive materials to the subpoena. that's not exactly an entire 100% commitment. now, is it? but we shall see what happens with that. white house was very angry about this idea that it would have to turn over everything like news clippings, even air force one's flight plan as it ferried the president out to solyndra in the spring of 2010. >> scott mcgrew, this one a long way from over. >> this morning tesla is unveiling its latest and greatest electric car. >> that is right. right now, hey, how about a little sneak peek. it's the tesla model s beta equipped with a 3 g wireless and a touch screen for navigation.
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how about web access to go with that. this is tesla's first mass produced car, and it's the only one -- this is the one they feel is going to turn tesla motors into a profitable company. right now they've pumping cars out but yet to turn a profit. >> i'm trying to get a good look at it. speaking of things that are cool, how about this? >> hundreds of chinese lanterns illuminating the parking lot near great america. >> these are gigantic lanterns some more than 50 feet tall. they depict landmarks like the taj mahal and are on display as part of the global winter wonderland festival designed in china and powered with led lights. check them out till january 2nd. >> i bet they look cool at night. but it sounds like meteorologist christina loren is telling us they might want to cover those up come tomorrow. >> tomorrow is also veterans day. a lot of parades planned, one in
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san jose will go on. 59 degrees in san mateo right now. 57 in san francisco, meanwhile the 60s in the south bay. 60 degrees in sunnyvale. overall running 3 to 4 degrees than this time yesterday. we'll be warmer as we round out the day. just about the 70s in san francisco. 6 degrees is the forecasted high. your highs with the time change now coming at 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. take a look what's headed our way. we've been watching this system all week. you can see where the core of low pressure is centered over the pacific ocean. it's this deep band of moisture we're concerned about and noticing now a subtropical moisture tap. we could see potentially flooding at the coast where we'll see the most rainfall. let me set this in motion for you. stop the clock at 5 am. showers it staying offshore, between 5:00 and 7:00 some of the rain moving on shore to san francisco and redwood city and san tan cruz getting moderate
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rain. showers will continue throughout the day. 3:00 p.m. maybe a rough ride home. after 3:00 into 5:00, we'll see a lot of clearing. midnight, that's when the system should blow out of here. we could see showers saturday morning. you see where the deep green is. that's where we're going to get the most rain. right long the coast from marin county through san francisco, redwood city, santa cruz, potentially up to an inch of rain in five or six hours. we are concerned for your morning drive tomorrow, and of course, we'll have to deal with the aftermath as you make your way home from work. after that, we'll get a nice dry break just in time for the weekend. we were watching a second storm. up until now i thought we would see a few showers out of that guy. i don't think it's going to happen. clearing on sunday. you can rake the leaves, do whatever you need to do. by monday, slightly warmer and then we'll see a little area of low pressure try to dig into the bay area tuesday into wednesday
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that's going to cool us down. we're not talking about any showers after we get through friday. keep that in mind. bring anything in from outdoors that could get wet and make sure you give yourself ample time. i don't think we'll have to worry about it on our way to work tomorrow morning. marla, if you're out there, get your best raincoat handy. >> i got it already. >> protect the hair too. >> the do is going to get messed up in the morning. they've been picketing local banks for weeks even going so far as spray pointiainting wind >> the occupy movement muting its donations into the bank it's rallying against. telling "the chronicle" they decided to deposit $20,000 into a wells fargo account in the heat of the moment after several were arrested and put in jail. some protesters calling that move pr suicide and sleeping with the enemy. >> as for wells fargo, the company says if this report is
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true, it demonstrates that even occupy oakland understands firsthand the value and service that wells fargo provides its customers. coming up, balancing the budget on the backs of students. another round of fee hikes is looming at cal state campuses unless the state comes up with one thing. we'll tell you what your kid's tuition is hinging on. >> and to join the discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. we'll be back in two minutes.
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welcome back, everybody. here's a live look from our camera atop san bruno mountain showing very clear skies. chilly temps. the calm before the storm. >> like it or not, more tuition hikes are looming for cal state students. they may have to pay 9% more next year if the state doesn't make room for the 23 campus system in its upcoming budget. if the state doesn't give them an extra $138 million, then students will have to pay an
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extra $498 per year bringing the yearly bill to $5,9070. >> if you have an overdue library book in oakland, you might have the to go out of your way to drop it off. budget cuts are forcing the main library and several other city services and offices to shut down today and tomorrow. parks will be open to the public but gates and restrooms will be closed. senior centers will be closed today and tomorrow. animal shelters will also be shut down today and will reopen tomorrow. there will be no street sweeping. as we mentioned, the main library in oakland will be closed today and tomorrow but other branches will be open today and closed tomorrow. emergency services will not be affected. >> that is a lot of good information. still ahead, the fangs are coming out. >> the cast of "twilight" is coming to the bay area. we'll tell you where you can expect throngs of screaming teenaged girls and a vampire or two.
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welcome back. the time now 11:26. enjoy today. 70s, upper 60s even at the coast and a mix of sun and clouds. as we wake up tomorrow morning, take a look what's headed our way. mike inouye and myself will be here to guide you through us tomorrow. we're counting on pretty heavy rainfall at the coast, guys. make sure you're ready for that. >> it's going to be a wtgif. >> huh? >> you lost me. >> thank god it's friday. >> i guess with the exception of all your faithful and facebook, you'll be hard pressed to find a group of fans more hard-core than the fans of the twilight series. >> they are twi hard. and tonight out in full force. a few of the stars of the latest movie will make an appearance at the fillmore in san francisco about 5:45. nom robert patinson and kristin stewart will not be there. but nikki read and jackson rathbone will be. >> glad to hear it. >> the movie hits theaters
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november 18th. i had to look them up. i didn't know who they were. >> wt what? >> gif. it's a wet tgif. >> you coined a phrase. >> you should see the look on his face up close. it was funny. thanks so much for being with us. join you the tonight. >> have a great one.
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