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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the chancellor at uc davis called it chilling. now the school has launched an investigation. it all has to do with campus police ask video sha shows police using pepper spray on protesters at very close range. nbc bay area is here with the
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video and reaction, elise? >> this latest use of force against protesters raises many questions about how to handle growing depositions between occupy protestest and law enforcement. protesters mostly students, sit passively on the ground with their arms interlocked. then this video that's gone viral showing a tense standoff between police and occupy demonstrators at uc davis. after giving the crowd warnings to pack up tents authorities say they were forced to unload pepper spray. >> so painful. your eyes are just in excruciating pain. it goes up your nose and you start choking. >> reporter: uc davis chancellor calls the youtube video chilling. in an open letter to the
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community she is forming a task force made up of faculty, students and staff. >> the unfortunate situation that was created for students on friday -- >> reporter: it's the latest use of force on young occupy protesters. last week's students at uc berkeley were jabbed by police with batons. >> well, there is certainly the potential that they might bring a civil rights lawsuit claiming police brutality. >> reporter: speaking to nbc bay area by phone, first amendment attorney karl olson says the protesters at uc davis and uc berkeley were just exercising their rights to free speech. and police overreacted. >> to say that locking arms is an aggressive move is again an overreaction. people are concerned about economic inequity in this country and to protest and to lock arms to me seems like
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quintessential first amendment activity. >> resignation! >> reporter: students are calling for resignation and the tension between occupy protesters and police doesn't seem to be going away. the uc davis police chief says the decision to use pepper spray was made. the task force will release funding in 90 days. and in oakland the occupy protesters moved their encampment to the city's you town neighborhood. thousands marched and tut up tents in an empty lot at 19th and telegraph. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is there with what's happening right now. >> reporter: those thousands have turn the into dozens. take a look. there have been repeated calls for occupiers to stay as long as they can to occupy this space despite the rain and the cold. right now they continue to is the up camp. there are about 30 tents out here.
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just after 5:00 this afternoon thousands of protesters flooded into the area near 19th and telegraph in oakland. wind minutes tore down a fence surrounding an empty lot and set up house. again -- >> this is great, everybody's dancing and having fun. >> people are so happy to kind of start the camp up again after having been gone a couple of days now. >> reporter: police tore down the occupy endampment at frank ogawa plaza early monday morning. this afternoon protesters held a rally and marched in downtown oakland before arriving in you town next to fox theater where they remain tonight. how long do you think you're going to stay? >> until it's over, until we've won. >> reporter: what's winning? >> until life is completely made better for the average person. >> reporter: occupy oakland, which began over a month ago, is calling for social and economic equality. within the neighborhoods a newly erected encampment has caused some division. some residents support the
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protesters. others don't like the direction occupy oakland is going in. >> for them to come into the neighborhood in the way that they are, i feel very violated. and i think they're becoming what they detest. it's like they've got power now and i feel they're abusing it. >> reporter: officials have said camping overnight would not be allowed but so far police have not moved in to clear out the protesters. they've stayed on the sidewalk surrounding lots and are at the sbrans of nearby apartment buildings. >> i'm going to be grateful when the police remove them. but i'm also going to be very sad that they had to do that and i'm going to really, really feel torn inside if anyone gets seriously hurt. >> reporter: police say no arrests have been made so far and they would not say what plans they have, if any, to remove this encarpment. we did make several calls to oakland may onjean can and her
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staff. the response is that the mayor does not have a statement at this time. in san jose, a few occupy protesters moved their camp as well but they moved it temporarily to mayor chuck reed's house. one of the protest, apparently the same man who camped out on a wall for weeks, pitched a debt in the mayor's driveway. the protest lasted about two hours and demonstrators say it was in response to san jose's decision to remove them from city hall thursday. police say the protest was peaceful and no arrests were made. for more on the occupy movement you can go to our website we have more video from uc davis as well as other developments nationally. protesters are also out in force tonight in the egyptian capital of cairo. thousands crowded into the main square demanding that egypt's ruling general step aside and make way for civilian government.
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earlier in the day one protester was killed and hundreds of others hurt during a clash with riot police. in ten days egypt is due to hold its first election since former president hosni mubarak was ousted. the public has grown angry over the slow pace of reforms. in libya celebrations erupted in the city near where moammar gadhafi's son was captured today. people fired shots over the air to celebrate the capture of saef al islam. revolutionary fighters reportedly caught him in a desert in the south last night. some people wanted to kill gadhafi's son on the spot but rebels formed a human chain around him. they say he will be treated as a prisoner of war. he will likely be tried for crimes against humanity.
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we want to check in for a look at the cold blast moving through the bay area right now. >> right now it's the south bay and santa cruz mountains getting hit with moderate rain. as you can see heading toward los gatos, about one-third of an inch of rain. the heaviest rain near morgan hill along 101 down toward santa cruz. the santa clara valley, moderate rate at times easing up a bit. as you head over toward dublin, a little more rain there. look at san francisco and the north bay now. moving into scattered showers. kind of a sneak preview of what we're going to see sunday. widespread rain taking over the scattered showers. some of those could be locally intense. maybe some thunder and small hail as this system continues to plow through. it will continue to impact your sunday forecast. we'll let you know how long you're going to need the umbrellas for the rest of your weekend. still ahead, we'll have the full forecast all the way to thanksgiving. plus we'll show you how you can
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score essentially a free five-course meal and incredible wine pairings at the most famous hotel in yosemite. on an emotional roller coaster. >> a roller coaster that lasted 30 hours. we'll introduce you to that teenager with asthma. he's an ultra marathon runner. a look at the big game and what a surprise it was tonight. [ mom ] hey guys.
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we have more information tonight on the man wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping in los gatos. police released this sketch tonight. the man is described as
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hispanic, mid 40s, clean-shaven, 5'6" with a stocky build. he was last seen driving a small four-door station wagon, faded dark brown with spots where paint had flaked off. the man allegedly tried to kidnap a 17-year-old girl. it happened last sunday afternoon as the girl says she walked on lark avenue east of winchester. the girl says she punched him in the face and kicked him. he got back in his car and drove away. if you have information, call los gatos police. in oakland, hundreds of families stood in line for a free thanksgiving dinner tonight. members of the black officers association were on hand to give out free thanksgiving dinners to those in need. oakland vice mayor brooks and sports agent aaron goodwinning orred the event for the fourth year in a row. today nbc bay area employees spread out across the bay area to help collect food for those in need as well. we made it to about 100 safe way stores. raj mathai and janelle wang were in menlo park.
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jessica aguirre in pleasanton. rob mayeda in danville. nbc bay area is partnering with safe way stores and bay area food banks for the drive and together we collected more than 18,000 bags. there's rob. this year safe way made it simple to help out with prepacked bags available for purchase for $10. the bags have $16 worth of food in them so that's a great deal from safe way as well. coming up next at 11:00, why one of apple's founders was picking up merchandise at google headquarters. plus, what a game at stanford tonight. everyone predicted a blowout but that is not at all what happened. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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welcome back. big night, 114th big game, stanford was a big-time favorite over cal. cal didn't worry approximate that. the bears came to fight. let's get the highlights. the ax, cardinal won last year in a 48-14 thrashing. first quarter. montgomery gets the handoff on the reverse. see ya. guy's got good speed. 34 yards for the td. 7-0 stanford. later in the first. now 7-3. cardinal andrew luck looking for montgomery. picked off by steve williams. and look at him run. this is returned for a touchdown. hold your horses. two flags on cal would bring the ball back to the stanford 19 yard line. luck clearly upset on the sidelines. however, after the interception,
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maynard to allen. go ahead and give it to him. cal up 10-7. third quarter, one-point game, four-yard touchdown. 21-13 stanford. and then luck to ryan hewitt. hewitt with the clear pass to the end zone. his staff decides to run over d.j. campbell. fourth quarter, cal making a game of it. maynard rolls out, finds spencer haggan for the two-yard td. late fourth quarter. anderson runs it in to make it 31-28. onside kick. not going to happen. the kick is fielded. stanford wins 31-28 is your final. so they are taking that ax right back to the farm. also we have a crazy week. college football. four top ten schools lose this week opening up a huge, huge
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heisman race in the bcs standings. also great battles at the pavilion. silva knocked out lee in the second round. dan henderson defeated shogun hula by unanimous decision in a 25-minute brawl that's being called one of the best fights in ufc history. all four fighters were taken to the hospital tonight. they're expected to be okay. put boy there was some great action in san jose tonight. that will do it. you know, diane, what's wrong with the cal bears? this time. they have played good. were you crying tonight? >> i have to say i was expecting such a blowout i thought the bears did very well. it would have been nice to see them win. but they gave stanford a run for their money. >> in other words, you're lost for words and making excuses. is that correct? >> exactly. >> i know what you're doing. >> i'm trying to get over it.
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thank you, henry. some ski resorts are opening earlier than usual, just in time for thanksgiving. i'm trying to put cal behind me. heavenly and north door opened yet. borealis last week. heavenly is open every day until 4:00. north star is open with a bunch of new features and trails and skiers are happy. >> i woke up at 4:00 and said, i'm not going to go. i woke up at 5:00 and said, i'm going, and i was up here at 9:00. >> i'm really excited. >> squaw is due to open this wednesday. we've got rob myette theres more snow coming. >> it's 39 degrees so snow levels in the north bay tonight could get close to 2,500 feet. 40s ask 50s outside. the wind is picking up, a sign
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the cold front is just about here. southeast wind at 20 in oakland. southeast wind at 22 in napa. tonight, rain at times. most of the heavy rain has pushed into the south bay. we'll see scattered showers as we roll into your sunday forecast. it looks like those showers, the update will be for the forecast, may linger especially around the south bay tomorrow afternoon. right now, san how south. a pretty good downpour. you can see the orange and red there. showers cupertino into san jose. lessening up dublin and livermore. san leandro and hayward heavy cells there. heading to the east, san francisco northward to the north bay. the cold front is just about to sweep through. we're now seeing scattered showers. offshore you can see more moisture out here and the spotty clouds offshore indicating chilly air aloft which is going to power up more showers tomorrow. freezing levels, chances are some of that rain could be small hail so look out.
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tomorrow morning the trend, looks like it's going to shift toward the south bay. during the afternoon, notice what happens. the cold low passes just to our south. we'll see more showers heading up and things drying out toward sunday evening. rain totals to the hills, 1 to 2 inches in the higher elevations, .5 inches aless around the rest of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. for the morning we'll be watching mt. hamilton or diablo could have a testing of snow. toward lunchtime you'll see those temperatures having a tough time getting out of the low 50s. we'll get sunny breaks tomorrow. more so for the north bay. a cool finish to the weekend. by the evening we should be drying out. first half of the week does look fairly dry. wednesday night into thanksgiving thursday, not the best time, rain coming in. another foot or two of snow for the sierra, so resorts will be happy. >> we have a family soccer match on thanksgiving. it's going to be muddy? >> it might be.
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>> kids versus the grown-ups. thanks, rob. coming up, a free five-course meal at the iwani? plus an apple founder with a google phone? we'll tell you the story behind these pictures of steve wozniak at google headquarters. what the heck is an ultra marathon? it's nearly four marathons back to back all on the same day. we'll show you a young man w asthma who is conconquering plenty. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. rob high yesterday de
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to finish a marathon is a great accomplishment. imagine what it must feel like to finish an ultra marathon, 100 miles at once, running. lawrence scott introduces us to a south bay teenager who does it all with asthma. >> reporter: when it comes to avid runners, active marathoners are a serious breed. ultra marathons, which can be 100-mile treks that require a
11:25 pm
full day to complete, bring out the first of all dedicated. you don't find too many teens with a level of commitment it takes to train and complete such an intense challenge. >> once you start pushing to that distance, it's more about the mental battle touring the race. and less about the training that you've done beforehand. >> reporter: as a child, saratoga's singh battled with asthma that kept him from running sprints. he became focused on long distance. over the cost of the past few years he went from running a half marathon to a full 100-mile race this past summer. in the process, he became just the second person in the u.s. under 16 to complete an ultra marathon wind the 30-hour time limit. >> the reason that not many people do it at such a young age is because it's -- it has a lot to do with avoiding gratification. there's a lot of prolonged grat any case involved. it's not like a cross country race, which too is incredibly
11:26 pm
hard. but you know after 20 minutes you'll finish and have beaten your record. here it's different. >> reporter: his mother anu, also an ultra marathoner, knows exactly what it takes to achieve at such a high level. >> i've been completely in awe of him. primarily because of the fact that it does -- in itself 100 miles is great. but at that age to be able to have the tenacity, the determination. the ability to stick to something for so long. to be able to pick yourself up time and again and continue. >> when you get to 100 miles, let's say, you don't know what's going to come up. for me at mile 60 my ankle got badly hurt. there are times i'm on an emotional roller coaster and a physiological roller coaster too. it's a lot about being in the moment and really taking on every challenge that comes at you and dealing with that individually. >> reporter: in the process of conquering the ultra marathon, he's focused on a charitable aspect to his running, helping raise thousands of dollars in
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scholarship money for other students. lawrence scott, nbc bay area sports. >> i can't even imagine. this weekend in search of my deals i'm going very high-end to the iwani hotel for one deal and a two for one at starbucks for the other. first to the iwani in yosemite. the 30th anniversary of the vintner's holiday series. a free five-course meal at the hotel plus free wine from some of the top winemakers in california. the catch? you have to stay at least two nights at the hotel and that is not free. the deal is good until december 8th. if you're not up for the drive, here's another one to get you in the spirit. starbucks is offering two for one on holiday coffees tomorrow from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. follow me on twitte twitter @dianedwyernbc. stove wozniak was spotted at google headquarters pickingp his very own android smartphone
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galaxy nexus yesterday. he was invited to pick up the device from the mountain view campus after tweeting he was looking for the smartphone at best buy.
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and now a message from the committee to elect mitt romney. [ applause ]


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