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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 15, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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after billions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the u.s. finally shuts down the iraq war. what's next for the troops? two suspects accused of beating giants fan brian snow go before a judge in southern california. and the golden globe nominations are in. who is getting the buzz? plus, this live look at san francisco. plenty of cloud cover there. little peek of blue skies. rob will be along to check that forecast.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. after almost nine years, 4500 americans dead and 32,000 wounded. the war in iraq is officially over. the u.s. held a ceremony in baghdad today to mark the end of that military mission. nbc's richard engel reports from iraq's capital. >> reporter: in a brief ceremony on a base on the edge of baghdad, the united states took down the flag of its command here to mark the end of the military mission. with the casing of the colors, the american military command in iraq is officially closed. the iraq war as a war led by the u.s. military is no more. all that's left to do now is withdraw the 4,000 remaining troops in the coming days. defense secretary leon panetta. >> no words, no ceremony, can provide full tribute to the
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sacrifices that have brought this day to pass. >> reporter: as the mission ends, most troops have already made it south to kuwait where they repacked. >> going back and spend time with the family. >> reporter: go through pre-flight inspections. after years of fighting, they are not used to carrying just tiny bottles of liquid when they travel. >> no projectile weapons. >> reporter: mostly, the troops wait. >> family day, they are tired of being gone all the time. it is going to be nice to be home for a little while. >> reporter: now there is just a 16-hour flight to go on a charter plane from delta. the flight crew tried to lift the troops' spirits. as america's biggest military mission since vietnam, it is ending for the holidays. many iraqis worry about their future and fear will could be a return of sectarian violence. richard engel, nbc news,
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baghdad. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the end of the iraq war. we will have the latest reaction to the u.s. troop withdrawal tonight at 5:00 and also at 5:30 on "nbc nightly news." the two men accused of beating giants fan brian snow were back in court this morning. a los angeles judge is supposed to decide if there is enough evidence to bring will youy sanchez and marvin norwood to trial. the men are accused of sucker punching snow and kicking him when he was down after the season opener in march. stowe spent months in a comb after the beating but has shown improving over weeks talking with loved ones and writing his own name. a federal is expected to sentence barry bonds tomorrow. a jury convicted the slugger on one count of only instructing justice and said he gave shaky testimony during a federal grand jury testimony. and into the balco steroid scandal. prosecutors are pushing for a
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15-month prison term for bonds. a san francisco community i is on guard after two women were raped. the women were attacked over a three-week period ao 24th street in the mission district. police believe the rapist is still in that area. here is a sketch of the man investigators aattacked these would women. police also released a video of the person who was believed to be the suspect. now you can't see his face here but investigate railroads hope someone will recognize him before he strikes again. authorities in southern california are on the lookout for a man suspected of raping and beating a bay area woman. chp officers spotted this man right here. . his name is stephen paul clark. they found him at a rest stop near camp pendleton late last night. clark then ran away and is wanted in contra costa county for allegedly taking and raping a woman over the weekend. that woman is still in kritcle
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condition in a hospital. a sheriff's deputy is out on bail after being accused of rape. the police are arrested david as he arrived for work at the jail where he works. rita was charged with two counts of sexual assault. police say the crime took place in september and he and the alleged victim reportedly knew each other. he has worked as deputy for more than three years. a memorial service will be health tomorrow for toddler was hit bay stray bullet in oakland last month. he died ast week after he was taken off life support. doctors declared him brain dead after he was shot in the head in a liquor store parking lot. the family's pastor says tomorrow's memorial service will be held at the gospel church on 66th avenue in oakland. he was caught in the middle of a shooting that injured seven people. the state has declared berkeley's telegraph avenue a disaster zone just weeks after a
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five-alarm fire destroyed an apartment building there. the declaration paved the way for federal aid to business. homeowners and tenants affected by the fire at the building. several businesses took a financial hit in the days following that fire. it will now eligible for low-interest loans from the u.s. small business administration. the last six years, there have been 41 preventible infant deaths in santa clara county. we first reported the story a few weeks ago. public health officials want to bring those numbers down to zero. today they announced a launch of a safe sleep awareness campaign. they are giving out tips to parents such as placing a baby on his or her back to sleep and placing the infant in their own cribs instead of with adults to sleep. a mother who lost an infant because of unsafe sleeping practices also shared her sad story to bring the message home to other parents.
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shoppers who take b.a.r.t. in oakland will get safety escorts for the next two days. volunteers who have trained at the oakland police department, citizens academy, will be at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station tonight and tomorrow night from 5:00 on to 9:00. partnering with the offers of the city of oakland to help keep riders safe by walking them to their cars once they get off the train. this is the third year of the safety escort program. san francisco's long awaited target store is on target to open south of market. construction is set to begin in january. it is scheduled to opening in october. redevelopment leaders cleared the way important the new target store to move into the second floor of the metreon last year. they expect the 85,000 square foot store to create 700 construction jobs and 600 permanent jobs. good for the local economy. all right. your thursday started off a little bit rainy. much of that has cleared away. >> we got north winds picking up which is helping to clear out
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our skies around the bay area ay now. you can see our temperatures trying to get to 50 degrees. we got to 50. 49 in san jose. yes, it is the winds which are picking up out of the north for most of the bay area we are seeing wind speeds anywhere from about north of 10, napa, san francisco. and that's the reason why our skies will cop to clear as we head in a the afternoon. 24 hour rainfall total. moss of the bay area getting less than a tenth of an inch rain. this really isn't a lot. it did wet the roads for your morningart bunowdre.oiv but now also showers moved on. you can see here in the time lapse that there's really hardly any green left except around the santa cruz mountains. san jose, santa clara valley, last place to clear out this afternoon. we are seeing that moisture kind of bank up there in ahe foothills but notice the green there in the regional radar diving towards central california and so the trend here, showers, surround lunch time starting to move it. we should see temperatures climbing to the low 50s ruined noon. more clearing as we head towards 4:00. san jose and gilroy probably on the cool side today with a mixed
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bag of clouds. today notice a transition we are seeing already at the winds that's a hint at things to come for your friday. we could see some gusty winds in the hills and a closer look at the forecast for tomorrow and weekend ahead coming up. google just released its annual list of top search terms. you may be surprised who or what top the rankings. >> google we see literally billions of queries in 2011. the year that saw the killing of osama bin laden. the death of steve jobs, arab string, occupy protests. surely one of those have got a top the list, right? wrong. this is what people seem to care most about. ♪ friday friday friday >> reporter: rebecca black, don't know who she is? google her like still onlies of other people did, pushing her to the top of google's fastest rising searches of 2011. black is a singer.
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now some may say that's being gratuitous. she rose to fame with her video "friday." already seen by over 11 million people with the dislikes outnumbers the likes by almost 4-1. >> it is surprising. right? rebecca black came out of nowhere. that's one of the reasons where, you know, it is like everyone is searching for this person, trying to figure out, you know -- why have i heard about this person? why am i -- how do you -- second on the list was google plus, a new product from google this year. hurricane irene came in third. start-up company pinterest. ryan dunn was killed in a car accident. osama bin laden and steve jobs don't show up until ninth and tenth place. google's list of fastest rising searches is not to be confused with the list of top searches. this list is generate to show how searches changed this year
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from last year. they just let the list out by going to google. >> that's good water cooler information. still ahead, california making a not so desirable list this morning. how our state compares to the rest of the country even when it comes to foreclosures. huge changes coming to facebookoo look like and how to get it for yourself coming up.
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welcome back. california is holding on to a record. it is not so proud of. it is second in the nation when it comes to foreclosures. ing in fact, foreclosures hit a ten-month high in november. but one in every 211 properties filing. that's up 14% from a year ago. nationwide foreclosures were down 14% in november from a year ago across the country, one in every 579 homes has a
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foreclosure filing. huge changes in the way facebook works this morning. the company finally is rolling out timelines. scott mcgrew says facebookers are already changing their look. >> good morning. timeline was announce ad month ago but run is been able to take advantage of it until today. it totally change it is way your facebook page looks. take a look at rob's facebook. he has in his typical overachiever fashion beaten the rest of us to changing facebook and adopting timeline. one of our producers says this looks a lot more like myspace. one note, everything have you ever posted on facebook. ever, is going to show up in your timeline. you can erase what you want but do be aware of that fact. your timeline should be enabled sometime today but if it is not you can go to our facebook and we will show you how to turn it on early. that's michael kors there ringing the opening bell this morning on the new york stock exchange. kors clothing company, one of
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many companies to ipo this week. the next one we expect is zynga. it should price any time now and first day of public trading will be tomorrow, we think. it will trade as the nzgna. if the numbers are right it will be the most valuable since google. that's not an endorsement just an observation. jobless claims every thursday. today it is solidly good news. number of people showing up to the unemployment office, the lowest since 2008. and the ucla anderson forecast will issue a forecast about the bay area today. this is the first time that prestigious organization has given us our own forecast. executive summary for you, no housing recovery yet. jobs growing faster in san jose than almost anywhere in the united states. back to you. >> way to go, south bay. okay. thank you, scott. how about we check in with that overachieving meteorologist? he is in for christina.
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hi to use my umbrella for about 30 seconds this morning. >> yeah. that's the kind of the way the morning was for the most part from day break to 10:00 in the morning. we had showers in south bay. actually things clearing out. let's take you on a quick tour around the bay area. case in point. beautiful picture. san francisco, notice the flag. north wind there mixing in drier air. it is breaking up the clouds. san jose, little bit of a different story. clouds banking up on the foothills there around santa cruz mountains. it will take a little longer for san jose to break out of those clouds. temperatures starting to come up. low 50s around the bay area for the north bay, seeing more sunshine. temperatures climbing more quickly. the winds getting a little gusty. this is a little sneak preview for hilltop locations overnight tonight. you can see north winds at 16 into theirfield. northeast to ten into san francisco. good news, though. the rain and the wind has improved our air quality. this is what's left of the showers. you can see here things really starting to shut down around the bay area.
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mainly into the santa cruz mountains, some sprinkles still out by saratoga. really things are starting to shut down now. those north winds take hold. that will help to clear out the skies and you can see it on the futurecast as we go through the afternoon, things clear out. that's -- north wind and the dry air mixing down clearing out our skies. but patchy fog forming as we head into tomorrow morning. we are going from the rain showers having here today around the bay area and much needed sierra snow to a pattern that will be drier. heading into tomorrow. winds start to pick up out of the northeast and in the hills it will be breezy but below that could still see patchy fog around the north of east bay valley. highs in the 50s. we good l get more sun later today. it will take time to get into the santa clara valley. seeing sun in the north bay and peninsula. and tomorrow we will see certainly more sunshine. this is going to be dry and breezy. there you see the temperatures. closer to the 60s for tomorrow. and kickoff the weekend of more dry weather really no sign of any more rain there. 7-day forecast beyond today to
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the middle part of next week. >> best thing you said there was weekend. it is almost here. it is not only the holiday season but it is also awards season. the hollywood foreign press announced its nominees in the 2012 golden globe award this morning. rafael seth has a look at the major categories. >> style sense golden for the hollywood foreign press association. this morning's event the thr throwback black and white film had six nods. >> very unique kind of film because it is a black and white silent film without that many well-known people in it. >> reporter: rounding out the kaet goer "bridesmaids. kwds "midnight in paris." "50/50" and michelle williams. two film was five nominations each. the descendants and the help. acting no, ma'am inaugurations, also nominated for best drama,
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hugo, money ball, war horse, and the ides of march. >> george clooney was perhaps the biggest winner of all at the golden globes because he was nominated writing "the ides of march,". >> and his co-star is also in the best actor category along with brad pitt in "money ball." leonardo dicaprio for j. edgar. >> my money is on george clooney at this point. >> best actress to glenn close. violet davis for the help. meryl streep as the iron lady. in the supporting category frena french actress -- >> i'm very happy. as you can see. >> she is up against jessica chastain and octavia spencer. although he ruffle ad few feathers last year richard
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gervais will appear for a third time as host. >> the golden globe awards also includes honors for television, nbc stars alec you a bad win and tina fey were nominated for their roles in "30 rock." coming up, drivers beware. caltrans is shutting down the bridge. we will tell you when and why. one of the world's smallest babies is 4 months old. she was supposed to be born today. we will give you a look at her progress. to join the discussion, check us out on facebook. just search nbc bay area. we are back in two minutes.
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authorities in the east bay area looking for three people after raiding a medical player juan a dispensary in newark in a home in danville. drug agents and s.w.a.t. teams moved in on the two locations
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yesterday with search warrants for conspiracy, possession, and sale of marijuana. investigators say four people connected to newark's happy wellness center live at this dan i will have home. agents arrested a woman they claim manages the dispensary. they are searching for three others they say are also involved. investigators say operators were pocketing six figure salaries, dispensary supposed to be not for property. still a couple of months away but drivers should plan ahead for a partial closure on the bay bridge. westbound traffic across the bridge will be shut down during the president's day weekend in february. but only in f the weather continues. caltrans says it needs to close the lanes to allow construction crews to work on the roadway. but if it rains, construction will be postponed until the sky is clear. b.a.r.t. and ferry boats are planning to beef up service during the three-day closure. governor brown will be in san francisco this afternoon to
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talk about climate change in the state. he is in the city to host his governor's climate conference. governor brown is talking about extreme weather conditions around the world and how california will prepare for the future. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is also taking part in this event. still ahead, marines in toyland. a look at why service members went on a giaspre ouin sayth b. spping spree in south bay. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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welcome back. radar showing the showers. diving into central california and behind it we will get slow clearing this afternoon. cool day today. highs in the 50s and beyond today things look really dry. tomorrow breezy in the hills. temperatures climbing into the 60s as you approaching the weekend. >> thank you very much. you are going to love this story. the third smallest baby ever born is doing well at a los angeles hospital this morning. as she was due to be born today,
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actually. she was born four months early in august, becoming the third smallest bay with you ever born. get this. at birth she weighed only 270 grams. that's just more than half a pound. four months later she now weighs a little over 4 pounds. doctors at usc medical center say the little lady is right on track. she looks just prshous. finally this morning, santa's helpers hard at work here in the south bay. bay area marines were up and early loading up carts in san jose. they bought thousands of dollars in toys for kids in need. it is all part of the toys for to the program. a lot of the money they spent came from listeners from apolice and 97.3 broadcasting from the store bright and early. >> in the last week or so we have raised $32,000 in donations from people right here in the bay area. we are out here with marines today and we will spend it all.
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>> toysforto stay way from the rain now. it has gone away. thanks for being with us and join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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