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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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back its war memorial. that's coming up. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in san francisco where yelp is hours away from going public. an offering price a little higher than expected. that story coming up. >> a live look outside golden gate bridge. looking forward to the weekend. good for you because it's friday, march 2nd, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez. john kelly is off today. we want to check the forecast right away with meteorologist christina loren. >> we're going to switch out the heavy coat to the beach gear as we transition through the next 48 hours. we have a major spike in temperatures. it's cold out there this morning and cold enough for the formation of frost in places like concord. 36 degrees out there. we had a lot of moisture
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yesterday so you do want to take it easy on the roadways this morning. i'll let you know how warm it's slated to be this weekend but first let's check the road conditions with mike inouye. >> conditions much, much better as you said. yesterday's commute, we do have an accident that is now cleared from the roadway, this is westbound at 580 at highway 13. the warren freeway is cleared from lanes but there may be flashing lights. the crew on the shoulder finishing up paperwork. no slowing at the scene, no slowing for 680 despite the construction that goes on northbound from alcosta at the bottom to rutger at the top. the off ramp from either side, 680 closed. we'll give you a look at some of the rest of the construction and possible slowdowns. >> thanks. 5:01. a memorial dedicated to war veterans is ready to be rededicated. this after a bay area community spent $30,000 to repair the damage that was left behind by vandals. damian trujillo is live in san jose with the latest for us. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, marla. this is a sight to see now. for months this memorial was boarded up as volunteers raised money to replace these panels. they have done that, yesterday put the finishing touches and here it is. this memorial is getting ready for that rededication. a few months ago we brought 18 vietnam war vaet ran to the memorial in san jose when it was boarded up. police have not found the vandals who shattered three of the expensive glass panels here. the veteran said he saw a lot of terrible things in the war zone, but this was one of the most troubling things he's ever witnessed. these panels were not cheap, each of them cost about $18,000. but volunteers say they used better technology in the new panels. it's cheaper glass but more durable, and each one now cost about $2,000. so, if the vandals decide to strike again it will make it
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easier for the volunteers to replace them but organizers promise me there are more eyes and ears open in case someone tries to vand dalize this again. the finishing touches were put in, getting ready for the rededication in a couple of days. you're getting the first look here this morning. live in downtown san jose. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> 5:03 now. this morning we're learning more about the final moments leading up to the shooting of a hell's angels member allegedly by another club member. steve ruiz is charged with killing steve townsend for another hell's angel. in filings police same that ruiz was severely beaten by two men including townsend just before the shooting. ruiz is reportedly punched, kicked and knocked to the grown. it appears that ruiz shot townsend as he stood over him. >> police are asking for help to catch a suspect in a series of armed robberies. take a look at the sketches.
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the man suspected in two robberies last month at terra linda gas stations. both happened in broad daylight. one caught on surveillance video. you can see in this video the suspect walking up to the cashier at gateway gas on february 14th. he pulls out a gun, demands money, then he takes off on foot. police believe the same man hit a union 76 gas station on the 28th. >> the berkeley student gravely injured after he fell from the second floor of a frat house remains in a medically induced coma. he suffered head trauma. he was trying to climb down the side of the frat house via the drain pipe when it tore away from the building. police suspect crowley had been drinking. >> 5:04. despite outcry from neighbors a jack in the box in the inner richmond district will be allowed to stay open late.
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neighbors say the overnight hours attract crime but the city board of appeals decided to hold off shutting it down. it has suggested the entertainment commission re-examine it in six months to make sure it meets the conditions of its permit including late night security guards. the restaurant first came under scrutiny last thanksgiving when a cal fire firefighter was run down following an argument that started at that jack in the box. >> the bay area's yelp is going public this morning with shares priced higher than expected. bob redell is live at yelp headquarters in san francisco a. strong debut for a company that has yet to turn a profit. >> good morning. anticipation is great outside yelp headquarters in san francisco as their stock gets ready to go public a little later this morning. the stock for this popular website that lets people post reviews of businesses will be priced at $15 a share when it
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starts trading on the new york stock exchange. that's a little higher than the expected $12-14 that people thought it was going to ipo at. that would raise the company over $120 million, take atwa expenses, would give yelp a valuation of $900 million, that's too high according to an analyst with morning star. here is his thinking. the company as you mentioned has not turned a profit since its founding in 2004 and last year it lost almost $17 million. but the company which does depend on advertising for its revenue, did show growth, it brought in almost $84 million in 2011, an increase of almost 75%. another analyst expects yelp stock to do well in the short-term. the people believe in the website aren't necessarily aware of or have an understanding of the company's financials. this person believes on the short-term the stock is going to do well. on the long term there are
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concerns. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the fight over free speech and t-shirts is heading to a higher court. the the attorney for three morgan hill high school students is taking their case to the ninth circuit court of appeals. the suit stems from an incident at high school. the boys wore american flag t-shirts. they were asked to take the shirts off fearing it would spark violence. the decision was upheld. now the attorney wants the appeals court to decide if their student's first amendment rights were violated. >> san francisco's union square will transform into a disaster training ground today. so called emergency day kicks off at 11:00 this morning. american red cross volunteers and pg&e officials will help residents create a disaster game plan. locals will train along with bay area celebrities and officials. the event includes games and
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activities to teach preparedness. >> recycling is about to bring a better return. the state is raising the redemption rates by 7 cents per found for plastics, aluminum will go up 3 cents a pound. >> meteorologist christina loren joins us now in the nbc bay area weather center. a busy week. something for everyone. >> yeah, it has been a crazy wild weather week. we've got more change on the way. i'm not just talking about a minor change. we're talking about a dramatic spike in temperatures between yesterday's highs and sunday's highs, a 20-degree swing. so we're going to go right from winter-like weather straight into late spring-like weather over the court of the next 48-72 hours so make sure you're ready. you'll want to enjoy it. we have another round of rain on the way next week. it's cold in the valleys, 36 in
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concord, 39 in napa and 41 in santa rosa. as we head throughout the morning hours we've got this wind that is helping that fog, preventing it from forming. that's the good news. we could see really -- some significant drops in the visibilities. so we are watching for that. overall right now you have 10 miles or better across the board. through noon temperatures are going to soar into the 60s. we'll round out the day with mid-60s inland action talking low 60s by the bay, and upper 50s, low 60s even by the coast with that offshore flow kicking into high gear. first let's get you out the door with mike. >> let's get folks here to the peninsula again, lower bay shore, basically mountain view and palo alto. we have the construction, old middlefield that has picked up. as well as the oregon expressway off ramp they both cleared earlier than we expected. that's great news. they can get their friday
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started earlier, their weekend started early. emwork road, that is still there at the off ramp. you may see that as you pass. no slowing for 101. all the way down the peninsula not a problem from the city. we do have an easy drive approaching the san mateo bridge through hayward and off of the castro valley y, there is a power pole hit off kelly and bay view in hayward so we're following this. a couple hundred folks have power out. our crew will head out there. 880, not a lot bought few cars, we'll take the limit any time. back to you. >> thank you. coming soon, a pricey ride on caltrain. they will raise the rate by 25 cents in july. round trip tickets go up 50 cents. clipper card users will not be affected. >> a san francisco woman considered a local hero is getting national recognition.
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she is a finalist for the citizen citizens. on october 19 of last year williams witnessed a cement truck crash on 101 in san francisco. she pulled the driver to safety and called for help. firefighters say without her the man would have likely died. the foundation hands out the annual award to bring awareness to the medal of honor, the highest for a member of the military. winners will be announced later this month. >> i remember that morning well. that's amazing. saved a life. >> congratulations to her. >> bay area's yelp getting ready to ipo. a report on how much it is expected to trade for. >> plus a new law that could mean trouble for plastic bag bans. >> a group of bay area students will get to see their film on the big screen. >> for the latest news, traffic and weather find us on facebook.
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>> welcome back. 5:14. nation's capital getting ready to celebrate the national cherry blossom festival. this year marks 100 years since the trees were planted in washington, d.c. simply beautiful. the national park service says depending on the weather the blossoms can last 10 to 18 days. the peak bloom dates expected to be between march 24th and march 31. here in the bay area we're seeing blossoms on the tree. the rain made a return. >> last year because we had such cold, so much rain we lost the blossoms quickly. i think this year they are going
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to hang around for a while. we have gorgeous weather this weekend. any sort of sight seeing at our land marks will be ideal for your weather. as we head throughout the next couple of days you're going to get gorgeous conditions. 70s right here in the bay area. which is actually rare at the coast. even for a summertime day. 37 degrees in oakland, 36 in concord. and we're at 41 degrees in santa rosa. it's cold out there. leave the umbrella home. we're done with the rain at least for the next few days. winds are keeping the fog from forming but we're going to keep checking the visibility. when the moisture comes through high pressure builds in and compresses that. as you know we're known for our fog here so we could see some of that develop especially through the interior valleys. and some of the fog could develop throughout the morning. the temperatures are going to soar into the 60s by noon today. and then you'll round out the day with the mid-60s in places like santa rosa. up to 64. 64 in napa. high pressure moves in, that is what is changing our pattern. it's building in quickly and
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this ridge actually has quite a bit of energy so it's going to bring temperatures up by about 10 degrees from yesterday's highs. we'll tack on 5 degrees tomorrow. and then the additional five for sunday. rounding out sunday in near record territory. 76 inland. 74 by the bay and 71 degrees in places like pacifica so gorgeous weather to hit the beach. monday into tuesday, a few shower, then sun and clouds, 65 degrees come wednesday. let's check the drive with mike. >> highway 92 and 17 to the beach or the coast might have issues there for the weekend traffic. we'll keep that in mind. we're looking here, no problem. dublin interchange, no problems. out of the alta mont pass, 14 minutes this way. that's westbound for the commute. eastbound, you might see some folks heading out of the area, earlier this afternoon than we have the last few week, fresh snow in the sierra. be careful out there because we also heard about the danger for avalanche we had over there last night. 680 northbound with a smooth
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drive. even though there are construction zones from alcosta at the bottom, at the top we have the canyon road off ramp. both sides have the off ramp closed. we'll track it but no major issues there. nothing caused by the light volume of traffic through the area. northbound for these through the south bay, a smooth drive through san jose. no problems off 81 or 85. we'll jump up because the peninsula looks great so up to the golden gate bridge. easy drive here. they moved the cones and smooth into or out of the north bay. no slowing through san rafael. or at the bay bridge toll plaza. an easy drive down the east shore freeway as well. clear flow. >> the jobless reports usually released on the first friday of the month not happening today. it will be released next friday and that may affect today's markets. for a look at how futures are trading and the rest of the news we turn to jackie live at cnbc. good morning. >> good morning to you. the futures are slightly lower
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after the markets closed higher on thursday. investors may have reconsider what had they did or didn't hear from fed chairman ben bernanke whether the sfed considering further steps to boost the economy. stocks rose on reports that a saudi gas pipe line exploded. trader desire react positively to a good data on unemployment. asian markets higher, europe is flat t dow rose 28 to 12,980, the nasdaq up 22 to 2988. zenga wants freedom, to let users play on its website instead of facebook. it gets about 93% of revenue from facebook. users need to log win their facebook i.d. and sales of goods and games will be with facebook credits. back over to you. >> jackie, thank you. >> new lawsuit could derail plastic bag bans all over the
5:19 am
area. the plastic bag industry is suing saying they violate california's environmental quality act which requires a review before laws are passed. the industry says no review was done. right now san francisco's ban is being targeted but a court ruling could have a wider impact. the suit also targets a provision in the ordinance which bans single use plastic bags in restaurants. >> 5:19. san jose's film festival is show casing films produced by kids from all over the world including some from here in the bay area. as part of the picture the possibilities project it selected 150 youth and helped them turn their stories into films. several of the films will be screened sunday including a documentary produced by a group of east palo alto children. it's called "where we are safe." the kids say they hope their film will raise awareness as well as money touild a skate park in their neighborhood. >> there will be plenty of star
5:20 am
power tonight. veteran actor elliott gould will receive the maverick spirit award. this is a clip of gould in oceans 13. his new film premiers tonight directed by brad leeon. >> kids will mark the celebration, local celebrities and politicians will visit schools all over the bay to read to kids. who pulled up this video. i'm going to be at g. baker elementary school reading to students there. i took part in the event last year with the same kids. and of course the big explanation of the dr. seuss hat, today is dr. seuss's birthday. if he were alive he would have been 108. certainly influencing so many kids. >> you look adorable. >> the kids are the adorable ones. a lot of fun. >> how fun. looking forward to it. >> it is 5:20. coming up a couple of bay area
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cities making the list of happiest in america. >> a final plan now in place for how to clean up after the oil spill in the bay. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast speeds. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small businesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best technology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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>> rise and shine. we're giving you a live look of a beautiful flag flapping in the wind. that is san francisco. still in the dark this morning. 5:23. >> this is interesting. the original authors of the state's death penalty law now pushing to have it removed. they say they have collected enough signatures to get a proposition on the november ballot. if passed it would replace california's death sentence with life in prison and would immediately apply to the 700 people now on death row.
5:24 am
backers say the death penalty is ineffective and too expensive. they say abolishing the death penalty would save the state nearly $200 million a year. >> $32 million plan to restore the san francisco bay after the oil spill is in the works. six federal and state agencies worked together to finalize the restoration plan. funding comes from a $44 million settlement with the owner of the oil tanker that crashed into the bay bridge back in 2007. the ship spilled 53,000 gallons of oil in the bay. >> the country's largest department store is setting up shop in san francisco south of market area. macy's e-commerce operation will be at this building on fulton street. crews are remodeling the building which means workers won't move in until 2014. more than a million square feet of space has been leased by tech
5:25 am
firms in the first two months of 2012. >> are you smiling? a couple of bay area cities making the list of happiest. the daily beast says san francisco is the third happiest city in america. right behind it, san jose. the study looks at employment, household income, personal health and number of sunny days each year to come up with the ranking. beating out the bay area, washington, d.c. which came in number one. boulder, colorado is next, followed by san jose and ann arbor, michigan. >> still to come, a lucky break for a bay area food bank. it's a coffee lover's dream. we'll explain. >> the state says a bay area lab could be in trouble for a deadly accident that happened last year. the latest details in this investigation. >> we've got a cold start this morning with temperatures in the 30s. we're headed toward the 70s, i've got the forecast, what you can expect now that you made it to the weekend. >> but the roadways are drier
5:26 am
this morning, that's better news. 880 moves through oakland. we do have an accident that could affects waking up. i'll show you what's going on. >> not a lot going on, a little bit of activity there in the marina. beautiful morning, great weekend on tap. stick around. ♪ [ piano chords ] [ man announcing ] what we created here. what we achieved here. what we learned here. and what we pioneered here. all goes here. the one. the accord. smarter thinking from honda.
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in addition to the two hundred plus facilities that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network.
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you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online when you need some assistance. i'm ron gdovic, i'm committed to providing my students with a twenty-first-century education and i am a phoenix. >> reporter: something to yelp about. a higher than expected price per share for a popular online company getting ready to go public. i'm bob redell. take you live to san francisco coming up. >> back in court. the key ruling expected this morning in the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> reporter: good morning. i'm damian trujillo live in san jose. vandals destroyed it. volunteers rear stored. san jose's war memorial is back in business. >> here's a live look, a
5:29 am
gorgeous live look. san francisco, on this friday, march 2nd, this is "today in the bay." >> good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 5:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. we want to get to the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. it's the all important forecast because it's the weekend. >> it's the weekend, people want to enjoy that weekend. the good news is you might not need to run your heater so you can save on the pg&e bill. we'll see temperatures right about at room temperature as we head through your saturday. then we're going to warm you up more for sunday but this morning it's cold out there. grab your jacket, if you don't have to leave right now, just throw an extra blanket. we've got the forecast. if you do mike has an area that could slow you down. >> because of a local, the heaters not running here. let's get a live shot.
5:30 am
our photographer arrived at kelly and bay view in hayward. a car overnight went into a power pole. no word on the injuries for the driver if there were any, but the power pole has been taken out and under 300 customers are without power so if you have friends on this map, i'll show you, in this area south of 580 and 238, that's again at kelly and bay view, their alarm clocks might be out. hopefully their cell phones are charged. it sounds like afternoon before the power will be restored. >> sounds good. thank you. 5:30. students are back in class for the first time since a deadly shooting at an ohio high school. the flag is flying at half-staff this morning for the three students killed monday at chardon high school. 17-year-old t.j. lane was charged yesterday and prosecutors say they want to try him as an adult. parents and students marched to the campus where they set up a makeshift memorial for the victims. >> a south bay memorial
5:31 am
dedicated to war veterans back on display. it has been boarded up for a year after being damaged by vandals. damian trujillo is live in san jose where the community spent $30,000 to repair it. dami damian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the vandals, the glass panels are ready to rededication here in the next few days or so. they pay tribute to veterans beginning with the spanish american war. as you mentioned it has been boarded up for months. yesterday the volunteers put the finishing touches on this restoration. let me show you what it looked like a few months ago here in downtown san jose. vandals shattered three of the expensive glass panels here. each one was worth about $18,000. we brought a vietnam war veteran out here, a man who had not seen the damage to the memorial. he told us it was one of the most disgusting things he's ever witnessed. and he saw a lot in his combat years. so volunteers and donors got
5:32 am
together and they were able to restore the war memorial. the expensive glass panels were replaced with cheaper, more durable glass and each panel now cost about $2,000 instead of the 18. so, the memorial that commemorates the bravery and valor of our men and women in uniform will again be in full display here right in front of the center for performing arts. in a couple of weeks the organizers will hold an official ribbon cutting, rededication if you will, of the new memorialial. but if you are -- right now you are getting the first look at what it looks like here in downtown san jose. coming up in about a half hour we'll talk to the head volunteer, the man who spear headed this restoration effort here of this war memorial. he will be here in about a half hour. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> a peninsula lab is facing fines and citations after a deadly accident. a scientist was killed in september when a pressurized
5:33 am
cylinder exploded at membrane technology and research. pressure reached triple the level it could safely contain. the lab is facing $55,000 in penalties and seven citations including improper labeling and inadequate worker training. >> the case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi moves forward this morning with another key ruling expected. a closed door hearing will be held with mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend christina flores. the judge will decide if she can testify for the prosecution. flores filed a police report last month claiming mirkarimi abused her when they dated four years ago. no charges will be filed in that case because of the statute of limitations. jury selection is expected to resume monday. >> 5:33. yelp making its public debut with shares for the site priced higher than expected. bob redell is live at the headquarters in san francisco with the latest.
5:34 am
good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. later this morning we can expect a lot of happy employees here in downtown san francisco. especially those with stock options as their company gets ready to go public this morning. the stock for this website that lets users post reviews of restaurants and other local businesses initially thought it would be in the $12-14 range per share. it's going to be $15 when it starts trading on the new york stock exchange. so a little bit of a surprise. it's being valued a little higher by the underwriters which would raise the company over $120 million minus expenses and would give a valuation of almost $900 million. that's too high according to one analyst with morning star, and here's his thought process. the company has not turned a profit since its founding. last year it lost almost $17 million. the company depends on advertising for its revenue.
5:35 am
did it show growth, $84 million, an increase of 74% from the year prior. another analyst does expect yelp stock to do well in the short-term because the people who are going to be buying are users and those are people who believe in a website but don't necessarily have an understanding of the financials so the view is short-term a good buy, long term there are concerns. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> east bay food banks are full of beans thanks to an unexpected donation from starbucks. starbucks delivery truck was on the way to grocery stores in nevada when the order was canceled. the truck stopped off at the food banks in the contra costa and solano counties and dropped off four tons of the beans. they will distribute it to a variety of agencies. >> for months.
5:36 am
wow. truck on over there. i love my coffee. >> i can see you swimming through those. good morning to you. it's cold out there. you'll need that hot cup of coffee, tea, whatever it is to keep you warm. temperatures close to freezing in some cities. one of those cities is san mateo this morning. really cold along the peninsula. at 36 degrees in concord. >> as we head throughout the day, though, we're going to see a rebound by noon jumping up to 60. 56 by the bay. 55 degrees at the coast. then we'll round out the day with the mid-60s, overall about 10 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. now, here's where it gets interesting. let's set your futurecast in motion action your noon readings for saturday. up to 68 degrees at noon in san jose with three additional hours of warming to go. we take you into sunday now. we stop the clock at noon. 76 degrees at noon in san jose. so we could easily touch on the 80s down through the south bay
5:37 am
as we kick off sunday. monday we'll cool you down, more clouds and then the showers move in. i'll time those out for you in my next report. let's check your drive. >> we've seen the similar change for speeds, 20 miles per hour at times. we're looking now still close to the limit. 680 northbound. there's debris reported around rudger. a shipping container. not like cargo size. a shopping cart size. that will be an issue. we're looking at stone valley road, the off ramp closed. maybe until 6:00 for the road crews there. northbound side picking up around alcosta. but both directions over at bollinger canyon road have off ramps closed until 6:00 a.m. or maybe a little before. we're looking for a live shot across the bay and the golden gate bridge shows a smooth flow. we're seeing headlights. this is good for 537 in the morning no. delays, though,
5:38 am
novato, san rafael, then toward the city a nice flow. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:37. tragic accident in tahoe. a skier killed. we'll have the latest next. >> also gas prices taking center stage leading up to supertuesday. the latest on the fight between the president and republicans coming up. >> and proposition 8 is going viral. hollywood coming out to support same-sex marriage. >> and this is what you'll see from san bruno mountain. what a gorgeous shimmering shot of san francisco off in the distance. it's 5:38. >> for the latest news, traffic, weather find us on facebook @nbcbayarea.
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5:41 am
they lost against the st. louis blues but they take them on tomorrow at home. good luck to them. >> republican candidates heading into the final weekend of campaigning before super tuesday. tracie potts is live on capitol hill where candidates are still attacking each other. president obama on a variety of hot button issues. they are going at it. >> reporter: that's right. a couple of big issues energy, gas prices, seems to be a big one, republicans saying they can get gas down to $2 a gallon which would be huge, especially in california. president obama defending his energy policy yesterday in new hampshire which by the way is a state he easily won four years ago. he said that clear more fuel efficient cars is what we need to reduce demand and save every family on average $8,000 in gas. he also is calling on congress to end 4 billion in subsidies, taxpayer money that we give to the oil companies every are i
5:42 am
year. he says congress needs to get rid of that. but republicans are saying the president cannot claim credit for increased oil production, mitt romney saying that was a result of decisions made by the bush administration, newt gingrich called it deliberate dishonesty on the part of the president. ging grifrp is making robo calls to some of the super tuesday states saying he, not rick santorum is the real conservative in this race. >> there is some discrepancy how michigan awarded delegates. what's going on there? >> reporter: there were delegates awards remember this is a proportional state so. some were awarded by each district, then there were a couple of delegates that were statewide. the republican party ended youp giving both to mitt romney instead of splitting them which would have evenly split the delegate count in the state. there was some discussion back and forth, miscommunication, the party says, how they were going to do that. but santorum's saying it was a
5:43 am
back room deal after the fact that ended up benefiting mitt romney. >> it was a slim margin as well. 5:42. >> skiers and snowboarders expected to head for the sierra after a week of snow but conditions out of bounds are dangerous. brian hickey has details of a deadly avalanche. good morning. >> reporter: this happened yesterday afternoon when the sierra avalanche center listed conditions as high. a high probability of a slide happening. that's what happened in ward canyon, an area south of the alpine meadows ski resort where three skiers had been caught in an avalanche in the area. one was able to get out and contact rescuers and common help. rescuers say they got on the scene about with 3:00 yesterday. took about an hour and 45 minutes to get to the victim a 29-year-old man they say when they got there they found him wrapped around a tree after an avalanche carried him down the mountain. the same slide continued another
5:44 am
500 feet. at the time when they got there the man was conscious, blinking his eyes. but he obviously had significant trauma including multiple broken limbs. they got him on a sled and out of the area. unfortunately, he was pronounced dead later at the hospital due to his injuries. this is the account from one of the rescuers at the scene. >> there was a pretty big slide and the victim was -- there were three guys, one was caught in the slide from the git-go and taken down the mountain quite a ways, probably 300 feet down. >> translator: avalanche center listed the conditions as high yesterday. they downgraded that to considerable. any one going to the back country can expect these conditions. these are videos yesterday, windy along the ridge tops and unstable layers among all of this new snow that contributed to the slide yesterday. any one heading to the sierra
5:45 am
should come with a pack, inside that you should have or on you you should have an avalanche beacon if you go into the back country, have poles that turn into an avalanche probe. these are mine. you attach them and you can probe if somebody gets buried. then a shovel to dig somebody out or you become stranded. a few tools anybody should have in the back country. they say conditions are still considerable. live in blue canyon. back to you. >> thank you. >> 5:45. new this morning bodies of two coast guardsmen killed in a helicopter crash have been recovered in alabama. searchers found the bodies last night. the chopper and its four-man crew went down during a training mission. one of the crewmen died that night a. fourth sun accounted for. the search has been suspended. >> more violent weather is forecast for the midwest communities hit by a string of deadly tornados. the weather service says severe
5:46 am
storms are expected to roll through ohio, mississippi and tennessee this morning. the storm could produce tornados stronger than the ones that hit wednesday. those killed 13 people and left behind thousands of dollars in damage. >> a rough go there. not in our neck of the woods. a little rain, now a little sunshine this weekend? >> a lot of sunshine coming our way. we've got a lot of sunshine and warmth. temperatures right back in the 70s, so we're going to continue that mild winter. we've only got about two weeks left of winter. then we kick off spring. so yes, spring is around the corner at this point. we didn't get much of a winter. yesterday the coldest storm of the season came through. we have another on the way but a warmer system. we'll talk about that coming up. 37 in oakland, 47 degrees in san francisco. so it's cold enough for a jacket. you can leave the umbrella home. when it comes to visibility, they are looking pretty good because week got rather strong wind in places like fairfield, 7
5:47 am
miles per hour, and enough wind to keep the fog from forming. you need that to mix up the atmosphere. throughout the next 48 hours, high pressure starts to move in and drift to the east. for us that's going to make for a major warm-up by about 10 degrees. warmer for saturday and we'll peak on sunday with 80s in some cities. i'm talking about the 80s in some cities like morgan hill on sunday so. this is what we expect today. 67 in san jose. 66 milpitas, you hit a high of about 64 in pittsburgh and san francisco at 64 degrees. we've got our giants back, as of tomorrow. the first preseason game, it's going to be hot. the high pressure that's warming us is going to warm them to 86 degrees tomorrow. but boy, giants station, nbc bay area we're so excited and hopefully we'll have highlights from that game right here on monday morning. a few clouds, showers tuesday. a warmer system.
5:48 am
56 inland. we only expect a quarter inch of rain. not a juicy system. we'll take what we can get. let's check your drive. >> we'll take what we can get on the morning commute. on friday is a few less cars. that's a nice drive for the northbound route. no problems flew the south bay, we're going to look further north along the lower bay shore. still the construction crews here. 101, embarcadero exit. either side has the off ramp closed. the freeway between old middlefield, we had overnight construction. the peninsula into the city not a problem. so we'll check the bay bridge into the city to see how it is from the east bay. a live look shows you a very light volume and 18 minutes down that east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the toll plaza. to the maps there is more slowing expected even for a friday. into the 20s at the sensor through antioch, no problems for bay point or walnut creek. looking at 580 through
5:49 am
livermore. slowing coming into pleasanton, 15 minutes toward the dublin interchange. for pleasanton, jessica and i will be at the palm event center hosting a fund center for the healing therapies foundation. they do great work for folks suffering from cancer. we'll send it back to you. >> good for you, a nice event. 5:49. supporters of gay marriage are calling an effort to have the prop 8 case reheard by the entire ninth circuit court. some say it's unnecessary a. panel ruled the ban was unconstitutional. the ninth circuit can reject the request. opponent sas the appeal will lead to more delays in efforts to have the u.s. supreme court hear the case. >> proposition 8 is getting so much attention there's now an online play. the director rob reiner is directing a cast that includes brad pitt among others.
5:50 am
youtube will stream it online. to find the link head to and search prop eight. >> a notable journalist returns to talk about immigration. jose was 12 when he moved from the philippines to live with his grandparents. when he tried to get a driver's license learned he was here illegally. he is a journalist at the washington post. he is a journalist at the washington post. he says his story is pt of the larger immigration debate. >> illegal immigration is not just about americans like me without papers. it's also about american citizens of all backgrounds who just -- who know how broken and unfair the system is. >> vargas describes his current immigration status as in limbo. you can watch the full interview coming up this sunday, 3:00 in the afternoon on our weekly talk
5:51 am
show about education. >> the giants get a day off but back at it tomorrow. jamie sire has the details. >> just as they could not wait for live batting practice earlier in the week the first games cannot come soon enough. >> it's nice to get the bat cage out and play game, i know the guys are ready to get going. we see this every year. can't wait for the games. we have a lot of work to do here and it's going to be nice to get the games going. we'll have a lot going on during the games, too. >> you know, you get them started and about a week into it you're ready for them to be over. get the games going and see some pitching. >> as we told you wednesday tim lincecum will get the start saturday in the cactus league
5:52 am
opener, pitching one inning. the rest will be similar to what you see on opening day with a couple of exceptions. mike fontenot will play second base and buster posey will not catch, it will be chris stewart. reporting from scottsdale, jamie sire for nbc bay area. >> who need as man cave. giants fan is the finalist to be selected by the maj major league baseball commission to be in the fan cave. it's billed as a first-of-a-kind experience where cans can watch all games of the season, then use blogs and social media to share experiences. williams one of 30 semifinalists. she sin to earn a spot in the fan cave. it could be aly's cave. >> her necklace is a little
5:53 am
panda. cute. coming up a cheaper ipad may be here by the end of next week. >> bank of america once again talking thieves. what they think about tgingth strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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>> welcome back everyone. a live look outside. look at the port of oakland. who knew a port could be so beautiful with all of the lights. looking forward to the weekend forecast coming up. 5:55. >> when apple launches the ipad 3 it also plans to sell a cheaper ipad 2. reports say the move will help fight and take market share away from cheaper tablets that use google's android software. apple did something similar when it launched the iphone 4 app.
5:56 am
it sold the iphone and made the 3 free with a 2-year contract. >> bank of america is toying with the idea of new fees. it's testing pilot programs in states that charge customers a monthly checking account fee unless they bank on line, use a bank of america or credit card, or maintain certain balances. the fees could range between $6 and $25. last year the bank tried to launch a $5 debit card fee. that was scrapped after major back dash from customers. >> the tent is up. cirque du soleil's production opens tonight in san jose. we it caught a glimpse before opening day. it's a show that follow as journey of the human species from prehistoric creatures to the desire to fly. amazing strength their bodies have. the show has travelled to four countries. cirque du soleil will be at the taylor street bridge in san jose through april 15. i don't know, but i replayed it
5:57 am
for the triplets and they were trying to flip all over the house. >> you'll have to pay for lessons in gymnastics. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," a group of teens asking to look at a recent lawsuit against the morgan hills district. >> details about what led up to the deadly shooting at a hells angels funeral. >> you made it to the weekend. we've got snow in tahoe. great beach weather. we have notes for both locations. >> we have notes. note this. highway 24 moves through the caldecott. no metering lights but i'll show cou hat's going onto ye makkea cause to you-u me a wake-up call. so, this is delicious
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