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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> apologizing some more, and getting a lot of heat. these developments are coming as she hear from students meeting with them on the uc davis campus, hearing concerns and on more than one occasion hearing for calls for her regz nation. the biggest announcement is the chancellor is requesting that all charges against any of the students who were arrested on friday be dropped. it's not in her power to do so. she's requesting those charges be dropped. she's saying that the school will step up and pay any medical expenses of any of the students who were injured or had to go see a doctor because of the results of the pepper spraying incident. another big announcement today. they're asking the head of the uc system that william bratton, one of the best known law enforcement officials in the country come in and do an investigation and report back to him in 30 days on the scenario. finally, one of the things that the chancellor may clear, she wanted to say to the students today was to explain to them exactly what her instructions
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were to the police on friday. here's what she said. >> i expliccitly directed to th chief of police violence should be avoided at all cost. it was the absolute last thing i ever wanted to happen because encampments have long been prohibited by uc policy, i directed police only to take down the tents but nothing else. my instructions were for no arrests and no police force. >> i propose, i think that several other students agree with me that we should democratically ask if we think you should resign. we should put a petition throughout the uc davis community, and i think we should decide democratically as a community if we think you should resign. does anybody else here think that's a good idea. >> as i said, it was more than one occasion that people called for her to resign. there was that young man, and a few minutes before that a woman
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stepped up claiming she had printed out a petition asking for the chancellor to step down with more than 80,000 signatures on it. that meeting continues at this hour. the students getting their chance to talk to the chancellor, and the chancellor doing what she can to defend her actions. raj. >> reporting from our newsroom, the once quiet uc davis campus now in the middle. national headlines. over to berkeley now. they lost their homes and much of their personal belongings before the holiday season. tonight long-time tenants that lived inside a century-old apartment complex next to the cal campus are speaking out saying they know what caused the blaze. nbc bay area's traci grant joins tonight in berkeley where tenants claim they claimed about the building's electrical system. >> first, let me say that the berkeley fire chief told us today that the see kwquoia apart building is so unsafe that
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firefighters haven't got in to do a physical investigation, but fwhaiven talking to witnesses and tenants. we spoke with tenants, too, today and they told us that judging from the daily ongoing electrical problems they have to deal with, they believe that the wiring was the cause of the fire. >> we actually did see all the fire gushing out of our living room and kitchen and everything. >> reporter: he came home friday night just in time to watch his home sxaul of his belongings go up in flames. the fire started at the sequoia apartment building before 9:00 p.m. and raged on for hours. >> the next morning we wake up. we're wearing all that we own, and just trying to figure out what to do next. how do you build that life back again? >> reporter: berkeley city officials aren't sure if all 60 tenants made it out safely. they say so far they haven't received any missing persons reports. pryor says a structural engineer deemed the building unsafe, and no one including fire
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investigators is allowed to enter. they say the building may be demolished immediately, but some taenlts want a thorough investigation first because they believe the electrical system is to blame. this man lived in the building for 13 years. >> yes, there was electrical problems. i got rid of my microwave because every time i turned on the microwave, my kitchen light would flicker and so would my living room. i felt there could be a shortage here. >> reporter: he said a small claims court judge ruled it was a short circuit in a wall outlet that stair started a fire a few years ago when he plugged in his laptop. he said the owners were forced to pay a settlement. he said there were exposed wires and students have gotten stuck in the elevators. he said when tenants reported the problems they were always ignored. the property manager told us today he didn't want to talk about it. >> what needs to happen in a building 100 years old, the wires needs to be replaced. that's the bottom line.
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>> reporter: now, those tenants told thaus that there were unus things going on leading up to that fire on friday. they say someone showed up to check out the smoke alarms for the first time that they could remember, and when they left on friday morning, there was someone in the hallways doing an inspection of the building including some of the wiring. now, we tried to call the property owners, kenneth and greg ant, but we couldn't find any phone numbers. kenneth's address is listed at this on hayes street, but want tenants say he didn't actually live in the building. live in berkeley, traci grant. a 67-year-old fugitive faced a judge today after living on the run for four decades. now he could spend the next 15 years in prison. ronald bridgeforth appeared in san mateo county superior court pleading no contest to an assault on a policeman with a firearm. that happened back in 1968 when
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bridgeforth jumped bail and disappeared before sentencing in 1969. turns out bridgeforth turned himself into authorities a couple of weeks ago saying he wanted to show his grown sons he was doing the right thing. he'll be sentenced february 3rd. former b.a.r.t. police officer mehserle is at the center of the trial, but not about the new year's day killing. mehserle and four current officers are accused of using excessive force on a oakland man six weeks before he shot oscar grant on a b.a.r.t. platform. today an eight-member civil jury assembled in federal court to hear the case of a hotel engineer who says the officers kicked and punched him after he criticized them. he filed a half million dollar claim against b.a.r.t. a danville family that suffered a heart-breaking loss eight years ago cleared a major hurdle in their mission to end prescription drug abuse.
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they lors their son and daughter in 2003 when they were hit by a driver who was drunk and on prescription drugs. now bob got the go-ahead from the state to gather signatures for a measure that would temporarily tax prescription drugs sold in california chltsd the money would go toward a state database that helps doctors and pharmacies make sure they're not giving medication to someone aa history of abuse. they're functioning on a shoestring budget after several cuts. they have until mid-april to qualify the measure for the ballots. we've heard it said before. in an economic like this every single dollar counts. that's why neighbors in belmont are trash talking a proposed garbage arate hike of 22%. chris joins live from belmont city hall where there's a council meeting and they're about to here an earful on this. that's a big jump, 22%. >> reporter: it is. for most residential customers with the smallest garbage bin, a
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$3 a month hike. it doesn't sound like a lot of money, but those three bucks along with the reason for the rate hike have a lot of folks fuming. >> it's just one more thing that they want. i hate it. everybody hates it. they don't get it. >> reporter: with a 22% bar gaj rate increase on the agenda, the belmont city council should not expect a friendly audience. >> in these tough economic times, little things like that add up. so i'm not very happy about it. >> reporter: the council is under fire for good intentions gone wrong. the council wanted to encourage recycling tells residents to switch for the smallest garbage can, 20 gallons, and pay $15 a month for service. in one year 1500 customers downsized putting less trash into the landfill but also less money into the city's coffer. >> if no one switched to a smaller garbage container, everybody would have paid the same rates a year ago and we would have been asking for a 1% increase.
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>> reporter: councilman lieberman says it would have covered the contract it has with recology for 2012, but the mayor will not support a 22% rate increase and wants them to work with the city. residents and business owners are telling their council, the buck stops with you. >> a lot of problems with the city of belmont, they don't think things through. that's their problem. they do not think things through. >> they read them a bill, and now they're getting out from a bill they're running up and they failed to do anything previous. now they're stuck and have to do something now and everybody is screaming again, again? they have it to get it right in a fair way. >> now, that commercial customer wants everything to be fair. by the way, those customers who made the switch from the bigger trash can and smaller trash can, less for the environment and more to save green, they will say aifr bit of money and pay less than a year ago if that 22%
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rate hike goes into effect. the city council will gather to hear from their con sdwrinstitud to make a decision tonight in belmont city hall. it's aproven formula that will likely generate millions of dollars and thousands of jobs, but where lawrence livermore labs will set up a second campus remains a mystery. they won't decide until early next year, pushing back this month's deadline. six local east bay sites are in the running to get the project, including sites in berkeley and richmond. still ahead at 6:00, a warning for drivers. an unusual activity they might see along the peninsula. also ahead, are all the bridges in california safe? the key hearing today and why cal trans is on the hot seat. a litter of puppies abandoned in monterey county face certain deaths, but days after their rescue, another discovery. a little bit of cloud cover
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today, but nice for the bay area. 63 in san jose and 60 in san francisco. for tonight plenty of cold air into the south bay, and yes, we are tracking a storm for your holiday. we're tracking this rain and we'll let you kno where the travel trouble spots will be coming up kin just a few minut. j
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tinch tinchts. there will people on the prowl for deer next week. they're biologists who want to put radio collars on more than a dez deer to track their movements. it's a study conducted by uc davis and the department of fish and game and cal trans. the aim is to see how and where the animals move near woodside along 280 and use the data to reduce the number of collisions between deer and drivers. biologists say they may see them track the animals when they
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begin the work next week. the new bay bridge under the microscope, but hearing in sacramento this week. lawmakers want to know if it's safe after allegations that an npor falsified test results. the biggest concern is around the cement foundation on the new eastern span. they saw they falsified information on on projects in alameda, riverside and los angeles. now a senate committee is working to find out if that project is compromised and if it's the inspection process is working the way it should be. >> the worst scenario is the public is in serious risk, and then we have -- if that happen, there's a whole other scenario we have to go through. having said that, i don't want to jump to conclusions. >> the department of transportation says the structures inspected by wiles are safe including the new bay bridge. the group na overseas the
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earthquake protection wants an independent expert to review the foundation to be on the safe size. >> byob, that's the new plan in san francisco. they were the first in the kuntz to stop grocery stores from using plastic bags, and now the board of supervisors is about to vote on on discouraging the use of paper bags by mandating customers to pay 10 cents for each paper bag. the stores keep all those dimes. ultimately shoppers are supposed to be byob, bring your own bag. today's vote was postponed to next month while the city evaluates the bag fee and what the impact is on local businesses. it's not even black friday, but shoppers take advantage of big deals at local mauls. we sent scott budman out to fight the crowds, and he says technology is hot again this year. >> reporter: shoppers are already running to get their hands on technology this year. at the microsoft sfor, they want phones and tablets.
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>> i prefer technology because that's what it is these days. >> it is what it is, and you can tell this guy these guys want to play. >> with the kinect i use my whole body to perform and stuff. with other products i only have to use a hand or something like that. >> customers here in the valley are definitely tech savvy. the industry is we're sitting in the hotbed of technology for the nation. so our customers want the latest and greatest things. >> my name is siri. >> at apple store it's also about phones and tablets. the iphone 3-gs free, the iphone 4 is 99 bucks. >> i didn't the new one and my buddy got it. i saw the suri and i wanted the next one. it's more jealousy. >> if you have phone envy, you may want to check every non-apple smartphone is
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briefly on sale for a penny because companies know shoppers often start online. >> it's good to shop online and see, but for me, i shop online. i usually buy in the store because it's a little bit easier that way. i want to walk out with something. >> whether online or in person, these shoppers are already getting a jump on the holidays. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. let's turn things over to jeff free nary who is offering a free forecast today. >> i thought you said rain-free at first. i would love, but i can't. not even for the holidays. the radar is scanning around right now. we don't find raindrops from the south to the south bay. it's currently dry. we find some 18 hours later is still some rainfall across eureka. the storm track is stubborn at this point. we'll get bigger changes in here for us. as for today's highs it was still cool out here a lot of cloud cover throughout most of
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the bay area, we had 62 in livermore, 60 in san francisco and into santa rosa we had 60. a few showers this morning, but really accumulated little to nothing bh it came to the rainfall. right now numbers dropping quickly here in the north bay. we had 59 in napa and durntly 38 in santa rosa. with this approaches system, we're not seeing them too gusty right now. we still don't expect them to be gusty once this storm system moves in. it's a rainmaker for us to help cool the temperatures. let's get a look. right now the storm track is very persistent with the rainfall across eureka. eventually over the next 12 to 18 hours, we see this shift more on the south as the jet stream is going to break a little bit. that is going to bring us those more significant changes here with our developing storm out here in the pacific. so let's get a look. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we have the cloud cover with us here. a lot of you are are off
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traveling. the earlier your start in the day the better for us here. we head to 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 on wednesday, we see the rainfall increase in the north bay with heavier pockets of rain by 9:00 p.m. overall totals right now do keep the heavieiest wafl in the nort bay. if you head up to the north bay here for holiday plans, you can expect the roadways to be the slickest on highway 101 and also here for the peninsula. we're looking at anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch of rainfall. if spend thanksgiving in the east bay or south bay, our models right now showing a much drier forecast with mainly showers to light accumulation. here's what you can expect for thanksgiving morning, we'll still hang out with periods of rain and also showers and gradual clearing throughout thanksgiving afternoon. if you want to get out there on some of those holidays sales. into tomorrow morning we start with plenty of upper 40s near 50 degrees on your wednesday, and by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, temperatures gradually warm up into the mid-50s. if you're doing any traveling internally, to get to the east coast, we heard about it on
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"nightly news," we have delayed here in chicago, washington, also atlanta. some of the hotspots tomorrow if you're doing traveling will no doubt be seattle, san francisco, new york city and philadelphia where we have moderate delays on the west coast and for the east coast we're talking about major delays. we know those delays here in new york city can have ripple effects. so if you're heading to the airport, i kind of feel bad for you right now. just stay right here in the bay area, right? >> that sounds perfect, jeff. >> all right. >> thank you. another puppy found cold, hungry and flea-infested. a seventh abandoned puppy was found near a monterey county recycling center. the aspca thinks it was separate from the litter when the others were found. he's reunited with his siblings and receiving medical care. all will be available for
6:21 pm
adoption once fwhaivthey've bee nursed back to health. a netflix free-fall. major concerns for the company after it hits another significant low. a new program involving veterans could have hea hlth neosbe fssea for all of us. we're back in a moment.
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it will be a difficult thanksgiving. pub health officials kwaurn teed a nursing home in ma rain county. there's an outbreak of noro virus that began weeks ago. family and friends are told to stay away while their loved ones remain in their rooms. close to a third of the center's residents are sick. officials are not sure whether anyone will be allowed in or out for thanksgiving. >> we're hopeful that it's going to be lifted by thanksgiving. >> okay. so the restriction now is, though, no visitors.
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>> correct, that's the current restriction at this point. >> health officials are still trying to determine the source of the illness. administrators at the home won't say exactly how or how many patients and staff are being affected. it's an ambitious product aimed at fighting disease in the bay area. more than 500 local vets have provided their dna to help researchers learn more about disorders. they're participating in the million veteran program. today veteran kate bowen provided a blood sample. the program organizers hope to enroll a million other vets over the next five years, too. >> this project is to help understand how genes influence disorders across veteran populations and to extend this information to all americans nationally. >> nose who run the program say the information can be used to understand why some veterans have post traumatic stress disorders sxoer don'ts. parps is completely voluntarily,
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and vets' personal information including their names is completely protected. >> here's something bold and dynamic. a group of powerful california billionaires has a plan to save the state. this billionaires club has a proposal, but will it work? larry joins us tonight. larry, we're talking google xha chairman, condoleezza rice and arnold schwarzenegger. what's the pitch here? >> they're behind it. it's called aep b a blueprint tw california, raj. it's the result of one year's worth of research. it puts california on firm ground politically and financially for the foreseeable future. some are more provocative than others. this proposal has a lot of substance and proom for a lot of discussion. >> between the lines here, politically motivated and what are the main points? >> it got three major sections and something for everyone i suppose. first local empowerment with new
6:26 pm
state finds for public safe and necessary functions they can't fund. a independent citizens council for government accountability for infrastructure, environment, education, and all kinds of issues. third, a new broad-based tax system to allow the state to generate $10 billion more in new revenues. some areas include including the sales tax for everything except medical services and education and lowering the tax rates and lowering the corporate tax bite. white a change. >> you can break this down for us. the red flag. what's the most controversial part about this proposal. >> a couple of things come to mind. the citizens council for government account aability and the revised tax system. they replace the state lodge fors whose members are elected, even if they are sometimes ineffective.
6:27 pm
anytime you talk about changing the tax code, just about everybody affected gets into the fray one way or another. one fact is clear. this group is going forward with a $20 million budget for a series of ballot propositions perhaps as early as 2012. given the state's miserable condition, their ideas create a big buzz one way or the other. >> the billionaires club trying to push it through. forget six degrees of separation. facebook proving to the world it is a lot smaller. also solyndra finds a few potential buyers. we'll tell you what the bankrupt company is now planning today. i'm janelle wang. a major drug company has to pay a billion dollar in fines and three americans behind bars tonight in egypt. today's top international headlines are next. occupiers in oakland take over another area. the fight ovew .
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the saga continues. "occupy" protesters have made themselves at home at another location. now they moved into a foreclosed lot in oakland. >> the neighbors don't want them there, and the fight is escalating. here's nbc bay area's jodi hernandez. >> reporter: tensions are high in west oakland tonight as "occupy oakland" none straightors set up camp on a property of a home in the midst of foreclosure, despite neighbors a objections. >> we don't need this in our neighborhood. >> my biggest problem is after the cameras go away, you don't see the leaders here. you see the mentally ill and the homeless and ones with stub stance abuse problems. they're actually housing here. >> reporter: demonstrators say they simply want to help the homeowner out. >> we're trying to help save the house for the lady who owns it. right now she still owns it.
6:31 pm
>> we have the homeowner's consent to be here. we have their consent. >> not so says tenant melvin welch. >> people are aoccupying some proper illegally. >> reporter: he called the police today to get the camp cleared out. >> they're union naturing in my front yard and trespassing. they have no rights to be there. they didn't knock on my door and say, melvin, can i go over there? >> reporter: this afternoon an assistant to the city administrator paid the camp a visit to warn them dhoent have the homeowner's blessing. >> this is private property. we've been told by the property owner they don't have permission to be here. we're trying to, you know, inform them we've been told of that, and hopefully they'll choose to leave. >> reporter: so far no sign of that happening. last check campers were talking about bringing in more supplies. >> as long as it taking to get the homeowner -- for the bank to gived homeowner a chance to modify her mortgage, you know,
6:32 pm
or they have to basically get us -- pay us to leave individual individually. >> reporter: in oakland, jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> one more note to the story now. >> i'll take that for you. there is a note. she did talk briefly to the person that owns that lot who calls the attention to the situation. she says it's just completely embarrassing. she says the city property owner must sign a written consent before police will take action. no word if she's going to follow in that. we'll keep you posted on that. only tents that have permits remain at "occupy santa rosa" after an early morning raid. we want to show you officers move inning early this morning after giving everyone at the campsite 40 minutes to clear out. officers say everyone left voluntarily. afterwards officers escorted with the campers with the proper permits back into the city hall property. we're talking about 22 campsites. that means those people dpoo have a permit to stay there. no arrests were made during this
6:33 pm
morning's raid. a san francisco neighborhood is taking an unusual approach to protesting foreclosures. economic it out. they set up a living room along a street in the bay view district complete with furniture and all. it's to get local banks it to renegotiate with the homeowners at risk of losing homes. 11 homes on that block are currently teetering on foreclosure by the end of the year. business and tech headlines. the downward spiral continues for netflix. today the dvd streaming site saw its stock price hit its lowest level in nearly two years. the company says it will raise $400 million by selling about 3 million shares of its stock. netflix says it doesn't need the money but wants to have the cash on hand nonetheless. it may be time for plan b when it comes to selling solyndra. they told a bankruptcy court today it's unlike it will find a buyer who wants the company as a
6:34 pm
whole, so seo linda might try to sell off in pieces. seo linda filed forkr banuptcy protection in september after hauling in a $528 million federal loan. checking your money foent. stocks fell for the fifth straight day as concerns about the slowing economy weighed on lots of financial companies. three american students are behind bars in egypt tonight arrested during violent clashes with police. >> janelle wang has the international headlines this evening. >> the three students are studying abroad at american university in cairo. police arrested them today for setting off monthlatav cocktail. no word yet on bail or possible criminal proceedings. because of the volatility in the country, the state department is urging americans to leave egypt. five days of protests have left nearly 30 people dead and thousands injured in and around tahrir square. today the military tried to
6:35 pm
reassure demonstrators saying there will be a speedy transition when a new president is chosen in 2012. all judges in the county of penn state have removed themselves from potentially presiding over the child sex abuse case against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. any proceedings are heard by judges from other jurisdictions. the purpose is to avoid any conflict of interest rather real or perceived. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. the u.s. senate is scheduling a hearing to discuss how well the nation protects children from abuse and neglect. the hearing is scheduled for december 14th. merck & company is being forced to play more than a billion dollars in a settlement. the company pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge promoting vioxx has a freemt for rheumatoid arthritis.
6:36 pm
the settlement concludes a long-running investigation into the drug, and vioxx was pulled from the market back in 2004 after being linked to heart risks. >> it was a big deal back then as well. still ahead at 6:00, is it four degrees of separation? a surprising new report out of facebook. a santa sighting here in the bay area today. jeff. >> all right. good evening. we had some fun out there, also plenty of cloud cover and temperatures in the low to mid-60s. i sure hope you enjoyed it, because throughout tomorrow we're talking about changes that bring cloud cover but rain. we're tracking it on the brada and he'll have details in just minutes.
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winchts all a little closer to each other than we thought, at least according to a new study by facebook. they've updated the six degrees of separation theory. according to facebook any single person on earth is a mere 4.7 steps away from being connected to someone else. facebook used its 800 million users worldwide to find this degree of separation. the study found individuals in the same country are connected by only three degrees of separation. they say seeing is believing, and yes, santa claus and two of his reindeer high above golden gate park this morning. it's santa kicking off a new christmas exhibit at museum. he's scoping out the area to figure out the best route to get around bay area traffic. >> aren't you supposed to be on the north pole around this time of year? >> i'm scouting out landing areas, and it this looks like a good place to stop over and get
6:40 pm
a breather in san francisco. >> santa looks like he had a facelift eechlts so young. 'tis the season for science opens at the museum tomorrow. there's a life-size snow globe for kids and a christmas spice forest and a par trij in a pear tree. >> he's scouting out the traffic, the traffic on the new bay bridge. >> turtle doves. >> the reasindeer are like, hey >> what do we have. >> i'm doing good. we have rain coming in, but the good thing is some of the rainfall totals are slackening off a bit. it means a wetter holiday for some of you than others. we'll detail a time line in a few minutes. in sports our countdown to the hard bowl continues. make no mistake about it. this mistake was scheduled on thanksgiving for a good reason, on or perhaps our nation's most cherished family holiday, the harbaugh brothers go head to head.
6:41 pm
how the 49ers and ravens arear n prepares for battle nextex from the xfinity sports desk. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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san francisco has set a goal of zero landfill waste by the year 2020. >> in the meantime it's reached another milestone in its quest to reduce the city's garbage,
6:43 pm
which is good news for the wine country. we're here to sort it all out. >> from the crush of photographers at fisherman's wharf today you'd think paris hilton was touring the crab boats, but it turns out the center of attention was actually kelly bennett's garbage. the sudden fame surrounding this particular load of trash is because it represents the 1 millionth ton of food scraps and organic material composted by san francisco since 1996. and bennett, the chef at scom a's restaurant, where this stuff came from, couldn't be prouder. >> really it's an honor, because we're part of something that's really important. >> if you think it's a stretch to say the chef is excited by composting, take a tour of his kitchen. >> anything that was ever alive and grew or that you could grow something in ends up in here. one, two cans right here. we have another one on the other end over there. >> reporter: bennett, who
6:44 pm
launched the restaurant's compost program eight years ago, is almost as excited about what he recycles as what he serves. >> we've taken people from all over the world on tours to visit our dumpster. >> reporter: san francisco environmental leaders say efforts like this and every day residents have contributed to the city's composting success. recology says it now collects 600 tons of organic matter a day. >> the city is it now diverting 78% of its waste from landfills. >> reporter: san francisco's garbage is wine country gold. it's sold to napa and sonoma wineries to fertilize vineyards. >> what we're collecting mostly is a lot of food scraps from local businesses. >> reporter: it took recology 15 years to reach the million ton mark and expects to reach the second million in five. in case you're wonder noug it's
6:45 pm
because now adays -- >> this is our compactor where all the green compost go. >> there are more people like bennett who never met a green bin they didn't like. >> it looks gross, but it's so vital. >> it is so vital. very good. you know what's also vital? the fact that jeff ran hieri ha updated his forecast. >> i'm fielding requests and who wants what and when do we need if? we'll start off with the bad and get a little good and better stuff coming in the seven-day forecast. we are expecting potentially major airport delays. if you head to the airport tomorrow, maybe do a hopper flight, we know how these residual delays in the east coast cause problems in the west. we're looking at major delays in new york city and philadelphia with the storm there and moderate delays with our storm here throughout system and also san francisco. let's go to some of the good. it wasn't a bad day out here. we had sun and clouds and cool weather near average with 62 in
6:46 pm
livermore, 61 in fairfield and 60 in santa rosa. right now it's starting to drop. we're waiting on a lot of cloud cover. we have a colder night out here with already 45 in notice vaud doe and 47 in napa. some 30s possibly on the grapevines in napa and sonoma valley. for tonight the clouds build. we may see an isolated shower but we hold off until wednesday. that's when your holiday travel could get slick for us. we do have a much better weekend coming our way. look at the radar right now. we have showers well up near eureka. it's where they've been for the past 18 hours. as we zoom out, we find a storm track that's stubborn. we don't get a lot of movement here, but we see that clod cover bltd in the north bay. it takes a lot longer for the showers to get here. the storm has plenty of moisture with it. as it gets closer it splits apart and breaks down a little
6:47 pm
bit. we're not looking at rainfall teelgtss as heavy as originally thought about two daying ago. all in all it provides wet weather for the holiday travel as we head throughout wednesday night and also for thursday. for tomorrow instead of 60s we go with 50s inland. for thanksgiving instead of periods of moderate rainfall we're looking at mainly showers linger sboog you the morning hours. let's look at this rainfall intensity. tomorrow morning we deal with cloud cover here. as we head through 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 at night we see pockets near the north bay. by the morning houshz mainly showers concentrated across the north bay, but eventually throughout the morning hours it makes it across the peninsula and the east bay. our heaviest rain is the north bay where we see a half inch to an inch here. if you're headed out here towards livermore, dublin, down into san jose and los gatos, we see less in terms of a rainfall for your holiday. overall, we've broken this down for you.
6:48 pm
you can see by 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. on on wednesday, the rainfall develops for thanksgiving morning. some periods of showers and clearing into the afternoon hours on thanksgiving. so for tonight we're looking at temperatures in the 40s here in the north bay. that cloud cover halts some of that cooling for areas in the north bay, but for most of us we're in the 40s as we wake up tomorrow and we'll start off mainly dry with increasing cloud cover and once again those showers developing for the evening hours. so the earlier you can get going on the road trip tomorrow and then throughout california to go see the family, the better off you're going to be. 61 in con card, 60 in san ramone and 60 in napa. and for most of the north bay we expect temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. that's where the wettest wednesday evening and thanksgiving will be for those you in the north bay. seven-day forecast has showers lingering into thursday, and then a few clouds friday and drying out saturday and sunday. did i make you guys happy? >> i think you'll get a little extra pie. >> i like that.
6:49 pm
i'm going to be working thanksgiving. >> jessica is -- in the commercial she's like at 10:45 thanksgiving morning how am i looking? >> this is what i have to deal with, guys. >> at 11:15 what happens? >> thank you. this is a time of year when so many people need help and so many offer to help. a few raiders spending their only day off this week to help underprivileged families. terrelle pryor, marcel reese and cartwright were at the food bank this morning. the players packaged part of the 150,000 pounds of food collected last weekend. despite recent donations, more help is needed. they have a record number of needy families this holiday season. now the xfinity sports desk on "nbc bay area news." let's check in with henry will ford to talk about what's happening today in the world of sports. hey, henry. >> there's a lot going on.
6:50 pm
they're nothing like hanging out with the family on thanksgiving day. both jim and john harbaugh will be hungry thursday, hungry for a win and not tur keechlt the head coaches face off when the 49ers visit the baltimore ravens thanksgiving day. everyone is talking about this game. 49ers depart for baltimore wednesday morning with hopes of staying undefeated on the road in 2011. so how do the red and gold prepare for the ravens in just three days? mindy batch has the answer from 49ers headquarters in santa clara. >> jim harbaugh did not hide his displeasure to have to travel three time zones on a short week to play a thanksgiving game against one of the toughest defenses the team will face this season. in preparation the team is focusing more on their work in the classroom. >> it's tough, but we got to do it. i think we'll be already with it. >> it's a little tough, but i think if we get off our feet and take care of our bodies and do what we normally do a daily basis, we'll be just fine. >> they bring a lot of heat.
6:51 pm
we have to pick it up. so that's why we're here, you know. about to go back to meetings and try to, you know, see what we can do to pick it up. >> physically you're going to try to get as health y and restd as you can. mentally it's going to be trying to get a game plan in. you have to be on it mentally and physically take care of themselves. >> the 49ers defense is in better shape as usual on a sort week as they only played 15 minutes sunday's win against the cardinals. the defensive coordinator says the ravens skilled players are probably the best the ravens have had since they began in baltimore. in santa clara, mindy bash for nbc bay area. deshawn gold son will not be suspended for fighting with arizona cardinals receiver doucet last sunday. he was kicked out of the game
6:52 pm
for tloeg punchehrowing punches appeared the cardinals receiver instigated that fight. major league baseball has a new big deal. players and owners agreed to terms on on a new collective bargaining agreement on tuesday. items of note include an expanded role of instant replay and blood testing for human growth hormone. speaking of baseball, they have announced its 2011 national league most valuable player. it came to two outfielders. the milwaukee brewers ryan braun is the mvp. he received 20 first place votes. matt kemp finished second in the voting. the giants officially signed outfielder blanco. they confirmed tuesday morning after reporting the news last wednesday. terms of the deal were not discussed. he spent the 2011 season in aaa. he's no stranger to assist. tuesday warriors forward dorell
6:53 pm
wright gave a huge assist to the city of oakland providing more than 2500 low income families, senior citizens and the homeless with the free thanksgiving feast. it's all part of wright's dewright foundation. >> we were able to step in as a foundation and also as a community, be it twitter and facebook to make this possible. i'm just happy to be a part of this thanksgiving dinner. to see these people with smiles on their face and also got an opportunity to pick up a jacket as well after he got done with dinner. it's a blessing to be part of this, and it's for a great cause. i'm happy to be here. >> d. wright doing it the right way. in college hoops tonight the cal bears are getting set for action against 21st ranked missouri in the cbe classic. final tip-off will be at 7:00. we'll have highlights for you. by the way, ron artest has a way to break up the nba lockout.
6:54 pm
he's challenged michael jordan to a game of one on one. he said he would spot michael jordan 20 points and a bag of cheet-os. i would say forget it about with 209 points, but once you say the cheetos. >> especially the spicy ones. >> thanks a lot, henry. >> you got it.ull half a full h area coverage you can watch it on a
6:55 pm
[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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it was nearly 2,000 degrees fair harnt emits to come zix gases and chances are you sit on it right now. how flammable is your furniture
6:57 pm
inside of your own home. tonight we introduce you to the hidden hazards of it. here we go. gobble google, gobble google. it's a new doodle g. to the website and you can find this interactive tribute to thanksgiving. you can design your own turkey by changing your outfit. you can change the color of feathers and change the shoes. it randomizes the outfits and you can chair your turkey with others by sending they want link. >> jessica put some really expensive shoes on her turkey. >> yeah. i had a football helmet on mine. >> yes, you did. what's on at 7:00. >> coming up tonight, more than 30 years after the infamous killing fields of cambodia the wheels of justice are finally rolling. a activist and victim join me with the important of this long overdue tribunal is under way. we look at house the race is
6:58 pm
changing and which candidates move ahead of the pack. that's coming up in a few minutes. thank you, brett. have a great evening. hope to see you back here at 9:00. we struck raw nerves with our recent stand for public pension reform. let them live like the ones paying for their pensions. most viewers want to change the system and not end t. andrew, ray raising the retirement age is imperative. only half of california's government workers pay into social security. make it 100%. mike, there should be a pension cap and there shouldn't be allowed sick day pay.
6:59 pm
mark says they should bank their sick leave and vacations. they should not be allowed to double dip. frank said my biggest problem is the word guaranteed sge stgin they be adjusted annually. another mark says pension reform should go after the fat cats, not the lowly worker. join our debate at nbceditorials did the come. g


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