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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a deadly shooting at the occupy oakland raid. demonstrators say they had no tie to it. they're still here. and the family of a san jose teen brutally murdered two years ago sends a message to a community. plus, a judge deciding california's high speed rail law will not roll through the bay area. >> and we give you an early morning look outside the san francisco bay bridge. check your calendar. it's 11-11-11. this is "today in the bay."
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very good morning, esh. i'm jon kelley. >> happy veterans day. we told you st rain would arrive. just on time this morning. we have really heavy showers in san francisco. it's been raining there the past three hours. take a look at the moisture we are expecting to push onshore later in the morning. i'll tell you when it arrives in your neighborhoods, if it will. some cities won't see much rain at all. we'll sort it out for you. it's finally friday. we have the weekend forecast ready to go. first, let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> we have an earlier accident southbound 101. reports of a minor accident. car went off the roadway. something involving in accident looks like it might have
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starptstarpt started a fire as well. maybe we could use water down there. we'll track this. no injuries reported. >> mike, thank you very much. we'll check back in a little bit. this morning could be the final straw for the group of east bay protesters occupy the plaza in downtown oakland. christie smith is live in oakland where a deadly shooting is forcing the hand of city leaders. especial especial especially embattled mayor quan. >> reporter: there's a different mood here. there's a candle light memorial this morning. just steps away from me. that is the man who was shot and killed here yesterday evening.
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demonstrators with shouting, this is not occupy oakland. they were among the first to help the victim. it did happen near the encampment. they're saying the situation was escala escalating. she said in a news conference the city was planning for the second full-time to remove the camp. but there was no explanation really of how or when. she called on the demonstrators to leave on their own. a lot of people who call oakland home have had just about enough. >> the city administrator and i will do our best to do what we have to do to return the plaza to use of the entire city and do it in a way that it doesn't cause further harm to citizens or the city. >> a young man was murdered and died in front of my eyes today.
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for that to be here, associated with this encampment is absolutely unacceptable. and we need to hear are the mayor right now. they will try to put pressure on mayor quan. but quan said for her part that some people are not open to the idea of leaving. there is a dialogue going on. but she said that she can't give a whole lot of detail about that. >> it is 4:34. video clashes between protesters and police at uc berkeley are going viral. now some students say police are confronting them when they're not protesting. campus police stopped them on
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wednesday as they were walking across campus. >> they called out, hey, stop. i said, you have no right to stop me. that's when the six of them surrounded me and one of the officers put my arm behind my back and twisted my wrist. campus police say they stop people because nonstudents are not allowed to have amplification devices or nondisplace devices. two years after a san jose team was killed in his backyard, his family is sending a message to his community this morning. michael russell's family urged the crowd to stand up and have a voice because it could save a
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life. santa clara county prosecutors allege randy thompson and jay williams each stabbed russell in the neck, chest and back. and then left him to die in the backyard. the pain is never going to go away. the loss is so great that we're always going to have a voice. >> the trial for the thompson and williams will start in february. they will stand trial as adults. pg&e has capped and repaired a leaking gas pipeline in san francisco. crews finished work around 10:00 last night. the distribution line was cut while pg&e was excavating a hole near market and beale streets yesterday. the police showed up to seal off a two-line radius.
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only four customers were affected. back to the drawing board for california's high speed rail project. they are saying the elevated tracks would divide the communities and lower property values. they say they will do more research on how the route would affect the communities. it is 4:37 right now. next week the world will get to lock interviews with jobs. his 70-minute interview with the apple icon was done nor the mini series triumph of the nerves. only 10 minutes was shown.
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>> the director in london thought i think i kept a tape of just the jobs interview. he looked around and found it and called me up. i found this tape. what do you think i should do with it. i asked, how many others did you keep? we thought they were all lost. >> and how much is that? >> you can watch scott's entire interview on press here, sunday at 9:00 a.m. a.m. absolutely good stuff to check out on that one. >> in fact, it was a really tricky forecast. so we're glad to see the showers have arrived in san francisco. our showers are coming up from the south. which is rather unusual.
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they're coming up from the south this morning. the cut-off low sits and spins. look at the moisture band that is slated to move on shore later on this afternoon. but we're going to push it back for you. between 10:00 and 2:00 we're going to be very active. he got here early. he's been tracking the the roads for you. we'll continue to see the showers until 10:00 p.m. tonight. probably a day where you want to stay indoors. make indoor activities. by 7:00 a.m. we'll be clear. saturday and sunday looking really good for the weekend. now with that additional cloud cover overhead we're running warmer. it's not as cold. in santa rosa we're 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. 7 degrees warmer in livermore. 3 degrees warmer in hayward. temperatures today will end in the 70s in inland cities.
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first let's check that drive. >> make sure the wipers are in good conditions. we have a small fire. it's bound to be a distraction in both directions. no injuries reported for accident. this is the rest it have south bay. it's 101 around old bay shore highway. we'll give you a look at the mass transit as well. being veterans day, they're running a regular schedule. muni service disrupted through san francisco because of a veteran's day parade.
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just like 8-8-8 and 10-10-10. today a is popular day to get married. this is a big time boost for business. another bonus, the date is a friday. that means a three-day weekend. mayor's licenses in high demand. >> we issued 817, four times what we would normally do on a wednesday. this morning we've been issuing 90 an hour, one and a half every minute. >> that might get a wow out of you it's nowhere near the record on 7-7-7. next year is 12-12-12. the last triple date of the century. >> it is 4:41. bailing on big banks. the california county that is standing up with 99%.
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and california is back in the hole. the dismal picture the state's controller is painting this morning. plus, a new offer on the table from nba owners. we'll tell you if the lockout is possiblily near an end. and the raiders hit the field playing a rare thursday night game. went down to the wire with the afc west league on the line. hey, your high speed internet here, at home...
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welcome back, everyone. california has cut a lot of money to try to get back to the black, but the state controller says it's not enough. john chung says california has fallen $1.5 billion behind in revenue in the first four months. they also spent $1.8 billion more than initially projected. add it up, more than $3 billion in the hole. under the budget signed in june if california is between $1 billion and $2 billion short tlrks will be cuts to higher education, customer service and public safety. funding will be cult to k-12 education and community colleges. santa cruz county is cutting ties with two banks kmigiants. jpmorgan chase and bank of america will no longer handle investments.
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for a look at the rest of your news before the bell, bertha coombs is live at cnbc headquarters. good friday morning. >> good friday morning to you, john. we have the bond market closed. they've taken the day off. it's likely to be a quiet day. a big change from yesterday. we are still watching the situation in europe. yesterday there were rumors that france might be cut. but a technical error caused a message about a possible downgrade to be sent out. they said that was just -- oops. meantime, italy's senate is voting on budget cuts. it should be done in the lower half tomorrow. it should lead to berlusconi stepping down. it seems that things are moving forward. the dow was up 112 points
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yesterday to 11,l 893. the naz back was up to 2625. meantime, after ticking higher for the past month, mortgage rates dipped below 4%. the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan is 3.99%. as europe's debt crisis pushed down the yields on the tenure treasury note. banks typically link mortgage rates to that yield in the u.s. government bond market. starbucks just bought juice company evolution fresh. the products are sold in whole foods. they plan to start a chain of juice bars next year. it will be the big eest expang beyond coffee. jamba juice. i like them a lot. >> i like them as well. starbucks always likes to test the water.
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>> you people need to go to mexican markets. those are fantastic. >> let's go. >> all right. let's bring our umbrellas. i want to check in with christina loren. it is cold out there this morning in cosome cities. we'll see rain chances ramp up throughout the next few hours. mike inouye will have that coming up in moments. right now showers pushing onshore. just light rain coming down. there's a lot more on the way. take a look at the band of moisture, slated to smack us right about 10:00 to 2:00 today. a lot of this won't make its way inland. we may see a couple of cities.
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the temperatures this morning, like i said, still cold in places like santa rosa. 40 in novato. overall because of the additional cloud cover, it was able to trap in yesterday's daytime heat. 7 degrees warmer in livermore. 8 degrees warmer in san jose. as we head throughout the afternoon, peabl possibly up on on o to an inch of rain. in the deep green we get the most moisture. novato through santa rosa. potentially up to half an inch. maybe three-quarters in the place that picks up the heaviest rainfall amounts. take a look at. this inland cities not expected to see much. because of that we get enough sunshine to warm you to 70 in fairfield. 64 in san jose. by the coast we're going to see the clouds and showers pump through all day long, temperatures only end up in the upper 50s and low 60s.
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we clear out in time for the weekend. saturday and sunday look good for outdoor plans. we are watching another storm system late friday. overall looking dry as well. >> it's 4:49. the push is onto get the lawyers and the rest of the nba playing after 11 hours of bargaining nba commissioner zaifd stern proposed a 72-game season. the union has not decided whether to accept the offer. all the players sh' issues havet been addressed. they plan to answer yes or no early this week. the 49ers rolling towards the playoffs. they are at home this week. the kickoff time is set for 1:16. last night carson palmer got his first win in a raiders uniform.
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the win putting them in possession of first place in the afc west. as for the sharks, we put it on ice, they also got a win. they were at home hosting the minnesota wild. the sharks scored three goals in the second period and then played solid defense. number four ranked cardinals take on number seven stanford. if stanford wins they'll most likely win the pack 12 north and stay on track to play for a national title. >> go cardinals. >> president obama heads back to the west coast today. this time it's not for campaigning. then he's attending a board of famous aircraft carrier. plus rick perry is lashing off his slip-up during wednesday night's debate. he appeared on late night tv to
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make fun of himself. and as you drive up 280 along the peninsula you're looking at wet roads, slippery conditions. we'll track the morning commute. it's a friday. you still have to get to work.
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president obama is expected to join sailors in san diego this veteran's day to take in a basketball game. first of its kind game played on the deck of the aircraft. workers spent all week building the giant basketball court with more than 7,000 feet on the flight deck. where the tar heels will take on the spartans in a veteran's day game. the ship was used to bury osama bin laden at sea earlier this queer. we all know texas governor rick perry may have a memory lapse issue, but he's not above laughing at himself. it's always a healthy thing to do. perry is tabing heat for his debate brain freeze when he forgot one of the three government agencies he would cut if he were president. last night he appeared on the late show with the top ten rick perry excuses.
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>> i thought the debate was tonight. >> that happens to everybody. it was a mix-up everybody. number six. >> hey, listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> i know. i know what you're talking about. >> good way to handle it. >> i heard one is i'm just trying to help out my buddy herman cain. >> and boy did he. >> let's check in with christina loren. let's go to traffic. >> yeah. morning commute. >> they gave me the mike anyhow. they had your back. >> christina, thank you very much. we'll touch on that. it transitions into the traffic. you'll watch the slick conditions throughout the morning. later in the commute. still, watch the coast. right here, highway 4 ead.unboun we're looking at foreclosure at
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love ridge. you're off and then back on at the love ridge off ramp. no major drama westbound. in about 40 minutes we see speeds themselves. big changes to antioch. 880 construction is clearing between the ol see yum and downtown. >> part of the high speed rare project getting the axe from a bay area judge. some say they don't want it on their tough. plus occupy san francisco may be wearing out its welcome. nearby businesses say the camp needs to go. and plenty of babies expects least.i least.ay. what's so lucky about 11-11-11?
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>> new this morning. a deadly shooting forces the city of oakland. i'm chrissm


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