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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in the san jose hills where the fog is getting worse if that's possible. we'll take a look coming up. >> reporter: new this morning, thousands of people are expected to come to vallejo to pay their respects to fallen police officer jim capoot, including the governor. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. occupy san francisco turns down an offer from the city. it is wednesday, november 30th, a live look at the golden gate bridge. we've seen the fog slowly dissipate this morning. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for b joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. that's a stark difference, christina, from what we saw on
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that video. >> you saw damian out there. sometimes when you other out there in, fog swirls around, doesn't stay stationary. we have winds helping them mix out all the load cloud cover. starting to improve in places like livermore where you can actually see for ten miles. the places not getting wind yet, for instance, the san jose hills where damian is, less than quarter mile of visibility. we'll see major changes as we head through this morning together. so the course of the next three orr four hours, winds pick up. they're going to be down right gusty later on. we'll talk about that first. >> talking about it swirling around, lower peninsula, lower bayshore. that's where we'll see two accidents. one for southbound 101 at whipple. the off-ramp might be affected like this. lanes sound like they're open northbound at woodside. this might involve a car into a pole. no major injuries reported. i'll give you that update.
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slick roads might be an issue. >> that's true. not a good way to start the morning. so we've given you the view from right inside here, the warm confines of our studios. the question is how is it really out there? damian trujillo is out standing in the field in the thick of things to see how the drivers are handling the commute. >> good morning, jon. come out and join me. you know christina loren mentioned how fog swirled. we were up here about an hour ago, we were above the fog bank. it seems like the elevation of that fog is increasing a little bit more. we or a couple hundred feet above sea level here on mt. hamilton road. let me see you video of the trip up to mt. hamilton road was an adventure. visibility was only a few feet. driving below the speed limit is almost a necessity. even though you may travel on the same road every morning, put both hands on the wheel because the exits will sneak up on you and you won't see the road signs
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or street lights until they're right in front of you. those traveling on a two-lane road need to be especially careful because the approaching car might be hugging the center divider line as he or she deals with the same visibility problems. we spoke with one driver who slowed it down this morning. >> coming down the hill, how far can you see? >> i could see probably about 10, 20 feet. >> scary? >> i'm used to it. california weather. you know. >> reporter: this fog advisory is in effect, as christina mentioned, until 7:00 this morning. once the fog clears later this morning, those strong gusty winds will take over. they'll take over especially up here where i'm standing on mt. hamilton road. the higher you are, the windier it will get. first the fog, and now it's going to be the wind, laura and jon. back to you. >> damian, for all these years i thought you just made those
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grand entrances with fog following you everywhere. now we know it's mother nature. >> i'm in a fog all the time. >> have a good one. it is 6:03 right now. occupy san francisco is staying in justin herman plaza for now. last night the camp's general assembly rejected an offer from the city to move to a vacant lot in the financial district. the fenced-in lot is owned by the school district. if the camp moved, there would be no cooking, no children and no animals. in los angeles overnight place arrested 200 people in the a raid of that city's occupy camp. protesters were camped in a park near l.a. city hall. some even built a tree house that looked right into the mayor's office window. about 1200 police officers, some in riot gear moved into the camp just after midnight. the raid was generally peaceful. no question, nothing short of an emotional day in one bay area city as friends and neighbors say good-bye to a vallejo police officer killed in
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the light of duty. memorial services for jim capoot was a father of five and mentor to fellow officers as well as dozens of high school students. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in vallejo with what's ahead for today's services. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the memorial gets under way at 11:00 this morning. they have everything ready out here, chairs and a stage as thousands of people are expected out here at corbis field. about 4,000 people all to pay their respects to fallen vallejo police officer jim capoot, who was shot while trying to pursue a bank robbery suspect on november 17th. governor jerry brown is expected to be here, members of the school board, city council and hundreds, if not thousands of fellow police officers from across the state. capoot was married, a father, just 45 years old. had an amazing career as a chp officer, a marine, a former coach for the vallejo high
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girl's basketball team. school will be in session. while students aren't necessarily being encouraged to attend, many are expected to try and get permission to come out here anyway. covering this story, so many have told us that they remember him as a motivator and friend. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, back to you guys in san jose. >> okay, christie. thank you very much for the update. a memorial service will be held today for a danville marine killed in afghanistan. lance corporal joshua corral will be honored at the east bay fellowship church in danville at 12:30, buried at oakmont memorial park in lafayette. the 19-year-old died november 18th during combat operations in the helmand province. following the funeral there will be a reception at his alma mater, san ramon valley high. the remains of a soldier will arrive at moffitt field. sean wham-of san jose died
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november 17th from injuries he suffered. he was part of an east bay unit deployed to afghanistan on a one-year tour that was supposed to end just before christmas. a public memorial will be held tomorrow at oak hill cemetery in san jose. it's 6:07 right now. closing arguments and jury deliberations start this morning in the case against former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle and four other officers. ken caruthers claims the officers used excessive force when he was arrested back in november of 2008. caruthers on the stand said he's no angel but he did not deserve to get beat up. mehserle testified last week that ka ruth thers was unruly and he was afraid ka ruth thers would attack another officer. the case goes back to court this morning. 6:07 right now. a state lawmaker wants the california public utilities commission to be more
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transparent. leland yee says it's urgent and necessary citing the documents about the san bruno pipeline that exploded. the commission might not support the repeal but does believe openness would not hurt. >> an intense lesson on fog. >> we're looking pretty good right now. this is the sunol grade. you can see cars zooming through a-o kay. the east bay hills, for example, that's where we're clearing out quickly. as we head throughout the next couple hours, i'm going to say the next 45 minutes, we're going to see these numbers jump up. right now left with about four or five cities with visibility down to quarter mile. that's oakland, novato, santa rosa and san jose. ef where else we the winds pick
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up. sunrise just after 7:00 a.m. that's when we're expecting the dense fog advisory to expire. already clearing rapidly. ten miles per hour sustained at this point. later on today we're talking about sustained wind speeds, anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. this is going to be a long-range wind event. usually we see gusty winds through the bay area for five to ten hours. talking about a 24-hour period of very gusty winds especially through the higher elevations. that can really wear on some of the trees, especially new growth. we're watching for downed trees, that could create downed power lines. watching for that all day long. the wind starting to pick up. the windiest time of day from noon to the evening hours. the winds will continue to howl through the east bay hills and north bay mountains. windy conditions and offshore flow will drive all that fog out to sea. that's why we're expecting such rapid clearing which we're already noticing this morning.
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downs trees an branches, dangerous driving conditions for high profile vehicles, especially over the open bridgeless. you could get hit with strong gusts up to 50, maybe 60 miles per hour. that's down right dangerous. mike inouye, you've seen that before, right? >> definitely have trees down across roadways, power lines down. today we have a couple of poles down, not due to the wind. a couple of cars have hit poles. focusing on one of them right now. the earlier accident southbound 101 at whipple. that scene declared clear. but northbound at woodside, the pole down there. no major injuries, the pole is off the shoulder at the off-ramp. activity for the next few minutes while they clear the car out of the roadway. no major injuries. looking at another pole down, this is westbound highway 4 at port chicago highway. fast lane is reportedly blocked past that interchange. no major slowing, although the 48 showing the slowing into bay point. the antioch jam to summers ville. you'll see oakland shaping up.
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we haven't seen this shot for much of the last 24 hours, but it is clear now as far as the view goes. like christina said, the wind has stirred things up there. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 6:10 right now. coming up on today in the bay, what is going on with herman cain? find out what is campaign is saying this morning about talk. cain's run is coming to an end. what if you were warned about the next big quake? good morning. i'm marla tellez. d mebecoli rea howty cthoon colibeea c roming up. sglfrnlths sglfrnlthsz
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welcome back everyone. secretary of state hillary clinton is making an historian visit this morning, visiting mean march. it is the first time a u.s. secretary of state has been there in more than 50 years. she'll be meeting the leaders of the country which is also known
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as burma. it recently cut military and nuclear ties with north korea. secretary clinton trying to figure out if the country now is ready to open up and if it is committed to reform. herman cain's top aide says there is no way the candidate is dropping out of the presidential race. yesterday cain said he is reassessing his campaign following an accusation of an affair. it follows several allegations of sexual harassment, but cain's aide says it's a strategic reassessment. cain has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. but some political insiders think he's done. >> if you want to be president, you have to be up front and honest. at this juncture it's a question of whether he has those characteristics. >> cain's iowa campaign is on hold. the campaign now needs more money. we have high winds sweeping through the bay area today; chicago, the windy city, got a taste of what mother nature can whip up. take a look. that's lake michigan. the wind created huge waves to
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pummel the water's edge. i can't believe that woman is trying to ride her bike. gusts reached about 50 miles an hour there which is kind of amazing can see, what potentially 50 miles an hour there can do just to a lake. you mentioned yesterday, christina, we could see winds here from 40 to 70 miles an hour? >> yeah, gusts, up to 70 miles per hour. category one hurricane is 74 municipalities. we're talking about gusts near hurricane-force strength, really, really gusty winds. when we talk about that, that's mostly through the highest peaks across the bay area. mt. diablo will get some of those very, very strong wind gusts. we have a wind advisory in place for everywhere across the bay area with a high wind warning in effect. nor the north bay mountains and east bay hills as we head through today and all the way through late tomorrow. that's indicative of a major wind event that's not going to be short lived. we'll have to deal with the
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strong winds for at least 12 hours, maybe even 24 hours. but what we're noticing this morning, the winds starting the pick up. getting a nice clear start. right here in the east bay things are starting to rapidly improve. you need to give yourself plenty of extra time and take it easy. some cities are reporting a quarter mile visibility or less. as a result of the winds coming through, the fog will rapidly clear out. winds starting to shift to the northeast. that is our offshore wind direction. high pressure is going to continue to clear us out over the course of the next 45 minutes. as we hit 9:00 a.m., all the fog concentrated into the central valley. high pressure moves in, sets up over the great basin. drives our flow from land to sea. the wind is pumping from land to sea. that's a warming trend for us. that will warm things up especially through theest bay hills and the cities that get the most wind. you'll be close to 70 degrees. high wind warning in place for the north bay ploun tans and
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east bay hills. a nice clear coastline. this is what happened. we have less friction over water and higher elevations. we'll see the strongest gusts through the mountain passes and over your open water bridges. if you drive a high profile vehicle for the next two days, you need to take it easy, especially over those bridges. travel cautiously. hilltops will see the worst winds with gusts at 50 miles. interior valleys will see breezy to windy conditions. i think this event will mainly impact the north bay and the east bay. we won't see that much impact down here in the south bay. breezy to windy conditions for us. temperatures today in the mid 60s, 65 in santa rosa. we'll get to that seven-day forecast. 63 degrees on thursday, i don't want to short mike inouye on any time because he has a lot going on. >> be you can't stop the seven-day christina. >> looking here on the soub p south bay. highway 85, the car is out of
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the ditch at blossom hill. tom of the screen, looking at 101. both directions showing slowly past highway 87. we're seeing a build over at 680 and also at tul lee road. typical build for the south bay commute. also typical, 580, westbound a 17-minute drive out of the altamont pass, slowing into livermore and slowing as you come through pleasant ton. 680 southbound, on-ramp at crow canyon road. accident is cleared. damaged post. maybe later today, 10:00 to 12:00 may they may have to do repair work. okay getting onto the freeway there. a look at the maze and an easy approach to the bay bridge. the metering lights turned on just a few minutes ago. there's the backup. you can see the eastshore freeway. it's a clearer view. back to you. people live manage the bay area could soon get those extra moments to prepare for a dreaded earthquake. we know the big one is coming soon. marla tellez is live with a look
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at the alert system that could be up and working soon. >> none of us is looking forward to the next big one. thanks to a multimillion dollar grant from a couple very generous san franciscoan, we may get warned. shake alert is currently being tested at uc berkeley and the california institute of technology. just yesterday the gordon and betty moore foundation awarded those schools, along with the university of washington seattle a total of $6 million to improve the earthquake alert system. imagine working on your personal computer and then getting a pop-up alert that notifies you a quake is imminent. scientists say shake alert could give people several seconds to more than a minute to get ready. in most cases, of course, that is enough time to seek shelter, duck and cover, maybe even make that emergency phone call to loved ones. that could save thousands of lives and millions of dollars. the infamous quake of '89 cost
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an estimated $6 billion. a uc berkeley professor working on this technology says a full-scale west coast warning system could be running in next five years. the total cost, $150 million. now, the problem is the big one could happen, of course, at any given moment before the technology is up and running. the best thing we can do now is have a plan in place for you and your family and, of course, get that earthquake kit together. laura? >> we say it over and over. we know it's happening. thank you, marla. 6:20 right now. >> yes, it is. >> mcdonald's cooking up a plan to get around a new san francisco law. and it's raising money for charity at the same time. facebook's mark zuckerberg t.pracy missteps in the pt.nhe we'll take a look at that coming up.
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welcome back. it's 6:23 right now. san francisco's law banning free toys from fast food meals takes effect tomorrow. mcdonald's already has a plan to get around it. it will charge ten cents for the toys that come along with happy meals. that ten cent also go to the ronald mcdonald house at the new ucfs hospital. it provides rooms for families whose children are undergoing hospital treatment. a report out this morning says more kids are receiving free or low-cost meals from schools. "new york times" reports students receiving subsidized lunches rose to $21 million last
6:24 am
school year. that's compared to $18 million in the 2006, 2007 school year. the report say it is number is increasing because more families that were once solidly middle class lost jobs or homes and now qualify for the program. there could be a twist to the story of a $254 million powerball jackpot. there are reports now that the three men who claimed the prize are not the winners after all. instead, they could be a front for an anonymous winner. the man who accepted the prize are wealth managers. the landlord of the firm's office space told abc news a client came to the firm with the winning ticket. one of the three men's relatives confirmed the story. the lawyer for the man still claims they are the only winners. >> one of those stories that mix you go hmm. where does all the gas come from that you put in your tan snk scott mcgrew says most people would guess the middle east. >> they would be wrong. most of the gas used in california started in the oil
6:25 am
fields of canada, mexico and california. in fact, we make so many petroleum products here in the united states, we are on the cusp this morning of becoming a net petroleum product exporter. refined gasoline in particular, a lot of that happening in lich mond and martinez, benicia, americans using less energy and the rest of the world is demanding more and, yeah, while the middle east has more oil, we are better at refining. the u.s. has not been a net fuel exporter since before the second world war. facebook this morning appointed not one but two people to become chief privacy officers following tuesday's settlement with the ftc. the ftc accused facebook of promising to protect your privacy and then violating that promise. they haven't had a privacy officer since chris kelly stepped away to run for political office, though it's had several executives, mostly lawyers, working in its privacy
6:26 am
department. mark zuckerberg posted, quote, i am the first to admit we've made a bunch of mistakes about privacy. reporter liz gans reports zuckerberg has posted 25 times total in facebook history. ten of those posts are apologies. >> he's so rich, he can do whatever he wants. >> yu rear ro right on that one. 6:26. a bay area community will come together to remember a police officer killed in the line of duty. we'll have a live report coming up. we'll also update you on the condition of a 1-year-old boy shot along with six other people outside an oakland liquor store. our weather is changing as we speak this morning. we are going to go from extreme fog to extreme wind in a matter of hours. we'll break down that full bay area forecast coming right up. i'm watching your concord drive as a pole is cleared from the roadway. we may have live wires hownw yo
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i'm damian trujillo in the san jose hills. we'll take a look at the fog coming up. thousands of people expected to come to vallejo to pay their respects to fallen police officer jim capoot. i'm christie smith. i'll have more on the memorial service coming up in a live report. someone is saying california's high-speed rail just a multibillion dollar mistakes waiting to happen. we give you a live look at san jose. you can see there's still a little fog hanging around. the good news is you can look through it and see the weekend. it's wednesday, november 30th, "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it is 6:29 right now.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to tell us about that fog. still some hanging in there. starting to get out of the way. >> especially if you're waking up with us on the north end of the bay area. basically areas to the north of highway 92 is where we're starting to clear out. san jose getting a lot of that fog, visibility at a quarter mile in san jose. that's because we're not getting much wind down there just yet. fairfield, livermore, the winds starting to come through, mix that fog out. as we head through the next half hour, wait till we check these visibility readings next time. they should jump up. that's coming up in matter of minutes. first i want to check your drive with mike inouye. >> lookthality your map, i saw three-quarters of a mile for concord, good enough for driving, no problems there. the accident, that was an issue. the pole has been removed in the roadway westbound at port chicago highway. it was long enough to cause the buildup. now 242 heading into concord, we'll watch as the commute flows down into walnut creek and we'll
6:31 am
see the ripple effect. move up your get out the door time this morning. talking about the fog. it means driving could be more treacherous. damian trujillo live above the clouds. what's it like out there? is it clearing for you? >> reporter: no, actually it's gotten worse. we were above the clouds. we could see the fog bank behind us when we got here at 4:00 this morning. things have gotten significantly worse for us here. the visibility, quarter mile is actually good when you consider what we had to go through this morning just getting up here. we have video to show you what it looked like on alum rock avenue. this is how it looked on our drive this morning up to mt. hamilton road. if you're about to get in your car, be extra careful this morning. visibility is next to nothing in many areas here in the south bay. the dense fog advisory is in effect until 7:00 this morning, as christina mentioned. and dense is probably a nice way to describe it. it's ugly out here. we found ourselves going below
6:32 am
the speed limit and in some cases we almost missed an exit because it just snuck up on us. so slow it down a little bit this morning. put both hands on the wheel and drive defensively like one driver we spoke with today. >> it's pretty thick out here today. are you driving differently? >> yeah, very slowly. >> reporter: it's california weather says the man in our interview. the fog is no joke. we hope it clears up in the next half our or some we can see daybreak popping up over in the east hills in front of me right now. what a change. we could see the fog bank behind us at 4:00 this morning. now, as you mentioned, jon, i am in a fog. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, damian. you look pretty warm out there. an outpouring of grief is expected today at a public memorial for a vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty. jim capoot was very, very active in the community and he was also
6:33 am
a mentor to dozens of teens, a pillar on so many different fronts. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in vallejo with more on today's memorial. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we're at corbis field vallejo hospital where at least 4,000 people are expected to come out and pair they respects to fallen police officer jim capoot. i wanted to give you a look from our camera on top of our live truck to show you what the field looks like this morning with all the chairs and the stage set up here this morning. the governor expected to be here, city council members, school board. hundreds of police officers out here as well. capoot was just 45 years old. he was married, a father. he was killed on november 17th trying to catch a bank robbery suspect. his passing has really touched the entire community here in vallejo. capoot was a chp officer, marine, served 19 years on the vallejo police department. he once coached the vallejo high girls basketball team.
6:34 am
while school will be in session today and students aren't necessarily encouraged to come out, many are expected to try and get permission to come here anyway. one former player told me earlier that he helped them get new jerseys, took them to his house and taught them never to give up. she tells me she considers him a motivator and a friend. services start this morning at 11:00. live in vallejo, christie smith. back to you guys in san jose. >> thank you for the update. 6:34 right now. an oakland toddler is still fighting for his life after being shot during a gunfight. hiram lawrence turns 2 years old just a few days after christmas. on monday night three gunmen opened fire at a crowd gathered in a parking lot at a liquor store at seventh and willow. several people were injured including hiram who was struck in the head and is in critical condition. oakland mayor jean quan is asking the public to step forward and identify the suspects that were caught on security cameras. today we'll find out how
6:35 am
long several members of a notorious gang will stay behind bars. a u.s. district judge in san francisco there sentence five ms 13 gang members. the group was convicted in august of racketeering, murder, conspiracy and other charges. two were also convicted of carrying out several gang-related murders in the city back in 2008. murder convictions carry a mandatory life sentence. legal experts say ms-13 is a violent gang which has spread throughout the country. the group has operated in the mission district since the 1990s. it is 6:35 right now. the state's top analyst says starting construction on california's high-speed ram pro jeekt could be a waste of billions of dollars. the legislative analyst's office released a report yesterday saying it is highly uncertain the full project will ever be built at all. the state plans to start construction in the central valley next year by spending $6 billion in tax funds. the long-term plans rely on congress to provide more than
6:36 am
half that funding, something the report says is unlikely to happen. congress has already killed all high-speed rail funding for two years straight. it is 6:35 right now. we made a call to mother nature. looks like he's switching her fog machine into a wind shear. is that right, christina loren? >> she certainly is. it's a bad day. we're looking good in oakland. you can see for six or seven miles. quite a contrast if you're waking up in the south bay. san jose, we have really really lows visibility. the fog is clearing in the south bay as we speak. 6:36 a.m. right now. as we set the futurecast in motion, you can see by 7:00 a.m., over the course of the next 15, 20, even 30 minutes, we're going to see mostly clear conditions for most of the bay area. fog starting to break through as we speak because winds are really starting to pick up. what happens is the winds pick up, they mix all that air around
6:37 am
and that's what clears the fog out. for us today that's going to be the case. it doesn't take much wind to do that. that's why the dense fog advisory will expire right on time in about 15 to 20 minutes. winds at 10 miles per hour in fairfield. suspecting the speeds to jump up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. the heaviest winds will probably occur through tonight. looks like late afternoon, this evening, into tonight, very, very windy especially through the north bay mountains and east bay hills. the offshore wind flow pushes that fog out to see. tomorrow morning you'll see a much better drive. you won't have to deal with that dense fog. we're expecting the gustiest winds through the hilltops. gusts of 50 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour. definitely strong enough to topple trees. we're going to see these winds relentlessly head through the bay area throughout the day today. maybe six or seven hours of extreme wind. that's enough to take down trees. the trees fall down and take down power lines. we're expecting isolated power
6:38 am
outages in addition. 62 in concord today. 65 in santa rosa and 58 in bodega bay. i have your seven day outlook coming up. things get better towards this weekend. saturday and sunday looking good. we'll talk about rain in the forecast in my next report. let's talk to mike right now about your drive. >> christina, talking about the peninsula, sfim having fog in patches sticking around. the accident has not stuck around. northbound 101 at woodside. all lanes are cleared for that off-ramp. the pole is off the roadway. you might see crews there. san mateo bridge, we're showing earlier fog. that could be an issue crossing the bay. there's the look, heavier volume of traffic than we often see through that area. and with a look at the bay bridge and the approach, metering lights are on. slow down the eastshore freeway. time is 6:38. coming up on today in the bay, the man who shot president reagan will make his case for more freedom. did tobacco companies live up to a promise to send money to
6:39 am
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more than a decade ago u.s. tobacco companies agreed the pay states billions of dollars to settle a lawsuit against the tobacco industry. that money was supposed to pay for anti-tobacco programs and related health costs. a new report finds that didn't always happen. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with what california is now doing
6:42 am
with the money. good morning. >> good morning. california and a number of other states have absorbed this money because budgets are so tight, in some cases upside down or almost upside down. $246 billion that was supposed to go from the tobacco industry for smoking cessation programs to help adults quilt, for prevention programs for kids, just not being spent that way. according to this brand new report we have this morning from the american cancer society, the campaign for possible bako free kids and a number of other anti-smoking groups who say the funding for these programs down 12% just in the last year. they are recommending the state and federal government raise taxes to help make up the difference to get these programs going. washington sent millions in grants to states to hemp make up the difference. but a lot of that was stimulus money and that money is now running out. they also want to see more spent on these programs and smoke-free workplaces and restaurants.
6:43 am
what's the impact in california? california right now, the state, is spending $70 million on anti-smoking programs. but the need, the report says, is great. $9.14 billion is the health care cost of smoking in the state. that amounts to just over $600 for every family in california. jon? >> tracie potts, thank you for the update. 6:43 right now. coming up, a system to warn you of upcoming earthquakes closer to reality. another wild day on wall street and putting yourself in a video game. coming up.
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we're getting word there are delays to flights arriving into sfo this morning. kind of tough visibility we've seen out there. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren with a look at conditions right now. >> it's actually greatly impr e improving. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge where just about an hour and a half ago, you could barely make out those bright red lights. now we can actually see both towers here. so we did see flight delays out of sfo yesterday and the day before all day long. i don't think that will be the case today because that fog is clearing quickly. we have wind on the way. very unusual to go right from the dense fog advisory to the wind advisory. one of the ingredients for dense fog development is calm winds. the winds are starting to pick up. that's what's mixing around that area and starting to create clearer conditions. let's take it right to your wind speeds. talking about wind sustained at 10 miles per hour in fairfield, six miles per hour in hayward right now. looking pretty good this
6:47 am
morning. temperaturewise will be a little warmer as high pressure moves in, drives the winds from land to sea. that's a warmup for us. we'll see temperatures maybe three to five degrees warmer in most cities than they ended up yesterday. it will continuously push all that marine influence back out to sea. we're not talking about a very strong development of the marine layer as we wake up tomorrow morning. we will not have even probably a quarter of as much fog, if any. high wind warning in effect for the north bay moun contains, east bay hills. winds gusty through the central california region with a really big strong ridge of high pressure driving the santa anas through the great basin. you have less friction over the water and up through the higher elevations. the wind is able to whip around in those areas. that means we'll see very dangerous driving conditions, especially for high profile vehicles along our local bridges later today. it's not going to be as breezy through the valleys. however, we still have wind advisories in places through the
6:48 am
metropolitan city, san francisco, san jose and even oakland as we head throughout the day today. 5:00 p.m., temperatures reaching 63 degrees in places like san jose. about 60 degrees at 5:00 pvm in places like san francisco. we're going to see downed trees and branches possibly. dangerous driving conditions. when we meet back here tomorrow we'll likely be talking about debris in the highway and very, very windy conditions continuing all the way throughout your first part of thursday. they should start to taper off as we head through thursday night. a lot of sunshine and warmth through the weekend. let's check the drive with mike. in the south bay a good volume of traffic kicking in. 101, speeds dip around tul lee and slow past 680 and towards the airport through san jose. also patchy fog drifting through the area. that might be flaying a factor. highway 87 showing good slowing as well. a pretty standard pattern. watch the lower visibility through much of the south bay. the peninsula, also patchy fog,
6:49 am
we're seeing a nice smooth drive for 101 and 280 after the earlier accident leered. the dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge have patchy dense fog. across the bay we'll look at a live shot through oakland as we see our shot through the coliseum camera starting to get affected by the fog again. drifting through the area that will happen. close to the limit from san leandro through downtown. good slowing for antioch, highway 4 out of antioch and in towards pittsburgh and bay point jamming down. by the time you get to concord, it's holding steady. an earlier pole down. there might be a crew there. that might be a distraction and we head towards port chicago highway. christie smith has been telling us of the memorial service for officer capoot. keep that in mind. i posted specific closures on my facebook page. back to you. 6:49 right now. the biggest story on the roads this morning is all the fog. things are starting to clear up
6:50 am
just a bit, but some areas still covered. damian trujillo live in the thick of it this morning. damian, how is it looking now? >> reporter: still thick here, laura. it was clear earlier this morning at about 4:00 when we got here. we could see the fog bank behind us. now it's all pea soup. we're? the middle of it. let me show you video of how it looked this morning. getting up here wasn't easy. fog was incredibly thick at 2:30 this morning and through the pre dawn hours. remember the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit? that was a little fast for many people this morning. the exit signs and stop lights sneak up on you in the thick fog. i can't even spit it out. it's a little chilly and foggy up here. we were expecting it to clear out by 7:00 this morning. it's going to be a little later from the looks here in the east hills. live in san jose, damian trujillo, back to you. >> we'll have a hot cup of coffee waiting when you come back. family and friends today keeping a close vigil for an
6:51 am
oakland toddler fighting for his life after being shot during a gunfight. loved ones have been bringing balloons and gifts to oakland children's hospital for 1-year-old hiram lawrence. he turns 2 just a few days after christmas. oakland mayor jean quan also stopping by last night to meet the family. on monday night, three gunmen opened fire at a crowd gathered on a parking lot at a liquor store on seventh and willow. seven people were injured including hiram who was struck in the head and right now is in critical condition. relatives say they are just searching for some answers. >> have to be strong for my family, but inside, i'm hurting. i mean it's ridiculous. it's got to stop. a lot of innocent people are getting hurt. >> we need to say that's enough, that we can't allow the children of our city to be senseless victims of senseless violence. >> indeed. mayor kwan also asking the public to step forward and
6:52 am
identify the suspects who were caught on the security cameras and did the shooting. san leandro police are looking for three more men in connection with the black friday shooting in a walmart parking lot. officers say this man, 29-year-old detwan watson of oakland is the gunman in the robbery, considered armed and dangerous. we have surveillance video from the early morning attack n. the highlighted area, you can see three men approaching shoppers. one of the shoppers, 21-year-old christopher borel liss puts up a fight and is eventually shot in the neck. he is okay. police say they didn't have anything to steal and that's when the fight started. tony phillips was arrested at the scene and is being held without bail. one man was last seen driving a late 1990s or her 200s two door burg difficult buick riviera.
6:53 am
the behind-closed-doors approval of raising for top employees, the renal intoes voted to given the employers raises from 6.4% to 23%. the 23 prd raise went to the chief operating officer of the uc davis medical center after he received a competing offer. the uc system says the raises were necessary to bring pay in line with market rates. occupy protesters are slapping uc berkeley with a lawsuit. yesterday 20 students and community members filed the suit in a san francisco court. they claim police used excessive force earlier this month. officers are accused of beating protesters in the face, stomach and lower bodies with a club. the suit seeks unspecified damages for the physical and emotional injuries suffered by protesters. several investigations into the alleged beatings are under way. occupy oakland protesters continue their vigil at frank
6:54 am
ogawa plaza. activists set up a teepee at the site, the first structure since police dismantled the encampment on november 14g9. the city approved the permit for the teepee. protesters say they're not sleeping in it. it's simply a symbol for their cause. in san francisco the occupy camp still remains in justin herman plaza this morning. it looks like it won't be moving anywhere soon, voluntarily that is. last night the general assembly voting to reject the offer from the city to move to a vacant lot in financial district district. about 150 tenants sit in justin herman plaza this morning. the city planning to rent the lot from the school district. a spokesperson for the mayor says it has running water and rest rooms. that would take care of all the health concerns the city has with the calling in the plaza. los angeles city workers cleaning up the former site of that city's occupy camp this morning. about 1400 police officers moved
6:55 am
no to clear the camp after midnight. they arrested about 200 people who would not leave. more funding is being powered into an alert system. uc berkeley teaming up with the usgs and tech companies to bring it online. today in the bay's marla tellez live with a look at the warning system. >> good morning. it is called shake alert. in its most basic form it would warn you about an upcoming earthquake via your personal computer. imagine working on your pc and getting a pop-up alert that could give you more than a minute to get ready. the warning system is currently being tested at uc berkeley and the california institute of technology. those two schools, along with the university of washington seattle, they got a $6 million grant to improve the technology. scientists say shake alert could give people a heads up of several seconds to more than 60 seconds. in most cases that is enough time to duck and cover, even make that emergency phone call to your family and that, of
6:56 am
courses, could save thousands of lives and pre vefrnt millions of dollars in damage. one of the main challenges facing the scientists working on the technology though is how to best spread the word quickly and efficiently. so no surprise they're in talks with google right now. that partnership could help them warn people not just on their pcs but also on their smart phones. experts say a full-scale west coast warning system could be running in the next five years for a total cost of $150 million. by the way, the gordon and betty moore foundation which is based in san francisco is the organization that awarded the money. that group's goal, laura, is to improve the quality of life in the bay area. >> once it's up and running, it certainly will. thank you very much, marla. hearings start today to decide if john hinckley junior should be released from a mental hospital. if you recall, he is the man who shot president reagan back in 1991. he's been a patient at a federal mental hospital since a jury
6:57 am
decided he was insane at the time of the shooting. hinckley has been granted more freedom by the court including extended visits to his mother's home. the government says hinckley is still capable of violence and he should stay in a mental facility. the "today" show coming up in awe if minutes. here is matt lauer with a look at what they're working on. >> good morning. coming up on wednesday, will herman cain drop out of the race? he told his staff he's reassessing his candidacy. can he go on? we'll have the latest on that story. also, ann is live in bagdad where vice president joe biden is visiting with the troops as they prepare to withdraw from iraq. the 3-year-old twins of a missing ford mom taken away from their father after he was named the primary suspect. we'll have an exclusive interview with his attorneys. an alarming new study out this morning on the levels of arsenic in your child's juices. we'll unveil the results and
6:58 am
talk about it with dr. oz who sounded the alarm month ago. all that as we get started on a wednesday morning right here on "today". markets are also open this morning. dow is up. want to check right now with scott mcgrew. >> dow is up 400 points. good morning to you. something extraordinary happened this morning as central banks from all over the world including the fed and the european central bank, even the chinese made a move to inject more money into the economy. it's a complex move. bottom line, dow industrials up 400 points to 11,949. just a few minutes ago electronic arts in redwood city announced the cover for the next tiger woods golf game. more important is ea continues to stick with tiger through affairs and not very good golf. speaking of ea gaemtsz, less than six hours remain at an auction that will put you in the next version of "madden football."
6:59 am
your name, your look, your stats if you want. current bid is $10,000. laura you could be a 96-pound linebacker. i can be a guy who can run the hundred yard dash -- don't bother. i don't get all the way across. >> i can do that little thing on the field. one final check with meteorologist christina loren. >> special teams kicker right here. we're looking pretty good. we have a lot of fog out there this morning. we'll take a live look at the san mateo bridge in just a moment. i want to pint out what's to come. wednesday, this afternoon, going to be very, very windy, especially through the higher elevations. interior valleys, breezy to windy conditions. if we can take a look at the san mateo bridge, i want to point out good news here, they turned off the fog advisory which is a good into case it's clearing all across the board. by 9:00 a.m., poof, like magic. let's check your drive with mike. we wish the eastshore freeway cleared.


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