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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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i'm bob redell live in san francisco. just hours ago sfpd removed some occupy sf protesters, their camps and those people. we'll have the latest on that. and despite an order not to camp here at uc berkeley, occupy cal has tents set up this morning in front of sproul hall. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what's coming up in a live report. tenants turn a south bay rental home into a pot farm. what the landlord had to say about it, coming up. a live look outside at the bay bridge. wonderful way to start your
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wednesday, november 16th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning, everyone. it is 4:31. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. frirs fets check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> get it right, buddy. 44 right now. that's one more minute towards getting off work. 43 in novato and 50 in san francisco. we'll see really nice weather today, especially when you get off work at about 5:00 p.m. temperatures in the 60s. i have the fast coming up. rain on the way as of tomorrow. first let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> let's go to the mall. dublin interchange actually by the stoneridge mall, southbound 680 approaching el costa, you'll find a late or two at times blocked for overnight construction. that extends to the north around
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stone valley, la vor nah and red gear as well. so far not enough to show up on the sensors. back to you. new this morning, police moving in on the occupy san francisco camp. that happened overnight. >> officers set up boundaries on how large that camp can be. bob redell is live in san francisco. he joins us with the latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura and jon. for a while the city has occupied protesters camping out in justin herman plaza. and if you look up market, they've let them be in front of the federal reserve. in recent days the city has grown frustrating that some of the protest verse been camping out in that space in front of 1 market. this was a camp bridging the other two camps. so it wasn't a surprise, according to one spokesperson we talked to, that police would be raiding this. they did do that around 1:30 this morning. dozens of officers came in.
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one protesters told us by his count roughly 100, ending up removing 15 tents and cited at least seven people who refused to leave. police say the campers have been crowding out the sidewalk, that they received many complaints from people saying it was too hard to get by. a spokesman for occupy sf said they didn't have a chance but to expand away from justin herman and the federal reserve. >> we need to expand. we're severely over cruded at justin herman plaza. tensions have been high. health and safety is a big concern for us so we needed to expand anyway. >> reporter: mayor ed lee telling the "chronicle" that he's tried to be reasonable with the protesters as far as tolerating and accommodating them at justin herman and the federal reserve, but he felt camping out in front of 1 market
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street was a violation of the rules they agreed to. that's a quote from the mayor. speaking of the mayor, one of the occupy sf protesters, the spokesperson we just heard from, tell us they do have a face-to-face meeting with the mayor this morning at 10:00 a.m. they say their main goal is not to ask for permission to stay, but to let them know they'd like to stay. he was even saying their main goal here would be to take over the civic center plaza. reporting live on market street in san francisco, bob redell. jon, laura. >> thank you very much, bob. occupy cal right now gaining some strength as thousands of demonstrators are on the cal campus back there with their tents despite the university dismantling them just last week. christie smith live in berkeley with the latest. christie, what are the occupiers saying right now about yesterday's shooting on campus? rfr right now they're not really talking about that. they're more focused on their movement and what's going on here. there are quite a few police
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officers here as well. in fact, the school of business is on the other side of campus, but we are expected to learn a little more about that at a press conference expected at 8:30 this morning. i want to show you what's happening here on the steps to sproul hall. of course, you know there is an order from the university not to set up tents. that has been standing. but you can see this morning the tents are up. there are at least 12 or 15 of them out here and quite a few demonstrators. i wanted steve to pan to the other side because what you also see out here way up there, it says -- you can see the occupy sign there. there are officers up there. we've seen them from alameda county. we've also seen them from uc berkeley. what's happening here, they've got at least a dozen tents, some people in them clearly defying the university's position. but the atmosphere out here, people are talking, they are blowing bubbles. they are walking around. some of them are on bicycles this morning. we have some video, though, from
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last night when thousands of people showed up at sproul plaza to hear former labor secretary robert reich talk about the fight for economic equality. occupy cal voted last night to go ahead and set up the tents once again. they've got a contingent out here, a sign out here from occupy oakland out here in support, uc police again also out here. i haven't had a chance to speak with any officers yet, but what the demonstrators are telling me is that the police have told them several times that camping is illegal and that they do need to leave. they need to take the tents down, but they say that so far the officers have pretty much kept their distance. what we have is officers watching this group of demonstrators and demonstrators watching the officers. that's the latest from me reporting live at uc berkeley. i'm christie smith, back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, christie. thank you very much. a former white house official gave a symbolic speech to the
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occupy movement at sproul plaza. former labor secretary robert reich spoke to the crowd last night and urged them not to give up. he says moments -- movements, that is, start with moral outrage and specific demands come later. >> the fundamental problem is that we are losing equal opportunity in america. we are losing the moral foundation stones on which this country and our democracy are built. >> that speech by reich delivered from the mario savio steps. savio was an activist back in the '60s who fought for civil rights. it is 4:37 right now. uc student leaders are taking their demands to the state this morning. student regents and leaders from uc berkeley and uc davis will put pressure on state lawmakers to bring more funding back to higher education. students had planned to protest outside the board of regents
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meeting in san francisco, but that meeting was called off this week. in the meantime students at san jose state are plan ag protest of their own. they will stage a walkout to protest tuition increases. the board of trustees is set to vote today on a tuition hike for next year. 4:38 right now. another sign of the economic times. is city of millbrae could be losing its police department: last night the city council voting 3-2 to begin negotiations to out source the law enforcement to san mateo sheriff's office. it would cost about $400,000 annually to keep the department going. hiring the sheriff's department instead could save more than $50,000 per year. a shocking discovery for a landlord in the south bay. he found out his tenants were using his rental property to grow marijuana. police responded to a break-in on girardeau drive.
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police nabbed two burglary suspects in the driveway. that's when they found a sophisticated pot operation, complete with special lighting and ventilation systems throughout the house. >> i feel completely violated and i feel like i want to sue somebody. i'm just beyond pissed. i've never been this upset before. never been anywhere near this kind of a crime or operation like this. >> officersed seized at least 100 marijuana plants. now they're trying to track down the renter of that house. let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren to find out how much longer can we enjoy the sunshine before the rain sets back in. >> if you have gardening to do, get it done today or early tomorrow. we have rain on the way and a lot of it. this rainy wet pattern is going to start late tomorrow and extend all the way into monday. enjoy the sunshine today. 50 degrees in san francisco right now. 45 in san jose. and because we're starting out so warm this morning, we're
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going to end up about two to three degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. futurecast shows you that. temperatures already climbing into the mid 60s in fairfield and livermore. maybe a couple 70s popping up later, 65 degrees in oakland. we're about 36 hours out from our first showers making their way into the north bay. you can see that from your futurecast. as we wake up to a friday morning, pretty wet conditions anticipated for your morning drive. we'll take you through this forecast coming up. we'll tell you how much rain we're expecting and how much sierra snow we're expecting as well. let's check in with mike inouye. >> we are looking in the south bay for more construction crews blocking a couple lanes of southbound 880 out of fremont toward milpitas. around dixon landing road is where the construction is going on and the lighting is going on. it will be until just about 5:00. 237, both directions between first street and great america
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parkway. we'll look at 880 past the coliseum, a nice easy drive right now t. flashing lights in the middle of your screen, that marks northbound construction between 66 and downtown oakland. southbound right around 16th and fruitvale will have crews, clearing over the next half hour. expect traffic breaks. the time is 4:41. talk about a change of heart. a woman convincing a thief to bridge back her stolen car. find out exactly how she did it. google is taking on itunes. the company unveils its new music store today. what they have planned coming up. plus congress running out of time to pass another spending bill. why democrats and republicans say failure is not an option. for all your news, traffic and weather updates, check us out on facebook. just search nbc bay area morning news. a live look outside at hp pavilion in the south bay. we'll be right back. hey, your high speed internet here, at home...
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welcome brack ever back everyone. a live look at san francisco. occupy sf. san francisco police moved in early this morning, about 1:30 this morning. we have a live report coming up. 4:44 right now. if you're keeping tabs at home, we're officially one week from the deadline for the debt super committee to come up with $1 trillion in budget cuts. yes, it's the same old story. democrats want to bring in more revenue. that could mean more tax hikes.
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republicans wanted to cut tax rates and cut back social services. if there's no deal, $1.2 trillion in automatic budget cuts will kick in. both sides say they do not want that to happen. >> it would not be good for the country. >> obviously not much time left for congress to get to work on this. between the holiday breaks, there's really only three full workweeks left this year. >> it is 4:45 right now. wall street looking a bit brighter this morning. for a check of the markets and news before the bell, let's check in with jackie deangelis live at cnbc headquarters. >> watching the futures, down at this point, you know how things can change. despite the fact that the u.s. economic data we've been seeing has been improving recently, like retail sales. they rose more than expected yesterday. europe's debt crisis continues to hangover investors. in fact, the european markets
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were bracing a two-day losing streak. bond yields were declining as well. italian bond yields started to creep back up again. we'll get data out on consumer prices and industrial production. we saw the dow rise 17 points to 12,096. nasdaq up to 2,686. meantime google plans to take the wraps off the online music store. google music features songs from three of the world's four biggest record companies. that songs will cost $1.00 each. users can share one or two free listens with their friends on google plus. citigroup is reportedly planning to cut up to 900 jobs from the banking and securities division as it's dealing with the volatility in the stock and band markets. the "wall street journal" saying they could shed up to 1% of its
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global workforce. in other news, the nba cutting more games from their season. the players are now suing the league. the nba has canceled games through december 15th. players rejected a proposed 50/50 split of annual revenue and the potential to salvage playing a season playing 72 games versus the usual 82 games. the players also filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the league just yesterday. the nba's only previous work stoppage to cause game cancellations was back in 1998. that's when the league played a shortened 50-game schedule. 4:47. we want to get you updated on the forecast. here is meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. a little chilly in some spots. but best day of the week in terms of sunshine and warmth. we'll see temperatures in thes. 44 in fairfield. that's where we're expecting to hit 70 later on. 45 in san jose. you'll hit about 69. 50 degrees in san francisco to start.
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easily climbing to about 56 degrees by noon. you'll round out the day in the city by the bay at 65 comfortable degrees. as we head through tomorrow, temperatures drop off a touch. we have rain on the way as we head through late thursday into friday. late tomorrow night showers starting up in the north bay and really ramping up as we head through friday. by saturday kind of a transition day, some showers early and then another significant round of rain on sunday. so outdoor plans for the weekend, we're already thinking about that. you're going to get the best weather on saturday. still will be cold and cloudy though. 4:00 p.m. thursday. we start to see the first action in the north bay. novato getting rainfall, lasting through 12:00 a.m. then we'll get a little dry break and more rain on the way just in time for your morning commute. this isn't even the steady rain we're forecasting. that doesn't move in until about 2:00 p.m. it's going to turn very, very cold around here. temperatures dropping into the 50s. we'll see our overnight lows in the mid 30s, even in places like
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san jose. breezy to windy conditions. limited sunshine, friday through the week end. the seven-day outlook tells the story. if you're trying to get outdoors, do it today, early tomorrow. by friday into saturday things really start to change around here. cold showers saturday morning could drop our snow levels to 2,500 feet, very low for this time of year. sunday that looks like we'll see the most moisture pass through on sunday. a complete washout. we'll continue to track the storm for you as we get closer to its arrival. that's coming up, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, christina. how is this. a camel woman can thanks text messaging for stealing her car. >> monica salazar left her car running in front of her apartment. that's when a thief jumped in and drove off. salazar left her cell phone in her car, and the next day her sister texted the phone asking the thief to give the car back. then the unthinkable happened. the thief actually called back and said he would drop off the
4:50 am
car at kfc in santa clara. >> in the middle of the chaos and confusion and even something happened in this man, whether it was what i said, my sister said, the text, something happened. he didn't have to return it. >> salazar says she now wants to meet the car thief and thank him for having a change of heart. maybe buy him a couple pieces of chicken. >> a bucket on the way. why not. the time 4:50. a recall on raw mill nk the bay area. which brand you need to be looking out for. fluoride could be coming to all of san jose's water. first the water district needs to come up with the money. how much it will cost still ahead. and turkey or tofurky. it has the small texas town on the defensive. >> mmm. nothing in your way here approaching the bay bridge. i'll show you what's going on
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further east coming up.
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yes, it is "today in the bay," and yes, that is the golden gate bridge, smooth sailing traffic early in the morning. mike will tell us all the details. christina can fill in the weather blanks. the time is 4:53. the fight over fluoride is over. the santa clara water district voted unanimous to add the cavity-fighting additive to its water. now the difficult part is how to pay for it. the projected price tag is
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somewhere between $4 million and $9 million. in the board can secure the funding for the flor ride pumps and storage facilities, the district's quality manager tells us it will still take two to three years to implement. california's department of food and agriculture issued a statewide recall. one of the kids was from contra costa county t. children became infected from august through october. thankfully no one died, but three were hospitalized with a serious condition that can' aren'tly lead to kidney failure. all infected children reported drinking raw milk. included in the recall are organic pasture's raw butter and raw cream. oh ganic pastures is based in fresno countyt santa clara city council okayed $10 million for a future 49ers stadium. the proposed work would start in january. it includes clearing the area next to great america and
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rerouting underground utility lines. critics say last night's decision is a waste of money because the city can't afford the stadium's total price tag, expected to cost nearly $1 billion. however, the 49ers say they'll be paying for the bulk of the cost. >> time to check the morning commute with mike. >> out on antioch, highway 4, westbound direction has a closure scheduled but should be picking up any second between loveridge and summer dale. westbound 580 through livermore, easy drive out of the altamont pass. no problems westbound. we do have a changing configuration. 580 at 84. there's a new transition there. that's where the old portola avenue on-ramp used to be in effect. that will be officially retired today. folks traveling the area, be aware of a slight reroute. what's in a name? apparently there's a lot at stake for a small texas town.
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>> that's right. the town's name is turkey. peta wants the town to change the name to tofurkey. people there not too keen ton idea. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> it's dumb. >> we still eat wild turkeys and tame turkeys. we don't make tofu out of it. don't mess with turkey. >> put that on a t-shirt, don't mess with turkey. >> peta offering to provide a vegan thanksgiving feast for the whole town if they agree to change the name. the people of turkey say that's a bunch of turkey. >> for the whole town. 4:56 right now. still ahead on today in the bay, the lost steve jobs interview hits the big screen tonight. we'll tell you where you can see it. plus the latest on the occupy cal movement, protesting camping there overnight. the university wants them gone
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by morning. we'll hear from christie smith next. for all your news, weather, traffic usuput o check us out n facebook. search nbc bay area.
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i'm bob redell live in san francisco where police overnight shut down part of the occupy sf encampment. we'll tell you why, what spurred this, coming up. plus a vote to save emergency services in one bay area region. we'll tell you how it turned out. a live look outside, city by the bay, san francisco's embarcadero on this wednesday, november 16th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us, 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. let's get right to the weather with meteorologist chrisna


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