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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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developing news right now at 11:00. police search the bay area for a young girl snatched at gun point from her home in san jose. police close in on an elementary school as students are ordered indoors on lockdown. news at 11:00 starts right now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon. this morning, s.w.a.t. teams moving in on an elementary school campus in sunny vail. >> anxious parents now getting word their kids are locked
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indoors, while police investigate a phoned in-threat. live at san migel in sunnyvale with latest for us. damien, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. we understand there were three threatening phone calls made by a male to san migel elementary here in sunnyvale. the s.w.a.t. team is searching each classroom door by door, securing it. multiple agencies here across the south bay making sure that the school is secure. no one saw any suspects at all, nobody can describe what any suspect might look like. they only received a threatening phone call. protocol, you have to put the school on lockdown. they are on code red, which means all schools are locked down. four surrounding schools are on code blue, it's not lockeddown but kids have to remain inside for recess for lunchf until thi situations a secure. parents are anxious -- are asked
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to go to fair oaks park but lot showed up at scene. a lot of rattled nerves. let's look at some sound from that. >> i'm scared. it's my only son. i don't know what to do. they told me to go to the school andnary going to have some person there to tell us what to do. >> reporter: one child was brought out from the school, we understand for medical reasons unrelated to what happened here. he's being treated here by an ambulance. let me bring in the captain with the sunnyvale department of public safety. nobody saw a suspect. >> no, sir. suspect has not been seen. we've only received phone calls from him. the officers still searching room to room. half of the school's been searched now. we'll continue until the entire school's been searched. >> reporter: though no one saw anything, protocol says you have to do this, put it on lockdown. >> protocol say swreez we have
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common sense says we will. >> reporter: it's after 11:00. any time frame when the other half of the school might be cleared? >> i'm hoping within another hour, hour and a half at the most. number of classes and limited officers, so we will take our time. we're not going to rush through it. >> reporter: thank you, captain with the sunnyvale department of public safety. san migel in sunnyvale is on code red lockdown. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. also develop, terrifying moments turn into agonizing hours as a south bay mother waits for word, any information that her 11-year-old daughter will be brought home safely. the ex-boyfriend took the girl at gun point in the middle of the night. bob redell live at san jose police headquarters where they have broken up talking to the media, bob. what's happening down there? >> reporter: yeah, about an hour ago. good morning to you, jon. they hit the panic button when they learned someone had
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abducted an -y11r-old girl at gun point. an amber alert has been issued. there are 50 to 75 san jose police officers working this case trying to find 11-year-old taylor vo and her alleged kidnapper, here he is, a 42-year-old man, named tri le. both last seen together in a late model american-made minivan, license plate unknown, which explains why the freeway signs aren't lit up. around 1:20 li went to his ex-girlfriend's home where she lives with her parents, two brothers two daughters. a family member tells us le stormed in point the the gun at the head of the father and demanded his ex-girlfriend. she wasn't home. le allegedly busted into the bedroom of her daughter and at gun point took 11-year-old daughter taylor instead. the family believes taylor's mom and le got into an argument in the hours leading up into the kidnap, le is doing this to spite the mom and force her to
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talk with him. >> i just want taylor back, my niece. i just want her to come back safely. i don't care what happens to the man. i'll do anything to have her back. >> reporter: the family tells us le fired his gun in the house at one point but they believe they're just blanks because they couldn't find bullet holes. police aren't sure if that's the case as far as whether or not they're real bullets or not. pd says le has a record of dui and domestic violence. the family describes le ace untrust worthy, mysterious. they didn't know his last name until police released it it this morning. another look at the 11-year-old girl, taylor vo. she has distinct look, long black hair, belong streaks, last seen in a dark-colored, late model american-made minute michigan v minivan. they do not know what the license is. you can be checking up on this story on live here in san jose, bob
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redell, nbc bay area news. >> this morning, it's a new movement with a familiar scene. the occupy movement is reboot, chanting, marching, staging a flash mob as protesters try to shut down san francisco's financial district. the cuffs, they are already coming out. christie smith is watching it unfold this morning. she joins us live in san francisco with latest. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a real fluid situation. i tell you if you're coming to the financial district, rain is going to slow you down, but so what is what's going on montgomery and california. a group of occupy protesters, kind of walking in every single direction, and police, well, we're not seeing them at this hour. traffic is stopped. people can't really get through. at the wells fargo on this corner, the doors have been blocked for three hours and what i have to describe as so what of a carnival atmosphere.
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within the last hour seven people were arrested. that number may be higher right now. those people arrested fortress passing. they've locked arms with pbc tubes, some have chained themselves to the door. this is the occupy wall street west movement. what they're saying they hope to shut down the banks and larger corporations downtown coincides with the anniversary of a supreme court decision that puts money over people. one woman locked arms in front of the door. she told me it's for her parents who lost their home to for closure. >> people aren't being helped at all. we're being foreclosed upon. we're being imprisoned. it's unjust. it's unfair. i'm here today to put a face to the numbers and astory to the bottom line. >> reporter: worth being arrested over? zplits wor >> worth being arrested over. >> if people rushes out of the building we could have a catastrophe. we have an avenue for people to get out of the building in an emergency, if they had to.
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>> reporter: they have a band here. they've got flash mob dancers. they promise to disrupt the financial district all day and so far, at least one, maybe two banks, aren't open. there's no one inside. we have seen workers coming down here, some of them leaving, some of them shaking their heads. demonstrators say, really, this is the first occupy action of 2012 since the encampments in the bay area were dismantled. and they say it proves that they are here to stay. at this point, you know if you want to come to the financial district, you might want to think twice because the group just keeps kind of wandering through the intersections and it's quite hard to get around. that's the latest from here. live in san francisco, christie smith. back to you guys. >> tough to get out of the city tonight. elsewhere in san francisco, another occupy movement of sorts. thousands of fans set to take over candlestick park as the niners battle the giants in nfc championship game sunday. now we checked in with murph and
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mack in san francisco this morning. fans, of course, calling in, buzzing about the crucial game. the new york giants have never lost an nfc championship game but niners fans are confident. so are murph and mack. >> could be an x-factor with the 49 fan base concerning how much attention the new york giants are getting nationally and seemingly, how just little respect the 49ers are getting. i think the 49er fan have a chip on their shoulder going into sunday. >> san francisco international airport, sfo getting into the niners spirits. the international terminal lit up with 49 offeerers colors. >> real question is not if the 49 fans are going to get soaked, it's how wet are they going to get. meteorologist christina loren here to answer all of that. >> how conscious are they go to be while getting wet? i've been talking to a lot of fans out there. people concerned about there is forecast and it does look like it's going to rain almost the
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entire time. yeah, we can see that. showers have arrived, getting wet over the golden gate bridge. a lot of people in from out of town. a break on saturday. but take a look, here than big championship game forecast. as new york takes on our own san francisco 49ers, 3:30 p.m., heavy periods of rain at time. 53 degrees. ever been to candlestick, you know a little bit of wind can make a big difference. they get that swirling effect. we'll go into detail what else we're expecting, and then we've got sunshine at the end of the serve dane forecast. stay tuned. >> a little bit of everything. thank you very much. coming up, one of the smallest babies ever born finally taking her first breath of fresh air outside of hospital walls. we have the happy homecoming, just ahead. can hollywood and silicon valley come to ad compromise ovr piracy? a look, next.
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welcome back, everyone. this morning, a sad story. six marines dead after a helicopter crashes and burns in afghanistan. the enemy's not to blame for bringing this down. atia live in kabul with an update on the sad and deadly incident. >> reporter: hi there, jon. this incident occurred yesterday in the southern province of helmond when a helicopter went crashing down. natoays they do not suspect any enemy activity was in the area of the crash. although the taliban are claiming responsibility, stating they in fact shot the helicopter down. this is the deadliest helicopter crash for the u.s. since august, when 30 u.s. service members, as well as 8 afghans died when a suspected taliban rpg brought that helicopter down.
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and in another incident today, four french soldiers were killed and 16 others wounded when a rogue afghan soldier turned on them, as they were leaving the fitness facility there. nato says they apprehended the gunman but president sarkozy of france stated that he is suspending all military training and combat operations of the french military near afghanistan until further notice. this is not good news for nato, the united states, or the afghans here, because nato and the u.s. are hoping that the coalition partners can work together to train the afghans. so in fact they can take over the responsibility of their own security by 2014 so the foreign combat troops could finally leave afghanistan. >> thank you very much for that update. marla? >> this morning, firefighters are gaining ground on the fast-moving brushfire burning near reno. firefighters say the fire is 50%
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contained. it's already burned through six square miles. firefighters say at least one person is dead, but the exact cause of death is not known. more than 2000 people have been forced from their homes. that number is down, though, from the 10,000 who were evacuated when the first first broke out yesterday. the controversial anti-piracy laws that set off a firestorm on the internet, they are officially dead now. the house and senate this morning withdrew bills from consideration. scott mcgrew says that's forcing hollywood to rethink its strategy. >> good morning to you. head of the motion picture association of america and former senator, chris dodd, suggests this morning that hollywood and silicon valley get together to discuss a new set of laws to address piracy online. now that set off eye-rolling on the internet, perhaps critic says hollywood and silicon valley should have been working together all along. shares in google lost $50 right off the top as the market opened this morning.
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the company reporting huge profit but was less than wall street hoped. thursday i told you to look for two things, possibly revenue above $3 billion. they didn't get that. and then to watch for costs. and costs were up, around 10%. that helped sink the stock. the head of foxco seems to have called his employees, all 1 million, animals. this was reported by a newspaper that's been critical of foxcon, reporting tony gau at a fund-raiser for zoo, made a joke comparing his job to a zookeeper, reportedly pointing out people are animals and technically, he's responsible for feeding 1 million animals. the comment is causing a loose of backlash. you need to be a little cautious on this. critics here in the west are reacting to an english translation of an offhand comment in chinese reported by a newspaper. lot of now on can be lost in the
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process. but, it was probably a dumb thing to say one way or the other. >> good point. thank you very much. this morning the occupy movement taking over san francisco streets yet again this morning. we're giving you another live look. this is in the heart of the financial district. this is called occupy wall street west. you can just see people in the middle of the street, just walking freely, shutting down traffic. if you are heading to san francisco, you do want to avoid the financial district. of course, we're getting a close-up look of all of the police on scene. we're told, in the last hour, seven occupy protesters have been arrested. that's just in last hour alone. again, seven occupy wall street protesters arrested in san francisco's financial district. this protest is supposed to continue through the afternoon into tonight. so again, keep this in mind if you are heading into san francisco this in afternoon. >> look agent it is like christie smith said, a carnival atmosphere. a guy on stilts.
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police, people wandering around, jugglers. people dancing out there. >> earlier. >> there it is. ladies getting their groove on. we'll keep you posted on this one. time to check in on weather. christina loren to tell us about the wet weekend. >> singing in the rain a new meaning this morning. we are not getting that much rain over san jose. a live look a. over the gaudeloupe parkway. thick clouds, more rain on the way. let's take it to the radar and show you what we're expecting. san francisco, still getting hit hard. but san jose a little bit of a break. more showers headed your way through the next 20, 30 minutes. we're going to continue to see light showers until we hit tonight. let's show you what's headed our way. we stop the clock at 1:00 p.m. light showers stream onshore. look what happens, 8:00 p.m., the bulk of the moisture comes through. we're talking about heavy downpours from san francisco all the way up through fairfield. and that front will continue to slide to the south as we head through 10:00 p.m. impacting san jose. the host active weather time
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through the next 24 hours will be between 7:00 and 11:00. keep that in mind if you're out on the town. travel cautiously. and if you're going to be going out you want to protect your hair, ladies. heavy rain on the way. through saturday a dry break. instability out there. enough so to produce a few strong thunderstorms so we'll be watching that for saturday. you'll be able to get outside from time to time throughout the day saturday under mostly cloudy conditions. then take a look when the rain returns. we stop the clock again at 3:00 p.m. just before that, big championship game kick-off, as you make your way into the stans, hitting that game, the showers will be coming down andnary and na and they're be relentless. exctgin gusty winds. as the giants take on france 49ers, come sunday, 3:30 p.m., 53 degrees. periods of heavy rain. breezy conditions. wind sustained, 10 to 20 miles per hour, locally heavier gusts. because candlestick sits about at sea level, we're expecting some accumulation out on the
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field. could be a sloppy game. but, hey, we think rain showers are going to benefit our 49ers because the giants are used to playing in the snow. our guys, yeah, they know how to play in the rain. 53 degrees on sunday. by monday, we'll get a few showers early that could interrupt the commute. clearing by the second half of the day. tuesday, clear conditions start to settle in. and we get the sunshine wednesday into thursday, after dealing with significant rounds of fog as per usual, whenever we get that remnant moisture, high pressure compresses and forces fog to the surface. watching for that for you. back to you two. >> thanks. mud football headed our way for sunday. >> get ready for it. right now we are have a milestone for a family from southern california. it's beautiful. >> one of the smallest babies ever born is finally heading home. melinda starr guedo will leave the hospital for the first tyce this afternoon. born premature at just 24 weeks.
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last august. at the time, she weighed just 9 ounces. that is less than a can of soda. >> mind blowing she's pulled through, wow. >> now she weighed a hearty four pounds. >> god bless. >> she looks great. congratulations to that family. coming up, special teams doing a special dance. we'll tell you how the niners are getting their groove on to get pumped up for the big game ♪ i so in love with you >> oh, yeah. the crooner in chief. how about the president's pitch perfect performance? dinner's ready.
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with jay leno january 31st, talking about her fitness campaign for kids. she's passionate about that. her upcoming book, and about what it's like to live in the white house. but do not be surprised about if she slips in a plug for her husband's re-election campaign. for the first lady's husband, he could be leno's musical guest when his wife appears. ♪ i am so in love with you >> president obama doing a little al green, almost as well as al green himself. in fact, the now reverend al green was sitting in the audience during this performance. the president broke out in song at a campaign fund-raiser at the legendary apollo theater in harlem. >> obama's greatest hits. nice stuff there. yesterday we showed you this video of 49 player whose thought they were on "american idol," right? the players who think they have a shot at america's best dance
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crew. we'll show you how special teams get all juiced up, just ahead.
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welcome back. no secret we're fired up about sunday's nfc championship game. >> good news, so are the 49ers especially special teams unit. take a look at this. special teams players, that's right, busting a move on the field. this is last week against the steelers. actually the saints, i'm sorry. i'm mixes up. that dance is mesmerizing me. before kick-off, speakers blasting at candlestick park, blaring the song. it's working. niners have yet to give up a touchdown from a kick-off all season long. something to look forward to on sunday. not a lot of people know this right here at nbc bay area, before the 11:00 show, marla, myself, christina, that's what we do all the time.
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>> yeah. go niners. can't wait for the kick-off 3:30. thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. >> back by popular demand. vernon dave swiss joe stalely. go get 'em, niners. ♪ i heard that you so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic.
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