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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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traffic issues in terms of the commute at this hour. we'll check in later in newscast. it's deja vu for oakland protesters camped out at the plaza. a short time ago they got eviction notices from the city telling them they again needed to leave the plaza. those notices after a day of pleading from faith leaders, the mayor and police who say yesterday's deadly shooting near the encampment has changed the tenor of the demonstration. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us live from oakland. is she with us right now? jodi, we know more tonight about the man that was shot. was he an actual protester there with the occupy movement? >> reporter: jessica, we talked to numerous people out here today who say he very much was a part of this occupy oakland movement. and tonight as friends are very shaken. now the killing appears tonight to have sparked some movement at city hall. you mentioned they handed out eviction notices late this afternoon a warning campers that
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they have to move out immediately or once again risk arrest. candles and flowers mark the spot where a young man was gunned down yesterday. >> we've got shots fired out here. let's get out. get out. >> reporter: just as we prepare to go live for our 5:00 newscast. >> it was so many things going through my head, i didn't know what to feel at the time. i just prayed he would go to heaven, you know. i prayed that his spirit would rest peacefully. but i knew it was over when i walked over. >> reporter: jamal denorm is dealing with the loss of a friend he and others knew as alex. denorm describes alex as an aspiring artist who volunteered in occupy oakland's kitchen and believed in the movement. >> i know him as a good friend, you know. he was a good friend. he helped out around the kitchen, you know, spoke to people about the occupation. he believed in this fully. >> who knows what is going to
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happen. basically lawlessness. >> that young man who lost his life, he had a connection to this encampment. and so this encampment is bringing elements into downtown that otherwise would not be here, even though we have a proliferation of violent crimes in this city. >> reporter: tonight the call to clear the camp out is getting louder. >> god knows how many guns are in there. >> reporter: the head of oakland's police officers union says the camp needs to be cleared out immediately before someone else gets hurt. though the mayor declared last night the occupation must end, he wants more. >> it is time for the city of oakland and the mayor's office to make a decision what to do. it's not getting in front of a camera and asking people to please leave. i think an ultimatum needs to be issued. >> we know our rights. we don't need your propaganda. >> reporter: and that may be near. police again passing out eviction notices late this afternoon. but campers say don't expect them to budge.
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are you going to leave? >> hell no. hell no. >> okay, that was jodi hernandez reporting live from oakland. so what is going to happen now? the eviction notices are there. in the next few hours, we'll see how serious the city is and if the occupy in oakland decides to evacuate the plaza. in san francisco, mayor ed lee is allowing the occupy sf movement to remain in justin herman plaza. but there are problems. theft and a lack of visitors to the landmark ferry building. we bring in nbc bay area's traci grant at the ferry building where management and merchants are asking the city for help. this sounds a lot like oakland. what is next? >> reporter: raj, i want you to imagine. this you're here shopping or eating at the ferry building and you run into a group of men wearing nothing but boxers. i mean we're talking no shirts, no shoes. this is one of the things that the management company has reported in addition to rampant shoplifting. they're saying that the occupy
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sf members are inappropriately using the ferry building and the merchants are footing the bill. >> it has people kind of on edge. tourists are like what is happening here. the locals aren't seeming to come down quite as much. >> reporter: she has noticed a change at the stall she manages in the ferry building. two cell phones and some merchandises have been stolen from here, and she has seen people using the public bathrooms in the same way they would use bathrooms in their own homes. for instance, washing their hair in the sink. >> it's not always the most pleasant thing. and yeah, our security is bumped up obviously. janitorial is bumped up. everything that costs a lot. >> reporter: and this is what many people believe is the reason, the occupy san francisco encampment across the street. since november 1st, senior property manager jane conners has written to san francisco mayor ed lee and board of supervisors president david chu twice to ask for help. the letters provide a list of
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incidents, some of them captured by surveillance camera. 11 reports of cell phone theft, chairs and stools taken from various shops after hours. an increase in graffiti and plumbing issues in the rest rooms, and attempts to get into the ferry building after hours by breaking locks. >> i think this is a smear campaign to kind of bring the public a little further from us, alienate us. >> reporter: cat hogan has been living in the occupy sf encampment since october 5th. she says they should have come to speak with the campers before lodging a complaint with city hall. she also says she doesn't want to merchants to be impacted, but theft takes place everywhere and the movement is not to blame. >> you're telling us we can't brush our teeth in an open building, one that is an open market, one that is a landmark of san francisco? >> reporter: well, the equity office here at the ferry building didn't return phone calls today. but in the letter, jane conners says when they have reported these incidents, they have been told that the city doesn't want to deal with the occupiers.
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she is asking sfpd to come down here and help them. david chu's spokesman says they're working hard to address this issue. but he says it's also worth noting that the vast majority of the hundreds of people out there at the occupy sf encampment are not involved in these actions. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, traci. stay with us here at nbc news for the continuing coverage of the occupy movement on both sides of the bay. it's likely to be an active night in oakland. we'll have all the developments on our website,, and of course on our 11:00 newscast. well, if you have been outside, you know it is ugly. the bay area getting a hefty dose of rain and wind today. >> let's bring in our chief -- i can't even say it. jeff? with all the rain here. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. take it away. >> it's a long title. it's a long last name. this storm system is not going to be long-led, you guys. that's the great news. the storm has been sitting off thestngoa cline for the past fi days. you can see as it loops around
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most of the heaviest rainfall moved through over the past six hours. but we're still finding some very moderate pockets to heavier rainfall here across the bay area that did produce nearly a halfoa inch in the santa cruz mountains. ben loehmann with 0.43 there. it's starting to weaken. it's moving off towards the south. but it is still once again producing some moderate pockets of some rainfall. we're going to zoom into some of that heaviest rainfall. it was across san francisco and oakland. but this rain is moving from the south to the north. so right now across richmond, geary gire, etant, oad into pinole. that's where some of our heaviest rainfall is right now. that, wil be pushing into vallejo and wnicia. the rain is continuing to me up from the south off tohe north. we reported on those potential bridge issues that we're monitoring here across the bay right now. i did zoom in here to get us the latest on the conditions right here across the water. you can see winds are not too gusty. temperatures in the 50s.
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and we're still tracking plenty of rain. that's going to be a tough one for them to be checking out at this hour. we'll have more on the storm coming up. >> okay, thank you, jeff. not the day off from school that their parents expected. one of two boys hit by a recycling truck in vallejo has sadly died. police say the boys were skateboarding outside during this veterans day holiday. cheryl, how tragic. >> reporter: it's a really sad story, jessica. police officers who have been on the job here in vallejo for a very long time say that this is the worst accident they've ever seen. let's take a look at the videotape from high above from our chopper. it happened about 12:30 this afternoon at linfield court and chapman court in vallejo near six flags amusement park. police say the boys were friends, 12 and 8 years old, were sitting down, riding on a skateboard together down a slight hill when they encountered a recycling truck.
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>> the garbage truck was westbound on linfield drive, and the kids were coming down kind of perpendicular to the truck. the truck driver saw them at the last minute and tried to stop and swerved his truck out of the way to avoid hitting them, but he wasn't able to do that, and the children both went underneath the truck. >> reporter: now the 12-year-old was taken to kaiser hospital where he was pronounced dead. the 8-year-old was airlifted to oakland's children's hospital. he is in pretty bad condition, but police say that they do believe that he will survive his injuries. now as far as the truck driver is concerned, he was very shaken up. and also taken and taken to the hospital where he can be checked out for stress-related injuries. this horrible accident is now under investigation. reporting live in vallejo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. well, just months after a national transportation safety board report slammed pg&e, the state is now moving in with its
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own investigation. the focus will be on whether the company broke pipeline regulations prior to the san bruno explosion last year. if violations are found, they could result in fines of up to $20,000 per day. and right now about nine miles south of san bruno, pg&e is wrapping up a pipeline test which involved venting natural gas. belmont residents near ralston avenue were expected to both smell and hear the process since the noise is described as sounding like a jet engine. the work lasted for most of the afternoon. an important ruling now involving medical marijuana today. an appeals court ruled that cities and counties in california have the authority to ban pot clubs. this marks the first time judges have ruled on citywide bans. a lawyer for the patients and th founder of one of the dispensaries immediately announced they will appeal the decision to the state supreme court. well, still ahead here at 6:00, a date with destiny. city halls around the bay area closed on this veterans day. but one opened its doors for love.
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the rush behind the weddings on 11-11-11. i'm kimberly tere live in palo alto where the city is ready to host tens of thousands of college football fans. i'll tell you all about the big game, coming up in a live report. and lawmakers call for an investigation into two bay area companies, the connection to unrest in syria. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking rain moving across the bay area, and also our ever changing conditions as we head into the weekend. we're going to have more on your forecast for the south bay and also of course more on your cold weekend forecast in just a few.
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the farm is buzzing with excitement. stanford is gearing up tonight for what could be its biggest home game in school history. the oregon ducks have landed in the bay area to take on the
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undefeated cardinals. soggy weather is in no way dampening the spirit for tomorrow's nationally televised game. we bring in kimberly tere who joins us from palo alto tonight. this is not just football. this is big business and a big party. who do you have? >> reporter: that's right, raj. by all accounts, this is a huge game, not just for players, but also for businesses. it is big business. and the rain may be helping things tonight, keeping people in restaurants and shops. more than 50,000 fans are expected in palo alto tomorrow. >> let's go stanford! >> reporter: the farm is the place to be this weekend. that's if you can find tickets. even getting a room this weekend is a tall order. >> sold out? >> absolutely. >> reporter: stanford is riding the nation's longest winning streak at 17 games. it's taking on the oregon ducks saturday night. >> the number 4 in the bcs versus number 6 in the bcs. the place is going to be electric tomorrow night. i can't wait. i can't wait.
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>> this means the championship game. >> we've had it on our calendar since the schedule came out. and i convinced him. we're booking tickets. we're going because this is going to be the big game of the year. >> reporter: and palo alto looks ready for it. >> in this economic time, this sort of energy and the excitement that college football can bring to a town. >> reporter: the city's restaurant, bars and hotels are rolling out the welcome mat, hoping to cash in not just on game day, but the whole weekend. >> yeah, we'll spend some money. >> we've already spent a lot of money on tickets and hotels. >> i think we are probably going to spend close to $2,000 for the weekend, by the time we pay for tickets and gas and for the kids to be here in restaurants and hotels and tailgate and everything else. >> reporter: the city's hotel rooms are largely sold out. >> we have a large number of guests and they're staying with us. >> reporter: the owners of dinah's garden hotel says rooms started filling up months ago. and while she doesn't want to disappoint her guests, she says she is hoping for a stanford win. number one, because she is a
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fan, and number two, to keep business coming in. >> this is a wonderful piece of business for us and for palo alto. and i think it brings up the experience of everybody in this area. >> reporter: and it's not just businesses and restaurants making money, some fans are as well. we found some family pass holders who sold their tickets that they bought for $5 and $10 up to $200 apiece. live in palo alto tonight, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. ♪ well, bands, drill teams, military vehicles and floats made their way through the streets of downtown san francisco today to honor the country's veterans. in the 92nd annual san francisco veterans day. grand marshall a 93-year-old world war ii veteran. dozens of iraq and afghanistan veterans from throughout the bay area also took part in today's festivities. and on this veterans day, it
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might surprise you to learn the number of servicemen and women who have gone from the battlefield to the unemployment line. the jobless rate among vets is significantly higher than the national average. nbc bay area's monte francis tells us what is being done to turn that around. ♪ >> reporter: among those braving the rain for san jose's veterans day parade was 27-year-old rigo zuniga. since returning from wars in iraq, the father of two has spent the last two years looking for a job. >> it takes a lot of careful budgeting and stuff. i'm hanging in there i'm trying to do what i got to do for my children. >> reporter: the jobless rate for veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan is 12%, which is higher than the national average of 9%. zuniga has worked a few jobs on construction sites since returning from the battlefield. he was diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder, making a job search all the more difficult. >> even if you have a degree, it's still hard to find a job
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out here. i don't know. just more needs to be done. >> reporter: congressman zoe lofgren of san jose says she expects the house of representatives to vote on a bill next week providing tax breaks to employers who hire vets who have been out of work for at least six months. >> it's a good first step there is a lot of things veterans need when they come home, everything from education to health care to jobs. and we need to make sure we are there for them when they were there for us. >> reporter: the proposal under consideration will provide a $650 tax incentive for employers who hire a veteran who has been without a job for at least six months. the house is expected to approve the bill some time next week. in san jose, monte francis, nbc bay area news. well, on this veterans day, certainly stormy outside. jeff ranieri joins us now with a look at the forecast. so we're going to get a little bit of an improvement, aren't we, jeff? >> we definitely. just have to wait a little bit longer. and we're going to get some rays
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of sunshine in here for you. all right. just updating the latest numbers on our highs today, coming in all over the board. depending on when you have the rainfall, and also when that cold air arrived back behind the cold front. 59 in los gatos. 55 in santa cruz. the most consistent rainfall here across the santa cruz mountains. that's why you were colder. took a little more time to get to you in livermore with 59, and 54 in santa rosa. it's been very spotty, moderate, even heavy at times, and showery for others. here is the unique thing about this. we normally see the rain move. but today it's moving from the south off to the north with our low pressure offshore. so we want to look here offshore. you can see not much left. as we head throughout the night, we're expecting things to gradually wind down for us when it comes to the rainfall. a few spotty showers here in petaluma. you have cleared out into santa rosa and also more moderate pockets of rainfall in richmond and vallejo. if you're heading to sacramento on interstate 80, it's going to be wet and slow going for you.
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out towards the bayside communities, moderate rainfall from oakland to hayward on 880. and 101 and 280 very, very slick. even though we're not find anything heavy rainfall, it just takes a light rainfall to get kind of that after storm going on the roadways. and down here in the south bay, it's very spotty and a very cold rain here throughout the santa cruz mountains. also los gatos, and downtown san jose. that will be continuing here as we continue through tonight. if you're headed up to the sierra, not much in the way of snowfall. a few spotty showers down here near highway 50 and a temperature of 40. but that's good enough for a lot of the ski resorts to continue to make snow. if you're headed up that way this weekend, you can probably get in on a little bit of skiing at one of the resorts i'm sure. low 50s in the north bay. 56 in livermore and currently 57 in san jose. so scattered showers for tonight as the storm continues to push off towards the south. and as we bring you out to the wider loop, there is cold air with the westly dip in the jet stream. here is the good news. high pressure starting to
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building in from the west. that's eventually going to bring us sunshine into parts of your weekend. so when is that sun going to arrive? of course not into early tomorrow morning. we're still looking at the clouds cover lingering around by 6:00 a.m. but by ten a.m., look at this. clear skies expect aid cross the bay area. as we head throughout saturday, we'll have a much improved day after a very cold start with numbers that will begin in the low to mid-40s. 43 in san jose. 42 in sunnyvale and 42 in livermore. by 10:00 tomorrow we'll have plenty of mid-50s. believe it or not, after all that weather, you guys, have i more to talk about in my seven-day forecast. when our next storm is going to arrive. >> okay, thank you, jeff. we'll see you in a few minutes. big changes could be coming to the port of oakland, but they're going to need some money to do it. the city and the port have applied for a $40 million grant to turn oakland's former army base into a brand-new trade and logistics center. the project includes a new rail terminal, new trade facilities and improvements to the city's elite deep water break. the terminal to allow this to
6:22 pm
happen so they can allow more exports here. the grant would help launch the $438 million first phase of the redevelopment project. the city expects to know if the grant is approved by the end of this year. if you skip school, be ready to pay a fine. it might be happening to students in contra costa county. the board of supervisors will decide in january whether to enforce a daytime curfew. the proposed law would ticket children loitering in public places during school hours. parents could also be ticketed for allowing their children to skip class. repeat offenders could pay fines of several hundred dollars. last year about a third of students in contra costa county skipped classes. still ahead at 6:00, the controversy at a southern california school involving first graders and a porn star. and derailed. why the high speed rail plan here in the bay area is slowing down. details on a major ruling. and more complaints tonight about apple's software upgrade and the new technology making your next trip to the apple store a little easier. back in a moment.
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veterans day sale get savings on top of savings. use your jcpenney rewards credit card... ...and get an extra 15...20... or 30% off all regular, sale and clearance items. no exclusions. go to see everything on sale. jcpenney. taking a look now at the latest in business and technology, apple's quick fix to correct the battery life problems with the new iphone 4s may not be effective. there are reports of iphone users who are still complaining of low battery phone life even after an upgrade. a spokesperson for the company says they continue to investigate a fewremaining issues. still no word on whether those remaining issues are with the phone itself, though. and speaking of apple, apple is now using a self checkout system at some of its stores throughout the country. the easy pay method allows iphone users to ring up purchases right there on the shore shelves. but macs, iphones and ipads must
6:26 pm
still be approved by an apple employee. oracle will pay $35 million to settle a lawsuit, but they won't admit any wrongdoing. it involves overtime pay for employees. more than 1700 employees in redwood city and pleasanton are eligible for the settlement, which is about $13,000 each. the suit involved quality assurance workers, customer support analysts and project managers. oracle argued the employees were exempt from state overtime laws because they were either administrators or computer professionals. despite the payout from oracle, the settlement does not include any admission, like we said, from the company. well, an update on wall street today. markets closing higher with good news out of europe. the dow gaining 259 points. the nasdaq and the s&p also up. still ahead here at 6:00, why this veterans day proved to be especially moving for one of our own reporters, bob rodel. and a notorious serial killer says he is too busy to
6:27 pm
make it across to new york city to face new charges. why he says he doesn't want to leave san quinten. and i'm janelle wang. one by one, another key player in penn state athletics is out. the university talks about how to move on from this child abuse sex scandal, and right now live pictures from university park at penn state, where a candlelight vigil is getting under way. back in a moment.
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well, first the head coach and the university president. now penn state has sidelined another important person in the wake of this child sexual abuse scandal. >> and in just the last hour, president obama weighing in on all of this. this is a story that is not going away. legal experts say it continues to get bigger. >> it's unfolding by the minute, raj. and president obama calls this case heartbreaking and says that it shows that americans' first priority needs to be protects kids. right now a candlelight vigil at
6:30 pm
the football stadium is getting under way to support the victims in this scandal. this is a lye picture from university park at penn state. meantime, penn state's new president addressed the media today, announcing that assistant coach mike mcqueary has been placed on administrative leave. mcqueary was the one who said he actually saw jerry sandusky raping a young boy in a university locker room in 2002. mcqueary told his dad and head coach joe paterno, and together they told administrators who never told police. some say mcqueary and paterno should have called police on their own. they don't face criminal charges, but sandusky is facing criminal charges of sexual abusing at least eight boys. today the university announced it will conduct its own internal investigation. >> never again should anyone at penn state, regardless of their position, feel scared to do the right thing. >> students have been angered about the firing of long-time head coach joe paterno. the university says it will do
6:31 pm
something to recognize his legacy, but now is not the right time. meanwhile, sandusky could also face charges in texas for sexually assaulting a boy at the alamo bowl. poor weather conditions appear to be the cause behind a helicopter crash that killed mexico's second most powerful official, a key figure in the war against the country's drug cartels. the chopper went down in a remote area southeast of mexico city. 45-year-old francisco mora was killed along with seven other people on board. mora was working to rid the country's violent drug cartels, blamed for 45,000 deaths since 2006. ironically, the previous interior secretary was also kid in a plane crash three years ago this month. pilot error was blamed for that crash. and a new report released today reveals the chaotic moments at the fukushima nuclear power plant the day after japan's march 11th earthquake. workers rushed to hook up a generator to cool the reactor, knowing a nuclear disaster was
6:32 pm
imminent. but it required pulling a thick electrical cable across 650 feet of debris caused by the tsunami. they managed their heroic feat, but minutes later an explosion in the reactor building showered the area with radioactive debris, damaging the cable. raj and jesse, nuclear experts conducted the report in hopes of providing more safety for our own country's nuclear plants. >> okay, thank you, janelle. well, coming up next, federal lawmakers want to know how much two sunnyvale-based companies had to do with syria's internet surveillance system. mark kirk of illinois and robert casey of pennsylvania are requesting investigations into sunnyvale-based netap. the syrian government has been cracking down after monitoring e-mail. the syrian surveillance project is designed to intercept and catalog virtually every e-mail that flows through the country. the senators also called on the united states to investigate
6:33 pm
technology -- when they discovered filtering websites inside of syria. a judge is putting on the brakes on the bay area organization of california's planned bullet train. construction is supposed to begin next year on the rail line which would link los angeles and sacramento. now a sacramento judge has rejected the agency's environmental impact reports saying more analysis is needed on what the changes would mean to monterey road south of san jose. also at issue, the impact on the peninsula cities of atherton, menlo park, and palo alto, which sued two years ago to block the route. city leaders claim the train would lower property values and divide the cities. the rail says it will draw up new reports. a notorious serial killer sitting on death row in san quinten says he can't be extradited to new york on new murder charges because he is too busy. rodney ocala, also known as the dating game killer because of a stint on the popular tv show said he needs time to work on
6:34 pm
his appeal of his death sentence. he acts as his own attorney. he was convicted of stranging four women and one girl. dehe says sending him to new york pits his life and death appeal against a nondeath penalty case that is 30 years old. they say the families of the murdered women also deserve justice. well, more on a story we first brought you last week. the peninsula spca now has more than $12,000 of reward money to help track down the person who drown advocate -- a cat in redwood city. the cat had a five-pound weight attached to its neck using plastic zip as fasteners. a necropsy shows there was nothing physically wrong with the cat before it died. the spca has followed up on numerous leads, but hasn't located the cat's owner. they're hoping the reward will help them convict the person responsible for such animal cruelty.
6:35 pm
well, more and more americans who fought in the vietnam war are returning to that country for a visit. this story hits especially close to home for one of our colleagues. our reporter bob riddell, who joins us from the traveling vietnam wall memorial in cupertino with more on his own family's emotional journey. >> reporter: sadly, there are over 58,000 names listed on this wall, some of whom my own dad served with, which as you're to be see helps explain why he decided to make a return trip to vietnam, a place some other veterans would rather forget. >> this is the vietnam. >> reporter: this is nott the vietnam he left. this time there will be no guns, no enemy, no fear of death. >> coming back to say goodbye to the guys we lost, but also to look and see what is left. >> reporter: vietnam is remarkable in her beauty, which makes the horror and devastation that dad and others witnessed
6:36 pm
here that much harder to fathom. he led a platoon of marines through the bush and mountains near the dmz. >> it just looks the same. >> reporter: at a camp that today is overgrown and unrecognizable. all that remains is a vietnamese monument reminding visitors who won the war. but as his dad would say, both sides lost a lot. >> he got killed. >> what did you say to your men. >> when he got killed? what can you tell him? war sucks. >> reporter: since he left vietnam in 1967, he has kept one memory in particular locked up inside himself like a prisoner in the hanoi hilton. opening up that cage isn't going to be easy. with old battlefield maps in hand, he takes us to a place. >> we're within the area. >> his own children never knew existed until now. >> you had a home here? >> i'll tell you when we get out. i sent a squad out on this road that we're standing on.
6:37 pm
and he sat on a mine, and it blew him up. and the rest of the squad ran over to help him, and they kicked another mine. and lefevour got killed. corona not killed and upchurch got killed. that was the worst. >> reporter: dad believes his primary mission in the war was to save as many of his men as possible. >> they were my kids. i mean i was 22. they were 18. >> reporter: to get them back home in one piece, so maybe they too like him could some day return to witness vietnam for its true serenity. >> i feel good. i came back and prayed a little bit. i've never forgot about these guys. >> reporter: in vietnam, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for being here. >> one of san francisco's most storied newspapers is going
6:38 pm
canadian. the san francisco examiner, once the flagship of the hearst corporation's national newspaper chain is being sold to canadian-based black press group. the 150-year-old sf examiner is one of only three daily newspapers that actually makes money on advertising alone. the examiner has changed hands three times since the 2000 -- since the year 2000. terms of the deal have not been announced. still ahead at 6:00, the date today. a look at the wedding blitz on 11-11-11. and how do you feel about a porn star in the classroom? controversy in southern california. okay. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, upper 50s and low 60s across the bay area. it's been cold. it's been wet. and it's right on track with what we should see for this time of the year as we continue through tonight. we'll find plenty of clos. we'll have more on this storm we're tracking and when it moves out and what it means to your weekend in just a few minutes.
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a former porn star is tonight saying she is going to continue her involvement in a public school reading program. the website tmz show posted photos showing sasha gray reading a dr. suess to students at an elementary school. some parents have complained about her participation in read across america, but others with kids in the class not so bothered. >> it doesn't bother me as long as she wasn't revealing a whole lot of anything. >> everyone deserves a second chance in life. so many people make mistakes. why would we condemn them for their past. >> now gray is a former porn star. she announced earlier this year she would no longer make adult films. she recently appeared on the tv show on hbo "entourage" playing a porn star, and she has been involved in some other mainstream movies as well. okay. it is friday. the weekend is here. jeff is serious with the tablet. and that means it's raining and there is some crazy weather around. >> yeah. on facebook today, everyone is pretty much approving of the rainfall.
6:42 pm
yes, we have a widespread consensus the rain is good. hillside towards san jose. a little dry here, at least no raindrops. but the roadways are wet. we'll let you know if it's going to stick around for your weekend coming up in a few minutes. i'm john henry smith. stanford a day away from their pac 12 showdown with oregon. hear from the cardinal on the eve of the biggest game of their young careers. plus, the raiders on top of the afc west. find out how the silver and black benefitted from a little home cooking on the road. that's coming up in sports after this time-out. [ rapid footsteps ]
6:43 pm
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[ insects buzzing ] [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. all right. today marked an unusual day on the calendar, 11-11-11. to many it marked the veterans day holiday. >> but for some it was also the perfect day for love. wedding day. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us to one bay area city where love and numerology collided. >> reporter: we're surrounded by numbers. everywhere you look, sending us up, down, addresses, anniversaries. >> we're gather heard on this special day of 11-11-11. >> reporter: so for some, once the calendar rolled around to 11-11-11 -- >> from this day forward. >> reporter: with many city halls closed for veterans day, alameda city hall opened for love.
6:45 pm
>> we decided to schedule weddings, even though everybody else is closed for the holiday, veterans day. and we ended up with 11 ceremonies. >> i do. >> reporter: at 11:00 this morning, on the 11th day of the 11th month, the first of 11 couples took the plunge. >> when this opportunity presented itself like hey do, you want the get married next week? >> parents are thrilled. >> yeah, parents are thrilled. >> reporter: but the parents of elisa king and michael moore will be pleased to know the couple didn't just pick this day out of thin air. it turns out the number 11 has some meaning. >> we were long distance for a while. so it was a nice reminder at 11 a.m. in the morning and 11:00 p.m. to just think of each other. >> reporter: nathan and dawn adams simply thought the date had a nice ring to it. kind of like a wedding bell. >> actually, she wants to get married on the first of this year. so 1-1-11. i thought it would be better if we made it symmetrical,
6:46 pm
11-11-11. >> reporter: none of the couples said they chose the date for the significance as a pallindrome, but they did find the date full of symbolism. >> we were making a joke that we were the only ones for each other. we picked all the ones we could find. >> reporter: and if you want to hear something truly mysterious, it turns out the city wasn't even planning for 11 couples. >> we had 12. and then one person canceled. and then we had somebody else call and back up to 12 and they canceled as well. so back down to 11. >> reporter: in the end, the city of alameda's lucky number was indeed one. that was the number of city halls in the bay area today open for 11-11-11 weddings. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. >> and we wish them 111 years of happiness. the craze of 11-11-11 not only spark and uptick in people tying the knot, hospitals also
6:47 pm
braced. today not typical. almost a dozen women scheduled inductions or c-section deliveries at good samaritan for 11-11-11. numerologists and astrologists predict babies born today will go on to do great things, and many parents agree. >> like the binary idea behind 11-11-11. and some of them astrologically like how the signs line up for them for that day. >> the hospital says planned deliveries are based on gestational development and the health of the mommy and baby. its policy bans elect elective delivery at less than 11 weeks. so they were all ready to go. so the buns were fully cooked. jeff, this is the biggest weekend in college football in the bay area? stanford hosting oregon. the big game tomorrow night at stanford. >> well, the weather is going to be clearing off. that's the good news. i did check for 0.11 of rainfall
6:48 pm
happening across mt. hamilton today. yes, 0.11. let's get a look at other numbers. 0.13, 0.04 in zoej. it was cold for most of us. a wide variance in numbers as well. it depended when you had the rainfall move. in we did have some areas of sunshine. 62 in san jose. 59 in livermore. just 54 in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco. and 55 down here to santa cruz where we did pick up the most rainfall with nearly a half inch. so the storm continues to push off to the south. but with the area of low pressure just offshore, the rain is moving from the south to the north. what we're doing is we're looking to find out if there is any more rainfall developing. we're not seeing it. this is pretty much the last stretch of rain that we're currently under right now. and once we see this move on out, then we'll get some clearing in here for the weekend. until then, over the next couple of hours, still find some spotty showers. in the north bay we're starting
6:49 pm
to clear out in santa rosa. a few areas of moderate rainfall, moving into fairfield and eventually into sacramento. it's going to be a wet and slow and slick commute on sinatinter 80. pushing up over walnut creek into the next half hour. livermore moderate rainfall. done across the peninsula, heavy rainfall right now across atherton, also portola valley, los altos hills, and heading into palo alto. anyone doing any traveling on 101 or 280, they're probably going to be home a little later than expected. all right. right now numbers are dropping. it's going to be cold out here with the skies starting to clear first in the north bay with upper 40s and low 50s right now in napa and sonoma valleys. and for tomorrow, we'll see a few isolated showers here for the morning hours. but gradual drying for our weekend with sunshine to return. and then in our seven-day forecast, we are tracking another sizable storm that you're going to want to find out the timing on here in just a little bit. but right now the area of low pressure we have been tracking
6:50 pm
is pushing off to the south. we're in the last legs of all the rainfall. you can start to see some clearing out here. and that's really what is going to change things up as when head into saturday and sunday. the coastal storm pushes off to the south. high pressure is starting to build in. it will gradually warm numbers up as we head throughout saturday and sunday's forecast. so overall we'll call it cool here for the weekend, with temperatures in the 60s with a few showers possible saturday morning. and then as we head throughout sunday, we'll look at dry and warmer weather. for tonight scattered showers here right into 11:00 p.m. but then by 10:00 and 11:00 tomorrow, look at this. clear and sunny skies. great news for some of the busiest sports coming our way this weekend as raj mathai said. 43 in santa rosa. 44 in san rafael. and 45 in napa, and the low 60s expected for tomorrow with gradual sunshine into the afternoon. and a dry forecast for saturday afternoon. on your seven-day, we're looking good monday and tuesday and wednesday. we have our next sizable storm coming back by next friday at
6:51 pm
this point where we could have some heavy rain and wind and much colder air. a few showers for tomorrow morning. and then it looks all clear, you guys. >> good. >> just in time for the weekend. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. let's get to sports now. >> and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> john henry smith joins us from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. we were just talking about it. the big stanford game, the 49ers and the giants on sunday. take it away. >> it sounds like it will be good weather for the stanford game. 64 degrees. that's good football game. happy 11-11-11 day, jessica and raj. the cardinal are hoping number 12 will help push stanford closer to a national title. but we begin with the nfl where the raid coerce be division leaders heading into week 11. the silver and black took control of the afc west after beating the chargers, 24-17, thursday night. oakland improved to 5-4 on the season. and with the kansas city loss this sunday, they will be sitting on top of theivioisn
6:52 pm
into the final seven weeks of the season. >> it's a resilient team. any time you go to a game and it seems like you have more fans there than they do at their own home stadium, it just gives you a little extra energy, a little extra pep in your step, i guess. so we were feeding off of our own fans in an away stadium, and we were playing for a lot. >> you get caught up in so much. you got to lead the afc west and you got to do this and you got to do that. we just have to get back to the basic one game at a time. and at the end of the year the record will speak for itself. meanwhile, across the bay, there is no question of who is in charge in their division. the 49ers have wanted 5th straight games. up next the nfc east leading new york giants who have a three-game win streak of their own. while their rise to the top may be unexpected, jim harbaugh knows his team has a tough test on their hands at the stick on sunday.
6:53 pm
>> my opinion is this is the best team we've played, yes, so far. and what i want to see out of our team is what i know they'll give us. i think they'll -- they will compete. and, you know, want to win. i want to see us play on point, us play at our very best. and i think it will take tt n kind of play to be successful in this game. finally, down on the farm, where the marquee pac 12 matchup is just one day away between stanford and oregon. the cardinal will look to extend the nation's longest active win streak to 18 games and move one step closer to locking up a spot in the lead title game and possibly a chance for a national title. >> the guys have earned this. they have earned the right to play in a game like this. and there is no reason for them to be scared or nervous about it. this is what you have worked for.
6:54 pm
come on saturday, trod play your best game. >> i don't want to vote out of proportion. oregon is a great team. i'm glad there is all this excitement. i'm glad people are going to be able to enjoy the game. but it's just a conference game against a good oregon team. so i'm sort of pushing it like that. >> also, cal will be in action saturday as they take on the beavers at at&t park and the final home game of the season. you can catch that game on cn california at 3:30. we want to send thanks to all of our military on this veterans day. that will do it for sports. now back to you. >> yes, we do. thank you so much. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage include mortgage on the big stanford game tomorrow, watch sportsnet central on comcast bay area at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, it's a drug you can't taste, see, smell or touch. but people who use it claim it gets them high. tonight the drug that is making waves online. tonight on nbc bay area news. brent cannon joins us now with what is coming up at 7:00. >> absolutely. the big game for stanford. we were just taking a look at that. we're going to also take a closer look at that. also, what tomorrow's game is going to mean as those two schools, oregon and stanford go head to head. what it will mean for the local economy. a live update from occupy oakland there are things going on there right now. and the association talks about their conces a.s well. >> have a great evening.
6:58 pm
we'll see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye. s
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