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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> that is the issue in palo alto where some are concerned pg&e may be making the wrong decision about a 75-year-old pipeline. traci grant joins us on the peninsula. this is a hot button issue. how is pg&e responding? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. pg&e makes it seem like there's absolutely nothing for people to be worried about. you know what? pipeline 109 actually runs directly beneath where i'm standing right now. this is a highly trafficked area. and the pipeline is actually pretty old. so the utility company plans not to test it with a hydra static test because they say they're going to replace it. and some people are asking why. >> and there was some question saying, if this isn't a high-risk area, should we test sooner? >> reporter: beneath the shopping plaza, schools and busy streets in palo alto lies gas pipeline 109. it winds through the city but
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the one-mile stretch of it on charleston road is what palo alto city officials are focused on right now. with the 2010 san bruno gas pipeline explosion still fresh in many minds, pg&e began hydrostatic testing 150 miles of its gas transmission system back in may. >> we're using state-of-the-art technology. and we're walking our lines to ensure that any leaks that may be on our system are found immediately and repaired. >> reporter: but as pg&e explained to the palo alto city council this week, line 109 is on a list to be replaced, not tested, and not until 2013. for some, that's not soon enough. >> it is a great concern to our citizens here in palo alto. >> reporter: pg&e says it's not our policy to strength test pipelines scheduled for replacement. but some members of the city council are asking how it knows
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something catastrophic won't happen? a spokesperson says if the line had any corrosion or flaws they would have taken action immediately, but it didn't. they have to wait for more than a year for the replacement line. the operating pressure of the pipeline has been lowered, creating a margin of safety. >> it's the equivalent of performing a strength test on that pipe. >> reporter: the palo alto mayor actually seemed surprised when we told him that's what pg&e told us. he said during the city council meeting, pg&e simply said that it would probably take longer to put this pipeline on a schedule to be tested than to actually just replace it in 2013. the mayor says this hasn't been resolved yet and pg&e has agreed to come back and talk to the public again here in palo alto. live in palo alto, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> traci, thank you.
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a south bay family is making one of the hardest trips imaginable. they're on the way to the east coast to retrieve the body of their son killed in afghanistan in the line of duty. specialist sean walsh was a national guardsman, 21 years old when the enemy attacked. damian trujillo joins us at the san jose war memorial after speaking to walsh's neighbors. degree, damian. >> reporter: good evening, raj. they'll come here to honor sean walsh. sean was just days from returning home from the battlefield. sean walsh posted this video tribute on youtube. it shows a national guardsman with his unit in afghanistan. >> right now, i just know i was shocked. >> reporter: you were shocked? >> yeah. he's a very nice kid, quiet. that's all. i almost cry. >> reporter: neighbors in this
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quiet community off meridian avenue didn't want to give their names but said the walsh family moved in just over a year ago. >> we feel pretty sad for them. >> reporter: neighbors say the family was looking forward to the coming days. >> i just know that they were waiting for him for the holidays. and it's terrible. >> reporter: now the nation prepares to give another san jose soldier one final salute. sean walsh served with the police company based out of pittsbur pittsburg in the east bay. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. there is increased tension in oakland as organizers of the occupy movement plan to move their demonstration and their camp to a new location. occupy protesters are now planning to camp at a park on 19th and telegraph, about three blocks north of the other camp at the plaza. they met with reporters today to
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outline their intentions. but residents living near the park say they don't want the occupiers there. >> occupy oakland is bad for oakland. it's bad for small business. it's bad for america. it's the .001% pretending to be the 99% and it's bad for 100% of the people. >> we encourage people's opinions and i appreciate your opinion, sir. >> tomorrow, the group says it plans to rally and march as part of a mass day of action. mayor jean kwan reiterated the city will not allow any camps at the plaza. he inspired so many. an entire community is remembering a police officer sworn to protect and serve them. but officer james capoot is being hailed as a man who always went above and beyond the call of duty for his family, for his friends and for vallejo. jodi hernandez is live at the police department there with new
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details about that alleged shooter, jodi. >> reporter: jessica, people have been stopping by here all day long to drop off flowers. you can see the makeshift memorial, how big it is getting tonight. people we talked to today says officer capoot was a stellar cop who gave anything and everything to help his community and to lose him is devastating. >> we went through this not too long ago, ten years ago. >> reporter: officer jeffrey bassett had a tough time holding it together as he updated reporters on officer james capoot. >> it's tough for many of us and especially for his family. nobody's hurting more than them right now. >> reporter: today, police released the name and photo of the man they say is responsible, 37-year-old henry albert smith
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of fairfield. sources tell nbc bay area smith who recollects lives in this middle class neighborhood s a former parolee, a felon with a history of possessing guns. >> he is the only suspect in the bank robbery, the pursuit of the -- vehicle pursuit and the killing of officer capoot. >> reporter: police say they're building a strong case against smith. they say officer capoot had activated his windshield-mounted camera, capturing evidence right until the end. >> as a true american hero. not everybody can do what officer capoot and other police officers that put on the uniform every day get out and do. but he came to work every day, very happy, very full of life. and set the standard for, quite honestly, every officer within this organization to follow.
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>> reporter: students at vallejo high school gathered to say a prayer for officer capoot who served as their basketball coach. they say he truly made a difference. >> he told us to keep continuing with your passion, your goals in life, your dreams, don't ever give up, don't ever give up. he said pain is temporary, pride is forever. and i took that quote with me and those wise words with me until today, i still use those words to people. >> reporter: and we are back here live. you can see some of those symbols of gratitude and sorrow that people are dropping off here. the police department has also set up a memorial fund to help officer capoot's wife and three children. you can find more information on that on our website, they're also in the process of trying to put together a memorial service, we understand. that is going to take place some time after thanksgiving.
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meanwhile, the suspect, smith, will be arraigned in court on monday afternoon in fairfield on charges of murder and robbery. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. now we shift our attention to oakland. a parolee wanted on several outstanding warrants is back in police custody after a chase and carjacking earlier today. the chase began after officers stopped the suspect's car near grand avenue and mcarthur boulevard. police say the pursuit resulted in a pair of crashes and the carjacking of a red suv seen in this chopper video. you see the suv tipped on its side. the suspect was finally taken into custody. he's receiving medical treatment for nonlife-threatening injuries. a picket line marched outside a south bay hotel today as two former employees complained they were unfairly fired. they claim there are sexually suggestive photos of them
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attached to different bodies. it was posted in the employee area of a hyatt hotel in santa clara. they say they were fired for tearing down those pictures. now they're filing claims with the equal employment opportunity commission. >> i look forward to presenting this case to a jury. >> there are two issues here. one is of the imagery and the other is of the dismissals. this is the first time we're hearing about the images and the eeoc complaint, very first time. >> that hyatt spokesman says the women were dismissed for violations of hyatt housekeeping policy, not for any complaints about the photographs. he says the pictures were part of a beach-themed collage posted as part of housekeeping week at the hotel back in september and that workers seemed to enjoy the collage at the time. you must have felt it outside, quite a change, a chilly change for us here in the bay area. and you can count on rain next, too.
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chief meteorologist jodi hernandez joins us with the details. what a change today, jeff. >> yeah, stark contrast from what we had on tuesday when temperatures were in the low 70s for parts of the east bay. now dropping to the upper 40s and low 50s. coldest weather right now in santa rosa with 48. livermore at 51. 54 in san jose and also 50 in san mateo. ra ting showers here moving in, a very cold rain really slickening up the roadways and whatra you're goin to find as we zoom in across the peninsula, some areas of showers across san mateo down into san bruno. also into hayward and back into the east bay for livermore. this also impacting dublin and san landrieu across interstate 580 and rosshe sierra, the snow is piling up across highway 50 and 80. we'll have more on the winter weather advisory and also more on a second system for our weekend in this tricky storm track and what it means for rainfall in just a few minutes. thank you, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, people
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sometimes ask, were you born in a barn? well, one newborn here in the bay area will certainly have an interesting answer to that question. the unlikely birth at the horse track. and turning old into new, the economic boost coming to a popular south bay shopping center. and a developing story in reno, a wildfire forces thousands of people to evacuate. dorons of homes have been destroyed or damaged. we're back in two minutes. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's good for the customer to get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! i know. that's why i'm carpet for life. but look, if things get out of hand, and the place
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starts smelling like wet gym sock, there's no shame in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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a massive wildfire continues to burn in reno tonight. so far, one person has died, several others have been injured, including a firefighter there. the blaze started just after midnight in an upscale area near the southeast border of reno. so far, it's burned more than 2,000 acres. these are some of the dramatic pictures from just early this morning. the fire has destroyed 20 homes, 10,000 people have been evacuated. at this point, it is even
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unclear when they'll be allowed to return to their homes. the cause of the fire, still unknown at this point. more people in the bay area and statewide are back at work. .2% may not sound like much. but it's significant for the state, with the unemployment rate dropping from 11.9% to 11.7%. that's nearly a percentage point. in santa clara county, most of the new positions were added by schools. but the fields of hospitality and construction also saw big gains. controversy on the green. an environmental group says it wants a pacifica golf course to stop maintaining its lawn in order to save endangered species. the claims are against sharp park golf course. environmental groups say the maintenance harms two endangered species, the san francisco garter snake and the california red-legged frog. the judge politely asked the
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golf course to limit its maintenance. this is the time of year where families and communities come together, thanksgiving less than a week away. we here at nbc bay area are asking for your help. >> marianne favro is at the safeway with more on our holiday food drive. we're all going to be a part of this. thousands of our neighbors need help. tell us a little bit what we can do and how simple it really is. >> reporter: let me show you how easy it is to donate. come down to safeway, pick up a bag, put it in your cart, go to the checkout counter, pay $10 and it will go to your local food bank. 40% of the clients here are children. this will feed a family for several days. we have staples like rice and tuna and macaroni and cheese. we also have partners in this. i'd like to introduce mike klecko, who's with the food
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drive a. >> we need 250,000 people every month. we can't find a better use of our time. >> reporter: thank you so much, mike. we appreciate all the help of all the volunteers. the co-chairs also are the san francisco 49ers helping us out. visit the safeway store between 9:00 and 2:00. all of us from nbc bay area are going to be there. i'm going to be at the store in los gatos. janelle will be at menlo park. raj, i know you'll be in pleasanton. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. we're going to help a lot of families tomorrow and all the safeways across the bay area. >> come out and visit me at the new safeway in pleasanton. it just opened today.
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>> wow. >> we're going to be there tomorrow. >> and our chief meteorologist, jodi hernandez, will be at the safeway next to at&t ballpark right across from the park. and lucille gets to hang out with jeff tomorrow. >> i don't know how i got so lucky, guys. >> you won the lottery. >> i know. lucille and janelle and raj's posters, yes. they'll be right next to me bringing in all those bags and all those donations. let's take a look, we have this storm system here moving in across the bay area with some areas of some cold showers pushing in, not only that, but sierra snow up across the higher elevations and some very low snow at this hour. take a look at our 24-hour rainfall totals. .16 here in berkeley. dublin, .05. los gatos also with .04. it's finally starting to feel like fall out there. numbers have started to drop into the mid and upper 50s. let's look at some of the other highs.
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60 in the almadenvale. the showers have been spotty. we'll continue to see that heading throughout tonight. and the numbers are still able to drop, right now, 48 in santa rosa. 50 in napa. 52 down into santa cruz. let's bring you to the radar. what we're going to find is fairly light winds as this system moves in, anywhere from 5 to 10 miles per hour. tracking most of the rainfall, the consistent bands of rain across san francisco down the peninsula into san bruno. also here across the bay into hayward and back into livermore, we're also finding areas of some moderate rainfall impacting you on 680 and 580. this weekend, we have that cold system over us, but a second system heading into sunday. that's still out here in the pacific. it will be just like the storm we had last week. this storm is not going to move from the west to the east.
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it's going to push right down here out into the pacific. that does look to keep some of the heaviest rainfall out here in the pacific as we head throughout sunday. we do think we'll get some rainfall. but it's definitely not going to be a washout, so to speak, here as we head throughout sunday's forecast. in terms of the weather, it's going to be cold. look at these numbers for tonight. at 10:00 p.m., we could 30s up into santa rosa. by 5:00 a.m., plenty of 30s in the north bay and low 40s heading throughout saturday for the east and the south bay. by 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, numbers only expected to be in the low 50s. by the way, you guys, just in case you didn't hear, we have some snowfall up across the sierras. if you're headed that way, watch out and take it slow. >> a lot of ski places are opening in tahoe. a south bay shopping hub is about to get a huge economic boost. sunnyvale has been debating on
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what to do with the olde towne and country shopping center. a san francisco developer says he has the answer. he wants to build a mixed housing and retail center on the site. the 131 loft-style apartments will sit atop retail space and many of the locals are thrilled. >> i think it will be pretty nice, as long as they have enough parking. >> i think what's important to me is that they have enough green areas so people, if they're living in the area or working in the area, they can come down and have a place -- something green. >> green and parking. the project is expected to be completed in just over a year. still ahead at 6:00, a recall involving lettuce in california. and he may be the terminator but he's certainly not indestructible. details of arnold schwarzenegger's injury on the set of his new movie. all the horses for the next race were walking by. as she came out, everybody started applauding. >> no ordinary day at the track. the unlikely delivery at golden gate fields, a baby,ot a foal. a
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people at golden gate fields in berkeley are certainly used to close finishes. but yesterday's was a bit closer than anyone would imagine. >> it had to do with a pregnant woman, and a barn. joe rosato, jr. shows us the unusual birth. >> reporter: it wasn't just another day at the track. sure, the horses were running as usual at golden gate fields. but on thursday, the real action was behind the scenes. >> she's 8 1/2 months pregnant. and she ran out to use the restroom. >> reporter: back in the horse barns, kelly jackson's very
6:25 pm
pregnant co-worker began feeling a bit odd. >> i hurried out there. she's already in labor screaming. >> reporter: there in the restroom of val rhoden's barn, the miracle of life was about to rear its head. >> you see it on the news. husband and wife can't make it -- they're stuck in traffic and the husband's delivering and all that. and you think, that will never happen to me. >> reporter: when assistant veterinarian erin anderson went into labor, it was indeed rhoden, jackson and a few dozen horses on hand. with paramedics on the way, the de facto medical team went to work. >> we put blankets on the floor and hiked her down to the floor and she did all the rest. >> reporter: it should be noted, the blessed event took place between the second and third races, the 2 horse crossed the finish line about the same time as the baby. >> i started crying. i said, it's a boy, erin, it's a boy. you did good, you did good, ten little fingers, ten little toes.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: as the paramedics scooped up the newborn, a line of thoroughbreds filed past. >> all the horses for next race were walking by. as she came out, everybody started applauding. >> reporter: in racing lingo, erin anderson would call this a photo finish. >> there was no driving myself to the hospital this time. it was time to go. >> reporter: though she would have preferred to deliver her six-pound baby boy in somewhat more luxurious circumstances, she was happy to have friends nearby. >> right there in the midst of it, val and melissa and kelly and right there when he was being born. they didn't leave me high and dry. >> reporter: there is a chance that someday in this yet unnamed baby's life, he will leave a door open and someone will ask, were you born in a barn? joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> and he'll say yes. >> and he was. >> so cute. once a horse baby, always a horse baby. i love horses. still ahead at 6:00, a decision today providing a blow
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to cancer patients and a bay area biotech company.  we fire up the latest tablet computer a first look at the amazon fire. and the investigation into actress natalie wood's mysterious death has been reopened thanks to new allegations. but is robert wagner considered a suspect? we're back in two minutes. cut tn served with a succulent lobster tail... just $15.99. sizzler.
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the plot thickens in a real-life hollywood mystery. what happened to natalie wood? >> the actress died 30 years ago. but now the case is being reopened by the l.a. county sheriff's office. patrick healy reports on the new information. >> reporter: the homicide lieutenant confirming that 30 years since the mysterious death of actress natalie wood was ruled an accidental drowning, the l.a. sheriff is reopening the investigation. >> just having already just the media attention we've received
6:30 pm
already on this, we've generated calls. >> reporter: from the beginning, the tragic death of the beloved actress was rife with intrigue. she and her husband were on their yacht with a friend. there were reports of arguments between them. also on board the boat was captain dennis davern. he blamed wagner for wood's death. >> was he responsible for her death? >> yes, i would say so, yes. >> how so? >> i really don't want to get involved. >> reporter: gregory pressed further and he said when he became shortly past midnight that wood was missing and perhaps had fallen overboard, wagner discouraged a search of the water. >> i think it was a matter of, we're not going to look too hard, we're not going to turn on the search light, we're not going to notify anybody right at the moment. >> reporter: robert wagner is
6:31 pm
now 81 years old. his publicist released a statement saying they support the police department and released this statement. the wagner response was released before davern came frorward in the "today" show interview. >> i'm in it for the justice. >> i believe everything dennis says. >> reporter: natalie wood's sister, lana, spoke with nbc 4's reporter. >> i think all the facts need to come out. >> reporter: even if even dennis said about wagner on the "today" show is true, legal experts say it may not amount to a criminal charge. patrick healy, nbc bay area news. the pennsylvania charity founded by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is preparing to close its doors.
6:32 pm
the chief sect of the second mile saying it's trying transfer his programs to other nonprofit organizations. sandusky is accused of sexually assaulting and preying on boys he met through that charity. the second mile is currently under investigation to find out the extent of contact sandusky had with children who went through the program. also today, a former penn state head football coach joe paterno announced he's been diagnosed with lung cancer. his son, scott, says his father is undergoing treatment and that doctors are optimistic he'll make a full recovery. the diagnosis was made during a follow-up visit last weekend for a bronchial illness. the 84-year-old coach was fired last week in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. a breast cancer drug many women say helped save their lives is no longer fda approved. south san francisco biotech company manufactures the drug.
6:33 pm
clinical trials showed the drug was effective. but the drug also exposed breast cancer patients to potential side effects like severe high blood pressure and hemorrhaging. an iconic sign is being taken down in san francisco. and a silicon valley billionaire is stepping up to the plate to help a struggling dot-com. we check in with scott budman with our friday story lines. they're really taking down the yahoo! sign? >> they really are. we're going to start with a billionaire. that would be sergei bryn who along with his wife donated $500,000 to help keep wikipedia running. the site, which is full of information, is part of the wikimedia foundation.
6:34 pm
this is the billboard that's greeted drivers for 12 years. and it is coming down. clear channel confirming the space which has long held the throwback billboard will be available december 1st. if you're interested, the rent is $65,000 a month. $80,000 if you use neon. this is a full tablet experience for half the price from amazon. it's the latest tablet to try and light a fire under mobile tech fans and unlike every other ipad challenger, amazon may be on to something with its latest kindle called the fire, a $200 device complete with wi-fi, browser, music, movies and apps. in fact, the first app built into the fire comes from palo alto start-up pulse. they make a news reader that let's you organize your content. >> i actually think the
6:35 pm
device -- like the seven-inch device feels very well on the hand. i feel like it can be a little lighter. but other than that, i feel like they've spent a lot of time in really getting the software and the user experience right. >> reporter: but the kindle is a different experience. no cameras, shorter battery life, smaller screen and it's clunkier than the ipad. >> the ipad definitely has like an 18-month lead on this. it's been around for a while. lots of app there is. the experience on ipad is definitely a lot more refined from the hardware perspective as well as from the software perspective. >> reporter: that said, it's a lot for $200. and if you're a kindle fan with a touch of ipad envy, the fire bridges the gap nicely, a way into the tablet world at a much lower entry price, a nod to the mobile world as well as to this silicon valley company. >> for us as a small start-up to be in the device and to get to
6:36 pm
so many user that is amazon is going to reach. >> reporter: offering a different way to take your content with you. it is on sale now. here it is if you want to hold it. it's seven inches instead of the ten we've seen from hp and apple. $200. an interesting entry point if $500 or $600 is too much. >> this is a good teenager gift. >> you have your apps, your music, your movies and your books just like the kindle. it's not quite as smooth or fast or powerful as the ipad. but it's half the cost. a little less than half the cost and, there you go. >> you've seen all these tablets? you have about ten of them on your desk. what do you like about this other than the price? would you use this? >> i would. it's for someone who maybe has a kindle to read but is a little jealous that their friend with all the ipad has. you get this and see if the tablet experience is really for you. if it is and you want to step up in power, then you step up in
6:37 pm
price. i think this is a really good entry point. this may sell well. remember, the other ipad competitors have not sold well because they cost the same. this i think will sell well. >> 200 bucks. thank you, scott. before you eat dinner tonight, you need to know there's a recall. readypack foods is recalling more than 5,000 cases of bagged salad because of possible e. coli contamination. a use date by november 18th. it's been sold to groceries including raleys, trader joes and safeway. consumers should immediately throw them away. she lost her children. now she's about to lose her freedom. a jury today finding a fairfield mother guilty of involuntary manslaughter after an apartment fire killed four children including three of her own. she's facing up to 20 years in prison for that fire last year. james and her sister were in a
6:38 pm
parking lot outside of their apartment building while their children were left unattended inside. they also left candles burning in that apartment and a fire started. the women say they'd been using the candles to heat the home because they're power had been turned off. new tonight at 6:00, an 18-year-old oakland man faces rape charges following a lengthy investigation. here's a police photo of derek parks. he's linked to the violent attack and rape of a 56-year-old woman earlier this year. it happened in the lake merit area of oakland. parks allegedly forced the victim to the bottom of her own basement before attacking her and fleeing the scene. he's charged with multiple counts of rape and attempted rape. he was already in police custody on unrelated weapons charges. former governor arnold schwarzenegger injured on the set of his new movie. and how you can help build a
6:39 pm
unique holiday decoration right here in the bay area. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jodi hernandez. a big-time cold blast here for the bay area today with 59 in san jose, san francisco, 56. and oakland also at9. what we're watching tonight is that cloud cover and plenty of cold care staying with us. we'll have details not only on a second storm for your weekend but on sierra snow happening right now. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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this is norma. who is inundated with all the information concerning the medicare part d changes this year. so she scheduled an appointment with her walgreens pharmacist... who prepared a free medicare part d report for her and showed plan options that can help her save money. and want to keep walgreens in-network... schedule an appointment with your walgreens pharmacist today to review your part d plan options and find ways to save. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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arnold schwarzenegger got on twitter thursday saying he got a little banged up while filming his latest movie in new mexico. you can see the former govern posted this photograph of himself with a bloody cut running down the middle of his forehead. it didn't seem to slow him down. he tweeted he was back in action less than an hour later. yoda is getting a makeover. you can use legos to help build
6:42 pm
a 12 x 10 foot yoda. it will take more than 6,000 lego pieces. after he's finished being built, deconstruction will begun on monday. gone in a frash. you have to be out there. >> so some cold weather coming our way this weekend. they're telling me to do this quick. and now it's taking a long time. we'll talk about the showers this weekend and the cold air and when it all arrives in a few minutes. and coming up in sports, we'll get you ready for the 114th big game with a look back at an all-time classic. plus -- >> maybe .1% of a success is attributed to home depot chairs. >> the first-place 49ers turning their new success into some new upholstery. we'll explain all the cozy details coming up after the break.
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6:44 pm
we've been talking about the holiday food drive. very happy to be a part of it. combining forces nbc bay area and safeway. tomorrow all of us will be at local safeway stores. where are you going to be? >> i'm going to be at the new pleasanton one. marianne favro joins us live from san jose. >> reporter: that's right.
6:45 pm
let me tell you a little bit about the second harvest food bank. since 2007, the demand for food has gone up 50%. and it's so easy to help out. i want to show you. all you have to do is come in to your local safeway store tomorrow, pick up one of these bags. they're prefilled. inside the bags is food like tuna, rice, macaroni and cheese. one bag costs $10. purchase it at checkout. it goes right to your local food bank. this is all in collaboration are volunteers. with us is grant ember, he's coordinating the kiwanis volunteers. >> there's probably over 500 kiwanis volunteers supporting the safeway food drive around the bay area. and we just feel especially at this time of year supporting activities like this to help the families in need is just really critical. that's what quinnis does. we serve the community, one child and one community at a time. >> reporter: very well.
6:46 pm
thank you so much, grant. i also want to point out, the san francisco 49ers are involved. we have the gold rush cheerleaders here. here's what you need to do. come out to a safeway store. our goal is to collect 30,000 bags. and raj and jess, i think we can do it. i'm going to be at the los gatos store with my 6-year-old daughter. and we are going to get those bags into the cart. let's reach that goal of 30,000, what do you think? >> i think it's very reachable. $10 a bag. over 250,000 people in the bay area need our help. >> i'm bringing my olivia. >> you'll be in mrez tonight. i'll be in menlo park along with our janelle wang. >> and i will be at at&t park. we'll be helping to collect the donations. we are going to have cold weather to help get you into the stores and bring those donations. rainfall totals impressive for some of you but it's very hit and miss. berkeley, .16.
6:47 pm
san rafael, .12. los gatos picking up .04. numbers down about 20 to 25 degrees from that weather that was in the low 70s earlier this week to start off. we only had 58 in gilroy. 58 in livermore and 58 in santa rosa. you can see this activity is very sporadic. a few areas of some showers up into the north bay. but the most consistent activity still is right across san francisco. in fact, with this rainfall, it's been lingering the past couple of hours. we may pick up about .25 inches from san francisco down to redwood city. moderate rainfall from hayward down to fremont, also for livermore. we'll continue to see this tonight and for the early morning hours of tomorrow. these spotty areas of showers will continue to develop. up across the sierra, highway 50, interstate 80, winter weather advisory in effect. you're going to start to encounter the winter conditions at 3,000 feet.
6:48 pm
we've learned heavenly and north star officially opened today. it's going to be great skiing weather for you. you'll need the layers if your headed out. 51 at livermore and 54 in san jose. what about your weekend? it's not going to be wet the entire weekend. for saturday, mainly have fog, clouds, even breaks of sunshine. but this second system looks to bring some of the wetter impacts as we head into sunday. it's already developing out here. it has a lot of rainfall with it. but here is the problem. this storm is not moving from the west to the east. it's moving from the north to the south. so it's another coastal storm that looks at this point to keep the heaviest rainfall offshore. no doubt it's going to keep us cold throughout saturday, 50s inland. on sunday, it looks like the most consistent rainfall will be moving back into the bay area. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we'll have the cloud cover with us. by 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, rain developing in the north bay.
6:49 pm
and then as we head into early on sunday morning, we're going to find areas of moderate rainfall starting to build in right about 3:00 a.m. also continuing into 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning right across the peninsula and also for the east bay. as we head throughout the afternoon on sunday, we'll start to clear out. overall totals, .25 from the north bay to the south bay. east bay and interior sections may not see too much in terms of overall totals. what we're looking at is the coldest air of the season with periods of scattered showers mainly returning heading throughout sunday morning. as for tomorrow morning, we'll look at mid-30s here in the north bay and for tomorrow, mid-50s across the bay area. so it's going to be cold. seven-day forecast, dry weather monday and tuesday. but then we're looking at some wet weather on thanksgiving at this point. >> we'll be indoors anyway. >> yes, eating lots of turkey and pie hopefully.
6:50 pm
>> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. our safeway food drive is tomorrow. we give henry a chance to be with jessica at the pleasanton store or with raj at the menlo park store. guess which one he picked? >> neither one. >> i'm going to jessica. jessica, i'm following her to pleasanton. >> be looking for you henry. >> sounds great. one day away from big game saturday as cal looks to continue their success over the cardinal under jeff tedford as the bears hold a 7-2 record against stanford in the last nine seasons. with the chance of rain down on the farm for the 114th big game, here's a look at one of the classics, the mud bowl. >> november 18th, 1972, big game fervor rippled through the stands of memorial stadium in the way only big game fervor can. soaked by rain, 68,000 fans
6:51 pm
watched the mud and drama unfold. down by three, the bears intercepted a stanford pass and the offense took over. cal raked across the field, 62 yards in 1:13. within field goal range, the coach didn't send out the kicking team. they were going for it. on the final play, wide-eyed freshman bears quarterback lob add pass towards the end zone for an outstreetched steve sweeney. cal won. what is the big game? the big game is all guts and all glory. >> should be a good one. let's slide over to the nfl where the 8-149ers are seeking their eighth straight win sunday as they coast thost the cardina. and the guys in the trempnches aren't getting enough credit.
6:52 pm
but they've found a way to turn their newfound success into new upholstery. >> reporter: a functional offense in the nfl all starts with the o-line. in the case of the 49ers, it's a unit not only improved from last year but they also seem to get better with each game this season. >> i think it's just confidence. i think you're going into a stretch where we're playing really well. starting to dial in, pick things up. people starting to throw a lot of stuff at us. confidence is starting to boost. coaches are getting excited, we're getting excited. really starting to help out our offense. >> doing a great job improving their communication, just their overall play in all phases. pad level pass protection, finish, highlight the young guys. >> reporter: but there may be another reason for the improved play, which has nothing to do with football and everything to do with their comfort while studying it.
6:53 pm
regular old office chairs just weren't cutting it in the o-line meeting room with those 300-plus-pound lineman. so joe and alex decided to splurge for the good stuff. >> when i got my new contract, barry sims was in his 13th year and he kept on saying how we needed to get new chairs. >> being the procrastinator that he is, he didn't get them. so last year, i was talking about it with some of the guys, i was thinking about getting chairs. this year i went out and got four of them. >> i felt like everybody should have had a chair. i bought the rest. but we didn't know we were going to keep -- i calculated the amount of linemen we were going to keep wrong so the rookies don't have a chair. >> the chairs are horrible. >> reporter: while the linemen credit their hard work as the reason for improvement, there's something to be said for comfort. >> maybe .1% of our success is attributed to the home depot chairs. the chairs are so nice, though.
6:54 pm
>> a couple of other notes on the oakland raiders, running back darren mcfadden and jacoby ford will not play. both have midfoot sprains. it's hard work. jessica, make sure he's doing his weights, okay? >> okay. >> thanks a lot, henry. barry bonds had that big, fat leather chair in the giants' clubhouse. watch sportsnet central tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment.
6:55 pm
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tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news, are you stuck with a car that you can't afford, wish you could just hand your problem over to someone else? one company claims you can do that. vicky nguyen takes an in-depth look at how to get rid of your lease without taking a hit to your credit score. that's tonight at 11:00 after an all new "dateline". >> and we have a full hour of news at 7:00 on our sister station. garvin thomas is here to talk about that. there was a buzz in the newsroom today. what's that about? >> the fonz was around. stick around for the henry winkler interview. it's great. >> nice to see everyone excited about the fonz. thanks a lot. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. bye-bye.
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