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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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did police go too far? video of a protest is sparking outrage as campus officers are caught on tape spraying mace on a group of protesters who appear to be doing nothing wrong. the university's response coming up. and five months after being released from jail. the former guard officer who shot and killed graham goes on trial again. the charges he faces. and we give you a live look outside this morning. it is monday, november 21st. this is "today in the bay."
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very good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia garcia- >> we have showers but they are north. we're getting a nice dry break in the bay area. that break will last all the way through wednesday. we have more on the way. we'll get a lot of sunshine this afternoon. might want to dress in layers. your full forecast is coming up in moments. first let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll take you out where there was an overnight accident. that could be an issue as folks go down to 580. i'll show you where there's
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another issue with a tree down coming up. two police officers are now on paid administrative leave after video surfaced showing them using pepper spray at very close range. the accident happened on friday. the president of the uc system says he is appalled and announced there will be a review of police procedures at all ten campuses. this is on the heels of them using batons. occupy oakland's cam appears as quickly as it popped up. that was around 8:00 yesterday morning after giving campers a 20-minute warning to leave the area. police say there were no arrests and there were no injuries.
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the new camp was set up saturday after more than 1,000 pushed down a chain link fence surrounding a vacant city owned lot that set up the camp. across the bay, san francisco police and public worker employees clearing tents for the sidewalk in front of the federal reserve building on market street on saturday night. >> this morning investigators are working to track down the vandals who left their mark at several banks over the weekend. >> good morning. it looks like the signs were scraped off. apparently we are anonymous was posted here, too, at several banks in contra costa county,
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including the chase bank in the same strip mall parking lot where we are here at oak grove and walnut creek. there's also washable paint out here splattered all over as well. similar story at the u.s. bank. so far no word on any arrest. we have calls to the police department. as soon as we hear anything from them we'll let you know what they have to say. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. the man suspected of killing a vallejo police officer during a chase is expected in court this afternoon. henry albert smith is accused of gunning down officers james capoot. smith is expected of robbing a bank the same day.
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very clear to see he certainly had an impact in his community. the father of five joined the vallejo police department in 1992 after serving as a marine. he also found time to coach the women's basketball team at the vallejo high school. those who knew him called him a role model. >> he taught all of us to never give up and keep pursuing on our goals and our dreams and to charge on. >> they did not attend a vigil, but released a statement thanking the community for their support. it is 4:35 now. the former bart police officer who fatally shot an unarmed man
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in 2009 goes on trial again today, accused in another case of alleged police abuse. jury selection is set to begin in a civil lawsuit against he and four other transit police officers. the oakland resident bringing the lawsuit claims he and other officers kicked, punched and hog tied him during an incident three years ago. he was released from jail in june. he's expected to testify during the trial. 4:36 right now. three leaders go on trial accused of genocide and other crimes. yesterday a memorial service was held to give survivors and victims a chance to remember their loved ones before the trial.
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some survivors fled the country and came here to the bay area. they're now back in cambodia with their lawyers to testify in the case. >> we can question the defendant. we can question key witnesses. . then at the end if the defendants are found guilty, then it's our responsible to seek what's known as reparations on behalf of our cleans. >> the survivors do not want their stories forgotten. the trials will be conducted separately in order to expedite the legal process. but experts say the case could take three weeks to complete. >> it sauls looks better when you know there's a cease at the end of the week. a lot of people have an abbreviated workweek. we'll see nice weather for the first part of the week.
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then the rain rolls back in on wednesday. we'll time that out for you this a moment. 43 in sunnyvale. no 30s to report. grab a jacket. you'll probably want to dress in layers. temperatures end up in the 60s. as you can see we have the fog out there. whenever we pick up a significant amount of moisture. high pressure moves in. throughout the inland valleys in the napa valley. that's where we expect the densest fog. overall. looking good so far. we timed out the front for you. our next rain event arrives at 3:00 p.m. on wednesday. if you want to make travel plans and get out of town early, we continue to time this out for you. i have your seven-day outlook coming up.
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overnight construction never happened for the ra roadways. but much further south we have a tree down across 52 making your way from 101 across. highway 129 is your alternate west of 101. got a live look at oakland. we see a nice flow of traffic. construction crew in the middle of the new renovating bridge. no delays into downtown. back to you. thank you very much, mike. >> great weekend for the gear heads and auto freaks. a lot of traffic in weekend in san francisco. >> pretty cool. say hello to modern luxury and exotic cars. there was really something to please everyone.
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organizers say it's the largest show of its kind held in northern california. >> this is the first opportunity the bay area residents have to see and compare all the 2012 models and vehicles. so you can narrow your choices by looking at all the cars. consumes no gas for the first 60 miles. a few lucky people got to test drive a few of the models out there, too. just for the record. that was a drop top. >> a lot of people heading out of town to visit family for the thanksgiving holiday. >> before you head to the airport we have tips for the experts to make sure you don't get dinged with extra fees. >> plus, deal or no deal.
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the debt super committee in washington says they won't make the deadline to agree on massive budget cuts. what happens today is coming up. and more information today in the child sex abuse investigation at penn state. we'll have an update up next. and we give you a live look at san jose. . i love teaming with the best
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s. good monday morning, everybody. welcome back. you have a little traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> on a monday morning. today we'll hear from a special committee investigating the child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. this is one of the three looking into the actions surrounding the scandal involving former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky, who is at the center of the case. a terror suspect is behind bars in new york city accused of plotting to bomb police post offices and u.s. military forces. this is what police say the suspect was trying to pull off. . new york city released this to show the effects of a bomb they say is similar to the one built by 27-year-old jose pinmental.
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he's a u.s. suspect from the dominican republic. he just finished a bomb when pligs arrested him. the deadline is wednesday, just three days away from the congressional supercommittee to agree on a plan to cut the national budget by $1.2 trillion. at this point it does not look like it's going to happen. committee members making the rounds on sunday talk shows. both republicans and democrats accusing the other side, of course, of not compromising. to reach a deal would trigger across the board cuts. that news could set the tone for a rough week on wall street. good morning, jackie. >> good morning to you. futures now are lower as investors are getting the first chance to react to the likelihood that the congressional super committee will announce they failed to strike a deal to cut the deficit. the ongoing debt issues in europe also lingering concern,
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and we've got china's vice premier saying he sees a long recession in the future. we're going to get a ton of data including reports of unemployment, durable goods, consumer sentiment. this morning we get existing home sale number, so look for those. the dow is up on friday to 11,796. that's due to a weak economy. fewer daylight hours. oon lists saying consumers expand drivers. in fran gas is averaging $3.84 a gallon.
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users have taken to blackberry support sites and forums complaining the bold 9900 and the 9930 phones simply died for no reason they are working on a software update to resolve the issue. we'll see. back to you. >> thank you very much for the updat update. >> got to get updated on the forecast. >> it was a wet weekend. a lot of rain came down overnight, which was good if you needed to get outdoors. today we'll see sunshine for the second half of your day. the first part of wednesday. then there's more rain on the wane. just in time for the busiest time of the year. thanksgiving it looks like we'll see a few showers as well. a couple of 30s out there.
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mild up here this morning. you have three quarters of a mile visibility. we're expecting the numbers to continuously fall as high pressure builds back in. you can see that ridging taking place here on your satellite imagery. another front brings rainfall for the second half of your wednesday. 61 for today in los gatos. 56 in redwood city. this is wednesday. you can see the front on the way. there's deep moisture here. this is expected to move on shore in the north baby 3:00 p. probably want to take care of
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those before the big day. rain showers subside the day after thanksgiving. if you're traveling home, things should be good then. 62 on saturday. 60 and a few more clouds on sunday. back to you guys. >> thanks, christina. no doubt airports will be crowded this week. >> if you've flown you know how tough it can be. if you and your fame can't avoid the fees for too many bags, it is easy to avoid the fee for overweight baggage. just weigh them carefully beforehand. >> get yourself to a scale where you can weigh how much your bag weighs. because overweight bags translate to dollars if r the airlines they're going to be strict. >> and some credit card offer perks like waiving luggage fees. don't travel carry-on when you're traling with young kids.
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>> come to us. >> a woman that knows. going to sleep out anyway. why they're throwing a pj party after police cleared out their camp last week. >> a pj party. plus a stolen picasso party returns to the rightful home as the thooef is sentenced in court. and a picture perfect drive for highway 24 through the caldecott to caldecott to the bay bridge. i'll give you an update coming up.
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he faces additional charges in new york city. lugo is expected to be sentenced to 16 months in state prison when he goes to court today. meantime, the picasso drawing that he stole will be returned home today. it will be rehung on the wall in san francisco this morning. a special ceremony will be set up at 11:00 a.m. experts estimate it's worth
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$275,000. >> occupy cal is throwing ing i pajama party. administrators say they don't want students setting up tents on campus. they are encouraging protesters to wear pajamas tonight. >> make sure you have hoodies on there. let's check your traffic right now. mike inouye here for your early commute. >> that's right. there's still a lot of activity to talk about. one accident i've been following here is at vasco road. that's cleared from the roadway. you should have a smooth drive towards 580. 580 itself with no delays from livermore and through the tri valley. let's get a look at san mateo. an easy smooth commute
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westbound. hollywood is trying to figure out who would play steve jobs. george clooney and noah wylie are both in the running. >> he took our stuff, bill. >> i believe you. >> there may be some similarities. they are due to start this year. they are looking for a screen writer. apparently he wants the guy who wrote "the social network." >> i saw him in that. he was outstanding. if you're looking for a pet as a gift, head to macy's at
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union square. >> they are partnering with macy's once again with adoptable puppies and kittens in the window display. the adoption center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. they will be available for adoption until new year's day. get on down there. the window displays was one of the top ten places to press your nose against the glass. very cool. speaking of holidays. pier 39 kicking off the holiday season. janelle wang with the tree lighting ceremony. this year the tree has a multicultural twist to commemorate christmas, hanukkah and kwanzaa. >> we have a lot more coming up
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on kw"today in the bay." the occupy movement is on the move. and back in court, the former bart officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter is now on trial for a different crime. >> and check us out on facebook. just search nbc bay area.
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new morning, the man convicted of the shooting death is on trial for another alleged bart incident. i'll explain what he's accused of doing this time coming up. and vandals upset withbacks have sprawled messages on three of them. i'll show you what theyai


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