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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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i think that was sad. >> that's all for now. i'm ann curry. for all of us here at nbc news, i'm ann curry. for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for joining us. stoorp right now at 11:00, police say a man who was not only a firefighter but also a former marine was intentionally hit by a driver on thanksgiving. now police have new evidence in the case they hope will lead to an arrest. plus, occupy protesters in los angeles have one hour to comply with an eviction notice, but most don't seem to be budging. we'll go live to the scene. and a scandal surrounding a syracuse basketball coach accused of sexually molesting boys takes a bizarre turn tonight. hear what his wife purportedly told one of the victims. the news starts now.
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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. tonight investigators released new evidence in a hit and run that left a bay area firefighter in critical condition. the search is on for the driver while family and friends hold vigil at san francisco general hospital for the 29-year-old victim. nbc bay area monty francis is at the hospital with the latest for us. monty? >> reporter: police released surveillance footage of a suspect, hoping it will lead to an arrest. meantime, the victim is here at the hospital listed in critical care condition. >> he battled wildfires and as a marine, he fought for his country for four years in iraq. now he's in a different battle: fighting for his life. >> this is tough. as you can imagine, it would be tough for anybody. so i really can't explain, you know, what the family is going
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through. >> reporter: at 2:45 a.m. thanksgiving day, police say bartol got into a fight at a fast food restaurant in the city's richmond district. you can see the men that bartol fought with on the left-hand side of your screen. after others broke up the fight, bartol walked two blocks down geary to a shell gas station. one of the men got into his car, drove down the street and ran bartol over. he suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> especially during the holidays, it makes it a little bit harder. the difficulty is we're all just a phone call away from something like this. >> reporter: dr. tim donahue is bart torqu bartol's boss at the firefighting unit. >> he's a really good person. i watched him grow and it's fun
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to be around him. >> reporter: police aren't saying what led to the fight but released these photos of the suspect, describing him as a mixed race orla te latino man bn the es of 18 and 24. his vehicle is possibly a mazda vx with front end damage and spoked rims. meanwhile, firefighters are keeping vigil at the hospital. >> we hope he makes a recovery. >> bartol remains in critical condition here tonight. if you recognize the suspect or have any information on his location, you're asked to call the san francisco police department. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. students are planning protests at four uc campuses tomorrow across the state. the four campuses are uc san francisco, davis, los angeles and merced. those are the four campuses where uc regions will be holding meetings via teleconference. many of the protesters are also
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part of the occupy movement and they are angry with recent clashes with police at cal davis as well as tuition hikes. larry gerston says a question remains when it comes to keeping tuitions and fees down. >> more than a general strike, more than a protesting going to classes or protesting the region's trustees. what people need to realize, if you want to keep those things down, you have to find a way to get revenues, and that means taxes, and the question is from where, from who, and how much. >> also tonight, the uc faculty association sent a letter of protest to mark udall. it reads in part, the council of university of california faculty soeshsz protests your decision to hire the krol security group to conduct what you call an independent investigation by
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kroll itself which is already a university matter. protesters have less than an hour to pack up their belongings around city hall, and we'll go there in a moment. first we're going to egypt. people there are preparing for a landmark election tomorrow. this is the first since mubarak was ousted by an uprising ten months ago. the american students that were detained in egypt last week are now back home in the u.s. one of the students talked about his experience on the "today" show. >> they doused us with gasoline. they put our shirts up so we couldn't see where we were at all. they hit us in the face and the back of the neck a lot, and we spent several hours in the fetal position with our hands handcuffed in the dark, and they held guns saying if we moved at all, they would shoot us. >> the three were accused of
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throwing homemade bombs in the protest in cairo. they were released last weekend but all charges were dropped on thursday. the deadly nato air strike is threatening an already tense partnership between pakistan and the united states. today was a day of mourning as pakistan honored the 27 soldiers killed in that u.s.-led nato air strike. the soldiers were reportedly in two border posts where militants are active. afghan officials said today that the troops and u.s.-led nato forces called in the air strikes after they came under fire. the attack sparked protest across pakistan today, mostly against the united states. syracuse university announced today that it has fired a long-time assistant basketball coach after three men accused him of sexually abusing them when they were boys. now there is new evidence in the case as well. 65-year-old bernie fine has been with syracuse university for 35
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years. he had been on paid administrative leave with the university during the investigation, but tonight the school released a statement saying his employment has been terminated effective immediately. fine has called the accusations against him patently false, but today espn released an audio tape that is reportedly of fine's wife and one of the young victims back in 2002. >> i know everything that went on. you know, i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues. maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues, and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. >> the boy also asked fine's wife in the tape if he is the only victim and she reportedly says, quote, there might be others. occupy protesters in los angeles have less than an hour to pack up their belongings from around city hall, as we mentioned earlier. police and the mayor set a midnight deadline to evacuate the camp, but many say they just aren't leaving.
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angie krause is downtown with the very latest. hello, angie. >> hello, diane. in the last hour we've seen a lot more people come down here to l.a. city hall. let me show you what we've got going on behind us right now. in fact, folks from the bay area are also here. they have joined this because l.a. is the biggest occupy movement left in the country. protesters have until midnight to clear their tents from the lawn, and after that they are subject to arrest. there's been a lot of speculation whether l.a.p.d. is going to come in and forcibly remove these tents tonight. the final decision is with the l.a. police chief, but i just got off the phone with l.a.'s press secretary. he claims there will be no raid tonight. >> what can we do to help you most? >> evacuate the park by 12:00. >> tonight lapd is warning occupy protesters their time in the city is up.
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the press secretary confirmed late today there will be no raid tonight. earlier at the holiday christmas parade, he says it's time for the 50-day camp to end, but protesters have options. >> many of them agree it's not sustainable over time as well, and remember, we've given them an alternative and that alternative is to continue to protest on the steps, but encampments won't be part of that. >> reporter: many protesters say no matter what, they won't leave on their own. >> they're going to stay and act on our demonstration. it's our right to be here. >> reporter: during the night, they talked about what they would do if they don't leave. >> we as a police department are doing everything we can to support people's first amendment rights and ensure that they are able to peacefully protest, and we're hoping this protest can
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continue in a non-violent manner like it has so far. >> so far there hasn't been any problems. the mayor has issued a statement saying they will give protesters ample time to clear their belongings off the lawn. they plan to go through the encampment tomorrow to hand out flyers with information on where social services are available, particularly for the many homeless people who have joined this camp. again, the press secretary says there will be no raid tonight, but the final decision lies with the l.a. police chief. back to you. still ahead at that time 11:00, a search for justice when the bay area goes airborne. the unusual way a mother is trying to generate leads into the case of her son's murder. plus, a royal rescue on the irish sea. how prince william played an essential role in this search and rescue mission. you're looking at the reason why we had some cool temperatures today. we obviously had the fog, we had some high clouds moving
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overhead. the same conditions happening right now overnight. dense fog advisory for your monday morning commute, plus some showers on thees wt coast. we'll have the answers when we come right back.
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including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew! it was nearly three years ago that a young man was gunned down in the park. while police still try to solve it crime, the victim's mom is keeping it alive. >> all we know is somebody shot him, and it just took one bullet
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and my son is gone. >> reporter: she's determined to find more clues that will lead police to the person who shot and killed her son. 20-year-old brandon evans on november 29, 2008. that's where she's in the bay area. close to the three-year anniversary of her son's death to bring a message that's hard to miss. >> that's definitely a way to get people's attention when it flies by. who knows how many people it's going to catch, but it's definitely catching everybody's attention at the golden gate state park. >> we need more people to come forward with information, and i know there's people out there that know something. people don't go out there and commit these senseless murders and not talk about it. someone out there knows it. >> reporter: on the night he was killed, brandon was out with some friends on the northeast side of golden gate park close to the horseshoe pits where his memorial now sits. >> he was only in san francisco for three weeks. he only knew his roommates, and he came out here to listen to
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music with a bunch of college kids that came out here every saturday, the last saturday of the month. >> reporter: police say at about 10:30 that november night, brandon went to his car to get his cell phone, and that's when he was shot. he was able to get back to the party, where he collapsed. >> what it looks like is a robbery that just went bad. >> reporter: police say brandon's cell phone was missing as well as the black sweat shirt he had been wearing when he left the party. his car was unlocked and police say his wallet was inside and appeared untouched. >> my son didn't deserve what he got. >> reporter: evans hopes this latest attempt at generating leads will be enough to close the case and bring her some closure. >> i ask myself sometimes how i still stand. but i made a promise to him that i would not stop until i found who did this to him. and if i fall apart, i won't be able to do that for him. >> reporter: evans, who lives in
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san diego, has two other sons who she says pushes her to move on. there is a $100,000 reward leading to the arrest of the people or person responsible for killing brandon evans. if you have any information, you are asked to call san francisco police. in san francisco, bay area news. there was a somber anniversary in san francisco tonight. 33 years ago tonight, mayor berlusconi and harvey milk were assassinated. milk was the first publicly gay representative to be elected. they were honored at the corners of haskin streets. prince william helped save people from frigid water after a cargo ship broke apart in the
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irish sea. >> reporter: early this morning in the cold waters of the irish sea, a man waves frantically from a life raft. a helicopter had been sent to rescue him. the co-pilot, the future king of england, prince william. the ship had been sailing in atrocious weather. >> she weaved, broke her back and in a catastrophic failure sank quickly. >> one member of the crew was found dead, five are still missing. aboard the helicopter, they found themselves at the edge of the british thrown of prince william who flew them to safety. william is spending three years as a royal search and rescue pilot. his brother has also faced danger. while sefrving in afghanistan, e
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carried out patrols in active areas. >> he said he wanted to have a proper job. there is no way he could be posted like his brother harry to the front lines in afghanistan because of his role as the future king. but he is a serviceman and he's not going to shirk his responsibilities. >> william lives a rather normal life with his new wife not far from the base. they will soon be separated as he serves his mission. no doubt there will be more like this as the future king spreads his wings. >> some amazing video there. we're checking with the weather around here. it was all right, i guess, rob. >> low clouds started to break up. kind of cool for northern san jose, 70s around kilroy.
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here's the main headline for your tomorrow morning commute. we have fog or reducing visibility down to a quarter mile. napa, fairfield, concord, over towards nevada, so the east bay valleys once again, and the inner bay, dense fog advisory until 9:00 tomorrow. a foggy start, so as you get back to work monday morning, we'll see patchy fog lingering for our inland valleys through lunchtime. tuesday, a slight warmup, then come wednesday, the winds are really going to get howling around the east bay hills and we'll show you why coming up in a moment. we add high clouds coming in on top of that, so that kind of reflected away a lot of the sunlight, prevented this fog from breaking up and the bottom line was a fairly cool day. same story, we've got bright clouds coming in, part of a
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weather system that's not going to bring us rain but hopefully will help scour out some of that fog as we head towards tomorrow afternoon, so no rain for your forecast on monday, but a foggy start. this is the trend for monday, probably into tuesday morning, and everything will change as these gusty winds at 45 miles per hour. something to watch for wednesday night into thursday. windy gusts that could get strong enough to cause power outages in some of our bay area hilltop communities. wednesday and thursday, though, will certainly blow the fog away from the bay area for the end of the week. by lunchtime, hazy sunshine, highs for most of us tomorrow in the 60s, but the item to watch, really, in your seven-day forecast will be the winds cranking up. wednesday into thursday, very gusty, and a dry start as we approach next weekend as well. >> all right, thanks very much, rob. coming up, savvy internet shopping tips just in time for
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in sports the raiders beat the chicago bears in oakland today 25-20.
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the raiders are in first place in their division. the niners played on thanksgiving and are in first place in their division as well. not bad. sports sunday is up next. laurence scott shows us the story of a teenager learning to walk again and how he's inspiring the niners. plus, the mma fighter whose father just happens to be one of the most well-known filmmakers of all time. have a great week. good night.
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au the holidays may be the best time of year to generate good will, but it's the worst time for generating waste. i'm saw zuzanne shaw. california leads the nation in recycling. 90% of our glass is recycled, but we recycle only 9% of
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polysterene. the problem is, most of it has to be cleaned before being recycled, so most garbage trucks take it to the dump. that's why most restaurants have banned the use of polysterene. the bay area asks you to give a gift this year. support uthe polysterene bans. you can learn more at b tonight on sports sunday, a young man's will to walk again and how jim harbaugh has been supportive all along the way. we also catch up with
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raiders star rookie demaryius moore. plus bring you an intriguing story of a mixed sparrer whose father is a well-known producer. the pac-12 trophy designed in richmond. we introduce the artist as well as some hockey. what works, what doesn't work? good evening, i'm laurence scott. we've been talking for months about our new format here on sports sunday, a


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