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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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it's not fair. 5%1eeu-q beingt+r forced to shut ça,down. >> the people occupiers want to help say they are being hurt and the conflict between the two groups may soon come to a head. it has one of the nation's busiest ports tonight preparing for a shutdown and a showdown. >> good evening. i'm garvin thomas. >> i'm jessica e1aguirre.
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prepping for an unwanted import at the port of oakland. ports along the westé@c coast gearing up for a massive occupy protesters are promising x on monday that will paralyzee1 ports as far soh as san diego a1lñ as far north s anchor ag, alaska. while they're taking a stand for the 99%,çó some port workers sa they're the ones being hurt. some workersfá are just plain o frustrated. >> jessica, there is a lot of uncertainty at the port of oakland. occupy is promising to shut down operationsñi on monday while police say they planñiq to try port operational. caught in the middle are the work& who sayñr they want to d their job so they can get paid.d mechanics at the port of oakland are late keeping trucksñi rolli. many are wondering if they will be working monday. occupy is planning to shut the port down for the second time in two months. >> we need the portfá to close.r
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we mayç?dclose. because i don't want to put my people in ñidanger. >> reporter: occupy says it is s not working monday will hurt. >> in a way they're forcing usç& and theyifzt( standing up for u supposedly but they're forcing us to xvq=a9ñ >> reporter: occupy shut down the port o'3 oakland in novembe. the port sayslp thousands of workers lost day offá payjf thai night. they're saying they will shut down every port. >> through solidarityl-t collective struggle. the 12th will be an historic >> reporter: the plan is not longshore and warehouse union. in november, oakland police kept their distance when protestert( took over the streets. this time, police plan to keep >> thei]u.-j has an interest in maintaining peace and also, in growing free commerce.
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there are hot holiday gifts and then there are hotñr holidaó gifts. as in stolen. hundredcr ofxd ipads taken in t early morning3wk9 hours9 from areaw3 bestlp ñibuy. nbc bay area's reporter is live in san carlos with the surveillance video to show us not just brazen thieves, ñaátjut but fast ones as well.
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>> that's right. because the best buy burglars were in and outñi so çóquickly,q sheriff's investigatorsxd belie they cased this place ñrout.q they beingq the crooks cased ths place out. and planned ahead of time. this was not a spur of the moment crime. detectives are depending on that surveillance video.fáñijfçó >> reporter: gone in 60 seconds and all of it caught on tape.ñi >> within a minute they're in and out of the store. worth ñrçó$100,000 stolen. >> very well conceived plan and executed well. >> reporter: the surveillance pulled off the heist. the twoxd burglars got into the store by using añiñjj:ud jack t open the security roll-up door.( it contained the 300 or so ipads. >> this container that was in the store that h e the ipads in
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it had wheelsq on it. so you could move it from area to area within the store.ñi >> reporter: thet( suspects wheeled out the steel rack then loaded the ipads into a car and took off. obvious the thieves are going yo for just the ipads. think you canw3ok go into your , go get something and come outè more than likely, you're going to be looking around where did you put that? they knew exactly where to go. q buy's exactly where to go. response is a one-sentence statement and it reads as such. best buy is cooperating fully with authorities andñi does not comment on open investigations. if you have any information, please sheriff's office. nbc bay area news.i] >> thank you.ñi if you were unluckyxd enoug to have your credit information skimmed, the grocery store lucky's is trying to could not taukt. thec supermarket chain says it s
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uyspfinancial+ instiátions abo self-checkout lanes. they're trying to get in touch with the customers. people who used a credit or debit card over thanksgiving week can call a toll-free number. you should also could not tack youri ank and keep a close eye on your statement. if do you find something fishy in your account, file a police report immediately. we'll post the information on our i]website.t(çóñi theñi fourth suspect in the black fridayt( shooting in a walmart parking lot is in ñe@r(c custody. turned z 18-year-old is suspected oft(çó being the getaway driver after the shooting in the parkingi i. his mom turned it in about noon today. four men and three accomplicesç are suspected of robbing several people on november 25th. one was shot in the neck but two are charged with attempted murder, robbery and attempted robbery.x÷ r(t&háhp &hc
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a middle school teacher ate diablo middle school confessed to having a sexual relationship with a form he stoop. the walnut creek police sayq 41-year-old andrew cottrell involve a female student under the age of 16. police say the incidents happened some time =k3ago. the victim is notñr a student n. jail. his bail set at $975,000. an oakland family is mourning the death of their baby afterñi making the heart-wrenchg decision to take him off lifeñr support. -tq'ce was e1t( they saye1 too many young childn like hiram andçów3 carlos have because of gun violence.i]qñii]i
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oined with the community.koi]!uk9 >> lic$'e hiram was in his ñi father's arms when the gunman fired.  were among seven people injured in ñixd was she or was not she kidnapped? an amber alert is over for a teen mom. the questions are justxd beginning. police found 17-year-old christina almanzañi two days afr city. itt( sparked a statewide amber alert and a multi-agency task force was formed. she left a voicemail yesterday saying she was held by several ,-her quirls and didn't know but police say it appears no crime was ever committed and no arrests have been made. investigators say there is a
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possibility she could be held t.áqp)ch.38rr(t&háhp &hcs of the in time for the holidays, firefighters rejoin the ranks. they completed an eight-week r(t&hc rejoining their colleagues. last year san jose let go of 49 firefighters due to budget cuts. the city a federal grant allowing them to rehire 22 firefighters lastc summer. today's graduates say they're happy to be back to work. >> we were alllp extremelyñr pr and p"=,%1 and honoredñi to be here today. > sanñr jose and the community to the best of our ability for the resi of ourc career. >> some ofq those laid off firefightersxd we will bute1 di find other jobs !oy they declined the invitation to rejoin the firefightingok force. this is no movie. video. ñ shooting at drivers. what happens nextñ]çó not even bestfáñi hollywood producers co
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write. and looking for a new home. tonight a pledge from city hall as oakland faces losing its sports status entirely.nb sports sj gasoline.ely.nb this car is powered by something many of usxd eat and drink. ñr andc good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking the coldeñr air inúá north bay with napa at 37er degrees. and warm he across the santaxdg cruz and 46 in sans7 jose.élá- lunar olps e in
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horror on hollywood boulevard. no, it's not a movie title. a gunman opened fire in the middle of a busy intersection he is now dead but not before leaving behind injured victims and terrorized witnesses.ñi nbc's beverly white is in hollywood with the latest.e1ñrod right. people say they could not believe their eyes and plenty thought it was a movie shoot.  police tell us they have identified the gunmen but they f? and they do not know the motive for the terror ohñ these walking and shooting into traffic. amateur video shows a manq witha sunt ñivine. around 10:0015 a.m. took everyone by surprise. >> he just either heldko up th store, the liquor store or one of our localxd businesses. >> started blasting right over r
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here. árju)jt everywhere. bam, bam, bam! >> randomly running, shooting. very concerning forñr something like this to happen. like they'ret( safe. >> reporter: police say the gunman, a 26-year-old white man, aimed at pedestrians and  and even struckt( a few. the only mançó hit by hisfá gune was driving this silver mercedes. >> he just walked right up to him andt-ixd three shots throug front windshield. through the t(driver's side ande went, i don't believe it. we could see his silhouette just slumqzto the right. sa was overwhelm with radio and 911 calls. >> the officers ordered him to drop his weapon. hejffá refused to. one officer fired a number of shots at the suspect,t( strikin him and the suspect went down. and at thate1qñypoint, the offe converged on him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: two other male drivers were slightly injured with the wound to the leg and blast to thetúñface. ten hours after it began, the coroner tooke1t( gunman a!).
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>> is this real? i was 5alike, is this real? >> reporter: the lapd again havd identified the gunman and even made contifd with his motherxd t doesn't plan to release his name publicly un4rc tomorrow. the crime scene here at sunset and vine reopened toqfá traffic reporting live in hollywood, nbc bay area news. thh1 day the music died. will no longer be heard by music fans after a 23-year run. instead, the san jose downtown association said it will focus its limitedqñi resources on eve that will attract more visitors to the city. ñr1989 and offered free shows during its long run. concerts did play a part in the decision to end the concert series. cash for catalytic w33wc t
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converters. the high price of precious metals isi] causing a spike in i rip-offs. alone have had their cataly converters since tend of november. police got six reports of thefts in a single day.ñi they aren't hardk&' steal of thieves cut or unbolt them and sell them to dealers who recover the precious metals. the crooks make $20 to $200 but owners to have pay between ñi$8 and $3,000 toxdjf replace them. it could be three strikes for oakland as it tries toxdñr prevent a mass sports exodus from its east bay borders. thefá golden state warriors, th latest franchise explorin'p a fuéáwe homxd out of oakland. the warrior execs looking at a potential arena deal in san francisco. cheryl hurd is in oakland where sports fans mayfá eventually ha to go over that bridge or maybe favorite xdteam. jessica. can you imagine the oracle without the warriors or the coliseum without the asxd or th
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raiders? that's being talked about. a l!lñ of people don't like oki. >> i believe that if you take away ouró[ heart and soul,e1 w is the as and raiders, which all we have, we have bragging right] about. >> reporter: the fat lady restaurant are worried about a possible sports swap taking place here in the bay area.i] >> we want to save andq keep al three teams in oakland. >> reporter: she knows how important it is to keept( the tea$h in oakland but in the end, it won't be her t(qdecision. thew3 oakland as have considerea possible move to the south bayf for a while. the raiders want a new stadium and now san franciscoq mayor ed lee is sporting themyq warrior move across the bay bridge. rick said he loves oaklandt( bu the team is keeping all options open. >> we expressed to her that the rep, a bay area team. we're just at the beginning3w this and we're open to talkzv any feasible solution for añrñrg
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term new arena for the cwarrior. >> reporter: moving all three sports team would be diruáu)ous for oakland.qq precious seasonar]3w jobs woul disappear along with millions of dollars. >> talking to the raiders and the warriors, we are workingçó hard as we can to make sure that oakland remainsqt( the home of major sportsxd entities.çó >> reporter: thet( counsel president knows oakland is a hard sell. but in the end, he thinks all three teams will stay ñii]put. >> there is no different than chicago or los angeles or new york. it didn'tñi stop those people tt franchises and build upont( it. so oakland is in that same position. >> reporter: larry reid said he warriors' president ont( monday. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a total lunar eclipse will offer a rare sight as the moon is expected tox
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in color. the moon passes through the southern part of the earth's shadowjf tomorrow during the eay morning hours. attend a viewing party, you will see the lunare1lp eclipse begin at fá4:57 in the morning. it will reach totality at 6:06j pacific time and last 51 minutes. worry. the next full lunar eclipse is expected around the corner in the spring of fá2014. >> i'm going to be up because i'm heading to aq soccer game. which way i am a supposed to look? toward the west. >>xdi] now i have to figure tha out. >> and who is having the viewing party? >> i thought it was you. >> i need to gete1 going on. this let's take a look out her.y we do have plenty of cold air across the north bay with 37 in napa, 36 in fairfield.b.i] definitelye1 warmerc in the sou bay. between fivexd to seven degrees warmer than what we've dealt with at thisçó hour the past fo to five nights. for tomorrow morning, we'll have a few clouds with us for the total lunar eclipse.
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but right now o?h cloudy. saturday, it will beçó dry and sunny and a few showers have sneaked into my seven-day forecast. let's go look. the satellite radar picturexd h  picture from the south. no rainfall withñi this. but once xdagain, for that tota lunar xdxdeclipse, you may have cover to see it.q high pressure isçó starting to weaken. that brought us our sunny what we'll find is this weaker coastal system as we head intoç sunday. it will sit offshore. not. we'll introduce the showers as we head into !up"ay's forecast. here's the time line.ñok cloudsw3 increase on saturday night. then as we head into sunday morning, we'll seelp a chap of we'll keep that chance of c hours on sunday's forecast.e1 overall totals on the light çó side, anywhere from trace amounts to just about a tenth of anw3 inch from the northw3 bay the santa cruz mountains. so let's get you into tonight's number.
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33 infá santa rosa, 31 in 30 in gilroy. and 40 in san jose. f1 o been the past feww3ñi nights.q as far as our total lunar eclipse goes, let's takmi a loo. basically ast( we heard from garvin, the earth will block the sun's çórays. as the sun's rays try to get !:k+et fáearth, it will create lot ofxd -9refraction and we'l this orange to red glow over the moon. "%4:45 is starting at he)s the thing. the moon will sett( low in the atmosphere. so for those of us in thec bay area, the earlier you get up, the better view you'll get. andlp getting away from the cit lights will help quite a bit. for tomorrow, yes, the weekend is finally here. we're looking at sunny skies$it( a little cloud cover and the temperatures near average with 62 in u gatos. 62 in san jose. 59 in san mateo and 60 in q redwood city. and really uniform temperatures all the way to our interior sections. we're be seeing a huge increase
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with 61 inçó concord, 60c in sa ramon and 62 in pittsburgh.ñr uppermy 50s to low 60sc tot( s rosa. we've posted more on the totalo lunar eclipse for early tomorro morning and also onçó your i] forecast. we had that slight chance of showers sunday night into monday. and we may see another weak system as we head into nexta5 thursday for a fewñr sprinkles. what that total lunar eclipse >>çó the+çó total eclipse of t] moon. viewing party, you ca&i go. they're having açó real viewing party. >> what won't make mineñixd9 r? okay. p (t&háhp &hc&tñj >> up next, the carxd of tomorr powered with the drink of today. ♪
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see it, it is still amazing. red, hot and rolling lava once again spewing from the volcano on the big island of hawaii. some of the eruptions have gone 65 feet into the air. the lava flow is moving through an abandoned subdivision, burning everything in its path as it crawls toward the water. the volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983. >> that is remarkable to look at. coming up in sports, the as move one of the all-star aces. why the trade will hurt the giants. >> and the warriors star will tell you how did hehe t the unthinkable at a dui hearing. ♪
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that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. welcome back. rumors have turned into reality for the as fans. the key rereceiver has been shipped to arizona. gone from the ashes are their
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ace, trevor cahill. trevor was an all-star last year. last season he signed a five-year contract extension for $30 million. but the 23-year-old won 12 games and they traded him. breslow has been receiver the last three season. also they're getting jarrod parker who has been one of the best prospects. he was projected to be the fifth start they are arizona this year. collin cowgill was drafted in 2007. they are sending cash to arizona. golden state warriors guard charlie bell was arrested yesterday in his home town of nine, michigan. bell showed up to court drunk. for a hearing on his drunken driving case. the 32-year-old took a prescheduled alcohol assessment test before his hearing. his blood alcohol level was .09. the warriors have asked charlie bell not to return to the team. the raiders are officially
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heading into a match-up with the undefeated packers without their top weapon. darren mcfadden jacoby forward and others will miss the game. scott reese is in baltimore. while andrew luck is accepting the johnny unitas award. he caught up with the heisman hopeful. >> they're all great. orlando is a great show, a great job with all the guys. so many players from around the country. and then maybe a little more specialized when you get to the heisman. in baltimore, it's been great. i'm the only one up here and everyone has been very nice to me. i get waited on hand and foot which can be a little uncomfortable at times but i won't complain about it. the heisman, that's when all the great players really show up. you see all the stars when you were growing up. it is a lot of fun to see those guys. i think it is nice to have tangible evidence, the hardware signifying that you had somewhat of a successful year.
11:29 pm
again,ton fortunate to be on a great stanford team. >> reporter: scott reese will be in new york for the heisman award ceremony. we'll have thetion of nbc eti of nbc bay area. >> thank you, henry. >> we'll be right back.
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>> my total eclipse of the heart happening again. >> we're looking at 4:45 in the morning and then lasting through 6:57 a.m. a pretty spectacular look to the west. the earlier you get off to the west, the better. the moon will set toward the horizon. as far as your heart goes, hasn't that already been taken care of? >> of course! the only song i could come up with. >> thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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