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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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former bart officer johanns mehserle expected to testify in his defense. and we give you a live look outside. this is how it looks everywhere. bay area fog. i believe that's the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge. it's so foggy i can't tell. but thank for the help. it's tuesday, november 29th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us. it is 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with christina loren to find out how to fight the fog. >> you're going to have to do it. even the places that don't traditionally get the pea soup fog, i'm talking san jose. you've got it. the visibility is really
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dropping off in places like oakland where you can only see for 50 feet in some spot. i'll tell you when the fog is expected to clear in your city and then our winds. we are going to see gusty winds in the bay area over the course of the next two days. we'll break it all down for you first. let's check the commute with mike. >> not a lot of cars on the the roads, but there's a lot of road work. that's one of your warnings. the fog making it tough to see through construction zones here. also the venecia and carquinez bridge are foggy. we have developing news this morning. trouble in tehran where dozens of iranian students are actually storming the british embassy in tehran, trying to bring down the british flag and throwing documents for the windows. they're being very vinyl. this comes two days after the iranian parliament actually
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approved a bill that will reduce diplomatic relations with britain. so we'll keep you posted on that developing story this morning. our other top story much closer to home here in the bay. a baby fighting for his life after getting shot in the head wi during a music video shooting in oakland. the 1-year-old was one of eight people shot. it's so tragic just to hear about these innocent lives. >> reporter: good morning. that child is in critical condition at children's hospital. his cousin tells me he has swelling of the brain. police say the bullets started firing at 6:30. the boy's father is a rapper. that's also the child's name. he was shooting a music video at
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the time the gunshots rang out. the cousin i spoke to is also a rapper. hi tells me his promotions van was at the location when the bullets were flying. he does not believe he was a target, even though the van was hit by several targets. he was in the richmond recording studio at the time but he says he's glad his promotions van was there because it was used to transport several of the injured to the hospital. >> i'm grateful my van was there to help people get to the hospital. you never know how long it would take for the ambulance to get there. it's a good thing they did think to get them directly to the hospital. >> police have not made any arrests. there were roughly 50 bullet casings at the scene. he say has the shootings here in
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oakland have become senseless when now a 1-year-old is here behind me fighting for his life. we're live in oakland. i'm damien trujillo. today in the bay. >> senseless. thank you, damien. it is 5:03. new word of more black friday violence. a south bay shopper was armed with a hammer. police say a woman smacked him on the head with the hammer at the macy's. the man did not know the woman and did not pro voc her. after being hit in the head with a hammer he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. the woman who has not been identified was arrested. in san francisco three young boys were robbed in line while waiting for a black friday sale. the 14 and 15-year-old boys tell police they were near the intersection when sixte teens approached them and asked to buy weed.
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the case against former bart police officer and four bart police officers resumes this morning. mehserle is expected to take the stand for a second time at 9:30 this morning. he claims mehserle and the officers used excessive force when arresting him in november of 2008. carrethers took the stand saying yesterday i'm no angel but i did not deserve to get beat up. he testified that carrethers was unruly and he was afraid he would attack. about 100 of them had to leave a classroom before after a fire broke out at a trash can at the men's restroom. firefighters quickly put it out. fire departme fortunately nobody was hurt. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> south bay homeowners could
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find themselves with trees for the city. they will consider new rules to clarify who is responsible for maintaining trees. the new rules focus on homeowners whose property is next to street trees. they'll also cover permit requirements. the body of a killer whale washing ashore leaving scientists trying to figure out how he died. the body of an 18-foot killer whale washed up just north at the seashore. they say it's very rare to see an or cassette up on shore in northern california. and there are signs the killer whale did suffer some sort of trauma, but to this point the case of death and cause of death is still being investigated. well, this is the time of year when people just seem to, you know, gain the few extra pounds. and a new study is showing a growing number of americans are raising the number of what their
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ideal weight should be to reflect the increase. good morning. i'm still thinking about the thanksgiving dinner and two pieces of pie. basically this is what the survey found. it asked americans how much they weigh. the average woman weighs 160 pounds. this is what is so startling. both numbers are up 20 pounds compared to the self reported weights in 1990. so not only are we getting chubbier, but we're readjusting our vision of what our ideal weight is as well. women on average said p 138 pounds up from 129 in 1991. and men on average said their adeal weight should be 196. that's also up from 180. and much of the steady weight
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gain that cops with age appears to be the result of weight gain between the thanksgiving holiday and new year's day. we're in the season right now. one the four pounds. and then we start off the new year with a higher life. so basically the survey is saying that most americans are in denial despite a cig capital weight increase over the last ten years. marianne favro, "today in the bay." >> tough to get out there and run this morning because it's a little foggy. can't see where you're going. >> yeah. it's actually dangerous to get out on a bike or even walking out there this morning. if you are going to be doing so, make sure you dress in light colors. it is really thick out there. the fog is so thick you won't recognize your familiar surroundings. give yourself plenty of time.
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this it's the lay day we have to deal with the thick fog. ft by tomorrow not expecting much at all as we have major change miss the works. as you can see now we have good visibility from livermore to concord. everywhere else across the bay reporting a quarter mile or less. san mateo now, you check in with 50 feet of visibility in spots. so you do want to take it easy. by 11:00 a.m. we should see a greater deal of clearing over the bay area. temperatures this morning, cooler than yesterday. 39 in napa. 38 in fairfield. 45 degrees in san jose. so the quiet start to the week continues. dense fog for your tuesday. making way to gradual clearing later on this afternoon. we will see sunshine. we're just going to have to wait for it especially near the coastline. upper 50s by the coast. mid 60s inland. i have the seven-day forecast. winds possibly gusting to 70
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miles per hour. we'll tell you where and how long that will last. and we're always thinking about the weekend. let's check your drive. it's foggy, mike. >> it is, christina. that's the big note for the day. fog and low visible. so lower the speeds. we're looking at a construction zone that you don't have to worry about anymore. 880 at fruitvale cleared up. smooth drive in through downtown oakland. 24 we still are closed in the westbound direction. stay to the right. plan on using that right lane for the next few minutes. we're looking at the north bay where we have nice travel times. through novato. very thick fog. tough to see there. we had a crew in the bridge. they safely moved in preparation for the morning commute. but loreer the speeds. back to you. the red tailed hawk found at
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golden gate park with a nail there through its head is doing well. the hawk was spotted sunday looking damp from the fog but looking good. they captured the hawk in october after it was spotted with a nail in its beak. police have still not found the person who shot the hawk tw the nail gun. known for his tight pants and long hair will hit the stage of san francisco. not mick jagger or keith richards. that would be cool. star of the updated arthur flick. doesn't ring a bell? he's also the husband of pop star katy perry. he'll perform at 8:00 tonight. this is a fund-raiser to support stress reducing meditation programs for veterans, inner city youth and the homeless. the show to see russell brand is sold out. >> it's 5:11 right now.
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new efforts under way to make sure your cell phone apps are safe for kids. >> plus the search for a missing paddle boater takes a twist. why he could be facing charging if he's found. >> and a neighborhood drying out after gallons of water rush through a san francisco home. >> and for the latest news, trag conversation, come find us at nbc bay area. strength mecine wipes out flakes. aloe and moisturizers keep hair healthy.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on welcome back, everyone. that's the bay bridge. doesn't look like the metering lights are on. boy, that fog will certainly slow you down. you can see across the bay area this morning.
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5:14 right now. >> that is thick stuff. apparently clearing out. >> we're seeing sunshine today. not quite as much fog as we had this morning. so we're going to clear just a little bit earlier. by 11:00 a.m. over the greater bay area. this morning still have really deep pockets out there. san mateo oakland. livermore and concord you're looking good but we expect the numbers to drop off. after sunrise, the sun will warm up the top layer and partial clearing throughout the day. so temperatures in the 30s, 40s and a couple of 50s out there. san jose at 45 dries. 41 degrees in santa rosa. so it's chilly out there. watch out for a couple of showers coming down. but you may have to use your
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wind cheeld wipers. as you can see for us in the greater bay area, mostly clear. we have low clouds really settling in as high pressure is still in control of the weather pattern. it compresses the moisture from the rains we had last week. dense a.m. fog this morning will make way to gradual clearing throughout the day. temperatures will be in the 60s later on. 63 in santa theresa. just 57 today in pacifica with drizzle expected at the coast because the fog is so thick out there this morning. and it's misting in spots as well. so it's not raining, but your roadways may be slick on your way to work. and you'll hit 63 degrees. a little bit of a warmup on the way. but we have major winds coming in through wednesday and thursday. we'll tell you how long they will last and what's to come for the all b important weekend. still no rain in the forecast.
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>> i'm happy about no rain on the weekend. the roadways are looking all right if you can see them. you're talking about the fog. no slowing. these speeds show you that through the south bay. the bottom of your screen, highway 17. we still have construction. very, very thick fog. that's an issue on the summit. we'll these travel times are just fine. that very thick fog will be an issue for many folks throughout the bay. livermore has the better visibility out of the altamon pass. just a 14 minute there to 680 and the dublin interchange. we don't have the construction at 880 as you're approaching downtown, but we do have the fog that laura and jon showed you. a good flow of traffic and light
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volume. it's 5:17 right now. the apps on the cell phones could get ringing like video games and movies. more details on that. we turn to jackie deangstless live at cnbc headquarters. >> we're watching fews. they are higher. we may see carry over in today's session as well. stocks jumped on optimism may be containing the debt crisis. and on the the back of bullish holiday sales numbers. europe slightly higher this morning. and there's been a muted response so far to a warning by fitch that it could downgrade the credit rating. now we're going to get data today on home prices. we saw the dough jump 291 points to 11,523. the nasdaq closing at 2527.
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meantime at&t may be trying to salvage the takeover of t mobile. this is an 11th hour talk to sell off the customer accounts and wireless spectrum. a deal like that would make it the fourth largest carrier. and regulators say that a combined deal would hurt competition and result in massive layoffs. and is angry birds appropriate for everyone? the ratings will be officially announced today. they are designed by the same panel that started rating games in 1994. they're also going to carry or if it connects to social network. back to you. >> thank you very much, jackie.
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laura, updating a story we had yesterday. the u.s. coast guard called off the search for a missing paddle boater near half-moon bay. the harbor master and coast guard say the men gave a false identity to a paddle boat rental company on sunday and then took off. crews did search for two days. but they combed the beaches in the area. but no one was found. anybody with information is asked to contact the coast guard. south san francisco homeowners are trying to dry out after gallons of water gushed into their homes. a newly installed pipe failed on friday, causing at least a million gallons of water to gush out. they are working on another section of the pipe which runs through hillsboro to san francisco. the break could affect work on
5:21 am
the entire line. the investigation will not affect the reimbursement process. homes, cars and the city infrastructure were all damaged during all of that flooding. >> major, major mess. 80 feet in the air. coming up a bay area police department reeling after one of the officers dies. plus, the plan one south bay city is considering to make going green that much easier. >> they'll take a look atan anecitd sellin little eces of od capitalism.
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this morning san jose police stunned and saddened after one of their own dies in an apparent murder-suicide. the bodies of christopher and his wife lynn were found in their gilroy home on sunday night. friends and family called police because they could not get ahold
5:24 am
of the couple. gilroy police will not say how lynn died but they say christopher died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. so far there are no indications of any domestic violence. the couple's two teenager children were not home at the time of the incidents. one south bay city wants to make it convenient for commuters to charge their electric cars at home. the counsel will meet to talk about a plan to require new developments for prewired electric car chargers. council members say it will be on prewiring and not installing charging stations. the public is invited to comment. the meeting will be held at 6:00 tonight. china this morning says no way to some charges that the country isn't playing fair in sol solar. scott mcgrew joins us now. the accusation is the government helped fund the solar industry, right? >> right. as we do. solyndra is a good example of
5:25 am
that. the accusations is china provides so much for the international trade. chinese officials held a press conference in beijing denying the charges which are serious because if they are proved true the u.s. could slap huge tariffs on chinese solar technology. the u.s. says it means chinese firmscan dump solar costs on americans. groupon. one of the only companies in the world to fall yesterday. fell by 9%. these are cool. the original documents to create apple computers signed by woz and jobs. the documents also include a request by apple's little known third partner who asked to be removed as a partner for apple in $800.
5:26 am
had he stuck around those shares would have been worth $10 billion. the other thing i want to throw in is the parent company of american airlines a short time ago filed for bankruptcy. what that means to you if you are say a frequent flier holder and that kind of thing is is little. >> restructuring going hon there. 5:26 right now. still to come on "today in the bay." san jose police looking into an overnight shooting in a normally quiet neighborhood. and we have yet again another thick layer of fog blanketing the greater bay area. we'll tell you when it's expected to clear. the sun will come out today. i have a warning if you're adhe'rd the bay bridge ft two warnings if you're using highway 24. that coming up. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs...
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i'm damien trujillo live where a child, a shooting victim is fighting for his wife, details coming up. instead of adjusting their times at the gym, more and more americans are adjusting their ideal weight. i'll tell you about a new trend coming up in a live report. plus, click the like button. we now know when facebook will file for the ipo. and a live look outside. >> that is the golden gate, jon. >> it is tuesday, november 29th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is 5:29 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, i'm jon kelley. time to check in with christina loren to find out about our
5:30 am
tuesday forecast. >> we have thick fog out there. and not just fog that we're watching for you. we have a wind storm shaping up for you. this morning we want you to get to work safely. city alert. give yourself plenty of the time to reach your destination. we find out what that fog is doing to your drive with mike inouye. >> allow extra time because you have to lower your speeds. also it's a washout as far as the caldecott goes. thath closed until further notice. and tough over the bridges. basically all the bridges have fog advisories. >> slow it down out there. thanks, mike. well, we start things off with a "today in the bay" exclusive this morning. a 1-year-old baby right now in critical condition after he and others were shot in west
5:31 am
oakland. we had a chance to talk with the baby's cousin. damien trujillo is in oakland. we're hearing the shooting happened during the filming of a music video, correct? >> yeah, and that child was there with his mother who is a local rapper. the 1-year-old is here fighting for his life. i spoke to his cousin, who is also a rapper. he said the boy was shot in the head and he has swelling of the brain right now. police say dozens of bullets were flying in the 700 block of willow tree and west oakland. he is a rapper. he told me his cousin, the boy's father is also a rapper and was shoot the music video when the gut shots rang out striking him. his promotions van was also at the filming of the video and dun believe he was a target even though his van was also hit with bullets. he tells me he was in the richmond recording studio and can't understand how someone can
5:32 am
senselessly fire his gun and strike a small child. >> it's like, this is getting crazy. for it to go down to where babies are starting to get hurt. it's not worth it. it's really, really not worth it. >> police are still looking for the suspects. there are reports there were roughly four dozen bullet casings left there at the scene. again the 1-year-old is here at the children's hospital behind me shot in the head. fighting for his life. we're live in oakland. i'm damien trujillo, today in the bay. >> so heart wrenching. thank you for the update. 5:32 now. san leandro police will reveal new information about a black friday shooting in a wal-mart parking lot. policery saying only that officers will share critical information about the case. the man and his family were
5:33 am
walking to the car when several suspects approached them demanding their newly purchased mds. when the man refused the suspects shot him. some of the victims managed to wrestle the suspects down to the ground until police arrived. it is 5:32 now. a shooting in a quiet south san jose neighborhood sent one man to the hospital this morning. police say it happened just before midnight on apple blossom drive. officers found a man who was shot several times. they say, however, his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. the man is now in the hospital. police are not naming any suspects at this point. >> the bay area's most anticipated ipo is said to be on his way. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew tells us when facebook will go public. it will be a big one. >> it's going to be huge. we know it was coming. between april and june of next year. this accord thog the "wall street journal" which says the planned filing would raise $10 billion and give the company an
5:34 am
overall worth of $100 billion. facebook would be selling just a small part of itself, and it would give facebook twice the value of hewlett-packard. it could also give mark zuckerberg a value of $25 billion. that's best guesstimate. zuckerberg probably owns a quarter of the company outright. we're not sure. 100 billion divided into quarters. you remember the movie "the social network kwlts. the founder and the plot there. well, he would be assuming he hasn't sold many shares and assuming they haven't diluted it too much, 5 billion. so at the end of the movie he feels he's been treated unjustly by them. >> edward. edward! all right. it will be interesting to watch. all right. thank you very much. >> wow, caltran is asking prosecutors to reconsider and file charges against a former employee fired over falsifying
5:35 am
data. prosecutors decided not to file the criminal charges. they are also working on the bridge despite the false data. caltran says the products are structurally sound. there's a new procedure in place to keep this from happening again. not feeling too bad about it. marianne favro is live in san jose with a look at some of the numbers for us. good morning. good morning to you, laura. if you want to get closer to your i deal weight, it's simple. just adjust your concept of what your i dool weight is. then you don't have to go to the gym. a new survey shows that's what most americans are doing. they're asking people to name their adeal weight. and they found that men picked
5:36 am
the number 15 pounds over their ideal weight. women picked a number 22 pounds over their ideal weight. this is all from a new gallup poll survey. it shows more and more americans are in denial about what is a healthy weight. the average man is 20 pounds heavier than the average man 20 years ago. one of the reasons most likely that people are doing this is if they adjust their ideal weight, then they don't have to lose so much weight. and it's not as daunting as getting in there doing the work. but kudos to the people at 24-hour fitness. they are working hard this morning. i can't believe how many people are pouring in here. it's not even the post season in january. reporting live in san jose, back to you. go in and make sure the tvs are on kwtd today in the bay."
5:37 am
thanks. >> time to check back in with christina loren. what is happening outside? >> it is so foggy out there. good morning to you. make sure you give yourself lots of time. i know i sound like a broken record saying that. once you walk out the front door, you may not see the fog when you hit the highway. you likely lchlt just about as bad as it was yesterday. not quite as widespread. this morning you have to slow down across the board. we'ring deep pockets of fog right now. in oakland, san mateo on san francisco. and then throughout the day we lose the fog by 11:00 a.m. and then we'll see a nice second half of your day. gradual clearing. not full-on sunshine. but at least partly cloudy skies. a mix of sun and clouds throughout 12:00 through 5:00 p.m. 50 in san francisco. 49 in oakland right now. you're at 45. good morning at san jose. high pressure setting up right over us. as we head through tomorrow, it's not only going to keep the coastline a little more on the clear side, it's going to drive
5:38 am
some very, very gusty winds to the higher elevations. even here on the valley floor we'll see pretty strong winds as we head through wednesday into early thursday. a high wind watch has been issued for the north bay mountain to the east bay hills. but a mostly clear coastline for the next couple of days. we'll have frequent gusts of 20 to miles per hour miles per hour. we really want you to keep this in mind. downed power lines, pg&e is on board. they know the weather is coming. >> good morning, christina. we take you to this the foggy drive out there. the issue report with all tunnels back home. westbound 24 at broadway. a minor accident reported there. it sounds like a car went off the shoulder there.
5:39 am
it's going to be tough to see. expect slower conditions because of the fog. and we're looking at antioch with the highway 4 slowdown. the time is 5:39. and he speaks for the very first time since being hospitalized. east palo alto city leaders set to tackle a new report that says no stop sign is needed. and what police are saying about the woman who pepper sprayed shoppers during a black friday sale in southern california.
5:40 am
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welcome back, everyone. it is 9:00 right now. a new mammogram recommendation.
5:42 am
but it directly contradicts recommendations from the federal government. tracie potts is live in washington with what is going on with this. good morning, tracie. >> hey, jon. good morning, everyone. here's the bottom line. just this year alone in california 20,000 women are be diagnosed with breast cancer. how do you prevent the diagnoses? through mammograms. when do you get the mammograms? that's where the controversy lies. another recommendation from the society of north america. they're saying that all women regardless of your family history, if you've never had anyone in your family with breast cancer, you should be getting a mammogram every year starting in your 40s. that is completely the opposite of what the u.s. preventive services task force said just two years ago when they shook up the medical community saying that women don't need to start those mammograms until 50 and then have them every other year unless there's a family history
5:43 am
or genetic issue to provide for them earlier and more often. so now what are women to do? we have different remss from different organizations. the radiologist national cancer institute also saying it's good to start in the 40s. a lot of doctors are as well. you do need to consult with your doctor. and a lot of women will be guided by what their insurance will pay for. >> very important information to share, tracie. it is 5:43. michael jackson's personal doctor will find out how long he will spend in jail for his part in the pop star's death. prosecutors want the judge to give conrad murray the maximum four-year prison term. the lawyers are asking for probation. he died from the powerful anesthetic propofol. new trouble this morning for gop presidential candidate herman cain. a georgia woman said she and
5:44 am
cain had an affair that lasted 13 years and ended a few months before he started his presidential campaign. ginger says cain bought her plane tickets. he denies the affair. the black friday pepper spray incident at a wal-mart store could have been self defense. the woman involved showed up at a police department on saturday, but she did not answer any questions. detectives now looking at security video and youtube videos. you can hear people saying "i'm being trampled." they say the case of pepper spray will hinge on whether it was self defense or simply a very inappropriate shopping tactic. >> amazing. >> 5:34. pretty amazing to see the fog
5:45 am
out there this morning. >> it's a day when we traditionally see fog. not so much the case in san jose where we have deep fokts out there this morning. so give yourself plenty of time. i'm expecting almost completely clear conditions as a big ridge of high pressure sets up over us overnight. this is the last di of the really thick fog. make sure you're ready for it. it is really peaceful across the bay, including the golden goalen great bridge. right now it's in place until 9:00 a.m. we now have flight delays with low ceilings. that was the case yesterday. but nothing out of san jose yesterday just yet.
5:46 am
concord had eight mile visibility an hour ago. so it's starting to creep into the tri valley as we speak. we expect more of it to develop through sunrise. but we stop the future cast at 10:00 a.m. and you can see mostly clear conditions everywhere. but the central valley. they'll likely be socked in with fog all day long. so if you're headed to southern california, make sure to take your time out there. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. it is really thick. 45 in san jose. 35 in gilroy. temperatures end up in the 60s. a couple upper 50s in the places with the fog. fairfield with 59 degrees. through tomorrow the winds of change start to take shape. we are talking about some major, major winds pumping through the higher elevations. so that's what we're watching for for you.
5:47 am
pg&e is on board expecting power outages due to downed power lines. that will be starting tomorrow at sunrise. no rain in the forecast. lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend. let's find out about your slow drive with mike inouye. >> that what we have. slow drive. you should slow the speeds because of lower visibility. we have slowing here. northbound 101. things are more crowded in the south bay. i'll watch this and monitor to see if it sticks around. construction continues. but that should clear. highway 17, redwood estate and towards the summit you have construction zones clearing. very tough to see over the santa cruz mountains as well. that will be an issue. watch for the crews and the flashing lights. highway 9 and 91, low visibility
5:48 am
there. keep that in mind as you're crossing over the water. we'll look across the bay. westbound 580, there's an accident just moved off to the shoulder, but still flashing lights off the castro valley "y" and we're also watching broadway westbound 24 clearing. and a quick look at golden gate, you can see the fog, a reminder why you need to slow down. east palo alto city leaders are expected to talk about what to do at a dangerous intersection where a 6-year-old girl was killed. it's continuous coverage of a story we first brought you a few months ago. the city is expected to look at a report from traffic engineers that suggest no stop sign is needed at the intersection of bay and gloria because not enough accidents have occurred there in the past year. that's despite the fact that this little girl was hit and killed at that intersection in september. the report suggests school
5:49 am
crosswalk signs and a larger no parking zone instead. tonight's city council meeting will take place at 7:30 at east palo alto city hall. the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer will be back in court. henry smith jr. expected to enter a plea. he's accused of shooting and killing james capoot during a police pursuit. smith is being held in a county jail without bail. >> 5:49 now. new details about the deadly thanksgiving day officer involved shooting. ramirez was shot three times by a police officer and died from his wounds. they said perez was pounding on the back door. perez came part way down and
5:50 am
pulled out a handgun. that's when the officer shot him. >> it is 5:49. pg&e crews bracing for powerful wind gusts throughout the bay area this morning. heavy winds, of course cause trees and other plants to fall onto power lines. pg&e set up an information line for them to call. that number is 1-800-pge-5002. 5:50 now. police are trying to figure out what to do about occupy protesters that have taken over a building at uc santa cruz. that will move things like financial aid and the registrar's office because protesters took over the building that normally houses the departments. so far no plans to evict them. students got in through an open window. occupy oakland protesters
5:51 am
planning to retake the plaza. at noon they'll have a 24-hour a day-seven day a week vigil. they're exercising their right to assemble and speak. they plan to file a restraining order if police want to try to remove them. and we're hearing from scott sol sen. he was seriously hurt during the clash last month. olsen has a large scar on his fore head, but he remembers the night clearly. next thing i know, i'm down. i'm on the ground. and there are people above me trying to help me and they ended up carrying me away. i didn't want them to. i wanted to get up, stay there, pick up my bag, but they carried me away.
5:52 am
scott says it wasn't until protesters were asking questions he couldn't give them a reply. at that point he knew something was very wrong. olsen saysrecovery has been frustrating. >> the latest tashlty of the bay area the trying to dig out of bankruptcy. >> plus where you can get a free tree for wi> eu ipe sstruggl europe is sglugining with the your owe. ounc it alp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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one market change hanging up its apron strings.
5:55 am
they are shutting down the store on telegraph avenue. a spokesman says the store is already liquidating inventory. the 82-year-old chain filing for bankruptcy back in september. a private investment firm bought the company for $16 million. . a christmas gift for families in the north bay. families who want to cut down their own tree can do it for free. they'll also be doing park leaders a favor by ringing out the open face reserve the pine tree at the park is ab unwanted invasive species. people can pick out, cut and take home a tree at the preserve. # 5:55 the securities and exchange commission is investigating weather san francisco 49ers star ran a trick
5:56 am
play on investors. scott mcgrew joins us barry bonds and peyton manning. >> bloomberg news says it suspected the pair could have misled investors about how much money was left this the fund after the economic collapse of 2008 and 2009. he managed money for other sports stars. bloomberg says the government wants to know if they moved money around to disguise the help of the fund. now do keep in mind that reports of a government agency looking into whether something may or may not have happened doesn't mean anyone is guilty of anything hat this point. all kinds of worries in europe. italy just paid more than 7% to fupd its debt. we consider anything over 7% unsustainable. now very serious talk of the 17 cubs that share the euro.
5:57 am
now what happens when a currency collapses, especially one shared by 17 countries, including two of the most powerful economies in the world, france and germ y germany? nobody knows. and the parent company of american airlines filed for bankruptcy. they held on for years through 9/11 and the economic collapse. every competitor, continental, united, delta went through this, amr now in bankruptcy. the company will continue to honor frequent flier miles and we will connuone mtoitor. >> we know you will. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪
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sorry to be so frank. i just don't need another needlepoint throw pillow, aunt carla. ♪ four calling birds, three french hens... when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. i'm damien trujillo live in oakland where yet another shooting leaves a 1-year-old fighting for his life. details


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