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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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gather and rally here all night long if they want to, they just can't roll out sleeping bags or pitch tents. call it groundhog day. for the second time in the past three weeks, the city of oakland cleared out tents and belongings of occupy oakland campers. after another early morning raid. >> we're asking everyone to respect my city's decision to close the encampment action even if we support the movement. >> reporter: city leaders say last week was the final straw. early this morning, hundreds of police officers once again swarmed in. while this time the bulk of the campers took to the streets, avoiding arrest. 32 people peacefully resisted, allowing themselves to be handcuffed and taken into custody. >> eventually, they'll learn they can keep clearing it out but they keep coming back with more tents. >> reporter: one protester continued his campout by scaling
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a tree. while the city plans to reopen the plaza this evening, they say camping will not be tolerated. >> to observe the law. that it is against the law to lodge. and the police intend to remove them again. >> the bare kids are going to come down. we're going to walk into the park and somebody's going to put up a tent and it's going to keep going. look up the word occupy in the dictionary. >> reporter: and you are looking at live pictures from our helicopter. as you can see, hundreds of protesters have gathered at the library that's located at 14th and oak street, about five blocks from where we are. we understand they are rallying at this hour. and they are expected to march back to frank ogawa plaza where they promise to try to reoccupy the plaza. they're also talking about perhaps reoccupying other locations within the city. they haven't said exactly what
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locations those might be. again, we are expecting marchers to take to the street at any moment and make their way back to frank ogawa plaza. when they get back here to the plaza, if we can take our live shot here, this is what they are going to find. the bare kids are down at this hour. police are here. you can see them gathered around the plaza, but we understand that protesters will be allowed to back onto the lawn, back onto the plaza, and they will be allowed to rally here all night long if they want to. right now it's just the oakland police department that's out here but they say they do have other agencies on standby should they need to come in and help out with the situation. but again, right now things are peaceful. those marchers are getting ready to take to the streets. reporting live in downtown oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a health problem is getting attention at occupy san
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francisco. the concern is over not the people but the substantial dog population. an outbreak of parvo virus prompted the spca and the onmall control department to set up a temporary vet clinic at the occupy encampment. parvo is often fatal. >> we've had a case come into our hospital. and we have a lot of young unvaccinated dogs here. today we diagnosed more cases. we want to make sure that the animals that are down here are kept safe. and to get them treatment if they need it. >> because parvo stays in the soil for months experts say it's vital new protesters not bring any more animals to the occupy sites. a cue meeting has been canceled because of "real danger of significant violence and vandalism." the uc board of regents is canceling this week's meetings in san francisco. the board says uc police informed them the protesters "intent on violence" and lan to
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disrupt meetings wednesday and thursday at the ucsf mission bay campus. it comes after last week's protests over higher tuition and other issues. police say they are concerned so-called rogue elements would put peaceful demonstrators and other members of the public at risk. the board says it will reschedule the meetings for another time and possibly another location. once again, you can stay with us here at nbc on-air and online as we continue this movement, this occupy movement, we've been following to weeks now. live pictures of frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland. the bare kids have been removed about 20 pins ago so protester are back at the plaza. police say they cannot spend the night. we'll see how this unfolds in oakland. cal trans officials are reassuring drivers that the bay bridge is safe. the announcement comes after a cal trans engineer was found falsifying safety reports for structures in california, including a main tower of the new bay bridge.
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the man and his supervisor have both been fired. officials say they've inspected the structures he worked on and each has been verified as safe. insider state officials allegedly knew about the problems for years but failed to take action. encouraging news about giants fans bryan stow. he's able to write his name and names of his children. he's working through the pain at a rehab facility, learning to write his name with his left hand because that's the side of his body which is stronger as of now. he's able to chat and joke with family members. stow was beaten outside dodger stadium march 31st. the two men accused in the beating are back in court next month. the conjoined recently separated are spending their last days in the hospital. the girls are recovering quickly from their separation surgery two weeks ago. chest
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chest. >> we got to see the twins in person. they were lovely in little red dresses and being carried separately by their mom and aunt and they're behaving as normal 2-year-olds would do. their doctor said when he walked in they were fighting over the same toy, normal behavior for a 2-year-old. they doing so well that they may be going home in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> they are sleeping in separate beds. eating and even taking their medicine. >> reporter: they sit separately with their parents. it's hard to believe it was less than two weeks ago that they rolled into surgery together on their mother's lap. the twins were born joined at their chests and bellies. on november 1st, doctors worked for ten hours to separate the girls. after an incredible surgery and recovery, today they're acting like ordinary toddlers.
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>> they are playing. they are learning how to stand and practicing walking on their own. and they have incredible appetites. >> reporter: angelina and anjelica are off pain medication. the trickiest part was dividing their livers, livers that are now functioning perfectly doctors say. when the twins learned to walk, they learned to walk together, sideways, using the other for balance. now they're learning to walk separately. though the family is a bit shy, they're suffering the spotlight in order to give thanks. >> we are so grateful. to the surgeons, nurses, therapies, every step. you will always be in our hearts. >> reporter: their mother said she cannot wait to get them back at home where they can play separately, sleep in separate beds or together, however they
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choose, and run around like ordinary children. as they leave the hospital, they will leave in car seats for the very first time, something i hadn't thought of when they were conjoined, there was no car seat for them to ride safely. so their mother's very excited about that very normal thing that a lot of parents take for granted. the wife the presidential hopeful herman cain is speaking out tonight in a rare interview. her husband is slipping in the polls ever since the sexual harassment allegations. new polls show former house speaker newt gingrich on the rise as cane continues to slip. gingrich is come paining in iowa. cnn shows him almost even with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. meanwhile, cain has dropped 11% in the polls in the past month alone. his wife spoke to the fox network. >> i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women.
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>> gingrich says he expects to name an iowa campaign team and open offices in iowa soon rehe hasn't had either since national and iowa staff revolts last june. still to come at 5:00, a whale watching trip for the memory books. >> right here, guys. oh my god, he's under the boat! >> these day trippers were treated to a real nature show after witnessing a shark attack. a look at home video next. the uc campus at the center of a new lawsuit stemming from sexual abuse and hazing. new cars don't normally come with these types of packages. a stunning discovery that had one man calling the cops. good afternoon. i'm live in san francisco where nbc bay area's kicking off our holiday food drive. we're making it easy on you this year. legally let you know how a couple of bucks can make aig difference.
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he breaks his silence. in an exclusive interview with nbc's bob costas, former penn state coach jerry sandusky says he's innocent of child sex abuse charges and is not a pedophile but admits to showering and "horsing around" with young boys. also the scandal takes a new turn. nbc's michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: as the investigation into child sex abuse moves forward at penn state university, there is more fallout surrounding the accused former assistant football coach. judge leslie dutchcot who set bail for jerry sandusky following his arraignment was a volunteer and reportedly donated
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money to the second mile, the charity sandusky founded and reportedly used to meet the alleged victims. over the weekend, the long-term president and ceo of the charity resigned. >> he thought it was in the best interests of the organization to move forward. >> reporter: he is the latest person caught up in the investigation. last week, head football coach joe paterno, who led theny lions for nearly five decades, was fired. athletic strer tim kerley and vice president shumts were forced to 10 down. the big ten reacting today announcing it is removing paterno's name from the championship trophy. penn state's last home game went on without paterno over the weekend. today, students returned to classes and say they hope the university can rebuild its image. >> 156 years of history before this and i hoe there will be 156 years if not more after this. >> reporter: kerley and schultz are due in court later this week to face charges of lie together
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grand jury and covering up reports of the abuse. college leaders are also tasked with investigating why the alleged crimes were never reported to police. and at the same time, defending the university against possible civil suits. meanwhile, paterno has hired a lawyer in the face of accusations he didn't do enough to address the suspected abuse already his image and reputation, much like the university's, now on the line. as this case unfolds. in state college, pennsylvania, michelle franzen, nbc news. >> that interview with jerry sandusky and bob costas will be shown right here at 10:00. a showdown in the highest court. today the u.s. supreme court agreed to hear a challenge against president obama's health care law. the challenge was brought by a group of republican governors and attorneys general from 26 states. they claim congress exceeded its constitutional powers when it required that most americans carry health insurance by the year 2014, or face a penalty.
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the supreme court will hear oral arguments next march with a decision expected by the end of june. >> political ramifications as well as legal ramifications. it's one of the big cases of history. >> president obama signed the affordable care act last year and says it addresses a national crisis in which the uninsured impose huge costs on the u.s. health care system. the supreme court's decision is expected to come down to just one vote. the owner of a used chrysler minivan got a surprise when he discovered the minivan was loaded with cocaine. psychologist charles preston discovered the stash after he took the car to a mechanic to get his brakes fixed. he bought the car from thrifty car sales in santa clara. the mechanic found 19 packets of cocaine hidden inside the vehicle's doors and back tires. they immediately called police, who are trying to find out who stashed the dope. the estimated street value of the drugs, $500,000. stripped, forced to drink,
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and sexually abused. a former uc davis student is suing the university, saying it ignored his complaints of hazing and abuse at a campus fraternity. brian clifford says he is abused and forced to drink large quantities of alcohol while pledging a fraternity in fall 2008. he says this harsh hazing is because he was one of the few non-jewish students pledging a predominantly jewish practice fernty. the chance already says they will take action if they find allegations of hazing were not investigated properly or handled properly. a group of whale watchers got more than they bargained for after encountering a great white shark attack. the video is a bit graphic. >> he's right here, guys! oh my god, he's under the boat! >> the group was near the farrah lon islands west of san francisco when it saw the sharks feeding on an elephant seal pup. observers say the shark was 18 feet long. the captain captured the six-minute attack with his
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iphone. >> it's an awesome sight. it's such a powerful creature. and it's -- you know, it's the circle of life. it's just how things go out there. >> just before the shark disappeared observers say it swam under the book, taking a look at the crowd on board the boat. the months between on august august and november are when sharks like to feed there. jeff ranieri, something near and dear to our heart, we want to share the holiday season with everyone and help give food to everyone who is less fortunate. jeff is with us from the safe way in the marina in san francisco. is that correct, jeff? >> well, we've actually moved near 4th and king. but nonetheless it is all approximate safe way and nbc bay area teaming up yet again this year to help those in need throughout the holidays. we're a few weeks away from thanksgiving and 40 days away from christmas. many of you may be thinking about holiday items you need to purchase and cross off the
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lists. our biggest concern is making sure that people in our communities have food to eat. take a look, we are making it easy. look at these prepackaged bags here. $10. we have a bar code out, pick one of these up at the store, scan that bar code at the register. so we're making it super easy yet again. also joining us right now is paul ashwood, san francisco food bank, and also marin food bank. and the need each year just seems to get larger and larger. >> well, what we hope is the end of this recession, we've seen more and more people squeezed out of the middle class into the lower-income has. those folks turn to local food banks when they can't make their budget. >> when they have these bags you can prepurchase, you know, some people may not want to do this. there's other options? >> sure, when they buy groceries they can drop things off in barrels located at safe way stores. don't bring glass, get plastic or canned items. that makes for a better food drive. >> the numbers are astonishing. one out of every ten of your
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neighbors usually needs some kind of help in the holidays. this is really -- it hits home to a lot of people. some people may not even expect. >> 1 of 5 adults, 1 of 4 children in the bay area are living at or near the poverty line. this is something that's a threat in every community around the bay. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you coming out. we're going to take a look at our forecast here as we head throughout the next 48 hours. a little bit more on how you can come on down and also meet some of our nbc bay area staff. a look at our weather headlines and you can see as we head throughout tuesday, we start off with patchy fog. mostly sunny skies for tuesday. we're looking at a dry forecast. as we head throughout wednesday, a little warmer. high pressure building offshore. that's going to send us drier winds and keep us mild for this time of the year. a jet stream just off to the north there as we head lrsoughout the next 48 real nice forecast coming our way, at least to start the week. temperatures as we head into tonight, upper 40s to low 50s.
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so a cool to cold night, especially in the north bay. upper 40s expected. and then as we head into tomorrow morning, you can expect to wake up to 45 in livermore. 45 in gilroy. and 45 in sunnyvale with temperatures in the low 50s across the peninsula. our highs tuesday, 67 in livermore. 67 in san jose. 66 in los gatos. with low to mid 60s from san francisco down the peninsula. and on your seven-day forecast, what you're going to find is temperatures gradually warming up here as we head throughout the next 48 to 72 hours. then look at this, as we head throughout friday, showers come back. temperatures get colder. we are also looking at a chance of showers. on saturday, that's when our event with safe way and nbc bay area is teaming up. all these safe way locations across the bay area. you know, raj and jen nel, some might say this photo is cheesy. it's our very own janelle wang.
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it's all a part of us teaming up. we'll be here at the stores this weekend. i'm going to be here at this safe way, 4 and the king street, throughout saturday. raj, take a look at this. you're making an appearance in two places at once. >> we're always together. >> yes, we are together. >> raj looks a little stiff. >> we'll see you later. >> it's a good cause, thanks so much. >> we're happy to do it. if you can help, please do so. $10 for a bag of groceries goes a long way to those in need. janelle and i will be out this saturday. our nbc staff all over the bay area at local safe way stores, in mellow park on el camino 10:00 to noon. reversing damage from a heart attack. the new hope that could prove to be a breakthrough for millions of americans. this story of arrest and imprisonment captivated the bay area and really the world. up next, how the iran hikers -- or the american hikers
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imprisoned in iran are getting ready to take a major step forward in their lives. >> pennsylvania live picture from our nbc chopper. this is you can see protesters from occupy oakland marching back to frank ogawa plaza, marching from the main library in downtown oakland.e
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today is world diabetes today. 552 million people worldwide could have diabetes by the year 2030. that's 1 in every 10 adults according to the international diabetes federation. this estimate includes both types of diabetes and based on aging and changing demographics across the clone. high-calorie diets and lack of exercise are mostly to blame. doctors say the newest studies on heart failure are a possible breakthrough for patients. researchers at case medical center in cleveland gave 16 heart failure patients stem-cells taken from their own bone marrow. the stem cells were purified in a lab and allowed on to have
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grow, then injected into the patients' hearts. the results, dramatic and lasting improvement. another study from the university of louisville suggests using cardiac stem cells can improve blood flow and decrease scar tissue following a heart attack. while encouraging, experts say most of the stem-cell research is years away from clinical . a>>ice zotable wedding on the rihon, details next. ri
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from iranian prison to the altar. sarah shourd and shane bauer will get married next may in san francisco. these images when their return from two years from prison.
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they got engaged from jail. hundreds of occupy oakland demonstrators head back to frank ogawa plaza.
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