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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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nbc may area's jodi hernandez joins us near his family's home where friend and neighbors and people he didn't even know are gathering to offer their condolences. >> reporter: the news of josh's death has really hurt and they have come out tonight in support to do what they can to comfort his family. hundreds of people lined the streets of the home of fallen marine josh. today his parents and three brothers returned home frand hi body was returned home to the u.s. >> a beautiful character and loving guy and lucky to have known him. his family is awesome. >>in friends and neighbors wanted the family to know how much they are hurting and how
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much they care. >> i think anyone who has a child can't imagine what it would be like to lose one, so it's horrible. it's a very, very sad day. >> he knew a lot of people, and the a lot of people knew them so it's just hard for everyone. >> reporter: his best friend joined the marines together and dreamed of becoming police officers. >> have everyone's back and protect them, and so he died doing what he loved. >> reporter: his parents were clearly touched by their community's show of support. they say they couldn't be more grateful. >> thank you so much, truly overwhelming. >> reporter: just means a lot to you guys. >> it does. >> we know with all of you here how much josh reached out and touched all of you, and we can't say enough about the support that we've gotten, so we just
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want to say thank you very much. >> reporter: a very emotional afternoon, and -- and friends and relatives are still walking down leaving the family house. they have quite a crowd over there comforting them tonight. now tomorrow night a candlelight vigil will be held here in danville at 6:00. that will take place at the roque hill park here in danville. it's unclear when corral's body will be returned to danville, but we understand a memorial will not take place until after thanksgiving. reporting live in danville, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> our condolences go out to his mother and father. a man accused of killing a police officer made his first court appearance today. 37-year-old henry smith of fairfield did not entry plea on that murder charge. the officer was shot last thursday afternoon while allegedly chasing smith after a bank robbery. today in court though, smith kept his head down as his family and friends looked on. now he's charged with the murder
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and a number of special circumstance allegations. he'll be back in court to enter his plea november 29th. the art thief who walked out of a union square art gallery with a picasso under his arm has done his time here, so now he's on his way to new york to face a slew of similar charges. 31-year-old mark lugo pled guilty to stealing picasso's "tete du femme" and when an authority searched his apartment in new jersey they found a mini museum worth of stolen art. lugo is suspected of lifting it from 11 manhattan galleries and hotels. the san francisco drawing is now back up on the wall but on lockdown. despite being damaged, gallery officials say it has doubled in price since that thievery. >> between 2007 and 2008 duane
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wi le s was accused of falsifying data on projects on alameda county, riverside county and los angeles. he was recently fired from his position. prosecutors didn't fire any charges due to a lack of federal interest. caltrans will release documents about this before a hearing schedule for tomorrow. agency officials say wilds is not suspected of falsifying tests on the new bay bridge, a project he also worked on. in the south bay they have been around for generations, and now they are causing headaches for a lot of people, termites. the orchards that once decorated the landscape are coming back to haunt some of the homeowners. we bring in damion trujillo who joins us from snell avenue in san skroes where one of the last pieces of farmland remains. we both grew up around here, all cherry orchards. what's happening right now? >> reporter: a big problem, raj. this orchard behind me will become a county park. as you know, the fruits that these trees gave out here in the
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valley were used to feed the military over at the prosiddio of monterey. the problem now is what these orchards left behind. there's a reason they call ts a vale of heart's delight. a region that saw the fall colors and spring blossoms. >> two-story house in the back of an orchard. >> reporter: dave cortez remembers running through the fruit trees, his family owning hundreds of acres. >> to put it in perspective, 100 acres of trees, and apricot trees would be about 10,000 trees just on 100 acres. >> reporter: now those trees are stumping a lot of homeowners in the valley. >> what he's trying to do is get underneath this stuckle berry and get as close down so we can get the chemical under the footer. >> reporter: fields are filled with subterranean termites that have eaten through the roots of the old trees, and guess where they have headed? >> once they are done eating the
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root system or there's no more root system there they can make tunnels, and they go right up your foundational wall from the ground and get to your wood underneath the structure. >> reporter: several exterminators tell us that most wood homes that sit on former orchards are susceptible. we located this swarm of termites in the milipitas neighborhood where crews were treating it with chemicals. >> the best defense can you do is getting your house inspected on a regular basis about every three years. >> reporter: untreated, larry bragg says the termites can literally eat away a home. this is what's left of the cortese farms, a few machines and other remnants of the valley's agricultural past, a past that for many is now hitting close to home. >> there are no known studies linking these old orchards with the termites and the homes that now sit on top of those old orchards, but at least three different exterminators here in
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the now silicon valley tell me they see the evidence and they are getting more business. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> a life sentence for the valeo teenager accused in last year's hoe-profile shooting of an ice cream truck driver. they were stunned by the violent act that nearly took the life of a mother of three last year. surveillance video helped lead police to the gunman who was then 13 years old, peter montenegro. he's 17 now and pled guilty to a charge of will fful attempt at murder. how did an elderly man out for an evening walk with his grandchild end up dead? police are hoping that you know. the two were hit around 6:30 friday night on teal drive in santa claara. police say a woman driving a chevy van crashed into the man and his 2-year-old grandchild when they were near an
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elementary school. the grandfather died. the 2-year-old was injured. the driver has not been charged, but now police want to hear from anyone who may have seen what happened or tell them -- or can tell them where the pedestrians were when they were hit by the car. >> san francisco police officers, along with good mayor tans charged into an inferno early this morning to pull an unconscious driver from his burning car the this was the scene. take a look. flames leaping into the sky just after 1:00 this morning on fullsom near 13th in the south of market neighborhood. police say the driver rammed into a light post. a cab driver, several witnesses and officers worked together to pull the man out. even using a street sign to break open the car window and pull him to safety. the driver is being treated at san francisco general and will be booked on dui charges. this holiday season the demand for food, clothing and other resources is higher than ever. an estimated 300,000 bay area families need help, but agencies offering support say their
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budgets are shrinking. it's a familiar theme. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us at sacred heart community service and what's the impact there and really across the bay area? >> reporter: well, the impact is huge, raj. more than 1,000 families showed up today to get a box of food and a tirk, and there are more than 3,000 other families who want the same thing, and sacred heart is running out of turkeys. >> this long line speaks volumes about the need in silicon valley. these families are waiting for food boxes at sacred heart community service. inside each 60-pound box, enough food to beat a family of four for a week. for anna it means her children won't go to bed hungry. >> i'm not working right now. i don't have a good job. >> 38. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: for many of the clients here, it's the first time they have needed to ask for help. >> they became homeless this year so it really, you know --
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it's very helpful. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: sacred heart plans to hand out 4,000 boxes of the food. 400 more than last thanksgiving. >> we're actually seeing staggering numbers of folks that continue to come through the doors. a few years ago we were seeing 35,000 people that came to sacred heart, and this past year we surpassed 57,000, and the numbers have been re11thless. >> reporter: while demand is growing, non-profit budgets are shrinking. sacred heart has lost $1 million in funding. many non-profits are feeling the same pain, including the health trust meals on wheels program. >> we've lost well over $100,000 in our meals on wheels annual operating budget at the start of this fiscal year and that's resulted right now. we're serving more than 100 less people than we did a year ago this time. >> reporter: that means homebound seniors won't get a hot meal delivered to them on thanksgiving day. so for now volunteers scramble
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and people in need wait in line, hoping they can get what they came for before the money and food runs out. volunteers are working here late tonight to prepare for tomorrow where once again they will hand out 1,000 food boxes, and they will do the same again on wednesday. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. still ahead at 6:00. facing the criticism head on. the chancellor shows up as a massive rally over police officer use of pepper spray. >> i'm scott budman and a new report released today over hackers are targeting your mobile phones and tablets. coming up, which ones are most vulnerable and how you can protect yourself. and a first for the bay area, a new technology making your first trip to the dmv a whole lot earlier. >> good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, a gold and dry start for us.
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topped16utt a int san jose and 57 in san francisco and tracking more rain off to the north. we'll have the late on the storm for your holiday in a few minutes and detailsonight. iw l.
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it's been a rough day on wall street. a lot of people losing money. most likely your 401(k) and other accounts took a hit. after blaming europe for months, tonight many say it's washington's fault. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us. scott, that supercommittee taking the heat for this one. no longer is it italy and greece but right here in our own backyard. >> congress not so super after all and with no debt deal in place investors took out their anger on the stock market which tumbled for the fourth straight day. the maj major indexes down by about 2%. lots of people watching hp stock after hours tonight. the palo alto company reporting earnings for the first time
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since new ceo meg whitman took over. net income down 91% for the quarter, largely because of layoffs. hp shares down slightly after hours. lots of selling of linkedin stock today. it was the first day employees could unload some of their shares since the company went public. that is a lot of potential buying power unleashed. linkedin shares falling by about 3%, and speaking of spending money. two big silicon valley deals went down today. san jose's ebay bought recommendation websites hunch for $80 million. foster city-based gilad sciences spent nearly 11 billion to buy pharm assets which targets hepatitis. there's a new target of viruses. here's why your phone is vulnerable and what you can do about it. >> this is a story about our phones. they are computers that really fit into our hands, pockets or purses. they are powerful, convenient and like all computers they are
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susceptible to viruses. >> the threat across the platforms, but we don't think about what when we think of our phones. >> reporter: mcafee released a study claiming mobile viruses and hacks are at an all-time hey with android power phones targeted the most. because while we love our portable e-mail and angry bird apps, we're not as protective of our phones and tablets. >> and somebody created a free version which was louded with malware so you download it and go through the install process. you don't think anything about that and sure enough it's sending out information from your phone. >> private information like where you live and where you bank, your banking account numbers and who your contact and friends are, how to protect yourself, use common sense. watch your apps and don't click on anything too good to be true. >> we've seen a lot of scams,
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click here to donate money. that's one where they want to tell you your heart strings, right? click this link to donate $10 to whatever, right? you have to make sure the lengths you're going to are legitimate links. >> reporter: scammers want to reach out and touch you, but be careful. the data you save may be your own. >> one reason android phones are being targeted more than say iphones, the android app store is more open than apple's app store which makes it easier for app developers but it also makes it easier for hackers. >> of course it does. okay, thank you, scott. california taxpayers are getting ripped off to the tune of $250 million a year from unemployment fraud. the edd says raft year overpayments and fraud cases skyrocketed from 88 million to more than 250 million. they blame the problem on the increase in unemployment claims over the last three years. demand for benefits jumped 150% and the agency says processing that many more claims does increase the likelihood of
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fraud. at the same time though, prosecution and fraud has actually declined in the last three years. the department says that's because they only have enough resources to go after the worst offenders. well, if you're civic all the potholes and bad roads in alameda county, guess what? transportation leaders will ask you to open up your wallet to fix it. the transportation commission wants to ask voters to double the county's sales tax from half a cent to one cent come november. the money with go to fix roads, expend public transit and help extend the b.a.r.t. extension to livermore. if the proposal passes, alameda would become the second county in the state behind l.a. to charge a one-cent tax specifically for transportation. that ballot measure would make the tax permanent. >> customer service at the dmv. the agency is trying to roll out self-serve kiosks similar to what you see in the airport. the oakland coliseum kiosk
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features a large screen. however, the key yosks only deal with limited transactions but include vehicle registration cards and tags. it might be some time before other bay area offices get these machines. >> first we had the storm and then came the sunshine, a glorious day outside. meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. always so beautiful after the rain is gone. >> really is. crisp blue skies but we'll be getting in on another storm system as we head in for a holiday week. more changes to come our way. indication here with showers. well off near eureka but for us it's dry as the radar scans. of course, details on the changes here coming up. today it was cold for us. it was clear, and, well, for others up in the north bay, it was also cloudy. 59 in santa rosa and 60 in los scatos and temperatures in the low 60s today. let's bring you outside and look at this. embarcadero plaza, now up on the buildings, a sign of the holidays around here.
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59 in the city and winds southwest at five miles per hour. numbers right now already dropping into the 40s here in the north bay with napa at 46 so we'll likely have isolated 30s up here into the north bay for tonight. fairly light winds right now. anywhere from five to ten miles per hour and when we zoom out what we'll find is showers off to the north. basically the storm track is just riding right across eureka. we're on the dry edge of that storm track, but we are talking about more dramatic changes this week. a developing storm system out here will eventually be producing rainfall here for the bay area. we could see another quarter to half an inch as we head throughout our holiday forecast, so coming up we'll have more on the timing of this system. now let's get you our numbers as we start off tomorrow morning. 45 in napa and 40 in fairfield. 46 in navarro with potential isolated 40s. 45 in sunnyvale. throughout 11:00 a.m., temperatures generally in the mid-50s. doing any traveling, maybe
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you're starting off the holiday a little bit early, expect possibly some delays tonight in chicago, st. louis and dallas with stronger weather moving through, so we'll have the timing on this next storm system in just a little bit, guys. >> thanks, jeff. >> still ahead here. details of a new case involving the former b.a.r.t. police officer heads back to court. >> an ongoing price war that will leave one delicacy missing from many thanksgiving tables here in the bay area. >> and the changes a majority of californians want in the classroom and how it could impact teachers. back in two.or ♪
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♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now, get a safeway frozen turkey up to 12 lbs, for just $5 each. cook your thanksgiving turkey perfectly with our free chef assistant app.
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it's foolproof. safeway. ingredients for life. >> some state assembly members are on the hot seat tonight over travel expenses for the personal aides. an investigation by the sacramento bee shows nearly 75% of committee travel money spent from december through july were for airfare for personal aides this. contradicts what the assembly states in its annual expenditure report that committee travel
6:24 pm
funds are used primarily for hearings to serve the public. >> the money is not that much. it's the principle of the thing. why are they flying staffers all over the state to do these things and one group of staffers they flew them for a staff retreat? what is a staff retreat and why can't they do that at a hotel in sacramento? >>the total expense is for the eight-month period was 67,000, and none of these expense accounts mentioned were for public hearings. >> fed up with budget cuts. many californians say they are willing to pay more taxes to help with school funding. at least that's according to a new poll by the "l.a. times" and usc which shows a majority of californians think that public schools are in bad shape. they blame funding shortages, wasteful spending on administration and lots of bureaucratic barriers to innovation and reform. some of the other key findings, 58% of those surveyed believe the quality of public schools would be improved if the public had access to teacher reviews. a majority also believed test scores should account for 30% of the teacher's evaluation.
6:25 pm
23% say it wouldn't help or could even make things worse. now other recent education polls show californians think education in the state is declining, most californians still say they are not willing to pay more taxes. >> a new academic record for stanford university. for the first time the school has five current students or recent graduates who have been named rhodes scholars. that's the most students stanford has ever sent over to oxford, england, at one point. each will stud they for two or three years entering the program next october. each scholarship is valued at about $50,000 per year. 32 u.s. students were chosen this year, and the program typically selects 80 per year from around the world. >> in san francisco muni plans to streamline its mission district bus line come late january. it's an effort to improve service to its 14th mission and 14 mission limited lines which means they will soon roll out a number of changes. transit service plans to crack down on parking violations along bus routes and install
6:26 pm
front-facing cameras to make sure they see the drivers that are breaking the law. the changes also include extending the 14 mission limited runs to the daily b.a.r.t. stations during the morning and afternoon rush hour. >> it has been a busy monday. still ahead here at 6:00, new developments involving the penn state investigation, and tensions continue to rise in egypt. nbc bay area's janel wang will have a look at stories making international headlines. >> plus, rattled nerves in san druno as pg & e prepares to test pipelines. we'll tell you the new concern that forced pg & e to put that testing on hold. >> and i'm chris sanchez in the newsroom. how the uc chancellor was received by thousands of usudents who decrie tta bru olih sa is the brutality of the campus police. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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>> they are chanting resign. hundreds of uc davis students lending their voices to one cause calling for the resignation of their chancellor. the usually quiet college town is now making national headlines. >> and the chancellor at uc davis is under fire after campus police pepper sprayed the students during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest on friday. nbc bay area's chris sanchez joins us from the newsroom with what could be next for the chancellor and uc davis. >> the president of the entire uc system says he's appalled by that use of force on the uc davis campus and the chancellor herself is apologizing herself to the students, but that is not quieting their calls for her resignation. >> a sea of students, faculty and staff listened to what chancellor linda katehi had to say about this, uc campus police pepper spraying about a dozen protesters who peacefully defied the order who ordered them to pack up and leave.
6:30 pm
>> we've them on friday. >> i'm just telling you, i don't want to be the chancellor of a university that we had on friday. >> though chance lar katehi says what happened on friday warrants an apology she's not offering one in the form of a resignat n resignation. instead she's offering an invitation. >> i hope that i will have a better opportunity to do -- to work with you and to meet you and to get to know you. >> and -- and there will be many opportunities in the next few weeks to do that. >> students used their voices today to convey their disapproval for the chancellor. >> others are taking their message to youtube. listen to this video posted on the site. >> the protesters use their silence to send a message to the chancellor this weekend as katehi walked to her car after a meeting with campus police. >> as she listened to the
6:31 pm
student accounts, katehi's expressions speak volumes. >> i couldn't see anything. this is not right. this is not okay. we are just -- we were just kids. we're just kids. >> just today chancellor katehi and the other nine uc chancellors had a teleconference with president mark udolf who said of the pepper spray incident at uc davis and the baton beatings at uc berkeley before that, we cannot let this happen again. he's ordered a review of university protocol and has the backing of the uc board of regents as well. >> i'm chris sanchez, back to you. >> the story will follow. >> for the first time in weeks there are no protesters occupying oakland park. police cleared out the last remaining encampment at oakland's snow park this morning. there were about 100 protesters at the camp and we went peacefully because we did leave behind 20 truckloads of debris and garbage. the former police officer convicted of killing oscar grant will be back in court.
6:32 pm
this time though testifying in a civil trial involving another b.a.r.t. rider. he's expected to testify in the case brought by 43-year-old kenneth carruthers of oakland who claims he was beaten by mehserle and furr other b.a.r.t. officers in november 2008, weeks before the oscar grant shooting. mehserle is expected to testify he was acting to protect a fellow officer at the coliseum oakland airport station. opening statements could be heard as early as tomorrow in san francisco. >> san francisco police also looking for two men after a woman was raped and robbed at a motel on lumbard street. police say two men paid to have sex with the victim after meeting her on an escort website. once they were done they left the motel. however, surveillance video shows the two still around the area for several hours before returning. police say one suspect then robbed and raped the victim at gunpoint. the men accused of sexually assaulting the woman is described as possibly half
6:33 pm
black, half hispanic man between 25 and 30 years old. he's between 5'9" and weighs 160 points. the only description of the other suspect is that he was wearing a giants baseball cap. it's an uneasy site for many residents in san bruno to see pg & e crews in their neighborhood. today after a long delay pg & e finally managed to launch a pressure test on a problematic gas pipeline. the city has spent a long year of recovery from a deadly gas explosion. here's neighbors's bay area tracy grant. >> we want our customers to not only know what they are doing but to feel comfortable with what we're doing at all. >> reporter: angelina torrence had been living down the street from a utility station for years without much concern. this is what changed things. last year's gas pipeline explosion that killed eight residents and injured dozens more, not far from where she lives in san bruno. she especially un'sy when she
6:34 pm
looked outside and sees a scene like this. setting up strength tests for a gas pipeline. >> even working on this makes me nervous they might touch something or do something accidental. that makes me nervous because we're five, six houses away from it. >> this is line 132, the same pipe hine that bursts and caused the blast. today crews worked on areas north of that fatal location, a one-mile stretch in san francisco and the pipeline on crespo road in san bruno. these pressure tests allow them to look for weaknesses on the pipeline and go in and replace them as soon as possible so they can take steps to prevent future explosions. another says he doesn't feel safe. >> yes, it does raise some concerns and some alarms. >> reporter: pg & e spokesperson says the utility's notification process is extensive, from sending out letters to holding phone calls over the weekend to warn residents that they may smell gas.
6:35 pm
>> any time they do smell, that we want our customers to give us a call so that we can send someone out to take a look and ensure that it has to do with the testing that he's doing. >> my husband called pg & e and they were not helpful as all. like really rude about coming over to the house to check stuff out. >> in san bruno, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> new tonight at 6:00, there will be no charges filed against paramedics who watched a drowning. fire fighters said they didn't enter the water because they weren't certified in land water rescue and didn't have a boat that they could maneuver in the shallow water. they did not go in because zach was suicidal and possibly violent. additional fire fighter training was recommended. since zach's death 21 alameda fire fighters have undergone training as rescue swimmers and two shallow water rescue boats
6:36 pm
have been put into service. well, they had one job and it seems they failed. the congressional supercommittee is now creating an avalanche of controversy. >> nbc bay area's janel warning is here with the national headlines and a lot of people saw this coming. it's a total mess. >> they are not very happy. the bipartisan supercommittee had the one task of cutting 1.2 trillion the next ten years but it couldn't reach an agreement. president obama said congress needs to do this job and needs to do this job and figure it out before automatic cuts take place in one year. it appears the sticking points are exactly the same. republicans refuse to talk about raising taxes on wealthy americans. democrats need to make drastic cuts to programs like social security and medicare and refused. today the president said he will veto any efforts to undo that. recent polls show congress's approval rating is at only 9%. wall street reacted sharply today with news that an reement would obably not be
6:37 pm
reached, the dow dropping 248 points. today penn state named former fbi director louie-free to head an independent investigation in a sex scandal surrounding jerry sandusky. the former football coach is accused of molesting at least eight young boys. they will see if there was any evidence of a cover-up. a young man who spent a lot of time with sandusky when he was a little boy speaks publicly. >> jerry sdusky is being portrayed as a monster but is that the jerry sreduskyan you knew? >> i didn't know that side of jerry sdusky. >> you can watch the entire interview tonight on rock center with brian williams at 10:00 p.m. >> another people's revolt in egypt. after several days of violent clashes, egypt's interim civilian government submitted its resignation today. it's the bloodiest battle since the fall of president mub mub back in february. 2,000 people hurt. more than 30 people killed around tahrir square. demonstrators want the country's interim military government to
6:38 pm
step down and act as abusively as mubarak's regime and until then clashes are likely to condition. >> so volatile. >> thank you. >> a bay area restaurant that's going the extra mile for the thanksgiving. >> plus the ongoing dispute that will leave many thanksgiving menus a little shorter this year. >> i'm chief meteorologist chef ranieri. temperatures slightly below average with san jose topping out at 6 and san francisco with 57 in oakland. oakland at 62 and for tonight it's cold in the east bay with plenty of low 40s expected. tracking more rainfall this week. details on when it arrives for us in just a few minutes.
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6:41 pm
it's a bay area thanksgiving tradition but it looks like crab may not be on many holiday tables. crabbers say they will hold out for better prices until after the holiday. they won't budge from their 250 a pound price. wholesalers are almost offering $2 a pound. many crabbers are taking the week off which means you won't find crab at the market. >> it's an unusual turf war and it's happening underwater. marine experts suspect bottlenosed dolphins are responsible for increased porpoise deaths off the shores of california including here in the bay area. a report by the national marine sanctuary suggests the six-foot long dolphins are attacking the porpoises and bodies are washing up on local shores riddled with tooth marks that match the dolphins. >> bully dolphins. >> sure are. >> my gosh. >> scarey. >> let's get to jeff ranieri. >> and let's talk about the weather and a glorious day it turned out to be after all that
6:42 pm
rain. >> really nice. starts the week. eventually we'll get some rainfall coming in for the holiday. details on the timing of this rain and when it returns. a look at san francisco right now. beautiful with the embarcadero lights right now lit up on the building. >> and coming up next from the exfin tie sports desk, why the raiders chances of winning against chicago increase dramatically on monday. plus, we look ahead to the harbaugh bowl. will the 49ers be able to gobble up a win on turkey day? [ girl ] to protect against dental problems, my dentist said use act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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a lot of people will spend the week shopping for their thanksgiving meal, but for many people the big bird just isn't in their finances. >> one walnut creek restaurant family is trying to help out. nbc bay area's joe roetso jr. shows us it's an unusual approach for feeding the masses. >> it is not a given that every table will have a turkey on it this thanksgiving, but that's in spite of the efforts of tony and his family. >> we're giving away turkeys. giving away turkeys at a restaurant. >> while their 1515 res tran and lounge in walnut creek is used to its diners leaving full, today guests were leaving 13
6:45 pm
pounds heavier. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: today the restaurant handed out 2,000 pounds of turkey to the needy. people lined up down the sidewalk for a free bird. >> it helps out a lot. especially in these economic times when people are really struggling. the turkeys came from across a bay area. a free turkey was worth the trip. >> that was disabled, and just kind of impaired and finances were really bleak, and i said, well, i see turkey. >> there were plenty of stories of people in need and how times are tough. >> it's that time of year and that time of the season, you know, and it's been tight for a lot of people. >> me included. >> real estate agent grabbed a few turkeys for clients who were losing their home. >> we've got a nice surprise for two or three families that probably weren't going to have thanksgiving and now we've got a nice turkey. >> reporter: while the stacks of frozen turkeys gave the appearance of abundance, that wasn't the case. turns out there weren't enough turkeys to meet all the needs of
6:46 pm
the charities depending on the generosity. >> it was a great year last year, and this year it looks like the donations and the need is up. >> reporter: is the restaurant owner said the giveaway was all about giving back, even if some of the recipients game back several times. >> true, some people come two or three or four times and what they do with it, there's a man up above and it's their conscience. >> reporter: dood hamm's conscience was filled with pride. it's not every day you can provide the star attractions with hundreds of thanksgiving meals. joe roetso jr., nbc bay area news. >> very nice and generous. we were part of the safeway food drive this weekend and it went great. had a wonderful time in the bay area and it was so generous. want to thank you all for your support. >> i was in menlo park and you were in pleasanton and so many people stepping up. >> a lot of people. >> definitely in the east bay.
6:47 pm
looks like we went out in your store. >> i think jessica won the prize. >> we know it was something and doing such great work. >> rainfall season, so far this year we've had some storm seasons but it hasn't been as consistent as it was last season. san francisco picking up over 2 1/2 inches and oakland close to 3 and san jose needs to catch up, just shy of 1 1/2 inches. san jose right at normal and on track in san francisco and ocalan. the storm that will be coming our way this week is definitely going to put a lot of the bay area above average when it comes to rainfall as we head throughout the holiday week. 53 in san rafael. cloud cover and nice breaks of sunshine in the east bay with most temperatures in the low 60s. right now, the radar scans around and we're finding rainfall right up here near eureka but that shower activity will be staying up there for tonight. for us it's going to be all about the cold temperatures,
6:48 pm
already starting to see numbers drop here in napa an nevada 58 and 54 in livermore and currently 55 in san jose. so it's definitely we'll even have some isolated 30s as we head throughout tomorrow morning and for tuesday we're mainly dry with the storm nearing the coastline and then ahead we have this much colder storm system and also more rainfall on the way. most of that consistent rainfall is across eureka and storm track riding pretty persistently. on the dry edge and what you'll find is this jet stream is looking more active than it has all season long. we're talking about a major dip back here, and that will allow our next storm system to move n.unfortunately the timing will not be great for this either. those traveling on the road on wednesday just before thanksgiving, we'll be looking at very slick conditions and the rain returning once again as we head throughout wednesday. up until then dry with some sun and let's take a look.
6:49 pm
we'll start to say rainfall increase late wednesday and also the intensity ramping up quite a bit. could even get into heavier pockets of rainfall for wednesday evening. once again some wet weather coming back as we head throughout wednesday and early on yourthanksgiving. low 40s expected as we head throughout tomorrow in the east bay for san jose. 43 in redwood city and 48 in san francisco and for tuesday we look to stay dry here in the south bay. little bit of cloud cover and sunshine. 16 in san jose and 58 in los gatos and up the peninsula, upper 50s to near 60 degrees from san mayato to san francisco. let's check your number here in oakland. 59 in concord and for the north bay there's just a slight chance of a shower as we head throughout tuesday with that storm track just off to the north. we'll hold off on that measurable rainfall, guys, as we
6:50 pm
head throughout wednesday night and early thursday morning and for you black friday shoppers, the weather will be clearing out for friday, saturday and sunday so perfect to get on out there and -- >> yeah, don't want the packages to get wet. >> can't do that. >> it's all about priorities. >> yeah, right. >> thanks a lot. >> let's get to sports. >> okay. we bring in our friend from our come comfort newsroom. trying to explain to jessica, john harbaugh coaches the ravens. his kid brother jim coaches the 49ers, and they are playing on thanksgiving. >> oh. >> family strife. dracha. >> now she's in it. >> this isn't your average family turkey trot, i'll tell you. this is a real nfl game. let's get it started. what's not to like about the sports landscape. especially when it comes to football. 49ers and raiders picked up big wins on sunday and are in first
6:51 pm
place so let's hope open up for the 49ers. raj was saying, they travel to baltimore. for the harbowl, jim harbaugh facing his brother john. more on the story. >> reporter: jim harbaugh understands why he and his brother john are the center of the nfl universe this week but he's not buying into the hype. >> this week my brother is just somebody we're trying to beat, and -- and, you know, doing my job, getting our -- as it relates to our team preparing for the game is first and foremost. >> he hasn't really talked about the whole idea of playing against his brother. it's a game. it's a -- it's just the next game. we're not going to take them lightly. we're going to play them and prepare, just like we're preparing for someone else. >> no mention of his brother has come up in regards to this game. to the team or to anyone, so i -- business as usual, you
6:52 pm
know. i think staying in our routine. >> it was very considerate of the nfl to, you know, reunite the brothers on thanksgiving. i think that's going to be very difficult for our team, and there's no question that we drew the short end of the straw on this one. >> reporter: though harbaugh is very open about how close he is with his brother general and says throughout his life his older brother has knocked down hurdles for him though this thursday it will be john's job to create a hurdle instead. nbc bay area. >> thanks, mindy. >> on to the raider. they forced five turnovers on sunday in their 27-21 win in minnesota. silver and black defense sacked young vikings quarterback christian ponder five times and forced him into three interceptions. this week they will face another inexperienced quarterback when the chicago bears come in. john henry smith breaks it down right now >> reporter: chances of the 6-4 raiders making it to 7-4 likely went up sunday evening when bears quarterback jay cutler broke his thumb trying to make a tackle off of a turnover.
6:53 pm
his replacement caleb haney has thrown only 14 regular season passes in three seasons as a approximate but the raiders say they are still wary. >> they are going to come in here, and i wouldn't doubt try not to miss a beat, you know. i know their philosophy, too, probably will have the next man up so no excuses or no explanation. they will go out there and execute so we have to be ready to play our "a" game. >> i'm not saying they are not going to miss a beat. jay cutler is jay cutler, a really good player but caleb haney knows how to play within their system. >> haney played last year in the nfc tournament game and he didn't play all year last year and he came right in and they picked up and they almost won that game. you just can't go in thinking that this man is going to be a big drop-off. >> one more note. coach hue jackson said he had a conversation with the league office today about all the penalties that the raiders have been receiving. he said it was a good conversation but that he doesn't
6:54 pm
expect anything really to come out of it. i'm john henry smith, nbc bay area. >> no nba season does not mean players will not play games, that's a double negative. it's reported that two warriors appear to be ready to take their talents to other countries. according to a report from tel aviv, former dough will play in israel and guard jeremy linn is considering a deal in italy. after exfin tie sports sunday on sunday night, which i hosted, i watched the history of the olympic club on nbc bay area. kudos to raj maathai. began watching it and i went to my exfin tie mobile app and recorded the show so that when i got home i was able to see the rest of it. it was really fantastic history about the history of san francisco, olympic club. have done great things for the area, and, raj, they took on sensitive topics. kudos to you and the olympic club.
6:55 pm
>> a staff effort here at nbc bay area. really a part of the san francisco and bay area history. >> really enjoyable show. >> everyone else, for a full half hour of bay area sports ,ao ge, watchn o comcast sports central tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, an empty lot in yourity, big box store may be looking to move in. supporters say they will bring jobs and low prices, but opponents argue at what cost. tonight a look inside what some are calling big box bullies. that's after an all new "rock center" right here on nbc bay area news. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> have a great night. hope to see you back here at
6:58 pm
11:00. >> bye-bye. pension reform
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