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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> thousands are gathered at uc berkeley as a high profile guest speaker who was a white house power player energizes the occupy movement. also the cal campus filled with tension tonight. >> we got no instructions for how to handle the situation. >> a man with a gun walked into
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a computer lab and some are criticizing the campus alert system that they say failed. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> i'm jessica aguire. occupy oakland may be withering, but occupy cal is gaining strength. students are emboldened by the support of oakland protesters. thousand of demonstrate ors around the campus as are tents despite the university dismantling them last week. the movement got a jolt from a high ranking cal professor, a former white house power player. nbc bay area's cheryl herd talks about the shooting on campus where the decision made tonight by occupy protesters. >> occupy cal took a vote tonight and voted to set up tents again here and take a look behind me. this crowd is in a party mood, celebrating tonight. they are dancing and chanting and if you take a look further
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down the steps, you can see that they have set up tents. tents are once again standing here in the plaza earlier and a crowd of thousands jammed into the plaza looking for inspiration to continue the occupy movement and they got it. former labor secretary was a public policy professor and delivered an energizing speech on the steps. he was an activist in the 60s who fought for civil rights. he told the crowd they are continuing to fight, urging them not to give up. he said movements start with moral outrage and specific demands come later. >> the fundamental problem is that we are losing equal opportunity in america. we are losing the moral foundation stone on which this country and our democracy are based. >> i think the idea is to keep a presence. camping is not the only way it
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do it. we'll see. >> members of occupy oakland are adding to the energy here. occupy cal is signalling they have no intention of being silenced, even after police dismantled the camp voting to set up tents even though police are ordering them not to. police are here and they are really taking a stand around the perimeter of the event. right now it looks like it's a hands off approach while they are monitoring this occupation and there is no activity, just a large celebration. nbc bay area news. >> from the big celebration that's happening right now to the shooting on campus. it was a chaotic scene and how the university reacted to the crime is being criticized tonight. some say they had no idea what was happening and they are blaming cal's alert system. let's bring in cheryl hurd who is on campus. is the shooting unrelated to the occupy movement? what do you have?
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>> reporter: that's true, raj. police don't believe that this gunman had anything to do with the occupy movement. let me tell you what i do know about the suspect. he is 33 years old and police are not sure whether or not he is a student here, but an alert faculty member may have averted a disaster. alameda county crime lab technician spent the evening looking for evidence after police say a man brandished a gun on the third floor of the haas business school computer lab. >> students were hitting the deck. one screamed he had a gun and there is a couple of people that said stuff out loud. >> about 2:15, a faculty member got into an elevator at the school and noticed a man digging in a backpack. she noticed he a weapon inside. he left the elevator. she contacted police. >> when the officers made
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contact with the suspect or the individual, he in fact did pull a firearm out of his backpack and displayed. >> students were in the classroom and on the floor. police felt threatened. one fired, wounding the suspect. he was take tone highland hospital. >> we're got no instructions on what to do or how to handle the situation. >> that has some people concerned on campus. uc berkeley had the campus emergency communication system called warn me. that's where students, faculty and staff who sign up get a text message, voice mail or e-mail like this during an emergency. >> the one from haas was not notifying people, but saying everything is good and we are cancelling everything. be calm. >> reporter: police say as far as they know, the system worked. others say there flaws will because some people got messages late and others were not alerted
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at all. we are also told that a surveillance camera was rolling during the shooting and police are going-over that tape. reporting live at uc berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. let's go to the south bay where the owner of a rental property was shocked to find out his san jose house was a front for a major pot grow. we have exclusive video of the grow. they stumbled on to the illegal marijuana grow and responding to a break in at the 1600 block in san jose. that's west of 101 south of the county park. they nabbed two suspects in the driveway before they entered the home this afternoon and found a sophisticated pot operation with special lighting and a ventilation system all throughout the house. >> i feel completely violated and like i want to sue somebody. i'm just beyond missed. i never have been this upset
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before. never been anywhere near this kind of a crime or operation like this. >> officers seized at least 100 pot plants and are trying to track down the renter of the house. >> it is a special night for a south bay family. for the first time their twin girls are sleeping in their own beds, separately. just two weeks ago, doctors separated conjoined twins from san jose. they performed a gruelling day long operation at the children's hospital. from birth the two were conjoined at the chest and abdomen. late today the girls were well enough to go home. they will undergo physical therapy daily to build strength, endurance and motor skills. >> precious metal and precious targets. a warning for south bay parents tonight. a woman is ripping gold necklaces off the necks of little girls and so far hit three campuses. the first happened october 18 at
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kennedy elementary school. washington elementary was the next and the last time was at grant elementary. the victims are little. we are talking 5 to 8-year-old girls. they say the woman pulls off the robbery by pretending to be a family friend. in at least two cases, she physically removed the necklaces and replaced them with costume jewelry. >> i just don't want this to happen to any other schools and i want other principals to know that there some thieves out there who are preying on children. >> police say lunch monitors are paying attention about letting strangers on school campus and the added cost of gold is prompting an increase in thefts around the bay area. >> jean quan has been dealt a defeat of sorts after citizens voted against the tax that would have directed $60 million to city hall. 62% of voters defeated measure i which is a marshal tax mayor
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quan had been pushing for to stabilize the city budget. 73% voted against measure h that gives the council the power to choose a city attorney. measure j was defeated by 53% who did not want them to change the deadline for a fully funding police and fire retirement plan for employees hired before 1976. show me the money. the city council said yes and unanimously okayed $10 million to get the ground work done for a future 49ers stadium. the work would begin in january and include clearing the area next to great america and rerouting underground utility lines. tonight's decision is a waste of money. the city can simply not afford the stadium's total price tag. they are expected to cost nearly $1 billion and the 49ers say they will pay for the bulk of the cost. >> i chased them and said what are you doing? >> it's the sms, sos.
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a south bay woman's stolen car returned because of a text message sent to the thief. >> lipitor, a cheaper version is just a few weeks away. how things are about to be different for the thousands of bay area patient who is stake statens every day. >> it will be a touchdown. >> nothing to do with football. retired 49er jerry rice tries out for a very different role. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. a warmer day with plenty of sunshine across the bay area. we topped out at 66 in san jose and 64 in san francisco. tonight more chilly conditions. plenty of 40s. details on how cold it will whand heen tnai r rur etanwhen the rain rn ur i nus.miet ♪
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manager. i'm very proud to work for chase. when you hire a veteran, you get... great leadership... decisiveness... focus. chase knows, when you hire a veteran, you're hiring america's best. chase is proud to help 100,000 veterans find jobs at home. the movement hit the cal campus and spoke out about rising
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tuition costs and several other topics. it is peaceful. we will go back to the pictures if needed throughout the newscast. a car thief with a conscious does a good deed in time for the holiday season. a south bay woman's family sent a text message to the thief who took her car. george kiriyama joins us from campbell where the victim has a remarkable story to tell. george? >> we have seen text messaging used for many purposes. this may be the first time it has been used to cover a stolen car. for one campbell woman, it worked thanks to a thief who had a change of heart. >> veronica salazar left her keys and cars running and the next thing she knew it was gone. >> i heard the car door slam and he sped out and i said oh, my god. i chased him and said what are you doing? i stopped. >> that night she went through a
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roller coaster of emotions. anger, frustration and sadness. >> i was distraught and hurt. i was like beating myself up because how stupid can i be, but how can somebody do that. >> sheer knew the odds of getting her car back were not great, but she remembered leaving her cell phone in the car with nothing to lose, her sister decided to text her phone. one of the messages, can you please return the stolen car? >> we thought he was around here. >> lucky for them this thief had a conscious. he called back and told her where to find the car. she found it outside of a santa clara kfc. >> in the middle of the chaos and confusion and something happened. whether it was what i said or my sister said, the text, something happened. >> this car means the world to monica. the name is gloria after her mom who recently passed away.
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she keeps her mother and sister's picture and a cd with her mom's favorite songs on it. loseing it would have been devastated. >> he returned it in one piece and i hope he is okay wherever he is at. i really do. >> monica salazar said she would love to have the opportunity to meet with him and thank him for having a conscious. we are live. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> flouride coming to the south bay. the water district voted unanimously to add it to the water supply. now comes the difficult part. how to pay for it. the projected price is between $4 million and $9 million. they said it's money well spent, but opponents say it could be dangerous. >> it's a toxin and shouldn't be in the water supply. >> the sooner the better. these kids really need just that
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extra push and we put topical flouride here, but i don't see them for six months and hope for the best for their home care and getting the extra flouride would be a benefit. >> one board member said that paying for it is not part of the water district's responsibility. if they can secure the funding, pumps and storage facilities, the quality manager said it will still take at least two or three years to implement it. >> in a sign of the economic times, the city of mill brea could be losing the police department. the mill brea city council voted 3-2 to begin negotiations to outsource the law enforcement services to the san mateo county sheriff. the decision is all about the numbers. to keep the department going, it would cost about $400,000, but hiring the sheriff's department instead could save the city more than a half million a year. >> got raw milk? you may not want to.
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the department of food and agriculture issued a recall against organic milk products. five kids were sickened. one from contra costa county. the kids were infected from august to october. no one died, but three were hospitalized with a serious condition that can lead to kidney failure. all infected children reported drinking raw milk. organic raw butter and raw cream. organic pastures is based in fresno county. >> brand name or generic drugs? they work the same. millions can save money. it's about statens, drugs to lower cholesterol levels. >> mary:y an. >> lipitor is by far the most profitable drug ever. it generated $106 billion for the manufacturer, pfizer, over the past decade. at the end of the month,
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pfizer's patent expires and lower cost generics will go on the market. >> that's why i'm fighting my cholesterol with crestor. >> that are leaves crestor as the only drug in the class called statens still under patent, able to sell for $150 to $200 a month as opposed to a fraction for a generic version. that's why the makers of crestor paid for a large experiment to show their drug is better. 1,000 volunteers took one drug and over two years special ultrasound measured the amount of heart attack-causing plaque. crestor reduced it slightly more, but overall there was no difference. >> the drugs were equally effective. they both produced reduction in plaque volume. >> showing experts say they both have the same effect on heart disease. nbc bay area new. >> it's a considerable cost savings. as for the people who use and
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take lipitor. they will likely see the copayment for a 30-day supply drop to the $10 level. cot pay right now is often above $25. get the flannel pajamas ready and the footies and the wooley socks. it is going to get cold. >> it's winter time. >> just because you have the feeties. you will need those not only for tomorrow morning, but also into the weekend. you need to jump into something with the multiple layers. the cold weather in a minute. as for today, above average. 70 in santa rosa and 66 in the almaden valley. definitely not record setting, but it did feel nice out here on tuesday. the coldest levels as we have seen with several clear nights in a row into the north bay, napa is 45 and 46 in novato. cold and dropping to the upper
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40s and also 47 in sunnyvale. tomorrow morning you need the jacket with the clear skies staying in place. throughout wednesday, it's going to stay sunny and dry, but we are tracking two different systems here in the seven-day forecast. the systems are not even in view as we look at the close up view. we do have a high mid-level cover from eureka. we are not going to see cloud cover from this. we are focused on the storm well off to the north. what will happen is gradually it the break and see the next system over the next 48 hours. we will have showers, but most notably colder air throughout friday and saturday and sunday. for tomorrow, we will be on the cool side with 60s inland and a dry forecast. throughout thursday we will start to see the potential of showers. it's about friday when we start to get on accumulations of rainfall. about 1/10 to 1/4 inch.
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we will be talking about the secondary system in a moment. as for tomorrow, 39 in santa rosa and 42 in livermore and 48 in san jose. for wednesday, dry once again and also looking at sunny skies after a cold start. we will have a nice jump on the numbers. 65 in dublin and into the peninsula, red weed city mid 60s and half moon bay 59. the sections from o ribda to alamo and mid- to upper 60s and santa rosa to novato with 66 and 65 respectively. morning time at nbc bay area and the best chance of showers returning on friday. a second system saturday and sunday and the intensity on this one, at best they look to produce showers and inland tomorrow, close to 70 down to the low to mid 50s, but great weather to head out to the
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safeway holiday food drive saturday. we will be collecting donations. >> it will be perfect. great food-shopping weather. >> load your cart up andalon >>all. >> big changes coming to a bay area landmark.
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> the national park service is starting a project aimed at restoring alcatraz's water tower. they erected scaffolding around
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the structure and they will wrap it in tarp to protect it. they expect a strange looking site will generate questions from the public. >> people can see alcatraz from all over san francisco and the bay area and marin and they will notice this large white structure which will seem to appear overnight. >> in addition restoring the tower, the park service plans to restore graffiti painted during the 18-month native american occupation in the 60s. it isinished in inhed in may. ba in a moment with sports. #b
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> good evening. cal and stanford getting set for a big game this weekend and on the football field. each school hosting a respective basketball contest. we will get you started with the number 23 golden bear and hosting austin. that's a small school in tennessee. first half from behind the stripe hitting the triple that capped off a 17-0 run and cal playing d thomas and rejected
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from sudan and cal has three blocks from the team. gutierrez meets richard solomon from the flush. 40 to 13 at the half. second half gutierrez in transition and let the bears with 14 and cal wins 72-55. stanford hosting colorado state and johnny dockens and crew. time winding down in the first half. stanford down five. harris hits the half for the shot. thabeets the budser and that would help jump-start the cardinals. josh with the steal and he will take it coast to coast and had a game high 15. later harris will miss and the put back. he finished with 12 points. stanford wins 64-52. the giants are about to make tim lincecum an offer he can't or
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maybe can refuse. san francisco is looking to lock in their ace to a multiyear contract. specifically a deal of four or more years. there is one problem. lincecum has publicly stated at this point he is only interested in a year to year obligation. the two can't reach agreement, they will go to arbitration. today by the way, day 138 in the nba lock out and it's noteworthy because players were supposed to receive their very first paychecks of the season which according to cnbc would have been on average $220,000 each. i can think of a lot of good things to do with that. they hope they can save it as they can spend it. >> very true. thank you. >> we'll be right back with a new gig for jerry rice. ♪
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♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ finally, he is great at almost everything he does. our old friend was back in the studios. 49ers legend, jerry rice. for years rice was part of the nbc bay area team, but nowadays he is branching out.
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jerry rice, the actor. >> what are? >> he drags three guys across the line of scrimmage for the first down. for the line of scrimmage! >> we are showing the out takes. we love you. he was filming a scene for the episode of nbc's hit show, law and order. how about that. he did a few takes and he perfected his lines and knocked it out of the park. >> he does a great job at everything. he does everything. we will be doing weather. watch it! >> a big jacket. >> definitely. it will get cold the next couple of days. >> thanks for watching and hope toeer h here tomorrow. tonight, j from "jersey shore," nicole "s


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