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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for waking up with us. i'm marla tellez. laura garcia-cannon is off today. >> a very good morning to one and all. i'm jon kelley. time to check in with christina loren to tell us about the wet, cold weather outside. we'll see a wet start. but a nice finish to your monday. looking good right now. we have rain on the radar, show you where that is. you can see redwood city is getting light showers. the showers will continue before winding down at noon. your temperatures climbing to the 50s. we'll have the full forecast in a moment. right now we want to check your drive with mike. >> the note, watch the slick roadways for your commute. we're looking at an earlier accident southbound 101 around ups that has cleared out of the roadway. might still see flashing lights off of the sky way coming out of
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san francisco. i was watching a lot of activity, but now that has cleared. i'll let you follow up with what's going on there and in the east bay. back to you. >> protesters will rally this morning in oakland demanding charges be dropped. dozens are expected outside the courthouse before 9:00 this morning. at the uc berkeley campus on november 9th. the sidewalk in front of san francisco's federal rezesh building is clear of protesters after another police sweep. at least 55 were arrested early sunday morning. demonstrators were warned on an hourly basis leading up to the
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crackdown. no one was hurt during the raid. we'll have more on the occupy protests all morning long. bob redell is live in oakland. covering the proprotests as they work their way to the port of oaklan oakland. >> right now we're going to check in on the occupy oakland protesters. cities throughout the bay area are getting ready for this. they're bracing for a confrontation with the protesters looking to shut down the port of oakland. part of an effort up and down the west coast. bob redell is live on the phone. what is happening where you are? >> what you have here is 5:30 this is 300 or 400 protester who is gathered there. some left in buses to come to try to shut it down.
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the other half are taking buses. they're still arriving on the scene. this will be a similar action to what they did on november 2nd, when they shut down port of oakland. wast different this time around is that this is more of a coordinated effort with occupy protesters up and down the west coast. trying down to shut down the respective ports. they believe they can get the 1% that rely on the ports for the import/export of goods. the long term union leadership this time around is not in support of this. the protesters point out they could be hurting them. they support by having them lose a day's wages and they do believe have support of the
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files. they're trying to shut down. we're pulling up on one of the area where is protest r are now -- i'm looking at it. they have stopped themselves in ront of the entrance and they have a picket line going. i'm bob redell. nbc bay area news. jon and marla? >> a strong effort. a lot of people showing up there. bob will keep us posted throughout the day. warning fliers after a woman was brutally raped. neighbors say light now they're taking extra precaution since the rape was reported on thursday morning. a man grabbed a woman from behind, broke her neck, raped and robbed her. neighbors say it happened so fast nobody heard her scream. >> not what you like to hear. not in your neighborhood, certainly not when you feel safe.
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>> police say the suspect could be this man seen right here. they also say this man in wanted in connect with another attack that took place back in november. the fuel comes for a leaking tank at uc berkeley. they disdiscovered the leak when he smelled gas. the fuel overflowed while it was being transferred to another storage tank. federal and state workers are teaming up to soak up the fuel. it is 6:05. there's new insight into what pg&e knew in the months and years leading up to the deadly pipeline explosion. now without the record the experts say they couldn't have possiblily made sure that the lines were actually safe.
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the other pipe runs to the central coast. and in some places, the pressure is allegedly five times the amount that was running through the san br bruno pipeline when it explode. a powerful political attack set on president obama and his involvement with solyndra. lots of presidents have visited a lot of fact vis. it's pure gold if you oppose the president and have him visiting a failed factory that cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars. they will release a new political ad this week similar to this one, that attacks the president's involvement in solyndra.
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we're simply not a battleground state. really you have two issues here. both the taxpayer money was lost in the loans to solyndra. and then the department of energy, when it decided to pay back private investors first. they can attack the president on both of the issues. >> former solyndra employees will get career help at a workshop in san jose this morning. san jose's office of economic development is offering services to laid off solyndra workers on park more avenue. services include occupational training, networking and specialized recruitment. solyndra built a state of the art facility in fremont and took half a million dollars before laying off the workers and shutting down mons ago. as we have seen a rough start to the day outside. christina loren is telling us
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we're going to get better. >> we have showers coming down now. this will be the case for your mid-morning hours as well. and as we head through noon and beyond, really seeing the activity winding down. we have an area of low pressure centralized just offshore. as we head throughout the next couple of hours it's going to continue to push south. as it does so the wrap around of moisture are coming from south to north through the bay area. and so we have a lot of activity coming down on the west end. if you're waking up with us near the coast, that's where it's the most active. also activity in the south bay now. and yes, snowfall atop mount hamilton. it's cold enough for that. that always happens whenever we see showers at this time of the morning. none of it will stick. as we head throughout the day today it's cloudy. areas of fog with additional
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moisture. cool sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. we'll see a lot of sun for tuesday. and the second half of wednesday those clouds come back and thicken up. . they will clear out just in time for the weekend. we'll get to the forecast. want to break it down. first, 7:00 a.m. inland, 45 in san francisco. you'll round out the di at 55 in san jose as promised in the forecast of the next report. first let's check your drive. the showers impacting? >> when we have wet roads especially after a break like we've had, we want to warn folks about the oil coming to the top of the water. we did have an accident earlier that caused early slowing. it cleared. now it's back again. slow towards lchlt-street with speeds to the 30s like you see here. holding steady for pittsburgh and bay point. concord with those speeds. including by the time you get
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there. the dublin interchange looks just fine right we'll give you a look at the travel times. those off ramps will be slick now before the sun dries things out. and a look at the bay bridge itself where the crowd is starting to gatter in the cash lanes. fast track lanes no problem. still an advantage for you. but no wind advisories this morning. it's pretty calm. back to you. >> all right. mike. it is 6:10. still to come on today in the bay. almost all u.s. troops have just days left in iraq. see what the president is doing as part of the transition. >> and a protest is taking place up and down the west coast.ou we're going to head to los angeles next for a live report. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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it is the busiest shipping day of the year. shopping is up 15% over last year. experts think today could be the heaviest shopping day in the history of the internet because of more deep discounts. ebay dubbed today green monday five years ago. >> president obama will meet with iraq's prime minister in the final days of troop withdrawal. virtually all troops scheduled to be out of iraq by the oend it have talks. the president and the prime minister. the iowa caucuses are three weeks away. newt gingrich is pulling away from the pack.
6:14 am
opponents shots at him like his political views and his personal life. gingrich is taking them all head on. >> people have to render judgment. in many case i said up fron and openly i made mistakes at times. >> president obama is talking about the republican. >> it's still raining out there this morning. that means you need to give yourself a lot of time to reach your destination safely. good morning to you. back to work monday. slick conditions on you roadways. just about everywhere where the rain hapt been heavy but it's been consistent. travel cautiously out there. the west end of the bay area is
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seeing more moisture than the east side. livermore is getting rainfall. san jose, it's been raining steadily in your neck of the woods for the last half hour or so. throughout the day today, it will conclude. the showers will start to wind down significantly. especially by noon. it will be cool and cloudy at that point throughout the day. limited sunshine. by tomorrow we get the sunshine back in the mix. tonight count on areas of patchy fog this morning. that will make way to clear conditions. wednesday we have showers and rain on the way. nothing heavy. just light, pesky showers through wednesday into thursday. 44 degrees in concord right now. 48 in hayward. hour by hour forecast shows you we're going to be in the 50s in some cities at noon. other cities are still going to be holding off in the 40s. concord is 47 at noon.
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48 in livermore. 49 in san francisco. and we're only going to round out the day with the 50s. 58 in fremont. 58 in san jose. that lack of a breeze will bring about significant fog tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. otherwise looking pretty good. we have rain in the forecast wednesday and thursday. but this weekend a lot of people starting to think about the christmas shopping. i know a lot of guys out there procrastinate. you're right. you're right. online. here we go. we're looking at the south bay with no delays here. you can hang out at least for a few more minute for our reports and a look at the speed sensor. no accidents nor the entire map. speed sensor showing you close to the limit. watch the slicker roads. they may be a factor off the
6:17 am
freeways. the bay bridge, let's get a look at that and show you the backup out of the east bay. slower drive from the cash lanes. the middle part is the fast track lanes. if you have a fast track and still have a bonus time, at 6:17 we should see the lights turn on at any minute. the golden gate bridge is moving very nice as well. no delays from highway 12 down. we're looking at a good volume of headlights coming from the ma rin side. no delays. just watch the slick roads. >> now we're going to give you a live look at occupy protesters. this is in oakland. the latest in their movement.
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they did this back in november on november 2nd. this is happening up and down the west coast. >> it's a much larger contingency there. the 49ers still in good position. but in danger of losing the prime playoff spot. yesterday's loss dropping san francisco's record to 10-3. right now the team is still on track for a second seed and a first round buy in the post season. but the new orleans saints are hot on their heels. identical 10-3 record. not a great day for the niners yesterday. gave up a lead. the raiders lost their hand yesterday. they dropped them a full game mind the broncos.
6:19 am
it's the second monumental loss in a row. you don't have to be a sports fan to figure out that's fot good. the bron koes took the division lead in dramatic fashion begin. matt steaped it up. hit a 59-yard field goal to send it into overtime against the bears and the 51 yarder right there to ice it. breaking bears hearts everywhere. >> lots of talk of tebow. >> the future of a san francisco landmark could be in the hands of voters this summer. we'll explain next. >> a busy week on wall street. as many as nine different ipos.
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welcome back, at 6:22 now. with weeks to go until the new year. stanford is already welcoming a crop of incoming students to campus. the university is offering admission to 755 high school state of the unions under the early action program. that's just 12% of the total number of students who applied for early action acceptance. the university expects to get more than 20,000 applications by the regular decision deadline january 1st. san francisco voters may get to
6:23 am
decide the future of a neighborhood landmark come june. the protect coyt tower committee is petitioning to add an initiative to the june ballot to require the city to put more money to improving the park, maintaining the building and restoring the historic murals. the recreations and park department is looking for a new vendor to run the park. and they hay help crab area bay fishermen supporters say it will ease competition from large boats and decrease the frenzy during the opening weeks in november. it will allow people to enjoy fresh crab longer, possiblily the through vallen tine's day.
6:24 am
fishermen and experts say the crab pot limit may have little effect but would help protect local fishery. skod mcgrew joins us now. looks like a busy street on wall street. good morning. it's znyga week. 54 million people a day log onto a game like farmville. eight other companies expected to ipo as well. including michael korsa women's fashion outlet. not necessarily you the investors. we take a look. pandora in the east bay. these days you can pick up a share for under $10. very volatile stock. and you did just fine on groupon if you bought it at the ipo
6:25 am
price. now trading around $71. now the bets the traders make on the open show they expect to climb on the dow. markets rallied on friday. dow 187 points higher after european leaders largely agreed on new policies to avoit defaults. and frankly gave up some of their southernty a as well. they have to get european lieders okay on the budgets. the country running the european union these days is germany. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead on "today in the bay", it's an important week for the state programs you depend on. we'll tell you why. >> protesters moving to the port of oakland. bob redell will have a report coming up. and as you're waking up with us we have showers on the radar this morning. we'll pin poin those for you. we'll let you know when they'll conclude and we'll look at the rest of the weekcast
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i'm bob redell live at the port of oakland where occupy protesters are attempting to shut down the port. this is the scene. we'll take you here coming up. and another protest outside oakland city hall. details coming up. one state lawmaker wants to take away from lowe's home improvement store. and a live look at the golden gate bridge on this monday, december 12th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, everybody.
6:29 am
thanks for being with us. 6:28. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. we check in with christina loren. i believe you're telling us the cold wet stuff will blow out of the way. >> yes, it's just enough to clear out the air. we had three spare the air days this morning with the additional moisture coming through we're going to see a lot of that matter lay down. breathe it in iowa. pretty scattered showers across the bay area. your future cast shows you by noon, 50 degrees with mostly cloudy conditions. the showers will wind down. making your way home from work in san jose, 55 later today. we'll take you through the full workweek forecast. let's take a look at your drive with mike. >> the rain caused slicker roads. that was more of a factor earlier than now. things are starting to dry out. but lower the speeds. allow extra time. here you have to lower speeds at
6:30 am
the bay bridge. we con to see these lights slow. now this is a big gathering. but you have part two. >> all related to the occupy movement. >> thanks. 6:30. occupy protesters have made their way to the port of oakland this morning. looking to shut it down. it is part of a bigger state wade movement on the west coast. bob redell is live in oakland with the latest for us. bob, good morning. >> good morning, marla. we're out 55 and 56. they're trying to shut down three central parts of the port. this being one of them. there are easily two, maybe 300 people out here to gather this morning at west oakland bart. some marched from here. others took a bus here. just moments ago alameda county sheriff deputies showed up in
6:31 am
riot gear. there was a little scuffle. but as far as shutting down the port goes, protesters seem to secede in the sense that there are trucks lined up who cannot get into get in to do their job. they're very frustrated. if he doesn't get in, he's telling us this could be somewhere in the neighborhood of $250. he'll be behind a day. this is a greater effort with occupy in the coast and in hawaii, trying to shut down the ports in the respective locations. they it it down on november 2nd. this time a leader is not supporting this. protesters will tell you that
6:32 am
they do. the teamster's unit is in support of this. you have alameda county sheriff deputies that formed a line behind protesters over there. the mayor, the chief of police and city administrators are in downtown oakland also monitoring the situation. marla? jon? >> we'll check back in with you in just a little bit. they are also demanding charges be dropped against those arrested during occupy protests. the rally coinciding with a court date for 39 protesters arrested during the occupy cal demonstrations at the uc berkeley campus on november 9th. police arrested 55 protests outside of san francisco's federal reserve building. demonstrators were warned to remove their camp on an hourly
6:33 am
basis during the 24 hours leading up to the crackdown. police say nobody was injured during the raid. >> we'll have more on the occupy protests for you all morning long. bob redell will be back with more live reports. you can always go for updates any time. 6:33 now. it's sentencing day for a bay area man arrested in the connection of a shooting death with a local college basketball player. 29-year-old rek i can anderson is charged with attempted robbery and personal use of a firearm in connection with a shooting last june. police say a former university of basketball player was in a group trying to rob a drug dealer when taylor was shot and killed in the parking lot of the ikea store in emeryville. >> this should be a crucial week in california. depending on the results. governor jerry brown may pull
6:34 am
the trigger on more budget cuts. he'll announce the results for the last six months of the fiscal year. that will happen on thursday. if revenues fall from $1 billion to $2 billion short of an estimated 4 billion, the governor will make the first tier of cuts. those include $600 million from universities, social services, and from public safety programs. if they fall short b by more than $2 billion, then there will be $1.9 billion in cutbacks for grades k-12. lows coming under fire for pulling ads from the tlc reality. the store has since apologized. but there's no word if they will reinstate the ads during the program.
6:35 am
one state senator says this is not enough and wants lowe's to do more. >> it's about people, american who is happen to be muslim. >> it follows the lives of five muslim families living in a detroit suburb. the bay area critics weighing in on the best film ls of the year "the tree of life" is the best picture of 2011. best actress going to tilda swinton and albert brooks with his movie "drive." that's a cool indy movie with ryan gosling. i saw that movie. it was great. really good.
6:36 am
it is 6:35. is ryan gosling sexy? >> no. team bradley cooper all the way. you're at 48. that keeps you warmer when you think about bradley cooper. and we have showers out there. give yourself time to reach your destination safely. it's been raining for the past three hours. the showers are widespread. you're not going to bypass slick conditions wherever you're waking up with us. it has been raining over the greater bay area. you can see showers pushing up from the south to the north. from fremont and hayward. you're getting a batch of rain headed your way. the same for redwood city. we have an area of low pressure that will continue to push to the south. we're already noticing the trend. you see all the showers starting to wind down through the north
6:37 am
bay. the bands of rain wrap around the core of low pressure. as it continues to move south we're going to continue the sew the light scattered showers on and off. the activity will last the longest through the south bay. 42 at 7:00 a.m. as we conclude this broadcast inland. at the the bay temperatures more on the mild side. still cold out there. bring your jacket with you. temperatures only climbing to the mid-50s later on today. we'll take you through the extended forecast and tell you when the rain returns. >> we'll check with highway 4, which has been moving around quite a bit. 56 at hill crest registering there. that's higher speeds than we've seen. circling the area of concord, 242, 60 all looking like speeds are down in the 50s there. that's unusual for that slowing towards the wal nut creek
6:38 am
interchange. we'll look at the area. the travel times through the north bay. southbound 101 from highway 12 to 3. unusually slow. now accidents in the area. christina is following some slow travelers. a new accident 101. avoid the right lane to be careful. >> mike, thanks. 6:38 now. still ahead on "today in the bay", police still looking for suspects after a wild police chase over the weekend. and a new push to make teens wait longer to get behind the wheel of the car in an effort to keep them living longer. >> and here's a live look at the or the of oakland where occupy protesters are gathering. they are hoping to shut it down. they did this back in november. major jean quan is set to arrive any minute and hold a press conference. whenhedo sofeshe doof, , courl bring you that live. [ terri ] my husband, hank, was always fun.
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a new report showing thousands of teen lives could be delayed if states delay driving privileges. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with a look at the impact the new rules would have here in california. good morning, tracie. >> jon, good morning.
6:42 am
all start reporting we could save 2,000 lives every year. 133 of them in california if every state had strong graduated licensing laws. in some cases the report says they're stronger than others. in california you can get a learner's permit at 15 1/2. they think it should be a little older. you can get an interim driver's license when you're 16. they think that age should be bumped up as well. they think teens should not be driving after 10:00. in california you can drive until 11:00 p.m. while all states have these in place, strengthening the laws could save a lot of lives. s are the leading cause of death for teenagers. and 16-year-olds are twice as likely to be kill as as 18 or 19 yeerls. the half years and years make a big difference.
6:43 am
>> thanks very much for the update. coming up, we'll go back live to the port of oakland. the scene of today's occupy protest. here's a live look inside as folks gather awaiting mayor jean nfan to arrive and hold a press >>ere'll look at the market where we're facing a rough week. a busy week ahead.
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[ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? welcome back. we're giving you a live look at 6:35. major jean quan is set to address the media about today's protest at the port of oakland. hundreds of occupy protesters have gathered there. our bob redell is live on scene. we'll check in with him before
6:46 am
7:0 7:00. >> it's been a rough year for jean qu a n. another check on weather with christina loren. we have some rain on the radar and slick conditions. especially getting the little ones off to school this morning. we're so close to christmas break now. right now taking a live look at the golden gait bridge where we have slick conditions this morning. also noticing more fog developing. it's not going to be the case all day long. we'll see activity wind down through the mid-morning hours. then by this afternoon, should be cool and cloudy out there. you can see the showers pumping from south to north. wrapping around an area of low
6:47 am
pressure. this will continue to slide sout throughout the morning hours. southern california will continue to see on and off showers throughout the day. we'll get a nice break. already picking up improvement on the the radar. so as we head to the second half of the day, we stop the clock on the the future cast. rainfall is coming down off shore. that means you can get outside without having to dodge the showers. you'll hit 58 in fremont. as we head through tuesday, an area of high pressure moves back in. pretty significant fog in the inland land valleys. by wednesday another round of rain moves in. but just another light round of rain and it will clear out of here by friday. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> good morning, folks.
6:48 am
we take you to san francisco. tu the drive in the bay bridge is okay. but here just south of there at the bay bridge southbound 101, the second accident of the morning, right around chavez just cleared from the roadway. but it seems to be a trouble spot. i'm superstitious. be careful. we're looking at the approach to the bay bridge and a smooth drive. just at the toll plaza and down the berkeley curb. we'll look at oakland. 880 past the coliseum. the volume of cars, the number of lighting look a little more than a half hour ago. speeds still in the 50s and 60s. 16 to 17 minutes for that drive in either direction. we see slowing in through livermore all the way to pleasantton and dublin. 26 minute drive out of the altamont pass and north livermore avenue for your
6:49 am
westbound commute. in the south bay looking good overall. typical pattern slowing around 680 past the airport. then highway 87, northbound, as you come into downtown. there's an earlier accident over now on the shoulder. but there are flashing lights. 87 at 280. prepare for the distraction into san jose. that's about it. back to you. well, it's a little slice of occupy deja vu. they are at it again. occupy protesters from oakland looking to shut down now. bob redell is live in oakland with an update on all the events. what's happening now, bob? >> reporter: good morning, jon. we have maybe 300 protesters there are deputies lined up
6:50 am
there. if you look to the left, there are trucks lined up wo cannot get in. this is a movement trying to put together. recall the occupy oakland shut down the port of oakland in november of this year. will they succeed again today? it seems like so far they are. they say they're doing this to try to hurt the 1%. the big corporations that make their money through imports and exports. but unindependent trucker doesn't want to hear it. >> how much money could you lose? >> about $250. 250 for one day's wort ov work.
6:51 am
this will also put me a day behind. >> he has already left. we assume he's given up on trying to get his load deliver. it would also set him back a day. we know the police chief and the administrator at the emergency operation center. they're going to update us now on the situation from their point of view. >> thousands of people work at the port of oakland. thousands more depend on oakland. we're working hard to keep operations going with min much disruption. we urge the demonstrators to respect the rights of the 99% who are trying the to work today an to keep the protests peaceful. so far it seems to be going well.
6:52 am
operations are minimally disrupte disrupted. >> that concludes the statements for right now. we're joined by oakland police department israel as well as the city administrator for the city of oakland. we'll now take a few questions. >> that was oakland mayor jean quan making brief statements about the attempt to shut down the port of oakland. she's saying minimal interruptions. we'll how that pans out as the day goes along.
6:53 am
in san francisco, 15,000 on the wait list for public housing. that includes 267 families. today representatives from a variety of city agencies will fry to get a handle on that problem at a meeting starting at 10:00 this morning to take place at city hall. an investigation continuing into the killing of a convicted murder inside his prison cell. he died a few hours later. prison officials believe he was killed by his cell mate. he was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. rising health care costs are taking a toll on people. the average amount of california families and their employers paid for health coverage in a skyrocketed 52% to nearly $14,000 annually.
6:54 am
and during the same time period, family income only went up 4 pk. for single people, premiums went up 46% to around $4,800. the search is on for a third suspect in a black friday shooting as his alleged police faces charges in court. he allegedly drove the getaway car out of the wal-mart parking lot in san leandro on november 25th. mane time watson will face attempted murder charges in court today. watson surrendered to police after a standoff in oakland. a third suspect in court next month. the shooting victim is recovering at home. >> one peninsula city settling a lawsuit over a pepper spraying incident involving a young boy. san mateo will pay 55,000 tlrz to the family of a special education student enrolled at
6:55 am
george hall school. the officer pepper sprayed him over concerns of the child's safety. the lawsuit claiming the boy's civil rights were violated and he suffers from post-traumatic stress. members of the u.s. military and homeless veterans are among hundreds of victims of a scram at the bay market area. unauthoritied withdrawals from the blue star moms accounts wiped out donations for overseas packages and holiday items for veterans in shelters. the thieves tamperred with the payment card readers at 24 lucky stores in california, including san jose, sunnyvale and san leandro. if you used the self- check out lane, call your bank to check for unauthorized transactions.
6:56 am
a major scare at san jose's christmas in the park when a ferris wheel accident. this box was supporting an eight-foot long string of l.e.d. lights. they fell on a carriage below. the impact broke a 10-inch piece of fiberglass off the roof and sent the carriage rocking side to side. fortunately, we can report that nobody was hurt. new safety measures are being installed now to make sure this does not happen again. >> the local charity is asking for your help. second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo counties is short on cash and food donations. organizers say this year donations are down compared to last season because of a weaker economy. you can make donations at drop-off locations all over the bay area and at safeway
6:57 am
supermarkets. >> the "today show" is coming in a matter of minutes. matt lauer is here to tell us what they're working on today. >> good morning. coming up in a monday, the race for the white house in a new interview. president obama opens up at the gop front-runners. while mitt romney faces more heat for challenging rick perry to a $10,000 bet. also the parents of a college freshman who took his own life after his college roommate used a webcam to spy on his private moments. they want to help other young people facing bullying. we'll have those stories plus one of hollywood's biggest stars scarlet johansson will pay a visit to our studio when we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." >> okay, matt, thank you.
6:58 am
you hear police yelling at the woman to stop moving around the live wires achl car she was in slammed into a power pole yesterday morning. the 2003 bmw was speeding away from police when it rashed in richmond. chp started chasing it on 580. police detained the woman and another man, but they say two or three people got away. well, there's still a lot of questions circling that need to be answered following a very bizarre police chase down in orange county. you'll see what we're talking about. police chasing a stretch hummer reported to be stolen. the driver eventually ditches the limo and you'll figure out he ditched his clothes. he ran through a yard naked and police dogs finally took him down. they say that -- wow. they say that they are working now on conflicting stories about what was going on, why he took the limo, and why he was naked.
6:59 am
floods in asia causing big business problems in the floods of asia. santa clara's sbel says it won't make as much in this fourth quarter because commuter makers are having so many problems getting parts for thailand. some of the worst flooding in decades there. intel is not affected. if you're a computermaker who can't get disc drives, there's in point in buying shares. intel shares are down better than 3%. it will be a busy day on wall street and a busy week as we see eight different companies probably ipo including zynga. we expect first public trades on friday. dow industrials down about 157 points this morning. >> okay. scott. thank you very much. thank you for being with us. the big story is the port of oakland. occupy protesters attempting to shut it down. we'll follow that and have the


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