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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 13, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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lost to seattle today so we will give you another chance. which team is the afc's best tonight? >> i will tell you that the afc is up and down week by week, but i have to look at the houston texans. they haven't gotten a lot of national publicity, but they are playing solid defense and on offense arian foster has been pounding the ball and setting up the play action passes and running after the catch, and they have done it all without andre johnson and after the bye and they get johnson back, they could be the best offense in the afc, and maybe the best team right now. >> well, the texans are 7-3, and a reasonable choice, but who knows, maybe next week it is somebody else. thank you, tony. we turn to mike florio from who will have the stories coming out tomorrow on versus and talk radio, but take us us through the injuries? >> well, bob, they have to pack it up and the jets have to play thursday against denver and
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maybe facing the been coe the they are going to be without knowshon moreno who has a sprained knee and in cincinnati, a star player leon hall went down with a torn achilles and he is done for the year, and in kansas city matt cassell left arrowhead with a cast on his hand, and tyler palco is the backup there. >> thank you. for a nfl films critical plays of the game, including the debatable fourth-down call with the loss to the saints today, you can watch "turning point" with dan patrick on versus. tonight at met life, the patriots beat the jets, 37-16. al and cris are back to wrap it up right after this. hey, wendy! i love your asiago ranch chicken club, but my boyfriend thinks, "seen one chicken sandwich seen 'em all" really, jenny? does he know that we make each one fresh for you with the unique combination of rich asiago...
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welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. here now is al michaels. >> al: 37-16, new england wins. i laugh when tony said houston. i mean, at varying points this the season, new england is the best team in the conference, pittsburgh is the best team in the conference, baltimore, houston, new england, who knows. i mean it is wild and crazy in the afc. >> cris: check back with me after thanksgiving because that is when it starts to settle out a little bit, but he is right, houston, and not many people knew coming into the day, but after the day, had the number one ranked defense. >> al: and pittsburgh is also up there at 7-3. and you had desean jackson with the remarkable return and philadelphia wins the game, but today, because jackson missed a meeting today he was deactivated
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for the game, and they lose to arizona. philly comes in 3-6 and the only break is that the giants lost as well and they come in 3-6. >> cris: well, an ugly day at philadelphia, because you don't lose at arizona with a backup quarterback in the game, and have the city of brotherly love to have a few suggestions for you. >> al: we leave the junk for the week. >> cris: that is the best part of the night. >> al: and 36-16, and brady, and gronkowski an ninkovich, and that defense, and new england on top, all alone in the afc east. until next week, al michaels, and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya saying good night and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya saying good night from the meadowlands. ta ioy vitaccom--
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in our view, things had reached a point where a change was necessary. >> an iconic program, a horrifying crime. and an entire system now under the microscope. why money and power gave a decade of rampant of buse. >> people who have money believe
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they're beyond power. >> the scandal at happy valley, right now on xfinity sports sunday. >> board of trustees and graham spanier have decided that effective immediately, dr. spanier is not president. in addition, joe paterno is no longer the head football coach. >> we still have things to do. i'm out of it maybe now. but we'll go from here, okay? >> good evening. and welcome to xfinity sports sunday. the biggest and most important college football game this past saturday happened right here in the bay area. oregon beaten stanford, but the
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game that had the biggest spotlight was a game played in a town know as happy valley. but the mood was anything but happy this week. >> former penn state university assistant football coach jerry sandusky led to the firing of beloved head coach joe paterno after 61 years with the school. the scandal and how it was able to happen without penn state reporting to authorities has shocked and angered many. >> when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin for error, no hesitation to act. >> this is a case about a sexual predator accused of using his position within the community and the university to prey on numerous young boys for more than a decade. >> i would hope that everyone would agree that what we're doing is what we believe in our best judgment is in the best long-term interest in the university, which is much larger
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than athletic programs. >> the timeline of the allegations against jerry sandusky goes all the way back to 1994. in 1998, the district attorney who investigated one allegation did not bring charges against sandusky. that d.a. has been missing since 2005. in 2002, three years after sandusky retired, a student assistant saw him engage in a sexual act with a minor. a day later, he told joe paterno what he saw, but no action was taken by the university. in 2008, moraleigations were reported to the authorities, then on november 5th of this year, he was arrested on 40 criminal accounts. joe paterno was fired on wednesday of this week. ray has more on the scandal at penn state. >> now that joe paterno's last home game has come and gone without him, a good deal of sentiment for him has dissipated as well. for many of those who weighed
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his body of work against the one incredible failure, saturday's was the day they thought he deserved to coach, but that, too, is part of penn state's past, and an uncertain future awaits. dependent not upon who is next head coach is, but how effect e effectively he can merge the program into the rest of the university instead of the other way around. it's instructive that saturday's post game press conference began with the new university president rather than the new coach because it was an acknowledgment that penn state's failure was its backward relationship to the football program. and the next coaching staff will have to know that because paterno was bigger than life, and no one else on the campus can be that again. the school has failed miserably at damage control because what it needed to engage in was and is damage repair. and not the damage to paterno's legacy because he has millions of legacies, as many legacies as
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there are people who think about him. in short, penn state can no longer be about paterno but what comes after. and that won't be found in game tapes. >> theo fleury played for 15 seasons. he alleged he was sexually abused by his former coach, graham james. he joins us now. knowing what we know now in the penn state case with jerry sandusky, why does it take so long for this cases to become public? >> well, you know, if we take a look at the catholic church and what's happened with the catholic church, you know, they have been covering up abuse for centuries, and you know, it is -- you know, you look at penn state. it's all about cover-ups and this guy knew this and this guy knew that. and you know, the most powerful people are funding penn state
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were involved as well. it's just one big cover-up after another. >> how can an alleged predator like jerry sandusky exist for such a long time without getting caught? >> it's -- you know, most pedophiles are extremely smart. they are very good at what they do. and they put themselves in a position of power and trust. and you know, then they take not only -- not only do they take the young boy and gain trust with him, but he basically gains trust with every single person around him and every single person that is involved in his life. and that's what allows him to abuse these kids. jerry sandusky took this to a whole other level. he created a charity and a foundation for troubled boys, which, you know, is a pedophile's dream. >> what about those who knew?
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how responsible are those people who didn't do everything in their power to stop this? >> they're responsible. period. you know, i just can't understand -- you know, this is the biggest epidemic we have on the planet. this is bigger than aids, this is bigger than cancer, or any other diseases that are out there. and 1 in 3 girls, 1 in 5 boys by the time they're 18 years old have been sexually molested. that means a quarter of the world's population by the time they're 18 have been sexually molested. who is responsible? they're responsible. they need to grab a microphone in a room full of reporters, stand up at the podium and say, you know what? i knew what was going on and i'm sorry for what i have done, and you know what, i'm dedicating the rest of my life and my focus to helping victims of child
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sexual abuse get on the path of peace and happiness. >> you're now an advocate for child sex abuse victims. how can a victim move beyond this and lead a normal life? >> i always say don't quit before the miracle. it wasn't too short a time ago that i had a loaded pistol in my mouth and i was ready to pull the trigger, and something clicked in my head at the moment of truth where i said, i have never quit anything in my life and i'm not going to allow this horrible thing that happened to me as a child, you know, ruin the rest of my life, and really, that was the turning point in my life. and you know, from then on, from then on in, it's been an amazing journey, and one of a lot of education around the subject, and a lot of portraying to victims. especially, if you're sitting on your couch and you have never told anybody, hey, now is the time to stand up and say, me,
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too. and you know, there's lots of help out there -- excuse me, there's lots of help out there and lots of people willing to get you to where you want to go. >> theo fleury, thank you for your insights into this story. >> my pleasure. >> we are -- >> pen state! >> we are -- >> penn state! >> and we'll always be -- >> penn state! >> tragedy and pain at penn state. but could something similar happen elsewhere?te sysm he sys that's to blame, next. ♪
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as long as he's been here, he hasn't really made a wrong decision. he knows what he's been doing, he's been doing it so long. if he thinks it's best for the program, chances are it's best for the program. >> he is doing what he believes is best for the program. we're happy that he's just doing what he believes is right in his
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heart and we're going to support him. >> we continue here on xfinity sports sunday. happy to be joined by dr. harry edwards. dr. edwards, as you review this story and look at it, what are some of your thoughts? >> i go back a long way with joe paterno, his statement from the floor of the national collegiate athletic association convention in 1983 where he stated that we must change our disposition toward african-american athletes because what we've had is a 15-year problem. he made that statement at a time when people were in denial that there was a disparate outcome for african-american athletes despite statements from people like myself and arthur ashe and other. my first response is if this situation that we're looking at at penn state could happen with joe paterno there has to be something systemically wrong in
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collegiate athletics. as i began to research the issue, it became very clear this is part and parcel of a culture of elite unaccountability that is pervasive in american society. how many warnings were given about enron? how many warnings went up the chain before that organization collapsed? how many warnings in writing were sent to the securities and exchange commission about bernie madoff before he was finally adjudicated? how many warnings went out relative to the banking and mortgage industry before that collapse came? the reality is long before organizations become too big to fail, they become too big to derail. >> the story is there was an employee of penn state university who had a sexual relation on campus with a minor. that is the story. what we are talking about, though, is joe paterno and
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should he coach and shouldn't he coach. and we're having students riot as to whether or not they should remove him and how they removed him, and the story is about everything but the activity, and action that took place. what does that tell us about ourselves? >> as nfar as the young people are concerned, their relationship is with the university, their classes, and their coach. these are kids we're talking about. >> the media, too. >> young adilts, and the media reports what is exciting, what's out there that is action. that's visible, that they can put a face on. so you get 250 kids who are turning over news vans and so forth, and that's what leads the news. not the 46,000 plus students who didn't show up that night to run amuck in the heart of the town. so you look at that from that perspective. as far as the larger story is that you had a whole staff of
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people who had to know what was going on. you had a whole staff of coaches, of people associated with that program, who had to know what was going on, and they remained silent. >> is that the university culture? especially in some sof the elite universities that it is not a personal responsibility. it's more of the village mentality where we are all together? for instance, wide receiver coach found out something is wrong, went to his superior, the head coach, who went to his superior, the athletic director, who went to his superior, on and on, and on until they self police. does there need be a greater responsibility and how does that happen? >> this is something that the college president and chancellors are going to have to address. this is not one they can sweep under the rug and say, hey, look at penn state. look at how terrible this situation is. they must begin to look at the institutional culture of
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collegiate athletics in this country and where this collegiate athletics arms race has led to. these kinds of issues now have to be confronted. this is not just a penn state story. this is a collegiate athletics story. >> dr. harry edwards, your insights, very thought provoking. we thank you. >> thank you very much. >> sadness and confusion on the penn state campus. why a break from football might be the only way to truxt.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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time now for the bag of the west play of the day. let's go to the australian open. the final round, and you know that guy, tiger woods just off the green. how about a little chip and let that eagle fly right to the cup. woods, a 67 on sunday. winds up in third. 11 under, that's the bank of the west play of the day. >> welcome back in, xfinity
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sports sunday. we're joined to talk about priorities because at ten spate, we heard about the allegations, there were shock and sadness, but when joe pa got fired, there was anger and madness. >> we know the priorities. i respect dr. edwards, it is systemic at a lot of places, but this happened at penn state. joe pa is the most noteworthy media figure, but the priorities should be what the heck happened at this institution that was supposed to be a great educational place of learning. and the priorities should be upon that and not joe paterno. >> let me ask about a fix. is a self imposed ban at penn state for no football the only way out? >> no, but i think they need to make -- first, right now, they say they're going to investigate, but it's going to be an in-house investigation, penn state people investigating penn state.
9:28 pm
no, it's got to be an outside investigation, independent. secondly, if you want to keep football going, what they need to do, not stop football, but we'll donate the next two seasons' proceeds to child abuse funds. >> mark purdy. i'm joe. tonight at 11:00, bay area news. 30 rock is next. good night, everyone.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.


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