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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 18, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, a loss that cuts deep. a community remembers an officer gunned down in the line of duty. the latest on the investigation. >> you're saying wagner did not do everything he should have done to look for her after she went missing? new information and allegations and actress natalie wood's final hours. and a giant landmark along a bay area freeway is going away. live look at a very overcast, gray and windy san francisco. christina loren will be along to give you a look at your forecast.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. marla, we start with a community in mourning. officers, students, friends and family all deeply affected by the shooting death of a vallejo police officer. police try to piece together exactly what happened in this case. nbc bay area's christie smith is live with the latest developments. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. a lot of tears out here at the vallejo police department. we're waiting for police to give us an update. that should be coming within the next 15, 20 minutes. one officer told me that they're going to be handing out a photo. we're waiting to find out if this is of the person they arrested earlier or not. they told us before they were not looking for anyone else. candles and flowers keep adding up here at the police department. james capoot meant a lot to many people. >> i never thought it would be him would be the person.
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i was so heartbroken. >> reporter: alesandra jefferson laid down her basketball jersey for officer james capoot. he used to coach her at vallejo high school. >> it hurts because i never thought the day i would see his face on the news or get the call at practice and just couldn't play no more, because i was so hurt, i couldn't -- i can't believe it. >> reporter: she says she moved on to a community college, thanks in part to his inspiring words. capoot was shot and killed yesterday, pursuing a bank rbry suspect. he was 45 years old, married and the father of three. at vallejo high, the grief was obvious. >> he was a guy, like he will never be forgotten. that's all i can say. my heart goes ut to the family. >> reporter: police made one arrest. for those who knew him, the focus is on how he lived, a marine, chp officer, took in two other children who lost their
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parents. dropping off flowers, the family pediatrician. >> you don't want this to happen to anybody, but he was a good man. very easy going. >> reporter: for those touched by his generosity, this is just too much to take. we are back here, live. more families are dropping off flowers this morning. it's been happening for hours now. wanted to mention that james p capoot is the fourth vallejo police officer to die in the line of duty. reporting live, i'm christie smith. jon and marla, back to you. >> such a heartbreaking story, christie. thank you. reno, nevada, crews scramble to stop a fire that killed one person and burned 20 homes. it has burned more than 450 acres and high winds are only complicating this firefight. about 90 schools are closed to clear the road to traffic and make way for dozens of fire crews. first responders went door to door overnight, evacuating
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thousands of people. several emergency centers are now set up for the evacuees. >> first and foremost, we've got to pray for the victims, those who have been evacuated and just have an opportunity here at reno high school to visit with them. obviously, people are in the state of shock. they have everything they need and as far as the state's concerned, we have deployed all of our assets we have. >> firefighters don't know what caused this fire. we'll continue to follow developments in reno. occupy movement in oakland has announced plans to relocate to a different location at a park on 19th and telegraph about half a mile away from the previous camp at frank ogawa plaza. protesters are planning another march tomorrow. they say they'll hold a rally first, then march. then they'll also plant a new garden in frank ogawa plaza.
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protesters say the park is rarely used and has a raised platform they can use for a large meeting. protesters calling tomorrow for a mass day of action. pg&e pipeline that's 75 years old and runs through a palo alto neighborhood will not be strength tested despite residents' concerns. it runs half a mile beneath east charleston road between alma and new middlefield road. pg&e says it's not its policy to test pipeline segments identified for replacement. the pipeline is a big concern in the neighborhood because of its close proximity to homes and schools. alcohol may not have killed a 14-year-old santa rosa girl found dead this summer at a slumber party. the sheriff's office has sent out for a third toxicology report after previous tests
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found that she had a low blood alcohol level. investigators initially thought she died of alcohol poisoning after what she and her friends drank what they believed was soda laced with alcohol. the tests are inclonclusive. investigators have reopened the investigation of the death of natalie wood. coroner's office ruled her death accidental. some, including the captain of the ship, have speculated that her drowning was somehow linked to her husband, actor robert wagner. dennis davern talked exclusively to nbc this morning. >> why now, you say? because i've been trying to tell information about this for many,
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many years. and there wasn't really anyone listening until now. >> what is the information that you're relaying now? >> the information i'm relaying now is i just want a thorough investigation. >> was he responsible for her death? i'm not asking about your story. >> yes, i would say yes. >> how so? >> i really don't want to get involved in answering that question. >> how can you come on national television, sir, and accuse him of something like that, but not back it up? >> that's up to the investigators. >> a spokesman for robert wagner says he fully supports the l.a. county sheriff's department investigation, but wonders if davern is simply trying to profit from the 30-year anniversary of woods' tragic death. we want to mention that right now a news presser is happening in l.a. with homicide detectives being streamed online. check it out on time now to check in with
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meteorologist christina loren. we're expecting rain drops, but it's friday so you can't rain on our parade. >> oh, but i will. >> you have that power. >> mother nature is doing that just now. we have pretty good shower activity. it was rather dull up into this point. we have a pretty good, crazy looking radar. light showers moving through. we do have a pretty moderate cell to the north of danville. we'll see on and off spotty showers lasting through tonight. then we'll get a break on saturday. it will be very, very cold. and then sunday, a more significant area of low pressure will start to bring in some showers. this is what you can expect. coldest air this season, we're talking about temperatures only ending up in the 50s as we head through the next four or five days, periods of scattered showers. that will be the case today. we'll get a break on saturday. more on the way for sunday. we have that sierra snow advisory. if you're headed up to sierra, a lot of people are, bring chains with you. >> it looks like we might be
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okay for thanksgiving next week. thank you very much. first, penn state. now syracuse. what that school's head coach is saying about abuse allegations targeting his assistant. and president obama in bali today, announcing a surprising and historic trip for a member of his cabinet. the location and who is going. we'll tell you about that next. and this is bob redell. we're live in danville, getting ready to kick off our annual holiday drive. w you can help out. he
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welcome back. live look at a press conference in vallejo at the p.d. in regards to one of their officers, veteran officer 45-year-old james capoot, gunned down yesterday. they have identified the gunman. they are saying he is henry
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albert smith. let's listen in. >> attempted to get into a residence, which he is not associated with in that area when he was arrested. i believe he was tased but otherwise arrested without incident. [ inaudible question ] >> less than a minute, minute and a half, not very long. >> what do we know about him? >> i don't have that information right now. >> you said he had a wepn on him. what kind of weapon? >> a handgun. we're not going to talk about the caliber right now but he had a handgun. >> possibility of a bank robbery? >> there is. that will have to be a question for the investigators [ inaudible question ] >> these situations are fast-moving and sometimes information gets relayed or perceived wrong. we just want to make sure there was not a second suspect before we just assumed that there
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wasn't one. we did that last night. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not here to talk about that right now. [ inaudible question ] more resources, he was working alone. have there opinion complaints that there wasn't more money to -- >> we are listening in on a vallejo police press conference talking about an officer who was gunned down while pursuing a bank robbery suspect. they have identified the gunman. henry albert smith. he is not saying much about his history. he did say that he was found -- arrested with a handgun on him. we'll bring you the very latest on this story tonight at 5:00 and 6:00.
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in other news now, a long-time assistant coach of the acclaimed syracuse basketball team is accused of molesting a child who worked with the team. the university's head coach is defending his assistant, saying he did nothing wrong. the allegations center around bernie fine, who has been at the school for 35 years. the victim says he met fine as a ball boy. he is now 39, but tells espn fine began molesting him when he was in seventh grade. the university put fine on administrative leave while this investigation continues. head coach jim baheim says he never witnessed any wrongdoing and his assistant has his full support. president obama visiting indonesia today, the last stop on his pacific tour. he held a joint conference with his indonesian counterpart and then announced a deal with boeing. a $21 billion deal that the
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president believes will create as many as 100,000 jobs. from india, malaysia and the philippines. president obama making an historic announcement. he says secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will visit myanmar, the first visit to the state in 50 years. that's the first time the secretary of state has been there. also known as burma. and says if the country continues down that road, it will lead to a new relationship with the united states. jour shwhile you're shoppin your thanksgiving dinner this weekend, you can help a family in need. >> teaming up with safeway for a one-day food drive to help stock local food bank shelves. bob redell is live in danville. how easy it is to get involved. hey, bob. >> i just realized, i forgot my pompoms. left them at home. bummer.
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thanks to the boy scouts and girl scouts and the group from danville high school coming out to help us kick off our annual food drive we do. tomorrow is the official kick-off. come to safeway. they made it very simple. you pick up one of these grocery bags, it's stuffed with all the fixings that people in need really ask for. you pay for it at the counter and put it in one of the barrels. thank you for being here. >> pleasure. >> you've been in this business 35 years. >> that's right. >> reporter: this year, compared to others? >> this is the worst i've ever seen. we've had a tough time. last couple of years, things were bad. we thought they had leveled off. now we see the numbers going back up again. it's really frightening for us. >> reporter: do you know the rhyme or reason to this? >> a lot of people can't find jobs. that's what it ultimately comes down to. a lot of people who come to us were people were skills,
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electricians, architects, people who have worked for years and can't find jobs. i understand it's tough for people who never had to ask for help but this is what we're there for. this is what safeway is enabling us to do, provide food for them and children. >> reporter: nancy brae from the kiwanis club. take it away. >> we have an absolutely wonderful time doing it. $4,000 donation, matching donation we used to help buy additional food for the food bank. >> thank you, nancy. this is a great help. it will let us get thousands of pounds of food. you guys are really make iing a difference. thank you. >> reporter: very nice to you. congratulations. i know that's going to help. come to any of the safeways throughout the bay area. 10 bucks a bag.
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you don't have to go through the aisles and shop. pick one of these up, take it to the counter and drop it in a barrel. that will be helping the six major food banks throughout the bay area. and they'll be spreading it out from there to their separate agencies. also i'll be at the store in livermore. marla and jon, i assume you're in the south bay? >> we'll be in santa clara. how can you not be inspired with "eye of the tiger" playing in the background? >> good band. >> reporter: yeah. it is. i'm going to go put it on my ipod right now. >> it's not already? bob, get with the times. >> reporter: have a good weekend. >> jon and i will be at the rivermark safeway in santa clara along with meteorologist christina loren and business and tech reporter scott mcgrew tomorrow. 3970 rivermark plaza near montague and north first streets from 11:00 am until 1:00. stop by and pick up a $10
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prepacked bag of groceries to donate to local families in need. and, of course, to say hello. >> a great cause. the question is, christina, will we need umbrellas out there? >> you can leave the umbrella at home for tomorrow. we'll get a nice 24-hour break from the showers from 11:00 pm tonight till 11:00 pm saturday. every little bit helps this time of year, we would love to see you. on and off showers roll through the bay area. it's starting to get a little more active. we didn't have much action until the past couple of hours. showers are are spreading into the south and san francisco, redwood city and san jose. watch out for slick conditions if you're headed out any time soon. we head throughout your day today, no more warm-up. limited sunshine, cold air moving in right now will keep your temperatures about where they are. these are pretty much your daytime highs, 58 in concord, 58 in sunnyvale. it's cool out there.
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we stop the clock at 11:00 pm tonight. that's when we'll start to get a nice, dry break. we continue that all the way through 11:00 pm saturday. a nice, cool day. cool and cloudy. you won't need to be dodging those shores until 11:00 pm saturday. take a look at what's on the way. this is a tricky system. the core will end up offshore. whether or not all the yellows and reds push onshore, that he the question meteorologists are trying to wrap their brain around. late saturday night into sunday morning. by 10:00 am, that shower activity headed to the south. another chance to get outdoors this weekend as we head through the second half of your sunday. how much are we expecting? maybe a can quarter inch in places that get the most moisture over the total 72-hour period. little pink in lake tahoe. maybe upwards of two feet of snow. great news. a lot of the ski resorts open up today. we head through monday and a
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nice, dry break. tuesday, staying cool. wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. unfortunately, showers roll back in the second half of the day. thanksgiving day right now, looks like on and off showers. temperatures will be warmer, into the 60s. back to you. >> it doesn't matter anyway, all that turkey and football. >> i'll be watching the game, getting my grub on. 33 years after the jonestown suicide pact, the victims are remembered in the bay area. it's a bit different. coming up. and what b.a.r.t. customers will be seeing on their way work.
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look now. but you-know-who just showed up with nachos. (taco #2) what? oh. they look so delicious together. what does she have that i don't have? nothing really. just some cilantro. a bigger plate. ohhh looks like some fresh guacamole. i can do guacamole.
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but you didn't. [crying] shhh. your salsa is running. ancr: tacos love tillamook. voted the world's best medium cheddar cheese. about an hour ago, family and friends gathered in oakland to hold a memorial service for people killed in the jonestown mass suicide 33 years ago at evergreen cemetery, a new
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memorial dedicated in may to the more than 900 people killed. more than half the victims are buried at that cemetery. on november 18th, 1978, members of the san francisco's people's temple committed suicide in jonestown, gahana, led by jim jones. b.a.r.t. will be getting new odor-resistant seat covers forty new trains, ordering new vinyl seat cars for 200 of its seat cars, deciding to spend nearly $2 million to make the ride cleaner and better and fresher for riders. first-round new seats will be installed starting next spring. you might want to reroute your thanksgiving trouble plans through san jose. says it will be the least busy of the bay area airports and also of the country's 50 major airports. sfo, on the other hand, not so
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sweet. it will be the fourth busiest in the entire country. landmark seen by thousands every day is coming down.
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welcome back. the time now is 11:27. live look over the sunol grade. gray skies overhead. on and off scattered showers throughout the day today. that break will last all the way through your saturday. showers arrive late saturday, steady a.m. rain on sunday. and a nice dry break on monday. good news is that saturday we've got a big game in town, cal versus stanford. it looks like it will stay dry for that game. back to you guys. >> thanks, christina. yahoo! billboard towers over santa rosa but not for much longer. >> it's going up for rent starting december 1st. it's just above the eastbound approach to the bay bridge. for the record, the sign --
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first one out in 1999. >> can't believe it. >> you feel like you're losing a friend. >> i do. >> kind of attached to a sign. making fun of me. >> stop it. thank you so much for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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