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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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francisco. big changes coming to your weekend forecast. occupy protestors and police square off in san francisco's union square. demonstrators lock arms to block the doors to stores. determined shoppers are having none of it. good friday ecvening. thank you for joining us. if holiday shopping in san francisco's union square was part of your black friday plans,
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there were some hassles, no park, long check out lines. one you probably didn't. roving bands of protestors snarling traffic, blocking store entrances and tangling with police. and there tonight, george saw it all and joins us live. george. >> reporter: back to good old black friday self on union square. earlier, it got interesting with occupiers trying to stop commerce. seems to be a new battle between occupiers and shoppers. christmas time in union square. the tree is up. people are taking their holiday pictures. and of course the shoppers. thousands of them. joining them on this black friday, a group many of you are familiar with. occupy san francisco. keeping their usual eye on them. as soon as the officers moved
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some where else. occupiers moved in. >> nobody can come in. but you can leave. >> occupying armani exchange and blocking the entrance. >> any customer who would look to leave the store will be graciously allowed to do so. >> occupy sfs goal to stop people from shopping and supporting corporate retailers. >> i don't support black friday. this its one of the ways we are demonstrating -- that we are not -- part of this system. >> but ask the shoppers what they think, they say the occupiers are now the 1% this holiday season. the 1% not shopping. >> everyone on the street is having a great thanksgiving. great christmas, lead up to christmas. they're the 1% ruining it all. >> occupiers held their ground, maintaining their stance, their black is your red. >> i don't have anything against the shoppers. we all get caught up in the shopping frenzy, i am not going
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to lie. just trying to raise awareness to the public. >> if anything, occupiers are up against a united group. holiday shoppers who want to buy gifts for their families. >> i just don't think it is going to work this tomb of year. there are too many of us that enjoy shopping, enjoy kris, it's up to everyone how they want to spend their money. >> organizers plan to be active, whether that means blocking more stores, we'll have to wait and see. live on union square, tonight, nbc bay area news. down south, occupy l.a. may be on the way out. protestors camping in front of city hall past come of months. tonight the city's mayor is telling them they have until monday to leave or city will do it for them. occupiers have vowed not to leave until their grievances are addressed. rush to buy more for less lead to violence on this black friday. holiday shoppers are out in force this year, but so are the thieves. and they're getting more aggressive than ever. nbc bay area's correspondent is
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live in san bruno where desperate times are leading to tragic consequences. >> reporter: shoppers showed up early this black friday. some coming in the middle of the night. things remain calm at this mall. but at many others it did not. >> it was great. it was -- we -- we came at 2:00 a.m. >> the frenzy started early, to find a deal on black friday. from the mall in san bruno. >> everything seemed pretty peaceful. like. well, you know, the lines. >> to long lines at a wal-mart where it was anything but peaceful. >> we looked around. we see people running. and just, chaotic going to their cars and stuff. and it was kind of crazy. >> police say a group of shoppers were walking to their car when at least four people tried to rob them. a man fought back. then got shot. 20-year-old tony phillips is being held on suspicion off tempted homicide and attempted robbery. but authorities are still
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looking for the other men they say are responsible for the violence. >> this whole black friday thing, all watz so crazy. >> black friday also took a dark turn at another wal-mart. this one in porto ranch outside of los angeles. >> it burns. and i cough. and i feel nauseous. and i can't breathe. >> customers there came under atake when a woman trying to edge koout her competitors for x box. awe wauns n >> i was shoved into a box of games. this lady came out with pepper spray. my brother was sprayed in the face. point-blank. just couldn't see. on the floor. and then she was taking off and everything. >> that's when the woman apparently fled. police are looking at security cameras to find her. >> that its unreasonable. that's just too crazy. yeah. i've mean, there's no need, right. it's just stuff.
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>> reporter: a spokesperson for wal-mart release aid statement today saying, most black friday events were safe, except for those few, unfortunate incidents. live in san bruno, nbc bay area news. coming up a little later in the newscast taking a close look at a new technology that tracks people as they shop. called footpath. and a mall in california the first on the west coast to use it. why is big brother so interested in where you are shopping? and what you are buying? we'll answer those question for you in about ten minutes from now. concord police are investigating death of a child tonight. the police department received a report of a possible child death at a home on the corner of elkwood and linwood drives, 10:15 this morning. when they arrived on the scene they did confirm the death but have not released any other information about the cause of death at this time. wildlife officials are trying to figure how a killer
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whale washed up on a bay area beach. the dead whale found north of the golden gate bridge on point reyes. tissue samples were taken from the whale. high tide could push it to sea on its own. if not officials may have to physically remove it. still not clear when or how the orca died. take a look at this video. a water main break caused a geyser of water to shoot up about 100 feet into the air. a 12 inch transmission pipeline on elm court in south san francisco, split oecpen. sending a heavy stream of walter down city streets. forcing evacuation of six homes and destroying backyards. it took crews to shut off the water the crews and residents are working to clean up the muddy mess. >> just hitting the fence. just knocked it over completely. we have got mud in the backyard, piled up abut that high. almost the whole length of the house t. >> now residents were allowed back inside their homes earlier tonight after officials
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determined the homes were vsoun. the san francisco public utilities commission, owns and manages the pipeline replaced last month. and now investigating why the line broke. the company says it will cover all the costs associated with this rupture. bay area marine killed during combat in afghanistan will be remembered this weekend. the 19-year-old was killed just last week. now the funeral for marine corps lance corporal joshua coral is set for wednesday. before that two events will be held in coral's honor. tomorrow evening, san ramon valley high school, will put on a public tribute at the football stadium. monday the warriors watch riders will escort the family and hearse back from travis air force base after kcorral's body arrives. >> one of three american students arrested in egypt on the way back home tonight. the other two will be boarding separate flights tomorrow morning. police detained luke gates,
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derek sweeney, and greggy porter for throwing fire bombs at security forces during a protest at the e jimesquare. the students studying abroad, said the bag they were caught with, belonged to two e jimegyp they were staying with. the egyptian court ordered their release yesterday. next, the picture that says 1,000 words about bryan stow's recovery. tonight yet another milestone to report in his remarkable progress. >> why would anybody care if i go, go to penny's, who cares. >> while you are shopping they're tracking. new technology that lets mallory tailers map your every move. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, a cold night however, a beautiful sight out here in union square in san francisco. macy's 22nd annual tree lighting. well we had temperatures also in the mid 50s here throughout most
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of san francisco. down the peninsula. we'll have details on our cold weather and also dense fog just. ♪ true love gave to me... six geese a-laying. five new tops... i want to be very specific about this because last year i got some gifts i wasn't exactly feeling. especially from you, uncle dale. were those acid wash jeans? i just hope you all stuck to my list this year. a new digital camera or a new suede shoulder bag would be really ideal. sorry to be so frank. i just don't need another needlepoint throw pillow, aunt carla.
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♪ four calling birds, three french hens... when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. more encouraging news about bryan stowe, faptly release aid photo showing him strong and happy with his children. the picture prompted many comments on stowe's family website. marianne favro gifves us an update. >> reporter: for the first time since he was nearly beaten to death at dodgers stadium in march, his family is sharing a
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photo of him with the public. brian is sitting upright, with his beaming children, sisters and parents, surrounding him. danny simon one of brian's best friends and former roommate visited him on thanksgiving before this photo was taken. >> he was happy to watch football. i told him he had football today. he said he knew. amazing from some one who was completely nonresponsive, barely alive, laying in bed to where he is at is incredible. >> almost every week, brian reach news milestones. he can hold a conversation. write his children's names and move his arms. his friend says brian is determined to get better despite intense pain during physical therapy. >> watch him dupe his physical therapy it is not easy to watch. it is very painful. just to see him actually doing that and responding to what, they're asking him to do is pretty amazing. >> danny says he sees brian's personality shine through more and more every visit. as he jokes with friends and therapists. his family says, they could not feel more thankful and blessed
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and dozens of friends and strangers are writing in to stow's website, commenting how much this foe fphoto has inspir them. despite improvements brian has a long road ahead. he can't walk and requires 'round-the-clock care. for now his family is focusing on the triumphs. proudly sharing this picture of progress, a holiday memory, offering hope. in santa cruz, marianne favro. >> may seem like the last burning man ended. ticket sales for the next one start monday. organizers say 3,000 presale tickets made available to the public under a brand new lottery. each tick it costs $420. organizers announced the lottery system earlier this month after the first sellout in the event's 20-year history.
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it will run from august 27th to september 3. >> off andronico's 'tis closing its store in berkeley. restructuring with new owners who took over last month. the supermarket is now just the right size, at five stores. the remaining locations are in san francisco and two others in berkeley. andronico's founded in 1929 as the first family owned upstale supermarket. at its height, the chain had 14 bay area locations. scientists and fans of science will have an early day tomorrow. doors will open at 6:30 for anyone that wants to see the launch of nasa's latest trip to mars. this is what nasa's $2.5 billion mars science laboratory will look like once it reaches the red planet. the rover is called curiosity. scientists hope curiosity will help them answer the question if mars is or ever could have been a place that harbored life.
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>> yes, this is the most complicated mission on the surface of mars. the science, kind of demands that. >> liftoff is expected at a little after 7:00 in the morning at cape canaveral. the journey will take 8 1/2 months covering more than 60 million miles. >> set back for gm tonight as its new all-electric chevy volt goes under government testing. national highway travel uk safety administration, opened an investigation after reports of new fires involving the chevy volt's lithium ion battery. latest incident, yesterday, six months after another battery fire in a crash tested volt prompted officials to monitor the vehicle. gm maintains the car its safe. and has a post crash protocol which include, depowering the battery after a severe crash. it is too early to say whether the investigation will lead to a recall. some 5,000 cars have been sold. now if you still drive a car
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that relies strictly on gas, some good news. gas prices are down here in the bay area as well as around the country. the dip in the past month. average u.s. gas price its 50 cents hyperthan ape year ago. but 11 cents loper than a month ago. what we are seeing around the bay area as well. gas in san jose went from $3.82 to $3.70. san francisco, gas from $3.92 to $3.81. oakland, $3.84 to $3.72. >> off tween screaming fits aren't the only side e fkts ffe watching twilight. the movie report lead giving some seizures. breaking dawn, part one, includes a scene, bella violent leap gives birth to her chide. there are reports the flashing of colors and bright lights have caused multiple viewers to suffer what is called foe foe sensitive epilepsy or seizures. this is not the first film to
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allegedly cause seep sures. recent movies like 127 hours, and james cameron's avitar report lead caused some viewers do peer ye to experience convulsions. >> people walking along malls looking for sales. in one california mall, the shoppers are being watched and big habits tracked. how is it being done? tony shinn of our sister station in san diego shows us how. >> holiday rush is under way. but this year its a little different. all you have to do is look at the directories and you will see signs, warning shoppers they're being tracked through their cell phone. >> why would anybody care if i want to macy's and jc penny's. who cares? >> marketing managers the one whose care. because nay want to know where shoppers look to go. that's why this mall its one of two of in the nation. that are testing this tracking system developed by a brit, company. path intelligence. >> unyear any past we would have
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to do shopper intercement. and stop and ask you. would you mind answering half an hour's worth of questions. off awe what are your favorite places to shop? eat? now using transponders look this one, the movements of any one carrying a working cell phone can be recorded. this is how it works. as soon as a shopper enters the parking lot, the transponders get a signal, called a ping from the cell phone. the transponders then follow that ping, all over the mall. some shoppers say it could be viewed as an invasion of privacy. >> it doesn't make me nervous. you go with the movement of technology. you go with it. >> according to marketing managers, transponders don't have that ability. >> they're not able to collect any kind of demographic. i've don't know if it is male, if your ping is female. >> so what do you do if you don't want to be part of the survey and don't want your movements tracked. all you have to do is simply turn off your cell phone when you come to the mall.
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>> that was tony shinn reporting. according to the maker it's not built to capture phone numbers, data text or personal details. right now it is only in its testing phase. no word on whether it will move off to any malls in the bay area. we were joking around. tracking me at the food court. all that at the food court. there she goes. >> cinnabon again. >> don't know if i want that tracking me. that's for sure. let's talk of a look out here today. did have more weather in the south bay. 66 in gilroy. 63, san jose. right at the peninsula. 56, san francisco, to 60 in redwood city. bring in the current numbers. combedest air in the north bay. 43, and 45 in nap@. where the air is the coldest. where it is condensing the most. also, where we are finding the fog forming here with quarter mile or less visibility. right into santa rosa. decrease in the south bay.
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no doubt headed anywhere around the north bay, early morning hours, be prepared for visibility less than ape quarter of a mile. through tomorrow, for your weekend, we are looking at dry weather staying with us. warming coming our way for saturday, sunday. plenty of cold nights in the seven day forecast. right now, satellite radar picture. hopping in the car tomorrow. heading down into fresno. possibly los angeles. there is no storm system, here across california. so it is going to be a sunny commute for you. while this does look pretty ak tich -- active. we had the slot of clearing off the coastline. high pressure is building in. it will shield us from all the storm activity. right up into washington. also into canada. so for the next 48 hours. wanting to go, slight warming trend. it's not going to get warm out here. we'll call it mild for some of you. at least as the we head into sunday. temperatures in the 60s. going to stay dry, saturday, sunday. wait for the fog to clear. throughout the morning hours. saturday, sunday. heading to the airports.
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looking great. airport delays. not any delays from the east to the west coast when it comes to weather systems. get you into tomorrow morning's forecast. upper 30s in napa. also, fairfield, 43, concord. 44, livermore. 46 in freemont. 42, in los gatos. tomorrow, saturday. dry. sun will take time to come out. by the noon hour. one, two, three, plenty of sunshine for the south bay. peninsula. low clouds take longer to clear out from san francisco. 62 for your high. san ramon, 62. low 60s for the tri-valley. 61, napa. north bay. 63, 64, and the north bay also, very slow to clear from that dense fog. in the morning hours. at quarter mile and less visibility. you can get more in your forecast any time at nbc bay click the weather tab at the top of the page. right now all about the seven-day forecast which we just took off the screen unfortunate leave going to talk more about
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that. anyways. we do have dry weather the next seven days. no storm systems coming our way. happy holidays. happy black friday. happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> thank you very much. >> hustle and bustle of black friday turned into rocking and rolling in t shehe sououth y.bau tell you aboutt.ce we'll ♪
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some lucky shoppers got a chance to see their idol perform live. james durbin, american idol finalist. he kicked off festivities with a live singing performance. ♪ baby ♪ oh, yeah >> he also took the time to sign copies of his new album "memories of a beautiful disaster." fans were very appreciative. >> he can do a little bit of everything. he is very versatile. sorry that peep didn't recognize
11:25 pm
that on the aye dochlt i thidol. the seventh annual coat drive, featured the 40-foot holiday tree. >> jim is here now from comcast sports newsroom with a look at sports. hey, jim. >> garvin, janelle, a giants star is crossing bait to the as. details on the move ahead. plus the cardinal thinking upset at the garden. could stanford knock off one of the nation's best in t championship. high championship. highlights coming up after the break. he[ mom ] hey guys.
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good evening, everyone. i'm jim kozimor, thanksgiving brings colleges, high school, field to hardwood. let's begin. in the an, new york city. madison square garden. two 5-0 teams.
11:28 pm
stanford and syracuse. stanford up. josh owens misses. anthony brown does it. jam puts the cardinal up 7. chris joseph. tough bank. under pressure. syracuse takes a one-point lead. 61-60. next possession. waiters, penetrates. hits it. gets fouled. syracuse up 4. win 69-63 over stanford. go from new york to the great alaska shootout. murray state, usf, under 2 minutes to play. and ivan aska, asks for a prayer to be answered. it is. drains the three from half court. racers up by six. under 10 seconds to play. usf down. and doolen. one point game. here is cody doolen, the three pointer blocked. murray state wins it. 70-67. now to football. cal visiting arizona state. regular season finale. first quarter. bears down 7-3.
11:29 pm
sopheli, take the handoff. go into the end zone. sophel if, and the score. late third. zach maynard. touch pass out of the pocket. flips off to the running back. cj anderson. a foot race no onable catch him. 74 yard. the score. they win 47-38. high school level now. second round division one. freedom, de la salle. vitale. the clear path. de la salle, goes in and scores. 70-7. wins it. the final. ccs second round. archbishop, belliman. crowley. takes the handoff. squirts through. into the end zone. bells go up 13-0, later in the second. playing some defense. andrew barna, intercepted by joey san felipo.
11:30 pm
winning, 29-0, finally, let's go to the diamond. as the -- this was first reported by comcast sports net. the as have hired chili davis, san francisco giant former, hitting coach. played seven saef sond. three-time all-star. the as steal one across the bay from across america. a k f friday. >> very interesting. okay. jim, thank you so much.
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kris >> christmas in the park is under way in san jose tonight. three, two, one. >> the christmas tree lighting brought several hundred downtown. and christmas in the park held there, there is mike. because of sit ycity budget cut almost didn't happen. a sponsor stepped up and donated $40,000 to make sure the tradition continued and trains ran on time. >> so festive. look at all that. final check of the forecast. >> quick look in case you missed it earlier. looking at, temperatures close to 70 by sunday. get in another fast look. >> looks great. worth a second look. >> of all right. >> the sunshine. thank you so much. have a good weekend, folks.
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