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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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do we know approximately how many arrests they've made so far? >> reporter: it looks like they're going to make at least 08 arrests wlsh there is quite a large police presence down here in the financial district. san francisco police have several vans and buses in the streets loading protesters into. one bus just left full of protesters. 100 occupy protesters stormed in the bank of america branch. they left notes on bank workers' desk and writing on balls. police were rattled, but were not hurt. this all happened during an occupy march police were monitoring. officers were inside the bank. they say some protest ares did try to grab at least one officer's gun. they also say when back-up officers tried to get inside the bank to help out, those protesters came between a door and a door frame. they did mentally calm down, and when they did, officers who let anyone who did not want to be arrested leave the bank, but not many people left. about 80 people stayed inside
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sitting on the floor. one group even pitched a tent inside the bank. many protesters are college students from san francisco state and u.c. berkeley. they say they are protesting escalating scenes. police say the people that are arrested will be charged with trespassing. they will be taken to jail and processed. that can take several hours. it's been a peaceful protest that continues at this hour, and there are some street closures in the area which is making the evening commute a slow one for workers trying to get home. again, police are arresting protesters that took over a bank of america branch in san francisco. back to you. >> okay. very good. we'll check in with jean later on in this newscast. the big question is what is next for san francisco's occupy encampment at justin herman plaza? the camp is vilgt a long list of health and safety codes and
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cannot continue to grow in size. as tracy grant shows us, the mayor told protesters they must be in compliance with the city's demands by tonight. >> i want an immediate compliance. i want -- i need to see demonstrations like today. >> reporter: the mayor met with members of occupy san francisco for the third time as their campus sprouted up in san francisco. protesters ventured out of their tents and marched across the city. the city has been patient with the occupy movement, lee says, but things have to change at justin herman plaza. >> i did give the order to our police chief this morning that there cannot be an expansion of now what we're perceiving to be a health hazard in the city. >> what is lee willing to do to stop it? >> my opinion is it's an unsafe and unhealthy situation, and it's escalating, so that's what the city's concern is. >> do you think it should be cleared out soon? >> yes. >> reporter: officers cleared away some of the tents set up on market street near the federal reserve building overnight because they were blocking the side walk and keeping people from being able to walk by.
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deputy director of the department of public works came to the encampment to speak to occupy representatives. he says the increase is a strain on sanitation and public safety. the department of public health says it fears that 350e78 will begin to transmit gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. >> the other issue that has been occurring has been the influx of people with mental health issues, people are substance abuse issues. >> occupy representatives say that the things that the city is listing as problems at the encampment actually are all over the city, and they shouldn't be asked to find a way to solve that overnight. >> while we do respect that we need to clean up our camp and have it become more safe and also up to code with health codes, we do not agree with the city getting to decide how we then clearly protest. >> we're always going to try to keep an open communication with them, and we are always going to keep reaching out to them and find out what we can do to appease them, and put in place
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real practical solutions. >> that was tracy grant reporting. now, among those watching the bay area occupiers is the man who actually succeeded in taking down some of the wall street fat cats. he is also his share of controversial headlines. only on nbc bay area tonight former new york attorney general and former new york governor eliot spitzer spoke exclusively with our business and tech reporter scott budman today. before his fall from grace, he was a champion of the so-called 99% before the term even existed, right? >> spitzer calls himself a devoted capitalist, and he wants to see businesses do well, but while is he in town to talk business and technology, he told us he is impressed with the occupy movement and with their message. >> reporter: they may not know it, but these occupiers have an ally in eliot spitzer, who was attorney -- >> i support what they stand for
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which is redefining our political discussion so we consider issues relating to equity and fairness, which is really the other side of what we need to figure out. just as we care about job creation at the very high end in silicon valley and this incredible success that is so necessary to the fight future of our country, we have to think about how we distribute those gains. >> reporter: spitzer spoke to us exclusively about silicon valley job growth. >> well, there's no question you have something and we want to steal and take it back east. >> reporter: and why everyone wants a piece of the tech sector from apple to facebook to twitter. >> silicon valley is iconic. we all look at this and say what is that combination of factors, intellectual capital, smart people, risk taking capacity that has generated the area that has created so many exciting companies, so much in terms of job creation. >> reporter: boosting job creation, but also putting some jobs at risk. spitzer has been a member of the media and he knows the web is challenging the news business. like it challenged the music
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business. >> content has become frayed. it's what the music industry went through a couple of years ago where you could come on-line and fine kids and say you consume so much got comfortable paying 99 cents for a song, and the music industry has come back and said quite as rich as it was once, but it's come back. same thing with news. news is basically free. >> reporter: local technology, creating jobs, and attracting east coast heavy hitters who want to bring some of it back home with them. >> governor pits spitzer in town for the international silicon valley conference, and he says he does not speak for the occupiers, but as someone who fought the so-called 1% for years, he is, jessica, watching with interest. >> and very interesting it is. all right. thank you so much, scott. well, students and staff on cal's campus are still reeling from a deadly confrontation between berkeley police and a transfer student. tonight we are learning more about the man who police say pointed a gun at them inside a computer lab at the school of business. jody hernandez joins us live
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with new information and there's video out there as well. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. we are learning that that student had a troubled past, but in recent years had a successful career as a security guard. tonight people are trying to figure out what went wrong and led the student to face off with police. >> with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. >> reporter: this youtube video detailing an allied security guard success story, who was once suicidal chris travis turned his life around. rising up the ranks as a security guard and then transferring to uc berkeley to pursue a career in international business. yesterday police shot and killed travis when they say he came to campus armed with a loaded gun. he. >> he pulled the weapon out of a backpack and was pointing it at one of our officers. the officers were giving him the command to drop the gun, drop
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the weapon. he did not do so. >> most of the students were probably working on their term project. >> reporter: computer lab manager phil mahoney showed us the computer classroom where it all happened. mahoney heard the gunshots. he is shaken that a business student was behind it all. >> it's nice to know that uc is protecting us, and nothing worse happened in this situation, but, you know, to lose one of our own is difficult. >> reporter: op tonight students at the business school are trying to make sense of it all. they want to know why someone who appeared to have found his career path and his passion ended up losing his life facing off with police. >> we don't know what maybe the motive was, and it's just -- it was a sad day yesterday. >> reporter: now, police are interviewing family members and friends trying to piece this all together. they say clearly he was a very
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troubled man. reporting live at uc berkeley, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jody, thank you. from the uc so the csu, the cost offal california state university education continues to rise, and students are not happy. csu trustees approved a 9% tuition increase just today. students at san jose state peacefully protested the increase by occupying tower hall and marching through school offices. meanwhile, things much different at long beach outside the building where the meeting was taking place. the protests got violent at times and a glass door was broken. police used pepper spray to keep students back. three students were taken into custody. new tonight at 6:00 brace yourself for another round of deep spending cuts here in california. today the state's independent fiscal analyst released a report projecting a budget shortfall of $13 billion. that's over the next 18 months.
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under the current budget plan passed by governor brown and california lawmakers this past summer, a shortfall of that magnitude would trigger automatic cuts to public schools, higher education, and health care programs beginning in january. >> in december the department of finance will have their own independently arrived financial forecast. they will compare theirs with ours. theow higher of the two will dictate the amount of the trigger reductions. >> reporter: here's the worst case scenario. starting in january $100 million cut from the university of california system, $100 million cut from the csu system, and $100 million cut from framz supporting seniors and the disabled. we know how he operates. now we know what he looks like. police releasing a sketch of the man wanted in the attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl. it's a follow-up to a story we first brought you on monday. this is a sketch. the suspect described as hispanic man, 45 years old, average height with a stocky build. he was laststein driving a small
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four-door station wagon with faded dark brown spots where the paint flaked off. he allegedly tried to take a 17-year-old girl on sunday after knowing she was awayinging on lark avenue west of winchester. when she resisted, he drove away. if you recognize him, call the police department. still ahead here at 6:00, an investigation is underway at a bay area hospitalth after a you boy died following dental surgery. at oak ridge mall in south san jose, coming up, a warning tonight for holiday shoppers. and he is one of the most wanted men in the country, and he is from the bay area. the fbi's new tip in the search to find him. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff. more sunshine. temperatures close to 70 in the south bay, including san jose. we're at 67 many. san francisco topping out at 62. clouds reduce tonight across the south bay, and we'll have more on two systems c atract and what t usfemsns for rainfall in j
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a w minutes. f
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a gang member is convicted today of trying to kill an undercover police officer. a jury not buying his story. he didn't know the man shouting "police" was actually a cop, he says. the 21-year-old could face 50 years to life in prison for shooting officer todd young during a botched arrest in east oakland last we're. young was shot twice in the lower body. defense attorneys say he didn't know that young was a police officer because he was under cover in plain clothes. he will be sentenced on december 16th. have you started your christmas shopping yet? you are out and about whipping out that credit card, be aware that thieves have started their own shopping. for vemz. scouring the malls and parking lots looking for the next bag of goodies. nbc bay area is live at oak
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ridge mall in south san jose. always racheting up security ---ing the holidays, but it's incumbent that we would be paying attention as well. >> yeah. we can't be naive as to what's happening out there, jessica. you do see more security patrolling the parking lots during the holidays, but we do speak to one man who says he did everything right while at another mall, but the thieves still got to him anyways. >> there's a broken dashboard that they damaged while she was stealing the stereo. >> reporter: they got to sergio's truck zoosh they broke through the lock. they damaged the door as well. >> reporter: he said said he did everything to protect his pride and joy at a mall parking lot. >> my alarm was on. my doors were locked. windows were out. nothing was in plain view, and, you know, it still happened. >> reporter: the owner of the body shop says his shop gets busy during the holidays. >> yeah, that's pretty normal. november, december. you get a lot of vandalism. >> reporter: police say they see the same increases and urged
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people to be extra cautious. >> you go shopping a lot and you carry gives. you say i'm going to put it in the car and finish my shopping. while you have plans to do that, make sure you cover those packages and be aware that potential thieves may be eyeing you and your car. plus, officer garcia says budget cuts might prevent police from dusting that car for fingerprints. >> it's upsetting. it's frustrating. you feel violated, and you work hard for your money and you work hard for everything you have, and someone just takes it. >> reporter: insurance should pay for most of his losses, but he says it can't erase the anger. in team for the holidays, oak ridge mall tells me that they have installed newma mark keys the, parking garages. once you park your car there, you need to keep your guard up. we're live at oak ridge mall in south san jose, i'm damian travi
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judge jjo. >> it's been called the worst trailer park in san jose, and now community leaders are demanding change. the western trailer park is on monterey highway in south san jose. residents say pictures tell the story. they prove the problem. here are the pictures. they were taken last year following heavy rain. it shows raw sewage spewing from pipes which then leaked into the homes. residents say management is ignoring their concerns, but the property managers say they've spent about $15,000 trying to fix the problem. >> we don't have any sewer issues at all. if we had sewer issues in the past, we resolve them right away. >> neighbors shared their testimonies and provided media access to several trailors in an attempt to expose the conditions. an oakland police sergeant says he will not move forward with the federal lawsuit against the department. the u.s. district judge threw out a lawsuit filed by derwin
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logmeyer. he had accused the department's top brass of launching bias investigations against him over his handling of the chauncey bailey murder case. in a ruling monday judge jeff wriry white said undisputed evidence demonstrates that plaintiffs had an affiliation with the black muslim bakery and its members. the bakery's leader was convicted in that bailey murder. >> reporter: the contra costa county child is one of five across the state suffering from e. coli poirch, and the state is blaming raw milk from a fresno dairy. the manager of organic pastures recalled the quarantine of this milk saying it was clean. the decision was upselled despite the fact that lab tests didn't find e. coli in milk samples. vefshts are instead relying on interviews with the families of the five sick kids, which indicate raw milk was the only common link. the investigation is ongoing. well, central island tap water not taiing like liquid
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gold these days. tasting more like chlorine. crews are working and disinfecting the pipeline that service that island which means the water will taste and smell like chlorine, which has been used in the maintenance. they tell us the water is safe to drink, and that the taste and smell should normalize by the end of the week. >> you are not always paying attention. >> yes, we always are. >> all right. >> i'm always listening. >> we put rain in the forecast. i see the forecast perk up. we have showers coming over here soon, and that's really -- we're going to be switching things up for us. much colder air. right now the radar scans around, and we're not finding any raindrops. that's going to be changing throughout friday's forecast. for today it was above average. it was nice. we had a lot of sunshine. 71 was one of our warmest spots out here. 70 in fairfield. my weather watcher in loss gados calling in 69.
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up to the north bay. we're close to 70 degrees both for sanity are a rosa and san rafael. we do have numbers dropping off. we have a lot of cold air in place, and a lot of clear skies. mid 50s across the north bay. 56 in san jose, and right now 55 in santa cruz. the thing that's going to save us from getting as cold assist we were this morning, we're going to get a little bit of cloud cover moving in here. you can already start to see some near eureka and the cloud line will shift more to the south. you will hope to keep temperatures primarily out of the 30s for most of us tonight. we do have this colder storm we're tracking. it's still well up into the pacific northwest, but that's going to continue to drop down and bring us -- well, you may be asking how much in terms of colder air. well, temperatures for daytime highs could be dropping some 20 degrees for some of our interior sections as we head into this upcoming weekend. also, cold enough at the snow level throughout friday's forecast that it could go down to an expected 3,000 feet, and we may have two to four inches
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of snow. winter weather advisory posted for lake tahoe in advance of some of the wet weather. when do our first raindrops arrive? by tomorrow evening we could see a few showers showing up here across the bay area, but a stronger and second system will be pushing in as we head throughout our weekend. look at this. by sunday morning we could be talking about some pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall. of course, we'll have more on that timing coming up. he i i do want to get you into our temperatures tomorrow morning. we'll look at low 40s here in the north bay instead of those mid and upper 30s. 48 in livermore. 48 in san jose, and 47 sunnyveil. by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow, we're going to warm up, and not as night as it was today. low to mid 50s by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll talk about the cold air and how low those temperatures have dropped and how much rain we might get coming up later on in the show. >> jeff, we'll see you soon. >> think you're brave enough to drop out of a perfectly good airplane? >> we'll show you a bay area sky diver that now calls himself the best of the best. >> it really made me appreciate the human spirit.
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you know, how they can overcome such obstacle that is they do. it's been nearly two years since the earthquake in haiti, but there is still a major need for help. still ahead the bay area doctor who just returned with quite a st sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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voters in contra costa county have voted and they say they want doctor's offices to stay open. they're willing to pay the bill. the annual parcel tax will raise more than $5 million a year for the financially strapped hospital. almost 75% of voters approved the measure j. without the tax, the supporters say the hospital likely would have had to close its doors. oitsth it's the only full service emergency department along i-08 between berkeley and val vallejo. nearly two years after the earthquake there the rebuilding of homes and lives is still taking place. more than 300,000 people died and hundreds of people lost
6:25 pm
their limbs. many of them are being helped by a fremont based doctor who just returned from the country. here's nbc bay area's joe rosatta jr. >> she's an above the elbow mp. she actually needed -- she had problems with her feet. >> reporter: the photos of paul burnett's recent getaway are not the images of a tropical vacation. >> it's made -- >> reporter: they're pictures of the fremont prosthetics visit to earthquake-ravaged haiti. the doctor has 31 years of experience fitting people with artificial limbs. casts were taken, artificial limbs made, lives slowly reconstructed. >> for their own body image, i have found that it's very important for them to feel that they're holding in. to actually have a prosthesis. it's a functional need for them,
6:26 pm
so this is part of the componentry that we use. >> reporter: shortly after the january 2010 earthquake it was seeing up to 40 patients a day. now the number is about ten a day, and every one of those patients is edged in burnett's mind. >> this picture was taken probably ten minutes after he got his prosthesis for the very first time, and probably within a half hour this fellow was walking without any crutches. once you get the prosthesis, just they brighten up. >> reporter: burnett's volunteer role went beyond treating patients. he was also there to teach a team of haitian prosthetic technicians. >> hopefully in the future they'll fit the same. >> reporter: in the end burnett says he was the one who learned the most. witnessing people with so little give so much thanks. >> it really made me appreciate the human spirit. >> reporter: joe rosatto jr.,
6:27 pm
nbc bay area news. >> that is a gift for both of them. >> a nice story. well, still ahead at 6:00, a child dies after dental surgery in an east bay hospital. what doctors say happen. a tech company suffers a major blow. what sent its stock plummeting today. details of an arrest after someone opened fire on the white house last week. the search for a fugitive from berkeley wanted in connection with bombings at two east bay companies has led the fbi to the other side of the country. i'll have the details coming up in a live report. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcpcash? no exclusions! with jcp cash get 10, 15 or $20 off...storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off exclusions! we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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[ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is norma. who is inundated with all the information concerning the medicare part d changes this year. so she scheduled an appointment
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with her walgreens pharmacist... who prepared a free medicare part d report for her and showed plan options that can help her save money. if you have an anthem part d plan and want to keep walgreens in-network... schedule an appointment with your walgreens pharmacist today to review your part d plan options and find ways to save. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. no exclusions! with jcp cash get 10, 15 or $20 off...storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off exclusions! we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. the fbi has a new lead in the search for a berkeley animal rights activist wanted in the bombings of two east bay companies. he has been on the run since 2003, and now authorities say he may be hiding out on the east coast. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in the news to tell us
6:30 pm
about the tip that may bring authorities closer to capturing one of the fbi's most wanted. kimberly. >> reporter: that's right, jessica and raj. the fbi says the information that daniel andrea may be back east came from a tip. someone watching "america's most wanted" phoned into the san francisco fbi office, and according to federal investigators, the information is credible. >> reporter: fbi agents say a fugitive who has been on the agency's most wanted terrorist list since 2009 may be in north hampton, massachusetts, where today the fbi candidate for the public's help to find him. >> well, the tip that came in to our san francisco office as a result of publicity on "america's most wanted" was a our san francisco office and found to be credible and viable, so it's going to be followed up pursuing aggressively since that tip came in. >> reporter: 33-year-old daniel andrea san diego is wanted in the 2003 bombings of two corporate offices in the east bay. san diego, who was born in berkeley and attended erra linda hoo high school is accused of
6:31 pm
bombing biotechnology firms kyron corporation. >> when authorities responded, a second bomb was discovered. it exploded before it could be disarmed, raising the possibility that the device was planted specifically to target first responders. >> reporter: that happened on august 28th, 2003. less than a month later on september 26th, a bomb strapped with nails exploded at nutrition and cosmetics company shackley corporation in pleasanton. >> no one died in the corporations, but property damage was extensive. >> reporter: a group calling itself revolutionaryselves took responsibility saying the companies were targeted for their ties to a research company that experimented on animals. a grand jury indicted san diego in 2004 and a $250,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. >> somebody will know mr. san diego is a friend, naeb, co-worker, and we're asking the public, as we have in other high profile investigations to assist
6:32 pm
us. >> reporter: the fbi won't go into detail about the tip or any tease san diego may have to the massachusetts area. they say he is still involved with animal rights extremist groups and should be considered armed and dangerous. >> thank you, kimberly. the white house's crime scene today after someone fired shots at the mansion. the secret service announced the arrest of 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez, a drifter from idaho. they spent the day gathering evidence at the white house a day after they noticed at least two bullet holes. one hit the second floor near the president's residence. the family was traveling at the time. the investigation steps from friday night when agents heard gunfire. minutes later they found an abandoned car belonging to ortega hernandez with a semiautomatic rifle inside. why he shot at the white house is still unknown. there is more fall-out tonight surrounding the child sex abuse scandal at penn state
6:33 pm
university. now a key witness to one of the alleged assaults says he did, in fact, tell police of the incident back in 2002, but police say they have to no record of it. former graduate assistant told friends in an e-mail that he went to police after finding former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky allegedly sexually assaulting a child in a penn state locker room. in the e-mail he doesn't specify which department he told, though. the state college police chief said his department never received a report of sex abuse from him. the penn state scandal continues to send shock waves across the country. sports programs for young kids are being affected here in the bay area. coaches say this is a challenging time, but it's also a time to teach their athletes and parents important lessons. we bring in nbc bay area's chris sanchez who joins us now from san jose with how families can empower themselves. chris. >> reporter: hi there, raj. we just watched the pioneer mustangs wrap up a three-hour practice. that is three hours with their
6:34 pm
coaches on one day alone. they want people to remember that in most cases that relationship between the athlete and the coach is one of trust and not one of betrayal. the pioneer high school mustangs are getting ready for a playoff game this friday. that kind of spotlight they like, but the spotlight on the coach-athlete relationship following the penn state sex scandal is much less comfortable. >> hopefully one incident, very tragic, very disturbing, doesn't tarnish what's going on around the country with all the good coaches out there. >> reporter: athletic director joe says that any coach or volunteer who works with public school kids is vetted. >> fingerprinted, background checked, mandated reporters. >> reporter: they have to tell authorities, but pop warner coach eddie garcia, who is also a police officer in the sexual assault unit, says parents have to empower their kids as well. >> you need to look at the situation that happened with jerry sandusky and explain to them what things are appropriate
6:35 pm
for a coach to do, what things aren't appropriate for a coach to do, and you really need to talk to your children about it and make them feel they can come to you with anything. >> garcia says if your kids play sports outside of school, make sure their league requires fingerprints and background checks, and that you are involved as much as the kids are. if you think something is off, don't trust the league to investigate. call the police. >> if they can't investigate incidents like we can investigate, and they may also give you a false sense that everything is okay, when in reality it isn't. >> reporter: sometimes witnesses don't trust their guts in case they're wrong, but with commonsense coaches can avoid misunderstanding whereby. >> never be alone with the children. always have another coach with you there. there's never a situation where you need to put your hands on a child for any reason. >> reporter: both coaches now hope the sex scandal that point the spotlight on youth sports will shine a spoolt on what's going right as well. >> when they learn on the field or on the court or in the swimming pool, it's going to be life-long, and so, i mean, that's a big responsibility for
6:36 pm
a coach. >> reporter: because of those life-long lessons that are really positive, the coaches really hope that this sex scandal doesn't make parents shy away from having their kids participate in sports. in the meantime, coaches say they will continue to make sure that people understand that the trust they get from their athletes and the parents is well deserved. in san jose, chris sanchez, nbc bay area now's news. >> have too keep that dialogue open with your parents. children's hospital is investigating the death have a 4-year-old stockton boy after he died after dental surgery at the hospital. germane harrison went into cardiac arrest last week, and the family says it wants to know what happened. the surgery to remove some rot know teeth was done in hospital instead of a dental office because the boy has a history of heart problems. harrison had a pacemaker which was installed at that hospital. the hospital staff says the dental surgery went well, but it was after the procedure that his condition deteriorated and rapidly. the hospital did release a statement saying "we are deeply
6:37 pm
saddened by this tragedy. our heart felt thoughts go out to the family." the hospital says it is conducting its own internal investigation. well, a one-time silicon valley high flyer came crashing down to earth today. rambus of sunnyveil saw it's stock price plummet after a $4 billion collusion lawsuit filed against competitors. when the decision came down, investors sold stock. rambus shares down 60% just today. aas for the rest of the market, rambus hurt, but european indecision hurt wall street more. a lot of red arrows pointing down wards. investors unsure that xwrurp can solve its debt crisis and they sold off plenty. the dow fell nearly 200 points. tomorrow marks a crucial day in the ongoing legal battle over same-sex marriage here in california. that's when the state supreme court will decide if supporters of prop a can continue to defend the ban. both the governor and the attorney general have refused to defend the ban, and now it's up
6:38 pm
to the court to decide if prop a backers have the legal standing to intervene. a federal judge has already declared the voter-approved ban unconstitutional. if the supreme court decides the sponsors of prop a cannot defend a state law on their own, it could mean the end of the case and pave way for same-sex marriages to resume in california. still ahead, the thrill of a lifetime. some of the best sky divers in the country are from right here in the bay area, and they've got the hardware to prove it. also, abandoned in the delta. the effort to recover a piece of world war ii history. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff. a few 70 degree readings today in the east bay, and close to 70 in san jose with 67. oakland at 66. for tonight the cloud cover will gradually move into the east bay, but still on the cool side with plenty of 40s. also, showers to the north. we'll let you know when this will arrive in a few minutes.
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zoirchlts one of the most popular brands of baby products is changing its ways after public pressure. it's all about environmental and consumer groups pressuring johnson & johnson to remove two potential cancer-causing chemicals from its iconic baby shampoo and other baby products made here in the united states. the company says its steadily removing the chemicals and expects to remove all the chemicals within the next two years. it releases the preservetive formaldehyde. it's been removed in several other countries, including the u.k. and south africa. trace amounts still remain in products in the united states and china. this looks more like a waterlogged mess than a cherished piece of history, but a coast guard salvage crew worked today to right many years of wrongs salvaging parts of a coast guard cutter so old it had a number and not a name. the history attached to the boat happened in september of 1945
6:42 pm
when japanese officers surrendered his gar isson so the u.s. the only world war ii surrender on board a vessel. a year ago it was scuttled in the sack meanto delta. parts of the boat will be turned into a monument at the coast guard station. >> living history right there. >> so cool. jeff is back with us. take it away. what do we have? >> it's what we have. aisha wants to know if we can keep this great weather going through thanksgiving. >> now you are taking orders. >> yes. oh, i don't know if we can. that is a large order to fill, and we're going to talk more about the showers and when they return coming up in just a few minutes. also coming up, penn state is still paying jerry sandusky $60,000 a year, and you won't believe how much former coach joe paterno will be taking home while sitting on the couch. plus, both of the bay area running backs missed practice. we'll tell you which one is expected to take the field sunday. sports is next. alright, so we have $10.
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get your ipad ready because jeff is taking weather orders. i would like sunny skies, 65 degree temperature. can you fill that? >> there are always such crazy
6:45 pm
requests because everybody wants what they love, and right now i think a lot of people -- at least on my facebook, not loving the showers coming our way. is that major storm when it comes to rainfall into friday, and it is going to drop temperatures quite a bit. let's get to our first off thing. that is the winter weather advisory. with all this cold air aloft, we could see snow levels down to 3,000 feet. that would mean about two to four feet of snow. if you are headed up four an early weekend, not a major snow system hateded up across here, but once again, roadways will be very slick. dry on the radar right now, but we're going to show you some showers coming our way here in just a minute. we had some 70s today. mainly in the east bay. that was the warmest spot with plenty of low 70s from livermore right into walnut creek. also including dublin and pleasanton, and clear skies right now. we're dropping off to mid 50s here in the knott bay. 56 right now in the city of san jose. for tonight cloed cloud cover increasing, and then throughout thursday we'll have a mix of some clouds, mainly some cooling, and a little bit of shower activity, but a wetter
6:46 pm
storm coming for our weekend forecast right now. now, we do have a little bit of cloud cover out here across eureka. we'll have more cloud cover to the south through tonight, and that is going to help to keep us from getting cold tonight. kind of insulated a little bit. our biggest concern is this system right here wrapping up into a ton of polar air, so as that continues to drop to the south, you'll mainly notice the cold air over the next 48 hours, and that also is going to bring us that increased chance of showers as we head throughout late, late thursday, also into friday's forecast. i really don't think we're going to et into any kind of bigger abbing layings or rainfall until we head into friday in terms of some showers. let's get a look. for tomorrow where he start off cloudy across the coastline and the east and the south bay, and then as we head through 6:00 p.m., maybe a few showers here. our models are under doing it a little bit. we may see more than this by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. then as we head into friday, at 10:00 a.m. we'll see more showers coming back. it's going to be very hit and miss and sporadic when it comes to this rainfall just because there's not much moisture available with it. overall about a trace to
6:47 pm
one-tenth of an inch throughout friday's forecast. not a huge rainmaker, but the numbers will drop, and for tomorrow morning, those numbers drop to the low 40s for the north bay and for thursday we'll stay dry for most of the day. the cloud cover will be on the increase. look at the best chance of showers throughout late, late afternoon and also into the evening hours. 57 at san francisco. 54 in half-moon bay. numbers will drop anywhere from five to sex degrees tomorrow. 64 in concorde. 64 in fairfield, and 63 in napa and for most of the north bay those numbers will stay in the low 60s. morning time at nbc bay will find a few showers for friday. then late, late saturday and early sunday morning that's when we could see about a quarter to half inch of rainfall here across the bay areas. look at the numbers. by sunday going from, well, near 70 today although way down to mid 50s on sunday. perfect to get out and drive home on saturday. >> perfect holiday shopping. >> it is. all right. well, some people argue that
6:48 pm
jumping out of an airplane is insane. those who do it say it's a feeling that cannot be duplicated. there's a group of daredevil sky divers from the east bay that are very good. here's nbc bay area's lauren scott. >> reporter: for several decades the u.s. paur chute sobering has held an annual competition where the best sky divers in the nation converge on a drop zone for a show of fearlessness and artistry -- if he most recent event the norcal alliance took home gold in the free flying event. >> this gold medal means a lot to me. it's like something i strived for for a very long time. especially this particular medal itself. i've got tony participate in a lot of sky diving venues and events, but this is something i've wanted for a long time. something i have always done. >> reporter: it looks something like synchronized swimming in the air. >> we don't wear speedos, but, yeah, i guess you could say that. >> reporter: what's being judged is the actual video. the man behind the camera,
6:49 pm
teammate michael knight, has perhaps the toughest job. >> if we do some of the moves and we get separation or  vertical separation and our camera man doesn't have us both in frame, you get docked points. >> we actually practice the maneuvers on the ground, and then we go up and do them in the air. sometimes when we are practicing a maneuver, we all of a sudden come up with a new trick because it came out of nowhere, we did something that we thought would have been wrong, but then all of a sudden came out to look pretty cool. >> reporter: the midair flights are just part of the junior where i. >> the competition was just the icing on the cake. training tlaut the year was a lot of fun. it was -- you know, of that the main part of it was us throughout the year doing this. it was a huge -- then the success of actually winning was great. >> i think everybody in the world should at least take diving once, and the reason is just to get out there and do something that you have no control over because most of us as humans we have to have the control. we have to drive the car. we have to tell people what to do. we have to put our own lives --
6:50 pm
we want to control our own lives. sky diving you're putting it in some guy you just paid them money to throw you out of an airplane, so have you no control, and i think for everybody that can tell you that you can actually let go of your everyday life and it will be okay. >> lawrence scott, nbc bay area sports. now the -- could you imagine that? >> all right. dave is here from our comcast sports net newsroom. dave benz and henry wilson are daredevil sky divers. >> they only do it from the 207 of the desk down. >> i did go sky diving one time about ten years ago. once you do it once, i don't think you need to do it again. that's all i'll say. >> goodton. >> it's a good thing the afc offensive player of the week just so happens to be the raiders' backup running back because it's not looking good for darren mcfadden's return to the field sunday. mcfadden was at practice today, but was relegated mostly to the
6:51 pm
role of spectator. raiders insider paul gutierrez says he sun likely to play sunday in minnesota, though officially head coach hugh jackson is leaving the door open. even if -- >> yeah, i mean, i can see him out here today for the first time in a long time. it was good to see him, but, again, not where we need to be yet. we're not there, but we're work at it, and is he closer to being that guy as opposed to not being that guy. i think darren mcfadden without a boot and standing out here for the first time in a long time, to me that's huge progress. for the 49ers they return to practice today knowing they'll play two games in the next eight days. tempts as it is to think about the harbaugh bowl, first the red and gold must focus on the cardinals. thankfully that game is not for four more days because the running back was a no go at practice today. still nurse aing bruised knee. as sunday's win over the giants
6:52 pm
demonstrated, gore is hardly the team's only weapon. mindy bach has more from santa clara. rirchlg as the team's 23 touchdowns, only two have been made by wide receivers currently on the roster. michael crabtree and kyle williams. josh ka morgan, who is on the injured reserve, also found the end zone once this season. >> just the style of games we've been in, the type of games and the way games have gone. it's how it happened. no question, i think me included and the guys outside, i think our production, especially in the red zone, needs to get better. >> reporter: the 49ers' entire offense has had trouble scoring s six points from within the yard line. the players view the game against the giants as a big step forward for everyone in their passing game. as the team was effective without the dominant legs of frank gore. fwloo it shows that we can't just drop back. it doesn't have to be play action, and we don't have to get into a run set and pass the ball. we can just go out and pass bh we want to, and it's definitely
6:53 pm
going to get in the game plan. >> we've been really running the bail. we've been running the ball a lot. more than passing. i think as we get closer towards the end of the season, i they we'll -- it will probably be more passing than running. >> reporr:n i santa clara, mindy bach, nbc bay area. thank you, mindy. to baseball where tim isn't the only starter the giants are looking to lock up long-term. contrary to early reports team president larry bear tells that the giants are rking to lock up matt cain on a long-term extension. finally, the associated press is reporting former penn state football coach joe paterno is in line for a huge pension. thanks to six decades of service and a recent salary of more than $500,000. a one-year pension could be worth $500,000. the first season sitting on his couch. by the way, jerry sandusky, as we told you earlier, will be getting $60,000 a year from his pension. that is for now pending his
6:54 pm
litigation. guys. >> all right. thank you, dave. so many overlapping storylines to this scandal. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, can you watch sports net central tonight on comcast sports net bay area at 10:30. >> back in a moment. [ male announcer ] steak combos, featured now at sizzler! tri-tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 some call it revolutionary. some say it's disturbing. what if you could take years
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offer your face by using what's inside your own body? using your blood to turn back the hands of time. here's an in-depth look as what's known as the vampire facelift. tonight at 11:00 after "law & order svu." brent canon has a preview of our 7:00 newscast. i know you have a lot of interesting stories. >> tonight a top chevron executive will join us to talk about the oil prices, and also clean tech. there's a form going on in the south bay tonight. gavin newsome talks to me about the new tuition increases that were approved today, and the next mission to mars. a nasa scientist joins me with what they're looking for this time. that's coming up in a couple of minutes on comcast 186 or off the air at 11:00. >> you get to go in depth on a lot of these issues. >> that's what i love about it. >> that is great. >> thank you. >> have a great evening. we'll hope to see you back here at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye.
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